Amateur teen first and fucking boss xxx lesbians pawn their asses

Amateur teen first and fucking boss xxx lesbians pawn their asses
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So James and Andy walked back home together in silence but with expressions of excitement upon their faces. It was nearly 5 o'clock when they got back home. They stepped in and stood in the hall and stared at each other, neither it seemed, knew where to start.

Finally James started "Well, that was new." "Yeah that was great fun!" "I have an idea, why dont we go and shower to get this piss off of us?" "Yeah! We could help each other with that!" James was surprised by such a bold statement from Andy, even though it was implied by himself, he began to think he might get more than he bargained for. Andy and James ran upstairs with James playfully smacking Andy's butt to get him up faster, making sure to have a nice squeeze as he did.

They got to the bathroom and immediately undressed before stepping into the shower. This time they faced each other, their cocks just centimetres from each other.

Andy was directly under the water so James started applying soap to his chest and back making sure to take his time. As only an 8 year old Andy had nothing in the way of muscle for James to feel but he enjoyed it all the same. Then James got to Andy's crotch, his cock was just 4 inches long but looked very appealing to James. He began to soap up Andy's legs veering closer and closer to his cock, he took hold of his balls and gently squeezed them and fondled them, he liked the clean feeling from Andy having no pubic hair.

Then he tentatively stroked Andy's cock up it's sensitive underside with his forefinger. Andy's cock jumped as Andy shuddered.

James looked up at him gleefully and smiled at seeing the effect he was having. James then took Andy's cock in his hand which nearly covered all of it and stroked it up and down, feeling Andy's sensitive head under the foreskin. Andy moaned as James soaped his cock and started giving him a hand job.

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He could feel James' hand tightly on his cock and he felt a strange sensation in his wet balls. This made him release a very high pitched moan, James took this as a good sign and went faster. Andy was moaning loudly now and he grabbed James head for balance. Then he felt his cock jump and his balls contract.

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"James I think I'm going to pee!" Andy yelled, not knowing he was about to have his first orgasm. "Ohhhhh yesssss" Andy squealed as his body shook and he came for the first time.

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James slowed his wanking as Andy was still shaking and saw a tiny amount of cum on Andy's cock. He was impressed as he hadn't expected any, he decided to clean it up with his mouth and wrapped his lips around Andy's dick and sucked hard. This caused Andy to scream more as James' tongue swirled around his cock. With the taste of Andy's cum in his mouth James stood up and kissed Andy. It was far longer than their first kiss and they held each other in a tight embrace as they explored their mouths with their tongues.

Andy liked the slightly salty taste to James' tongue and he didn't recognise it from before. Curious, he asked James. "Well thats because it wasn't piss like you thought." James explained, "It was this thing called cum that men make when they have an orgasm, thats why you were shaking so much." "Wow thats why! It felt so good James! Can you do it again?" "Well I would like to but you will have to wait awhile for it to work again, it would work for me though." "Oh well I can do it to you if you like" "Yes Andy, I would love that." Andy got some soap in his hands and began doing the same as James soaping his chest and back first.

James had a lot of muscle compared to Andy and he liked rubbing and touching it. Then Andy got to James cock and instead of teasing him, got straight on it.

He lathered up his cock and started to pull it back and forth like James did to him. His hand was tiny compared to James' nearly 9 inch cock so each stroke took longer. James closed his eyes and felt Andy's hand slip up and down his shaft and moaned loudly.

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Andy was really pumping on his cock now trying to make James feel like he did. James continued to moan as he got nearer to his orgasm. Then something unexpected happened as he felt something warm and wet touch his mushroom head. He opened his eyes and saw Andy's mouth around the tip of his dick. Andy's mouth was almost 3 inches down his cock, his tongue was swirling around his shaft.

James moaned louder as Andy's tongue licked his slit where an amount if pre-cum had gathered. "Andy if you can try bobbing your head up and down." Andy nodded with James cock still in his mouth and began to slide his warm tight lips down James' shaft. It tasted better than he thought it would as he felt his cock pressing into the back of his mouth.

He went a bit to far and ended up gagging for a second before carrying on.


He went faster and faster as he continued to swirl his tongue around his cock. James was very close and knew he was about to cum as he moaned loudly "Ohhhhh fuck yes! Faster Andy yes!" Andy bobbed as fast as he could and he felt James' cock jump in his mouth, he went deeper than before as 5 inches of his cock went into his mouth and down his throat.

Suddenly James unleashed a groan and shot his cum straight into Andy's mouth, his cock coated in his own cum as Andy's lips continued to suck.

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He had meant to warn Andy so he could pull out but when his cock went down his throat he had no time. Andy's mouth filled with sweet warm cum and he was forced to swallow before he was too full and had to pull off James' cock and spit out.


He spat as James' cum started to swirl down the plughole. James had recovered from his orgasm now and began to apologise "Andy I'm so sorry, I should have pulled out and warned you" "Its ok," Andy spluttered, "it tasted great anyway but I couldn't swallow it all, I'm sorry I wasted some" "Andy I'm amazed you swallowed any! Besides I loved that surprise!" James and Andy got out of the shower and stood kissing passionately and hard for ages. Their hands roaming and squeezing their butts to pull themselves closer.


The combined taste of both of their cum filled their mouths as they kissed. After the best kiss of their lives they decided to get some dinner during which Andy sat on James' lap the whole time, with James' hard on poking his butt when it returned.

They also decided not to wear clothes all weekend and to get up to much more fun activities. After eating and spending time watching TV naked they made for bed. Both of them had hard ons since dinner and had spent much of their time snuggled on the couch to stroke and explore each others manhoods.

It was 10 o'clock when they went upstairs despite not being tired, they both had ideas about how to keep each other up. Thankyou for reading! If this gets good feedback then i'll post a part three sometime.