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Hot redhead babe loves to ride him
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Author's note: This is a resubmission of a love story between two best friends that happen to be parent and child. I've changed small pieces of the story. There are other non-incest themes in this story. Other themes include: Huge age difference, swinging and/or cheating spouses, and interracial sex. Editing thanks goes to Todger65.

Denise's Year Chapter 1 "He took the house!" a hysterical, crying, Denise frantically told her son Henry, on the phone. "Wait, what?!? What are you talking about? Who took the house?" he asked. "Wayne! He left me and took the house from me!" She cried. "He left you?!?" "Yes and now I don't have a place to go! I can't believe he did this!" she said, sobbing into the phone. It was December 23rd and Denise's husband, Wayne, had filed for divorce.

In some scheming, manipulating way, he was able to use his lawyer superpowers to screw her over, legally stealing her beautiful, large, upscale Miami home right from under her.

It was all very confusing to her. Tricking her a few months prior with random paperwork, he was able to put the house in his name. When Wayne served Denise divorce papers, she asked him where he would be staying. He explained that he wasn't going anywhere since it was his house now.

Showing her the paperwork made it all too real that she had been royally screwed over by this garbage of a human being. Garbage of the worst kind would be adequate to describe Wayne. He was short, probably five and a half feet tall, 48 years old, and a bloodsucking, corrupt lawyer.

He never smiled, never touched his wife, he never said anything friendly. He had 'little-man' syndrome. It was a horrible seven year marriage.

There was clearly no love or romance there. But he was wealthy, powerful, and that is what attracted her. Denise was 30 when she married him. Now at 37, she found herself sobbing uncontrollably on the phone with her 21 year old son, Henry. She wasn't even upset about him leaving; she was just upset about the house.

She loved that 4000 square foot beauty. It was a final gift of love from her first husband before he passed away. As an 18 year old college student she had an affair with one of her professors, Curtis, as she quickly started calling him. He was older, around 60, and close to retirement age she couldn't get enough of him.

She didn't know why. Perhaps there was something about his smile, his gray hair, his tall stature, his pudgy belly. Perhaps he reminded her of a father figure, something she never had, or perhaps it was his sparkling personality. It didn't take long for Denise to seduce Curtis. Her long, thick, nearly black hair, her big golden light brown eyes, perfect little nose, and a smile that could brighten the darkest of rooms was enough to have any man she wanted.

Her body was icing on the cake. Curvaceous, sexy, ample, she had DD size breasts; a glamour model appearance.


Seduce him she did. Curtis, ending his marriage, moved Denise in with him. He helped take care of Henry, he funded her graduate school education, and he also bought her some new breasts - upping slightly to a perfect teardrop shaped triple D size.

That old man was in heaven, with a sex drive that couldn't be satisfied, except with a woman who was equally as horny. They married when Denise was 21. It was a time of bliss for both of them. Henry was a happy boy, and his mother was happier. She got into fitness and started doing some modeling shoots on the side for a few years.

It was great extra income when she was in graduate school. She loved it too. Posing in bikinis, traveling to exotic locations, meeting all sorts of people, coming home to a wonderful old man that loved her dearly and a young son she loved more than anything. She remained faithful despite many temptations from photographers, male and female fitness models, and various people she would meet in her travels.

Denise became a Pediatrician at age 28. She felt she was on the right track to providing her son with a great life. As it is in life, there was a hiccup - somewhat sad, but inevitable. Her husband, her old college professor, passed away from complications after surgery that same year. As he lay in the hospital bed before surgery he smiled to his young wife, motioning her to move quickly.

She took off her high heels, pulling the sheet off the bed. She gave him the most loving and pleasurable blow job that she could. When he finished in her mouth, she licked and kissed his pudgy stomach, pulling the sheet back up, cheerfully leaving him alone for the night. The next morning Denise and her son Henry, then 12, stopped by the hospital to visit Curtis before dropping Henry off at school.

He asked if he could have a chat with Henry alone. Denise, kissing his forehead, obliged leaving the room. "I want you to remember that your mother loves you more than anything in this world. You are her rock, and her shining star. Everything she does, every long trip she goes on, or long hour she works at the hospital, she's doing it for you. I want you to remember that when you reach your teen years and you are tired of her nagging or just want to be left alone or allowed to go out with friends.

Remember her love for you, and maybe, be a little nicer to her, help her with things, you know?" Young Henry nodded, taking those words to heart.

It's almost as if his adopted father knew something that he or his mother didn't. Perhaps it was just nerves getting the best of him before surgery. Either way, that was the last time they saw the old man. He left everything in his ownership and bank account to Denise. She was sad and heartbroken, but she had Henry. They got by just fine as Denise knew they would. For many months it was him and her alone in their home. Laughing, playing, having a wonderfully fun time. She remembered Curtis with fond memories, continuing on with her life - her son.

The following year she met Wayne, and that's when things changed. It was a girl's night out. At the urging of her best friend Holly, they went to a few places before staying at the last club the longest. Denise, in her short, tight, red cocktail dress spied Wayne from across the bar staring at her.

She flashed him a quick smile, noticing the suit he was wearing, martini in his hand and sophisticated look on his face. He made his way to her and asked her to dance. They danced for several songs, staring intently in each other's eyes. Wayne never smiled. Within two hours, Wayne was undoing his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, and Denise was on her knees in his bedroom hungrily sucking his cock.

He threw his shirt to the floor, guiding her up on to her feet. He grabbed her by the back of her head, kissing her hard and forcefully. He spun her around, unzipping her dress, sliding it to the ground. He pushed her onto his king size bed, smirking, stepping out of his pants.

Without saying a word or kissing her again, he climbed onto the bed, grabbing her by the hips and began to mercilessly pound her from behind. "Ahh! Ahh! Yess!" she screamed out with each powerful thrust. Denise would grip the sheets on the bed, as Wayne grabbed her huge tits from behind. He'd then force her down on to the bed. With her head lying sideways on the mattress, she could see Wayne behind her in her peripheral vision. He still didn't look happy or joyful; he looked angry, angry as he brutalized this woman's pussy from behind.

He looked controlling, dominant, and powerful. Several minutes later he grabbed Denise's hair, pulling her upright. Still clinging to her hair, he kept thrusting into her. "Ahhh!" she cried out, not really in pleasure, but a little bit of pain too. Wayne kept going and eventually finished in her, thrusting a few more times after his orgasm subsided. He wasn't wearing protection. He got a vasectomy for his 21st birthday.

He hated kids. After Wayne was done, he pushed her back down on the bed and got off her. He headed to the bathroom to clean up. She lay there writhing, still feeling unfulfilled and horny. Having never been taken like that before, she wanted more and more and more. So she kept seeing Wayne, much against her friend Holly's warnings. They were married several months later. There was no wedding, just the signing of a marriage license. Denise knows why she did it.

She did it for her son. Wayne was wealthy, and combined with her own salary and fitness model income; she wasn't too bad off herself. It was a strategic move on her part his too. He knew what she was worth, he knew about the house she had been left. He wanted to increase his assets and value. He was a typical scumbag. However, Denise was in love, but not with Wayne.

She loved her son. She watched him grow, prosper, succeed, and become a man. He became the type of man that treats a woman how she deserves a loving, caring, selfless man. She beamed with pride as he graduated high school at the top of his class, she beamed with pride as he graduated from college with a degree in computer science a year early, and she beamed with pride as she thought about all these years with him and how good he was to his mother.

The marriage to Wayne was nothing. A few years into it, there was no sex, rough or loving, there was no joy, and there was hardly any Wayne. He was always working and rarely around. It was nothing. Denise and Henry had no loving relationship with him. She wondered if anyone had ever had a loving relationship with him. He had no family, hardly any friends, nothing.

During Henry's teen years he and his mother were alone most of the time. They'd laugh, and play cards, video games, watch movies, and even jokingly flirt with one another. He'd pick her up, easily twirling her around, causing them both to become dizzy. Or they would have a tickle fight. Denise would usually win because Henry was so ticklish on his sides. She pinned him down, straddling him victoriously while sticking her tongue out at him. Sometimes she'd fall asleep in his bed after a Friday night of quality time.

She'd wake the next morning with a smile on her face as she looked down to her son sleeping next to her. He was the only bright spot in her life. Shortly before his senior prom, Denise asked the 18 year old Henry if he was attending. "Nah, not interested." He replied. "What?!? You aren't going? Can't you find a date?" she asked. "I probably could, I'm just not interested in lame dances." " I'll be your date!

We'll have fun and you can even grab my butt while we dance!" Denise enthusiastically teased her son. "Ha! Or I could now!" He said, chasing his mother around the living room, catching her, and then spanking her heart-shaped, toned, bubble butt a few times. She would squeal then afterward sit in his lap with her arm around him. He would flip on the TV and they would sit like that for a while. When Henry left for college she was devastated and lonely. That's when the affairs started.

So easily she made friends, so easily could she have any man she wanted. She did just that. There were many nights out with her best friend Holly and their circle of friends; including a few one night stands over the course of a couple years, nothing serious, until she met Tyrell at the gym. He was an 18 year high school student. He was black, tall, athletic, and had just earned a full football scholarship to the University of Florida.

It only lasted a few weeks, but it was intense. Denise loved spending time in his room when his parents were out. She felt naughty and mischievous. She would throw her head back and look up to the ceiling causing her hair to reach down to the top of her butt crack while she rode his black cock to orgasm. Tyrell would reach up, grabbing her big tits, "Ah yeah," he moaned as she ground herself back and forth on his deeply embedded cock.

It was about three weeks into their fling when Tyrell's parents came home early one evening. "Quick hide!" he exclaimed, nearly throwing her off the bed. She landed with a loud thud, her naked body crawling under his bed. She waited there for 15 minutes as Tyrell's mom came into the room. She smelled something, perfume, and a muskiness she recognized.

Denise left the house humiliated and a little amused. Tyrell's mother was yelling at him in the background as she put her clothes back on and walked out the front door. "So much for that little adventure," she thought to herself. She and Holly would laugh about it for awhile. Every time Henry would come home for holiday or summer break the two of them wouldn't leave each other's side. They would go out to eat, or to movies; it's like they were best friends.

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They'd spend time in the pool, playing, splashing, and silly flirting. He'd throw her around in the water and she would try to tackle his 6 foot 5 frame to no avail. He would get out of the pool to head inside and she would pull his swim trunks down. She'd get a good laugh and tell him to shake his butt for her, he smiled and shook his head as he hurriedly pulled his shorts up.

A few summer nights found them alone in the pool. Henry would be treading water in the deeper end and Denise would be hitching a ride on his back with her massive DDD tits smashed into him. He'd park himself at the pool wall and she'd slide off his back and move to his front. He was in shallower water so he could stand, but it was deep enough so that she couldn't, so she straddled him.

She'd rest her hands on his shoulders and they'd chat for what seemed like hours. Sometimes they wouldn't talk much at all. Denise would run her hands over his shoulder and chest, straddling him, looking into his face, thinking about how beautiful he was and how lucky some woman will be one day. Sometimes she'd hug him tightly in the water, smashing her breasts into his chest as she played with his hair, occasionally peppering his shoulder and upper trapezius muscle with kisses.

He'd run his hands up and down her back, stopping just where her bikini bottom started. It was very tender, sweet, and loving. Two and a half years later, she was on the phone crying to her Henry. "I don't know what to do!" "You're coming to stay with me is what you're going to do." He replied. "I can't Henry, I don't want to impose." "Mom, seriously. You're staying with me and that's that. Now get over here!" "I don't know darling, I really don't want to get in the way." "You won't be.

You can stay with me and I'll make sure you have whatever you need. I can go buy stuff you can use to cook my dinner or clean my apartment. It'll be great!" Denise couldn't help but laugh. He was so funny, so charming, and so sweet to her. "Well, in that case, I would love to cook for you again. And maybe clean a LITTLE bit." She laughed. "Great! So you'll be here soon?" "Yes baby, I'll see you soon." Denise replied. She hung up the phone, forgetting about her house situation for a few moments, thinking about how wonderful it'd be to stay with Henry.

She wiped her tears and smiled. Chapter 2 She stood at her son's apartment door at 9 pm on December 23rd waiting for him to let her in. She was wearing a dark blue turtle neck and tight black jeans. Henry opened the door with a huge smile on his face. She ran into his arms and started crying. He had to bend down to hug her, since she was a foot shorter than him. After a few seconds he stood straight up, taking her feet off the ground, walking backward into the apartment with her.

He set her down on the ground, feeling her body shake from restrained laughter. "You're so silly." She said, wiping her eyes. "It's good to see you he Mom," said, lovingly looking down to her face, his hands still on her waist. "It's good to see you too," she said, reaching up to play with a lock of Henry's hair. It had been September since she last saw him. He had the same dark brown hair like her.

