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Slumber Party Bffs Emma Hix  Shyla Ryder  Liza Lowe
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Part 3 We got in the car to head home and immediately started making out and rubbing the others crotch. Rebecca's pussy was wetter than I have ever felt it.

I easily slid three fingers deep in her hole and she moaned in delight, humping my fingers as we kissed. She unlocked her lips from mine and told me how great it felt to be such a slut and how much she liked watching me get off with the other couple. Before we could go too much farther she reminded me that Candice was waiting for us to get home and we were already an hour late.

I concentrated on driving as much as I could while my wife had her legs spread open with her feet up on the dash and was fingering herself. Rebecca took herself to another orgasm and sat up and said "Oh, that was a nice way to cap off the night." As we pulled in the driveway we tried to compose ourselves to talk to Candice about her evening with the kids.

Candice was sitting on the couch watching a late night comedy show when we walked in from the garage and she greeted us with her familiar smile and a "hi" as we walked in. From the kitchen I could hear Rebecca and Candice speaking about how the kids behaved that night, but their conversation got quieter. As I leaned in the fridge to get a beer Candice walked behind me and said "Brent, Rebecca said I should just spend the night tonight since it's so late, would that be ok with you?" To which I quickly responded "Yes ma'am!" She walked off and told my wife that I said it was ok and that she would text her mom to let her know.

I put on some trunks and headed out to the hot tub by the pool and got it started. It needs a few minutes to get hot, but works quicker than most. As I was sitting and waiting for the water to heat I decided to pop open a bottle of champagne and get glasses ready for Rebecca and me.

Candice walked up next to me and put her hand on my shoulder and said "I don't have a swimsuit and all of hers are a little too big. I'll have to go naked, but I have to get in first while you look the other way. Do you mind?" "Not at all, just wait for the water to heat up and jump right in." Just a couple minutes later Rebecca walked out and made sure I was aware of the plan and dipped a toe in the water and told Candice to go ahead and get in and she would make sure I wasn't looking.

I turned around and politely gave her time to dis-robe and get her body under water. "Candice, you are blossoming in to a beautiful woman" Rebecca said behind my back. "Well, I hope I'm half as hot as you when I get older!" "Wow, thank you sweetie!" Rebecca said as she grinned ear to ear. "Babe, I don't think she should be the only one that has to be naked out here!" With that said, my wife stood up and unsnapped her bikini top and slid her bottoms down then sat back down.

"I feel weird when I'm in a hot tub with clothes on anyways. Your turn babe!" my wife said with a wink. Under the water I untied the trunks and was about to slide them off when Candice shouted "Stand up!" I looked over at Rebecca and she just nodded so I stood up and slid them off, revealing my half-erect cock.

Candice's eyes just got wide as she gazed at my cock just a couple feet from her face. My wife just looked over at Candice and took my cock in her hand. My rod progressively got harder and bigger with each touch. I looked down at her and caught her staring in to Candice's eyes as she took my cock in her mouth, never taking her hands away. "Oh shit! I have never seen something so hot in my life!" Candice said. I couldn't help but to think to myself that less than a week ago Rebecca would have never been so daring, especially in front of a sixteen year old girl.

My wife was turning in to an exhibitionist slut.

She gobbled my cock up and Candice stared at her then licked her lips and stood up and just started kissing me as passionately as she could. I could tell she had very little to no experience, but it still turned me on like crazy. I had been fantasizing about doing things with her for longer than I should admit, but now I had a chance. I knew I must not be too aggressive and only do what she wanted. As we made out I took her face in my hands and I could tell that relaxed her.

After a few moments I took one hand and ran it down her neck and chest and found one of her perfectly soft, puffy, little nipples. It was so amazing to have such a young nipple in my hand that I almost forgot my wife was giving me an amazing blowjob. She was making love to my cock with her mouth and I knew I couldn't last much longer with all this stimulation at once. I motioned for her to stand up and when she did she kept one hand on my cock while joining our kiss.

