Glamorous centerfold pops out oversized butt and gets ass hole plowed

Glamorous centerfold pops out oversized butt and gets ass hole plowed
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First and foremost the true author of this is King Of Rejects. It is his story and I have not altered it in anyway. I do have his permission to repost these.

Enjoy -M It's fucked up. It's fucked up. I was 15. Sitting on my friend's front steps having two officers in front of me and my friends hand on my shoulder. Even though it was winter and I was wearing baggy jeans and a white shirt I wasn't cold. I was in disbelief. I was at my friend Trevor's waiting for my mom and dad to come get me. My mom said she would be there in 5 minutes.

That was an hour and a half ago. And now two cops are telling me that my dad hit a patch of black Ice and Swerved downhill and crashed into a tree. My parents were killed instantly. I went to the funeral and said my final goodbye to my parents. I think I was the only person who didn't cry. It's not because I was happy or because im a jerk. It's because I was in shock.

I mean my mom was 40 and my dad was 53. They weren't even close to the age of death. After the funeral I fell into depression. Not eating and isolating the world. Social Services decided to put me in Green View Mental Facility until I felt better and got rid of my depression.

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They kept me in Green View Mental Facility until a month after my 16th birthday. I actually started to get better and get past my parents accident. Once the doctors saw I was eating regulary and started to interact with the other patients they realized I was ready to go back out into the real world and when I left Green View I saw a red car out front and my God mom and mom's best friend. Miss May. And I saw a girl about 16 or 17 in the passenger seat looking the other way.

She seemed pissed. I put my duffel bag in the trunk and sat in the back seat. And Next thing you know Im looking at Green View through the rear view mirror. We got into the house and I looked around. An ok sized house. 1 bedroom downstairs and 2 upstairs. 2 bathrooms and a pool outside. I put my duffel bag on the couch and sat down. Amy stood in the door way. I actually got to look at her for the first time. Pale skin. Short black spikey hair Some spikes dyed green Some spikes dies Purple.

A piercing on her nose and gauges in her ears. Not big ones but starter ones. Black eye liner and black lipstick. A Black Veil Bride shirt and a black and red checkered skirt. "What the hell are you looking at?" she said to me.

I just flipped her off and looked at Miss May. "Well." Miss May began "Welcome to our house…we'll it's your house too. I got some stuff from your old house and brought theme here. Ya know clothes, some electronics…and other stuff. John I'm just glad your out of that place. Your mother was a great woman and I know she would have raised hell if she found out you where in a psych ward.

"Mom that's where Psycho's like him belong." Amy said with a smirk. Miss May gave her a dirty look that just vibed Shut the fuck up. Miss May turned to me and smiled "Your room is upstairs on the left. Amy's is on the right. Mine's is down here. I left a copy of the house key on your bed with the other things feel free to decorate the room how you want it.

I heard foot steps which suggested Amy went up stairs. I hugged Miss May and went upstairs. I walked to my room to see Amy going threw some stuff on my bed. I wanted to stop her but her skirt rode up and I saw her black thong. My dick wouldn't stop twitching. I snapped back to reality and cleared my throat. Amy froze and turned around. "What the hell are you doing in my room going through my shit?" I asked.

"None of your damn business she spat. "…It actually is my fuckin business." I said "Fuck you! You fucking PSYCHO!" She said as she pushed me aside and stormed to her room. I was starting to get angry but said fuck it and set everything up and put up my posters. I was too tired to eat dinner so I just passed out on my bed. "Hey Psycho time for school" I heard Amy's voice. I got out of bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. She was in my room looking at a poster for My Chemical Romance.

"That band sucks dick." She said as if stating a fact. "Better than Black Veil Brides." I said as I pushed her out of my room and closed the door. I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. Shaved blonde hair Ice blue eyes and white skin. An ear piercing and a tattoo on my left arm with my aunts name on it.

I still can't believe mom let me get that. After going to the bathroom and brushing and washing my face I walked past Amy's room and stopped.

With her door opened Amy had her back turned towards me…Her NAKED back turned towards me. I saw her front in her mirror.

