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Hot amateur whore sucks and fucks white cock
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I always love to play a game of chance, with a coin toss, it's just a weakness of mine. So there I stood, looking down at the quarter on the kitchen floor. It wasn't mine, it was just lying there, heads up. I was waiting for the Jacksmanns, a couple who were very interested in this house, but I was just informed they would be an hour, an hour and half late. Oh well, I have to wait, I guess. I looked down at the coin, looked around the room, I knew I was alone and no one was showing up for at least a hour or so.

"Oh well, little coin what should we do?" I said to myself. I reach down and picked the quarter up. Nice quarter, it is well worth me. I don't think pennies are worth me, nor nickles, but this quarter was.

Lets see. I will strip if it is heads. I will strip and walk all around the house nude, if it is heads again. I will walk outside if it is three heads in a row, all the ways to the end of the driveway. But, what if it is heads four times in a row.

No chance of that I thought, though deep inside I wished. If it is heads four times in a row, I will walk up stairs to the bathroom, squat in the middle of the room and piss. Now, if it is heads five times in row, I will lick up all my piss from the floor, all my piss. Six times. Yeh, six times. I will drink someone else piss. No chance of that, not six times. So I thought to myself, oh well here you go, those are the rules and you don't to make a deal with God and wimp out.

So I tossed the quarter into the air. It bounced a bit, spun and stop on the kitchen floor heads up. Oh well, … cloth off. I quickly took off my shoes, my skirt, my stockings, my shirt, my panties, and then my bra, as though in a dream.

I pushed them into a pile and stepped back. My God, there I was naked in a stranger house, waiting. It was cool, a breeze tickled my nipples as I stood there, trying not to think about being naked. "Oh well, lets see what now", I thought to myself. I reached down, feeling my ass open up as I bent forward and picked up the quarter for another toss.

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Up, then down it fell. It bounced, spun and stopped. Heads again. I would walk around the whole house . naked. Oh my god. It was a big house, four bedrooms, two bath, two floors. "You can't lied to God" I said under my breath, and started out of the kitchen, leaving my cloths behind.

As I walked from one room to the other, I felt kinda proud. This is me walking naked in another person's home, cool. I felt a little hesitant as I started up the stair, but I pushed the fear out of my mind.

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"Oh well, what a neat house, nice walls", trying to forget I was naked. As I got to the bathroom, I started to get excited about the pleasures it may bring. Yes, I love the idea of being humiliated, and I can't think of anything more humiliating thing to do but to lick up your own piss from a tile floor.

Well maybe someone else's. Someone else's, yeh. I only had a chance once for that and I took it. I had been drinking all night with my girlfriend at her house. You know a girl's night out, watching movies and drinking.

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Well it was time to take a piss and I needed help getting to the bathroom. My girlfriend, who had drank just as much as me, helped. When I got to the bathroom and I saw the tile floor, I squatted and started to piss. My friend flopped back onto the toilet and laugh a little. After I had pissed a small puddle of urine, I sat back onto my knees and licked it up, forgetting all about my friend who just sat there and watched.


"Again" she said. I smiled, rolled forward and pissed again. Looking up, I smiled, rolled back and licked the fresh puddle up with pleasure.

"Again" And again I did. "Again" "Again" "Again" As I struggled to push out the last drops of piss, she started to spray the floor. She just pissed. What with me was maybe a dozen or so small puddles, with her is was a whole pond of piss on the tile floor. "Lick it up" she commanded in semi-drunk slur.

And I did. I licked and slurped and suck the piss into my mouth. I remember my piss as being salty, her's slightly bitter. My face became wet as I push myself closer to the floor. I choked as I drew piss into my nose, I laughed, I smiled at my friend who watch every slurp. I was in heaven. "Take your cloth off, Pauline" "get your tits wet" I did. "Stick your ass up" "push your face down" "Spread your legs" and I did. "Bark" And I barked as I licked.

