Sucking wang bitch fucked by dark

Sucking wang bitch fucked by dark
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My wife Melissa and I began to search for a woman to add to our sexual explorations. My wife works with several single women and she has been slowly planting seeds in her office. During the weeks since we have agreed to bring a woman in to our playtime, we have taken some prospects out to dinner with us to get to know them without them knowing we were planning to seduce one of them.

We had discussed how we may be able to get one of them back to our house and get them in to our bed. I kind of became fascinated with a young African American woman she worked with named Dana. I have always fantasized about being with a sexy black woman.

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Dana was tall and slender and very well toned with long black hair and her skin was very dark. Her breasts were probably C cups and she was just simply beautiful. Dana was a nice kid and very bubbly and only 23. My wife asked her if she would like to go with us for Japanese food and she eagerly accepted.


My wife was wearing a cute little mini skirt and high heels. Melissa is super hot when she wears what I call her "sexy clothes". We picked Dana up and she was wearing a short body hugging dress and high heels. As she walked towards our car, I told my wife, "She's the one I wanna fuck." Melissa said, "OK, let's put our plan in to action.

She is really sexy isn't she?" I got out of the car to open the door for her, "Hey Dana, how are you tonight?" "I'm good, how are you doing?" Dana replied. "I am starving, how about you?" I said.

"Ya, me too." said Dana. We drove to the restaurant and Dana's perfume was intoxicating, She smelled like Lilacs, my favorite ! My cock was swollen as thoughts about her sexy body raced through my head. We ordered some rice wine and some sushi and drank and ate and talked. I made sure both women's glasses did not get empty. I went to the bathroom and this was my wife's cue to ask Dana if she wanted to come to our house and watch a movie. When I came back, Melissa said, "Hey, Dana's gonna come back to our place and watch a movie with us!" "Cool, let's head out." The second phase of our plan had just clicked!


I could tell both women were a little tipsy as they laughed and giggled as we headed home. We got to the house and went in and I told Dana to pick out a movie that she would like. Dana picked "Monster's Ball" with Halle Berry! I fucking love Halle and especially this movie because Halle gets fucked good and her body is AWESOME. I opened more wine and poured some for each of us. We started to watch the movie and my cock was aching at this point since it has been hard since early in the afternoon just thinking about the potential.

We watched and drank and talked and then I came to one of the fuck scenes and I said, "Damn, Halle is hot!" "He has a thing for Halle Dana!" Melissa announced.

"She is really sexy, I'd screw her if I was a man!" Dana exclaimed. "I love her skin, it's so sexy!" I said. I could tell Melissa was getting excited and she stood up and said, "Ya, my boobs are just as sexy as hers!" as she flashed us her boobs!

I was shocked that my conservative little wife was so uninhibited, but very turned on! Dana laughed and said, "Your boobs are sexy girl!" Melissa without missing a beat said, "C'mon Dana show me your boobs!" Dana giggled nervously and said, "Your husband is sitting right here!" "That's ok, he probably wants to see them too!" Melissa announced.

I've been thinking about her sexy body all day! "Well, OK if it's ok with you?" and Dana slide her dress down over her shoulders and showed us the sexiest tits I have ever seen, next to my wife's.

They were perky and her brown nipples were erect and pointing towards the ceiling! "Wow, they are really sexy Dana, what do you think honey." Melissa stuttered. "They are beautiful Dana, very beautiful in fact!" I said as I was hypnotized by the sight of her tits. This night was looking like it just might go my way!

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My wife peeled all of her clothes off except her panties and went over to Dana and stood next to her examining her body. Dana still had her dress around her waste and she looked at Melissa and said, "I don't have any panties on." and Melissa said, "It's ok, don't worry about that." and then Melissa slid her panties off so Dana would not feel awkward I guess.

Dana looked at me and my eyes were fixed on her and she could see it.

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Dana giggled nervously and then shrugged her shoulders and slide her dress the rest of the way off. Dana's body was nearly perfect, the shape of her hips and ass was as perfect as her tits!

Dana had a small tuft of jet black hair on her pussy and my wife's pussy was freshly shaven. My dick was wanting to explore every inch of both of these now naked women.


"Are you guys trying to seduce me?" Dana coyly purred. Melissa said, "You are so fucking sexy Dana, we would be weirdo's if we didn't try!" Dana smiled and said, "You know I was hoping this would happen. I think both of you are really nice and Melissa, you are very hot." I just sat there with my jaw hanging open. Finally I was going to have a threesome with my sexy wife and a sexy young black woman! Dana said, "Someone here still has all of their clothes on!" Melissa quickly said, "Ya, show Dana your cock honey." I took my pants off and slide my underwear down to exposed my also freshly shaven pubic area, "Oh my very nice!" Dana purred as my cock stuck straight up.

Melissa cooed, "Ya, it's big and he knows how to use it!" "I've never fucked a white guy before." Dana announced. "That's OK, we've never fucked a black woman before, so we are even." I told her. Dana's body was s very sexy and the contrast of my cock in her small hand was almost enough to make me blow my load on her.

