Stunning valentina has her hairy pussy drilled

Stunning valentina has her hairy pussy drilled
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John was a young architect working with a new firm in Denver Colorado. One Sunday night he was headed out of town for business Monday morning.

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He arrived at the airport early as usual to make sure everything went smoothly. After sitting down at the gate he noticed a very attractive young lady standing in a line at the gate desk. She was about 5'9" and had a thin flowing figure. Her hair was a long and naturally curly dirty blonde. She was wearing a slightly fitted short shirt that displayed a hint of midriff and some cargo pants that were surprisingly snug revealing a tight butt.

She seemed to be alone waiting for her turn in line and John found himself mesmerized by her, longing to see her face clearly. About then she turned around looking across the gate area in boredom.

Her face displayed model-like cheekbones and crystal clear blue eyes that were obvious even from 25 feet away. John continued to gaze at her examining her plump rich breasts underneath her shirt and her trim waste line that almost revealed what appeared to be the tight stomach of a woman in good shape.

About that time she saw John looking at her and looked him right in the eyes. John, surprised that she saw him in an ocean of people calmly lowered his eyes as if he wasn't looking. She turned around and continued on her business and John found himself inadvertently staring at her again. When she turned around this time she didn't scan the room, but looked only at him. When he saw those blue eyes again he realized he was staring, but couldn't take his eyes off of her beauty.

She looked at him for a couple of minutes and then turned around. John continued to stare hypnotized by her well toned arms that revealed a little muscle tone, but not too much muscle.

About that time a young man came and joined her. There relationship was unclear, but they were definitely similar in age, about 25. While speaking with her companion she looked back at John only to find him watching her every move. John was concerned that he would make her uncomfortable, but she didn't seem disturbed as she continued her conversation while watching John.

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Finally she turned away again and John realized that his flight was about to board. While boarding a full flight with a laptop and large carryon He lost touch of the beautiful mistress.

After moving most of the way to the back of the plane and getting settled into an aisle seat they escalated into the air toward their destination.

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About an hour into the late evening flight, John was doing some work on his laptop when a piece of paper fell onto his keyboard. In large letters it read, "Meet me in the bathroom". John was confused having moved on from his previous frame of thought into work-mode.

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He glanced back and saw that gorgeous butt moving away from him toward the back of the plane. While watching her she looked back over her shoulder, smiled and continued toward the back. John looked around the somewhat darkened airplane noticing several people asleep including the people next to him. It took him a minute to process what was going on, but realizing the situation he stood and moved to the back of the plane. He had seen one of the two restroom doors close on his journey and new his intoxicating woman was behind it, so he knocked lightly not to gain any attention.

The door opened and there she stood with her long flowing curly hair and capturing eyes. She gestured and then pulled John in by the shirt and reached her arms around him to latch the door.


Their bodies were pressed close just to fit into the tight quarters and John began to get hard due to the circumstances. The young bombshell was pressed so tightly to him that she could feel his uncontrolled response and smiled and in a pleasing tone vocalized, "mmmm." John stood stunned by the turn of events as the beautiful woman only inches from him slid down and sat on the toilet and began to unbuckle his belt.

She looked up and smiled at him as his response became more obvious pressing out on his pants. She then slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants making sure to run her hand across his semi-hard cock through the pants and then slid them and his boxers down with one motion. John stood surprised by her sudden movement but continued to be stunned by her beauty.


She began to lightly caress his balls and barely touch his growing cock with her fingertip until John was hard as a rock. Next she gently licked the tip of his cock where precum was gathering. John thought his knees were going to go out as he leaned back on the door that was inches from his back.

John was surprised when he heard a ding and someone say something over a speaker and then remembered he was on a plane. The surprising young lady then proceeded to take him as deep into her mouth as she could while still playing with his balls. John let out a soft moan as he felt an explosion coming on already. Suddenly she stopped and stood up shaking her head no and somehow managed to slide her pants and panties off in one motion. She then slipped up onto the very small counter and sink area with her legs spread revealing a well trimmed luscious pussy and grabbed John by his throbbing cock and pulled him inside of her.

Just then the plane hit some light turbulence. The vibrations and motion of the plane provided an even more heavily stimulating environment and John feared he wouldn't last long. Their bodies pressed together thrusting deeper and deeper as the plane listed about. In an instant the plane took a drastic dip causing John to have butterflies in his stomach.

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The goddess of sex that he was buried inside gasped as the motion clearly brought her pleasure. That was almost all he could bear and knew he couldn't last much longer. Her beautifully sculpted legs wrapped around him pulling him in harder and harder to her. Her dirty blonde hair waved as her body moved forward and backward.

Suddenly the plane took another long dip and she opened her eyes wide in amazement of the pleasure. One look into those amazing eyes and John blew his load filling her soft warm pussy, but she was clearly also having that experience as he looked into her eyes and felt her pussy contract around him. The waves of extreme orgasm outlasted the turbulence the plane had hit and John slipped out of her and leaned back against the wall.

As he looked at her he saw his cum dripping from her satisfied pussy and running down the cabinet underneath her. She sat back against the mirror clearly content with her experience with her legs still spread on the counter. She then reached over and pulled out a paper towel and dried her dripping pussy, slipped off the counter pressing up against John again and sliding down and pulling up her panties and cargo pants, but not without taking an extended stop to lick, kiss and suck on John's already very sensitive cock.

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She smiled at him and then unlatched the door and was barely able to slide out of it, closing it behind her. John stood in unbelief of what had just happened, cleaned himself up and redressed. As he moved back to his seat he scanned the plane for her and saw her sitting several rows in front of him next to the same young man John had seen before the flight. John sat down at his seat and relaxed the rest of the flight. Upon arrival he watched her as she exited the plane and saw she was holding hands with the man she sat with.


Very casually she looked back finding John, smiled and winked at him as she carried her exquisite body through the airport. His astounding experience with the mysterious woman was over, but would never be forgotten.

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