Beautiful sweetheart and older babe get a rowdy fucking

Beautiful sweetheart and older babe get a rowdy fucking
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Fbailey story number 718 Strip Tennis Dad had a tennis court installed so that he could coach my sister. Their desire is for Bethany to get into the Olympics. Mom and I could hardly care. The problem was that Bethany wasn't all that good at tennis.

All that money what a waste. It is a really nice tennis court with three sides fenced in and a solid concrete block wall on the other side. After Dad and Bethany had their lesson, Mom and I would go out and play tennis just for the exercise.

Dad would work Bethany until she cried and then Mom and I would play for fun. Most of the time we didn't even keep score. Sometimes we stayed on the same side of the net and hit the tennis balls against the wall. Eventually we painted circles on the wall and started trying to hit them with the balls. We got pretty good at hitting what we were aiming at.

One day I asked Mom why she didn't wear those sexy little skirts like the real tennis players wear and like Dad makes Bethany wear. She replied, "Because if I did you have a constant hard-on and then you would be embarrassed." I said, "No I wouldn't." However, I knew better and Mom was right. She said, "Tell you what, Tomorrow I'll put on a tight white top but I won't wear a bra. Then I'll put on a cute little white skirt with pink lacy panties underneath.

Then we will discuss your hard-on. Okay?" I smiled and said, "Okay." Well the next day Mom came out to play tennis with me and she looked nice. As she got closer to me she started looking better and better. When she stood before me I could see her hard nipples and her dark areolas through her white top. Then she just lifted the front of her skirt up to her tits. She had on the pink lacy panties just as she had said. Mom laughed and said, "Well I guess it is time to talk about your hard-on." I looked down and sure enough I had a hard-on.

It certainly wasn't the first time but I thought that I could control it…especially in front of my mother. Obviously I couldn't. Basically Mom thought that it was cute. She told me to jerk off anytime that I felt the need and then she said that she would try to give me my space. Then she offered to put her dirty panties in my room if they would help. Of course I said yes, thank you. That day my hard-on never went away and that night I found Mom's pink lacy panties laid out neatly on my pillow when I went to bed.


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Mom listened to Dad brag about how good Bethany was getting better. Finally, she suggested a few games of Strip Tennis. That did not set well with Bethany. Mom told her that it would improve her game. Bethany wanted to know how, so Mom told her that if she didn't want to get naked in front of Dad and me that she had better play well. Reluctantly she agreed. The matches were set for the following Saturday.

Mom and Bethany agreed on the fact that they would be the only ones getting undressed, that they would keep their shoes and socks on, and that they would only have four pieces of clothing to remove. What article of clothing they removed would be their own choice. The four pieces of clothing would be a bra, panties, top, and skirt. We got plenty of sleep and had a very nice lunch before going out to the tennis court. Mom had on the same pink lacy panties that had driven me crazy.

Dad and Bethany won the first game so Mom removed her panties. Holy crap! When she bent over in front of me in mixed doubles all I could see was her moist pussy lips staring back at me. Bethany removed her top and her skirt after loosing the next two games.

Mom removed her bra keeping her top on. Then Mom started playing our game of hitting the spots on the wall only she hit Bethany in her pussy and said that she was sorry, that it was an accident. I knew better. Mom placed a few shots perfectly to win. Bethany removed her top exposing her pert little breasts. Dad was behind her so as with Mom's pussy I was then treated to my sister's naked breasts.

I could hardly concentrate so it was a good thing that Mom could. Soon enough my sister had to remove her panties. The rules that the girls had agreed on were that after one of them was naked that they would play four more games before quitting. That would give Dad and I a chance to enjoy one of them naked and possibly the other one too. Try as they could Dad and Bethany did not win anymore and Mom kept both her skirt and her top. However, neither one hid her assets.

Bethany even relaxed and became sort of comfortable with her nudity. When Mom suggested that the two of them remain naked for the rest of the weekend she agreed.

I was constantly hard that evening and I had jerked off three times. Mom knew that I was jerking off and suggested to Dad that they let me fuck Bethany. Dad refused because of her age. Then Dad said, "Maybe you should let him fuck you." Mom asked, "Really!


Wouldn't you be jealous if some good looking horny young stud fucked your wife?" Dad laughed and replied, "Shit! I'd probably thank him. Woman you wear me out." Mom said, "Then tell your son that it is okay with you. Do it in front of Bethany and I just to make sure that it is all out in the open.

We don't need any more skeletons in our family closets." Dad had Mom get Bethany and I and take us to the living room where he was drinking a beer. Dad looked right at me and said, "Your mother thinks that you want to fuck your sister… Bethany said, "No way!" Dad continued, "but she is too young. However, you can fuck your mother if you want too. I don't mind. Really!" I looked at Mom and she was smiling. Her nipples were hard, her slit was dripping, and her breasts were heaving with every breath.

I stood there as Bethany said, "Dad you're really going to let him fuck Mom?" Dad replied, "Sure! I've seen your mother with six guys before she can certainly handle the two of us fucking her." Bethany gasped, "Six!" Mom said, "It was a long time ago.

I'll tell you all about it sometime." Mom and I went to my bed. She just climbed up on it and waited for me to get undressed.

Bethany came in to watch. Mom spread and pulled me in between her legs. She pulled my hard cock to her pussy lips and slid it up and down her wet slit before pulling it into her hole for me to push and finish the job of insertion. Mom cooed, I smiled, and Bethany gasped. Bethany said, "Oh my God, Mom you're really letting him fuck you.

I can't believe that Dad said no.

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I wanted him to fuck me. That's why I agreed to Strip Tennis in the first place." Mom said, "Okay! He can fuck you after I'm through with him. That might take two years though, young lady. Your father is right, you are too young." So Bethany watched as Mom and I fucked. She needed it as badly as I did.


It was urgent and needy but I came inside her pussy and then rolled to her side. Bethany came over and climbed on the bed next to me.


There I was right between two naked women. Bethany questioned Mom on how it had felt and I listened to her telling my sister how it felt to have a stiff cock inserted into her pussy.

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She tried to describe the feeling as I slid my cock in and out of her. Then Mom told her that she could feel my nice hot cum squirting inside her. Then Mom asked Bethany if she wanted to taste my cum. That was how I got to watch my sister lick my cum out of our mother. Bethany became better at tennis but she did not qualify for the Olympics.

The three of us became very close.

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Dad didn't seem to mind at all. I would fuck Mom almost every single day even during her period.

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Then Bethany would lick my cum out of her except during her periods. The End Strip Tennis 718