This didn't even faze Candice at all. She just kept kissing and softly moaning. Candice put one hand on each of our faces as we all made out. Moments later Rebecca took one of Candice's hands and ran it down my body to my throbbing cock. I had to open my eyes when I felt the girls both pull off my face and sit down in the water. "Do you want to give it a try sweetie?" Rebecca asked.

"Umm, I think so" she whispered back. I felt her young hand stroking me as she put her tongue on my rigid dick. She licked up and down the shaft and finally wrapped her lips around it after licking every inch. "Oh my gosh, that's so nice! She looked at Rebecca and said. "I love your mouth sweetie" I moaned. She smiled with her mouth still on my cock and said "I love your penis Brent." With that said I could feel an orgasm welling inside me. I took both hands and pulled her mouth off my cock and blasted cum all over her face and chest.

Even with all the orgasms I had that night I was still able squirt out a decent sized load for her. Rebecca didn't skip a beat and just sat down and kissed her lips, neck, and chest until all the goo was in her mouth. She kissed Candice with a mouth full of cum for what seemed like five minutes. I just collapsed down in to the hot tub and put my head back in exhaustion. What a night I have had!

We all spent the 30 minutes or so sitting in the hot tub fondling each other, kissing, and sipping champagne. After we were all water-logged and tired Rebecca suggested we go inside and hit the hay. We all got up and no one was shy about being naked anymore.


This was the first time I really got a good look at Candice's amazing young body. She was the definition of every man's fantasy of a young girl. We all dried off and went inside. Candice went to the guest room and Rebecca followed me in to our bedroom. Once we closed the door I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a long, hard kiss and thanked her for another amazing night. Rebecca went in to the bathroom after thanking me in return and put on her pajamas while I just fell back on to the bed and laid there.

I wasn't sure if this was where our night was going to end, but I was secretly hoping it would because I was so exhausted. My wife came in and laid next to me and kissed my cheek before turning out the light and telling me good night.

Candice never showed up in our room that night, which was fine with me because I would not have been able to have any more fun than I already had. In the morning Candice was up making breakfast for the whole family and had a great big smile on her face.

She was wearing some short shorts and a tank top Rebecca loaned her. Damn, I was a lucky guy. After breakfast Candice's mom came and picked her up, but not before she and I snuck in a little kiss in a secluded area of the house.

My mind was going crazy trying to process all the events of the past few days, but I knew I was happy. I sat down to read some email and after sifting through the normal junk I came across one from Mike wanting to know if I would meet him at the adult bookstore where we first met. He wanted to have some fun with me and said that Betty would like it if Rebecca went with her. Basically it would be a double date, but this time the guys would be together and the girls would be together and nobody would know that the four of us were associated in any way.

I called my wife in to the room and showed her the message. She responded "If you like the idea, then so do I." I got a bit nervous as I sent him back an email agreeing to meet. I told him that we would have to wait a few nights because our babysitter couldn't come over on weeknights, but that Rebecca's parents would watch them for us on Tuesday night.

I also suggested that we meet somewhere close by the store to change cars. Monday and Tuesday were a blur to me because I was looking forward to Tuesday night so much. After work I picked the kids up from the house and took them to my in-laws. It seemed like I couldn't drive fast enough to get home to clean up and change.

When I arrived back at the house Rebecca had already showered and was almost ready. She had her clothes picked out on the bed and I could tell by what she chose that she wanted to get some attention that night.

There were very high heels, a glittery short dress and a bright-colored push-up bra. She walked out of the bathroom naked and smiled and asked me what I thought of her outfit. I told her that it was very sexy and that I wish we were just going out on a date together.

She got a very seductive look on her face and said "Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll have enough fun tonight with Mike and whatever he has planned!" I agreed and quickly got in the shower and got dressed. The car ride to the meeting point was also a blur because we were both so excited and anxious that we almost didn't speak at all. When we got there Mike and Betty were waiting for us and Mike got out of their car and came towards ours. He opened the door for Rebecca and told her that Betty could drive her and he would ride with me.

