These dirty blonds gets their asses stuffed with hard dick

These dirty blonds gets their asses stuffed with hard dick
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The camera swims into focus on her breasts, filling the entire frame. Backing up a little, a hint of a smile can be seen at the top of the screen as she moves her hands up and over her breathtakingly full globes. She rubs them gently, caressing their sides and lifting them slightly before letting them fall. She knows how much her master likes to see them bounce and wants him to have this memory of her. This video to show him what he once had. The room behind her is sparse, but functional.

A hotel room bought for this one night only, well away from anywhere anyone from her previous life would know to find her. She is alone in the frame, just her and an empty bed fitted with a pristine white bedspread. Her bedspread was chosen for contrast and, once folded up and taken away, nothing here will remain of her. Moving her breasts closer to the camera, she squeezes them together and fills the entire view.

A slight amount of sweat glistens on her skin as she teases her nipples and shakes her udders gently. She can feel a similar slickness between her legs, a tiny drop making its way down between her thighs.

Her heart rate increases as she thinks about what she's doing and a flush slowly spreads across her chest. Turning around, she stretches her arms up above the bun of her hair and walks away from the camera. All the taut muscles in her back are visible as she extends her arms upwards.

She has kept herself in shape and there is little extra fat on her. This was always appreciated by her master and one of the reasons she made her choice. A choice she does not regret.

As she moves, the sway of her hips makes her more than generous breasts slip in and out of view on either side of her body. Her master often found the tantalizing glimpse of flesh as appealing as the baring of all, and after tonight there will be little more left of her to expose.

She smiles knowingly over her shoulder.

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Reaching down to the side, she picks up a bottle of oil and turns to face the camera again, her breathing causing her chest to rise and fall more rapidly now. The oil spreads easily over the swell of her breasts and the wet drops turn into moist slickness as she rubs it into her skin. Taking care of her body has been a priority of hers, and she wants her master to remember that when he looks back on what he had. Her hand rubs down over her taught stomach, brushing by her crotch, but never quite touching it.

Now is not the time to please herself, only to make herself pleasurable in his memory after she's gone. Her hands rub back up and over her mounds, now glistening in the warm light of the room. A few droplets of oil bead on her nipples before her hands knead them more firmly into the meat of her breasts.

Spreading the oil over her front, she turns and applies it over the firm cheeks of her ass. Rubbing each one in turn, she feels a trickle of liquid drip down the crack, teasing her asshole in a way that makes her shudder.

She's no stranger to use there, but she knows that tonight is her last chance to show that she was more than just a fuck puppet. To prove that her choice was the right one. Extending one long leg out, she starts to apply the oil to her thigh.


Rubbing her hands along its length, she opens her hips so the dampness in her crotch can be seen by the camera. She smiles a blushing smile to herself. It is this debasement that drives her, knowing that she has chosen to make herself into this and make the break with everything that came before final. Her smooth long leg takes in the oil like it was meant to be there and becomes a flawless, honey-colored length of flesh.

Turning and raising her hip so that her taught ass is in view, she applies the oil to her other leg just as lovingly. Putting the bottle down, she backs up and exposes her entire body to the camera. Her hands run up and down, spreading the oil and kneading it into her skin. Over her large, firm globes.


Over her tight stomach. Around over her firm bottom and up the small of her back.

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Her breasts swaying from side to side as she works, she turns back and forth to ensure that every part of her is seen, showing the camera that there isn't a single unsightly blemish over her entire body. Approaching the camera once more, she makes sure that her breasts are fully in view. They've always been her most remarkable attribute and she rubs and bounces them for the camera to show just how real they are. No doctor's butchery could make something this perfect.

Tracing her fingers down the side of her body, she remembers just how much attention her master lavished on them.

It wouldn't be too far to say that they were the entire reason for her worth to him, and showing them now she hopes to inspire those same feelings when he looks at this later. A step away and a twirl for the camera shows the length of her frame, the meat of her lean muscles just visible below the skin.

It's important that he see what she's made of. What she looks like in the flesh with nothing held back. She repeats this walk a few times, each time making sure to emphasize the bounce and sway of her breasts, the alluring rock of her hips, and the slow sensual pace of her walk.

As she bounces for the camera once more, she imagines what lies ahead and the moistness between her legs intensifies. Feeling the meat of her breasts rise and fall, the tug of their flesh on her chest shows her just how fragile and vulnerable she is. She knows that this separation is what's right for her. She can't stand taking only half measures anymore. Crawling onto the bed now, she lays the length of her body across it. Her honey-colored skin is warm in the room's light, now more soft than slick as the oil works its way inside.

