Amadora Com a Buceta Molhadinha Gozando

Amadora Com a Buceta Molhadinha Gozando
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New to town Alicia was in search of a job. She didn't have much real work experience, having only worked in posh office buildings for the majority of her young life before leaving her fathers best friend Martin's company.

She sat down to write her resume and quickly realized that she didn't know how to define her work experience. Although she technically was a secretary for Martin's company she often felt more like an incentive package for potential clients. At 5 feet 10 inches tall she had a gorgeous figure. Long lean tan legs that fit neatly into her tight pencil shirts.

A high slit that played at the edge of her thigh high stockings, delicately held up by her guarder belt. Blouses that clung to every curve.

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Her ample breast pushed high giving her mesmerizing cleavage that many a business man would spend hours captivated by. Not even attempting to hide their stares or have the decency to be embarrassed.

She would often catch Martin staring, licking his lips lost in some forbidden fantasy. Letting out a sigh, she stares at her blank resume.

Alicia Redding. Brooklyn, New York… this was hopeless. How was she ever going to get a job if she couldn't stop thinking about her past long enough to even write a resume.

She closed her laptop and looked around her tiny studio apartment. Five steps separated her bed and the small stove in her kitchenette. Nothing fancy just enough space for her to start over. Her mind drifted back to her old office… it was a busy day in the office.

Martin's executive secretary, Melanie, was busy organizing a large presentation surrounding a new potential investment. New clients would be arriving via private jet at 1pm in the conference room and she was rushing the college interns around ensuring everything was perfect. Alicia stayed out of the way, wandering the halls until her meeting with Martin. She was always so nervous for her pre-presentation meetings with Martin.

Martin had always been like a father to her. When Alicia's father passed away 7 years ago Martin promised that he would always take care of her. On this day he called to schedule their meeting for 1030am. Early meetings generally meant Martin was particularly keen on impressing the new clients and would be very specific about the role she would be playing in today's meeting.

Alicia took a deep breath before entering his office. The lights were dim and the currents closed. A selection of lingerie and stiletto heels were displayed on the oversized dark wood desk in the middle of the room. Alicia wiped her sweaty palms down the sides of her black skirt and waited for Martin.

He walked from the hidden door to the left of his desk. He walked with such authority and presence that Alicia sat up straighter in her chair. "Alicia," he began taking a seat behind his desk.

"Today's meeting is very important. We are looking to come to an agreement on terms for funding a project with a new team of clients." His fingers found there way to a pale pink lace bra. His thumb gently rubbing the fabric that would soon be covering Alicia's taught nipples. "I am going to need you try on these outfits and return for my approval." Alicia knew Martin well enough to know that he had already chosen which outfit she would be wearing under her business suit today but this is the dance she was asked to play.

She would model each outfit for him allowing him to make a final choice.

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Alicia grabbed the outfits lying across the desk and stepped through the door Martin had just entered through. Inside the hidden door was a room. There were no windows, only rich wood paneling, a dark red leather couch and a tall mirror. The room was lit in a soft warm light that made you feel like you were illuminated by candle light.

Alicia slowly began to undress. Her black pencil skirt slid down her shapely legs and pooled at her feet. Her white lace thong was next. She pulled it from around her ankles and laid both items across the red couch. Next was her blouse, a long sleeve cream-colored silk top that wrapped over itself and was pinned at the top.

Covering just enough of her breast that her bra teased along the edge like an erotic game of peak-a-boo. Alicia gently slid her matching white lace bra down her arms and placed it with her other clothes on the couch. Alicia turned to look herself in the mirror. At 25 her breasts sat high on her chest. Filling out towards the bottom and perfectly accessorized with two small dark nipples that were already standing erect.

Alicia rubbed her fingers over the sensitive skin. Lifting the weight of her 36Ds as she gently pulled at her nipples. Alicia's eyes and hands travelled south over the flat plain of her stomach only blemished by the slight scar of a belly button ring now removed. Her fingers continued to slid over her tan line and cupped her swollen lips. There was something about this room and the lighting and the knowledge of what she was about to do that always made her so ready and eager to be touched.

She gently parted her lips and gathered some moisture that had already began to pool between her legs. She brought it to her parted lips and sucked her fingers clean. Through the wall Alicia could hear Martin on a phone call and quickly snapped back into reality. The first outfit she grabbed was a black satin corset with matching satin panties. She quickly put them on before the urge to continue touching herself became to strong to resist. The corset fit well but was too small on her breasts and they came spilling over the top.

