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Chastity Cock Control Domination JOI
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My body began to stir, piece by piece, my brain was throwing back on all the switches, though it was my ears that came on first, and this is what I heard: ".ook I'm sorry, but we can't keep him on life support for ever ma'am, I'm sorry but if we don't see any recovery in the next 48 hours, we have to switch it off and accept he died. I'm sorry, truly I am." Said someone to my left.

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"What he has only been in for 2 days, and your already counting him out!?" someone shouted. "No sir, your son has a chance to survive without it, however slim, and we are in desperate need of his machine for those who cant." Said another.

This was bullshit! No one was switching me off, I tried to say 'What yo sayin fool', you know to try and make the whole 'returning from the dead' thing abit more funny, but nothing happened.

So I tried to throw my arms about, but nothing happened, I was starting to panic, then I thought that that might be a good idea, make my heart rate increase might be secret doctor code for 'I'm alive, don't kill me!'. Of course then I wasn't able to panic properly knowing that panicking was my plan, its like trying to tickle yourself.

Endless 'fun'. "Son, if you can hear me, then I just want to know.just how cliché this is." Said my dad seriously "Look please just make it son, me and your mum love you, Louise and Dan have been waiting with us for two days, Louise doesn't leave your side unless she has to, Dan has kept checking in and doing a lot of pacing." I knew they didn't think I could hear them, but I loved them for talking to me, and I was touched that Louise and Dan weren't ditching me, they were by my side.

I also noticed they didn't mention Emily, was she here, did something happen to HER too? But there was something about her, a reason for not liking her, but.was it.did she.nah can't be.she was not a transvestite was she?

Ah fuck it I thought, it's not going to matter much for the moment anyway. I felt myself getting tired, as if id just spent hours writing a part 3.5 to a story in the early hours because I'd forgotten to save it. A strange unique type of tired. It was then I heard a voice from the direction I hoped to be the door. "Is it okay if I sit with him sir?" said the voice.

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It had to be Louise, a voice as soft as a lute. "yeah sure, I need to go find his mother anyway. Talk to him, he might need the company." My dad said as he left. "Hey Ralph babe, can you hear me?" said Louise with a hint of concern but also hope, as if part of her knew I could. "You know you making me miss college for you don't you?" she said jokingly she then sighed to herself and mumbled something.

"just a shame Emily was too busy fucking her boyfriend to come down and see you hey?" She said coughing with emotion, I wanted to reach out and hold her, to tell her that I was fine and that I was there to help her, which let's be honest; is what everyone wanted. "DAMN IT RALPH, WAKE UP PLEASE COME ON WAKE UP, WAKE UP, wake up.wake up" she yelled into my shoulder whilst lightly hitting my leg rapidly, I could feel her tears wetting my skins.

I tried everything, movement, speech, even to wet myself, anything. I mentally sighed, but I took hope in the fact that I had regained my sense of touch as well as hearing and smell. Not sure about taste, no one had shoved anything in my mouth yet.give them time. Dan had had to go back to his home, his parents where getting worried that he was spending to much time at the hospital, though when he explained how badly he felt, they soon understood, they told him that they would drive him back the next morning, and also explain to the college what was happening.

Dan was grateful that he had not had parents like Ralphs, whom were one of the only reasons he agreed to leave, though his dad seemed call, he had no idea how either of them could stand to be around his mother, she walked around as if the worldly ways were but an inconvenience to her authority, she truly thought that all and anything that she wanted should be achieved thusly.

She had even demanded that Dan leave for an hour or two because she didn't like his shadow. Which was abit extreme to Dan, as he left he looked behind him at his shadow, thinking "Its a shadow for fuck sake, a shadow.what the fuck." And here he was at home in bed with a cup of tea while his friend was dead or dying.

What a great friend he was, "I've known him for two days and I have already hospitalised him." Dan said aloud. He just wanted to be back at the hospital. A first among most people. Emily was fuming, She had been sat waiting in waiting room A for 6 hours before she had had enough, she stormed out of the hospital, and went to find her boyfriend, not before giving some lads a good view of her ass as she bent over to pick something up. She was going to kill who ever had had Ralph's phones, thinking to herself she knew it must have been Louise, she must have seen the text she had sent to try and worm her way out of being late, which had now been correct.

She knew that they would end up in a fight, but she wanted to come out with Ralph's sympathies. Emily laughed at herself, this had started as Emily just trying to get another boy toy, but now it was personal and she was going to win.


I had began to regain control of my muscles again, I didn't notice for a long time as I didn't bother trying anymore as the past Nine thousand times hadn't work, it was not until I was able to see properly was I able to notice my eyes were moving, I looked around but could only see the roof so I carefully craned my neck down to see Louise with her head on the edge of my bed, asleep.

I thought about calling her name to wake her up, to see if I could talk, so I coughed loudly, satisfied that I was not going to make myself look like a complete dick, I called Louise's name, until she began to stir. "OH my god RALPH!

YOU TALKING.AND MOVING AND. OH MY GOD" She practically screamed, she reached across taking my head between her hands she kissed me on the lips, though only briefly before running off to tell EVERYONE. I got a strange feeling when she kissed me, like da ja vu. I didn't get much time to think on it before nurses and doctors began to came to look on me.