"Good little doggie" I laughed. This went on for hours it seemed. I would try to replenish the puddle when I could and she pissed every now and then. In the end I licked up every drop of piss we had in ourselves. When I was done, I looked up at her from the floor, me nude, wet from piss and sweat, her just sitting the edge of the toilet looking. I slid over and kissed her feet then started to lick them. "Enough Pauline, it is time for bed." "Please" "Maybe another time, but not tonight" I smiled, and felt she was right.

Though I would have done anything for her, hoping maybe she needed to take shit and so I could lick her asshole clean, or maybe she wanted to parade me in front of her friends like I was her sex slave or any of several other fantasies.

I did wish those things. I imaged her saying as I licked her feet "Pauline, taste me warm, as my piss leave me." I would quickly left my head up and pushed my face between her waiting legs. I would open my mouth around her privates and allow her piss to fill me.

I would suck, shallow and lick every drop of her. As I did, I would secretly reach around the toilet and close the water valve.

"Would you poop for me? Please. So I can lick you clean. Please, girlfriend" She would look at me, confused, a bit drunk, but then she would smile "Sure, girlfriend" As she started to push, I would reach back and flush the toilet. "Girlfriend?" "To enjoy this moment longer", I would say. She would poop, a long tubed shape of a firm paste, when another piece. The toilet did not fill with water, but just hold her gifts in it's base. "Are you all done?" "Yes" she would say in slight daze.

"Please" she would get up, turn around and lean against the vanity and expose her ass to me. Oh my god. I would engulf her. My mouth would wrap around her asshole and I would suck, lick and tease the flesh, the shit covered flesh until it was clean. Eventually, she would push me away and I would slide over to the toilet, I would push my head inside. Long licks against the firm paste.

Kisses. Little bites. There would be no smell, only a slight grittiness, like eating the clay you played with in school as a child.

But, she would surprise me. She would bind my hands. Bind my knees to the base the porcelain. She would close the seat upon my head, sitting on it, pushing the seat down with her legs she would begin to whip my exposed ass, my thighs, the side of my breasts with a belt. "You will eat every bit, girlfriend" and then I would hear her on the phone."Yes, that's right. Pauline. Yeh, Pauline that fucking whore licked up all my piss and hers from my bathroom floor and now she bound to my toilet, eating my shit while I whip her.

Come over and see and bring your friends" Soon her friends would arrive, three girls and a dog, a great Dane, male, fully loaded, big balls, big dick. The girls would bring their toys, two long hard strap ons and a Hitachi "wonder wand". I would be fucked up the ass by one of the girls, while the other would push my head aside as she would shit and piss into the toilet.

Each girl would take her turn, and with each girl I would fill myself with their filth, while being film all the time as I devoured and drank from the porcelain bowl. The Great Dane would take his turn fucking my ass and then my cunt and then my ass again. The holes being chosen by my girlfriend. As he was about to cum, he would be brought over and relieved into my shit filled mouth. The night would continue, with me servicing the girls and the dog, multiple times, being abused with thier toys, and finally becoming their sex slave for many fun times in the future.

Ahh, a little girl's dreams. That is how my fantasy would go, but it didn't. We never spoke of that evening and I do not know what she remembers. I skunked back into the kitchen. I didn't go into the basement. "That is not really the house" I thought, "It is the basement". There lay the coin, now what.

I would walk down the driveway if it is heads. I tossed the coin and there, it was again heads. Shit, I don't know about this.

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Well at least no one knows you, it is not your house and if I do this maybe with little luck I may find my self squatting on a tile taking a piss. Licking piss up. I really wanted to do that, I really did, I know its kinda sick, but Oh well. I open the back door, looked around, no one, no sounds. I stepped out. I looked around, again. I slid around the back of house, leaving the safety of the kitchen behind and looked down the driveway.


Maybe 100', lined side by trees on one side, the other side a large yard. Nice neighborhood. The houses were far apart, no one was really next door, so I started down the driveway.

First slowly, then quickly. My tits, bouncing up and down, my ass too, most likely. As I got to end, near the street, two female joggers jogged by. I looked at them, they looked at me, smiled, I smiled back. What a sight I must have been. As I reach the end of the drive, one of the jogger had stopped and whipped out a sport camera and starting taking my picture. In my shock I just stood there and she just continued to film me.

