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Ava dalush bekommt creampie
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Mixed Metaphors IX Becky awoke at 3:00am. She was having a difficult time remembering how they got to bed. The last thing she recalled was the smile on Tony's face when he lay prostrate on the front room chair.

Tony was close behind her. She wasn't sure what caused her to awaken, until she felt his hard cock between her butt cheeks. She thought of all the years she had slept alone and craved the comfort of a man's arms around her.

Becky had not realized how painful loneliness could be, until this wonderful man came into her life. She wanted to tell the world how really fantastic he was, but then some other women might want to try and take him away from her. Becky lifted the back of her short nightgown, then reached around and pulled Tony's hip closer. As his cock touched the opening to her vagina, she lifted her leg over his, to give him full access to her cunt. "Honey," whispered Becky in a little girl voice, that would have given an erection to Michelangelo's statue of David, "Push your cock into my pussy." "What … huh … where," Tony muttered as he woke up to his lover's voice, "Is everything ok sweetie?" "Yes.

But it would be better if you put your cock into my pussy. Now that we are both awake, why don't you take a few minutes and fuck me a little?" Tony's penis began sliding in and out of Becky's cunt, before he was fully awake. At first he thought it was a dream, but the unmistakable feeling of her tight pussy squeezing his cock was something he knew was real.

Tony began to shove harder as her right leg hooked around his, locking him into her grasping cunt.


Regardless of the time there is nothing like sex in the early morning hours she thought. His hand grasp her right hip, while his other hand pulled down on her shoulder. It was truly difficult to believe that this very sexual man had never been with a woman before he made love to her. Only a few minutes had passed when the telltale signs of a climax passed through her crotch. She could feel his thick cock pushing up against her "g" spot, causing her to feel that she was about to pee.

The feeling only lasted a few seconds when Becky began to cum. Tony was becoming a wild man in his sexual assault at this point and she reached down and grabbed his hand and dragged it up to her right breast. He squeezed her titty maybe a little too tight as he thrust into her faster and harder.

"Oh honey … God you fuck me so good. I need you to cum in my pussy and fill me with your cream. Fuck me Tony; fuck me as hard as you can. Oh my God, honey I can't stand it. Oh baby … here … it … comes again." Seconds later Tony began to cum and held Becky tight in his arms.

She felt his warm cum filling her tight little pussy and let him squeeze her, until she could just barley catch her breath. After a few seconds however, he relaxed his hold on her, but continued to move his hips, his cock still sliding in and out of her pussy. Slowly Tony came to a full stop but didn't let go of her. His cock slipped out of her vagina and their cum began to run between her legs. Everything was wet and at this point a little uncomfortable. Tony rolled over, and then sat up on the side of the bed.

What was he doing she wondered. He stood up and went into the bathroom. Suddenly she heard the sound of a racehorse emptying its bladder into the commode. When the toilet flushed she realized why he awoke with an erection. Poor baby had to pee. She heard the water running for a few minutes and he came back to bed. Tony lifted her right leg and placed a warm washcloth on her pussy mound. He cleaned all around her pussy then cleaned between her butt cheeks and her anus where some of the cum had settled.

He then took a small face towel and dried her crotch as he kissed the back of her neck. She felt good as she was still coming down from her orgasm and was ecstatic that he cared enough to clean her crotch. Tony wrapped the washcloth in the towel and dropped it on the floor.

It was now ten minutes to four and they could get another two hours before they had to get up. He moved in closer and held her tight again as they both fell back to sleep. Tony awoke to the, "battt … battt …batt … of the digital alarm clock. His reoccurring dream of being naked at work, was again invading his subconscious psyche. He had the dream so many times in the past, that he was no longer bothered by it.

The funny thing was that he was naked, but so was Becky so it was OK. Since Tony had been involved with Becky, he cared less and less about work.

He actually had enough money to retire; however he had so many ideas, and he was really at the beginning of his career, so he could put it off for a while anyway. He sat on the edge of the bed again holding his head in both hands half hoping it was really Saturday and he could sleep a little longer.

When he heard the shower, he knew it wasn't Saturday and Becky was not waiting on him. Tony dragged his butt into the bathroom and stepped into the warm shower.

He marveled how the recuperative powers of simple warm water seemed to bring him back to life. Becky was waiting with a sponge full of warm water and soap. She assaulted his body as a mother might do to her small son, and began washing him all over.

She was fast and rough, so much so he wondered what she was thinking about. After she rinsed him off, he took the sponge and began at her feet. She reached down, grabbed the sponge and said, "We don't have time for that. I'll do it. You're done so get out and dry off." 'We don't have time for what?' he wondered.

'You're done so get out and dry off?' That wasn't like Becky, his sweet little girl. He wondered what she was thinking about. Obviously there was something on her mind.

