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Pissing old urinal gay Ivan urinates right in the cool uncut studs
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Danny and I had known each other since elementary school. We had both gone to Our Lady of Angels where we had been in the same class. He went on to St. Peter's High, an all boys school and I went to St Catherine's High, an all girl's school.

Both our families were devout Irish Catholics and I guess you could say Danny and I were too. Danny invited me to the senior prom at his school and I invited him to my school's prom. The first time we ever kissed was after my prom and after thatthrough the summer, we would date constantly and then, after a movie or something, we would go park in some deserted area and engage in heavy passionate kissing which neither of us considered a mortal sin.

Because of our religious training any other type of sexual play was off limits. For instance, he pretended to himself that I didn't have breasts and I that he didn't have a penis, though I could see the outline of it under his pants every time he parked. I brushed it with my elbow a couple times and discovered how hard it was but that was the extent of sexual touching.

So I could tell when he was aroused but he had no way of knowing how much I was. Danny had gotten a scholarship to a college hundreds of miles away while I was going to go at a local college. The weekend before he was to leave for college we went out to our usual parking place. Danny had brought a picnic lunch and a blanket.


He spread the blanket out and set the cooler on top of it. Then he stood up and brought me close to him. "This is the last time we will be together until Thanksgiving and I want you to know how much I am going to miss you." "Oh, Danny. I'm going to miss you too. Maybe more than I can bear." Our bodies pressed together as we kissed.

I could feel his erection pushing against me. We stood kissing again and again. Then I felt his hand up my back under my pullover. He unhooked my bra. " Danny, what are you doing?" " I can't leave without seeing your breasts,"he said. "I have wanted to for so long." He lifted my pullover over my head and my bra fell to the ground. I was standing there naked from the waist up and was totally embarrassed.

I could feel my face flush and I tried to cover my breasts with my arms. Danny laughed." Don't try to hide them. They're gorgeous ." He pulled my hands away and grabbed a breast with each hand. He played with them like a kid with a new toysqueezing, suckingbouncing them up and down, putting his face between them.

It felt like nothing I had ever felt before and my whole body was reacting, Then he pulled me to him, kissed me and I could feel his fingers unzipping my pants. "Danny, no, We can't do this ." but before I could stop him he had pushed my pants down and I was standing there in nothing but my panties.

"Danny, please, This is wrong," I said but his hand was already inside my panties rubbing my vagina, my clitoris. I moaned, "No, Danny, No " but it felt too good for me to try to make him stop. Then I gasped, tightenedthrew back my head and moaned." For a few seconds I just shook all over.

Innocent Danny was concerned ,not having learned about women's orgasms at his Catholic school ,and wanted to know if I was all right but I assured him I was never better. Then he sat me down on the blanket and stood in front of me.

He unzipped his pants and let then fall. I just sat gazing as he lowered his underpants and then I gasped. I had seen penises before, little kids, especially my younger brother who is five years younger than I.

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I used to give him baths at least until he was seven or eight and he just had a little thing there. But what I was looking at now seemed monstrous in comparison.

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I was too astonished to say anything. That's what a man puts inside a woman? I thought. It would tear me apart. Danny knelt down next to me. "I didn't mean to scare you, "he said. "Here feel it. You might get to like it." I wrapped my hand around it. "So this is what has been poking me all these months?" I laughed.

"This ramrod of yours pushing into me every time we kissed good night. And this is your sack of balls?" I said. "My little brother's are so small ." " Well, they won't be when he gets into the big leagues," he said.

Then he reached down and pulled off my panties. I sat up and tried to get them back. then covered my crotch with my hands. " Danny", I said. "You know we shouldn't be doing this. " ' I'm going away tomorrow, Jane, and I want to leave with the best of memories. exciting memories of the girl I love." I reached up, pulled his face to mine.

"Ok Danny. I love you too. ." And I kissed him. Danny mounted me. I looked down as he was targeting my vagina with his immense tool. He pushed, trying to find the path to bliss but he kept missing so I put my hand down and guided it in.

It pushed against the sides of my canal moving up and up, broke through the dam and then on to the very end.

At first it hurt, it was so tight but as he moved up and down I got into the flow and lifted my body to meet his and then he let out a low agonized sigh and he collapsed on top of me. We sat on the blanket and ate our lunch.

"I can't believe I 'm sitting here completely naked with a man looking at me just as though it was something everyone does everyday."I said."But you know Danny, as long as I live I will never forget this day and what happened here." Danny was sitting there with his legs crossed looking at me and then I saw his penis start jumping and with each jump it got longer and thicker.

I was fascinated at how it just seemed to grow. "How do you do that? ," I asked. "I couldn't do it without you," he said.

"You're its inspiration" He pulled me over on top of him. I straddled him and placed his penis head between my lips and eased down. No pain this time and as I leaned over him my breast hung down and he took them in his hands and played with them and lifted his head to suck on my nipples.I ground my body into his and swayed my hips in a circle rubbing my clitoris against his pubic bone.

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Oh it felt so good. Then I pushed up and down and we both climaxed at the same time. After Danny left, I couldn't get that night out of my head.

I seemed obsessed with the wonders of sex and sex organs. I would sit in class and day dream about what it must be like to have sex with my male teacher or some guy on the street.

I struggled especially at night in bed not to touch my self because I had gone to confession and had told the priest what had happened and he said I must not even think about those things and now I had a whole string of impure thoughts to confess and I didn't want to have to confess that I had played with myself so I had lots of sleepless nights.