He got in the car and shook my hand and we headed to the adult bookstore. He said that he and Betty had already planned on the girls being in the booth next to us so we could get started kind of slow, but promised that we would have a lot of fun that night. I smiled and told him that I was sure he was right.

We walked in the door of the store and saw the girls beat us there and were already getting all of the attention of other customers, both male and female, while they looked at dildos.

They were chatting with each other like they really were together, so Mike and I took that as a signal for us to do the same. He walked over to an area in the DVD section that was all transsexual and gay porn. He and I chatted back and forth about the movies and toys that we would pick up.

The openness we both had together about these things was kind of turning me on. He told me that we should head back to the booths and to see if the girls were following us. They saw us head back and followed. Our plan to be in booths next to each other worked out well. I could tell all of the guys in the back area took note of where the girls went and one younger, decent looking guy quickly went in to the vacant booth next to theirs.

Almost before I could get the door closed behind me Mike was inserting coins and scrolling through tranny and bi movies. He chose a movie that had both and got it started.

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I felt my cock was rising in anticipation of what was to come and Mike already had his pants around his ankles and was trying to get them off his feet. I took his hint and did the same. My cock sprang up as it released from my boxer briefs and caught Mike's attention.

He smiled at me and shifted his attention to the hole in the wall on the side where the girls were. I saw Betty's fingers come through the hole and Mike waived me over and told me to have fun and slapped my ass as I slid my cock through the hole. As Betty worked my cock with her angelic mouth I couldn't help but to wonder what my wife was doing in their booth. Was she fingering Betty? Was she sucking the cock of the guy that went in after them? Both scenarios were very intriguing to me and my mind wandered.

I looked to my side to the porn playing on the screen. There was a decently good looking guy, with a rock hard dick, riding the cock of a very pretty shemale. This scene sent a shiver down to my cock that I didn't expect. What was my new fascination with cocks? Then I turned my head to see Mike furiously sucking the cock of a guy in the booth next to us. It must have been almost 9 inches and was black and pretty thick.

He was using one hand to help him give head and I noticed the other hand was going between stroking his own cock and tickling his own asshole. I couldn't help but to wonder if I was officially bisexual at this point because seeing all this was a huge turn on. Mike saw that I was eyeing his performance and asked if I would like to switch. Surprisingly, I didn't even hesitate and detached myself from Betty's mouth. Mike went to the wall and stuck his raging cock in the dirty hole I was just in.

As I turned to the other side of the booth I got a much better look at the cock I was about to suck for the first time. As I knelt down I stroked the man's shaft and saw it twitch up and down from my touches. After all the way on my knees I stuck my tongue out and licked up a thick drop of pre cum that had collected on the mushroom head of the cock.

As a few minutes passed I was apparently doing a good job for this stranger because as I sucked and stroked his hard on he moaned and I could tell he was going to cum. I felt his cock start to really throb and pulled my mouth off as he shot thick ropes of white cum on to me from his huge black meat. Mike saw everything that happened and immediately unlatched his cock from his wife's mouth and came over to me.

He surprised me once again when he knelt down next to me and started licking the other guy's spunk from my face and chest. He rose up and started kissing me with the whole load in his mouth. I kissed back and felt my cock spring to action again. He grabbed my cock as we made out and told me he wanted to feel me inside his ass again. I bent him over toward the side of the booth that the black guy was on and slowly slid my rod in his anus. His hole easily accepted me and I got a nice rhythm going as I fucked his ass.

He was moaning the whole time, but I noticed the moans getting muffled. He had another cock in his mouth! This one was much smaller than the last, so he was able to gobble up the entire length. I was so turned on from the whole experience that I could feel an orgasm building and I pulled out so I wouldn't cum too soon. Mike didn't skip a beat and spun himself around to accept the cock of the new guy next door.

