Skinny yoga instructor Riley Reid and MILF Kendra Lust lesbian fucked outdoor

Skinny yoga instructor Riley Reid and MILF Kendra Lust lesbian fucked outdoor
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My friend Amanda was having me stay over one Friday night while her parents were out of town i was pretty excited we would have are parents off are back and the house to ourself. I Stacey and Amanda have been friends since we were younger we would talk about anything!

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Except one Skeleton i have in the closet about a year ago i have been questioning my sexuality ever since i was flipping through chanels and seen these girls touching and fooling around i thought it was so sexy and have always wanted to try it.

It was around 10 oclock and we were both getting kinda bored and Amanda was wearing this Short little mini shirt with a tank top. She was looking esspecially SEXY!

I wanted to just pounce on her she was looking so fine. I moved a little closer beside her and she kinda gave me this little grin so i kept moving closer and closer till i was almost sitting on her. I placed my left hand on her leg and started to rub it as i moved my hand farther and farther up she started to breath more heavy.

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As i started to rub her pussy she looked at me and we started to kiss it was amazing while making out i started pulling down her panties and taking off her skirt kissing her neck and every possible body part i could i got down to her crotch i just wanted to go wild when i could smell that sweet sent.

Licking and Sucking on it i could hear her insane moans and screams. " Omg Baby Dont stop" and believe me i wasnt going to anytime soon i loved this so much. Her thighs thrusting up and down it was incredible she reached an orgasm and started to freak yelling and moaning.

I was so horny when all of a sudden she flipped me around and started taking off my clothes and sucking on my nipples and kissing my stomach and making her way to my pussy. I could feel her sticking her fingures in and out of my crotch and as she started to lick my pussy it felt so insational.


I started to scream and couldnt control my self. I was cuming and having my first orgasm that was from someone else. She got up and told me she was going to have a shower and said i could join her.

So like a crazed horny girl i was more excited then ever. The steam from the Hot water was making all this so much more sexy.

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Rubbing each others body with strawberry sented bodywash i couldnt resist i had to have some more soft wet pussy in between my lips. Her moaning and screaming we must not have herd her boyfriend John enter the house when we herd a knock at the bathroom door we didnt know what to do. Amanda quicky rushed to the door naked and asked John what he was doing here.

He replied with out answering her question. " who is in the shower with you?" Walking over he pulled the curtain open and Amanda said.

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" I can explain" John had insited that he gets to join. We all went to the bed room as he was taking his clothes off I and Amanda were making out and toching eachother roughly.

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I was so excited to be doing this a Sexy girl and Her Hot boyfriend i just hoped she didnt mind. I Looked over and seen the size of his cock and it was huge i wanted to suck on it like a lollipop more than anything.

John laid down on the bed and demanded me to give him head and told Amanda to put her pussy in his face. After while John started yelling im going to cum i stop sucking him and he came all over my face i loved it. This was such a blast until john said that he wanted to fuck me i wanted him to but i wasnt sure so Amanda said "You are my boyfriend your gonna fuck me!" I got a little jealous and insisted that he get to screw me next.

He told us that he would be right back and when he did it would be my turn.

While he was gone me and Amanda fooled around she was sucking on the nipples i was so horny. She started to rub my Pussy and my ass crack i could feel her slowly slide her fingure into my ass and i loved how it left.

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As she was licking my pussy John arrived with Lubricant and came up and whispered in my ear he was gonna fuck me in the ass i was more excited then ever i loved how it felt when Amanda slid her fingure in my ass i would love this more. Him rubbing the lubricant all around in my ass hole i could feel the coldness of it.


He slowly stuck his cock in the hole and my teeth started to clench and after about 4 mins of this it started to feel real nice. He started to rub my pussy and i told Amanda to come over i started to eat Amanda out.

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After while we all kinda dozed off. We still do all get together and have some fun.

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Fuck sometimes you could catch me and Amanda in the bathroom stall eating eachother out. Im so glad i came out of the closet.