Queened gilf orally pleasures teen

Queened gilf orally pleasures teen
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Defying My Family Part 2: The Defiance Starts I stood there in disbelief. Her mother is the woman I lost my virginity to because I was forced to rape her thanks in part to my skinhead father. I looked at the woman then to her husband. This isn't going to be good I thought. Kimiko walked up and said "Mom, Russ, this is Brad my&hellip.ummm. …&hellip.my… ummm… hopefully he wants to that is ummm be my boyfriend. Right now he is my dance partner in gym.

Kimiko looked so nervous. Her white Japanese cheeks turning a reddish shade, as she tried to explain who I am. She looked at me "Brad this is my mother Shiho, and my step-father Russ." Shiho I thought.

Well now I have a name to go with the face, and Kimiko wants me to be her boyfriend. This is going to be the shortest relationship in the history of relationship. "Nice to meet you Russ and you as well Shiho." I figured I would play it cool and be a gentleman and maybe just maybe the cat will not come out of the bag until I am out of here.

I offered both of them my hand. Russ shook it and before Shiho shook it she bowed to me. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Brad. Kimiko has been going on and on about her wonderful dance partner. I feel as if I know you already." Shiho said. Something about that statement made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I knew I had to get going. I looked at Kimiko. "Well I should be off. It's late and I do have some homework to finish," "Wait Brad." Russ said.

"How far from here do you live?" I knew I really couldn't lie about it. Shiho might see through it. So I told the truth. "Oh I live a couple miles past Bernie's One Stop shopping Center." "Dear Lord, that's a ways away. It's raining outside and you will be drenched before you got half way home.

Let me give you a ride home Brad. I would hate to see the first guy Kimiko brought home get pneumonia." Shiho said. I knew I couldn't refuse so I tried to take a polite way out. "Oh thanks, but I couldn't trouble you with that.

I'm sure you want to talk to Kimiko about me and warn her just how teenage boys are." "Nonsense, Shiho is right. We don't want you getting sick.

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Besides Kimiko knows how teenage boys are. We have told her to watch out for the horny little devils who just want to get into bed. We trust her judgment. Kimiko is a very good girl, why just last week she was telling us how she wants to save herself for when she finds her one true love." Russ said.

I felt like laughing at him. I assure you Russ she did anything but save herself. Why just before you came home I was balls deep in her pussy and she loved it. Hell I didn't even think I was going to have sex with her and it never crossed my mind.

She just happens to be a horny little minx. Yet if what he said was true, am I her one true love?

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And if 30 minutes ago was her first time why wasn't there any blood? "Alright, I could use the ride home" "That's settled then. Kimiko and I will fix dinner while Shiho takes you home" So I started to get my stuff together. Shiho waited by the door. I saw Kimiko pull out a piece of paper, jot something down quickly then handed it to me.

"I hope what you heard and what I said doesn't frighten you away. I really do like you. Here's my cell number. Call me later tonight if your free." She said as she kissed my cheek.

Oh you didn't frighten me off, but when you hear what I did to your mother you're going to be the one frighten off. "OK I'll try to call you. It's my turn to wash the dishes at home.

It might be late" I told her. I walked to the door and Shiho lead me out to a black '67 Dodge charger. Damn I thought. You don't see too many of these beautiful American Muscle cars around. I feel honored just looking at one in person let alone riding in one. We got in the car and started driving towards my house. About 5 minutes into the drive Shiho pulled into the abandon parking lot of The Jackboy's House of Pleasure.

She turned off the car and I knew I was in trouble. "Ummmm yeah I had a feeling I was in trouble" I said. "This is where you tell me to stay away from Kimiko?" "On the contrary, you're not and no I will never tell you that. I actually wouldn't mind if you dated her." Shiho said. "But why, the other night" I started to say.

"The other night you tried to defy your father and not rape me. I felt how you tried to keep yourself out of me and pretended to rape me. I faked it because I saw you really didn't want to hurt me. When your dad learned what you were trying to do. I knew I had to protect you just as you tried to protect me. Yes you put your dick inside me and it may have felt like you did rape me.

But Brad knew this. I don't consider it rape. Rape is forceful sexual intercourse. I let you have sex with me to save you from being killed. I knew you try to defy your dad again and I wasn't going to see a handsome young boy be punish for something that isn't his fault." "But my dad, my brother" "Yes they did rape me and I will never forget it.