Her naked tits. Must have been Beginner C's or Full B's. She put on her bra and clasped the front. I walked away with a hard on in my pants. I wanted to Jack off but had no time. I walked down stairs and saw a note on the table with 80 bucks. Dear John Here's 80 bucks to buy stuff for your room. Hope you and Amy have a good day at school. She'll warm up to you just wait. Sincerely Corey May.

I chuckled and crumbled up the note. "Ya she'll open up to me…Bullshit." "Who are you talking to?" Amy asked as I turned around. "No one just thinking aloud." I said. "talking to yourself?.Another sign of a fucking Psycho." She grabbed a cup and poured her coffee and mixed the cream and sugar. When she had her back turned I spit in her cup and looked away.

Amy pushed me out of her way and grabbed her coffee and drink it all down. "Did you like that?" I asked. "Why the fuck do you want to know?" spat. "I just wanted to know if my spit tasted good or not." She look at me wide eyed. "That's what you get, now cut that Psycho shit out." I said going upstairs and grabbing a pair of shirt boxers and a shirt for gym. Miss May kept my school schedule on the fridge.

Amy and I left the house at the same time as me but she walked ahead of me. Almost jogging. I didn't care. I put on my iPod put it on full blast. And jammed out to Breaking Benjamin and enjoyed my walk. But I did have to keep up with her sometimes to not get lost on the way to school. But I did lose her once. And I did get lost. By the time I got to school I missed first period but it was time for my second period Gym. I saw the gym but they didn't specify with the locker rooms.

There were just two silver doors. One was the men's locker and one was the women's locker. I didn't know which was which. I spotted a guy in an Eminem t-shirt getting ready to leave the gym. I jogged to him and asked him which one was which. "There." Said the dude in the Eminem t-shirt pointing to the locker room on the right. "That's the men's locker room." He said. "Thanks." I responded as I walked towards the door and entered it. I dropped my baggy jean shorts and my boxers as I heard the showers around the corner stop.

I was thinking of grabbing a quick shower so I was looking for a towel somewhere and I looked down at my dick. Fair size. About 7 inches with a Steel rod going through the head. It sounds weird but it feels good when you're getting blown. I figured some of the guy's caught a showers before gym started. I heard footsteps coming from the shower area.

But I was horrified to hear giggling. Then I looked to see 1 girl turn the corner with a towel around her body laughing but she stopped and looked at me. The girl had black hair and green eyes and was about my height 5'11 I wondered what she was staring at but then I realized it was my dick.

"FUCK Sorry." I said. I guess the girls heard a man's voice and came around the corner to. Two other girls stood beside the one who saw my junk.

"What the fuck are you doing here!!!?!?!" the short blonde said. "Sorry I said putting on my boxer letting the two others see a brief glimpse or my junk. "Some dude said this was the men's locker room." "Ya he fuckin lied to you." Said the short girl with brown hair. "Guy's he has a piercing on his dick." Said the Dark haired tall girl towering over the two.

They both giggled. "Really?" said the blonde. "Can we see it?" said the brunette. "I only hand on my boxers as I pulled up my baggy shorts. "Fuck this." I said. I walked out of the locker room hearing them giggle and I skipped Gym. I put my shirt and shoes on as I walked out of Gym and snuck in the school library. Some peace and quiet is what needed. I sat in a chair way in the back and put my iPod in when I looked to the left to see this dude around my height with his tongue down this ginger girl's throat and her hand was down his pants.

"Shit." I said. He broke the kiss and looked at me. "Sorry dude." He said. "My bad I'll move." I started to get up. "Nonsense. She has to get back later. I'll see you at my house tonight." He said to the Sexy Ginger girl as he grabs her small perky boobs and smacked her ass.

As she passed by me she waved at me and said hi.

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The guy walked up to me and extended his hand. "Hey im Max." I shook his head. "Im John…John Fields." "I know." Max said. "Amy told me all about the Psycho from down the hall." He said with a chuckle.

"Just call me John." I said. "No Problem." Me and Max talked for a little bit and he was an alright guy. I guess Amy blabbed to him about my parents and we talked about that too.

Turns out his dad died in an accident too and he just lives with his mom. After 45 minutes the bell rang for next period I made plans to meet Max at lunch. The next 3 period sucked and dragged on. One period I had with Amy. When I said hey she made it a point to call me a Psycho in front of everyone and made it a point to say she didn't know me…&hellip.Great. As soon as the lunch bell rang I ran to the cafeteria and Max was waiting at the table next to the door.

