Sexy dark beautiful babe is a cute cowgirl girlfriend and hardcore

Sexy dark beautiful babe is a cute cowgirl girlfriend and hardcore
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Pamela spoke softly as she told of her ordeal. Had she realized how unrealistic the story sounded, she would have shut up and not said anything, but that was only the first of her mistakes.

She was still in the hospital, recovering from her injuries. It had been three days before she could tell the story to the hospital psychologist.

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The police had questioned her and that is what led Pamela to the appointment with the psychologist, Doctor Mannix. She felt funny lying on the couch, just like in the movies, with the doctor sitting in a chair near her, typing away in his tablet as she told the story. Pamela worked late that fateful night, having to finish up the inventory before she could go home.

The owner walked her out to her car until she left. It was a half-hour drive home, almost midnight, and it started to rain within five minutes.

It grew colder, so she turned the heater on as the windows began to fog up. The rain grew harder, the windshield wipers having a hard time keeping them clean. The road was dark, woods on both sides, no sidewalks, two lanes with the white line beginning to vanish in her headlights as the rain beat down hard.


She couldn't wait to get home and inside, out of the elements. She barely saw it, just a dark shadow in the middle of the road, but it was big. "SSSCCRRECHHHH!" The car locked up when she slammed on the breaks, hydroplaning on the water, Pamela turned the wheel from side to side to try to keep it in a straight line, but it was a losing battle. She felt the gravel beneath the wheels as it hit the soft shoulder of the road, finding traction, but it threw the car farther off the road as half of the car slid on the payment and the other side gripped the shoulder.

The steering wheel was useless, Pamela prayed loudly as she lost all control of the car. It took only seconds as the car careened into the darkness of the woods.

It went farther than she expected, cutting down small trees and slowing down in the thick, wet ground, but looming in front of her was the trunk of a blackened tree. The air bag blocked out her vision, but she heard the sound of shattering glass and bending metal as the car hit the tree. She looked at her watch; ten minutes had passed since she hit the tree. She wiped the blood that poured from a gash in her forehead, but except for some other cuts and bruises, she seemed to have survived, but her car was not as fortunate.

The window was smashed; the rain and wind blew in. She tried to open her door, having to turn sideways and kick on the door until it creaked open. All she wore was a trench coat, hoping that it would be warm enough as she got out. It was pitch black outside, the clouds covered the moon.

She looked for the road, but she had travelled a long way before the car crashed, barely able to see it. She reached for her purse, pulling out her cell phone. It made her feel better when it lit up but that quickly went away when she saw no bars on it. "Shit!" What am I going to do? Then, she heard it. It sent a chill up her spine. "OOOOWWWWWWOOOO!

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OOOWWWWWOOO!" It came from the woods. It sounded like a wild dog. It didn't dawn on her the dangers of being in the woods at night until now. It had to be at least five miles back to any civilization and the rain grew heavier.

She pulled her coat up around her neck and began to walk back toward the road.

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She had only taken a few steps when she saw a light, but it wasn't coming from the road. It was in the woods. Could it be a house?

The light started to move. "Hello, anyone out there?" She waited a second. "I need help!" The light moved again, as though it motioned her over to it. She looked at the darkened road and the light in the forest, making a snap decision to follow the light. It had to be someone out there.

It was hard to move through the woods, the ground soaked with water, pulling her shoe off one time. In spite of the raincoat, she was still getting wet; her hair soaked and plastered to her face, rain blinded her eyes as she moved toward the light. At least it stopped moving as she approached.


She was never so glad to see someone as she was now. He looked like some type of park ranger in a long, black raincoat with a rain hat pulled almost over his face, but she wished she had as much protection.

"I had an accident over there. Can you help me?" He didn't say a word, just turning around, shining the light on the ground so she could see where to step. She was grateful for anything, so she followed him. It was only a few minutes before she saw the flickering light of a fire, but it was coming out of a cave. She should've thought twice about going in, but she was cold and wet and even a cave looked inviting. It felt so good to be in the cave, the rain off of her face, the fire burned brightly and made it warm.

She looked over at him, but he still had his hat and raincoat on. "Take off your wet things and get dry. It's raining too hard to get out of here." He finally spoke. His voice was deep and gruff, but Pamela still felt safe.

She took out a comb and tried to ring some of the water from her hairs, but it was soaked to her scalp. She was glad to get rid of the raincoat; it could barely keep her dry, the rain so torrential. She shivered in her sweater and skirt as she moved closer to the fire to feel the heat. She kicked off her drenched shoes, the floor rough dirt, but anything was better than her shoes.

He finally took off his raincoat and cap, hanging them on a rock as the water dripped to the ground beneath it. His eyes took in her body, young and ripe, full breasts with hard nipples that poked out beneath the sweater from the cold, her skirt short, wet, long legs beneath it.