But you didn't. You are nothing like them. That's why I wanted to make sure I took you home. I wanted you to know. I was afraid you would tell Kimiko before I had a chance to explain myself." Tears started forming in my eyes.

"I did and I still do feel bad. I didn't want my first time to bet that" Shiho put her arm around me and held me in a mothers embrace. I felt her soft breast on the side of my cheek. The warmth of her body was soothing, so this is what it's like to be held by a mother? I wish my own mother was here to old me growing up.

"SHH it's ok Brad. Don't hold it back let it out." I don't know why but I spilt my guts out to this woman.

In all honesty she was a stranger to me. Yes we have a history but it didn't matter. I really knew nothing about this woman other than that her breasts are soft, she's soothing, and her pussy is hairy. I told her about my mother how she was 13 when my dad raped her and she died giving birth to me. I told her how I plan to bring down the secret skinhead, and my family.

I told her how I'm afraid Kimiko will never speak to me again when she learns about me and my family. "Oh Brad you have a lot to learn about my daughter. When she learns how you refused to follow your dad's instruction and that I let you have sex with me to protect you.

She will understand. She loves you for who you are. Not what your Dad is. She will understand more than you know. She's the only Japanese girl on the swim team and we are originally from a town where she was the only Japanese girl in school. She knows the hardships life throws at us. When she hears how you plan to bring them down.

She's probably going to help. Even more so I'm going to help you." "You are?" "Yes Brad I am. I know I can't go to the police. I have heard the rumors that some of the police are some of these secret skin heads. I just don't know who to believe. Nobody except them knows how far they reach." "I know the entire police are¬ on their side. The chief of screwing Tara who I thought was my sisters, but in a way I guess she's my adapted sisters.

She's been forced to be their cum bucket as she says since she was 12. She's 18 now." "I see. That puts a damper on things." Says Shiho. She started the car back up and started heading to my house. As we drove we talked about the skinheads and how I am going to one of them to destroy them from the inside out.

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Like cancer if you will. Shiho was worried about the toll it would take on me both mental and emotionally. I told her it had to be done. If I preventing someone like her from being raped or victimized meant I would be a wreck it was worth the price. "You're a very brave young man Brad. You are almost like the Samurai warriors of Ancient Japan. You truly are an honorable person. Here take this." She hands me a card with her name and number on it.

"I am a psychologist. I want you to call me anytime, day or night if you need help or need someone to talk to. I know once Kimiko is on board she will be there for you, but I can offer you help with your sanity." "Thank you Shiho, for everything. I really mean it." "You're welcome Brad. Just promise me one thing. That you never bring Kimiko here" she said as we pulled up close to my house. "Don't worry I don't plan on it." After I got home I quickly did my homework and ate dinner.

Nobody was home so I quickly did the dishes. I figured I would call Kimiko and tell her the truth. When I called her and started to explain. She stopped me and told me how she and her mother have already talked about it. "I understand the situation you were in Brad and I don't blame you at all. Yes it's a little weird that you had sex with my mom, but give the situation I totally understand and she's right you are very brave and I still want to be your girlfriend." Kimiko was saying. "I would like nothing more than for that.

It's just that I am going to have to go to a dark place and I don't want to hurt you." "I'm not worried. I know you're going to have to go to the edge of darkness, but I will be here holding the line to bring you back. I care about you too much to let you go." "Thank you and I know what you mean. I care about you too.

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I even think I'm falling in love with you." "Awe you're so sweet and handsome." "Thank you. You're pretty hot yourself. I'm curious about one thing though" "What's that?" "Well if what Russ said was true and today was your first time. Why wasn't there any blood or a hymen? I mean I don't care if you have had sex before I'm just curious to know if there is a lie in there or not." "There is no lie Brad.

Today was my first time. There was no hymen because I broke it a couple years ago. I figured it would break during a swim meet or during gym class. I just figured I would save myself the embarrassment if it happened then. Besides it just meant I got to enjoy that wonder steel rod of yours." "Ha Ha.

Yeah you did enjoy it didn't you." "Yeah I did. Listen I need to go shower because it's late and I have a few things I need to check up on. I will see you tomorrow. Oh by the way. To prevent your Dad learning the truth about me, when your home refer to me as Kimmi, this way he will never know I'm Japanese and you won't get into trouble." "Hey that's a good idea.