I didn't know what to do, I spun back, and tripped. I landed hard on my left side, my breast taking a lot of the impact. I just laid there for a moment, forget where I was, how I was. She approached me, continuing to film and starting to laugh. "Stop that you bitch", I screamed from the ground. "No honey, this is going viral." The other jogger also had a camera too, and she started to film me.

"Roll over and show me your pussy" the second one said. "Do it" "What" I said. "Do it,do it now Pauline. Now" "How do you know my name?" and I said it I realize my picture and my name and the company I worked for was on the placard in the front yard. Pauline O'Clair, Realitor, Kent Realitors, We Serve You. Shit "Do it now Pauline, or you will be the laughing stock of everyone in your company, your neighborhood, all through the Internet, I am not kidding.

Now" I rolled to my back, feeling the dirty cold asphalt against my skin. "Spread those legs, lets see what that shaven cunt of yours hold." and I did. "Nice lips, pull them apart" And I did again. "Harden" "Now slide your finger into your cunt. I bet you she is wet" and I was.

My finger slid in, so easily. "Now play with yourself till you cum" "Use both hands" As I lay there on the driveway, sometimes looking into the sky, sometimes at the joggers, I began to dream. Nothing clear, but nothing bad, I could feel my body start to become excited, Oh my God. More and more, and suddenly as though hiding deep inside, a warm wave started to engulf me and I started to cum, and cum and cum. Oh my God. I lay there "Your quite to little whore Pauline, aren't you?" "Yes, I guess" in a daze I said without really thinking.

"Whore Pauline that's what your sign should say. This house is brought to you by Whore Pauline O'Clair" "Don't you agree? Whore" I just lay there, as in a dream. "Well Whore, answer me" And the first jogger walk over and pushed her sneaker onto to my pussy as though she was about to step on me. "Well" "Yes. Yes. This house is brought to you by Whore Pauline". "Keep your legs spread and put your hands behind your head.


Lets see what you are made of " The woman started to press hard against my privates and rolled the toe of her shoe to area of my clit. "Oh no" I though. She started to push against the area, and then she started to push up and down, as though she was trying rub my clit out. "Don't say a word. Don't move.

You are not to protect yourself. You are not to complain." the second woman said as she continue to film. "Now Pauline, tell me what you are.

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Tell me how you like to be humiliated, that you like to be abused. That you long to be our slave, our whore, our cunt, our useless piece of meat. That piece of meat who's desire is only to ground into to ground for our pleasure." "Tell me Pauline O'Clair.

Tell me" My clit was becoming raw. The lips had parted under her shoe, the hood pushed away. "Tell me, Pauline" as she pushed harder, more directly. "Yes I am a whore. I long to be abused.

It is my greatest fantasy. I want to be your slave, to be humiliated. To be your whore, your cunt whore, to be your useless piece of meat to be abused, to be used for your pleasure. Please, this is my only only desire" "Say: I Pauline O'Clair am a whore as we film you." I Pauline O'Clair am a whore" "Say: I give myself freely, without conditions to Jenny and May for their pleasure" "I give myself to Jenny and May freely and without conditions for their pleasure.

That I will do anything asked of me, I give everything I have for the desire to please them. Please allow me." The two woman stood back, still filming, but looking at each other. "Roll over onto your knees, and walk on all fours back to house." "Keep your legs spread" The driveway was longer than I remember, my side still hurt, as did my pussy.

"Drag your knees, I don't want to see them leave the driveway" "Walk using your knuckles" "Drag them too." My God, what a long way. I knew the flesh on my knees and knuckles would long be gone by the time I got to the backdoor. But, I continued to drag forward, beginning to hurt myself as I went, wanting to burn my skin off by the time I reach the end. As I dragged myself forward, I could hear rustling, then a few moments later a sharp, but not overly hard strike landed against my exposed back.

"Haaa" I drew my breath in. "Pauline, Cunt-Whore Pauling may I whip you as you crawl to end of this driveway?" "This is not punishment, that may come later, but this is for our pleasure and I need to know what you are made of." "Yes" "No, no do not answer like that. Say: Your Cunt-whore Pauline wishes this." "Again" "Your Cunt-Whore Pauline wishes this with all her heart." "Very good" and a strike came down and another.

