Sexy Asian Girl Fucked from behind an cummed on

Sexy Asian Girl Fucked from behind an cummed on
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It is rainy morning, Marina is working the early morning shift at the coffee shop. It is 5 am when I walk in, I'm wearing a dark blue and I smiled at her. She had never met a guy, she was so instantly drawn to, especially a man older then her. She wanted me to meet her in the storage room and rub my cock on her hot pussy.

She didn't see a wedding ring, she wonders if I'm married. I'm standing at the counter, looking her up and down. I pick up my coffee and go sit down at a table. She was wiping the tables as I got up to leave, I walked up beside her, leaning in close and whispering " I could grab your ass and bend you over right here, right now, and fuck you-hard." It was like one of those lines you read about but no man ever says to you in a public place, I said it. She is speechless, her nipples were hard and I had her full attention.

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Then, I walked away. I came back 10 minutes later, I led her into a corner where I said I wanted to kiss her.

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She hesitated because up to this point, she had never had a older man try to seduce her. She can't tell you why she did it, but she brought her body close enough to me to let me kiss her. She walked away, because it was her turn and because that's what you do when a kiss makes you want to press your whole body into something reckless.

I followed, took her hand and said " just so you know," then put it directly onto the biggest and hardest cock she could imagine. She is a good girl, she couldn't grab it no matter how much she wanted to, but she is nearly shaking from controlling the urge. Then I walked away. Thirty minutes later I was standing behind her in at the bus stop, she can feel my eyes on her, hyper aware of her body language, gauging how far I could push.

I walked up, grabbing her ass and squeezed. I noticed irritation, apologized, and backed off. Before she got on the bus, I was back and gave her my number. She texted me immediately letting me know she wasn't annoyed but was overwhelmed, she told me I had no idea what I was doing to her.

That she has never had a older man come onto her like that. Over the next week we texted each other, we soon agreed to meet for coffee, she is nervous, excited, and convinced that she wasn't going to let it go too far. She had told me that sex was not happening, that she had never been with a man. She doesn't remember why but she got into my car, I took her to my penthouse further away from the coffee shop that had a doorman posted outside. Once we were inside I closed the door and locked it, releasing her into the enormous room.

She walked over to the windows and leaned against it a moment taking a breath to calm herself. I begin to strip down, I'm now bare with the exception of my shorts that hid my manhood, I sat down on couch.

" Come sit." Then my hand is suddenly on her breast, covering it almost completely over her little white shirt. She jump and grabs my hand. My mouth met her ear, and she feels my teeth biting her lobe, my tongue flicking inside her. " No," she protested meekly. " Don't worry. Nobody's here." My hand moves between her thighs. She clamps them shut. " Please, no," she said. Suddenly my hand is on her throat, sliding down over her breastbone.

My fingers crept inside her shirt, and she grabs at my wrist. She knew she had to prevent my fingers reaching her nipple. " Just relax," I said. " It'll be ok. We'll just have some fun." " John, stop. You can't." My fingers covered the rise of her breast, heading lower. " John, no, please stop. You.ohhhhhhhhhhh." My thumb and forefinger closed over her nipple. She feels a gush of moisture between her legs, her pelvis jerks, and she feels dizzy. " There you go," I said. " Relax and enjoy it." My body covered hers, my tongue pushing apart her lips, both hands working her breasts and nipples.

She feels her hips thrusting with a life of their own, her tongue twisting with mine, and her first orgasm approaching. Suddenly I stop. She is panting and dizzy, glancing around her, trying to remember what is happening.

She is on her back on the couch. Her shirt is open, arms out to her sides, legs spread open. I knelt between them, I'm nude, my thick erection full. " Oh, John." she shook her head, but I'm leaning into her. " Shhhhh," I stroked her head. " I'm wider than normal, so just relax, there will be pain." She stares at my purple cock head, it looks so fat.

Marina struggles with shame of her own excitement. If only she did not have to touch it. Her hand finally grasped my cock and she nearly fainted with the sensation that swept over her. "Oh God!" She is shocked at the feel of my cock. It is so hot, hard and throbbing. She is startled, while the outside is soft skin covering a thick steel bar.