His eyes were a light blue color, easily able to trap a woman into staring at them for hours as Denise has almost done a few times over the years. He looked like he had been working out. He didn't have the body of a bodybuilder, but he was lean and muscular. He picked up her bag from outside and locked the door.

Denise stood looking around the apartment, then back at him as he set her bag down. They spoke at the same time, interrupting each other. "Well I have three " "You look great son " They both stopped, laughing at each other.

"You first," Denise said. "I have three bedrooms here. You can choose whichever one you want to sleep in." "No, you have two bedrooms. Two are open, one can be taken by you." "Don't argue with me woman! You can sleep in any of these three bedrooms, including the one that I'm in, if you like." Denise couldn't help but smile at him. "I see," she said, approaching him to jab at his side playfully.

"I was thinking we could sleep in my bed tonight. You know, to catch up, chat, and snuggle and crap." "No I'd rather crap in the bathroom, not your bed." "Ha! You know what I meant, you silly lady." He bent down to hug her, holding her tightly as he picked her up again, her tits smashing against his t-shirt covered chest.

He set her down, trying to release the hug, but his mother wouldn't let go. They embraced for a little longer. "You smell good." She said, closing her eyes. "Thanks. I bathed a couple of weeks ago." He joked, kissing her cheek, ending the hug. Denise laughed again, already starting to forget about Wayne and that nightmare. But later in the evening, she'd start thinking of it again, going into great detail of the situation to her son. They sat on the couch facing each other, talking on until after midnight.

"The ironic part is that I was planning on filing for divorce next year. I wanted to make sure you were finished with college and out on your own," Denise explained, caressing Henry's left hand that was resting on her thigh.

Henry outstretched his arm as she snuggled in close on the couch. "Well, look on the bright side. You have your friends, you still have a job, and you still have money in the bank, right?" "Yes, but you're forgetting something." She said, wrapping her arms around his torso. "Oh yes of course, you still have your health and you're, uh, beauty" he jabbed at her waist causing her to jump.

She sat up facing him. "Well thank you, darling, but I was referring to something else." "What?" He looked genuinely confused.

"You, silly!" "Oh, right, yeah I guess." He shrugged. "What do you mean you guess?!? Come here." She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him in tight.

She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, "I love you." "Love you too," he patted her back. "You ready for bed?" she asked him. "Yep, you're sleeping in mine, right?" "I sure am!" "Ok great, I'm going to use the hall bathroom, you can use mine and I'll meet you in there in 10 minutes." Around 10 minutes passed. Henry was sliding into his bed, wearing long pajama pants and a t-shirt.

His mother exited the bathroom wearing pink silk shorts and a matching tank top. "Nice." He said as he looked her over. She shook her head and smiled, climbing into bed with him. She snuggled up into his arm, resting her hand on his chest. "So you sure I'm not imposing? I could've stayed with Holly, but she's married, has a kid and a bunch of family over for Christmas…" "I told you it's fine!" Henry interrupted.

She began rubbing her hand up and down his stomach as she continued, "Do you have a girlfriend? I'd hate to be over here if she came over and wanted some alone time with this gorgeous hunk of man meat." Henry burst into laughter. "Wow! No I don't have a girlfriend." "Mmm good. That means mommy has you all to herself." Denise looked at him smiling, trying to contain her laughter.

He looked back at her and they both started giggling. She tickled his side furiously. "Ok! OK! That's enough," he said, holding her arm out so she couldn't tickle him anymore. They settled down and talked a bit more. They chatted about his hectic work schedule and how it's kept him away from visiting her, his idiotic former roommates, their Christmas plans, she admonished him for not having a Christmas tree put up, she asked about food and so on.

They decided to eat what he had in the apartment, then go to the store on the 26th. She was able to bring his presents, but they were in her car. He had one for her. They decided to exchange them on Christmas Day morning. "Getting a little sleepy here," he said. "Me too. It's been a horrible day, but it has ended nicely," she said, moving up to kiss his cheek.

"Well good. I like these shorts by the way. I'm guessing you wore them so it would make me want to grab your butt. You failed, because I will not grab it. I'm sorry." She fought to contain her laughter, faking disappointment, "Awwww, please? Please grab it?" she made a pouty face. He shook his head, "Oh all right!" He squeezed the cheek closest to his hand and then slapped it a couple times.

"There. Now, I'm going to sleep." Denise smiled, chuckling to herself. "You're so silly." She rolled over and fell asleep in his arms.

It was a wonderful end to a horrible day. Chapter 3 Both Christmas Eve and Day were pleasant. They spent the days together eating sandwiches and whatever else they could find.

By the evening of the 25th there was nothing left to eat in Henry's apartment. They watched movies, cuddling on the couch; they held hands as they went on a few long walks. Later in the evening on Christmas Day they exchanged presents. Denise got him new boxer shorts, socks, and a gift certificate to a men's clothing store. Since Henry is horrible at buying presents, he got her two gift certificates - one to Victoria's Secret and one to another women's clothing store.

She made fun of him for the Victoria's Secret certificate. He shrugged it off, claiming he had no idea what to get her.

He figured since she was a woman she may want to get something from that store. All in all it was two best friends of the opposite sex enjoying each other's company. They just so happened to be mother and child. The next day they both had to go back to work. Since Henry lived about an hour away from Denise's former home, the commute to her work was a little longer, maybe 35 minutes instead of 25, but she didn't care.

When she got home, she discovered Henry had already gone to the store and he was in the process of cooking spaghetti. She smiled at him, "He's so amazing," she thought to herself. She helped him finish cooking it; they ate, and then cuddled on the couch to watch TV. The next night after dinner, Henry spoke up, "So mom, I was thinking I would take you out for New Year's Eve." "Take me out?" "Yes, like, to dinner perhaps?

I know a nice place we can go. It'll be fun. We can go eat and come back here and watch the ball drop. It'll be nice to get you out of the apartment," he explained. "Hmmm, well, ok!" She perked up. "I'm looking forward to this! So will it be a, uh, you know, date?" she asked, jabbing his side. He laughed, nodding his head. "Sure why not." That night, in his bed, she thought what dress she would wear their date.

Her hand was under his t-shirt, slowly circling his stomach. On the 31st Denise went to her former home to pick up a few items. Wayne was in the basement, she didn't speak to him, and she didn't acknowledge him. She packed boxes and left. She had a wonderful evening to prepare for; Wayne wasn't going to bring her down. A wonderful evening it was.

Henry wore a shirt and tie and black slacks, his mother in a somewhat long, sleeveless, black dress with a good bit of cleavage showing. "That's a lovely dress by the way. You look great in it," Henry complimented his mother, sitting at the candle lit table. It was a fairly expensive restaurant that Henry made reservations for a few days prior. Denise blushed, smiling as she sat. After dinner they had coffee, sitting and talking for a couple hours.


They got home at 11:30 pm. Denise sat on the couch drinking another glass of champagne, her black high heels off and her feet tucked up under her bottom. Henry joined her, sitting next to her with his own glass. He turned the TV on, the two of them sitting in silence for a few moments.

"I think this new year will be better for you Mom," said Henry, smiling at his mother. "Yeah! I think so too," she replied, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "By the way, you don't have to kiss me if you don't want to." "What do you mean?" Henry asked with a puzzled look on his face. Denise chuckled, "Are you serious? At midnight?" "What about it?" "Don't you know of the tradition at midnight on New Year's?" "What tradition?" he asked.

"Oh my…" she shook her head, "when the ball drops and it strikes midnight, if you are with someone, you drink then give each other a kiss. I can't believe you didn't know about that." "Well, I'm not the most sociable creature. I haven't done much dating or New Year's parties," he tried to explain.

"It's ok baby. That's the tradition, but you don't have to go through with it." "Well if it's tradition, now I gotta!" "No! You don't have to!" Henry shrugged, "Might as well. It's no big deal Mom. So how does it work? Ball drops, we sip our drink, and then a kiss on the lips?" She chuckled, "Yeah pretty much. Are you sure want to do that?" "Yeah it'll be fun. It's just us after all." He said, repositioning himself on the couch to face her.

"Alright well you better get ready, 10 seconds." "Ok I can do this!" he cheered himself on as the TV counted down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. They counted with the TV, saying happy New Year. "Ok, so now we drink," Henry said, doing so along with his mother.

"Right," she replied, sitting her glass down. "And now, " he cleared his throat, "this." He moved closer to her, as she smiled at his silliness.

As he got within inches, she stuck her tongue out, wiggling it around. "Hey! I'm trying to be serious." Henry cried out. "Well so was I! You don't like tongue?" Denise countered. "Mom, come on.

Ok?" "Ok," she sighed. Henry moved closer, slowly moving his hands to her face, holding it gently; he moved in and kissed her lips softly, sweetly, for about 5 seconds.

It was beautiful, loving, and precious. "There. See that was nice." He said, sitting back to his original position, grabbing the remote. Denise looked on in trance, her eyes wide open. "Yeah, nice…" She whispered, slowing turning to face the TV. "Wow," she thought to herself, glancing over to her son as he laughed at something on the TV.

She smiled to herself, leaning into him; he put his arm around her. About 30 minutes later, she got up and went to change into her pajamas. She felt weird, not really in a bad way, but weird nonetheless. Perhaps she was a little uncomfortable at the electric tingles she felt from his kiss. As a result, she felt the need to sleep alone that night. "Hey baby, I think I'll sleep in the other room tonight," she said, peering around the corner at Henry still sitting on the couch.

"Oh ok, I see, you're sick of me already. I get it." Henry replied, pretending to be offended. "No!" his mother laughed, "I just figured it'd be nice to have more room sometimes. We can share a bed on another night." "Ok Mom, no problem. I'll see you tomorrow!" Denise said good night and headed to the other bedroom. She changed into her pajamas then slid into bed. She touched her lips, smiling, rolling over to drift off to sleep. Chapter 4 January was filled with joy, laugher, and dates with Henry.

It's like he was home from college for the summer. They would joke around, flirting with each other, all in good fun. Since they usually talked for hours when together, they typically only shared a bed on the weekend, just like they had done when he was home on break and could sleep late the next morning. They would chat, laughing until well after midnight, falling asleep in each other's arms.

Denise even managed to drag her son shopping. She used her gift cards to buy a few things. She was happy, the anger she felt from losing the house diminishing each week.

February 14th was one of the best days of her life. The evening, however, was fraught with confusion and self-doubt. Flowers arrived for her at work, a bouquet of roses from Henry. He added a note saying he loved her, explaining that he made reservations at the same upscale restaurant from New Year's Eve.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled, putting the roses in water. The meal and company were wonderful as usual. He wore a new shirt and tie Denise picked out for him on one of their shopping trips a couple weeks earlier. She wore dark blue, almost black from a distance, dress that ended at her knees. It had long sleeves. They shared a dessert, and then left the restaurant holding hands, laughing as they chatted.

Back at his apartment she poured him another glass of wine and sat next to him on the couch. They sipped a little, as Denise looked around the room.

"Can we move this coffee table out of the way?" "What for?" "So we can dance." She replied. "Oh no. No, I don't think so.

I'm not dancing to that crazy hip hop stuff you and your friends dance to when you all go out." Denise laughed, "No silly, I meant a slow song." "You want to slow dance with me?" "Sure, I think that'd be a great end to a great Valentine's evening. Don't you? A nice dance with my wonderful date." "Alright," he shrugged. "Great!" She got up to move the small table out of the way. She kicked her high heels off, sitting on the floor to examine his collection of music in the cabinet next to the TV.

"Crap, crap, crap, and more crap. All this music is crap." She said as Henry rolled his eyes. "Ooh here's one that might work." She opened the CD and popped it into the player. It was a best of the 90's collection. She navigated to the track she liked and it started playing. It was Linger by The Cranberries. Maybe not a perfect song to slow dance to, but it'll work.

Denise held out her hand to her son, who grabbed it and stood. She smiled up at him, wrapping her hands around his neck as he placed his hands on her waist. They moved in circles slowly, looking into each other's eyes. Near the end of the song, her smile faded, and her heart beat faster and faster.

It was a beautiful moment and she couldn't process it. When the song ended, Henry bent down to hug her close. All she could do was thank him for a wonderful evening.

"No, thank you. I had a great time," he paused, looking down into her eyes, "You really are a beautiful woman, inside and out, and I'm glad I was able to spend Valentine's with you." Denise fought back tears, holding him in a long embrace.

He ran his hands up and down her back, stopping just short of the rise of her butt. She closed her eyes, smiling as they stood there for a few moments. It felt peaceful and it felt like home. She turned her head, kissing him slowly on the cheek. When he started to straighten back up, she kissed his lips. It was a reflex action, she couldn't help it. Except he was too slow to straighten himself and she kissed him again, a quick peck on the lips.

He smiled and looked in to her eyes. She caressed his face then closed her eyes, kissing him a third time. It was a harder kiss that lasted a little longer than the one on New Year's. When it was over Denise looked downward, resting her head on his chest. She sighed, admonishing herself for doing that.

