Fitness Milf getting a pussy workout

Fitness Milf getting a pussy workout
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When I was little, the lady 2 houses down used to watch me. She had a daughter about 5 years older then me named Donna, a son 1 year older named Paul and a big dog named Buck. We used to think it was funny that he would get up on peoples legs and hump it; He really went after people with shorts on (I guess he liked the bare skin) then he'd get sent to the back room.

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Paul and I would "experiment" as all kids do. We sucked each other's "pee pee's" and put it in each others butts. We were young and it felt good. We got a hold of Buck once and played with his and watched as he humped our hand and where amazed at watching him.


His thing came out of its sheath and was bigger then both of ours put together and slimy looking and it squirted stuff out the tip. We only did that for a second before he jumped on us trying to hump us! We managed to get him out the door and close it. It didn't seem to bother Paul but it scared me and also made me wonder what he would do if he got to do what he wanted.

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I didn't know about the birds and the bees yet, I thought girls got babies in the mail. That summer I had trouble with my bladder or something.

I would get so engrossed in playing outside that I would pee my pants and not even know it.

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Paul's mom would call us in for lunch or something and see the big wet spot and spank me. That happened a few times and finally she made me take my clothes off because I had soaked part of my shirt too and it was nap time. She was going to wash them while I was taking my nap. After she paddled my rear. She then sent me into the back room witch had a bed in it for me to take my nap on.


I went in and lay on the bed and finished crying. When I was done I could see Paul's mom sitting in her chair watching her soaps when Buck came in. She was wearing shorts and he got right up on her leg and started to go to town.

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She yelled at him and walked him towards the back room as I pretended to be asleep so I wouldn't get in trouble. She ordered him into the room and closed the door. I was happy to have the dog to play with, I almost never slept during nap times.

I rolled him the ball a few times and then I ended up just petting him.

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(less noise) I scratched his back and he rolled over and I rubbed his tummy where I saw the tip of his penis sticking out. I don't know why but I reached down and started the work his sheath back and forth as I had before, and watched him start to hump upside-down. I let go and he rolled over on his feet and started jumping on me! I started to crawl away and he jumped on my back and wrapped his front paws around me and his thing was poking the side of my butt cheek.

I crawled a little farther and tried to get on the bed to escape him under the covers but he was too heavy, he seamed to push me down. I was scared to make any noise, I had already been in trouble once today and what would they say if they saw what I was doing to the dog! I made one last attempt to get away from him and that was all the room he needed. He repositioned his hind legs and had me pinned between him and the bed.

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I felt his rock hard dog dick poke at my butt cheeks and in my but crack a few times and spray that clear fluid on me and all of a sudden he poked my butt hole and paused as it sprayed another blast of hot precum on my butt hole and moved his hind legs forward about six inches.

I could feel him slowly insert his shaft into me as if knowing it was my first time until he had slid almost his entire length into me. He went in and out of me faster and faster and I could feel it get bigger and his fluid squirting into me. I was still a little startled but it felt r e al good.


I could feel him still squirting his precum deep inside me. After a while he started to go real deep in me, I'd never felt something so far inside.

He was pumping away for what must have been 20 min when he drove it in as deep as he could and I could feel his body tense up and convulse as his thing shot its jizz inside me. He just laid on my back as I reached up and patted him still feeling him in me.

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I could feel him slowly getting smaller until he pulled it out and licked me clean.