She feels her knees coming slowly up, giving me more access, stretching her further. When straightened to my knees between her legs. My cock and balls hung heavy, swaying slightly, and her eyes again locked on the sight. She whimpers fearfully and a grin flashed on my face, " Put it in," My voice seems harder, more demanding and Marina is shocked out of the reverie she had sunk into holding my cock. She swallows, her hands slide over the length of my cock.

She is both shocked and alarmed by its length. Finally she grasped it near its head and pushed it down towards her pussy. She shivered when the hot head slides across the soft satiny skin of her inner thigh.

The thick head ran over her vulva seemingly parting the lower lips further, until it is finally in the right place. She looks up at me then cries out as I thrust forward. The pain is unbearable as a bludgeon of hot iron thrusts at her soft opening. Forcing the entrance to her pussy apart.

The pain slowly receded as she became accustomed to the thick girth. It is so thick! She is stretched and full. Then I thrust again and another three inches slip up into her resisting channel.

The heat of my throbbing cock inside her is over whelming. She feels she would burn up. The flames of passion was not ignited, as she expected. I kept moving forward, the pressure building as I force my cock deeper inside her.

I wrap my arms around her, pinning her arms to her side, as I thrust into her. " Aaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!" She feels like she is split wide open. She panicked, thrashing around. I'm going to kill her. I pull out slowly, and then thrust in again, harder. She saw stars and the room spun around.

" No! Stop. I can't take it." She didn't want to open at first, her body recognizing my size and telling her in sharp stabs of pain to stop this, but I continue to force my way in with steady control, giving and taking no surrender. Her incredible wetness eased the passage, keeping her from tearing. Her body thrashing back and forth on the couch as it warred with itself, her eyes shut and hands helplessly fisting against the couch, her fingers aching.

One side of her knowing I'm too big to fit without considerable pain, and the other side beyond caring with its unbelievable need for me to possess her, her mind fought inside her for control. The fight is lost, as I drive deeper, forcing in another 6 inches ripping through the proof of her virginity with a single thrust. She screams as it tore; the sound tapering off to a whimper. The pain is excruciating as she is opened up.

This vile brute beast taking her virginity. I'm focused on my own needs to care, and with three more thrusts of my body, I'm buried all the way inside her, deeper than she ever thought possible.

I stayed there for a minute, firm arms on either side of her head, my raging cock remaining still inside her newly deflowered body, allowing her muscles to adjust to my size inside her. All too quickly for her agonized body, I begin to move, sliding out only slightly before driving back in. She responded immediately, fire burning in her loins with too much intensity to ignore as her need for me overwhelmed everything else now. She is so wet the couch is soaked beneath us. Marina is whimpering, as this beast is taking her.

A moment of confused excitement sent a thrill through her before she could suppress it. Her hand tightened on my cock. Perhaps she can stop me from thrusting deeper.


Then the realization swept over her. I had my cock buried deep inside her and there is more to come. Her hand still grasped my cock and yet so much had been thrust up inside already. It is so long! Shockingly long! She tries to grasp my cock, but I thrust again. Her hand is pushed up against my body. Only her slim hand prevented more thick inches of cock from pushing further inside her. She grasped that cock tightly to try and prevent it from going deeper.

Already the length inside her is ripping her open. Her muscles clamping down on the cock and she feels the exciting length inside her. She feels it throbbing and pulsing, hot and alive in its lust. It is so thick and hard. Shocked she realized her thoughts have switched from pain to excitement. Exciting pulses of pleasure are beginning to surge outward from her loin. Her clasping muscles are transmitting that pleasure. Shocked she stopped squeezing my cock as she feels it edge deeper.

With sudden inspiration she reaches down between my legs and grasped my tight testicles. My balls are hairy and hot. They have tightened up. If she played with my balls the presence of her hand would prevent me thrusting deeper. She lightly and softly caressed the motor of my passion. Inside these balls semen is surging with excitement and desire to be shot up inside her.

" Oh My God!" Her hand pulled away suddenly and she pushed at me. " Please Oh God! Please take it out! Don't come inside me." Her voice trailed off as I thrust the last inches of my cock up inside her. She had taken it all! Marina trembled at the pleasure that shot through her at that last thrust. The pain had receded.

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To be replaced by hot pleasing pleasure. Her head fell back, the dark tresses framed her lovely face. Her eyes closed and she clasped my butt trying desperately to suppress and control her body's reaction to me. I paused, she did not dare look at me. Did not trust her voice, or her eyes. She tried to focus on the fierce grip of her hands on my butt.