I sat down and he could tell I was stressed. "What's up man you seem tense?" Max asked "I just need to relax." I say putting my head down on the lunch table. "Need to get your dick sucked?" Max said looking at me.

I stared at him for a minute wondering if he was serious or not. Finally I said to him "Hey listen…if your offering im flattered but im not gay." He laughed and looked at me. "Im not a fag." He said "But every school has a school whore." This was true. In my last school the whore was named Alex. "True." I said with a shrug.

"And I happen to be friends with that school whore." He said. "I have like 70 bucks. How much would it cost?" I asked.

Laughing again he responded. "No charge man. She doesn't know everyone call's her a school whore. Just follow me and I'll just make it happen." There was about 30 minutes left of lunch so I figured why not.

We left the building and went outside behind the school. "There she is." He said with achievement in his voice. I looked forward to see one of the girls who saw me in the girls locker room earlier today she's the one who got a look at my cock. I noticed her boobs in her low cut shirt. Smaller than Amy's but not that small. She noticed Max and put out the cigarette and rushed over to hug him. "Hey." She said releasing the hug. "Hey Steph." Max said. "This is John." He said introducing me.

"Hey Psycho." She said with a smile. I made a face looking at her. "Easy, John's had a hard day…and it's not even over he still has two more periods left to go." Max said.

"Aww poor baby." Steph said putting her hand on my cheek. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there and nodded. "So I was wondering if you could take care of him." Max said casually. Alex withdrew her hand and looked at him and snapped. "What? No! What type of girl do you think I am?" Max made a fake surprised face and made his defense. "No I didn't mean it like you're a whore or anything.

But I mean you gave me the welcome treatment on my first day. And I mean. Look He just got out of that loony bin and he's still depressed. I think suicidal. I mean taking care of him would calm him down…and maybe make him think differently." Steph gave a worried look and looked at me. "Are you really depressed?" I took it as my turn to lie. Making the saddest I could I put my head down and replied "It's just so hard for me right now.

I don't know what to do." Steph gave a sigh of sadness to me. And said in a cheering up voice. "Well here come with me I'll cheer you up." She said taking my hand and walking towards me. I looked at Max and whispered "it can't be that easy." He laughed and nodded his head yes and walked away.

She walked with me to this little small place outside of school. Surrounded by three walls so we wouldn't be seen. Acting stupid I asked "What are you doing?" without saying anything she attacked my mouth with hers and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Having our tongues dance in each other's mouth for a few minutes made my cock stiff as hell. Putting my hands on her jeaned covered ass and squeezing it.

She took her hand and unbuckled my pants pulling them down. Stroking all 7 inches she stopped and looked down at my dick smiling. "So it is pierced." She said with a seductive smile. "I could take it out if-" She stopped me and nodded no. After being quiet and hearing no one around us she got down on her knees and kissed the head of my cock making me shudder.

Looking down at her she made eye contact with me and swallowed the head of my dick. I tilted my head back and made a sigh of relief.

Putting my hands on her shoulders she made good work of just the head. Licking all around it stopping at the beginning and end of my piercing. I wanted more. She moaned and her head went deeper. I felt every inch of my dick slide into her warm wet mouth.

Then I felt it. My cock in the back of her throat and my balls on her chin. She deep throated me.


If I wasn't holding onto her shoulders to keep me up my knees would have gave out on me. She let my dick slip out of her mouth and looked at me. "Don't hold back do whatever you like." She said.

Sliding my dick back in her mouth and licking the underside of my dick it was too good of a feeling. I grabbed the back of her head and thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth fucking her face as if it was a pussy. Hearing her gag was music to my ears and seeing spit from her mouth drip onto her tits would be on my mind for the rest of the day.

Steph (Still gagging) pointed to her watch and then closed her eyes. I had to cum soon. I started thinking of the sexiest things possible.

Mandy Morbid taking a dick up her ass. Scarlett Pain taking a cock in all three holes. Amy's tits&hellip.Wait…Did I just think of Amy's tit's…Her big perky tits&hellip.Ugh I could feel the cum in my ball's raising. With my eyes closed I imagined Amy sucking my dick right now and me covering her tits with my cum. That thought was too much to bare as I let loose.

