Girl touching herself in the car

Girl touching herself in the car
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How does one start down the path toward the deviant? Does it really start one day with a simple suggestion or idea? I look back and wonder if I were somehow predisposition to the allure of certain taboos? When I was in my mid 30's I lived alone in a small apartment. I had a pretty decent job that paid all of my bills and only had me working 4 days a week. I think I'm pretty average looking. I stand 6'1 and weigh 175lbs with short brown hair and blue eyes. I try to work out a couple of times a week when I am not working.

I moved out to the Mid-West by myself and didn't know too many people. I did manage to meet up with a few lovely ladies when I went out to the bars and managed to meet a few from online. This brings me to one of my favorite at home pastimes. I spent quite a bit of time browsing the various chat rooms and of course looking at porn. On one evening at the beginning of June I happen to be sitting in a local chat room. I opened with my standard "Hi everyone".

I saw a few "Hellos" scroll by from various anonymous people in the room. Then I got an instant message that just said, "I want to give you head." I couldn't help but get a grin on my face just reading it.

That surely is an interesting way of getting someone's attention. I did a quick look at the persons profile and it only said they were female and lived in a city nearby.

The IM chime rang again and there was just an "?" I really wasn't sure what to make of it. I figured it was just somebody playing around, so I decided to play along. "Sounds wonderful to me," I responded.

With that I got the traditional happy face ":)". I decided to see what information, real or pretend I could get from my mysterious chatter. Another chime brought a new question. "OK, when?" I decided I needed to find out a little more about this person. After all, I wouldn't want it to be a guy. My next message went out "ASL?" What came back stunned me a little. "15/F/Beach Park: U?" it read. 15? OK, either someone is playing around and pretending or I could be in big trouble.

I started to wonder if it was an undercover cop or something trying to set up a sting or something. I began to get a little nervous. Part of me wanted to close the message and turn off the computer. But, that other voice inside my head said, "Stay and just play it safe." That voice won out. I sent back my answer of "34/M/Round Lake." "Not too far" was her response.

"Too old?" I quickly sent her way. "No, I like older guys." She replied. "Oh, been with many?" I questioned.

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"A few" came back. I decided this might be leading me in to lots of trouble so I decided to try to switch the conversation.


For the next few comments I found out that her name was Mary and that she was just taking a break from studying for finals. She also shared that her and her friends like to get stoned and just hang out. Then she sent back another IM that just said "So, when do you want your bj?" I decided it was best to postpone that a bit for my own safety. I responded with a simple, "We'll have to arrange that for another day." Then I told her I needed to go and we said our goodbyes.

She even sent me a "Kiss". I was still a little nervous about the conversation I had just had. I wasn't sure if it was the prospect of a 15 year old wanting to give me a blow job or the idea that a cop might be showing up at my door soon.

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I am happy to say report that nobody came to my door. The next day I got online to check email and browse a few things when I received an IM from Marry. We exchanged a few messages about what she was going to do today and how studying was going. It of course ended up with her asking me again when I wanted my blow job. I didn't really respond to the question for fear that it might still be a sting. But the idea of a young 15 year old sucking on me was now planted in my mind.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mary would catch me online and we would chat a little. She told me how she felt she did on her finals and that she was glad that school was out for the summer. She described herself as 5'7, medium length sandy blonde hair, and a little cubby with big boobs. I had to chuckle a little at that.

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Well, at least it sounded like she was proud of her chest. I told her a little bit more about myself and that I was a little nervous about meeting her, since I could get in to a lot of trouble. She assured me that it would all be good and that she really wanted to meet up with me. With all the news of people getting busted for meeting underage girls online I was still very leery. Still, there was that nagging voice in my head that really wanted to see if this person was for real or not and to put a face with the name.

Around the middle of July the voice in my head finally won over. I told Mary I would love to meet her. We decided I would drive over Friday morning and pick her up from the playground near her house then we could go for a walk in a nearby forest preserve. I made sure that none of my correspondences made any references to sex, oral or other. This was just going to be a meet and talk thing. Sure enough, I followed the directions she gave me and I saw her standing there.

She was kind of tall and chubby. She wore a tie-dyed shirt and baggy worn jeans. Her hair was sandy blonde and looked a bit disheveled. She stood there as I drove up with a big smile on her face and I noticed what nice puffy lips she had. She kind of slunk her way over and got in the car. "Hey" was her greeting. "How are you doing" I responded. "Good" she replied. She directed me to the forest preserve and we walked over and sat down on top of a table.

We continued to talk a bit about school and what she wanted to do. Every time there was a slight lull in the conversation I would catch her looking over at me with a sort of, "Any else you want" look about her. I also couldn't get that first message out of my head either.