Her nipples were half exposed and the stiff thick material was making them even more erect then they were before. Alicia knocked before reentering the office.

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"Come in," Martin called. Alicia shyly walked into the large office. Her naked feet tiptoed to the front of Martin's desk where he could get the best view of her. "What do you think of this outfit?" Martin asked as she took a seat across from him pinching her legs together in search of some relief from her growing need to be touched. "It's ni-nice," Alicia stuttered as she shifted in her seat.

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"Come over here so I can take a closer look," Martin said while turning his chair. Alicia got up from her seat and walked around the side of his desk. He placed both of his hands on her hips and slowly helped her rotate. "This can't be comfortable." Martin said as he grazed one hand over her exposed nipples causing Alicia to whimper.

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"Why don't you try on the next one." Alicia hurried off to the room and quickly stripped out of the corset and panties. The panties were already soaking wet. Next Alicia selected the black lace one piece. She slid it up along her legs. There was a slit in the crotch that positioned around her opening, a cool breeze from the vent made her toes curl as she pulled the straps over her shoulders.


Alicia lifted her breasts to sit on top of the underwire support leaving her breasts completely exposed. Alicia loved how she felt in this outfit.

Her breasts and pussy highlighted and begging to be touched, caressed, licked, sucked&hellip. Alicia hurried back into the office before she let her thoughts wander any farther. Martin was on the phone again when she entered and he turned to face her and she rushed in. He motioned for her to come stand next to him instead of returning to her chair like she did before. He silently assessed the outfit with his eyes while responding to whom ever he was talking to in the phone.

Alicia stood perfectly still in anticipation, not even daring to breath. Martin hung up the phone and patted the desk in front of him as an invitation to sit down. Alicia walked over without hesitation. "This is very nice," Martin said. His hands travelled up and down her smooth thighs. "A little too revealing I think. No one would get any work done if they could see how excited you are." Just as he said it Martin pressed two fingers to Alicia's pussy lips.

She let out a soft moan which caused him to pause and look her in the eyes. "You know the rules Alicia." He said in a stern voice.

"This can only happen if you stay quiet." Alicia nodded in agreement and leaned back across his desk. His fingers spreading her juices as she placed her legs on each of his desk chair on the armrests. He lowered his mouth slowly and took a long deep breath in. Inhaling all of her scent before pulling his two fingers into his mouth. "Is all of this for me?" He asked in a husky whisper. Alicia nodded silently lifting her ass off the table and sliding to the edge of the desk.

Encouraging him to come even closer to her aching pussy. In a silent answer to her plea he pressed his lips in her pussy and gently began to suck. Skillfully opening her lips with the use of his tongue. Alicia ground up into his face and one hand snaked under her ass and began to thumb at her opening and the other grabbed a hold of her taught exposed nipple.

Alicia threw her head back in pleasure ensuring that there was not a single sound that escaped her lips as she drew closer to orgasm.

Martin slowed his pace as Alicia became more and more eager. Beyond the sound of blood rushing in her ears she could hear him unzipping his pants and pushing his chair back until it met the wall. Alicia's eyes fluttered open to the sight of his eight inch cock being pressed into her vagina. Alicia gasped as he thrust his whole length into her. His hand pulled from her ass now had a firm grip in her hair and was violently thrusting her down on to his cock. The soft slap of flesh on flesh filled the office as he drove her higher and higher towards orgasm.

Alicia came with a messy flow of juices that coated his cock and caused him to slip carelessly from her pussy. She turned quickly to take his soaking cock into her mouth. This was her favorite part of meeting days. The taste of herself mixing with his cum as spray it all into her mouth.


With a soft grunt Martin finished and sat back down in his chair. His pants around his ankles and his black boxer briefs coated in her cum. His dick still standing at half mast glistening through the center slit of his boxers. Alicia reaches out to touch it from her position on the desk when a knock comes on the door. Alicia jumps down from his desk and runs back to the room to the left just as Melanie pops her head in the office door.

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Martin quickly scoots his chair back under the desk as she enters. His dick now finding new life as she steps further into his office. This is the closest they have ever come to getting caught in the 2 years Melanie has been his executive secretary. "Business meeting with begin in promptly 20 minutes," Melanie says as she exits the office. Martin tucks himself back into his boxers and pulls back up his pants before proceeding to the room to the left.

Alicia is sitting on the red couch waiting for him. "The pink outfit will work for the meeting today," he says while tucking in his shirt and fixing his tie in the mirror. He turns and looks at Alicia. He gently kisses her mouth tasting their mixture of pleasure in her mouth. "I can't wait to show you off."