"AAARRRGGGHHHH" I nearly shouted as shot after shot of my cum entered Stephanie's mouth and I could feel her throat muscles contrast as she swallowed. After I was done Cumming I stuffed my wet sticky half hard dick back in my boxers and pulled up my pants. And Stephanie got off her knees and asked with a smile "how do you feel?" "I feel amazing exactly what I needed" I said with a smile.

We walked back to the school entrance just as the bell rang.

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"Can you please not tell anyone about this." Stephanie said with a worried look. "I won't…only if you call me John and not Psycho…I can't stand that." Steph kissed me on the cheek and agreed she wouldn't call me psycho.

I walked into Science class where Max was waiting for me. "So, how was it?" He asked. "Dude Ive only known you for 5 hours and you're the coolest guy Ive ever Fuckin met." I said. We laughed as Science started.

The rest of the day dragged on and as soon as the bell rang I bolted out of there. Max and I were going to go to my house to relax. We went upstairs and I went to take a piss. "Hey." Max said through the door. "So I didn't see Amy in her room." Max said. "She's probably downstairs in the kitchen or some shit." I said shaking my dick and pulling up my zipper. "Is it supposed to be just you two in the house?" he asked again.

"Ya." I said. "Then who's the dude in your room?" Max asked again. I Came out of the bathroom in surprise. "What!" I ran into my room to see a shirtless guy in Tripp pants and a bald head going through my dresser draws. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! MAX CLOSE THE DOOR" I screamed. The guy turned around surprised and Max closed the door and stood in front of it.

"Piss off." The guy said turning back around to look in my drawers. "The fuck you say?" I asked running at the guy turning him around and pulling the knife I bought out of my pants and opening it in front of his face. "AAAMMMYYY!!!" the guy yelled. I heard foot prints coming up the stairs and pushing the door open…apparently Max didn't have a lot of upper body strength.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING PSYCHO!" she screamed. "What the fuck am I doing?


This fucker was goin through my stuff." I said still holding onto the knife. "Ya was trying to find a condom! I told him to check your room." She said angry.

"A Condom." I said "Whoa." Max chimed in. "Wait fuck this." I said fed up. Grabbing the bald headed asshole by the back of the head and threw him out of my room.

"You two stay the fuck out of my room!" I slammed the door and sat on my bed. "You good?" Max asked. "Ya, I swear im gunna kill her before I turn 18 man." "Hey relax lets go for a swim." Max said. "I don't have a bathing suit." "Swim in our clothes." He suggested. Leaving my room (And taking my hidden box of condoms under my bed with me.) We stepped to the hallway to hear a series of moaning.

"Sounds like she's getting it good." Max said. I laughed casually but could imagine Amy being bent over her bed topless but with the skirt on and no panties. Having that dumbass's cock driving in and out of her pussy.

I wondered if it was shaven. Or tight. My cock twitched through my shorts. "Hey go downstairs I wanna change into another pair of shorts." I told Max.

Max agreed and went downstairs and outside. I walked over to Amy's room to find out her door was slightly cracked open. I peered inside to see the hottest thing of my life. Amy was on the bed moaning and holding her tit's together as the bald dude pumped his cock in and out of them. He was a bit bigger than me but I was thicker. He had on hand that disappeared in her skirt and she was licking the tip of his dick every time it slid out threw her cleavage.

He gave a few more strokes and moaned as his cock erupted with torrents of cum. Amy kept her mouth open but very little cum landed in her mouth.

It went all over her face and neck. My dick was ready to bust out of my pants but I didn't have time to jerk off. FUCK I thought to myself I'll save my load for later. I turned around and went downstairs and outside. Max was swimming around in the pool and I joined him. We walked out to the pool and jumped in. We just relaxed in the pool and talked about the school. All the girls we would want to fuck.

After a while Max left and I just swam around a little bit. I heard the glass door slide open and closed. I looked over to see Amy. My cock sprang at attention. Wearing a skimpy bikini bottom that showed off her nice ass that jiggled and her bikini bottom that was two sizes too small.