You are very smart, sex and smart oh how I love that." We said our good-byes and hung up. I went to bed shortly after. I woke up and get ready for school. School for the most part was boring. Although I got to hang out with Kimiko during the morning before school so it wasn't all boring.

As we walked around holding hands before class we talked about how I was going to bring down my Dad and his friends. We decided the best way was to get enough evidence against them and to make sure it was evidence they couldn't get away with.

We figured we would use some spy cams to video tape some of the action, microphones when need be and pictures lots and lots of pictures. Shiho and Kimiko always talked about what I needed last night as well. Shiho figured that the reason the rapes never stuck was that there was no DNA evidence. She said that when they raped her they came all over the floor not wanted any trace on her. Without the DNA evidence it would just look like rough sex and a he said she said type of ordeal.

The spy cam and the mics would help with that. If they got someone screaming stop and they refused then bingo they are in trouble. I was sitting in my room after school when Tara walked in. I told her about gathering video evidence and everything against Dad and my brothers.

She said it gave her an idea. "I just got a call from Chief Ellsworth. He's horny and looked for a fuck. Seems his wife's period is preventing from getting any. I want you to video tape it and snap some pictures." Tara said. "You realize this might make you look like a prostitute or a whore if anyone saw this?" I told her.

"It's too late for that. The police think I already am one that's why they keep calling on me." "Ok but I don't have any mics yet. I won't be able to get any sound since the spy cams don't have any and any Digital Camcorder will require me to get very close. Too close in fact." "Oh I know and don't worry about that. I have a plan as to what to do with the video and pics." She said. "Ok where are you meeting him?" "The abandon house on Cedar Road, there is nothing wrong with it.

The police just use it as their playhouse with me." "When?" "2 hours from now" "OK I will be there set up. If it's going to be in the house I can set up some mics hidden around the house. Maybe catch something good." "OK thanks Brad." "By the way does he use a condom?" "Umm no I'm on the pill and he loves bareback.

Why do you ask?" "Because if we could get some DNA evidence it would help bring him down." "Oh no worries then, I'm sure there will be some in fact I know just the way to make sure we have that." Tara left and I worked out a plan.

I went over to the house Tara said. Its wide open area gave it a good view of people coming. Inside however was a different story.


The living room was decked out like a normal living room except this one also had a queen size bed. I looked up at the ceiling and I could see a few holes, some went all the way up to the upstairs. This is perfect, but I'm going to need help I thought. I called Kimiko to see if she was free, she told me she wasn't she had major test tomorrow and needed to study and was sorry she couldn't.

Her mom then got on the phone and said she would be right there to help. Shiho arrived and we set up the house. I hid a microphone in one of the ceiling holes.

I feed the wire up to my laptop. I kept the sound off and set it up to record at the click of the mouse. Shiho and I placed the spy cams around the room with the video feed also running to my laptop.

She was about to leave when we heard voices. We quickly hid upstairs just as Max Ellsworth and Tara walked in. It's ShowTime I thought. We were in the farthest back room on the upstairs floor. We figured the light from my laptop wouldn't be seen that way. I watched the video to make sure it was going. Both video and sound were recording. Now we wait it out. "Sorry to have to drag you away from your family Shiho." I said to Shiho as we settled down.

"It's ok Brad. You're actually doing me a favor." She said. "Oh what's that?" "Well you see I still need to heal down there from the raping. I told Russ that a client had an emergency and had to go help her. He understands since he knows I am always there for my clients. I can stay gone awhile and heal and I don't have to worry about him wanted sex.

Once I heal I'll make it up to him." "Oh well you're welcome" I can't believe her honestly, but I could see her point. My Dad and my brother probably did a real number on her pussy. "Just make sure when it's better that he gives it a kiss. This way you know he's kissing it to make it all better. Tara used to do that to me when I was little." "You're funny Brad.


Russ doesn't go down on woman he thinks it's wrong to eat out a pussy since that's where a cock belongs. He said and I quote 'I put my dick in that, if I was to eat it out I would get the taste of dick, it would be like I was sucking on a dick'.

"Wow" I said I looked at the laptop and saw Tara naked laying on the bad. Max was between her legs trying to get his dick inside Tara, but his fat belly prevented it from going in. From the look on Tara's face I knew she wasn't going to get any satisfaction from him.

