Young boy gay free sex Wanked To Completion By Adam

Young boy gay free sex Wanked To Completion By Adam
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Hi readers and I don't know where I should introduce myself again. Let me introduce myself again pasting few lines from My Real Life Story Part 1 My name is Rohan Let me briefly tell you about myself I'm now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I'm a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms (Why so many places you will know in the stories.

People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I'm writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I'm in contact with. I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view.

They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J. According to my understanding with so many females in my life I would like give a free advice to guys and men, hey brothers when it comes to sex it is all about a women when she don't want IT don't force her and because that is considered as rape and not making love to a women.

Satisfying a woman in her way is the best thing you could do in your life and if your woman loves rough sex then go for it and many women love to have conversation and some likes to have it with moans and please doesn't sleep like a dog after a romantic session, I believe no women or a girl likes that understand her needs and act accordingly. All the Best Okay let me start the story: From that day I never bothered anyone watching me, when I was watching Gracys pussy.

Sometimes I used to watch even when she is correcting our home work. Things got normal and I was on my routine hugs and kisses with all aunts, Uma, Lana and Lucy. Yeah, actually from that day Lucy daily gives me a good hug. Sometimes Lana also gives us hugs if I complete homework soon. I've come to 4th standard. I was 10 and my brother was 5 still same conditions as he was the last kid, he was treated like small prince at home. So no one forced him to school or kinder garden.

Sometimes Uma used to take him home to make him talk. He used to be nice with her as she was giving so many chocolates to him. All my activities were going good and every day games, school, tuition, Uma hugs, kisses and chocolates.

They have changed their discussions from living room to bedroom by not getting caught as I used to stay after tuition I used to watch from the bedroom keyhole. They were always kissing and getting their boobs pressed and sometimes I used to see Vinay's dick in Lucys mouth. Sometimes I used to hear big moans of Lana and Lucy whenever Gracy is not home Lucy and Lana were enjoying with their boyfriends. Lana used to moan more than Lucy. I have seen her pussy getting licked many times with her legs on her boyfriends' shoulder.

Lana used to scream, moan and used to push his head into her pussy. I never got the full view of her body and all I could see was her skirt till her waist and his face between Lanas' thighs and he used to press her nude ass. He also used to press her boobs on her T-Shirt and on bra sometimes. I never got a chance to see her naked breasts from the tiny hole very little were visible. Most of the time it was pressing boobs and keeping each other faces between their thighs.

Sometimes Lucy used to climb on Vinays' waist and lots of jumping activities were carried out. I don't know that she was riding his dick or giving a massage to his dick but she used to hump on him. Lucy used to make sounds only when Vinay used to hump her and I came to know that Lucy was a controlled fucker later.

I never saw Lana humping on raja. Neither raja on her and they always used to suck each other. I think Lana likes sucking a cock and may be a good cook sucker. Yeah she is a good cock sucker.

Mostly she used to take rajas dick in her mouth and used to eat it. I saw Lucy naked boobs swinging in the air when she was humping on Vinay. Vinay was pressing her boobs. He went to her boobs, kissed and sucked them many times. I don't know what that was but I really enjoyed watching it every time. Sometimes I used to feel like pressing them and suck them on my won like Vinay was doing Lucy. Once in a while I used to hug Lucy a little tight. She used to notice that.

Sometimes she acted normally and sometimes she used to take herself back from the hug and tap on my head without saying anything whenever Gracy is not home Lucy and Lana used to bring their boyfriends. Sometimes Lucy will go to market and sometimes Lana used to go to market. I was getting curious about what exactly they were doing inside the bedroom. Now there are internet and porn books in the stores readily available but that time I never had a chance to see they easily anywhere and days passed and months passed.

I came to 5th standard. I was 11 and my brother was 6. Finally he stopped his cries for going to school. His entry into our school and Gracys exit from our school I mean she got a bed govt job in Kakinada.

Gracy left our school and joined her job. She took a house in Kakinada ss her husband used to travel, he used to shuttle between mandapeta and kakinada. He used to visit Lana and Lucy once in a week and Gracy used to come on weekends.