Her tit's looked like they were gunna pop out at any second. "Ugh it's you." She said. "Who else where you expecting…Marilyn Manson?" I asked with a laugh.

"Well I was gunna go swimming but I see the pool has some weird creature in it so I guess I'll just sun bathe." She said sitting on the chair with her iPod and glass's on. God as Bitchy as she is I'd fuck the shit outta her. I went back to swimming but it was hard with my cock standing at attention.

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"Hey!" she said as I turned towards her again. "Why don't you make yourself useful and grab the sun screen in the bathroom upstairs." I was gunna yell at her but something in my mind hatched. I smiled at her "Fine. I'll be right back." I hopped out of the pool and entered the house.

My dick was straining against my wet jeans. I walked up to the bathroom and opened the cabinet to see the sunscreen. I looked at the window to find out I was a direct view of the sun bathing Amy with her head turned to the side.

I pulled down my dick and opened the sun screen and saw the dirty hamper in the corner. I opened it up and I dug through the pile. Finally I found what I was looking for. The black Thong Amy was wearing yesterday.

Wrapping it around my dick I started stroking and closed my eyes imagining Amy's big naked tits wrapped around my cock with the head of it in her mouth. I could imagine my dick sliding right in her tight ass. I couldn't help myself. I opened the bottle of sun screen up and blew my load right into the bottle. Throwing the panties back into the hamper I walked downstairs shaking up the bottle and walking outside. "Here." I said giving her the bottle. "About damn time." She said. "Listen.

It's only been a day and we're fighting. You can keep being mean and a bitch to me but im be nice to you. Because I have to live in this house. I might as well make a friend than an enemy." She removed her glasses and looked at me for a second. She nodded her head but didn't give a verbal answer. She turned her iPod back on and faced the other way. I walked back into the house and back up to the bathroom. I Looked down and once again got hard instantly.

There was the sexy Amy putting the cum sun lotion all on her sexy body. Just when I thought that it couldn't get better Amy sat up and put her hands behind her back and removed her top. He big round beautiful tits came into view as she lied down again. This time I had time to drink them in.

big tits with tiny nipples. I wanted to suck on them so bad. I jerked off one more time aiming for the toilet. I walked back into my room and grabbed my iPod and walking back outside again sitting next to Amy.

Amy turned around so no more boobs but I got to look at her nice juicy ass. I lied back and closed my eyes. A little while after I did that Amy chimed in "hey…you're right let's bury the hatchet. We both have to live in this house so let's start over." I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

"Sounds good." I said. "Do you think you could get my back?" she asked turning over. "Sure. Why not." I said. I grabbed the cum lotion and squirted some in the palm of my hand and rubbed her legs and her back. I wanted to save her ass for last. I squirted some lotion into my hands again and one at a time I rubbed her ass cheeks.

Her bikini sank into her ass crack and I rubbed the lotion into her ass.

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Even with heavy metal blaring threw my skull candies I could hear her moan. I stopped rubbing her ass and put the bottle down. I turned my iPod off and went upstairs.

I looked at the time and decided I had enough time for a long relaxing session. I closed the door and Taking my damp pants off and my shirt I lied on the bed and started to stroke my dick closing my eyes. I imagined Amy standing in front of me. Wearing that black skirt that she wore yesterday.

No top her big tits just feet away from me. She saunters over towards me bending down so her tits are just inches away from my face as she strokes my cock with her right hand. I can see the kinky seductive smile she has on her face. Black lip stick.

Black eye liner and her black and green hair. Ugh God im rock hard right now. She than kisses me. Her tongue wrestles with mine and she starts stroking harder. She starts to kiss down my body as she reaches my cock.

Looking at me straight in the eyes she engulfs my cock her black nail polished fingers cup my balls massaging them. She takes her panties off with her free hand and throws them across the room.

I can feel her tit's on my legs. My cock slides out of her mouth with a wet slurp as she stands up and hovers over me and impales herself on my cock. Putting her hands on my chest for support as she starts to bounce up and down on my cock. God I can't hold it anymore. I snap back to reality and open my eyes as my cum starts to fly out of my cock and onto my chest. I notice something out of the corner of my eye.

