Kumpel einen blasen

Kumpel einen blasen
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(This is a side story part of the Flight of Sin series. The first part, Flight of Sin then Sins of the Father parts through E so far. Other side pieces are Naughty Pretty Things and Now a Family Affair.) You beat me home this evening.

I had to meet with someone and discuss a new contract. This time my personal presence was required. Young Mei doing all the preliminary work but the client insisting on a meeting. You have been to the Mall with Sherry and had a fine time. Wearing the new little white outfit you bought. The small very tight skirt showing off your body so nicely.

The top perfect, the built in support having just enough support to show how perfect your breasts are. Every teenage boy and frankly every male goggling and staring at you.

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Of course you always look straight ahead but smile a tiny bit. It just supports the things Daddy says about you. He knowing your body completely. It makes you a little moist knowing he will take that outfit off of you this evening. Wrap your body around his till you are both spent and laying still connected, touching each other, soft tender kisses as the glow slowly fades from your lovemaking. I come into the house, look for you immediately. Linda is gone to New York so we have made love every night for the last three days.

It is heaven. My beautiful young Keri on me, me on her, waking up to enter you, fill you with my cum. Adoring you in our sleepy morning state. I find you in your room. Sitting at your computer looking like an angel from heaven. The little white outfit with long white stockings a new outfit to me. You look up from your screen as I enter your room.

'Hi daddy'. You then repeat it as 'Hi Dale'.

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It just does not seem right to call me Daddy now that we are intense lovers. Still it is very sweet and reminds me of how young and innocent you really are. Offering you my hands as you rise from your chair I look you over. Make you turn around to give me the full effect. The only word that describes you is 'perfect'. Your face divine, your breasts so nice and firm, your body so slender yet so curved. Your legs long and so beautiful. A long kiss. My hands on your back, one moving down to pull you against me, rubbing your bottom.

God! You feel so good! Mmmmm. my other hand moving up under the top. Always loving how your naked back feels to my fingers. Yet another kiss.

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My mouth, my lips demanding your passion. So pleased when you kiss me back hard, our tongues playing. Feeling your hardening nipples against my chest.

Another kiss and I am moaning your name into your mouth. Inching the short skirt upward, cupping you, feeling your moistness.


Our mouths parting, your hands moving down to undo my pants, my hand lifting your hem more and more. Kissing your hair, smelling your perfume, my hard cock out now, my pants and underwear down to be stepped out of. Your hand touching me. Making me moan.

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I take my shirt off, reach behind you and unzip your top slowly. Another long kiss, easing your top off your shoulders, your perky breasts looking so good. The top bunched around your waist now. Pushing you down on the bed. Loving the look in your eyes as I carefully ease your panties off, keeping those white stockings up on your legs. Loving how you know I am going to taste you, your eyes hot and sultry as we ease you up on the bed more. More so I can lay down between your legs as I suck and nibble each perfect nipple, kiss my way down to suck the skin at the top of your mound.


Your feet moving to my shoulders. Your body spread wide for my mouth. Kissing your inner thigh, smelling you, teasing your slit and clit with my nose. So good, so beautiful. Kissing the hood of skin over your clit, sucking on it then pulling it into my mouth. So wet now, so sweet. The light of the room letting me fill my eyes with you, know you completely. Your hands on my head, my face, pressing yourself against my mouth. God what lust I feel, love I feel at these moments.

Turning you over to straddle my face. Easing one finger inside you. Loving how this stretches your pussy lips tight and lets me lick hard up and down your sweet slit. Loving your moans, your squeezing my finger.

God my cock needs in you so bad. You reaching back to grasp me. Pump me slowly. Cannot stand much more of this. Feeling you arch your back, pull my hair I ease you down. You take me inside smoothly. Still so tight but your pussy mine now, knowing how to take your man. Slipping into you deep. Kissing your breasts, your lips, gasping from how good you feel. How sexy you look with that divine little skirt and top around your tummy.

Moaning as you move up and down on my hard cock. Your pussy kisses it, loves it as no other's can.

Loving how your body looks. Your nice thighs, holding your bottom in my hands, holding you open to let more of me in you. So good, so incredible. Making love to you close to a religious experience for me. Kissing each breasts, your lips then nibbles and pulls on your nipples with my lips. Needing so badly to consume you, get all of you every time I am in you. Slowly easing you off of me. Turning you slowly as I stand on the floor and ease you back to my cock so I can enter you from behind.

Your pussy swallowing me deep. Loving how your pussy loves me with each slow deep stroke. Your bottom so pretty, holding your hips as I fuck you, loving the little sounds you make, the soft sounds of our bodies making love. I must touch us! 'I love you so Keri', as I move my hand around and down your taunt tummy to touch my cock as I move in and out of you slowly.

Touching your sopping wet clit too.

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Feeling you jerk a tiny bit from my touch. My left hand holding you open, my right teasing your clit I fuck you harder and harder. Feeling my cum start to rise, my seed to fill you once again. Fucking you but adoring you, worshiping you as always. 'Yes Daddy, oh yes'. 'It feels so good Daddy'. 'Make me cum Daddy'. 'Please don't stop Daddy'! Hunching you faster, harder. loving how your body moves with my thrusts. Your head down then up, your beautiful hair hanging down. For some reason getting really turned on by your skirt and top bunched together around your waist.

I feel you tense. I know you now. Your sweet pussy squeezes and uses me. You are at the edge of an orgasm. I want more, I want to fuck you till you whimper and perhaps scream it feels so good. My cock ramming deep inside you. My lust raging for you body. Pumping me in and out of you, my testicles slapping you with each plunge. Your pretty head comes up, 'Yes Daddy yes'! 'Oh yes, yes, yes'. You cum. So hard, so good.

I feel your juices almost explode out and around my driving shaft. Holding your hips tight, fucking you as hard as I can I loose my cum.


My cum spurting and spurting. Making me push into you, hold you hard as I fill you with me. Watching me flow out of you. Me and your own flood of warm sweet cum. We have mated, we have bred. My legs are weak. Easing me down, pulling you with me to stay inside you.

Inside my paradise. Holding you, gently rocking your body as you squeeze every drop out of my cock and into the mix of our love. 'I adore you so Keri'. 'I will never let you go, never my love, my sweet baby girl'.