Lana and Lucy were still trying for government jobs but they couldn't get. They had to stay in our town and with our school after Gracy left it house was the ladies kingdom. Vinay and raja used to come to their house daily, I mean on weekdays and one day Lucy went to a birthday function. Lana alone was handling the tuition. Lana went to kitchen and followed her for water after drinking water I asked Lana why Lucy miss shouts and cries when Vinay comes Lana was shocked to hear this from my mouth and she said nothing.

I asked her for some time and she became angry and asked me to do my work after tuition was done Lana, Anirudh and I were left in the house. Lucy didn't come from the party yet.

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I was doing my work. Lana while cooking called me into kitchen and asked me bujji how do you know that Lucy shouts and cries?

Who told you? I don't know what to say for her question and told her and I saw you and Lucy miss shouting in the bedroom keyhole her expression changed to little shock. She asked what else did you see bujji?

I told her and I saw you kissing on mouths, "I saw Lucy miss jumping on Vinay and shouting when Vinay was jumping on Lucy miss, I saw Vinay sleeping on Lucy miss without clothes and moved his hips and I saw Vinay's dick in Lucys mouth. I also saw Vinays face between Lucy thighs and I stopped and don't know whether I had to tell about her too. She was almost in a shock and shame listening to my statements. He didn't say anything and asked me to go to the hall.

I went without saying anything. She came out of the kitchen after few minutes and dragged her chair towards mine. She started asking "bujji, what else did you see?

You saw only Lucy? I didn't know what to say and stayed mum. She asked me again I said I saw you also sucking rajas dick when Raja was between your thighs you were also screaming and shouting. I don't know that she was moaning in pleasure at that time. She was really embarrassed with what I have told her. She asked me bujji did you tell this to anyone? I said no miss I think she was relieved for what I've said after a while she asked me bujji, how long you have been watching us.

I said from 4th standard that means an year and few months. Lana asked bujji, why did you do that is that wrong to see somebody naked? I was silent for some time and said "sorry miss, I won't do that again Lana in a blunt tone "bujji don't do like that again, and never tell anyone what you have seen okay, She took a promise from me and asked us to leave and come tomorrow.

I was expecting a hug as an exchange but I think she was upset with embarrassment from that day raja stopped coming and once in a while Vinay used to come.

They were talking in the living room for some days everyone was talking in living room only. They stopped using the bedroom for discussions maybe I was hindering their privacy. I thought they were going into bedrooms after we leave. My doubt was correct they were dewali holidays. School and tuition were closed. Mom asked me to give fruits and sweets to Lucy and Lana.

They don't have a phone to inform them that I was coming. I went to their place and it was locked from inside. I saw rajas scooter was parked in the ground floor.

I banged the door for 2 minutes and Lana opened the door. She was looking tired and breathing heavily. She was in her night gown. I said good afternoon miss, mom asked me to give you these. I didn't give them to her. She asked me to come in and keep them on the dining table. My eyes were on the bedroom door when I was crossing the hall. It was closed. I have kept them and asked her "where is Lucy miss?

Lana said she went to the dewali function in our school correspondents house and I asked her immediately "Is raja inside the bedroom? She was surprised at my bold question suddenly. She said shut up and asked me to leave. I felt bad and was leaving and she called me back and said don't talk anything about what you are asking me here, you've promised me.

She held my cheeks and given a funny serious expression and asked me to leave. She closed the door and I left home. I was expecting a hug at least this time and I wasn't lucky enough again. Uma aunt's bathroom got repaired on the top and no nude shows after that but going her home, sleeping beside her, hugging her kissing was routine.

Uma aunty used to tease me when Lucy used to come to her house by what Lucy is he still watching your mom? I used to get ashamed and Lucy used to laugh at it. I think Lana doesn't know that. One day house owner of Lucy caught Vinay and blasted him for coming to the house of lonely girls in the nights. From that day raja also stopped coming. I missed all their sexual encounters and hugs and kisses from Lucy and Lana were increased for our brothers as we were doing very well in academics.

I was 10 and I was getting all the sexual knowledge from the elders in the play ground my seniors, fellow rascals and senior girls discussions. It was not clear but I used to understand some. I have reached 6th standard and I was young and one day when I have come back from the play ground I have asked for Anirudh. Mom told that Uma aunty took him to her home as he was crying for something. I went to Uma aunt's house. Anirudh was in UKG that time.

