Playboy model cumshot outdoor tgp gay first time Sean Summers Bukkake

Playboy model cumshot outdoor tgp gay first time Sean Summers Bukkake
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It had been a long day at work and I was more then pleased to pull into my driveway. Snow was piled high on the ground and from the looks wasn't going to let up. I could see smoke from the chimney curling up into the clear night sky.

The sun was set and the moon was shining bright. Sitting in the driveway was an old black mustang and I knew my boyfriend Jimmy was home. I jumped out of my car and started to walk to the house. The ice was so bad that even in boots I still managed to fall down. My butt joined the other parts of my body that were aching after my being on my feet for eight hours.

I opened the door and a second after I got it closed I was peeling off cloths. My name is Jen and I'm five foot nine inches with long light brown hair. My skin is tanned a light gold and I have size C breasts. I'm very fit though more toned then muscled. By the time I hit my bedroom I was in all my naked glory.

Sitting on my bed in the buff was Jimmy. He's six feet tall with short black hair. He's lean but has really broad shoulders. His chest is almost a triangle and he had just a small amount of hair under his naval. His skin is a beautiful olive color that only true Italians get.

That's not including his fat eight inch uncut cock that could keep any woman happy. From the doorway it looked like he was VERY happy already.

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"Hey baby I missed you today." Jim said as he patted his naked thigh. Walking over to him I crawled up into his lap. "I missed you too. Looks like you have something for me though" I said as I rubbed up against his cock. He wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me with his luscious red lips.

His lips are so incredibly soft yet his mouth was so hot.

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I opened my mouth to his persuasive tongue and started sucking on it. His mouth tasted almost cold from the peppermint I could taste on his tongue. "Mm." His moan was soft but deepened when I stroked his cock. I ran my hand up and down his hot cock at the same pace I sucked his tongue. I slid my hands from his cock across his muscled stomach to his nipples.

I started rolling them lightly in my fingertips. "Oh." I could feel his moan rumbling through his chest. I slid my hands further up across his smooth neck into his silky hair before breaking the kiss and pushing him further on the bed.

Before he could do anything I took his cock in my mouth. His hands reached down and started running his fingers through my hair. I started sucking on the head and running my tongue around it. I'd lick up and down the shaft and then go as far down as I could.


Wrapping my thumb and finger around his cock I started squeezing lightly and tried hard to take him all the way down. Breathing through my nose I lowered down and buried my nose in his pubic hair. The musty scent driving me wild. "Ah." He moaned loud as I slowly pulled off his cock. Crawling up his body I lowered myself onto his cock. His cock was so big; I could feel the head touching my cervix. I started moving agonizing slow up and down his cock. My pussy was wet and was aching for more but I wanted to tease him a little.

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Jimmy reached forward and grabbed my hips. His work roughened hands slid slowly up my sides to my breasts. His hot hands cupped my breasts and started to work the nipples.

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The pleasure of fucking him and him playing with my nipples was fast becoming too much for me. My breath quickened even though I was only riding his cock slowly. Suddenly I felt his strong hands grab my hips and thrust. "Ah." A moan escaped my lips though it was more a release of breath. My toes started tingling as I felt his big cock resting against my cervix.

He held onto my hips and flipped me onto my back. Keeping his cock in me he put my legs over his shoulders and started to fuck me. His thrusts were long and hard and his forehead started to break out in a sweat. As he pounded my pussy I could feel an orgasm coming on.

He stopped thrusting and leaned forward. "I want you to get on your knees." His voice was hoarse and dry. I slid off his cock and got on my hands and knees.

He ran his hands across my smooth ass and up my back. His hand paused for a moment on the newly formed bruise on my ass. Then without warning he thrust his cock all the way into my tight, wet pussy. It was so hot with him fucking my doggy style.


I could feel his hips smacking into my ass as his powerful thrusts sped up. The constant pleasure though almost pain of him fucking me was amazing. Leaning over he started kissing my neck. "Oh, God!" I moaned as it became too much and I orgasmed. My whole body shook as the pleasure overcame me.

The pulsing of my pussy was too much for him and he thrust deep in me and started cumming. "Yes!" He cried as his back arched and all the muscles in his arms drew taught. Panting and covered in sweat he rested with his cock still softening in me. Slowly he withdrew and flopped down on the bed beside me. Wrapping his arms around me I rolled over on my side and he pulled me close. Both our chests where still heaving as he rolled me to face him and started to kiss me. His hand ran down my body to my pussy which was still soaked and he started rubbing my clit.

His talented fingers massaged and pressed perfectly and soon brought me back to the edge.

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I was shaking and moaning as he thrust a finger deep into my pussy making me orgasm. Instead of drawing his finger out he added another and started to stroke my pussy and rub my clit with his thumb. His fingers kept running over my g-spot making me arch my back for his to go deeper. The double pleasure was fantastic and he soon had me coming again. After I finished coming he slid his fingers as deep into me as he could and started to hit my cervix.

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He fucked me fast with his fingers and continued to rub my clit. It felt amazing and I couldn't hold back and orgasmed again. He kissed me lightly and crawled out of bed. I could hear the sink running and soon he was back in the bed with a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned me up.

He threw the cloth in the hamper then snuggled back in and started sucking on my breasts. Before he got too far I crawled out of bed to start dinner. Jimmy's lip pouted out. "Baby I'm starved for more then just great sex, but this was an amazing appetizer and I can't wait for dessert!"