I swear they didn't need most the people, but who was I to tell them how to do their jobs? After a few hours or medical jargon. I was ready to meet my audience, though the doctors has argued heavily with me to use a wheelchair I had told them I wanted crutches, I didn't want to become the college wheel chair guys, so after another hour of crutch master classes I was going to be free. Thinking about what I was going to say, should I try and be funny? I didn't get much time to think about it before the nurses pushed the doors open for me to go though.

I heard the gasping and felt the tension building in the room, I decided not to make this like a game show and hurried along to greet them. "RALPH, my son. Your alright!

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Thank god, don't ever run off like that again!" I knew it had to be my mum. "Hi mum, I love you too" I said, kind of wishing I hadn't woken up."Where's dad?" "He's gone to get me something to eat." Replied mother calmly. "oh and that nice Dan boy is on his way back now, his parents made him go home, good parenting I think." She finished. I had forgotten about Dan, my head was just full of Louise and Emily.

I looked around and saw Louise on the chair in the corner, sleeping. I didn't have the heart to wake her, so when Mum went off to find and give dad a trashing for not being here.

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I took the moment to look at Louise, She was about 5ft4", so about my height, the face of an angel, Even her closed eyes were beautiful. Her crimson hair flowing down her neck and over her shoulder, as I looked I started to get another feeling of da ja vu, I reached out and pushed away a escapee lock of hair which was covering part of her face. As I did so she began to wake up, she looked up, forcing my hand to stroke her gently, it felt like a bolt of electricity had shot though her into my fingertips, and into my brain and loins.

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I was captivated by her, I couldn't move, I was locked there, staring at this angel, "Morning beautiful" I said when she locked eyes on me, she smiled so hard I looked like her face had cracked. She blinked quickly and began to say something before I stroked my thumb across her cheek again, making her stutter.

I cracked a grin at this "Hey handsome, you better then" she said still not breaking eye contact, Her eyes were beautiful, hazelnut brown and endless, you could stare into them for hours, days even. "I know this is a bad question, but where is Emily?" I asked, knowing that answer but wanted to know what she would do. "She was too busy shagging her boyfriend than to come see if you where okay" she said quietly, whispering it into my ear, My views of Emily, had completely revered since I checked her facebook, she was just another slut, well at least in my opinion, Louise on the other hand, seemed to be perfect, I told her thinking its as good a time as any.

"Nah I'm not, far from it, but thank you Ralph, its means a lot to know you think so." She replied, knowing what she had done to Emily.

She was becoming increasingly guilty about the whole thing. "Would a non perfect girl have stayed by my side?" I asked rhetorically. Being a gentleman, I helped her stand. She started to fiddle with the front of my jacket absent-mindly. "Oh Ralph, you such a gentleman aren't you, I bet you get all the girls" she said teasingly, we both knew nice guys never got girls. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck, though being in crutches, I could just stand there, and enjoy it.

We locked eyes again, there was something about her, we were connecting somehow, she made me feel complete, filled that whole that my mum had kept empty for as long as possible.


We looked into each other's eyes for a minute, I knew we were going to kiss, truly kiss. I began over thinking, I had never really kissed anymore before, what am I supposed to do, was I meant to do anything? As our heads where about to connect, we could hear my mother tonal moaning coming from the corridor.

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Cursing there timing, we separated knowing that there would be hell to pay of my mum caught us. Louise turn and smiled at me and mouthed "later" at me. I smiled back and turned to see who else had turned up. It was mum dad and Dan. "Hey dad, how you doing?" I asked offering my hand to shake, I couldn't manage a hug, my ribs where to sore. "A lot better than you son!

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welcome back" he said taking my hand and shaking it. "Hey Ralph" said Dan quietly when my dad moved out of the way. "Hey Dan buddy, look thanks for looking after me and all, you're a true friend.


Thanks." I said raising my hand again. "Yea, thanks Ralphs, I thought you might hate me or something, just glad you're alive though." Said Dan with a heavy sigh. Taking my hand firmly. Why would I hate him? But I didn't want to but much thought into it, so I got the ball moving. "Let's get outta here." I said. I let everyone go in front of me so I could 'walk' next to Louise. "Hello again handsome" she said happily. I smiled back to get and said. "Hey, your beautiful, I'm the ugly one here" we giggled, she wrapped her arm around mine gently.

"Such a charmer aren't you?" she said then went quiet for a moment. "What are we going to do about Emily?" She asked. "I honestly had not thought about her yet. Just been thinking about you really." Knowing that was the RIGHT answer. She giggled again. "Yea but we have to do something, what she did was wrong and she needs to know it." She said egging on my anger of Emily to increase. "You sure just turning up at the bus stop in each other's arms isn't enough?" I asked, I had never been mean to anyone before, and I didn't like the idea of changing that, but hey.

Id do anything for Louise. "NOT A CHANCE" She said slowly. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, again sorry for falling asleep :D, I was going to keep with part going but I thought why not let you guys choose how this continues?

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So send me a PM or comment about how Ralph and Louise should "take revenge" on Emily. :D thank you guys for being so patient <3 u all : )