She felt stupid. Henry just stood there running his hands up and down her back. "I'm going to head off to bed." She patted his chest, backing away.

"Thank you again for this wonderful evening Henry." She said, trying to mask her embarrassment. Henry nodded, smiling as he watched her exit to her room. She closed the bedroom door behind her, not bothering changing out of her dress. She flopped down on the bed and rolled over.

"Why did I do that? What was I thinking? So stupid! I was just caught up in the moment. Ugh! Maybe it's no big deal, maybe that's just how we'll be. We'll give each other a sweet kiss on special occasions. Yeah that's it. So what if I felt another electric tingle, I mean, it was nice. Really nice." She thought to herself, trying to make sense of what happened.

"He's wonderful, and I love him, and it was just a kiss on a special night. That's all." She rolled to her other side, drifting to sleep, still feeling uneasy about the situation.

Chapter 5 "Are you sure you don't want to go out with us this weekend?" Denise asked her son, hugging him from behind while he was eating his cereal in front of the kitchen sink. Her friend Holly had been bugging her for a few weeks, reminding her that she needs to get out more and move on from Wayne. She had moved on from Wayne, she was more upset about the house. "Yep," he quickly replied. "Why not make it a birthday thing, you know?" "Because my birthday is today, and you said you were taking me to dinner tonight, right?" "Well, yes, but…" "Then that can be all the celebration I need," he said, putting his dirty dish in the sink, turning around to face his mother.

He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her head. "Alright, I gotta go. See you tonight." After he left for work Denise thought about the evening ahead. "Ok so it's a special occasion, I'll give him a sweet, little kiss on the lips. That's it. Nothing to it. A nice little 'I love you' kiss." It was unusually warm for Miami on the evening of March 18th Henry's birthday.

Denise wore an off-white, simple, spaghetti strapped dress that came to her knees. There was, as was the case with most of her large dress collection, a fair amount of cleavage showing.

Dinner at the same restaurant they had used before went off without a hitch. However, as is the case, plans don't always pan out the way they were intended. Denise had it planned out: a wonderful dinner with her son, followed by quality time on the couch, and then a sweet kiss goodnight. That was it. It was going to be great. Such a simple plan can be complicated when too much alcohol is consumed. Back at the apartment, after dinner, Denise was working on her third glass of wine; Henry on his second.

He sat on the couch, watching her giggle in the kitchen. She made her way toward him, not sitting next to him like she had been. Instead she hiked up her dress to just below her crotch and straddled him much to his surprise. He simply laughed it off, tilting his head back, resting it on the top of the couch, looking up at her. "Are you ok? I'm not too heavy am I?" she asked.

"Nope, you're fine." "I'm not too bony?" "No. You feel great. I mean, well, you know what I mean." He replied with a chuckle. "Yes I do, silly boy." She said, running her fingers through his hair. "Are you sure you don't want to come out with us this Saturday?" "Mom, I'm sure." He said slightly annoyed.

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"You never know, you might meet a cute girl," she said, starting to undo his tie. "Oh yeah?" "Yep," she tossed his tie to the side.

"I don't know, maybe I'll go out with you all one day, but I'm just not into all that." "I 'd really like you to go. You'd have a great time with us." She said, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt.

"I guess that means Holly would be there, right?" "Don't you worry about her, I'll make sure she keeps her claws off you." She said, unbuttoning two more buttons. "Good." He closed his eyes, leaning back. "Yep, I'd make it clear that you are with me. We'll be dancing the night away. So much fun!" "Maybe so Mom." Denise unbuttoned another button and Henry looked down to see his open shirt. "Hey, what are you doing?" "Nothing." Denise replied mischievously, running her hands over his chest.

"Uh huh, " he smiled, rolling his eyes, as he lay his head back. Denise leaned down to kiss his cheek, peppering his jaw line with a few more. "Happy birthday darling." She said, caressing his face, looking into his eyes. "Thank you," he replied, smiling weakly. Then she did it, she kissed him on the lips. But it was too fast, too hard, not what she had imagined. She didn't imagine she'd be straddling him on the couch either, but the wine changed that.

It lasted about 4 seconds. When it was over they peered into each other's eyes, Denise's thumb still on his cheek, holding his face. It may have been several more seconds before she closed her eyes and inched forward to kiss him again, slowly this time. Just as their lips were about to make contact, Henry's cell phone rang on the table next to the couch. It startled her a bit, her eyes popping open; she could see that his eyes were closed.

A second later he opened them and reached over to answer his phone. Denise sighed, getting off his lap, walking toward her room as he answered a question to a coworker who had to work late on a project.

She turned around, looking at him so see himself adjusting his pants where the crotch was. "Sure. Yep, I saved it on the shared drive. Should be there. Ok, no problem," Henry said into the phone. Denise was putting on a white tank top and a pair of Henry's old boxer shorts that she used for pajama bottoms.

She loved to wear boxers and Henry gave her several pairs since she had given him new ones for Christmas. She heard a knock at the door as she was sliding into bed. "Mom?" "Come in." she said flatly. "Hey. I just wanted to say good night and thanks for a great birthday." Henry said, standing in the open doorway. She smiled in an attempt to hide any awkward tension between the two, "Oh, well goodnight baby, I'm glad you had a good day." "Yeah," he smiled.

"Ok well sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow. I love you" "I love you too," she smiled back, watching him close the door. She sat there for a few moments before sliding under the covers.

"What is going on here? What's wrong with you? Why was he adjusting his pants? You wanted to kiss him again didn't you Denise? Why? This is stupid!

You're just confused and lonely, that's it" she thought to herself, pondering the situation for over an hour before sleep took her. A few days had passed. Things were a little different between the two of them. The vibe in the air was the equivalent of two coworkers hanging out after work and they may have flirted a little more than was appropriate.

The coworkers realized this and not wanting to get in trouble at home or the office, they had an unspoken agreement they would remain professional and friendly. She told herself she wouldn't kiss him like that ever again. They stepped on a line and thankfully did not cross it. This caused some sadness within her. Sadness that turned to something entirely different the night before her and her girls went out. She saw Henry naked. It was an accident of course. Denise came home from work earlier than normal.

Henry was already there as usual. The last few days had been hard for her. Since her decision to never kiss him like that again, she was feeling a little blue. She didn't bother calling out to him, announcing her arrival, she just wanted to get into her pajamas. As Denise entered the apartment, she thought she heard something in his bedroom. She kicked off her shoes on the carpet, sneaking to his half open door. Her eyes widened and mouth dropped open. Denise tried to look away, she yelled at herself to turn around and run, but she was frozen.

She stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating, and her eyes didn't blink. She couldn't take her eyes off it. He must've just masturbated in the shower, that's the only explanation for its size in its half erect state. While she had seen bigger before, there was something different about his that she couldn't put her finger on. Henry was drying his hair, the movements of his arms causing his penis to dangle back and forth. She was hypnotized by it. It was a miracle when he tossed the towel on the bed and moved to his closet to pick out some clothes, she was able to snap out of her trance and slowly walk backwards.

She kept backing up until she backed into the wall making a thud sound. "Mom, you home?" Henry called out. She coughed, clearing her throat, trying to pretend she just got there.

"Yeah, I'm here. Left the office early." "Oh ok cool. Hey I'm going out for pizza with some buddies from work, want to come along?" he asked from inside his room's closet. Denise was pleasantly surprised by his invitation; she knew he was trying to dissolve any lingering tension from the birthday kiss. Since she was too embarrassed to even look at him, she declined. "Um, no, no thanks, I'm good. Feeling a little tired." She called out from the kitchen. He exited his room fully clothed, "Ah, right.

Tomorrow you and your girls are going out. Gotta rest well for all the trouble you'll get in." She turned away, opening the fridge, pretending to look for something so she didn't have to look at him. "Heh, yeah that's right!" She faked a chuckle, grabbing a water bottle, heading toward her room.

"Have a good night! See you tomorrow!" The rest of the night all she saw was his penis. It was burned into her retinas. By midnight the image had changed some. It wasn't just a large penis, but the abdominal region above it and the toned thighs to the left and right of it. She closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip. She rolled over to one side, then to her other. By 1 am, the image had changed to include Henry's chest.

She rolled onto her back, attempting to force her eyes closed. She got out of bed and paced around the small room a bit. By 2:30 am she was seeing his entire male body his face wasn't visible. She admitted that the vision was indeed gorgeous, but would not allow herself to masturbate to it, "I will not rub my clit, I will not rub my clit…" she kept saying in her mind. She eventually dozed off at 3am. Around 10 am the next morning she woke up. Immediately the penis popped back into her head.

She was alone in the house as Henry had met up with some friends to play Frisbee football. Denise held her mug of coffee, standing at the very spot she saw his cock. She looked into the empty room, replaying the event over and over.

She saw him standing there drying his hair, the towel obscuring his face. In her daydream, he finished drying his hair and tossed the towel. He then looked back at her and smiled. That's all she saw for the next several hours, her nude son standing there with a half erect cock smiling at her. Denise was miserable. She went to a nearby gym she had joined and worked out extra hard. It didn't help. In fact, as she was doing crunches she felt a "coregasm" building.

She occasionally got those, as some women do. She normally let it happen, enjoying it, this time she immediately stopped her crunches, moving to the lat pull down machine. She was afraid that if the coregasm overtook her she'd have Henry on her mind.

Denise managed to avoid her son most of the day. As evening arrived, she left slightly early to meet her friends.

She had showered, did her hair, and slid on faux-leather black dress with only one strap. There wasn't much cleavage, but one breast appeared less covered due to the way the single strap angled upward. It was like a sling almost. The tight dress came down to her mid-thigh. She was on her way to meet her friends at a restaurant. Afterwards, they'd go to a club or two. By this point she felt truly ridiculous. She felt stupid for thinking about what she had seen the previous day.

Her mood lightened slightly and she was able to make fun of herself. "Cock, cock, cock, I love cock," she sang out in the same style that Will Ferrell sang the scotch song in the Ron Burgundy movie her and Henry had recently watched on TV. "Big, fat, cock. Juicy, yummy, cock," she sung to herself alone in her car. She shook her head, laughing. "You're an idiot Denise." Humming the little song in her head as she approached a stop light, she watched for it to turn green and thought about Henry again.

"Henry's big cock." She sang slowly as she envisioned it again. "Such a lovely cock," she whispered in the same style of the scotch song. She sighed, shaking her head as the light turned green. "So how are things sharing an apartment with Henry?" Holly asked as the four friends sat a table waiting for their food. "Good, good, not too bad." "How's the sex?" "Holly! Ugh…" Denise rolled her eyes as her other friends laughed. Holly chuckled a bit.

She was always known for having a dark sense of humor. The 43 year old, 5 foot 4, blonde was wearing a spaghetti strap brown dress that caused her equally impressive fake breasts to be a main focal point. "What? Just saying if he was my son and I moved in with him, I'd be very bad mommy." Holly continued, always going for shock value.

"Does she pick on you like this?" Denise turned, asking their other friend, Claudia. "Sometimes, yes! She's crazy," replied the 34 year old of Puerto Rican descent.

She was wearing a vibrant red dress, coming down to mid-thigh, with part of her lower back exposed. It went beautifully with her light brown skin and jet black long hair.

At 5 foot 3, her breasts weren't enhanced like her friends, but she had a gorgeous, muscular ass largest of the women. "Well have you at least seen him naked, Denise?" Holly asked as Denise's heart stopped, her eyes widening. "Ha, well based on that reaction, I'm guessing you have!" "It was nothing, it just an accident. With roommates it's bound to happen," Denise explained. "Details! How big was it?" Holly prodded. "Holly, knock it off!" Their other friend, Marie, spoke up. She was the tallest of the group at 5 foot 10.

Her hair was short, cut in a style that could work on a teenage boy. She was able to pull it off and make it look cute and sexy. She had recently joined the fake tits club, thanks to her 50 year old doctor husband. Her implants were more circular and less teardrop shaped like Denise and Holly's. "She knows I'm just messing with her," Holly said, squeezing Denise's hand.

"But seriously, how big was it?" Denise just rolled her eyes, "I don't know. I didn't measure it." She sighed, choosing her words carefully. "He could probably satisfy a woman, ok?

I'm leaving it at that, let's change the subject." She told Holly sternly. "Fine. So girls, do we have a plan in place if one or all of goes home with a guy tonight?

I'm in the mood for some black cock. Jon doesn't have too many videos of me with a black guy." Holly said. "What's Jon doing tonight anyway?" Marie asked. "Probably his girlfriend! He met a cute little college girl last month. He's with her tonight, but I told him if I brought home a guy I would text him so he could hide in the closet and film it," Holly spoke about her husband and their wild, swinging, lifestyle.