"Be strong cunt" As I moved forwards, the strike were placed across my back, my ass, my legs, even the sides of my breast. I made slight noises, but never stopped. I found myself grinding my hands and my knees harder into the asphalt and dragging them as though they weighted a thousand pounds.

I wanted so much to rip skin off, to bleed and I did. As I reach the end of the driveway, I was instructed to stand-up, eyes down, hands behind my head. "I want to place a few strikes against the front of you. Your belly, your breast, your legs. Is this also your desire" "Your cunt-whore Pauline desire this too." and strikes began. First blows were to my breast and then only to my breast.

For some reason. I began to forget where I was, and the strikes seemed to melt through me. I could hear them, I could feel them push me backwards, but the pain just melted.

"You are a tough piece of meat" I heard as though in dream and blows continued, pushing me harder backwards, becoming louder. The strikes continued, I think both woman took their turn. I started to feel wetness upon my belly, and strikes went on, again and again. "we need to stop, or she will have no more flesh" They stopped and I opened my eyes and looked down onto my breast. They were a mess. The skin looked cut in hundred places, blood bleed down from the wounds and coated my belly and private area with red tone.

I felt nothing, but deep pleasure. "I am sorry you had to stop because of me, your cunt-whore Pauline" "You need to please us more directly.

Now lie on your back and please yourself as we wash you down." I struggled to my back on the hard, dirty asphalt.

My knees were also a mess, the flesh was gone and blood rose from them. As I lay my back, the wound caused my lashing started to hurt, to fill up with dirt. I touch myself, and began to dream again, and the warm rain started.

As I looked up both woman were covering me in their piss, their warm, salty piss. I opened my mouth, asking to be filled. The cameras filmed. "You best clean yourself up, aren't you showing the house?" "Whore Pauline, I am talking to you." I felt a sharp kick to my left side. "I am sorry .Yes.

Please, I am so sorry. Your Whore, your cunt-whore Pauline is so sorry" I got up as quickly as I could. "Clean yourself up, take care of your business and be waiting for us, here at 6:00." "Yes, here .

Cunt-Whore Pauline. Naked, on your knees in the middle of driveway." "Yeh, maybe you could find something to slide inside that cunt of yours. Maybe a beer bottle or a wine bottle. The bigger the better for you." "Yes, and shove something up your ass while you are at it." "Yeh, and squat on it, no kneeling, cunt-whore Pauline O'Clair" "Yes, hands behind your head." "Enough, we have to go" The two seemed to be playing one-up at my expense, Oh well.

As the woman turned around to walk away, one stopped and spat into my face. "We are going to have so much fun." she said with a smile. I watched the woman jogged down the driveway and out of sight. I felt no anger, I did not feel that I was abuse, I just had a dull sense of anticipation. I return to the kitchen and picked up my cloths. There laid the quarter, looking up at me. Oh well. What was the deal? Four times, piss.

Five time, drink. I took the coin and tossed it into air, and the little tease came up heads. "Well, I guess I am taking a piss." I thought, should I toss it again?

Sure, lets see and it came up heads again. Oh, fuck. I should clear up first, then take care of the deal. Wasn't there a six time, oh yes … someone elses piss. I toss the coin, it landed, bounced, spun in a big revolving circle and came up heads. Oh my God. I just stood looking at the coin.

"I guess it will be the woman." I grabbed my cloths, started to go upstairs and take a shower. My body was quire a mess.

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Most of the cuts had stopped bleeding, but my poor tits. Oh, well. "I should tie them off and watch them get really gross." Maybe later. Maybe later is now, I spied a pile near the door of magazines and newspapers held together with those large brown rubber bands. "Cool. You need to be punished for the way you behaved." I said firmly to myself. I fumbled with the rolls of paper and secured four large rubber bands.

Though large, were still considerable smaller than the base of my tits. I stretched them out one at a time and drag them across the cuts in my breast to the base of my tits, and let them go. Almost immediately caused my breast to balloon.