He probably had a small one anyways. I told this to Shiho and she giggled. "What do you expect from a man who sits around eating donuts and jacking off to porn all day?" "Good point" I saw Tara change positions. Max laid on the bed while Tara rode him. I could see Max smile. He then grabbed her, held her close and waved someone to come over. Shiho and I watched and wondered what was going on. Our question was answered when this man walked into view.

He was dressed in leather straps and had a leather mask over his face. He got on the bed behind Tara and forced his cock inside her. We didn't need the mics to hear her screams. "WHAT THE FUCK?" we head Tara yell. I wanted to go down there, to save her. Shiho stopped me and told me I would ruin my plans and it would make it worse. I looked at the laptop as this masked man grabbed Tara's 34-C chest and pull her back. Both he and Max fucked Tara hard.

Tara looked up at the ceiling and I could see tears in her eyes. Leatherface as I called him wasn't being gentle about what he was doing.

My blood boiled, I was growing angry watching.


Shiho saw this as well and turned my back from the computer. I tried to calm down but I couldn't Tara's screams were echoing in the house. Shiho quickly stood up and pulled her dress off.

I saw here in her black bra and matching thong. She quickly sat back down and placed my hand on her boobs. Her boobs were nice and soft. I figured they had to be a 34-B. She held my hands on her bras and forced my hands to start squeezing them. "It's ok Brad. Play with my tits, concentrate on my body and block out the sounds around you. Whatever she was doing was working. I was slowly ignoring any sounds Tara was making.

Shiho reached behind her and undid her bra. I saw her magnificent breast for the first time. Her nipples were just like Kimiko's and a little darker. I massaged her breast with my hands. I could feel her nipples becoming erect. My jeans were becoming tight. I could feel my hard on begging to be let out. "If you need to take it out and jerk off, picture my naked body." I don't know why but I undid my pants and dropped them.

My cock sprang up like a diving board after the diver has jumped off. I grabbed my cock and started jerking it. Shiho slide back and pulled her thong aside. She sat against the wall rubbing her clit and showing me her pussy. She massaged her tits and teased her nipples. I was finding this whole ordeal exciting. Yes she's Kimiko's mom but she has aged very well.

I jerked my cock hard and fast. I knew I was going to cum and I got worried. I knew I had to hide any evidence we were here, just in case. "Ugh I'm going to cum. I need to put it some placed." I said. Shiho quickly came over to me. She grabbed my cock and put it into her mouth. The feeling over her mouth around my cock was the breaking point. I shot my hot jism into her mouth.

I quickly placed both hands on my mouth to prevent me from moaning with pleasure and relief. Shiho placed a hand on my cock and gave it a couple of jerks to get the rest of my cum out. She then looked at me and swallowed all of my cum. I dropped to my knees in front of her.

She smiled and held me. "Don't worry Brad it's ok. I told you I would help you and I meant it. I know you want to save her and protect her. I know I don't know her, but I don't think she would have been happy if you ruined this. Remember you're going to have to do things you doing want to do. Letting those two down there have their way with her was one of them.

" "I know Shiho but it doesn't make it any easier" "It's not supposed to be easy. If it was easy you would be like them" "I will never be like them. At least not inside" "And that Brad is why Kimiko loves you, and why I did what I did.

You are not like them." "Yeah but it was a little weird getting sucked off by what's pretty much my girlfriends mother." "True, but I know something you don't. Kimiko would understand and if she could have been her she would have done the same thing. And yes I know you two had sex the other day.

Russ doesn't do the wash I do and her bedding had dried cum on it." "Sorry" I told her and I was.

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I just hope I didn't get Kimiko into trouble. "It's ok I know she's going to be sexually active with you and I can't say I blame her. They're finished and have left." I looked at the laptop and say Max and Leatherface were gone. Tara was still there lying on the bed. She was curled up and looked to be crying. I went down there to check on her.

Shiho quietly left when I walked into the room. Tara was still naked and crying. When she looked at me and moved in closer. I held her and she asked "Did you get all that?" "Yes" I told her "Who was that other man?" "I don't know. Some sick bastard called Nightmare. He walked right in here and shoved his filthy cock up my ass. No warning at all. Max just sat there and laughed telling me to enjoy it. It was going to happened." "Well Nightmare or whoever he is will enjoy it when he's in jail" "No Brad he won't.