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"OH SHIT!" I yell as I see Amy .standing in the door way. She didn't say anything she just walked away. I threw on a set of boxers and used my wet t-shirt to clean the cum off my chest.

I walked to her room and knocked on the door. No response. I returned to my room and stayed there for the rest of the night. I took my dinner in my room and left the plate on the nightstand. I set my laptop up on the study desk next to my closet. I was listening to Green Day and checking my Facebook when there was a knock on the door. "Come in." I said still looking at my computer.

"Hey…" I heard Amy say. It sorta surprised me as I turned around I saw Amy sitting on my bed. She was wearing Black and White Skull Pajamas and a gray tank top. "What's up?" I asked uneasily. "About earlier." She began. "Im sorry. I didn't mean for you-" I said "No I shouldn't have opened the door without knocking." Amy said. I sat on the bed and put my arm around her. "Can we forget that, that happened?" Amy sort of chuckled. "I don't think I can forget that." Then she got serious.

"Can I tell you something?" "Of Course." I said. "I knew you were watching me and David." She said. "David?" I asked. "The bald guy." Amy explained. My eyes went wide. "Im so sorry…" I began. "It's ok…I left my door open so you could see me." She said with a smile. I was confused. "You did?" I asked. "Ya of Course. John…the one thing you need to know about me is, is that I get what I want no matter what I have to do to get it." Amy said standing up.

I was getting hard and I asked "well what do you want?" Amy took off her top revealing her big firm tits. "YOU" she said matter-of-factly as she jumped on me and attacked my mouth with hers. I pushed her mouth off me and tried to make sense of the situation. "Bu…why&hellip.Eh fuck it." I said grabbing her head and shoving my tongue down her throat.

She moaned in delight. I grabbed her ass threw her pajama bottoms and squeezed it hard as I went from kissing her mouth to sucking on her neck. While I was sucking her neck she took off her pajama bottoms but kept on her panties. "I like things rough." She said between gasping breaths. I took the hint and Bit her neck. She moaned hard.

I kept biting and sucking on her neck as she kept withering in pleasure. After about two minutes she pushed my head away she looked at me with her hungry eyes as she commanded me "Take your fucking pants off NOW I want to taste you." I wanted to keep dominance so I pushed her off the bed and stepped out of my Pajama bottoms and my boxers letting my raging hard on stand attention with pre cum dripping off the piercing. "Yum." Amy said with a smile as she licked the pre cum off the head of my dick and gave my cock a tongue bath.

I was in pure heaven. She circled my head with her tongue but she didn't put it in her mouth. After a few seconds of teasing I said breathlessly "suck my cock." She looked at me and with a seductive smile she said "what's the magic word?" she asked. "P-Please." I said as soon as please escaped my mouth she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She only got about five inches in her mouth before she gagged and started bobbing with her eyes closed. I grabbed her boobs and starting pinching and tweaking the nipples making her moan in pleasure.

After a few minutes of A-M-A-Z-I-N-G head I looked down and got a smile on my face. "Is that as far as you can go?" I said more of an insult than a question. She slurped happily away on my dick but she gave a "MHM." Sound as fondled my balls. "Then let me help you with that." I said grabbing the back of her head and slamming it on my dick. She gagged and spit flew everywhere.

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I pushed her head all the way on my cock and left it there until she started to turn blue. I let her head go as she tried to catch her breath I picked her up and threw her on my bed.

I looked at her panties. Black with the words "Little Devil" written in white cursive. In 1 motion I RIPPED them off her to see the most beautiful site.

Her shaven pussy with a piercing threw her clit. Smiled and she looked and me and asked "You hungry?" I nodded as fast as I could ya and dove into her pussy. She screamed in delight as I poked my head up "Quiet!" I said "Don't wake up Miss May." Amy laughed and pushed my head back into her pussy and in between breaths she explained "Mom gets soooo…Oh Yaaaa…So doped up on…Oh Oh Right there…Sleeping pills…She stays…Oh God.Asleep No matter what." When I heard that I thought to myself "Than its time to really make this bitch scream." I started to attack her clit.

