Creampie Huge Tits Ebony From Old Man

Creampie Huge Tits Ebony From Old Man
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Hanna's mother came rushing out of the house and headed next door to Angie's folks.From my vantage point halfway down the street and with the benefit of the binoculars I could see something was amiss!Fuck! it was hot in the van.Persperation was running down my sides from under my arms.I had been stalking them for close on ten months.I monitored the situation,Hanna's mom had'nt come out yet.The vans windows were tinted and dark.I was'nt worried about being discovered.It had been by pure chance that I bumped into them.I had gone to see a movie.Oblivious to what extraordinay beauty stood behind me.I turned from the refreshment counter holding my coke and popcorn.I knew they were going to be the one's the moment I took them in with my eyes!Angie was absolutely exquisite!Tall with long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.Exotic features and luscious lips.She was wearing a tight little number.The skirt resting high up on her thighs.Her legs were muscular and well defined.She was wearing a tight fitting T which put emphasis on her perky tits!Her lower midriff was exposed.An unbelievable tummy,tanned and as flat as an ironingboard.Her cute bellybutton sporting a belly ring.A silver dolphin with two tiny pearls hanging from its tail.I caught her eye.She looked vain and selfabsorbed.The look she gave me basically said "Fuck right off,asshole!".Ohh I was going to make her pay!!!I looked down taking in her shapely feet ensconsed in pumps.Toenails painted red.They maddened me!Her boyfriend Clayton,had his arm around her.His hand resting on the bare flesh of her side.Handsome,he obviously worked out.Angie was seventeen.


I judged him to be about twenty.I later discovered Angie was in her final year at school.A talented athlete, hence the body.I attended a few of her sports fixtures.I remember standing at the boundary of the track.As the mob cheered behind and besides me.Angie came blazing past me.If I had stuck my hand out I could have touched her.Wearing the green and white striped colours of her school.Her perky tits bouncing slightly despite her bra.Chest heaving in her vest from the effort to catch the girl in front.Buttocks like little pumping drums in her track shorts.Barefoot the soles of her feet grass stained.She had started slowly and had finished an unlucky second.She was dressed like a little tartlet the first time I saw her.That day at the track she had looked like a beautiful athletic nymph!Standing behind her in line was her sister Roxanne.Different to Angie in both looks and personality.She was a sweetiepie!Fifteen,she was also tall and lanky.Too skinny though.She had dark blonde hair.Cute face with some freckles on her nose and cheeks.Sweet green eyes.I later discovered she was painfully shy and conscious of the braces she wore to straighten her teeth.Her youthful naive look and flat chest mad me horny!She was wearing a pink O'Neil T with "Surf Hawaii" emblazzoned on it.A short white skirt which showed to much of her skinny long legs and flat sandles.The sight of a toering on one of her long toes gave me a semi!Her friend thirteen year old Hanna had done nothing for me.Oh,how that had changed over the last ten months!Of Norwegian descent she had blossomed into a beauty!Now fourteen she had shot up.

The puppy fat had melted away.She was pale with ashblonde hair and large extraordinary skyblue eyes.I had tailed them home from the movies.Oh since then I had been so patient!

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Hanna's mother was rushing over to her house again.So whats up now I thought.Death in the family?Illness?.Hanna walked over to Angie's house carrying a night bag.Intresssssting!Hanna's mom reappeared with her husband and loaded two small cases in the trunk and raced off .So they were going to be away for a couple of days at least from the look of things.I was feeling good as I placed the binoculars on the seat next to me started the engine and sped off.Harvest time had arrived!

I got back to my very secluded smallholding at sunset.I gave the donkeys their feed.As they ate I developed an incredible hard on of anticipation.I had bought the two of them a month ago.I had wanted entires not geldings.A vivid flash of Roxanne's cunt stretched to the max around a donkeydick ran through my mind.I patted the two of them on the neck ."Not long to wait now Boys!" I showered and packed my little bag of tricks.ductape,three small balls,three rags,chloroform,a short stubby truncheon and a dangerously sharp knife.I got the gun,silencer and night vision goggles from the box atop of the mantle.Money was'nt an object for me.My parents had passed away and left me a small fortune.I had enough to never have to work.At 36 I was financially sorted for life.I had bought the gun,silencer and goggles from two unscrupulous brothers.They had cost me a bundle!The brothers had thrown in a crash course in lock picking and a copy of the plan of Angie's house as a bonus.I was overjoyed to hear a few weeks later they had both been gunned down in a drug deal turned sour!Now nobody knew of my intentions!I waited the night away to excited to sleep!

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I pulled up in the van outside Hana's dark and empty house silently at 2:30 am.With stealth I was over Angie's low wall.Bent I made my way down the side of the house past dark windows.My feet clad only in socks.Not the sound of one dog barking!This street was pretty free of them.High wall.Could'nt believe my luck stupid cunt's had left the door unlocked!I was in their backyard.Was'nt cocerned about the neighbours on the left.They were fucking ancient and would be fast asleep.That's if death had'nt taken them in their sleep already!Cunts must have been nearly a 100!