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"Thank you for saving me. I'm Pamela." She looked at his uniform, matching shirt and pants, but there was no badge or emblem on them. "What are you doing out here?" "I'm the big, bad wolf, and I come to eat you!" He stared at her, the stirrings in his body beginning. His cock grew hard, and each time it did, he would begin the transformation. "Seriously, what are you doing out here?" She looked at him. He was handsome, though older than she was, but she couldn't pin down his age. His eyes devoured her, black or dark blue eyes that stared at her and made her nervous.

"I'm going to eat you, and then, I'm going to fuck you as you never had been fucked before." His voice began to growl. She grew scared when she looked at him.

There was no smile on his face, he wasn't joking. "I'll scream," she tried to bluff him. "I hope you will, it makes me get so much harder. That is almost as much fun as fucking you." He was ready for her, knowing just what she would do. It wasn't his first time doing this. She tried to get past him, but his hand was out before she even reached him. He grabbed her and threw her to the ground. "EEEWWW!" She cried out when her naked knees scraped painfully on the hard ground.

She tossed along the ground, finally pulling her skirt down to cover her legs as she looked at him. He had thrown her down as if she were a bug. He had such power in his arm. It looked as though he were flexing his muscles, the thick arms pushed out on his shirt as if they were trying to bust through.

His chest rippled as his muscles moved, the top button of his shirt popping off and flying across the room. Even his thighs could barely be contained in his pants. For the first time, she looked up and feared what she saw. The front of his pants strained against the power of an erection that pulsated as if it were alive. "Don't hurt me, I won't fight you." She would have to try to find an opening where she could escape, but she couldn't wear herself out in a fight that was impossible to win.

"That would be no fun. I want to see tears in your eyes and hear you scream." She looked at his hands, his fingers looked like they were getting bigger, but that was impossible. It must have been that she didn't notice them before or the long fingernails that were almost into points.

Another button on his shirt burst off, his chest revealed and the thick, black hair that covered it. It looked like his shirt sleeves were going to tear up the seams.

His eyes were jet black now and a snarl was coming from his lips.

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His mouth opened in a sneer, Pamela shocked by his teeth. He had talked before and she didn't notice them, but they were big and yellow, the front ones almost sticking out his mouth they were so sharp. He jumped on her before she knew what was happening. His hand twisted in her hair and jerked her painfully onto her feet.

His face was only inches from hers; his hot breath blew on her as he huffed. His eyebrow was one, from side to side, connected and was thick and black.

The stubble on his face grew thicker. She heard the sound of ripping material, thinking that it was her clothes, but it wasn't, it was his. The shirt began to disintegrate before her astonished eyes.

It was as though he grew and the shirt no longer fit him. When it pulled away from his arms and chest, she could see his bulging muscles, but also the thick hair that ran over his flesh. It looked rough. "What's happening to you?" Her voice trembled as she stood before him, his hands still twisted in her hair. Her feet barely touched the ground. His hand slapped the side of her head, letting go of her hair so she would go tumbling to the ground once again.

He got his desired scream that made his erection quiver in excitement. "OOWWHHHH!" Her head was rocked and her body was thrown across the cave and onto the hard ground once again. She forgot about the pain, scrambling to sit up and escape from another blow. She looked at him, the shirt in tatters around him, his arms and chest covered with thick hair that had to be two inches long.

How could his hair grow so fast? His hands were gnarled, his fingers so long that they curled and the nails had to be over two inches long, thick and sharp. His palms were almost black, the skin looked like leather. He yanked her back up again; this time; his claws drew blood and a cry from her lips.

He pulled her until her head was pushed into his crotch. Her muffled cry of protest was all that was needed, jerking her head up and down against his crotch until he got the desired effect. His pants began to rip up the legs. The waistband only held out for a few seconds longer. She felt the blood on her neck, knowing his fingernails sliced her skin, but they were so sharp that she didn't realize she was cut until she felt the blood. Her face was pushed into his crotch, Pamela coming face to face with her fear.

His erection was growing, like something she had never seen or heard of. It had to be huge; the throbbing flesh jerked and shuddered on her face as he rubbed her cheek onto his pants as though she were a rag doll for him to play with. His erection grew to be the size of a baby's arm, but it didn't stop there. It continued to grow, and his pants continued to rip.

Pamela felt the hand reach out, fingernails digging deep gashes in her upper chest as he yanked on the neck of her sweater. It tore into strips of materials as though it was paper, tossed to the ground. Her chest stung where it was cut, but the fingers reached out again, this time; a large, sharp nail went between the cups of her bra.

With a deft snap of his fingernail, the fragile material cut in half. Her hands reached up to cover her breasts as the bra was pulled from her body but were slapped away with ease as though she were just a pesky bug. Her breasts were bared, her nipples hard and throbbing from the cold and fear.

"Pleasseee, don't!" Her lower arms had cuts and red marks on them where he had pushed them away, Pamela knowing she was no match for him. She had to wait for an opportunity, hoping that she got one to escape. Her hands hung down at her sides, her fingers curled into fists. Her full, young breasts stood up proudly, his hands reached over and cupped them in his large hands, one fingernail slipped up and caressed the dark brown areolas with its sharp point.