I thought about shoving my cock in his mouth, but instead decided to try and see what was happening with our ladies in the booth next door. As I peered through the cut out I saw that Rebecca wasn't even in the booth anymore and that the guy who I saw earlier was in there fucking the shit out of Betty. I wondered what the hell could have happened to my wife so I decided to throw my pants on and peek my head out the door to see if she was around. As I stepped out of the room I could hear a couple guys talking about this sexy chick in the booth at the end of the row.

I know there aren't many women that attend glory hole booths, so I figured it was my wife. She was in a booth that was a little larger than the rest and was being fucked by one guy in the doggie position and was sucking another at the same time.


The door was open for anyone who wanted to see the show. There were guys lined up that clearly wanted to have a turn. I was astonished at how much of a slut my lovely wife had become. I worked my way past everyone in the line and went up to her and she saw me from around the guy that she was blowing. She gave me the "one second" sign with her index finger and took the guys load in her mouth. He shook as he pumped his seed in to her waiting mouth. As he stepped aside she opened her mouth and told me to stick it in.

The warm gooey juice that had just come out of the last guy was still in her mouth and it provided such a sexy film as I face fucked her. She looked up and said "Do you like the slut your wife has become?" I moaned and just said "Yes I do!" I could see her pumping back in to the guy behind her and he laid his head back and grunted as he pulsed and shot his load in to her dripping vagina.

That was almost enough to make me cum, but I stopped myself and pulled out of her mouth. In a matter of seconds there were two more guys ready to replace me and the guy who just came in her. They came in to the booth almost forcefully and I saw there were at least five more men in line with their pants down around their ankles stroking their cocks in anticipation of their turn.

I decided I would show my wife how daring I had become and start sucking the cock of the guy who was now first in line. I took his cock in my hand and went as deep as I could just to show him I meant business. As I passionately sucked his man meat I made sure that my wife could see everything while she was being used just feet away.

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The entire time I was blowing him the man had his hands on each side of my head and after a few minutes he quickly pulled out and told me to stop before he came. He wanted to save his load for my wife's waiting hole. Just after he detached me from his cock he had his chance. Another satisfied man walked down the hall in front of the row of the video booths. As the four remaining men moved one step up in line I just stayed put to accept the next cock in line.

I was crouched down in a sort of catcher's stance and as I took a rock hard cock in to my mouth I could feel a finger rubbing up and down my spread ass crack. I turned and looked to see a man licking his finger and sliding it over my asshole and down to my achy balls. I didn't make any attempt to stop him because it felt strangely good. While I continued sucking and getting fondled I couldn't help but to notice that the guy behind me had a very nice looking cock. It wasn't huge, maybe five to six inches long and a little thick, but it was just very pretty and slightly curved upward at the end.

He was stroking it slowly as he rubbed my hole.

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When the guy I was sucking left to take his turn with Rebecca I stood up and noticed there was an empty booth next to me and my new friend. I grabbed his arm and we jumped in the booth. I quickly got on my knees and took his member in my hungry mouth. I was running my hand up and down the length of his slobbery shaft with one hand and rubbing my asshole with the other.

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After just a few moments I decided to switch hands and took the hand covered in saliva and precum and rubbed it on my pulsing hole. All this new lube gave me the chance to try and slide a finger in. My ass easily swallowed my finger whole, so I decided to try for a second finger. There was a little resistance this time and it wasn't uncomfortable at all. The man I was servicing motioned for me to stand up.

I was standing up right in front of him and we were just inches apart. He took my cock in his hand and laid it on top of his in the opposite direction and started sensually stroking our cocks simultaneously. All I could say was "Oh my God!" Between moans he whispered "Do you want me to put my cock in your ass?" I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't say the words out loud.

Instead of speaking I just turned and bent over to reveal my well lubed hole. He gently pressed the tip of his head against my hole and I breathed out and relaxed. He easily got his cock head in and from there I just eased myself back on to his throbbing penis. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. My ass felt warm and full at the same time, but it didn't hurt at all.

I was so turned on by this whole evening that my body just did what my head was telling it to. He and I picked up the rhythm and I could feel my cock and balls slapping against his sack.