He was smart he wore a condom and took it with him when he left. We got Max's DNA though" Tara moved away and opened her legs. I saw she had shoved a tampon into her pussy.

"I'm letting it soak in there collecting both mine and Max's DNA. When I get home I'm going to put it in a zip lock bag, label it and hold it for evidence." Tara got dress and she drove us home. I went up to my room, transferred the video and audio to a flash drive as well as a back-up hard drive. Tara went to take care of her business. After she did that and showered she came back to my room.

"Is it good? Can we use it?" she asked. "Yeah it's pretty good quality. Not Hollywood quality but the video is good and can make out what's happening. The audio is very good, could have been better but every word there at least. How do you feel? "Honestly. I feel violated from that bastard fucking my ass, and horny as hell cause Max can never get me off" "Don't feel bad. I know horny you must feel" I told about Shiho and Kimiko or Kimmi, since we were home, for the first time.

She was shocked to say the least. "Wait, Wait, Your telling me that the girl that was raped the other night is now helping you, your dating her daughter and she blow you upstairs while I was getting doubled teamed? Damn Brad in a weird way that's kind of hot." "Yeah but I wish Kimmi was there. I could have used a good hard fuck after being pressed against her almost naked body." Just the thought of it was making me hard again.

I completely forgot I had on nylon shorts when I stood up. My hard on making a nice tent for Tara to see. "Yeah by the looks of it you could still use that fuck" she said as she giggled.

I looked down and quickly covered it. Tara pulled my hands away "oh no you got to see me in all my glory I think I deserve some pay back" as she pulled my pants down.

"My God Brad I'm jealous of those two ladies. This is a very nice hard cock." I watched Tara reach down and started rubbing her pussy. "Damn the things I would love to do with this." She placed on hand on my cock and gave it a nice hard stroke.

I moaned with pleasure. Tara took that as a sign to continue. She started licking my cock with her tongue. I bit my lower lip as I tried not to moan loud. "Oh&hellip.God&hellip.Brad&hellip.this&hellip.cock&hellip.is……so&hellip.fucking&hellip.good." She said between licks. She stopped licking and stood up. She removed her clothes and laid on my bed. She grabbed one of her big 34-C tits and gave it a lick. She spread her legs showing me her freshly clean bald pussy.

"Come here Brad and let's take care of each other. I want that nice cock inside me. Show me what that wonderful Japanese girl is getting." I thought with the wrong head. I got on the bed with her and slide my cock into her wet pussy.

It was so hot and wet that I went in with ease. Tara wrapped her legs around my thighs and thrust upwards with each downward thrust of my own. I moved my head down and took one of her tits in my mouth. I teased her nipple with my tongue.

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"Oh Damn Brad you feels ooohh so fucking good in my pussy. Fuck me hard. Fuck me good that's it." She moaned softly into my ear. I slowly fucked her pussy.

I figured she would enjoy a nice gentle fuck since that's all she gets from the others. I was right. In no time I felt her first orgasm hit. She bit down on her lower lip, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she pulled me in tight.

"Oh yes nobody has ever made me cum during sex. It feels so good" I slowly speed up a little. I wanted to cum so badly. I placed her legs on my shoulders and drive my cock in deep. It acted like a piston in a car engine. I pounded her pussy.

I felt the tingling sensation in my balls. My hot cum was making its way up my shaft. In a few seconds I was going to cum. Tara felt me getting close. "Pull out Brad and cum in my mouth." I quickly pulled out and held it over her mouth. I gave a half doesn't jerks and I exploded into her mouth. I bit back a moan as she took my entire cock in her mouth as I came. She let go and swallowed then licked my cock clean. "Wow Brad Thank you. You were amazing." "You're welcome." Tara got up shortly after and went to her room.

I lay in bed wondering if that classified as cheating. I mean Kimiko and I were not officially a couple yet, but we acted like one. As if reading my mind Kimiko texted me, "Mom finally got a chance to talk to me about what happened between you two. You do what you must to get through this ordeal even if you have to fuck another guy, girl, my mom or Satan himself. Just know I will be here for you because I love you." Hot damn if I am not mistaken I just got a fucking hall pass and a get out of jail free card.

I layed there smiling, not because if the passes but because of those last 3 words Kimiko said.