He still got the habit of wetting his knickers. I saw his wet knickers lying on the floor, I thought he made a mess again and that was routine for uma aunty to clean him. He was sleeping in the sofa without knickers. I went near her bedroom everything flashed me from the window. It was Uma aunty sucking the dick of Vinay. I was speechless for one moment I didn't understand anything. I was standing near the corner of the window and was watching. She doesn't know that I have come after sucking his dick she was telling him sucks her.

She laughed with him and brought some choco cream from the bowl which was beside the bed. She started lifting her saree above her thighs. I don't know what was happening there but I was enjoying the scene. I wanted to see what will happen. She completely lifted her saree above her waist and spread her legs on the bed. Vinay was sitting between her naked thighs and asking her for choco.

She put one choco finger in his mouth and made him to suck it. He sucked her finger and started saying something again pointing her pussy and then she applied choco on his mouth and brought the same hand of hers with choco to her pussy. She applied some choco on her pussy and cleaned her hand with a towel. I was having unusual feeling inside me which I don't know at that time what they were. Vinay was licking his mouth sitting between her nude thighs. She grabbed his face with one hand and shoulder with the other with a jerk she made his mouth fell on her pussy.

She held his head by one hand and forced him to keep his mouth on her pussy. She told him Vinay eat all the choco and he was happily licking everything and rose his head saying "aunty Chocó over "she laughed at him and took some Chocó from the bowl and applied it on her pussy again and asked Vinay to lick again.

This time she didn't held his head but she brought her pussy to his face and Vinay was sucking her off why and she held his head and pushing more into hers. I could not control anymore and went to the bedroom door saying aunty I'm taking Anirudh home and Uma aunty was stunned to see me.

She jumped from the bed leaving vinay on the bed and in one swift she run the hall and from there to the bathroom. Vinay started wearing his clothes. I jumped into the hall, took Anirudh from the sofa, took his wet clothes and went to my home immediately. Mom asked me what happened and why was in a rush. I told her Anir made his knickers wet again mom. Uma aunt is cleaning her house so I brought him here and when I was still a kid.

It was in my village once I bumped into newly married relatives of mine. I never had any affairs with any one there but I used to enjoy the village beauties when people are too horny and confused they will forget to lock their doors sometimes. It happened to me once with my maid and I had to change my room from that area in Hyderabad.

Okay let us get back, Mom asked the maid to clean him. We ate dinner and we went back to our rooms. I tried to sleep but I couldn't forget what ever happened in the evening.


I had no intensions at that time to take advantage of Uma aunty or anything. But I really liked what I saw. I don't know when I slept but I woke up with my dad calling my name in the morning when he was going to the club. Though I was 11 I couldn't take that thing off my mind. Morning I went to terrace to see if I can get any luck through Uma aunt's bathroom.

As it was already closed, I wasn't lucky enough. While going to school she was giving a send off to her husband who was going to office. I didn't make any attempt to look at her but was giving sneak peeks at her.


She didn't seem to have noticed me. Throughout the day I only had that scene in my mind. I also used to peek into girls bathrooms when I was in school. The bathrooms in our school were not completely closed. They used to be open in the bottom of the door where you can clearly view someone peeing inside and their pussy if they are facing the door.

I have seen many pussies in my school life as girls always sit and pee, juniors, seniors, and teachers. I also used to move closely with girls in the class, used to go to their home to see them wearing different dresses inside the house, max girls used to like me as I was good in studies and sports and my false decent behavior after school I didn't go home that day and went to tuition directly sending Anirudh back to home with our jeep driver.

I did that because I was afraid that I may have to face Uma aunty. I avoided her for more than a month like that. I was just enjoying sports and playing tournaments. Sometimes it used to like games than women. Max time I used to spend in practicing or playing. My dad used to restrict me a little but my grandpa and mom never stopped in doing anything. My granny was an old classy anyways for my age and class I was matured enough to behave for 11 years I was tall enough of my age.