"Hard to believe you two are ok with all that," Claudia pondered. "Hey, we're in love and trust each other. I've been hoping Denise will let me bring home Henry one day, but." Holly trailed off as Denise shot her a look.

They finished up at the restaurant then headed to a club, where they stayed for awhile. Upon seeing it was fairly dead for a Saturday night, the lovely ladies headed to a different one. It was nearly midnight. Denise sat at table with Marie while Claudia and Holly danced with a group of guys.

She had been thinking about Henry. She wondered what he was doing and if he was asleep yet. The thoughts of seeing him naked had diminished. She only thought about going home to him and snuggling on the couch or in the bed.

"Marie, Denise, I want you to meet Ed and Zack. Ed you're the tallest so you get Marie and Zack you dance with Denise." Holly said interrupted Denise's train of thought. She pushed Zack in her direction. He smiled and waved awkwardly. A few minutes later they were dancing to the fast club music.

They made small talk as they faced each other. He was 24, a grad student, and was recently dumped by his girlfriend. "Ugh, so boring, I hope Henry is ok." Denise thought to herself, pretending to show sympathy for Zack.

She looked around the room, and past Zack's shoulders. She couldn't see Holly anywhere, Claudia was dancing with a very tall black guy, probably a Miami Heat basketball player, and Marie was making out with Ed who looked about the same age as Zack. She shook her head, looking away not meaning to see her friend like that. "You ok?" Zack asked.

"Mmhm, I'm fine," she replied, turning around to dance to a new song. Zack grabbed her hips as she gyrated into him.

"I wish it was Henry dancing with me, we could have so much fun," she thought as Zack moved his hands to her stomach. "I could teach him how if he was afraid of this type of dancing," she said to herself, moving her hand up behind her, around Zack's neck. She closed her eyes and continued grinding into Zack.

She could feel his breath on her neck and she let out a moan, "Henry, I miss you," she thought. She hadn't thought of Henry's penis for awhile, that is, until she felt Zack's erection in between her butt cheeks. She kept on gyrating and grinding to the music. "Yessss," she hissed, but Zack luckily didn't hear her as the music was so loud. She gripped Zack's neck hard and placed her free hand on top of his as it rested on her stomach. Back and forth they were moving to the music, they looked like they were dry humping just like most of the other people in the club.

She slowly moved his hand to her right breast. It was the breast that was slightly more exposed due to the sling strap nature of her black dress. She heard Zack groan, but pretended it was Henry. She tried stopping herself, but couldn't. She thought of Henry again, saying his name in her mind. She thought about dancing with him like this, causing him to ejaculate. She tried to stop but couldn't.

It was like trying to not think of elephants. Zack kissing her neck didn't help matters. She tilted her head to side a bit and he continued to kiss along her neck line as they danced. "Mmmm," she let out a moan, pretending it was Henry kissing her neck. She was interrupted from her trance by Claudia. "Hey Denise!" she yelled over the loud music, startling her friend. "We gotta go! Holly just threw up in the bathroom." Denise nodded and turned around to thank Zack. Taking her off guard, he kissed her, licking her mouth in an attempt to get his tongue inside there.

She backed off and pushed him away. "Whoa! I gotta go…" Zack asked for her number, but she just kept walking, pretending she couldn't hear him.

"What a crappy night." she thought to herself on the way home. It was a little after 2am. She felt stupid for thinking of Henry while dancing with Zack. "Idiot! What's wrong with me?" She stood in Henry's doorway watching him sleep in his bed. He was out cold. After a few moments, she whispered, "I'm sorry baby." She headed to her room, changed clothes, and went to sleep feeling nothing but shame.

Chapter 6 April was another interesting month. The relationship between Denise and her son hadn't changed from the courteous and friendly vibe it had become. The tension was still there though. Denise could feel it, surmising he could too. They weren't as affectionate and no longer slept in the same bed. Denise thought about his naked body daily, though less and less each day.

She thought about that night dancing with Zack occasionally, but tried not to, as she was so ashamed of her thoughts. Near the end of the month, the tension has lessened.

Denise had, in a way, forgiven herself for recent thoughts. She and Henry gradually spent more time in the same room together.

They'd watch TV more often and were more talkative. They were sitting on the couch one evening sharing a pint of ice cream. It had been ages since both of them had any, so they didn't want to overdo it.

She spoon fed him a bite here and there, while he watched TV. "So, this weekend, I'm going out again. I'd love if you came with me." Denise said, trying to keep their friendly momentum going. A casual invite to hang out should do the trick. "Ugh…I think I'll pass." "Please?

It'll be fun!" She said, eating another spoonful of ice cream. "No. And if you ask me one more time, I'm going to kick you out of my apartment." Denise laughed heartily, "Oh really?" "Try me." "Henry, will please go out with me and my friends this weekend?" "Nope." He pointed to the door. "Leave." She stuck out her bottom lip to pout. "Please, please, pretty please?" He slowly reached over to grab the pint of ice cream, setting it on the table. He turned and faced his mother.

In a rapid movement he dove into her, grabbing her sides and picking her up as she squealed. He carried her over his shoulder to her room, throwing her on the bed. "Start packing, woman, time for you to leave!" "No!" she cried out like a stubborn child, bouncing on the bed.

She grabbed Henry by the back of the head before he could stand back up and pulled him down to her; she reached around and started tickling his sides. She had him now. There was no way he could escape. She kept tickling him into submission. He writhed and rolled around on the floor as his mother pounced on him. He flipped around on his back, with Denise straddling him. She held his hands to the floor, trying to keep him from tickling her. With his hands pinned to the floor she hovered over his face, her red tank top covered breasts smashing into his chest.

"I've got you." She smiled wickedly. He sighed and smiled back. Seeing his smile made her so happy. It was as though they were getting back to the way things were. "So are you going with me or not? It'll be fun not to be stuck in the apartment Saturday night, won't it? We can dance, and talk, and hang out. You know? It's been awhile." Henry nodded, acknowledging that they hadn't really hung out in the last month.

"Please? For mommy!" Denise asked again, bending down to kiss his cheek. She thought she could feel something stirring in his shorts, but it may have been his belt buckle.

"I just hate going to places like that. It's crowded, I can't move around freely. You know?" "I know baby, but I'll be there, I'll make sure you're comfortable." "If I go," he continued, "I'm going to have to be slightly drunk to deal with it." Denise laughed, "Is that right? Well, I'll make sure you are buzzed and feeling good, alright?" She asked inches from his face. "Fine. I'll go," he rolled his eyes, annoyed at the situation. "Yay!" she cried out.

She released his hands to hug him, wrapping her arms around his head and holding him tight. This caused her breasts to smash even harder against his chest. They would lay like that for a few moments. Henry ran his hands slowly up and down her sides and back. It felt like old times, those summer nights in their pool. She again thought she felt something in his pants, but just assumed it was his belt. Henry then lifted her red tank top, just slightly, so that that her lower back was exposed.

He traced his middle finger up and down the lumbar vertebrae. Denise smiled, closing her eyes as she lay there on top of him. "I like this. I really like this. I wonder if he does too? I wonder if this makes him aroused?" she thought. "Stop Denise," she told herself, but her admonishment didn't come as quickly this time. She wasn't as angry with herself either. "Ok get off me." He said, spanking her bottom. She obliged and they stood up. "Alright, well I gotta shower and head to bed." Henry said, exiting the room.

"Ok, see you tomorrow." She watched him leave, unable to stop smiling. That was a great night for them. She felt they reconnected a bit. She told herself that she wouldn't kiss him on the mouth and she would just relax, have fun, and enjoy this whatever this was. She lay in bed that night thinking of them dancing at the club.

She pictured the two of them dancing, with the possibility of feeling his erection. "I wonder what it would feel like? I bet it's really big when fully erect. I wonder when he last had sex?" she thought as she lay there looking up at the ceiling in the moon lit room.

"Stop it Denise!" she said aloud. She rolled over, eventually falling asleep with a smile on her face. Chapter 7 The brand new club was packed full. It was Saturday night and this was the grand opening weekend. Denise, Henry, Marie, and Claudia all sat at the same table. Denise looked beautiful in a strapless tan colored short dress.

It had a darker flowery pattern to it. Her hair was pulled back into a cute pony tail. Holly joined them a few minutes later when her date arrived. Holly introduced the group to Rodney, a tall, hugely muscular, black man.

She finally found a black guy for her husband to film her having sex with. Denise was relieved since this meant she may not have to worry about Holly getting her nasty hands on Henry. Henry was already buzzed by the time he asked Claudia to dance. He had been looking at her all night. Her gorgeous brown skin, highlighted by the sexy low cut white dress.

He took a swig of his rum and coke and asked her. She said yes without hesitation. This made Denise feel a twinge of jealousy. "Do you want me to dance near you in case you get claustrophobic or something? It is pretty crowded in there. I can help find a path out for you." Denise asked, pulling at his arm, as he and Claudia walked to the dance floor.

"Nah I'm good," Henry replied with a glazed look on his eyes. Denise sighed, looking around for that predator Holly. Thankfully she didn't see her. They were best friends, but Holly had made somewhat inappropriate remarks about Henry ever since he was in high school. This always bothered her. Deep down she knew why, she just hadn't yet admitted it to herself. Denise continued chatting with Marie and a little while later Henry and Claudia returned.

She noticed he had his right hand on her juicy, plump, ass. She looked away, trying not to be annoyed. But she was. "You got him next Marie," Claudia said, handing Henry over to her. Denise turned back toward Claudia as she heard this, she was fuming. "What about me?!?" She thought to herself. "Ugh. Guess she figured he wouldn't want to dance with his mother, so she handed him to that slut, Marie.

Figures." Denise looked around the room, and still saw no sign of Holly. A long while passed and Henry hadn't yet returned with Marie. Claudia went off to dance with a few people. Eventually Denise grew tired of sitting alone. She turned down several men that asked her dance. She had enough and she got up to look for them. There were two bars in the club, one at each end.

As she made her way through the crowd of people she ended up near the other bar. She saw Marie, in her hot pink and white striped dress, sitting on Henry's lap as they drank a shot. "Hmmm…ok," she thought to herself as she made her way closer. Since it was so crowded it took her forever to push through all the people. When she finally got in yelling distance, they got up and headed in the other direction into the crowd.

"Shit," she shook her head and made her way back into the crowd. It seemed like 10 minutes before she saw Henry again through the jungle of people. However, he wasn't dancing with Marie, he was dancing with Holly! Her date, Rodney, must've left. She pushed and pushed through the crowd. She saw Holly's hands grabbing her son's butt. They were laughing about something, their faces inches from each other.

Denise's face was red with anger. As she approached, Holly looked to her side and saw the angry mother charging through the crowd.

"Oh there you are! You're turn!" She said, pushing Henry in Denise's direction. He smelled like rum. He was dizzy, he could barely dance. She couldn't dance with him like this.

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The fun evening she planned of reconnecting with her best friend after an awkward birthday kiss was ruined. They made their way through the crowed, meeting up with the others. "We're leaving," Denise said with an angry look on her face as she and Henry finally reached their table.

Claudia was the designated driver so she took out the keys to her SUV. Henry draped his arm around his mother as they walked back to the vehicle. Denise pushed a very drunk Henry into the back seat, climbing in next to him.

He rested his head on her shoulder. Unfortunately Holly did not sit in the passenger side front seat. She got in the very back with Denise and Henry. Denise rolled her eyes, looking out the window as they rode along.

She thought about how foolish she felt, she thought about how the evening sucked, she thought about how she shouldn't have let him drink so much, and she felt shame for secretly wanting to feel his erection against her. She wiped her watery eyes, continuing to look out the window.

That's when Henry whispered to her. "Don't stop mom, that feels nice," he whispered in her right ear. "What?" She turned her head slightly to her right. "It's ok to get a little fresh with me, we're adults, you know?" What was he talking about?

"You're such a hot, sexy, woman. Keep going." Keep going? She turned to his face and saw a look of a total drunk. His eyes closed, his head tilted backward on the seat, and movement in his lap. Denise looked down and saw Holly's hand down Henry's pants. It was moving up and down; she was jacking him off. "That's not me, son!" she angrily whispered to Henry. "Holly! Stop!" she grabbed her forearm, squeezing it hard, then pulling it out of her son's pants. "Stop it! Now!" she yelled at her, in a whisper as to not draw attention to the situation.

When her hand was out of his pants, she pushed Holly away, back up against the window on her side. "Ow!" she said, looking out her window in her own drunken stupor. Denise glared at her with clenched teeth. To her, their friendship was over. Claudia dropped them off. Denise didn't say goodbye, Henry turned and waved at her though. Once inside, she plopped him on the bed, and started to remove his tie and helped him unbutton his shirt.

He unzipped his pants and she pulled them off. There was no erection this time. "Hey there. Hey. You wanna have some tonight?" He drunkenly asked. Denise didn't answer, she was helping him get into bed. "I know you're my mom, but you are a hot woman!

