Fast fingering and fisting for brunette and redhead

Fast fingering and fisting for brunette and redhead
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"Today is a day like any other" I thought to myself as I got on the train to head back home from a long day at school. I went to college in the city and commuted to and from my apartment everyday. Because I had such a long commute, I took one of the trains that travels further out of the city then normal. I was just about to start reading my book when Jim, the man who comes around and punches everyone's tickets walked by, smiled and winked at me like he always did.

I knew he found me attractive, I had caught him on more then one occasion staring down my low cut shirts, trying to get a better look at my set of double D's.


Quiet frankly, the first time I met him, I found him to be highly annoying. But as the weeks went by and I saw him everyday, I came to realize how attractive he was. He had to be in his mid 40's, his hair was starting to gray a bit, but his tan skin and bright blue eyes were so compelling.

Even thought I was only 22, I found him more attractive then men my own age. Today, the scent of his cologne was absolutely intoxicating. I smiled back at him brightly as he turned to continue down the aisle.

"Only a man with a big dick could have a swagger like his" I thought to myself as he walked away. The thought made me instantaneously wet. My clit started to throb as I sat there, thinking about how big his cock could be and thinking about taking it down my throat. I didn't care that he was married, I had seen the ring on his left hand, and honestly, it just made me hotter knowing that he wanted me, when he was already married.

Before I knew it the train had started moving. I knew where Jim was now. On the afternoon train he ran the control room on the other end of the train. I sat there, making myself wetter and wetter, thinking about riding his cock while he was driving the train. "I have to get a hold of myself" i thought. I was going to regret wearing the black mini skirt and thigh high fishnets I had on if I kept making myself so wet.

However, as the minutes past, I couldn't stop thinking about my mouth tightly wrapped around his prick. It got to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore, I had to have it. I got up from my seat and started to walk towards the other end of the train. As I did I notice how crowded the train was that day and the thought made me even wetter, knowing what I was about to attempt.

The door to the control room was closed, but I opened it without a problem. Jim sat there, reading a newspaper before he turned around and saw me standing there.

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His eyes drifted to my high heeled shoes, up my slender legs, to my breasts and eventually to my face where he smiled at me. "Is everything okay?" he asked politely. I could distinctly hear the surprise and intrigue in his deep voice. "Oh yeah, everything is fine", I smiled slightly as I said it, "I just wanted to see what it looked like in here is all." My eyes burned into his while I bit the bottom of my lip, and I hoped he would understand why I was really in there.


He stared back into my eyes and I saw a flash of slight understanding in them. Jim stood up and strolled the short distance over to where I was. He reached around me, pressing his body into mine to close the door behind me. When he rocked back on his heals, he didn't move away, but kept himself close to me, staring down at my face, his eyes wandering down to my breasts and back up again.

I looked up at his face, feeling his hot breath wash over me, and the scent of him was driving me insane. I couldn't take it anymore, I pressed my mouth up to his, kissing him hard and rough, letting there be no mistake as to what i was after.

He kissed me back, just as hard and rough. I let his tongue slip into my mouth and he started to massage my tongue and tongue ring against his. I reached up and took two fistfuls of his hair as I ground my pussy into his dick. I felt it getting harder against my stomach and i smiled. This was going to be too easy. After a few minutes, he pulled back from our kiss and said "You know I'm married right?" I smiled and reached up to whisper in his ear, "So? It makes my tight little cunt even wetter" before i started to suck and nibble on his earlobe, feeling his cock press harder into my stomach as I did so.

He let out a low moan and pushed me up against the wall of the room roughly. He lifted both of my legs up while I wrapped them around his waist.

He then proceeded to carry me over to the chair where he was sitting, me straddling his lap.

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He grabbed one of my tits over my shirt as we started to kiss again, our tongues exploring each others mouths. I moaned into the kiss as he grabbed me, my pussy started to throb violently with need. I broke off the kiss and he looked at me for a moment before he took off my shirt to reveal my big, yet perky tits in my black and white laced bra. He immediately unclasped my bra and took one of my nipples into his mouth greedily. I gasped loudly at the sheer delight of him sucking, and gently biting my nipple before he went to the other one to do the same while pinching and tweaking the one his mouth had just left.