Cool. I picked up my cloths and went upstairs. The shower felt nice, it was so nice to be clean again. As I got out of the shower, I stopped and listened. No one is here. Good. I squatted down in the middle of the bathroom floor, the cool tiles felt good against my damaged knees.

"I hope I didn't leave a trail of blood, I have to check afterward. Remember." Remember, yeh. I took out my i-phone, set it to video, placed it against the wall and moved to the middle of the room facing camera. I smiled. I started to piss. I hadn't taken a piss for hours and I really had to go. I closed my eyes and pissed. I knew what was happening, I just didn't care. I just wanted to piss, to cover the floor with my urine, to press my face into it, to drink and lick the floor clean.

When I finally stopped, I opened my eyes and looked down. The puddle must have been three feet across and flowed over a dozen tiles.

I started to lick, to press my face into the puddle and to drink. Pushed the puddle together with my hands and drank, I covered my face, my arms, my tits. I just drank. There were times I thought of stopping.

"That's enough" But, no. I just became loss in what I was doing. I became unaware of everything but the puddle of piss and my mouth drinking from. I forgot about being nude in a strange house, of the camera filming me, of Jackmanns standing at the entrance of the bathroom.

I looked up and there they were. Both standing watching me. Mr. Jackmann had taken out is his smart phone and was filming. "Ms. O'Clair?" "Yes" How strange to say something so common in the position I found myself. "Yes" "You are sick fuck ,aren't you" "Yes. I am" "I am so sorry" as I started to get up. "Stay right where you are." I sat back onto my knees and lower my head. "Is that piss? Your piss?" "Yes" "You came into this house to piss on the bathroom and then ask us to buy it?

"I was going to clean it up" "With you tongue?" "Yes" "Fuck you." " You like piss so much, drink this." Mr. Jackmann whipped out his dick and starting pissing all over the floor. "Lick it up, freak" He stood for a moment. "You fucking freak" and he kick me in the side, hard. "What did you do to your breast?

Tied them up." He walked over, grabbed my shirt, pushed my head into floor, taking one hand then the other tied them firmly together. He grabbed my ankles and tied them to my wrist and said "Now lick it up".

Oh my god. My breast screamed as I pushed down so my mouth could reach the urine. I tied to squirmed like a worm across the pool of piss, drinking, licking, sucking every time my mouth reached the floor.

He had pissed so much and all over the floor, I just could not do it. "Please I can't do this, I can't move" He reach down and grabbed my hair. Dragging my face across the floor, I continued to suck in his waste. Sometimes he just kicked me. Once he kicked my left breast, I screamed, he laughed and kicked me there again and again. "She is fucking pig isn't she.

Here take the camera, let me roll her over so I can piss down her throat." Handing off the camera, Mrs. Jackmann grabbed my left breast with both hands and yanked me over. "Open your mouth pig" In the pain, I did and she filled it. "Drink every drop" and I tried.

After she was done, she stood back. "Lets see what else she will do." "Lets see" and Mr Jackmann pulled down his pants and squatted over my face. "Open your mouth pig and get ready to be filmed" .

Placing his hands firmly on my engorged tits he started to shit. As I look up into his ass I could see the ring of his asshole swell and a brown mass appear and come out into my mouth.

I had never thought of eating shit this way, but I had no choose. I allowed the clay like paste to enter my mouth, unsure how I could eat it with out choking.

"Her mouth is full, let her swallow what she has" He stopped pushing. I broke the shit apart with my tongue, my teeth, my lips and swallowed. "She can take more" and more came. I must have swallowed half a dozen mouth fulls until Mr.

Jackmann was done. "Now it is my turn dear, here hold the camera". Mr. Jackmann got up and Mrs Jackmann squatted down, like he had done, holding my tits and shitting into my mouth. Again the same, though not as much. "You are a pig" and we are going to leave you as we found you. Oh, by the way we are not interested in this house, mainly because you suck piss and eat shit as an agent.