I was fit and flexible. I was playing for my school kabaddi team and I have gone to interstate kabaddi in 6th standard for years. I was able to handle our 10th class guys on the field.

Senior girls used to be close with me but in a brotherly manner. I never treated them as sisters anyways and whatever it was, staying close and moving closely with them used to give me different strength in doing some activities.

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You don't really believe me but this is true, I can give you the venue details when I was in 9th it was due to the encouragement of girls I've won a losing inter zonal badminton tournament.

The word female gives me lot of energy. It gives some kick believe me, really. Generally it has to happen after some age as people say, but I don't know why that happened to me a little earlier… I also used to compete with a second ranker in class. Why second ranker is it was a girl J" and the first ranker was very intelligent. We call him scientist. A born genius in our school and so never wanted to waste my time too much on studies as there are so many things to do. I mean I was not so good at studies.

My first preference was Games and second was Girls J and so boys if you play more games the more girls you get. Okay back to the story again: 6th standard Pongal holidays have come. No school and no tuitions to escape and Uma aunty will be in our home maximum time. When my mom calls, I'll just wave her a hi and used to escape to the play ground as it was Pongal uncle used to be home and Uma aunty also never called us to her house.

Once in while I used to go to tuition place and used to sit with Lucy and Lana. We used to play caroms and chess and sometimes badminton on their terrace. Lucy and Lana also never bothered to wear anything in front of me as they know I have seen them naked with Vinay and raja.

All I needed were some hugs and kisses when I win the game or they win the game. At the end of Pongal holidays schools were not opened but I think offices were and when Uma aunty was talking to my mom they were discussing about children etc and her husband's tour for 3 days on special duty. Her husband left the next day and Uma aunty was in my home all the time. She was talking to me once in a while but she was acting as nothing happened. She was asking me about the half yearly exams and stuff and I was replying normally.

When she was going back she asked me bujji come with me, it has been a long time you have come to our house, what happened? Are you angry on me and I did not say anything. She told my mom akka I have prepared sweets for Pongal send bujji with me I'll send them with him as my mom don't know anything about what happened she told me bujji go to Uma aunt's house. I said okay to mom and left with her reluctantly and I couldn't take Anirudh as he was sleeping. We went inside the house Uma asked me bujji what do you want to eat today?

I said anything is fine aunty. Uma said bujji why are you not coming here like earlier? Why are you not bringing Anirudh? I said nothing aunty I was busy with half early exams.

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Uma smiled and said "how were the exams? I said "I did well, Uma said this time if you get good marks again I'll give you lot of chocos I thought to myself "I wish I could get what Vinay have got and smiled to myself.

Uma took me to kitchen gave me a place full of sweets and asked me to eat these and take the rest to home and I just nodded and all the time my eyes were on her pussy area, her ass, her belly, her navel and her boobs. I sat on her sofa and started eating.

She played Geetanjali in her vcr and asked me to watch the movie. She will be back after her bath and when she was leaving with her clothes in hand she said no shame, kept her finger on her mouth and said shhhh and left and I was little tensed when she said shame and confused why she was taking bath in the noon. I was watching the movie and she came inside the house only with blouse and petticoat.

There was no saree. I couldn't look at her but my heart wants too. I was watching her from the corner of my eye. She closed her bedroom door.

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She got dressed up, went to kitchen and called me if I need anything else. I don't know why I said that but I replied her and I want chocolate aunty. She called me in to kitchen and asked me again what I need. This time I could say that clearly to her but slowly muttered choco. She took some chocolates from the refrigerator and asked me to follow her into the living room.

I was walking behind her and I couldn't take my eyes out of her saree covered swaying beautiful ass and for one moment I wanted to press them but no guts L and sat on the sofa and we were watching the movie.

Luckily I got an urge to pee. I told her and left to the washroom. Though I was in 6th standard I was still wearing knickers. I finished peeing and when I turned back I saw aunty in front of me with a smile on her face. She said bujji have you cleaned there? I didn't lock my button fly and I felt shy and I immediately grabbed my knickers. She took a mug in her hand and without any sign she held my knickers with another hand and sat on a stool, dropped my knickers, held my dick and poured water on my dick and cleaned it with her hand.