Staring directly as the camera, her lips part slightly as she runs her hand up and down her body. Over her long legs. Over the curve of her hip. Over the rise and fall of her chest. Looking down she appreciates the softness and vulnerability of her flesh, seeing herself as he must see her. The river between her legs intensifies. Taking her time, she feels each breast in turn, lifting it and testing its weight. Admiring the flesh of her ass, the length of her thigh.

Imagining what it will be like when he takes what he wants from her, piece by piece. Raising herself up on her hands and knees, she shows herself in profile to the camera. Her well-toned ass showing just a hint of the wetness dripping from her crotch.

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Her thin, tight stomach stretched out as she spreads herself out on the bed. Her large breasts dangle pendulously below her, like ripe fruits ready to be plucked. She knows exactly the kind of thoughts that will run through her master's head when he watches her.


She hopes that he will look back fondly on what little she had to offer up to him. Pressing her full mammaries down on the bed, her ass sticks higher up in the air.

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Tilting slightly, she gives the slightest glimpse of her pussy to the camera. Many times her master enjoyed taking her there, filling his property full of his seed.

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Looking intensely at the camera, she smiles once more. She knows she has always wanted more than just this. To be more then just a fuckslut. To give more. At last she'll be able to show just how much of his property she really is. Facing towards the camera on her hands and knees, she lets her massive breasts hang low from her body. Smiling, she knows how this will tempt him.

She knows how fragile they will look, held on by just a little strip of flesh. So easy to cut. Knowing that she can cause such feelings in him even after she's gone gives her her first small, involuntary orgasm. Her eyes barely flicker as she stares into his through the camera. Taunting him, making her breasts sway, she revels in what she's turning herself into. Desperation begins to show on her face as she rubs her chest on the bed. Feeling its softness on her nipples.

Feeling the cool air against her wet, exposed pussy. It's almost unbearable to her. Turning to the side, she gives the camera a long look at her body in profile as she runs her hands up its length. Her thighs. Her stomach. Her heavy breasts. They are all for him in this one last video. Posing in every way she can think of, she tries to show all the angles she can of her perfect form. To let her master appreciate what he once had, and how eager she was to show her devotion to him.

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At last there is a knock at the door. She doesn't flinch or look towards it. Her hands continue their slow movement over her body as she stares into the camera. The pupils of her eyes dilate slightly. The door is unlocked and opens at the man's touch.

His face isn't in the frame, but his body is clad all in black, with black gloves and a small black bag. Allowing the door to close softly behind him, he walks slowly to the bed where she waits silently, her eyes only for the camera. Her smile deepens. The man sets the bag down on the bedside table and opens it. He takes out two silver objects from it and lays them on the bed beside her.

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A large knife and a hacksaw. Her stare now much deeper than before, she has involuntarily started to rotate her hips, her true nature starting to overcome her meager willpower.

Her breathing is faster and lower, and the flush across her chest has spread. Her tongue licks her lip slightly in anticipation. His voice is low, but audible.

Some sort of distortion filter has been applied to the recording to make it unidentifiable. "Tell me what you are, slave." Her face twitches a bit as she struggles to contain the orgasm she just had at his question. Her voice quavers as she replies, "I'm just a piece of meat for you, Master. A worthless piece of meat for you to butcher." "Lie down on your front." She lies down on the pristine white bed, her large breasts bulging out to the sides of her body, her tight legs and ass stretched out in front of the camera.

Roughly he grabs her arms and crosses them behind her back. Getting on the bed, he puts one knee into her back, pinning her arms there and causing her to give a small grunt of pain.

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She has not stopped looking lovingly into the camera. Grabbing the bun of her hair in one hand, he pulls her head up and back. She stifles a cry of pain as her back is contorted even more.

Her breasts lift up off the bed and now dangle below her body. As he picks up the knife beside her, she makes sure to keep eye contact with the camera. This is what he will watch later. This is all that will be left of her existence after tonight and she wants him to remember her as a good piece of meat. A toy that served its purpose. Her eyes widen as the blade crosses her throat. His hand is quick and sure, borne from much experience.

He doesn't make needless movements, but doesn't hurry either. He wants her to suffer during this as well. To her credit, she doesn't try to cry out and she doesn't blink. She keeps her eyes on the camera even when the blood flows in a torrent down over her huge breasts. As her life is cut away she can truly see that this was all she was. All she was good for. Her expression finally goes slack when the blade passes between her vertebrae and separates her spine.

Her body flops to the bed, spurting the last of her lifeblood onto the no longer pristine bedspread. With a grunt the man gets up off of her and with a casual motion tosses the head of the worthless dead bitch onto the bed beside her body. The last seconds of the film show the man reaching down to pick up the hacksaw before continuing his grisly work.