Know what I mean? " Henry slurred, rolling onto his back with his eyes closed. Denise just sighed. "Don't be shy Mom, it's ok, really. Come on. Come give me some lovin'." He said as he Denise walked to the door. "Goodnight, Henry," she said, turning off the light, leaving him alone. She sat on the edge of her bed and cried for a good 45 minutes. Chapter 8 Henry was embarrassed, profusely apologizing the next day. She asked if he remembered anything from the evening and told her that it was mostly a blur near the end of the night.

She believed him, feeling a huge amount of relief. Maybe he didn't remember asking for some "lovin'." Maybe he didn't remember getting a hand job from Holly, only to think it was his mother. She wasn't sure and she didn't want to broach the subject. She felt shame, guilt, and embarrassment for both of them. So after his apology, they moved on, and rarely spoke or looked at each other for the next couple weeks. It was almost as if there was some kind of fear keeping them from being close.

They were both acting as if they were afraid something would happen if they got too close to one another again, avoiding each other as best they could.

"Maybe all the alcohol that night made him say things to me that had been bottled up. Maybe he wanted to have No! Stop it Denise." She couldn't even finish her thought. Her thoughts have betrayed her enough in recent weeks. Thinking about him nude, fantasizing about silly things like dancing against an erection, it was just so stupid. Henry bought her a bouquet of roses on Mother's day, and nothing else. While it made the tension less thick, they still didn't look at each other too much, and didn't talk as much as they did.

They had also stopped going out to dinner or the movies. It's like they were avoiding whatever was going on between them. Henry, however, did invite her to attend a Memorial Day weekend cookout his work was having.

She smiled politely and declined. Denise thought more and more about possibly moving out. But she was unsure. She didn't want to leave without some kind of closure. Was there more to their relationship or nothing at all?

June was a long month, full of analyzing and over-analyzing the situation. Denise had come to the conclusion that she would move out sometime that summer, but she wanted to end their roommate situation on either good terms or really good terms. She couldn't ignore the fact that something was there. What caused it? Was it the kisses they shared earlier in the year, or had these feelings been latent all along?

She was starting to think it was the latter. So for her birthday, June 27th, Denise decided they would spend that weekend together. No Holly, no other friends, just him and her. She thought back to his drunken ramblings in April, "If something happens then something happens." If nothing happened between the two of them, she would spend July looking for a new place to live, perhaps a house to rent.

She would finally have closure and they would be back to mother and son friendship hopefully. If something did happen, if those drunken ramblings were his hidden secret desires for her, then she wanted to get them out in the open and explore it. She knew the only way to do that was to spend time with him.

"So what are you doing for your birthday next week, Mom? " Henry asked as he put dishes away. "You going out for a night on the town with your friends again?" "Well, that's what I was going to talk to you about. I would prefer to spend my birthday with you." "Ah, well, alright.

What'd you have in mind?" he kept doing the dishes not facing her. "We could go to the movies, out to dinner, whatever you wanted." "Whatever I want? It's your birthday though. So shouldn't it be whatever you want?" "I suppose you're right." She said, moving close to him.

"So what do you want to do? We can do anything." She thought about the last time they went out and how the evening was ruined. This time she wouldn't have her friends around. Holly wouldn't be there, it would only be the two of them. "Dancing," she blurted out. "Oh?" He raised an eyebrow, turning around to face her.

"I don't know about that. I ruined the evening last time." Denise just chuckled, looking to the floor. "Yeah, you did." "I'm so sorry Mom," he replied. "You've already apologized. So don't worry about it." He nodded, "I promise I won't drink any this time." "We can drink, just in moderation.

One of us will need to be the designated driver." She said, inching closer to him in the kitchen. "I will," he answered immediately.

"It's your birthday, you should have a few drinks." "Maybe I'll drink too much to get you back for last time!" She joked, jabbing at his side. "Hey!" he smiled down at her. They both looked into each other's eyes for a moment. "Can I have a hug?" Denise asked. "Of course!" he smiled, bringing her close to his body. He felt so warm, she missed this so much. She closed her eyes and thought about how much she loved him.

"Thirty-eight, eh? Wow. You don't look a day over 30." "Thank you, Henry," she whispered, her eyes still closed. He broke the hug, "Well I'll be your chaperone and make sure you get home safe. They'll be hundreds of men trying to dance with you. As long as you save one dance for me, then it's ok." Denise laughed, slapping at his stomach. "Ok silly." She was going all out. If this was the last time she and Henry would hang out before she left later in the summer, she wanted it to be epic.

It was her 38th birthday. She wanted to be the sexiest thing in that club. She wanted every man to look at her and want to be with her. If that meant her own son, then so be it. She wanted to be more fun than Holly, she wanted to be sexier than Holly, and she wanted her boy to see that she was. She was going to wear a hot new dress, she would be irresistible. If, Henry had some latent desire for her, she would bring it out.

She knew in the back of her mind that if something happened between the two of them that it would potentially alter their lives. She ignored those thoughts. "Mmm," she moaned as she looked at herself in the mirror, burying any thoughts of shame.

She turned from side to side examining her bombshell figure. Instead of her long straight hair, she curled it a bit. She brushed her wavy locks off her shoulders, smiling at what she saw in the mirror. Her hair was perfect, her dress was perfect, her tits were perfect, and her ass was perfect. "If there is ANYTHING at all going on in that boy's head, tonight it will surely be made known." She said, sliding her hands up and down her sides, squeezing her breasts.

She would blow Henry away with her dress, with her dancing, and with how awesome she was or at least thought she was. "If I was a man, I wouldn't be able to resist me. Maybe Henry won't be able to either." She thought, as she no longer admonished herself for thinking this way.

She looked in the mirror, nodding, realizing what having this strategy admitted about her own feelings toward him. "You ready baby?" Denise said, entering the living room to find Henry sitting on the couch. His mouth dropped open; the look of shock on his face made her giggle a bit. "Uh, yeah, I am. Wow." "Like my dress?" She asked, twirling around for him. "Is that a dress or some kind of lingerie from Victoria's Secret?" he asked, bewildered by what he was seeing. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't," she mischievously replied.

There was some truth to his question. She didn't purchase it from Victoria's Secret and it wasn't lingerie, but she could see how one could think it is. The dress was a fuchsia color and it came down to her upper thigh. It wasn't a strapless dress, but the straps looped behind her neck, similar to a halter top. It left her upper and middle back exposed. The amount of cleavage shown was insane. The dress was cut so low in the front that you could see all the way down to where her covered abdomen began.

"Let's go," she smiled at Henry. He didn't move for a few seconds as he watched in awe. He eventually got up and headed toward the door. It looked like he had seen a ghost. Denise grabbed her purse and they left the apartment. She was walking a few feet in front of Henry on their way to the car.

She turned looked back at him. He smiled and nodded awkwardly, with a look of what could be fear on his face. She turned around, smiling to herself, wondering if he was looking at her tits. The sides of her breasts were bare and could easily be seen from behind.

Chapter 9 Denise sighed, looking down to her freshly coated fingernails, standing next to Henry as he chatted with a very tall brunette named Alice.

Denise was having a horrible time. Henry was too nervous or scared to talk to her much less dance with her. Denise sipped her drink at the bar, looking at the crowded dance floor. It had been two hours since they arrived. She was bored out of her mind. She rolled her eyes, trying to think of something to get Henry to stop talking to this girl. She couldn't believe Alice had the nerve to approach Henry, introducing herself, never once considering that Denise might have been Henry's date.

Denise sighed again, hearing Henry and Alice laugh, when she saw a man approach her. He was black, a few inches taller than her, had long braided hair, was displaying a soft, friendly smile, and was breathtakingly gorgeous. He was wearing black slacks with a dark purple dress shirt tucked into them. "Hello," he said, standing inches from Denise's face.

"I'm Ulysses. Would it be alright if you and I shared a few dances?" he asked, looking directly into her eyes. Denise was speechless for a few seconds. She couldn't take her eyes away from his.

"I, uh, well," she stammered, looking up at Henry as he chatted with Alice. "Sure, I'd like that," she answered, turning away from Henry to stare into Ulysses' big brown eyes. "Wonderful," Ulysses replied. "Should we inform your friend here?" Denise nodded, turning to poke Henry in his side, pointing to Ulysses and the dance floor. Henry smiled, returning the nod, continuing his conversation with Alice.

Ulysses extended his arm to Denise. She smiled, wrapping her hand around his large bicep, following him into the crowd. She looked back at Henry who was buying another drink for Alice and frowned. Suddenly she felt Ulysses hand on her waist. Her frown turned into a smile again.

She rested her arms around his broad, muscular shoulders. "I'm Denise by the way. Nice to you meet you." They danced for several songs, constantly looking into each other's eyes, occasionally glancing to other facial features. Ulysses never once placed his hands on her ass, tried to kiss or fondle her, and was a complete gentleman. After a new song was starting, Ulysses pulled Denise in close, resting his hand on the small of her back.

He whispered in her ear, "Thank you for dancing with me. Would you like to return to your friend now?" Denise glanced around the room, spotting Henry smiling and dancing with Alice, she sighed. "No, he is busy now. We can keep dancing if you want." "I would love that." Ulysses whispered, continuing to hold Denise close to him, running his fingers gently over the exposed part of her back. "You are making this night for me in Miami quite enjoyable. Thanks again, Denise." Denise smiled, closing her eyes, gyrating her hips against his, "You don't live here?" "No, I live in Atlanta.

I return there in two days. I am here on for a quick job." "What sort of work do you do?" Ulysses chuckled, stalling to answer Denise, "Well, I," he paused.

"I'd rather not say." "Aww, come on. What do you do?" She smiled, rubbing her large breasts against his chest to the rhythm of the music. Ulysses sighed, shaking his head, he answered, "If you must know I'm nearing the end of a two week photo shoot assignment. I'm a fitness model." Denise shook lightly in his arms, trying to contain her laughter.

"That wasn't so hard to tell me, now was it? I used to do some modeling to." "Well I can believe that. You are quite beautiful. My thing is, I just don't like telling people because I don't want them to think I'm an arrogant snob or stuck up. You know?" "Mmhmm," Denise replied, stepping back a few inches to look into Ulysses' eyes again.

They smiled and stared at each other for a few several seconds. It seemed like an eternity. The sparks were undeniable, except Denise's thoughts went back to Henry, breaking her trance. She looked around the room, trying to find him.

"Are you with him tonight?" Ulysses asked. "No, I mean, yes, but we're not together. We rode here together and were going to hang out, but," Denise explained, trailing off. "He started talking to that other girl?" "Yes. Again, we're not together or anything. I guess I was hoping to hang out with him more.

It's actually my birthday." "Oh wow. Well happy birthday!" "Thank you." "I'm sorry he started chatting with that other girl. But, if you are ok with me being a substitute, I would be honored to hang out with you tonight." Ulysses said, caressing her cheek with his index finger then placing his hand back on her lower back.

Denise glanced over in Henry's direction, watching him dance with Alice, then turned back to face Ulysses. "I would like that," she said with a soft smile. "Your dress is certainly very sexy, Denise.

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However, I feel it may be too much. Were you thinking he may pay more attention to you if you wore it?" Ulysses asked. Denise simply nodded, looking downward. "You looked sad. I could tell from across the bar.

That's why I approached you. I thought in some way I may be able to make you smile." Ulysses explained, smiling to Denise. "Well it worked." Denise replied, chuckling softly. "Denise, if you say no to this question, I wouldn't blame you.

Would you care to go someplace less crowded and a little quieter?" he asked. He looked too humble, respectful, and safe. Denise's looked to Ulysses' eyes, her own eyes perking up, and brought her hand to gently caress his face.

"I would have to tell him." "What's his name?" "Henry," Denise answered. "Ok, well, how about you tell Henry you met a friend and are going to hang out elsewhere and you'll meet up with him later.

Would that work?" "Absolutely, "Denise answered. "Where are we headed?" Ulysses taking her hand, squeezing it gently, looked into her eyes with that same soft smile from earlier, "My hotel room." Chapter 10 "Alright Mom, I'll be back later tonight," Henry said as he waved goodbye and left for his July 4th dinner and fireworks date with Alice.

Denise's fuchsia dress lay neatly folded over the back of the chair nearest to the bed in the moon lit hotel room. She collapsed on Ulysses' chest, her sweaty body still shaking from yet another orgasm. He gently ran his fingers through her hair.

Both of them were tired. It had been over three hours since they arrived at Ulysses' hotel room. When they arrived Denise turned to him, smiling, watching him slide the top part of her dress off her breasts. She knew she was in for a long night when Ulysses took a breast to his mouth, sending shivers down her spine as he suckled on it.

The next few hours consisted of Denise losing count of the orgasms she attained from riding him over and over again, rolling around on the mattress, making love to this chiseled black statue. Ulysses kissed her head, his cock still embedded in her quivering pussy.

