Hot ebony using few toys while video chatting with strangers

Hot ebony using few toys while video chatting with strangers
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This is my first sex story so I hope you enjoy it and I would like any hints of tips for my next one. I would also love for you to rate this story. This story is 100% fictional and does not based on anyone i know.

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Tony was still upset when she woke up that morning. Her parents had shouted at her worse than ever before in her life and had even taken her Nintendo Wii controllers as a punishment. At only thirteen Tony wasn't really that easily upset but she felt that just because she had not done her homework she didn't feel like she had to be this badly punished.

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As she lay in bed, Tony heard her mummy shout up "Tony your dad and I are going to go to the super market so be a good girl and stay out of our bedroom", this is my chance thought Tony, I can sneak into their room and get the Wii controllers back. She got up and got dressed, after putting on a pair of black, lacy almost see though French knickers (all of her thongs where dirty as she had warn them too school with the intent to bend over in front of all boys and give them a flash, she loved seeing them get little boners) tony grabbed a matching lace bra that unlike her friends she was able to fill with her 32c boobs as she had started puberty at the age of ten.

She then put on a pair of short shorts that really showed off her legs and a tight top that really showed off her huge boobs, Tony loved dressing as a slut. 'Where should I look?' Thought Tony as she entered her mummy and daddy's bedroom.

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The first place that caught her eye was her daddy's draws so she went over to them and after opening it up, she stuck her hand in the top one, she felt what she thought was a Wii games case but when she got it out she realised it wasn't but was in fact a DVD. The cover had a picture of a naked woman with a huge cock in her mouth, this made Tony's shaven pussy went straight away (she had shaven her pubes off so that the other girls would not take the Mickey out of her while she got changed for swimming).

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She quickly put the DVD back and continued looking through her dad's draws. After finding nothing else in them tony moved onto her mummy's draws. She opened up the top draw but found nothing, the second draw however was very different.

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She put her hand in and felt around; she felt something rubbery 'could it be the controller?' Thought Tony, she pulled it out but it defiantly wasn't a controller, it was a big pink vibrator about 8 inches. On seeing this, the wetness in Tony's pussy just got greater and the idea of finding the Wii controllers went straight out of her head. Shed always wanted something bigger than her two fingers in her cunt she had tried to use the handle of her hair brush but it never felt right, but she knew that this would.

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Tony pulled off her shorts and the pair of knickers she was wearing and started to insert the pink cock in to her pussy in and out in out she went as her moaning got heavier tony decided to turn the cock on. Buzz went the vibrator as tony took a huge gasp of breath the pleasure was incredible. Then it hit her hwy not out the DVD on.

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She turned her parents TV on, while still fucking herself. She put the DVD in and grabbed the remote.


She seen skipped and saw a woman being fucked in the cunt and ass at the same time, she wondered if she could do this, she went back to her mums draw to see if there were any more rubber cocks in there she found a slightly smaller one, about 6 inches.

She placed the cock upright on the bed and began to sit on it, it hurt a lot but tony couldn't stop her self from sitting.


Now comes the challenge, thought Tony, getting the other into my pussy. She pushed the bigger pink cock into her pussy with some force and with a minute of struggling she finally got it in. she moaned so loudly she knew the neighbours probably heard her but she didn't care. She turned both vibrators on and was hit by the most incredible orgasm of her life. Juices ran from her pussy and she was shaking because of the pleasure that had just hit her body. Just then she heard the car pull into the drive, I'm in so much trouble she thought!

She quickly pulled the big vibrator of her wet pussy, to quickly in fact as blood began to pore form her female hole.


This wasn't a concern of hers at the moment though she took a little more care removing the cock in her ass but in still caused her much pain, she quickly ejected the DVD from the machine and turned of the TV. She used the very wet knickers to quickly wipe the pair of vibrators clean before putting them and the DVD away where she found them, she heard the front door open at this point so she ran out of her parents room and back into hers, the pain in her ass and pussy finally caught up with her as she feel in a heap onto her bed.