I was so overwhelmed by the new feelings I was having that I didn't even notice there was a dick sticking out of the wall just inches from my face. It was a thick, large cock that stood straight up and was at least eight inches long if I had to guess. I gobbled it up and moaned as I was being used from both ends. I could feel the cock in my ass start to pulse and the guy behind me grabbed my hips and thrust his juice deep in my body.

What an amazing feeling it was. I let go of the cock in front of me and spun around so that the cock left my ass with ease and lapped up any remaining cum from my new friend's shaft. As he left the room I quickly went back to the thick meat in front of me, but I saw him leave a piece of paper on top of my pants that were piled up in the corner. I turned my attention to the large dick that was patiently awaiting my mouth.

I was in my own world as I focused on making this next guy cum in my mouth and I had the idea to see if I could take this much larger penis in my backside. I turned around to give the guy the surprise of my tight hole when I saw Rebecca sitting on the seat in the booth just staring at me with a huge grin on her face.

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She got up after seeing what I was going to attempt and said "Here, let me help." With that, she guided the cock in to my hole.

This was a much different sensation because his cock must have been twice the girth of the previous man. Between all of the slobber on his cock and cum that I could feel leaking from my ass he had no problem pushing his way in. His cock filled every inch of my now gaping hole. Once she started to notice he and I had a rhythm going Rebecca walked back in front of me and bent over to reveal her leaky used pussy.

She forcefully said "Lick me clean baby. I know you want it!" It took no time for me to bury my face in her crotch. Like a thirsty dog, I was furiously lapping up all the jizz she could provide. As the man behind me worked his cock in and out I felt something that I had not felt with the last guy. The length of his cock was enough to find my prostate and I knew I could not hold it any longer.

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This was an amazing sensation! I pulled away from my wife's ass and with cum all over my face I shouted "I'm gonna fucking cum!" Rebecca got down under me somehow and let my hose drain juice all over her chest and face. I hadn't orgasmed in two days and had been holding it in all evening.

Between holding out and the prostate massage, it was the biggest load I have ever let out. Rebecca moaned as she licked the last drop from my spent cock. After only seconds the man in my ass pulled out and moved to the side so he could add his donation to her.

She was covered in more cum than I had ever seen. It looked like one of those bukkake videos, but it was only from two of us. Rebecca got up even before anything could be said and told me to get my pants. She opened the door and walked naked, covered in semen, back to the original room her and Betty started in. I grabbed the note and my pants and quickly caught up to her.

When I walked in she was standing to the side and I could see Mike licking cum out of her pussy. His dick was soft and he was worn out for sure. Rebecca interrupted their little session by declaring "I am covered with cum and I think the two of you should clean me off!" Without pause Mike and Betty came over and lapped up all the jizz that was on her. By now it had dripped all the way to her ankles so she almost had it from head to toe.

Once she was sufficiently cleaned we all grabbed our clothes and got dressed. Rebecca and Mike were clearly out for the count, but Betty and I still had some energy left in us.

Mike suggested that he and Rebecca head back to his house and Betty and I head to mine. The plan sounded great because I really had not had much time with her that night. We all went to the parking lot together and each married couple kissed and said their goodbyes. When we got in my car Betty spread her legs open and revealed her sexy love hole to me. She said "Hurry, I need your cock in me now!" I drove as fast as I could and we barely made it in the door before she had stripped all the way down to her birthday suit.

I ripped my clothes off and picked her up and carried her to the couch. I went to go down on her and she stopped me and said "No, I need that cock now!" She was so vocal with me now that it was just the two of us. She told me how she could not get her mind off of me and wanted me ever since we were last together. She asked if we could secretly fuck on the side and I agreed.

We screwed for at least ten minutes, but her sheer sexiness combined with all of the stuff she was talking about drove me over the edge. As my body shivered I could feel her pussy tighten up around my cock and we both came at the same time. I pulled out of her and we just laid there in each other's arms and fell asleep. To be continued……