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I started to grind my bare pussy (as i was only wearing a thong) onto his hard cock. I knew he must feel the wetness already because he started to bite and pinch hard down on my tits, making me sigh and moan louder. Suddenly the need to suck his cock was over whelming. I needed to feel his cock in my mouth. "I really want to suck your cock Jim. Please let me suck it" I started to plead into his ear.

I felt his cock stirring with anticipation against my cunt. He pulled back from my tits and smiled smugly to at me before pushing my down in between his legs and unbuttoning his pants. I pulled his pants and boxers down swiftly, letting his cock fling out.

I was right. He was huge. I licked my lips while i stared at his monster of a dick.

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I let my eyes travel back up to his before I took just the head in my mouth, sucking hard. He let out a low groan as I did this and grabbed my dark brown hair in his hands. He started to edge my face down his cock while I took as much as I could into my mouth and down my throat.

Suddenly he grabbed harder on my hair and forced all of his cock down my throat. I choked a little before fighting off the urge to choke again and let him continue. He started to thrust his hips, his cock moving in and out of my mouth while his hands were wrapped hard against my head.

I loved to get face fucked and I was in heaven. My pussy was getting too wet to resist. As he continued to face fuck me harder and faster, I reached down in between my legs and started to rub my clit furiously.


I was moaning all over his cock while i rubbed it harder and harder. "Oh fuck, you're such a dirty fuckin whore aren't you?" he moaned as he realized I was playing with myself as he fucked my faced.

I nodded the best I could, I loved being treated like a whore and getting talked dirty to like one. He grabbed my hair and head harder, the pain making me rub my clit even harder and faster. I loved the pain too.

He was shoving and thrusting his cock into my mouth faster and faster. All of a sudden he just stopped and his dick popped out of my mouth. He lifted me up onto my feet again and asked "You want this hard cock inside of your pussy you little slut?" I couldn't help it, he turned me on so much.

I moaned "yes" pleadingly before he grabbed me roughly and slammed my pussy down on his dick. It hurt slightly because my pussy was so fucking tight and his cock was so big. But I loved it.

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I started to bob up and down on his dick, my need growing more and more. "That's right you little fucking slut, ride my fucking cock" he told me roughly. I started to scream a little bit and moan as my orgasm already started to build. With one hand he grabbed one of my tits again before taking the hard nipple into his mouth, biting and sucking on it roughly.

His other hand traveled around to my ass where he smacked it hard. I let out a low moan as he smacked me, it made me ride him harder and faster. My pussy was sliding up and down his cock so fast that my tits were bouncing everywhere and my pert ass was jiggling hard every time I came back down. His hand was still on my ass and I wanted nothing more then for him to play with my asshole. "Jim, please play with my asshole.

Please, I want both of my holes filled.

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Please". I begged him to finger fuck my asshole and he happily obliged. He smacked my ass hard again before reaching around and roughly sticking his index finger up my ass. There was no need to wet it as my ass was already so wet from my pussy juices.

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"Oh fuck oh fuck!" i started to scream as he fingered my tight little hole, my orgasm holding off no longer. I rode him harder as my orgasm hit, my pussy tightening so hard around his dick it was difficult to move regardless of all my pussy juices covering it.

I shuddered slightly as I came. As soon as my orgasm had subsided, he suddenly pushed me off his cock and back onto the floor. He let out a low moan as i took his cock back into my throat and he started to cum violently, his hot cum squiring down my mouth and my throat.

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I lapped up and swallowed as much as I could before it started to spill out of my mouth and drip down my chin onto my tits. He pulled his dick out when he was finished and I immediately started to wipe up all the cum on my tits I could find and sucking it into my mouth, not wanting to waste it. We both looked at each other for a moment before smiling and laughing a little bit. As I started to put my bra and shirt back on, I realized that we had reached the last stop on the train route.

It didn't even matter, I'd find a way to get home. I smiled as I found a piece of paper and pen and wrote my phone number down to give to him. I handed him the piece of paper before I gave him one last hard kiss and grabbed his cock through his pants gently. "That's a good little whore" he said as he smacked my ass before I walked out onto the platform smiling to myself and knowing this wasn't the end of our escapades.