But I just couldn't shake the obsession that seemed to have taken a hold of me. I usually wore a kind of sheer thigh length shift for a nightgown in the hot weather. I would often get ready for bed and then go to the living room and watch TV. I would usually throw a light robe over me especially if my parents were home. But one sweltering night when my parents were away for the weekend I just put on my shift and went down to watch TV. I thought my little 12 year old brother was in bed but there he was in his PJ"s watching TV.

I want over and sat next to him. "Hi Bro, I thought you were in bed." I put my arm around him. "Kids at school said this movie was real cool so I wanted to see it." I sat down and watched with him. It was quite explicit, women running around in their panties, some with their breasts hanging out, guys pushing their crotches into the crotches of women - that kind of stuff.

I thought it was a bit racy for a 12 year old but I let him keep watching. As I sat next to him I looked down and his penis was tenting his pajama bottoms. I was stunned. My little brother, 12 years, old with an adult projection. In my mind he was still this little kidmy sweet adoring imp. We had always been great pals and sometimes we would wrestle playfully. Now he suddenly seemed differenta sexual beingan emerging flower of passion.

All the obsessive forces that I had tried to bottle up suddenly engulfed me and I felt my body stirring, tensing, lubricating. An ad came on and he put the mute button on. "Janey ,can I tell you something that's been botering me?" "Of course, Ronnie.

What are big sisters for?" "Well there's a bunch of guys who sit on the school bus behind me and they are always asking me questions about you." "Me, why me for God's sake. I don't go to that school anymore. What kind of questions?" " Oh, all kinds of stuff .

like they ask me if I play with my sister's pussy. " "Oh, Ronnie. They're rotten." I was flabbergasted. My little brother having to listen to stuff like that? " What do you tell them" "First I told them that you didn't have a cat and they roared laughing.

But they kept it up and when I found out what a pussy was I told them 'sure I play with it every night before I go to bed.' They thought that was funny too. They ask if I suck your tits and if you jerk me off and I keep telling them it's none of their business." I was surprised that I was such a topic of conversation at the high school and that my sweet innocent little brother was being subjected to such fifth, especially about his own sister.

He had his arm around me now and his hand fell just over my left breast. " Those guys are just blowing smoke. Don't pay an y attention to them. His finger was circling my left nipple and he didn't seem aware of what he was doing.But I sure was.

I began to become more aroused as my nipples became erect. I took his hand and moved it away from my nipple. His erection was still sticking up under his pajama pants. He seemed to have lost all interest in the TV program. "Janie" he said.


"Can I ask a favor of you?" "Well, that depends, Robbie. What is it?" "Promise you won't get mad?" I laughed. "I promise." " I. I've never seen a pussy. Will you show me yours?" "Ronnie,of course not. I'm surprised at you. How could you think of such a thing?" " All the guys at school talk about pussys. I'm the only one who has never seen one.

They all make me feel like a baby.I just want to learn. How am I supposed to know anything if everybody keeps telling me I'm too young?" I tried to act indifferent but the prospect of exposing my self to this innocent stirred my insides and the excitement of it dimmed my inhibitions.

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I kept staring at that erection under the cotton and thinking of how I loved Danny's tool and the feel of his touch on my body. " Ok Robbie. Maybe you're right. You have to learn about woman sometime.Maybe it's better for you to learn from me rather than some. some woman who doesn't care about you. I'll let you look if you want to. But don't you ever tell anyone I let you." I had Ronnie sit on the floor in front of me facing the couch.Then I pulled up my nightgown over my hips and sat with my bottom area exposed.

Next I put my heels on the edge of the couch, spread my legs apart and said, " Ok Danny. There it is. Have a good look." Ronnie gawked at the red cavern between my legs. "It's kind of ugly looking actually. Can I touch it? " he asked. "Ok, but be careful it doesn't bite you," I smiled. He reached his hand in and rubbed it over my vagina.

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. "Wow, how come it's so wet?" he asked. "That makes it easy to slip things in there, "I said. "Like cocks?" he asked. "Did you ever have a cock in there?" "You know too much for a kid your age, "I said. Ronnie spread my lips with his fingers."Let's see if my fingers can slide in" and he took first one finger and then another and pushed them between the lips of my vagina.It was feeling too good. I took his hand and pulled it away.

" OK, that's enough education for you tonight. Come on back up here beside me. You've seen enough for one night." As he got back on the couch his erect penis came out of the fly of his pajamas. br>He had only a few strands of pubic hair but I was astonished that a kid his age could have a cock as big as Danny's. We just sat there, me looking at his cock and him looking at me looking at his cock.It was kind of an embarrassing moment.

I didn't know what to do or say. "My goodness, you are getting to be a big boy." I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. "I remember when this was just a little thing and look at it today." I gave it an affectionate squeeze."Remember how I used to wash it" I moved my hand as if I were washing it and all of a sudden Ronnie groaned, his body tightened and his cum squirted out all over my night gown.That was not what I intended. "Oh, Danny, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that.

You won't tell anone, will you, not you friends at school, not Mom or Dad?" " Oh Janie, that felt so good. I would never tell on you Janie. You know how much I love you. I wouldn't make trouble for you." I laughed. He was such a cute kid. he still seemed like a little boy to me. "> he said,"Oh, Janie that felt so good. You're a great sister. I love you so much'" I was touched by his expression of devotion.

"Well you get to bed. Playtime is over. And you keep this quiet." I went to the bathroom, showered and changed clothes.I felt so ashamed for what I had done with my little brother. How would I ever tell this in confession.