It was pretty obvious she was real and not a cop. So was she really serious about her proposition? I felt a slight knot in my stomach. She was only 15; it would be wrong, very wrong! The more I thought about that first message the more I started to smile. Mary asked me what I was smiling about. I told her I was thinking of that first IM she sent me. "Well," she started, "if you still want one." She ended with a slight lift of her eyebrows and a small smile. I couldn't, it would be so wrong.

Still it had been a few months since my last sexual encounter. No, I still couldn't, it wouldn't be right, she's way too young. I looked back at her with the idea of taking her home before I got in to trouble. She just sat there looking back at me with a kind of "Just say the word" expression on her face. "Really?" was what actually came out of my mouth. "Sure, if you want" she replied with a kind of hap hazard kind attitude.

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I looked around a little to see how many people were around. I was fighting inside myself over the moral implications of what I was actually thinking. "I'm not sure where we could go" I said. I think I was trying to find an excuse, any excuse.

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"We could go for a walk in the woods over there" she motioned. I felt that knot in my stomach tighten. Was I really about to do this?

I shrugged my shoulders and we got off the table. Mary took my hand and followed a path in to the woods. About 50 yards in Mary stopped and looked around and she led me off the trail a little until we were hidden by bushes and leaves. I stood there before her, not really sure what I should do.

I was still torn by the idea of what was about to happen. Mary took the initiative and moved in to kiss me. I felt the softness of those puffy lips. My tongue played with hers as it entered my mouth. Mary then took my hands and moved them under her shirt. My body reacted to the suggestions and I ran my hands up and cupped her very heavy breasts.

She wasn't kidding when she said she had big breasts. I softly squeezed her breasts through her bra as I felt her hand reach out and rub my now growing erection.

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She gave my cock a nice squeeze then moved her hands up and pulled her bra down so I could have access to her fleshy mounds. I think I was still in disbelief when I felt her hands undo the fly to my pants.

As I felt the cool air contact my skin as Mary lowered my pants, exposing my semi-rigid cock, Mary broke off our kiss. Her hand was now griping my fleshy member. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she squatted down. I watched as she lowered her exposed breasts down my body and brought my cock between her soft mounds.

She only broke eye contact for a second when she was level with my member. Then she looked back up at me, opened her mouth with her tongue out and slid me in to her waiting mouth. I took in a deep breath as the pleasure of her tongue and those soft lips engulfed me. I bent my head back and closed my eyes, letting out a soft moan of approval. My cock quickly filled with blood and expanded to its full 8 inches. I almost felt a little light headed as I looked back down and saw her blue eyes staring back at me as she slid me in and out of her mouth.

I was transfixed at the site and feeling before me. She held on to my left leg to balance herself as her left hand squeezed her nipple. Her head bobbed back and forth along my shaft, taking me deep in to her throat with each repetition. She would glance up at me every few strokes as if looking for approval. I think the expression on my face told her most of what she wanted to know.

After only 5 minutes of her wonderful sucking it dawned on me again that I was getting sucked by a young, under-aged girl. The taboo of it all rushed through my head and sparked a region of my brain I didn't know I had.

All of the thoughts and ideas of this act rushed through me. I felt it building in my toes and up along my body. It culminated as I felt the flood of juices within me explode and rush through my swollen shaft, erupting in to this young girl's mouth.

My knees were weak and I put a hand on the tree next to me for balance. The other hand I placed on her head as I moaned loudly with my orgasm.

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Mary gently bobbed her head a little more and moved her hand from her breast to my shaft. Gingerly she stroked and milked any last drops of cum from within me. When she was sure I was empty, Mary stood up, gave me a kiss and put her breasts back in their bra. I took that as a hint and pulled my boxers and pants up.

We finished composing ourselves and walked back to the car holding hands. We didn't say much all the way back to the playground. I dropped her off and gave her a kiss. "Thanks, that was incredible" I told her. "Glad you liked" she replied. And with that, she hoped out of the car and walked off.

I drove home with a very big grin on my face and a million dirty little taboo thoughts in my mind. I met up with Mary one more time before the end of the summer. After that, I noticed she wasn't online anymore. About 4 months later I got an IM from a new screen name. It seems that Mary had started to date a guy that was 34 shortly after we had our meeting in the woods.

She told me how it was fun, but all they did was go to his place, get stoned and have sex. Of course, my mind went to the idea of fucking a 15 year old and I started to get a stir in my groin. Then she told me how her dad had followed her one night to his place and caught them together.

Her dad threatened to call the police if he ever talked to his daughter again.


Her dad made her delete her screen name and baned her from the comptuer for 2 months. My heart skipped a beat when I thought how that could have easily been me. I knew I couldn't be playing around with these little girls anymore. But the seed was still planted. And I will admit, I look at the teen girls around the pool a whole lot differently now.