Sister grabs my DICK in front of DADDY

Sister grabs my DICK in front of DADDY
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OK, it's New Years Eve and I am desperate to get some cock.

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I had planned things and they fell through. So I am planning on going to the New Years Eve festival at Civic Square, and see what pans out after. So I dressed slutty and silly. I wore a black singlet that barely covered my belly button (no bra underneath), a white very skimpy mini-skirt (that just covered my buttocks), with fishnet stockings, a black g-string, a pair of pink sandals, black leather fingerless gloves, along with an elf Santa hat, my hair tied in pig-tails.

It was a hot humid overcast looking night. After the fireworks were done and dusted I headed over and started watching a Bee Gee's tribute band at a club. While there I started getting stuck into my favorite drink, Jim Beam, and flirting with a few guys.

One in particular, it was that person I saw a week ago driving that black car pumping out that god awful R'n B music. Ok maybe it was the amount of alcohol I'd consumed or maybe I was deprived of what I up until November took for granted.

All I know, I wanted to get shagged. "Hey baby doll, how about you came back to my place and party" He said to me. He looked like a Lebanese Australian, too me. "You alone couldn't handle me." I think responded. "Who said we'd be alone baby, just you, me and maybe my flat mate." He said, and raised his eyebrow. "Hmmm.Sounds like fun.and I'm game for anything right now." As I said this I tapped his crotch, to feel a big bulge there. "Do you like kinky games?" he asked.

"I've played most games invented." I think I said, and smirking. We playfully flirted and slow danced to the Bee Gee's, until about 2am. I was very drunk but not wasted, very horny, and ready for anything Kara and his flat-mate may throw at me. I couldn't wait to get to their place. Reason one I was horny as hell and my knickers were soaked. The second reason was, to get out of his car, I can't stand R'n B music at best, but at ear drum shattering level, wasn't a turn on for me.

I spent the trip looking out the window and feeling my wet knickers. When we finally got there, the place seemed dark and quiet, except for one light. "Dorg! You up?" said Karrah, as we entered the flashy apartment. I snooped around, while Karrah looked for his flat-mate. I wondered into a bed-room.

That's when Karrah caught me, he by now had removed his top while I was snooping around. Karrah looked pissed that I was in the bed-room. I stuttered an apology. He smiled at me, and then instantly ripped my top open, and my perky breasts popped out.


I didn't even try cover up. Karrah nodded, as he seemed to like what he saw. I just stared and was curious, was he still pissed or was this just fore-play to him. He then pushed me against a wall by groping my breasts. While he took what was left of my top off, and tossed it into a corner. He then kissed me, I kissed back.

I embrace him as he, licked my neck and sucked on my ears. While all the time, he fondled my naked breasts. My breathing became ragged, as he lifted me up and carried me to the lounge room. I wanted his cock so bad. I wanted his cock to hold, suck, to play with, and to fulfill me. I felt so excited and was buzzing, and aching like I had just got out of prison and hadn't had sex in a real long time. Probably the fact I was between tipsy and drunk, and I was horny as hell.


He knew too, as he bent down and took one of my nipples into his mouth. I cried out and bucked into him. My body felt like, I was struck by lightning. He then let me go, as I fell onto his couch.

I was hungry for cock and sex, as I gazed into his eyes. I wriggled my soaked knickers off and undid my mini-skirt, without losing my gaze on him. I then jumped back into his arms, and grabbed hold of him. My bare breasts rubbing against his bare chest, as I also rubbed my wet pussy against one of his legs.

He smiled, and put me down on his couch again. This time he undid his pants and removed his briefs, and out sprang a nice hard 6 maybe 6.5 inch cock.

I looked at it, and quickly began to suck on its head. While I sucked and swallowed his cock, he began to fidget around for a condom. I was sucking slow and deep, and holding his cock deep down my throat and gagging on it until tears run down my eyes.

Karrah smiled at me, and caressed both my breasts, before turning me over stomach pressed against the couch.

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I felt the tip of his cock, slowly force its way into my hot wet pussy, as he began to spread my legs apart. I almost screamed with pleasure as it entered me.

Had it really be that long since I had some cock that I was totally overwhelmed? Then he slapped my ass, and let fly as he started fucking my pussy hard. I moaned and bucked back with every thrust. He was pounding into me, and I was in heaven. It felt so good. He was fucking me hard, and I was cumming and I think he was close too as well. He pulled out of me as I cum and squirted my juices down my leg and onto his carpet. I let out loud scream. He then picks me up and makes me, take off his condom and suck on his cock again.

It wasn't long before I picked up a steady rhythm of sucking on his cock. I knew he was close as his moans sounded more intense. Then I felt his cock twitch and filled my throat with cum and I sucked down hard on his cock. While I was doing this I looked to the side and I saw his flat-mate Drog watching us.

Drog was jacking off watching us. Karrah pulled out of my mouth, as I licked my lips. "Dorgan, you're awake!" Karrah said.

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"Yeah, you're lucky bastard." Drog said to Karrah. Then Karrah looked at me. He wondered if I wanted any more, and I did. I squatted down on the carpet and undid my sandals.

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I looked up at Drog. "Honey, do you want to play?" I said to Drog. Drogan quickly put a condom on and lay me down on my back and started kissing my breasts as he slid his cock inside my wet pussy.

I moaned and so did he. Problem with Drogan was he came within a minute.

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Karrah laughed, I felt bemused. As the three of us just lay there on the couch naked staring at the TV. I looked at the clock, it was 330am. Karrah got up and made me a drink. He didn't drink but made me same vodka and orange juice, out of a freshly opened bottle of Absolut.

Drogan had a beer. We sat, as Drog mention Kaz and the boys might pop by later. I was in too thoughts, stay here and fuck these 2 and their friends or leave soon. The alcohol made my choice, I suppose for me.

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It wasn't long after I finished my drink that I was sucking on a cock while on my back with a cock in my pussy. This went on for some time. In which, one of them would fuck my pussy and then finish off in my mouth. While the other watched TV or mixed drinks.

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So it was going on a bit like this, I would have a mouth full of cum, then we would have a drinks break and then continue. All the time I was becoming more and more drunk and drowsy. Last time I saw the clock was 545am, before I eventually passed out while still being fucked.

Best way to go to sleep.