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Then nine inches of thick cock starts to move inside her. She screams. A fierce desperate scream of lost control as her lithe shapely legs rose up and clasping my big body, pulling me closer.


" Ohhhh Nooooo.Ahhhhh. God! Nooooo!" Even as her clasping legs wrapped around my frame urging me on, her voice broke out in sobbing excited pants. " Please.Oh please. don't come inside me!" I increased the rate of my thrusting, settling into a savage rhythm that left her breathless and straining with excitement and pleasure.

This is so wrong. A 55 year old man. This should not be. It is wrong that such a man should be able to get her so excited. Her hands rose and sought to push me away, even as her heels dug into my thighs and urged me on and in. " Ooooooh.Oooh.Haa. arghhhhh." She opened her eyes and looked into my impassive face. How could I remain impassive! While my cock is thrusting so pleasurably inside her. My eyes remained calm and untroubled? Almost serene, my manner is a stark contract to her own growing passion.


She cannot believe I could remain so in control of myself. Was I not enjoying my taking of her? The arrogant cocky bastard! My constant battering of her pussy with my pile-driver overcame her musings as she grasped me tight.

She opened herself wider and accepted with a thrill the realization that she had nine inches of my length deep insider her quaking and over excited pussy. She struggles to contain her own passion and fails.

Her pretty dark head fell back and she wails in deep a breathy passion. " Ooooooooh. Oh! Oh! Oh! Huh. huh. Oh God! Arghh! Yessss!" I'm taking pleasure between the lovely spread thighs of a 21 year old virgin. I would plant my seed in her just as I had planted my seed in six ex- wives and four lovers.

It is so easy. Marina was so easy. I had recognized the unfulfilled need expressed in her temper and edginess. The tart behavior towards men reflected a hidden need to provoke a older man into a more firm hand with her. It had made my job so much easier. I sensed she had never been with a man sexually, her virginity.

Smelling those changes in her reflected a receptive young woman. I would have her womb seeded by morning. I will be pleased she had been broken in so quickly. She is perfect slut material, a classy and beautiful young woman with a desperate need to be dominated. She is deliciously tight with soft glossy lips. Bedding young women is my prime purpose as a womanizer. Having beautiful young women at my beck and call is a bonus, what more could a man want! " Ahhh.Oh.

God, yes. oh you big cocked bastard.what are you doing to me!" I look down at the excited passionate eyes of Marina. They are beginning to lose their focus. Good she will orgasm soon. I'm ready to release my seed. I prefer to release my seed just as a woman achieves her orgasm. I'm sure that increases the woman's euphoria.

I have always managed to achieve a remarkable amount of self control on such issues, but this is first time I will struggle to time my orgasm to the increasingly passionate woman beneath me.

Marina writhes underneath my thrusting body. Appalled and delighted at the exquisite sensations radiating from her pussy as the huge cock ravages her over-excited young womanhood. She never imagined sex being like this with a man.

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She imagined a man being gentle and considerate to generate the excitement but she feels intense excitement as this 55 year old man fucks fiercely between her legs. Her arms ceased pushing me away and sought to pull me closer. Incredibly her hips start twisting and bucking back onto the huge cock thrusting so deep and hard inside her. " Oooohhh.oooooh.

yes. yes," as her hips work faster. I grunted as her eyes flashed up to my face. It is the first sound I had made! She is surprised to see the pupils of my eyes had widened and there seems to be a flickering light in those dark orbs. That impassivity is failing! Delighted in this discovery she ran her hands over my hairy chest, before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me closer.

Her lithe legs clasped me even closer, as she begins a feverish circling bucking. Determined to smash that impassivity by the pleasure she is giving me. She will show me! " Oh yes.yes. fuck me John. fuck me!" The hot spreading fire in her pussy at first confused her. Then she realized she is experiencing the hot surge of sperm shooting into her. She had made me come. I'm shooting such a hot heavy load inside her. She can actually feel it, and then as if the first surge is only a preliminary relief.

A further sudden hot surge signaled my orgasm. Marina clasped me tight and shook in her orgasmic euphoria. I pull out of her, she looks down in shock seeing a mix of blood and semen on my cock.