Gay men having sex on party boat full length I told him that by doing

Gay men having sex on party boat full length I told him that by doing
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After what seemed like both an eternity and a second all at once, I pulled my head back, ending the kiss. Having never done this before, I found it a bit difficult to breathe while kissing.

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I made eye contact with Matt to see he was smiling widely, his chest moving up and down at a rate that made me realize he wasn't familiar with this either. "Wow," I stated simply.

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Matt chuckled and my heart raced again. Here I was, lying in bed with my almost-naked crush after just making out with him; this day was unbelievable. I leaned back in to kiss Matt again but I was uncomfortably interrupted by my now hard cock poking Matt in the leg. I quickly pulled back, blushing, but Matt just laughed again. "Don't worry about it," he said, pulling back the covers. "I've actually got one too." We both looked down and I finally got a good judge of his full size.

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I had never really seen another guy's penis before, and even though I wasn't really seeing one now, I had a good judge of how big Matt's was. Of course I had seen them in porn before, but I had always assumed that they were the outliers: the top 10%. Looking at Matt now, I came to the conclusion that the men in porn were average, or he was in the top 10%.

He was straining hard in his boxers, struggling to get out and I had to guess that he was around 9 inches. "Holy shit," I breathed, glancing back down at myself. I was above average, at around 6.5 inches, but compared to Matt I was small.

He seemed to sense what I was thinking and he pulled the covers back over. "This is kind of moving really quickly isn't it?" Matt said too loudly, his voice shaking slightly. "I mean we can just sleep if you want." It was then that I remembered Matt had never done anything either.


Despite how confident and sexual he acted at school, he was just as inexperienced as I was. Seeing him vulnerable like this made me like him even more as a person, and not just an attractive and unobtainable being.

"I'll admit this is moving really quickly," my voice also shook as I spoke, "but there is no way I can sleep now. Maybe we could just talk for a bit?" He nodded, so I thought of something to talk about. Finally, I asked: "How long have you known you were gay?" He blushed wildly before answering. "I didn't really start thinking about it until high school gym class.

Suddenly seeing all those guys in just their underwear made me realize that I kind of liked it.

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I thought about it a lot and came to the conclusion that I was gay. I didn't want any of the other guys to know about it so I just decided to act like the typical straight guy. It worked so well that I noticed I could make jokes about being gay and no one suspected anything. I started using it as a way to vent and get what I really wanted off my chest." I had been listening quietly while he spoke, noting how similar our self-discoveries had seemed to be, but after he mentioned the jokes I suddenly stopped.

I could see his lips moving as he continued to tell me his story, but I was too focused on one thought to hear him. He had joked about me giving him a blow-job. "Wait a minute," I think I cut him off as I spoke and it seemed to startle him.


I know I should have let him continue but I couldn't let this wait. "You said you were really being truthful when you joked, right?" He nodded, and then went wide eyed as he realized the same thing I did. He quickly diverted his gaze so that he wasn't looking at me anymore. "Earlier today, when you were talking to me in pre-calc, did you," I hesitated, "did you really want me to do that?" His face grew redder than I had ever seen it and he grinned awkwardly.

"What can I say, Alex. I kind of hoped you wouldn't remember that bit but," he took a deep breath. "I like you a lot. I'm not saying that I want that to happen now or any time soon but, would you want to go on a date or something with me?" Finally it was my turn to chuckle.

"I would say this counts as a date, I did just see your boner." We both laughed and then got quiet.

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Suddenly, we were making out again, but this time our hands were exploring each other's bodies. Feeling the definition in all the muscles, brushing the hairs on his stomach as I felt his abs and slowing down as my hand instinctively moved lower. I wasn't sure if this was anything he'd be comfortable with, and I didn't want to freak him out but I soon felt his hand on mine, guiding it lower until I felt fabric.

As I drifted lower, I could feel he was hard again. Before feeling most of it, I was amazed by the sheer width of it, it would probably just barely be able to wrap my hand around it. As I ran my hand along it I felt like it would never end, but I finally felt the head down his leg, near the end of the boxers.

I brushed over the tip gently and I felt it bounce slightly as Matt tensed.

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I felt his hand run along my body in the same way I had run mine along his, and he was now reaching the waistband of my boxer-briefs. As he finally touched my erection, I felt breathless as I experienced something I never had before. I'd never been touched by anyone else before and the sensation was indescribable.


I was sure Matt felt the same way, but he did a good job of hiding it. I tensed in the same way as he did and I came to one conclusion: I wasn't sure what this night would hold, but I knew it would be a night to remember. ***** ***** ***** ***** That's it for part 3!

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I hate to be a tease, but I love cliff-hangers and I need to keep people reading more. I've already written part 4 and it will be out sometime this week.

Please leave comments and let me know what you thought! I love reading suggestions and am happy to work them in to my story if I can.