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This babe is a sexpot
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This story starts back at a very early age of 10 years old with a friend i grew up with and later went onto having my first gay sexual encounter with. Robert lived in my street from an early age of approximately 8 years old, he was always a straight acting boy and had intrest in girls as far as i knew.

Robert was a older role model and often we ended up alone at his house in a secluded room or in his fathers hobby room in their garage. Neither of us were aware of homosexuality when we were young but he was always curious and horny to explore his sexuality.

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The first of 6 encounters started when Robert took me for a ride on our push bikes to a bush near our house, we were alone and i was asked to show him my penis, being 10 years old i kinda knew i shouldn't be doing this and felt weird but we ended up showing each other and ended that encounter with just that.

Our second encounter was when i was maybe 14 years old, Robert had his license and would take myself, my mother and brother as well as Roberts girlfriend at the time for drives at night to attractions such as public swimming pools, during our swimming we both ended up at the public showers together and i was being watched over the cubicle wall, i recall being the only two people in the showers, I was into girls at this age and even though Robert had a girlfriend i was still asked to masturbate alone and show my cum in my hand when i was finished to prove to him that I had reached puberty and grown up.


I didn't cum for him as i felt very uncomfortable but i had to get him off my back so i spat in my hand and showed him. Robert later moved into his own home with his girlfriend, she was a nurse and worked late hours, i was invited to sleep over Roberts house and i accepted because Robert was cool and fun to hand around, he would also give me cigarettes which was a major benefit for a teenager. Roberts bisexual side would often come out and i accepted that as him being normal, he often explained and showed me sexuality things like condoms and porn movies which he did the night of our third encounter.

Robert and I were alone, we stayed up late smoking and watching porn on VHS, the porn scenes were mainly straight but he would sometimes play gay scenes that we both still watched, this encounter ended in the morning after when i woke up with his hand in my pants holding my balls. I didn't move or say anything, i recall pretending to be asleep and just kept still until he woke up and removed his hand.

The fourth encounter was a similar scene to the last, Robert moved into another house that i again slept over at, his house had a shower on both upper and lower levels, the lower being in a garage, Roberts girlfriend was again at work and working late to morning hours which made us home alone, im definitely sure he was planning these encountets and secretly wanted to have some alone time fun with me.

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Robert was alot taller than me and from conversations around his girlfriend on other occasions were that he had a large cock. That night he said we had to shower downstairs as the shower was broken upstairs, we had the house to ourselves so it really didnt matter if we were alone however we ended up taking turns to shower in a half renovated room in his garage,he let me go first and spoke to me out of sight as i washed my body, the shower had no glass doors but was in a sectioned off room to the rest of the laundry.

Again he started asking do i masturbate and how much do i cum and what if felt like, he was both curious about other guys and probing at me to see how far he could take me before i stopped him and freaked out.

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At the time i was straight but also curious.and although i was shy and didnt want to masturbate for him i still looked up to him as an older brother and role model. We ended that encounter with him having a shower after me and him telling me to watch him masturbate in the shower, i recall not wanting to watch him but sneaked in a look now and again, i felt uncomfortable and couldn't wait for it to be over. The fifth encounter was sn adventurous one i will never forget and was the lead up to out last encounter, Robert pre arranged me to skip high school for the day and spend the day at his house, however this house he was sharing with a group of his male friends and still the same girlfriend through this whole story.

Im sure he didnt plan in his house being occupied on this day and his plans changed to a drive out to a dam wall and park that was about 2 hours away. We arrived at the dam and went on a bush walk through the tracks alongside the dam, i remember it was a wet and overcast cloudy day, Robert had three attempts that day to get me to where he wanted and i was none the wiser to what he secretly wanted, he never pushed me onto him but tried many times as you have read in this story.

During the bush walk he took me off the normal track and found a secluded spot for us to stop, Robert respected my boundaries and never touched me but still slowly tried to groom me and he could do this well, today he again asked me to show him my cock on which i said no, he bribed me and said he would buy me a packet of cigarettes if i did.

I was desperate for cigarettes and was quick to show him my soft at the time cock, he wanted me to jerk myself off and cum for him, i couldn't get an erection as i felt very uncomfortable, he turned around and said he wouldnt watch me, i sat on a large rock and played with my cock trying to get it hard but with no luck we went onto bush walking back to the car.

Back at the carpark we visted the dam wall lookout and on the way back to his car we both needed to use the toilets, he would of had another plan in mind immediately to both get inside the cubicles together but the toilets were surrounded by other people so that plan was out. Robert's last quest that day to win me over was that he let me drive his car on a back road out of the carpark.


We ended that day heading home but not until i got my bribed packet of smokes. Before i write the final encounter I will explain what led up to the event.

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Over the time of my sexual life of watching alot of porn on dail up internet and before that having a secret access to my fathers porn magazine collection i developed a liking to the male body, mainly a large cock and also anal sex.

From there on i masturbaterd alot in the shower, i tried some more kinky things like dressing up in women's clothing, eating my own cum, watersports, i then went on to exploring my ass from fingering to finding anything round and long that would fit inside me. Robert ended up getting engaged to his long time girlfriend, then we were all shocked not long after we found out he was gay, he called off the wedding and came out to everyone about his sexuality but most of us expected it and accepted him.

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We drifted apart after that, it wasnt until until i bought my first mobile phone and i found his number on my parents phone and added it to my phonebook. One night i was laying in bed and feeling super horny about blowjobs and cock i texted him telling him that I wanted to suck his cock, he was quick to text back asking why and if i was sure, i replied with yes because i wanted to experiment giving a blowjob. Robert made a visit one night to his parents house, i was about 16 then and still living with my parents, he asked if he should come over and what else did i want to do, he offered to rim me by text and fucking but at the time i just wanted to start off slow and maybe see if i liked it and move onto more stuff later on.

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That night i showered and waited in the lounge room for him to arrive, i was watching tv with my mother and he knocked at the door. We watched some tv for a while and i remember getting nervous, i didnt look ar him until my mother left the room and went to bed. I built up the courage to show him my cock as that was mostly what he had been trying to ask for for a long time.

He was so fast to rise to his feet and drop to his knees in front of me and start sucking my cock, i remember he was sucking hard and fast like he had been waiting since forever to finaly have me. I was so horny and eager to feel just feel his cock, i reached down the grabbed his cock through his pants, it was already rock hard and i just had to feel its flesh, thickness and touch.

We were getting into it when he suggested we go somewhere else and keep going.

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We ran out of house and down into the garage, i locked the door and turned off the lights. I found him and dropped to my knees this time, i cant remember who undone his pants or who pulled his cock out but i was quick to start sucking it.

This was my first time touching another man let alone sucking a cock, his cock was thick and easily 8 inches, much bigger than mine, it filled up my mouth and i had trouble sucking it, my technique was bad but i was in a moment and overcome by being nervous and shocked about what i was doing.

I expected sucking cock to be a little softer in my mouth but he was thick and rock hard. He tasted salty, meaty and it wasnt long before he moaned and absolutely filled my mouth with cum, i didn't like the taste and instantly swallowed it all, i gagged as it went down. We swapped positions so i was now standing, he sucked my cock and he knew what was doing, i took a little longer to cum and he sped things up with a handjob, i was enjoying it so much i didnt let out that i was about to cum and i covered him rather instead of cumming in his mouth like he did to me, cleaned up and he went home.


I was ashamed for a while for what happened but i never regretted doing it, later on robert used my original text message of me asking to suck his cock against me and showed some of our mutual friends, we never spoke again. Today im married with 2 kids, i think im bisexual and im always browsing sites like craigslist looking for older men to meet.