Tony dried off and began getting dressed. When he was done, he came out into the front room and found Becky fully dressed sitting at the table going over some paperwork.

"What's up baby?" "I love the idea that Diane will be moving into the apartment, but I really want her to feel comfortable, so I'm still figuring a hundred dollar cut in my pay. That way she will have some extra money. Face it I get all of that money and you won't let me pay for anything." "Well things change, and the money would have come to you if you hadn't moved in with me. It was set up to be enough so you could live comfortably. I guess if you want her to be paid another hundred a week, it will be ok.

But it doesn't have to come out of your salary. I'll set it up and you can tell her. That way she won't feel obligated to you." "Are you sure? The agency pays out a lot of money as it is. I don't want to ad to everyone's burden." "Don't concern yourself about small matters like this.

If necessary I can take an extra hundred out of my slush fund. You probably aren't aware of it but we just signed on two more clients this week.

Two more very big clients. Besides that your illustrations of the old man in the park brought us in about 5,000 dollars.

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Sweetie the firm makes millions every year. A few dollars here and there isn't going to break anyone. "OK I just don't want to be a problem. I haven't even been here a week yet." "My second day at the firm, I tripped and spilled a cup of coffee on Travis' shirt, so don't worry.

Besides you said Diane was a very intelligent assistant." "She really is. She has kind of a second sense when it comes to knowing what's wrong with an illustration. That's an important attribute in our business. I believe Diane is going to go a long way, and I want to help her." "You have sold me, so let me take care of it.

The raise will be in her next check." Becky through her arms around Tony and kissed him hard. She was a happy girl as she actually helped someone. Tony and Becky went down to the front of the building. Ronnie was waiting with the cab door open. "Good morning Ronnie, how are you?" "Pretty good. My wife doesn't know a thing." "Good my secretary has set the whole thing up. When you drop off the boys I will give you all the tickets and the itinerary for the day.

You are going to have to be firm.

You have the whole day to take her all over New York, everywhere she has ever wanted to go. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner all set up at some of the best restaurants in the city." "I hope you haven't bit off more than you can chew. The boys aren't going to be easy to handle." "I think we have that covered," said Tony, "We have two clowns and a magician for the entire day. All the boys will have their own "PlayStation unit" and a bunch of games.

The whole thing will be catered with the best hot dogs, hamburgers and sodas they will ever want. We have ten movies on DVD that the kids will love. One of the gals at work who works with Becky is bringing her six year old, so it will be a good day.

If all else fails I will give you my cell phone and will call you to come and get them, " Tony said laughing. When Becky arrived in her office, there was a Message from Ms.

Johnson to see her ASAP.


Becky took the Hugo Boss drawings off of her easel and with her portfolio under her arm, went to Johnson's door. When she knocked Ms. Johnson motioned for her to come in. She was on the phone, "Listen close," she said into the telephone, "Do it the way we talked about, or pack your stuff and leave." Johnson laid the phone down in its cradle, looked up at Becky and smiled, "Good morning … sorry about that," she said, glancing toward the phone, "some people don't learn as fast as others.

Did you bring the illustrations for the book?" "Yes, however I would like you to look at two drawings first." Ms. Johnson said nothing and reached for the drawings, Becky was handing her. Johnson folded back the tissue paper that covered the first drawing, nodded her head and said, "OK good.

I like it." She then folded back the tissue second drawing and said, "Now this is much better.

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The rose really sets off the suit. This is excellent.

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I would go with the rose." "So would I… the only thing is, I didn't think of it." "What are you saying? This was someone else's idea?" asked Johnson looking at Becky over her pair of half-moon granny glasses.

"Yes. The new girl Diane, my assistant. When I showed her the one with the cigarette, she didn't care for it. Then she told me she thought a rose would work better as it appears as though he is going on a date. Kind of romantic I thought." "That was very generous of you to give her credit for the idea.

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If you hadn't I don't think anyone would have known." "Two people would have known. Diane and myself. She has been very helpful in other areas also. I would hate to loose her and I would like to give her a small raise." "Do you think she wants to leave?" "I just don't want to take the chance, that's all." Johnson sat back looking at Becky, drumming her pencil on her desktop, then glanced out of the window for a few seconds.

"How much did you want to give her?" "Well I was thinking maybe seventy-five or a hundred a week." "Johnson looked straight at Becky. "Do you think she is really worth it?" "Yes … I'll stake my job on it." "Are you sure …?" "Yes!" "Fine, but two things. One if I need some help, both of you will be at my disposal and two," she said without hesitating, let's make it a hundred fifty a week, to really lock her in.