Really. And we took your i-phone. Nice video, nice address book, you will hear from us later. And they left. I laid there hog tied, on my back. Oh shit what just happened. As I pushed the remaining pieces of shit out of my mouth I thought what a pig I have become. Could this get worst. Oh crap, I am suppose to be ready for the joggers at 6:00 and have no idea of the time. I pulled and tugged at the shirt as it wrapped my ankles.

Fortunately, the knots were not as taut as I laid on my back. Finally, one gave way, then the other and legs were free. Oh my God. The wrist were a different issues, but I struggled and was able to bring my wrist around my legs and to my front. After biting and crewing my way at the cloth, it started to rip and I freed myself.

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My breast were a different story. The bands seemed to become lost in the bulging flesh. I would need a knife or scissors or something which I did not have. What time is it. Shit. That stupid bitch took my phone. I quickly cleaned up the bathroom, grabbed my cloths and ran downstairs. There was no point in putting them on, but I had to find something to shove up my pussy and ass.

The recycling bin laid near the near door.

In it was a bottle of wine, several Michelob lite beer bottles and to my surprise an almost empty container of Vaseline. "The bigger, the better" So, I guess, the wine bottle is for my cunt and the beer bottle for my ass. "I can handle that" I said smartly to myself. So I did. Pride and fear had left. I walked out the back door, over to the middle of the driveway, squatted and started to lube up the two bottles.

After all the shit, ha ha, I had gone through my pussy was pretty wet. The neck of the wine slid in quite easily. The beer bottle kinda of worried me. I had never been fucked in the ass, though I had shoved my share of objects into it. After I lube the bottle, I placed a large glob of Vaseline on my two finger and work them around and into my asshole. It felt pretty good. I then placed the top of bottle in and sat the base on the driveway.

I squatted back, pushing the bottle into my ass. Relaxing, pushing, relaxing, pushing. The wine bottle took the same position. Firm into my hole, firmly placed on the driveway. I squatted, as instructed in the middle of driveway, nude and placed my hands behind my head.

I wonder what time it is. I don't think I am late. So I waited. And waited. And waited. My legs started to hurt and I started to place more of my weight onto the bottles. In time, I was resting on the two glass tubes as though they were seats. I could feel the driveway start to push against my cheeks of my ass and I just sat down. As I sat, I could feel my asshole relax and seem to shallow the bottle, and then it did. The bottle just slid inside me and my ass closed around it.

Oh shit. Oh well. I started to rock, back and forth, as though attempting to shallow the wine bottle also. I have to admit, I did cheat. I reach and help push the final part of the wine bottle inside my pussy. There I was squatting in the middle of the stranger driveway, nude, covered in welts, my tits purple and engorged, with a beer bottle in logged in my ass and a wine bottle lost inside my cunt, waiting to be abused. And I waited. As dust approach, a car pulled into the driveway, stopped, it lights shining on me and waited.

After a while the two women emerged and walk over. "Nice tits. Where is the objects we told you to place inside yourself?" "They are here" "Where?" "Cunt-whore Pauline has a beer bottle in her ass and a wine bottle in her pussy" "Cunt" "Cunt-whore Pauline is sorry.

I have a wine bottle in my cunt." "Face to ground.

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Ass up." One of the woman walked behind me and slipped her finger into my ass then my pussy. "She is right. There is something in there." "Look up. Clean my hand" I started to suck her whole hand clean. "Stand up. Give me the keys to your car, your cloths and follow us." I struggled to my feet, found my keys and cloths, give them away and followed the woman to the back of their car. They opened the truck. "Get in, belly down" I did. Again my wrist were tied together, then to my ankles.

A plastic garbage bag was placed on my head and a rope tied around my neck. The rope was tied much firmer then my shirt was. I could barely move, let alone breath. After a while, almost to the point of suffocation a hole was cut into the bag, just above my head. "You are all over the Internet. What a pig you are. You should have told us you love piss and shit." "Well where you are going, you will have you're fill" And the truck shut.

I would be very interested in stories of chance that have brought forth great adventures. This story is based on my own risk taking and fantasies. In the toss you hope to lose, be punished, because that is the reason you took the chance in the first place.