"You're beautiful Denise." "So are you," she replied, propping herself to gaze into his sleepy eyes. "You're in love with him aren't you? With Henry." Ulysses asked, taking her off guard, causing her eyes to shoot open.

Not giving her time to answer, Ulysses continued, "I was in love with someone too. Sometimes I think I still am. She's a colleague. I just wrapped up the photo shoot with her here," he explained, running his dark brown fingers through Denise's equally dark hair. "I never told her. I wanted to so bad, but I was afraid," Ulysses explained, looking down to Denise's chest, his hand caressing her left tit.

"We hide things in our eyes," Ulysses said, looking to Denise's. "I looked there and I could see you love him. I saw it in his eyes too. I caught him looking over to us as we danced. The look in his eyes told me how he felt. He's afraid too." Denise slowly nodded, her eyes tearing up.

"Please don't be afraid Denise. Have more courage than I did. Tell him how you feel." Ulysses said, bringing his hand to her face. "Thank you for spending the night with me. You are beautiful in so many ways, you deserve him and he deserves you. You must first conquer the fear." Denise nodded, closing her eyes, letting a tear fall of her jaw line. Ulysses wiped it with his finger and kissed her shaking lips.

"Can you do me a favor?" he asked. "Before we go to sleep, can you pretend I'm Henry?" Denise's eyes widened, "No, we can't. Your hair is long and different than his." Ulysses chuckled, "Close your eyes and don't touch my hair then.

Please?" Denise sighed, glancing down to Ulysses' muscular stomach. "I don't know if I should, he's my-" "You're friend. I understand," Ulysses interrupted her. "We can pretend though can't we? Perhaps it'll give you temporary fulfillment." Denise nodded slowly and closed her eyes, facing upward to the ceiling.

Ulysses slowly kissed along her neck causing her to shiver. He powerfully thrust upward, holding his cock against her cervix, causing Denise to moan deeply. His black skin washed away, leaving a white complexion. His hair fell out and re-grew to be shorter, just like Henry's. She opened her eyes and stared into Ulysses'.

Their dark brown color changed to blue, his nose, lips, and jaw line changed to match Henry's. She was staring in her son's face. Her lips quivered, another tear rolled down her cheek, grabbing his face, she kissed Ulysses harder than anyone she's ever kissed before.

He kissed back with an equal amount of force. He rolled over on top, taking her with him, grabbing her leg and throwing it around his waist. He began to deeply, lovingly, passionately, make love to Denise. With every powerful thrust of Ulysses' cock, she cried out for Henry, saying his name. She came within seconds with Ulysses not far behind. He moaned, his sweaty body shaking on top of Denise's. Denise, her eyes welling up with tears again, clutching Ulysses tightly, "I love you," she said to Henry.

Ulysses skin darkened to its original dark brown, his hair returned to the long braids, and his face returned to normal. Denise smiled into his dark brown eyes, gently caressing his face, smiling. "Thank you," she whispered. Ulysses smiled at her, kissing her softly, his tongue slowly lapping at hers. He rolled to his side, facing Denise.

They made out for another 30 minutes before falling asleep in each other's arms. Ulysses put his rental car in park, watching the early morning sun begin to rise. They were back at Henry's apartment complex and Denise was almost done servicing his cock. She had been slurping and sucking all over it since they left his hotel room 45 minutes ago. Throwing his head back, letting out a slow moan, Ulysses ejaculated in Denise's hungry mouth.

"Mmmm, so good, so very good," He complimented Denise, running his fingers through her hair while she sucked out the last bit of semen from his cock. "Yes it is!" Denise exclaimed, sitting up, wiping a bit of sperm from her lip. She started to chuckle, reaching over to grab the weakening cock by its base. "What are you laughing at?" Ulysses asked. "Nothing, It's just you have a really nice dick." She giggled, leaning down to give it one final kiss on the tip.

"Thank you. Also, thank you again, for a wonderful evening." "No, thank you. For everything. I had an amazing birthday. You were a perfect gentlemen, you practiced safe sex, you are sweet, tender, and lovable. I'm very glad we met," Denise replied, taking his face in her hands and kissing him softly on the lips.

Ulysses smiled warmly, taking Denise's hand. "Remember what I said. Don't give into fear. Tell Henry you love him, I'm betting he feels the same way. I should take my own advice, but sadly I think it's too late." Ulysses said, looking downward. "Hey, it's ok. Look at me," Denise said, kissing him again. "You are incredible." Ulysses nodded, kissing her back, "Please let me know how it goes.

You have my cell number and my email address. I look forward to hearing some great news." "It may be awhile. I have to conquer the fear first and there's a lot of it!" Denise said, hoping out of the passenger side of the rental car, Ulysses joining her. They held each other for a minute.

"Goodbye my beautiful friend. Until we meet again," Ulysses said, giving her one last kiss. "I look forward to that. Have a safe flight back to Atlanta," Denise replied, returning the kiss, then turning to walk to Henry's apartment. Chapter 11 "Alright mom, I'll be back later tonight," Henry said as he waved goodbye and left for his July 4th dinner and fireworks date with Alice.

Denise threw her book down and sighed. She almost screamed in anger when Henry told her about his date with Alice a few days ago. Any plans she had made to tell Henry of her true feelings had been ruined.

She got off the couch and went to her room and started packing. She had some appointments set up with a realtor in a couple days and she was confident she'd be moving into a rental home by the end of the month. She was angry, mostly at herself, for not having the courage to tell Henry how she felt. Now he was going on a date with this Alice person.

It was so awkward for both her and Henry when he told her he had a date with Alice. She tried to hide her anger, nodding slowly, "I see. Well, I hope you have fun then." Henry nodded. "Yeah," he said, looking down to the floor. The remaining days in the month of July was filled with her and her realtor touring various houses and Henry spending time with Alice.

Denise was miserable. Alice was seven inches taller than her. They had the same hair color and thickness. Her fairly large breasts appeared to be natural, as Denise inspected what she could within reason the night they met. She had green eyes, full lips, and very, very long legs.

Denise didn't like her. She hardly saw much of Henry that month. Her weekend nights were spent in solitude. One particular Friday night later in the month she was feeling extra angry at Alice for no real reason. After they left to go to a movie she took a shower, and lay naked on her bed with a scowl on her face. "You know what?" she said out loud, so angry at not getting a chance to tell Henry how she felt about him.

"I'm going to take out my vibrator and it better fucking have batteries!" "Henry is probably fucking that bitch. Well I can have fun too!" she said, slowly sliding her device in her moist pussy. The batteries did indeed work. "Ahh yes! That's it! Ulysses! Give me that black cock!

Yes!" she screamed aloud in the empty apartment. "Oh Ulysses! Suck my tits!" She reached down with her free hand brought a nipple to her mouth. She sucked on her own breast for a few moments before she felt an orgasm building. She released her tit and began furiously thrusting her vibrator in and out.

"Ah yes, here it comes. I'm cumming! Yes! Ulysses, yes!" The orgasm overtook her, "Ahhh," she screamed and moaned, "Henry! Henry! I love you, I love you baby," she said as the orgasm ran its course. She lay on the bed out of breath, "I love you Henry." She threw the vibrator across the room and rolled over feeling angry again.

Her last day in the apartment was July 31st. The renter said she could move in then, even though the lease said August 1st. Her car was packed and she was ready to leave around 7am that morning. Henry followed her in his car, which also full of her stuff. The rest of her items she was having delivered.

They didn't speak as they unloaded both cars. Once they were done with that, the only speaking they did was brief instructions to Henry on where to put what. It was a smaller, two story, two bedroom house. It was about 15 minutes away from Henry and closer to her workplace. "Alright, well, I guess that's everything," Henry said. "Yeah I think so," she replied. It had been a long day of moving furniture off the moving van that delivered it. Both of them were tired. Denise quietly gave Henry $20 for some supper.

"Oh, no, Mom you don't have to do this." "It's ok. Go get something to eat if you like." He nodded and put the money his pocket. "Well I guess I'll be going then." She wanted to ask if he was going to see Alice that night, but didn't. She just gave him a brief hug.

Afterward, they stood a moment and looked into each other's eyes. She felt nothing but sadness, and judging by look on his face, he did too.

He had begged her not to leave, when she told him she found a house, but she had to. She explained that it was time to get back on her feet again for him to not have to deal with her. He gave up trying to convince her to stay; he realized it was futile. Denise watched Henry drive off from the living room window. She was alone. She felt like she had just dumped a boyfriend that she didn't want to dump. She cried herself to sleep her first night in her new home.

Chapter 12 The next 80 days or so were long, lonely, and depressing. In that time frame Denise saw Henry maybe five times. Each time they saw each other Alice was there. She was always there. She could never not be there. She despised Alice for no valid reason at all. The three of them would go to dinner usually. It was awkward and Denise hated it. She hated listening to Alice talk about her work like it was so important.

She hated how Alice would hold Henry's hand. She hated having to sit there, thinking up small talk topics. If Alice couldn't tell that Denise and Henry had some sort of issue with each other that they weren't addressing then she was an idiot.

As they would say goodnight, she saw what she thought could be sadness in Henry's eyes. She missed him so much.

Ulysses was in town for Labor Day weekend. He took Denise out to dinner Saturday night. Offering Denise a sweet gesture, he told her if things didn't work out her and Henry, he would be there for her. She smiled, reaching across the candle lit table to hold his hand. He again, urged her to overcome her fear, assuring her it wasn't too late since Henry and Alice were only dating.

She nearly told Ulysses that Henry was her son, but she stopped herself. However, she knew deep down Ulysses wouldn't have an issue with it. It was a wonderful evening that temporarily took her mind off her situation. The next morning Denise sat on her front porch in her white bath robe, watching Ulysses drive away in his rental car.

She sighed as he drove out of sight. She stood to walk back inside, climbing the stairs to go back to her bedroom for a quick nap. She dreamt that Henry was in bed, naked with her, holding her tightly. After that weekend, her nights returned to their normal lonely state.

Thoughts of Henry would dance in her mind always, but it was the worst in the evenings. She figured she'd just have to get over this, that he and she would never cross a line and explore things with each other. As September and October dragged on, her communication with others dwindled. She would occasionally talk with Ulysses on the phone, but no one else. Holly called her several times, but Denise didn't answer the phone and didn't return her calls.

The Miami air lost some of its humidity near the end of October. Denise sat outside on the front porch in a tank top and pajama pants. She was enjoying a slight breeze when her cell phone rang. It was Henry. They talked for maybe five minutes about random things, basically catching up.

It was pleasant enough, yet still a bit awkward. Then he asked her a question that made her heart skip a beat. "Hey, um, I was wondering do you have plans for Halloween?" he asked. "No, I don't. Why?" she asked as her heart rate increased. "Well there's a costume party that night and Alice and I were invited. I don't like parties like that, but whatever. Anyway, Alice will be out of town and I was wondering," he paused; Denise's mouth dropped and eyes widened, "would you care to go with me in her place?" She almost screamed her answer, but stopped herself and very calmly said, "Sure." "Oh great, I really appreciate it.

Do you have a costume?" "No, I don't, but I can get one!" she excitedly said. "Ok. Well it can be whatever you want, maybe nothing too revealing though," he semi-joked with her. Denise chuckled, "Don't worry. It'll be fine this time around." They pause not saying anything for a few seconds then Henry spoke up, "I miss you." "I miss you too Henry," Denise blurted out as she felt her eyes watering.

"I'll pick you up 7, ok mom?" "Ok, I'll be ready!" she replied. They ended the call and she wiped her eyes. She smiled and stood then walked back into the house. To say the night of the Halloween party was awesome would be an understatement. Henry arrived at 7pm sharp. When Denise opened her door both of them erupted in laughter at each other's costumes.

"Hey there Wonder Woman," he said with a huge smile. "Hey yourself Superman. Ready to team up for the evening?" she joked. They laughed again and embraced. What wonderful coincidence. Henry escorted Denise to the car and complimented her costume. It was sexy, but not too revealing. The red and gold top showed cleavage, but nothing compared to some of the dresses she owned.

The costume had red knee high boots and blue with white starred bottoms. It also came with a plastic golden tiara. He had a cheap looking Superman costume that he probably ordered online somewhere.

They talked the entire way to the party. Henry complimented her hair, she thanked him and explained she had cut off a few inches; it was now just below her shoulder blades. When they arrived at Henry's coworker's house he was accosted outside in the driveway by his friend. "Hey man, thanks for coming!," Seth said. "Thanks for the invite," Henry replied as Denise got out of his car, making her way to his side.

His coworker Seth glanced at her. "Oh this is Denise. Alice couldn't make it tonight, so Denise is filling in." Henry explained, putting his arm around his mother. She was floored, struggling to control her excitement. "Nice to meet you Denise," Seth said. The evening consisted of throwing darts, playing ping pong, playing Guitar Hero, laughing and talking with Henry's friends, and even some dancing. There was no shame, no awkwardness, no confusion, and no alcohol.