Licked and sucked that thing for all it was worth sometimes stopping to tongue fuck her or finger her. All the while she while she was making music of her own. "oh God&hellip.Oh GOD…RIGHT THERE&hellip.Ah Such an amazing Eater&hellip.Eat my pussy baby&hellip.Oh GOD IM CLOSE PSYCHO IM CLOSE!" Ignoring her comment I stopped completely "Why Did You Fucking Stop?" She asked catching her breath. "Beg me." "What?" She asked. "Beg me to let you cum." I said. I took my left hand and started to rub her clit to give her sparks of pleasure but not hard enough to give her waves of pleasure.

Amy shook her hair out of her eyes and said "Please…Oh God Please let this slut cum. I'll make you cum even hard if you let Me Cum Please Please PLEASE." It was music to my ears as I bent down and started to violently suck her clit and humming while I did it the vibration on my voice was enough to send her over the edge. "OOOOHHHHHH GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD PPPPSSSYYYYCCCHHHOOOOO!!!!!!" I put my mouth over her pussy and drank every trace of cum she let out of her pussy. She even tasted bad ass ahah if badass has a taste.

After she was done Cumming I stood up with my hard on and picked her up and slammed her on the wall. She wrapped her legs around me and shoved my cock into her tight pussy. I could tell the piercing was a big help because she was singing soprano. "OH MY GOD JOHN" She moaned. I dunno what came over me but I bit her neck and said "It's Psycho!!!" I started to Jack Hammer into her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and just moaned and moaned. Her big tits bounced up and down and my balls we're slapping against her ass cheeks. I turned her towards the Full sized mirror in my room. So I could look at her big juicy ass Jiggle as I plunged her down on my cock. I knew her pussy was gunna be sore so I decided to shove my cock in the one hole it hasn't been in yet.

I dropped her on the floor right next to the mirror so she can look at herself getting fucked. "WAIT!" she screamed. "I'll be right back." She said.

She left her room and came back with hand cuffs. "I always wanted to use these." She said with a kinky smile. She got back in the same position and gave me the hand cuffs. I put the on her hands and that just made it that much easier. I spit on her crack and ass my spit passed her asshole I pushed a finger in it. Yup she was an ass virgin I saw her eyes in the mirror go wide as she gave out a loud shriek.

I whispered into her ear "Im gunna fuck your virgin ass…How does that sound slut." She moaned and her only request was that I go slowly. I grabbed her torn panties off the floor rubbed them all over her wet pussy and shoved them into her mouth as I shoved my cock all into her ass as she screamed which was muffled by the panties. I shoved my cock back into her pussy one more time to get it wet than I slowly entered her ass this time.

Every minute I slid it in another inch and her moans turned from those of pain to those of pleasure. I looked at her again in the mirror. Her eye liner and mascara where running down her face. I laughed as I started to fuck her all slowly and little by little I picked up the pace until I was jack hammering her ass watching her Ass Jiggle and bounce every time our pelvises met.

Her mouth was open and her panties fell out of her mouth but she was screaming and begging for more. So I happily obliged. I took my cock out of ass till it just had the head in and then I rammed it back into her sweet ass.

She screamed I did this for a little while than I took my cock completely out to see her ass gaping open. Then I shoved it back into her ass and pulled her hair back so she was looking into the mirror "See this slut!!!.See yourself getting fucked in the ass&hellip.Slut you fucking love it DON'T YOU!!!" Amy breathlessly replied "John you really are a psycho aren't you?" "Damn right I am Cunt." I replied as I pulled out of her and turned her over as I stuck her tits together putting her cuffed hands over her head and shoved my cock between her tits and started fucking them for all they were worth.

I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was gunna cum soon. Amy sensed it too as she said "Psycho look at me." We made eye contact as I groaned and let all my cum fly out of my dick. The first two lines hit her forehead and hair and the next 3 lines hit her mouth. The next 3 lines hit her cheek, the bridge of her nose and in her hair.

And the last shot of cum hit her mouth.

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She swallowed and I uncuffed her hands. We laid on the floor for about 5 minutes. She crawled to her top and pajama bottoms. She used my old shirt to wipe the cum off her face. She crawled over me and kissed me on the mouth. "Does this mean we're dating?" I asked. "Damn straight. Fuck Dave I want you." She said smiling as she stood up and slowly took baby steps to her room.

I was too tired and spent to get u and go to my bed so I just lied there on the floor and went to sleep.