Super sexy Mädchen nackt heute Abend für uns xsoftcore com

Super sexy Mädchen nackt heute Abend für uns xsoftcore  com
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Introduction=Rocky was slapping his moms face with his large penis before he stuffed it back in her mouth, raven haired Sheila bobbed her head up & down quickly as she continued sucking her sons dink. It was the third time today he had fucked her face. She had come to visit him 3 days ago & it was nothing but hard & nasty sex since then. Last night Denise had joined herNina &Esperanza in satisfying their masters kinky urges. He had sent Cindy away to Juanita's& was now using his old bitches as he liked to Sheila kept gobbling Rocky's prick she knew that he had hogtied the others in various rooms and would be using them later.

Eat it all up Mom Rocky exclaimed as she quickly ate his man jism before Rocky grabbed her by the leash & led her to the first bedroom where she found Nina Rogers ( her sons mother in law) tied to the bed.

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The blonde slut was collaredleashed & ball gagged. Rocky quickly took the gag out of Nina's mouth and told Sheila to sit on Nina's face. Quickly Nina began licking Sheilas cuntwhile Rocky who was hard againrammed his schlong up his mother-in-laws pussy. Sheila smothered Nina's face so you couldn't even hear her moans of pleasure. Rocky kept jamming his monster wang up the whores cunt until he cream pied the slut and then he had his mom Sheila clean up the cream pie with her tongue.

He left Sheila & Nina in a 69 position & told them to keep having some lezzie fun.

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Chapter 1- Denise gets used like usual by Master Rocky Rocky had untied Denise & was now sitting on her face as her jerked off. The 50something submissive gave the best rimjobs of all his sexslaves.

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Denise loved licking her Masters ass, she would never do this to any other man not even her husband. Of course she had eaten all the asses of the ladies in her masters harembut that was to be without sayingshe was also now very adept at eating female ass also. Rocky was very hard& Denise had gotten some lube so she now ready as Rocky shoved his monster prick up her assooooh that feels soooo nasty master she exclaimed as he jammed it in til her butthole gapped.

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Rocky was about to cum so he came up Denise's ass. Denise was then ordered to go in the other room and have Esperanza eat her ass. Chapter 2- Esperanza is visited by Denise & Master Rocky Esperanza was eating Rockys man cream out of Denise's ass .Rocky had hogtied her & left her in the closet but now she was free, Eating jismearlier today she had eaten Juanita's pussy.


This was a daily ritual for her. Before Rocky told her to come for a visit. she had to satisfy her mistress who was also her daughter.

The tall amazon submissive from Colombia was 5ft 10 without heelsRocky had collared & leashed her when she had first arrived. Once she finished eating the ass jism. Esperanza started by licking Rocky's ballsmeanwhile Denise was bobbing furiously on Rocky's knob, once Rocky was stiff.

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Denise was told to lick Esperanza's cunt as he fucked Denise doggy style for awhile. Once Denise was wet, Esperanza got into the doggy style position and licked Dee super wet cunt.

The end result came when Rocky stood above Denise & Esperanza and came all over their faces.

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Rocky took some pics of their faces with his cellphone & sent them to their cuckold mind controlled hubbys Chapter 3- Old Lezzie Bitches Rocky was drinking a beer as he watched his old bags in a lezzie 4way, if it wasn't for hypnotism these sluts would have been normalbut look at them now., he laughed.

His mom Sheila was in between the legs of that Colombian Esperanzawhat a spread she had he thought. Licking away at that clitmom was loving that delicious pussy Rocky thought?


And she even had dads permission to do it he smirked. From across the room he smirked as he watched Dee eating his mother-in-laws cuntNina Rogers was in his bed more often than her daughter he thought.

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She was more docileobedientopen-minded ,kinky & practically had no limits when it comes to sex. His wife Cindy could learn a lot from her mom Nina. Esperanza was moaning don't stop oooooh that feeels sooo good Sheilaim gonna cum & thats what she did. Nina followed as both ladies had faces that glowed from pure ecstasy. Chapter 4-Strapon Lezzies Esperanza wore her strapon proudly as she rapidly & roughly fucked Nina Rogers up the ass,Dee was also strapon fucking but she had the pleasure of fucking her masters mom up the ass.

Sheila was in pain & ecstasy as her ass was stretched by the 10inch dildo. Esperanza rammed Rocky's mother-in-law with her plastic dong and stretched Nina's ass also Rocky was on his 3rd beer watching & enjoying the dyke play. Soon though he'd need to use the toilet Chapter 5- Golden Champagne As Nina& Sheila both achieved orgasm from being anally fucked by fake cocks. Rocky told all 4 ladies to follow him to the bathroom. They didn't question him as they all knew what was coming.

First he placed Nina and Sheila in the bathtub and Rocky unleashed his load of urine all over his mom & mother-in-laws face & hair, Sheila & Nina were covered in pissas Rocky texted his father & father-in-law pics of their submissive urine covered wivesthey'd be so proud he smirked.

Next he only had a little left so he pissed all over Esperanza &Dee's titsno pics for their cuckolds he smiled