Denise was introduced as Denise to every single person they spoke to. He never once mentioned that she was his mother. She wasn't sure why, but it didn't bother her. It was the best night out she had all year. Denise was sitting on the couch chatting away with one of her son's 20-something coworkers; a cute, bubbly, blonde. Henry was wrapping up a conversation with someone nearby. "So how long have you and Henry been together?" she asked, speaking loudly over the music.

"Oh no, no, we're not 'together' we've just known each other a long time and since his girlfriend is out of town he asked me if I wanted to come," Denise explained. "Yeah she's my date tonight," Henry said, sitting on the couch next them, putting his arm around his mother.

Denise smiled, leaning into him as the three of them sat and talked for a while. The basement was crowded with people in all their various costumes. They were dancing mostly to current hip hop songs. It was fairly crowded and not much room to move around, but Denise and Henry didn't care. To them, they were alone, they were happy; they were having so much fun. She didn't even notice an erection, she wasn't even thinking about it when she danced with her son.

She was mostly facing him anyway, with her arms wrapped around his neck, and his hands on her waist. Their faces were inches apart as that chatted and laughed. They looked, to the untrained eye, like a couple. The car ride on the way back to Denise's house was mostly silent. She would caress Henry's right hand as it rested on her left thigh.

The evening was almost over and there was a bittersweet sadness in the air that they both sensed. Henry stood on her porch steps on the next to last step while his mother stood at the top. This made her nearly as tall him. They were holding each other, Denise resting her chin on his shoulder, running her fingers through his dark hair, Henry running his hands slowly up and down her back. "Are you sure you can't come in?" she asked, looking into his eyes while she ran her hands over his shoulders.

"Yeah, I gotta get up early tomorrow," he replied. The sad tone of voice and look on his face made her want to hold him and never let him leave. "We should do this more often," she caressed his face, "I mean, if Alice is busy or something." "Yeah, maybe so," he nodded and sighed lightly.

Denise hugged him again then slowly kissed his cheek. The embrace ended and Henry stepped away, backing down the steps. "See ya," he said, giving a wave, slowing walking to his car. Denise waved back and watched him get in his car and drive off. She sat down on her steps, wiping her watery eyes. She thought about the wonderful evening they had just had. Her heart and her instincts were telling her that he wanted to stay, that he felt the same way about her, and that he lay awake in bed at night wondering about everything that's happened this year too.

She reminded herself that even if that was the case that they would never cross any line. It was too late. Chapter 13 Thanksgiving was horrible. Denise drove roughly four hours to Tampa, Florida to visit her aunt Joanne. She had a decent relationship with her family, but they weren't close. She was probably closest to her twin sister, who ironically lived the furthest away in LA. But she saw a few relatives she hadn't seen in awhile, including a younger cousin named Rachael, which was nice.

Also, her aunt and husband were going through some marital problems, creating an awkward atmosphere. Henry didn't accompany her. They had decided to meet up for dinner Friday night. Alice would be there of course. Friday night was a boring meal with Alice and Henry. When Alice got up to use the bathroom, Denise reached across the table and held his hand. They smiled at each other for a moment. She released his hand when she saw Alice walking back to the table.

Denise and Henry only spoke a few times the next month or so, but never saw each other - until December 22nd. Denise slowly opened her door around 8am the morning of the 22nd.

She saw Henry standing there with a forlorn look on his face. Her heart skipped a beat and broke for him at the same time. Her baby boy had just been dumped. He had called her the night before to inform her. She struggled to contain her joy, telling him to stay with her. He declined, explaining that he needed a night alone to gather his thoughts. She went to bed with a smile on her face for the first time in several months.

Due to excitement, she woke up early and starting cleaning the house. She was still doing so when he arrived. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped white tank top with the back tied in a knot. This caused her lower back to be exposed a bit. She was also wearing a pair of light blue colored jeans. She felt, and was, sexy. When the doorbell rang, she quickly looked in the mirror, confirming her makeup still looked fine. After a long embrace she held his hand, leading him to the living room.

They sat on the couch, she removed her bandana, straightened her hair, and grabbed his right hand, while gently rubbing his forearm. Henry sat there on the couch, slouched over.

They didn't speak for several minutes. Denise's motherly instincts kicked in as she comforted him. She would put her arm around him, pulling his head to rest on her shoulder. After several more minutes passed, Denise spoke up. "I've been thinking about you a lot lately," she said, running her fingers through his hair, his head still resting on her shoulder. "I've been thinking about you for a long time. You mean so much to me," she continued, speaking softly to him on the couch.

"I would think about you being here with me. Laying in bed with me, keeping me warm at night. I would think about going to dinner or the movies with you, being held by you," Denise paused, then continued.

"I think about kissing you." "You do?" Henry whispered, not taking his head off his mother's shoulder. "Yeah. I do. I remember when you kissed me on New Year's eve.

Do you remember that?" Denise asked, Henry nodding a reply. "It sent tingles down my spine. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Then it happened again for Valentine's Day, and your birthday," Denise chuckled.

"I thought there was something wrong with me for enjoying it so much. But I got over that." Denise reached to pat Henry's thigh with her free hand. "You're the love of my life. You always have been and always will be," Denise explained, looking down to her hand on Henry's thigh. She watched as her son slowly moved his hand and placed it on top of hers.

"I love you," Denise said, kissing his head. "I'm head over heels…" she paused, her vocal volume going down to a whisper, "…in love with you." Henry gently squeezed her hand, lifting his head from his mother's shoulder. He slowly turned to face her. He tried to speak, but failed.

He was visibly distressed. "Henry?" She whispered with a concerned look on her face. "Then I should probably tell you why Alice dumped me." "Henry, it's ok. It's ok." Denise comforted him.

"You don't have to tell me why she did it, it doesn't matter to me, I'm just glad you're here." She said in a loving tone. "No I have to tell you," He replied, he was breathing faster, appearing to sweat bullets so-to-speak. "I have to get it off my chest." Denise smiled, kissing his face several times, "It's ok." Henry nodded, backing away a bit, grabbing his mother's hands and pushing them down, away from his face.

"We were, you know, doing it." "Intercourse?" she smirked. "Yeah." He looked downward. "I, I thought of you." He blurted out loudly. "I thought of you as I was finishing and," he paused. Denise's mouth dropped open as she lightly gasped. "You thought of me during " "Yes, the, uh, the sex. And when I was finishing I said your name and she heard it," he said, turning to face his mother's shocked face.

That's when it all came out. He couldn't stop talking. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been thinking about you a lot too. I've always thought you were pretty, and you are young too. I guess I'm head over heels in love with you too…" he said, trailing off, looking to the side.

"It's fine. It's fine baby," she said, reaching for his face, pulling it to hers. Both of their eyes were starting to get teary.

"I just couldn't stop thinking about you at that moment, and when she heard me say your name, she flipped out and threw me out, and then " "Henry, it's ok," she said, kissing his cheek several times, as she and he both started crying.

Denise kissed his lips a few times, holding his face inches from her own. "That night on your birthday, I saw you in that dress and I got so scared, you were so sexy and I thought if we danced, I'd get, you know, aroused and you would get mad. But I wasn't sure if you would get mad or not, I was so confused." "No, Henry, please, it's fine, my darling, it's fine," She kissed his quivering lips again.

"Shhh, it's ok," she said, kissing his lips again and again. "Shhhh," she held him, calming him down, feeling the tension flow away. She rocked back and forth on the couch with him in her arms, continuously kissing his lips. After a few moments, Henry broke the string of kisses, speaking up, "I just, um, I don't know why I've had these thoughts.

I mean you are younger than most mothers I know, and you are very attractive. " he shrugged as she smiled at him. "Maybe that's it, I don't know." "How long have you thought about this stuff?" "Maybe since high school." Denise smiled, caressing his cheek with her thumb.

"Is there something wrong with me? I try to avoid those thoughts about you, but it's difficult," he said. "No, no, please don't think that." She gave him another peck on the lips. "I thought that about myself for awhile, but I let go and embraced these feelings I have for you." Henry smiled weakly and blushed, looking downward. Denise tipped his chin upward wither index finger so she could look into his eyes again. She kissed him slowly on the lips and ran her thumb across them.

"You have such soft lips." He smiled, "So do you." Denise hugged him tight, gently rocking back and forth on the couch. She broke the embrace after a few minutes. "Can I confess something?" "Sure Mom, what is it?" Denise looked and chuckled, "I saw you naked once, shortly after your birthday." Henry just laughed, "You did?!?" Denise nodded, "I did. " "Did you see my, uh, "he asked, looking down to his crotch. Denise nodded again, "I did," she giggled. "I thought it was very lovely." They both looked into each other's eyes, giggling a bit.

Masseuse and client licking on the table

"I lied to you about something," Henry admitted. "You did? What was it?" Denise asked. "That night you got me to go out with your friends; I knew it was Holly who had her hand down my pants. I was so drunk that I got the courage to make you think I thought it was you.

I guess I was hoping something would happen between us that night." "It's ok, Henry. That was around the time where I started accepting how I felt about you and," she paused, "maybe I wanted something to happen too." They sat together for another couple hours, mostly snuggling on the couch, trying to process everything.

They chatted about fond memories of the past few years. Denise never dreamt he would reveal any feelings toward her. She made sandwiches for lunch, cuddling again after eating them. Henry sighed, looking downward. "What should we do?" Denise held her hand against his face, looking into his eyes. "Will you kiss me?" The two of them inched closer to each. They licked their lips, smiling awkwardly. Denise giggled a bit, closing her eyes, Henry closed his, and their lips met.

It was sweet and gentle and lasted for several seconds. "That was nice," Denise whispered. Henry only nodded. He kissed her again, a little harder this time. It lasted a couple seconds longer too. When he broke the kiss he looked into his mother's gorgeous golden brown eyes and smiled. This time she closed her eyes and kissed him. It was even harder and lasted longer.

She held his face and kept kissing him. He brought his left hand to her head and brushed her hair back behind her ears. They kept it up for around a minute and ended it, both were slightly out of breath. "How was that?" Henry asked as his forehead rested against his mother's. "It was amazing," she replied, her mouth open from trying to catch her breath. "Should we continue?" Henry asked.

"Absolutely," she immediately replied, grabbing his face again, kissing him harder. In the passion of their intense kiss, Henry's tongue slipped out and grazed his mother's lips.

He broke the kiss and gasped. "I'm sorry. I, uh, didn't mean to," he stammered. Denise giggled at him, "It's fine." "Are you sure? We don't have to use tongues." Denise giggled again and smiled, "I think that would be fine if we did, don't you?" Henry just nodded.

They kissed again, except this time, both of their tongues gently licked at each other's lips sending even more spine tingling sensations into each other. Denise moaned, pulling Henry closer into her. She broke the kiss, "Can you open up just a little? Don't be shy." She asked, referring to his mouth. Henry obliged and Denise gingerly probed his mouth with her tongue. It was amazing for both of them. She would slowly swirl it around his mouth as she started to move backward on the couch.

She pulled him over on top of her, their mouths were joined together. The next few minutes their tongues writhed around and wrestled with each other. Henry broke the kiss and Denise licked his lips as he looked down into her eyes.

"I'm not too heavy am I?" he asked, out of breath. "Nope." "I'm not crushing you?" "No. You feel great," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him in for more open mouth kissing. After a few more moments, her legs we were wrapped around him. Denise could feel his erection through his pants. It definitely wasn't a belt buckle.

She moaned as they kissed. Suddenly Henry got brave and slid his hand down to cup her large clothed breast. "Wow" he said as they stopped kissing and both looked down to his hand. "Sorry. Is this ok?" he asked. Denise didn't answer. She instead resumed making out with him, purring as he gently squeezed her breasts. Several minutes later and Henry was slowly grinding his erection into her. It felt so good. She had to break the kiss to catch her breath.

Henry kissed her neck instead, sending tingles all the way down to her toes. "Yes," she whispered, her eyes closed, holding him tightly, grinding her own damp crotch up against his. Things were moving so fast now. Denise couldn't stand it anymore the power, the emotion, the electricity surging through her body.

Henry's kisses along her neck sent her into overdrive. She grabbed him, kissing him again, as they kept grinding into each other fully clothed. It was so good, so intense, so much love.

She never had an orgasm from making out with someone until now. It's rare, but it can happen. Her body tightened up and she shook beneath him. Oh she loved him so much. "Bedroom?" she asked, out of breath. "Bedroom," he replied.

Chapter 14 There was no turning back now, they couldn't even if they tried. They weren't thinking about consequences, they were only thinking about each other. Denise and Henry rose from the couch with their mouths joined together. He bent down to pick her up, she straddled him, and he carried her all the way to the steps. "Got me?" she asked.