I remember that my dick was not even 3 inches. She pulled back the skin and cleaned my dick neatly. I felt very shy and quickly grabbed my knickers and trying to button the fly. She left the mug and she held my knickers with the dick exposed, took a towel and wiped it neatly.

Though I was enjoying everything what she was doing, I was afraid at some corner. She wiped and asked me to button the fly and left and I came to the living room and sat silently. Uma was smiling at me knowing my uncomfortable situation. She was now raised her saree to knees and kept her legs on the table. I was having a beautiful view of her fair and round calves. She was watching the movie and not looking towards me and but all my eyes were on her legs and nicely exposed belly, naval and her cleavage.

I was acting like I was watching the movie but my eyes were on her assets. There was a kissing scene in the movie between nagarjuna and the heroine. My eyes glued to the TV screen. That was pretty much a long scene. Uma told me "bujji you should not watch all this and turned towards me smiling I was embarrassed with what she said and was about to leave her house.

She held my hand and asked me to sit for some time when I was not coming and unlocking the door. She adjusted her saree and came to me to hold my hand, pulled me a little and took me to the kitchen in my heart I want all this to happen but I was afraid and I just followed her into the kitchen.

She asked me whether I need chocolates. I slowly nodded in agreement. She gave me 2 and asked me where is my chocolate. I didn't understand what she said. I thought she was saying something related to what I saw with Vinay but to my surprise she lowered her head and given me her cheeks to kiss her.

I kissed her with little tension but I actually wanted to do that since a very long time. We had chocolate and she had some on her lips and I waved her a bye and was about to leave. She called me "bujji wait and she came near me and kissed me on my cheeks.

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I got some Chocó to cheeks when I trying to wipe that, she bent again with small cleavage show, held my head again and licked the chocolate on my cheeks, this time with her tongue. I felt it really electrifying.

She smiled saying good boy and came close to my ears and said "shame shame "while she put her hand on my dick and gave me a gentle squeeze. I was in seventh heaven and ran away from her house without even saying a good bye. She thought I was afraid. When I went home mom asked me the sweets from Uma. I forgot why I went completely, said sorry to mom and went to Umas house to get the sweets. Uma opened the door and I said sweets with a smile. She smiled back and let me go in.

She gave me the sweets tray and asked bujji would you like to have another chocolate." I smiled and told her and I'll come in the evening aunty and went back home and only thing which was rolling in my mind was how to proceed further with Uma. I was having a different feelings, different sensations in my dick whenever I'm thinking about her. It was getting hard in the evening I told my mom that I was going to Uma aunt's house and left.

While leaving home I drank a lot of water I went to her home, doors were opened. I went inside the living room and called her name Uma aunty. She called me into kitchen. I went and sat on the kitchen counter and was watching her preparing dinner. She told me to close the main door and come. I did that already and she smiled for that and was asking me about my school with a mischievous smile she said how the complaints in diary are. I was taken a back and thought that she still remember my stuff which was happened in 3rd standard and I told her that there are no complaints and I slipped that Gracy mam has left the town.

She smiled for that, held my cheek and said "poor boy, don't worry another Gracy will come and winked at me.

I just smiled acting as I don't know anything. Uma said "don't act smart bujji Lucy told me everything what you did and what you were doing after her warning also. I was shocked to hear that. I was feeling happy in side thinking; though she knows everything, she is allowing me into her house and smiled myself for my luck. I said I have to go to wash room. She left what she was doing and followed me to the washroom.

I was feeling a little shy but I opened up my fly and peeing. She was standing behind me while I was doing that. She asked me are you done bujji? I turned towards her and nodded my head that I'm done at that moment I was holding my knickers in my hand with my dick popping out. My excitement was overcoming my fear. She understood what she has to do. She held the mug with one hand and my dick with another and started cleaning it.

I was enjoying the every moment of it with a little shy and because of the excitement my dick was growing in her hand without my knowledge. She was smiling looking at my raising dick and said "naughty boy haaan and gave me a gentle squeeze on my dick. I really didn't want to end that chance with just a squeeze. But I was waiting for her to proceed as I don't know what to do at that time. I was trying to take my dick a little closer to her face but she ended that session by buttoning my fly.