I picked the lock in no time.Wearing the goggles,gun in my right hand bag in my left I entered the lair that held my three sweet pussys!! Main bedroom,door ajar.Angie's dad sleeping on his back.Mom on her stomach I had no intrest in them I raised the gun.Pfff.pfff.pfff.pfff.pfff.Both shots hit the dad square in his upturned face.Three hit mom in her upper back.They never knew what hit them!

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On down the passage.Second downstairs bedroom.Door closed should be empty.I opened it.What the FUCK!!!Clayton sitting up in bed looking at me startled!He opened his mouth to scream.Pfff.I blew the top of his head clean off. Now upstairs to the pussy pantry!!!!

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When I got to the top of the stairs.I can't describe the emotions flooding me!My legs were shaking with anticipation!Angie's room door open.Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!!the sight that greeted me!The ho was sleeping atop of the sheets in the summer night heat.Naked except for a black thong.I looked at that glorious body.Then struck her with the truncheon at the base of her skull.She lifted her head groggily.Another tap and she was unconscious!I turned her over on her back and cut the thong off her.A clean shaven pussy with a lovely fleshy hood.I had to control myself not to rape her there and then.I forced the ball in her mouth and secured it with the duct tape which I wound round her head.I bound her hands and feet.Angie secured it was time to move on.

I entered the second room.Hanna in dreamland.Her blonde hair sprayed across the pillow.I forced the rag doused in chloroform over her nose and mouth.Her skyblue eyes flew open.She looked up at me in bewilderment!She was under the covers her feet kicked out and then she was still.I pulled the covers off her.She was wearing cute little silky pj's.I sripped them off her.No underwear.For a little fourteen year old she had nice fleshy developing boobs.I kneeded them viciously digging my nails into the flesh.Even in her state she let out a low moan.She had a soft sprouting of pubic hair on the mound of her pussy.I shoved my thumb into her bone dry ass.Fuck it was tight,like a vaccum gripping my thumb and unyielding!I forced it up her poopshoot and had trouble extracating it.Tight as a fist the little bitch!I secured her and moved on to number three!

Thank fuck none of these bitches locked their doors!She was on her side covered down to her ass.Roxanne's long legs stretched down the bed.I turned her on her back quickly and put my hand over her mouth.Her sleep ladden eyes opened and fear swept over her.I placed my lips next to her ear."One sound cunt and you will die!".She was toooo.

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sweet to resist.A docile kid who was pettttriffieeed!When I uncovered her I saw the liitle hoe slept naked.She was so scared she had wet herself!Her urine had saturated her cunt and ass.A yellow pool had collected on the sheets by her buttocks.This time I could'nt resist!I roughly placed a ball in her mouth,securing it.I placed the skinny bitch on all fours and got in behind her.She was crying.I undid my buckle and pulled my zip down.My cock was screaming for release!I wet the head with my own spit and savagely with no regard for the skinny slut shoved it into her anus.She bucked like a bull as I entered her and screamed "Uuuughhhh!".The bitch fucked it up!!!!!!She pulled her body forward and my cock slipped out of her.I pulled her back to me.My cock went between her legs and brushed her cunt lips.The feeling of my dick brushing her shaven vagina made me shoot into the sheets!Fuck,I was angry!!!I smashed the bitches head into the headboard and knocked her out!

I carried my beautiful slaves downstairs.With as little noise as possible I reversed the van into the driveway.I had placed blankets on the hard metal floor of the van and tossed the girls in.They were a tangle of lucious teen cunt entwined and unconscious.I rode off into the night with my booty!!!!!!