"Yep," he replied as he headed up the stairs, his hands firmly squeezing her butt. She was kissing and sucking on his neck. He didn't even care if it gave him a hickey. When they arrived in Denise's bedroom, Henry gently set her down on the floor in front of the bed. They stood and kissed for a few more minutes.

"Are you still feeling ok about this?" She asked, looking up at him. "I am. Are you?" "Yes," she beamed up at him. "If you start feeling weird or want to stop, just let me know, ok?" Henry smiled and nodded, looking down at her. "I love you," she said, reaching up to caress his face. "I love you too." They stood and kissed more, as Denise's hands crept up under Henry's shirt.

She ran her hands up and down his torso. After a few moments she asked, "May I take your shirt off?" "Sure." "Up," she said as Henry reached for the ceiling. Denise slid his shirt up and ran her hands over his bare chest admiringly. "Ready?" she asked.

Henry nodded his head. Denise paused a moment, slightly smirking, to look at her son. She slowly lifted her shirt above her head, letting it fall it to the ground. Her bra had a very faint, watermarked, leopard skin pattern to it. With a wide-eyed Henry, starting at her huge chest, Denise asked, "Have you ever taken a girl's bra off before?" "Not really no." "Come here, you can take mine off." She said, guiding his hands behind her.

"Here, just like this, work the clasp. And now pull them toward each other and then away, and it should be undone." "Yep it is!" "Very good!" She said, stepping back a couple feet. "Ok here goes!" Denise shook herself a little and then slid out of the straps. She held the bra to her chest for a teasingly long second then let it fall.

Henry's mouth dropped open. "Oh wow, wow, they are amazing," he said, looking on in astonishment. They were huge, juicy, perfect orbs. "They're beautiful, just beautiful, like you." Denise couldn't help but smile, as her eyes watered, "Henry," she cried out. But she didn't finish her thought before her son was kissing her madly.

He bent down and kissed along her neck. His hand crept up her body and he grabbed a bare tit, squeezing it gently. It was a heavy, soft melon. He kissed down to it, and licked all around the silver dollar sized areola. He took the delicious melon in his mouth, sucking away at the erect nipple, moaning as he did. "Ah, yes, yes baby," she cried, looking upward, slightly arching her back for him. He released her breast from his hungry mouth and bent down to pick her up. He placed her on the bed and they began kissing again, hungrily, rolling around on the mattress.

After several moments, they forgot they were still wearing pants. Denise rolled over on top of him and slid down his torso dragging her massive breasts against his chest. She made her way down to his zipper and pulled it down quickly, then unbuttoned his pants. "Can I baby? Can I see you again?" "I think that's inevitable at this point mom," he joked. She ignored it and started pulling on his pants. "Up," she said again and he raised his butt off the bed, she pulled his pants and underwear to his knees.

"Oh my," she said as she noticed his large, thick, erection. She smiled up at Henry, and he nodded. She then began to kiss and lick all along his shaft, coating it in her saliva. She sucked on the head for a few minutes. She realized why she was so impressed with it back in March, because she knew that deep down it was destined to be hers.

She trailed her tongue back up to Henry's mouth, kissing him hard. Denise took her pants and panties off in record time, sitting down on Henry. The need to feel him inside her overrode any sort of body worship or foreplay. She wanted her body to become one with his.

"Are you ready?" she asked, grabbing his cock at the base. "I apologize in advance If I don't last long." He said looking up at her.

"Oh silly boy, I don't care if it's five seconds, 30 seconds, or two minutes. I'm not some dumb girl. I love you with all my heart." "I don't have any condoms with me." "Don't worry about it," Denise replied. "Are you sure? I could go get some." "I said don't worry about it." Denise said, smiling down at him. Henry nodded. His mother guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly sat down on it. She remained still after she became fully impaled by her son. They looked into each other's eyes.

Denise spoke, saying what both of them were thinking. "You're inside me, Henry. All the way in. We can never ever go back. I've imagined this moment for awhile now," she explained. Henry paused, reaching up to gently squeeze her breast, his thumb circling her nipple. He released her breast, moving his hand down to her abdomen, moving it slowly up to her sternum and down to her neatly trimmed patch of hair just above her clit.

"I know Mom, I know." He said flatly. "I think deep down this was bound to happen." Denise smiled softly, running her hands through his hair. "Then make love to me, Henry." Henry sat up, Denise handing him a pillow to support his back. She leaned in and started kissing him.

They kissed hard and passionately. As they kissed Henry grabbed her hips and she started moving back and forth.

She'd look into his eyes and moan, grinding her clit into his lower abs. He held her face and stared into her eyes as she showed him how much she loved him. "You're so beautiful," he whispered. Her mouth dropped open and her breathing intensified. Another orgasm was approaching. "So are you my darling, so are you," she said. She kept grinding back and forth as their hot breath from their open mouths mixed together. "Yes, yes," she whispered. So very close to cumming for the first time on his cock.

She kept going, harder and faster, harder and faster. She grabbed his face hard. She was out of breath. "I love you! I love you Henry!" She said cried out as her orgasm overtook her. "Ahh yes!" She closed her eyes, her body shaking. "Yes!" Henry watched her as the orgasm subsided, with tears running down her face just inches away from his own.

She slowly half opened her eyes to look into his. Her face was shimmering with light beads of perspiration. She was gorgeous. "I think that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Henry said. His mother smiled sheepishly, "Your turn." Without taking his eyes away from his mother's, Henry's face went serious and he started to rise from his lounging position. He ran his fingers through her hair, holding her by the back of her head. She tilted her head a bit to expose her neck to him.

He was in a sitting position now. He kissed his way down from her neck to her breasts. The need to cum overpowered him. He released her tit, staring into her face. "Are you ready, Mom?" he asked. "I'm yours baby, all yours," she answered. Henry nodded, picking himself up, spinning around, slamming her on the bed. Denise interlocked her feet around his butt, holding him in place. Staring hungrily into each other's eyes, Henry started thrusting and pumping into her; harder and faster, over and over again for several minutes.

He grunted as he worked, as he made her his. She cried out with each powerful thrust, wincing as she felt another orgasm building. The bed was shaking and slamming up against the wall. Her pussy was starting to contract again, clamping down on his cock, her orgasm overtaking her.

"I love you!" Henry yelled, his orgasm coming. He kept pounding and thrusting into her not looking away from her face, just inches from his own. "I love you too!" she yelled back, having her own earth-shattering orgasm.

He gradually started slowing down, going in and out, gently and lovingly. She lay beneath him, licking his face, his mouth, and neck.

Henry in a dazed state, as the dopamine his brain released coursed through his body, sluggishly rolled off his mother. She rolled with him and continued licking him. "Let me clean you," she whispered. He only nodded as he tried to catch his breath. Denise trailed her tongue down his body, licking up his and her perspiration.

Like a cat, she licked at his chest, his rib cage, his stomach, all the way down to his weakening sex fluid covered cock. He groaned in pleasure as she worked. A few minutes later Henry begged her to stop as the sensation was too intense after just having an orgasm.

He needed time to recharge his batteries the refractory period in a male was still in effect. She licked him all the way back up to his chest, pulling his arm around her, resting her head on his shoulder.

He casually played with her hair. They had both caught their breath. Denise woke up a couple hours later. Henry was still asleep. She started kissing on his chest to awake him. He stirred, smiling at her. "Would you like some supper?" She cheerfully asked. He nodded. Denise got off the bed and headed downstairs still naked. She prepared some scrambled eggs because it was quick and easy. They sat and ate on the bed still naked. Afterward they cuddled some more. A million questions were going on through her head as she ran her hand over his stomach and chest.

Henry spoke up first, "So does this mean you're my woman now?" Denise chuckled and kissed his nipple. "Yes. I'm your everything baby. But we need to discuss some things but not until after the holidays. How do we keep this a secret?

Do we tell only certain people? What if my or your friends start getting suspicious about us? What if our other family members do? There's a lot to consider. But since we don't have to work that much the next week or so, I suggest we spend this time in bed!" She tickled his sides causing him to squirm.

"Oh yeah? Well I think that's a great idea." "I thought you might," she said, sitting up, turning around on all fours. She wiggled her hips and butt playfully at him. Henry leaned over his mother and peppered her spine with kisses. All the way down to her crack. He smelled her musky essence and gently inserted two fingers into her wet vagina. He brought them to his mouth and licked them clean. He smiled, slowly guiding his cock into her wet and ready pussy.

"You ready?" he asked. "Baby," she laughed, looking over her shoulder at him, "you know I don't use foul language around you very much, but you're a man now, a man that has made love to me earlier today. With that said yes, I am ready!

Now fuck me!" "Yes ma'am!" He said, grabbing her by the hips to mercilessly pound her from behind. Just like Wayne did the first night they met, except Henry was bigger and better.

She wailed in ecstasy, crying out her son's name. "Ahh! Ahh! Yess!" she'd scream out with each powerful thrust. She would grip the sheets on the bed, as Henry grabbed her huge tits from behind. He'd then force her down on to the bed. With her head lying sideways on the mattress, she could see Henry behind her in her peripheral vision.

He didn't look angry or dominant, but happy and blissful as he made love to her from behind. He looked loving, appreciative, and selfless. Several minutes later Henry grabbed Denise's hair, pulling her upright.

Still clinging to her hair he kept thrusting away up into her. "Ahhh!" she cried out from the immense pleasure. She turned her head to the side, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. He stuck out his and they entwined them together for a beautiful kiss. As he was about to ejaculate, he slammed her down again on the bed.

Like a gorilla or some other ape, he got to his feet and mounted her, pounding into her as he ejaculated. He kept going until they both collapsed, spooning each other. Chapter 15 Morning sunlight crept through the bedroom window, shining on Denise's bare ass as she lay on her stomach on the bed. The tiny little hairs on the small of her back moved as Henry blew on it.

He showered each butt cheek with kisses, so sweet and tender. Denise stirred, smiling back at her son. She moaned, raising her hips for him, coming slightly off the mattress.

Henry took the opportunity to lick her ass crack and lay a few loving kisses on her anus. "No sir, no love making until I have my breakfast." She said.

Henry chuckled, crawling up next to her. "Plus I want to shower first; I'm all sweaty and nasty." she explained. Henry shrugged as she climbed on top of him, kissing his neck, collarbone, chest, stomach, then stopping short of his cock. "Here's my breakfast!" she said, slowly stroking his already hard cock. Henry smiled, watching this beautiful 38 year old woman kneeling beside him on the bed. Denise gingerly stroked his cock, taking the tip in her mouth, gently sucking it.

She'd moan as she enjoyed his taste. She started pushing her head down more and more, taking in more of him. After a few minutes she had him completely lodged in her throat. There was no gag reflex. Henry watched in amazement as he saw his mother's throat make a swallowing motion.

She did this several more times, as her throat muscles massaged his cockhead. The eroticism of the imagery alone was enough to push him over the edge. He watched as his penis injected semen directly into her throat. When she was done, she slowly took him out and wiped the saliva from her mouth.


She left his cock in a thick coat of mucus, then crawled up next to him to snuggle in his arms. Those several teaspoons of semen contained a little protein to fuel their lovemaking, but Denise needed actual food too. She returned from the kitchen, still nude, with some apples, bananas, and some milk. They both ate and chatted as though she hadn't just given her son a blowjob. There was no shame or awkwardness. However, she could sense something was bothering him.

He stated that he wondered about their future. Denise quieted her son, reminding that they were not to discuss this until after the holidays. They took a shower about an hour later. Henry held her from behind and furiously rubbed her clit to orgasm. She cried out as the steam from the hot water rose. Later in the afternoon Denise called Ulysses. She was lying naked in bed next to Henry.

"Yes we did! It was wonderful. He's right here next to me. Want to say hello?" Denise said into her phone. "Hi. Yes I'm Henry. We told each other. I felt that way a long time. Awesome, ok thanks!" was Henry's side of the conversation. "Anyway.

Yes I know. I hope you can too, that'd be great to see you again." Denise ended the call a few moments later, snuggling with Henry in bed. "Mom, does that guy know we're " "Nope! He thinks you and I were real good friends that finally admitted their love for each other.

Which is sort of the truth." Denise explained, smiling as she cuddled with her baby. Later than evening Denise cried out in her candle lit bedroom. Henry sat on her bed with his legs outstretched with her riding them to mutual orgasm. He collapsed on the bed taking her with him. She lay there on his chest, as he kissed her head, running his hands up and down her back like he's always done.

As the candle light flickered across Denise's face, she thought about the future. There was so much to consider, so much to think about and discuss.

She pushed those thought aside until after the holidays. In that moment, the only thing Denise knew is that she was happy, truly happy, laying there naked in her son's, her lover's arms. It was 9pm on December 23rd. Exactly one year had passed since Denise arrived at Henry's apartment. The end.