I followed her to the kitchen. My hardness was still there and it was paining too. I was very confused what to do for that.

I told her Uma aunty, it is paining a lot after cleaning and she asked me what happened bujji, what pain? I pointed my hand pointing towards my dick and said " here aunty and she smiled and said "remove your knickers, I'll tell you what to do and I said I'm feeling shy and she came close hugged me to her breast and said "bujji, you should not feel shy in front of your aunt and she started unbuttoning my knickers." I was acting that I was resistance but I gave her space to undo the buttons.

My knickers were already down. She told me bujji go to the living room. She came there with a bowl. I thought that I was getting the Vinays treatment.

I was wrong, she brought ice cubes. She asked me to lie down and told me to put my ass on her thighs. I lay with my dick pointing upwards and waving back when she bent to take the ice cubes her boobs were brushing my dick. She got back to her position and gently placed her ice hands on my dick. I got a shock. I felt that my body was shaking with some odd feelings ahhhh I could never explain that.

She took the ice cube into her mouth and she was pointing her mouth straight to my dick head. I thought she is going to take it in her mouth but she was dropping her lukewarm saliva on my dick and moved my dick up and down with her hand, may be for 3 or 4 times I was super charged and she asked bujji, how is the pain? How do you feel now? I was speechless and just nodding my head with no meaning. This time she shook the dick again for couple of times and asked me bujji, how are you feeling?

How is it? how is the pain? I said in a weak voice Uma aunty, it is good when you are shaking it but when you leave it, it is paining again, " She smiled at what I said and told let me try a different way and she took the ice cube from her mouth and started moving it slowly on the sides, root and top of the dick.

It was cold and I felt the chill. She rubbed the ice cube for some time again and asked bujji, how are you feeling now do you feel the pain now? I said aunty I'm feeling cold now " She then put the ice cube in her mouth again and dropped saliva on my dick and shaking it little fast this time. I was listening to her bangles sound when she was shaking it. She was moving my dick up and down slowly now and asked me again how are you feeling now bujji? Are you feeling good? I said aunty it was very nice when you are shaking it.

I feel something is building inside me. I'm getting strange feelings while saying this I have closed my eyes muttering and started pressing her thighs and knees with my both hands. I did not dare to touch her waist or boobs but I feel like doing it when I saw her boobs bouncing in her blouse while shaking my dick. She left my dick and she bent again to give my dick a brush with her boobs and when she did that I was automatically giving jerks with my dick against her boobs.

She noticed that and brushed her boobs a little hard to my dick aaaaahh what a feeling. She was actually massaging my dick with her boobs. My dick head was touching her bare chest when her saree was dropped from her shoulders. She rose up and didn't bother to cover her boobs. She asked me again how is it this time bujji? I was speechless and muttered aunty it is very nice aunty, something is happening inside me. I think I need to go to bathroom.

I need to pee and Uma was smiling at my condition and said "don't worry bujji, nothing will happen, if you want to pee, pee in my hands and she started stroking my dick fast changing her hands.

She knows what I meant as peeing was cumming whenever she was dropping her saliva on my dick I thought she will take it in her mouth but she did not. She increased her stroking speed and was shagging me fast. Finally I was shouting aunty something is happening to me aunty. I'm peeing aunty and I was done.

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I really felt like some jet was getting released from my body. I started saying sorry aunty. I spoiled your saree aunty. I'm sorry aunty and don't tell my mom please aunty. I was actually blabbering with joy, pleasure and a little fear when I opened my eyes I saw my cum on her hairs, nose, face, blouse and few drops on her saree. She was smiling at me. I left her thighs and was about to rose up but she pushed me back to the same position again. She asked me and how are you feeling now bujji ?

Is your pain gone kanna? I was feeling little dizzy and breathing heavily with my ass in her lap and a limp dick. I couldn't actually reply her anything after I come to senses I felt like lot of pain relieved from inside an unknown and unexplainable pleasure.

That was my first Known Memorable Masturbation of my life. I had some leaks before, but they were in bed and without my knowledge. Okay let's end now here with the second part of my sex life. We will continue our discussion about what happened next with Uma aunt. See you all in the third part.