Now let's see the old man in the park drawings." Becky laid the portfolio on Ms. Johnson's desk and sat back in the chair. Johnson looked at them slowly one by one, occasionally glancing up from the drawings at Becky. "When did you do these?" "Over the past eight months." "In Central Park?" "Yes … how did you know?" "The bridge is one of my favorite places in the park." "These are excellent.

I want you to go down to the park and offer the old man $500 dollars, to release them. I know it really isn't necessary, but it would make me feel better." Johnson continued looking at them and whispered they remind me a little of Aldo Luongo's drawings of the hawk. Not exactly but some. These are very good. You're biting at the bit … aren't you?" "What?" "You just can't stand it. You have to go in there and tell Diane about her raise don't you." "Does it show that much?" "Just go!

I'm done with you," said Ms. Johnson smiling," but leave the drawings. You can pick up a check and the paperwork for the old man when you are ready to leave for the park." "May I take Diane?" "Do as you wish.

She is your assistant." Becky returned to her office. As she passed Diane's desk she said, "Please come in and bring your pad." "Yes mam." Becky sat down behind her desk and reminded herself to leave a note for the janitor that her fichus plant and Chinese Elm need a little more water.


Their edges were beginning to turn brown. "Diane sit down. I have just come from Ms. Johnson's office." "Oh … No!" "Oh no what?" "She is going to fire me?" "No nothing like that.

She loved the idea about the rose in the Hogo Boss drawing. She has authorized a raise for you." "A hundred a month?" asked Diane.

"Six hundred-fifty a month. One hundred fifty dollars a week. Now you can quit that waitress job, and spend some time with Jimmy junior." Diane sat there not moving. She frowned then tears began to form in both eyes. As they began to run down her cheeks she grabbed a tissue from Becky's desk, wiped her eyes and blew her nose.

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"You did this, didn't you Becky?" "No you did it. All I did was tell her how important you are to me and about your idea for the rose. She loved it. Do you know where 2nd Ave., is? "In the village, just two blocks over from my apartment building … why?" "I have a friend and he is restoring the building at … um … 610 2nd Ave., I believe.

He will have several apartments empty. Would you like to move there?" "I'm already paying seventeen hundred dollars a month. I couldn't afford much more than that." "Could you afford one dollar a year?" "What?" "A dollar a year. He is looking for a tax write off. My girlfriend and I are going to re-decorate the whole building one apartment at a time. Maybe you would like to work with us.

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It would only be one day a week. What do you think?" "What?" asked Diane? She appeared to be in shock. "A dollar a year. Are you kidding?" "Yes … I'm sure. What do you think? Would you like to go see it today? You are moving on Sunday." "When … " she asked, her tears dripping down her cheeks again, her nose dripping.

"Diane go into the bathroom and wash your face. People will think I fired you." "Thank you," said Diane in a whisper. Becky called Tony and said she and Diane were going to Central Park, to see the old man. Johnson wanted to pay him $500 dollars so he would release the drawings. Tony wanted to know if she would see him for lunch. Becky told him she would, and could she bring Diane along? He thought it as a good idea especially when she said she wanted to take Diane by the apartment building on the way.

The cab dropped Becky and Diane off at the section of the park where the bridge was located. Diane was smiling, looking up at the trees smelling all of the flowers and fresh cut grass. She was high on life and silently praying it was all not a dream. When the girls arrived at the park bench, they looked around trying to find the old man.

Maybe he was in the restroom. They waited as he was always here during this time of the day. When Becky saw a mounted NYPD sergeant, she walked over to where he was seated on his horse. "Excuse me officer," she said smiling, "is this your regular beat." "Yes mam it is." "Do you know where the little old man is, who usually sits on this bench?" "Mister Morgenstern?" "I don't know his name.

He is in his eighty's. He always wore the same suite and very shiny shoes." "Yes mam," said the officer as he dismounted, "I'm … afraid … I have some bad news mam." Becky began to cry, as she knew what had happened.

"When," she asked. "Monday morning about ten or so. His heart just stopped. At least he went in a place he loved." "Yes … at least," she said, "He was wearing a wedding ring. Does anybody know where his wife is?" "She passed about thirty years ago. He never took off the ring." "Did they have children?" "No … no children." Becky walked back over to where Diane was seated.

Diane saw the tears on Becky's cheeks and asked, "What?" however she didn't finish the question, as she knew the answer. Diane placed her arms around Becky and they both sobbed quietly together. The cab ride back to the office was without any conversation. Becky sat at her desk staring out the window. Tony walked in and placed his hand on her head stroking her hair.

She looked up at him not knowing what to say. "I know Diane told me. You want to skip lunch?" Becky shook her head. "I wanted to show Diane her new apartment.

Can we?" "Of course we can … and sweetie … I 'm so sorry." To Be Continued …