I sat there on the couch and Dana was on one side and Melissa on the other. We all traded kisses as they slowly stroked my cock. I fingered both of their pussies and both women were soaking wet.

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"I want to eat you pussy Dana!" I said. With that Dana leaned back and slowly spread her legs. Melissa sat behind Dana and massaged her breasts as I slowly kissed them and worked my way down to her pussy.

Her scent was intoxicating and her black outer pussy was hiding the pinkest inner pussy I have ever seen. I began to lick at her sexy pussy as Melissa gently pinched and massaged her rock hard brown nipples. Dana moaned softly as I licked and suckled her soft pussy.

"This is fucking hot!" Melissa exclaimed. "Do you like my husband's tongue in your pussy Dana?" "Yes, I love it.

He really knows how to eat a pussy!" Dana moaned. As I licked her pussy and flicked her hard little clit, I inserted a finger up Dana's ass and her breathing instantly became labored and she began to moan louder and move her hips frantically. I finger fucked her ass and I could her moaning getting louder and all of the sudden her ass tightened around my finger and her pussy contracted and began to pulse and a flow of wetness covered my faced! After her pulsating pussy stopped quivering and her ass relaxed it's grip on my finger Dana moaned, "Nobody's ever made me cum that hard before and nobody has ever stuck a finger in my ass while they ate me.

that was awesome!" Melissa smiled and I could tell by the flushness of her face that she was wanting to cum in a very bad way. "I want you to do the same to Melissa while I fuck your pussy!" I told Dana. Without a word, Dana spun around and Melissa positioned herself for Dana and she began to eat and lick Melissa's pussy.

I watched as Melissa was in Heaven and Dana's sexy little ass was up in the air swaying back and forth as she ate my wife's pussy. I just drank in the sight of the sexy sight of everything. I could see the wetness of Dana's pussy against her deep black skin and all I can say, is this girl had the sexiest little ass and pussy I have seen in a very long time.

Melissa moaned as Dana ate her pussy and Melissa played with her nipples and I could hear Dana's slurping on my wife's pussy. I slowly spread Dana's legs and got behind her and began to rub my cock up and down her wet slit.

I slowly began to push my cock in to her tight wet pussy, I could see as my cock spread her dark pussy lips and then reached the hot pinkness. The head of my cock began to disappear inside Dana and she moaned as she continued eating my wife.


I looked at Melissa and between her moans of pleasure, she smiled at me as she knew my cock was sliding deeper in to Dana. "Fuck her pussy baby, fuck her good!" Melissa moaned softly. "Yes, fuck me and fill my pussy with your cum!" Dana demanded. My cock slide all the way in her tight little pussy until my balls rested against her hard little clit. I began to slowly thrust in and out of Dana and every time, she let out a little moaned as my cock totally filled her pussy.

Melissa was moaning louder and louder and then Dana did the same thing to her and inserted one of her fingers up Melissa's ass and she instantly began to scream as she came all over Dana's face! Dana kept sucking and licking as Melissa's orgasm grew in intensity and my pace picked up as I watched my cock disappear with each thrust in to this sexy little girls pussy.

I announced that I was about to cum and Dana was now also beginning to let out screams muffled by her face being buried in Melissa's pussy and her hips met my thrusts with force, "Cum in me, I want you to cum in my pussy!" Dana screamed. I began to cum on the back stroke and my cum began to shoot out at the entrance to her pussy and then as I thrust deeply in to her I really began to unload in to her hot pussy. "Oh yes, cum in me, fuck me harder!" Dana screamed.

My cum was shooting deep in to her chocolate pussy and running down her legs as I continued to shoot my load in to her.

I could feel Dana's pussy grabbing my cock and her back arching as the waves of orgasm filled her body. Melissa was sitting there with Dana still between her legs and smiling from ear to ear! I slowly withdrew my cock from Dana and my cum oozed from her pussy.

My deep white cum looked really sexy next to her dark black pussy! I sat back and Melissa said, "I wanna eat your cum from her pussy baby!" Dana rolled over and exposed her cum soaked pussy to Melissa who dove right in. I could hear her slurping my cum and Dana's pussy juices. I sat there stroking my cock to get it hard and after watching my wife eat another woman's pussy, It didn't take long!

My cock was ready and I positioned myself between my sexy wife's legs and started rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. I didn't take Dana long to start to have another orgasm and as she was I stuck my cock all the way in to Melissa and she began to squirm and grinding her pussy on my cock. It didn't take long and Melissa was moaning as she continued to clean Dana's pussy from my big load and I was now shooting a hot load deep in to my wife's pussy. We fucked the rest of the night and I watched two women suck my cock until I shot a load on their lips.

One thing Dana did while she shared sucking my cock was she slide a finger in to my ass and massage as they sucked me off and I had never felt anything like that and I came all over them both. If you have never had sex with a beautiful African American woman, I would recommend it!

In the next installment, Melissa sucks a strange cock at feels another man cum in her pussy!