Sunny leoni xxx ebony vedo

Sunny leoni xxx ebony vedo
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All my stories are true. This will be an on going series of my different encounters with my sister. It all started in a summer in the late 90's, we were out of school for the year. We spent a lot of time home alone, due to the fact we lived on a ranch in Ohio. My sister, Caitlyn, was a year younger than me. (Brad,is my name). At the time, we were the same size, she hit puberty way before I did. She was 5'10,130 pds,brown eyes, curly brown hair,olive skin,B cup real perky nice tits, her ass was real big and bubble shaped, it was even bigger on her skinny frame.

She was really athletic in school, cheerleading and soccer was her go to activities. She was a really pretty girl, one of the prettiest in school, she always had all the guys chasing her.


Me, I was this lil 5'10 skinny kid, blond hair, hazel eyes,olive skin, I was athletic as well, real ripped up. I was real smart though, kinda nerdy.

We were both virgins, and explorers of that. Our parents were gone through the week off to work, and we were constantly at home by ourselves. So, Caitlyn and I would always be trying to find ways to keep occupied, we were young and didn't like to sit around, especially on a ranch.

One day, I was snooping around in my parents room and came across some videos in the closet. I yelled for Caitlyn to come look at what I found, and she came bursting into the room.


All the videos we unmarked, and some were different sizes, as if they came out of a small cam corder. My parents had a TV and vcr in their room so I looked at Caitlyn and said "let's see what on them". We put the first one in and it went straight into a guy going down on this girl, we were both instantly shocked and started describing what we saw.

I was on the verge of ejecting the tape and Caitlyn spoke up and said "Wait a couple minutes" I replied and said " We shouldn't be watching this" she seemed to ignore me and getting lost more and more into the video, you could tell her hormones were racing by the look in her eye.

I finally got up from beside her and ejected the video, she then yelled in disappointment. I said "Calm down, we can put in one more and then we've got to put them up, mom and dad will get mad if they caught us doing this". I looked in the box and grabbed the small tape, the recorder was beside the TV already hooked up to it. I inserted the tape into the cam corder and hit play. We quickly realized a woman in a bathtub, it was our mother! Mom was pretty, in her thirties, 5'11, tan skin, big double D tits from plastic surgery, and she to had a really big butt.

She took care of herself by working out. There she was sprawled out in the bathtub playing with herself, my dad was holding the camera. This time Caitlyn was the one to get up to eject the video, I then protested," Just a couple of minutes" she then sat on the floor below me. Mom continued to play with herself and dad was instructing her what to do. At this point I've got to admit I was getting aroused by watching my Mom play with herself, Caitlyn just sat in amazement gazing at the tv.

Mom began to craw towards the camera, my dad was sitting at the end of the bathtub with it. She unzips his pants and pulls out his already hard dick.

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Caitlyn says ,"oh my god that's big!" I just continue to watch, my mom inserting this cock into her mouth looking up at the camera. Slowly she starts at the tip, then starts to pick up pace half way down, then slows up when she has all of his member in her throat.

I was rocked solid at this moment, my sister looked like she had a little sparkle in her eye as well.

Caitlyn then began to craw over to me from the spot she was at and said " I wanna try this". I then replied " We can't Caitlyn, your my sister, we'd get in trouble".

She then proclaimed if you don't tell I won't tell. Before I could make my mind up she turns around and pulls off her jeans, to reveal her nice plump booty.

Then takes of her shirt slowly. And there my sister stands completely naked with her back facing me still watching the video as it plays and Mom is trying to get dad to cum.

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I then put my hand on her ass and spread her big butt cheeks, you could feel the muscle in her buttocks from years of sports. I looked at the view from the back and she had the most beautiful pussy, perfect lips,pink, and asshole was just as perfect. She had no hair, and I stopped to ask her why, and she said Mom told her it's better to shave.

I then entered two fingers into her warm womb, and went slowly, knowing this was her first time. She began to moan, her pussy was reacting to my fingers and began to pour white cream all over my fingers.

She put her hands on the dresser to brace herself, she was still standing, her legs were getting weak. I picked up pace and her ass began to ripple from my hand hitting her backside as I fucked her with my fingers. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I was extremely horny as well and went selfish and stopped.

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She then turned around and asked " Why did you stop?" I then said " It's your turn to please me like mom pleased dad" She said ok, and got down on her knees as I said. Then pulled of my shorts to unleash my cock rock solid.


I was about 6 inches hard even though I had just hit puberty a couple months prior. At my age that was pretty impressive. I really didn't have much hair down there yet.She looked up at me and put her hand on my cock and slowly started to jack it and went straight to my balls with her mouth. I awed in amazement, my sister on her knees with her ass in the air sucking on my balls.

She ran her tongue from my balls to the end of my dick and entered me into her mouth, she wasted no time and took the whole thing down on the first stroke.

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She picked up pace, devouring my cock and looking up at me the whole time, after a minute slobber began to accumulate and she pulled my dick out of her mouth to smack on her tongue. The slobber was now getting everywhere, all over her face, my dick, her hand. She then went back to taking my dick all the way down her throat. It was quite the site. I couldn't take it any longer the arousement from the blowjob and it being my sister amounted. I held her head and exploded into her mouth.

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She attempted to pull back but I held her head. She tried to swallow the cum then but it was too much, it came bursting out the sides of her mouth with my dick still in her mouth. She then began to accept it and slowly nodding on my dick the last couple drops.

Caitlyn then pulled my dick out of her mouth, and said "When can we do this again big bro?"