Hanna was the first to awaken.I had placed the unconscious girls sitting side by side in three easy chairs in the lounge.They were no longer fettered or gagged.I had been watching their naked bodies for nearlly an hour.Hanna's eyes flew open then closed again.Again she opened her skyblues wide!What did she think this was just a nightmare?Trying to wish it away?I had placed a big white sheet on the wall behind me and written on it in black-"Welcome home!Nobody knows you are here or can hear you!Scream and you FUCKED!!!I hate NOiSE!!!!" The stupid little cunt screamed!!I slapped her hard across the face."Well if thats the way you want it,bitch!!!!!"She put her head in her hands and started crying and whineing.It was fucking irritating!"Hanna Shut the Fuck up!!!!"She looked up at me surprised that I knew her name.It somehow seemed to calm the bitch and she was quieter.I looked at Roxanne and was surprised to see she was staring at me in horror.I had never seen anyone so frightened."Goodgirl,Roxanne!Read what it says behind me,obey it and I won't hurt you!"When I had said her name the cunt had opened her mouth revealing her braces.CUTE!They sat silently nervously glancing at each other.I gave Angie another ten minutes still she did'nt stir."Oh Fuck this"I said and poured a bucket of ice cold water over her!It was comical how it brought her to life.She sat bolt upright took in the situation and screeched.I grabbed a handful of the bitches hair pulled her to her feet and kneed her in the stomach she collapsed to the floor winded.The other two were in abject terror and just watched mouths ajar.I pulled Angie to her feet and led her by a clump of her hair to a barrel I had placed on the floor.I bent her over it and tied her hands to the bolts I had placed on either side of it.The walls of the room behind the paint were fitted with soundproof panels I had painstakingly installed myself."Up sluts!" I motioned to Roxanne and Hanna.They obeyed."If you two start that crying,slobbering,sobbing shit!I'll fucking KILL you,understand?"They could see I was deadly serious and nodded.I got the bag with the strap on's from behind the chair Angie had been sitting in.They were bought especially with her vain cunt in mind."You won't get a second warning!"I told Hanna and Roxanne."Now stand still and open your legs!"The two bitches shuffled their legs apart and I fitted the strap on's to them.Making sure they were very firmly fitted.All the little straps in.I stood back and admired my work.Both of them now had MASSIVE cocks sprouting from their crotches.The dildo's were at least 28 centimetres in length and as thick as my wrist.They were phallic monsters.Roxanne's was jet black with a massive head.Hanna's a deep red that was awfully thick at the base and gradually narrowed towards the crown.They knew what was going to happen and had pleading looks in their eyes.I undressed ,my cock hard and inflammed.Naked except for the holster on my shoulder.I waved the gun at the two bitches and they cringed,Roxanne let out a animal like yelp.They caught the meaning."Show the slightest disobedience and I will shove the barrel up your cunt and empty it in you!" I inundated Angie's pussy with lube.I rubbed large greasy hand fulls of it all over her fanny.Till she was drenched in it.She was pleading with me.Her arrogance and vanity had deserted her.I got Roxanne up behind her sisters ass.Roxanne was scared shitless and did what I ordered.I guided the bulbous head to Angie's vaginal opening and told Roxanne to start moving her hips back and forth."Fuck her now!" I shouted.Silly Roxanne,so scared so worried about me blowing her brains out she went flat out!Hammer and Tongs!That she fucked Angie would be a understatement.She pulverised her pussy.Her hps moved like a piston as she humped her sister.The huge dildo was slipping deep into Angie's pussy.Angie was screaming""Her white cuntlips were stretched tightly around the black dongs girth.I moved to the front of the barrel to face Angie.She looked under incredible strain.Her eyes seemed to be spinning,face flushed a bright red,saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.She looked at me beseechingly.''!''I stood next to Roxanne who was still laying it on thick for her sister.Angie was so filled that she had three small tears on her cunt wrapped so excruciatingly tight around the rubber of the dildo.The pressure of this monstorous dick in her cunt had pulled her body taut, even the ho's toes were curled!Roxanne was tiring with the exertion of humping her hips.I told her to stop.She stopped crying "

Angie" "Now its up to you Roxanne!Most of its in.Don't split her too much very slowly ease the last bit in!"Taking my advice not to hurt her sister she pushed gently forward.The last four centimeters were eaten up by Angie's cunt.Angie moaned.Hanna had collapsed in a chair.The huge cock still protruding from her crotch.Her eyes looked dull her mind had gone some place to escape this horror.I lifted her and unstrapped the dildo.

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Roxanne was still atop of Angie .The thing protruding from her deeply buried inside her sister.I tossed the lifeless Hanna back into the chair.I placed some lube on my cock and moved behind Roxanne.Undoing two small straps on the dildo so I coul get at her pussy. My chest firmly against her back.I kicked her feet more apart.She sighed,resigned to her fate.I took her virginity violently and savagely.I fucked her like she was a old tart not a virgin.I smashed my cock head through her hymen as she screamed from the pain of it.I forced her inner vaginal walls apart.Hammering her wanting to fuck the shit out of her.To destroy her womb and uterus.My weight forced her down on Angie.The extra pressure made Angie scream in painFuck!that dildo was rooted in the bitch!I fucked at Roxanne pressing her head into her sisters back.I was squeezing her flesh what little the skinny ho had!Pinching and twisting the flesh of her buttocks.I was rapeing the cunt violently after all these months of waiting!!I increased the tempo more rapidly and felt my orgasm building.Roxanne's face was flush against her sisters back.Her cheek squashed up against Angie.I looked at the side of her face visible to me.That little nose the cute freckles and pain filled green eyes.Her mouth open giving me a good look at the braces on her top teeth.She was sodden with sweat.My plan was to impregnate all three of these cunts.The thought alone gave me sweet release and I exploded in Roxanne.


I locked my bitches in a windowless room and flopped onto my bed exhausted.I dreamed sweet dreams.