Her nipple grew in spite of the fear. His hands were so rough; the skin was like leather, the fingernails sharp like nails. As his hands moved over her breasts, she could feel the rough, thick hair on his hand rub her skin like sandpaper. As he fondled her flesh, his erection grew thicker, his body continued to transform.

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His pants ripped at the seams as his thighs grew thick with muscles. He reached down and threw the last remnants of his pants to the ground. His shorts lasted only seconds before it was shredded, unable to contain his growing lust-filled cock.

His face began to change—his nose became a snout, pushing out his face. His eyes were jet black, set deeper into his skull. His beard began to grow thick, not like a man's beard, but long hairs like an animal. His mouth was open, his teeth, sharp and pointed, pushed out. Pamela could hear his snarls now. "What are you?" "I'm the monster that is going to fuck you and make you scream." He pushed his body against hers until they were molded against each other.

His cock stood up and pressed against her belly it was so long. He began to move from side to side to masturbate against her soft, supple body.

He was like nothing she ever felt before, not a man, more like a dog that rubbed against her, yet he was on two feet, but his skin was toughened and rough, his hairs long and ragged as they dragged over her skin. Her nipples felt sore as he rubbed against the hardened tips and rubbed them raw.

It was the cock that rubbed her that scared her. It was monstrous, it had to be a foot long and hard like a rock. He rubbed against her and it throbbed in uncontrollable desire. He would kill her if he put that inside her. When he was completely naked, he stood back. He stroked his cock as if it were a weapon, aiming it at her.

It got worse, his legs were so thick and covered in black hair, but it was his cock that shocked Pamela. Not only were his balls that hung down like a sack of potatoes between his legs leathery and covered in coarse, black hair, his cock was the same. She never saw anything like it before. From the bottom of the shaft to the head, long, two-inch hairs covered it, yet the head was a dark red, almost purple and smooth and clean except for the single hole in the center that glistened with the sparkle of juices from the light of the fire.

The thought of what the hairs thrust against her soft membranes of her pussy would do to her sent shivers of fear in her body. This would be the most painful fuck she ever had, and it made him more excited. One hand swung in a wide arc and caught her skirt on her hip. His nails dug into her flesh, the skirt pulled for a second and then tore under his powerful swipe. It pulled on her waist and then the button flew across the cave along with the tattered remains of her skirt. She was in her panties, shivering in fear and cold as he stood before her.

"Don't move," he warned her, his voice so deep and rough, barely able to talk now, just animalistic sounds came from his lips. She saw his hand if you could call it that, more of a paw of a large animal move toward her crotch. His nails were out like blades of a knife, Pamela frozen in terror as she felt the tip of one nail run from the top of her panties all the way down her slit.

She couldn't move as the nail slid between the lips of her pussy, afraid he would slice her up the middle. When he pulled his finger away, her panties parted where his finger had gone, the thin, fragile material of her panties in two pieces.

The fingers returned and yanked her panties off with barely any effort. She stood there, trembling naked before him. She heard him breathe in heavily. "You smell good enough to eat!" She was pushed backward until the back of her legs hit a large rock. He didn't stop, pushing on her upper body until she began to bend backward. She looked quickly enough to see that she was poised over a large, flat rock in the center of the cave.

He wouldn't let her legs escape, Pamela finding her body pushed back until her naked butt hit the cold stone. She would have broken her legs if she didn't part them wide and place them outside of his, but as she was forced down on her back, she realized that her legs were spread obscenely with this monster standing between them. His cock jerked and shuddered as his black eyes devoured her body.

It felt like nails that dug into her ankles, her legs thrown up and back, the monster snarling loudly as he shoved her legs back until she was bent in half. She felt his hot spit drip down on her crotch as his head moved closer to her crotch.

Her hands reached up to stop him, her fingers found the thick hair on his face. She tried to push him away, but his head went down until she felt a cold snout pushed against the hot lips of her pussy. She tried one more time to push him away, but she cried out in shame as she felt a thick, long, wet tongue lap up her pussy lips. It was rough, sliding along the soft inner lips and scratching it.

She couldn't stop her clit from coming out of hiding as the tongue lapped it with a long swipe that rubbed it to a painful erection. He devoured her pussy with his mouth and tongue, feeling her body betray her as he lapped up her abundant juices even as she cried out in shame.

His teeth would come out and nip at the soft folds of her pussy, but contrary to what he expected, her juices flowed more freely. He began to eat her, literally eat her, his sharp teeth biting into the thick lips of her pussy until they drew blood; her ass rose up from the rock, only to give him greater access to her pussy. "No, NO, NO, no more!" She couldn't understand her own feelings.

She was being licked, bit and sucked by some kind of animal, and she was feeling arousal in spite of her shame. His teeth hurt as they nipped at her delicate flesh, but her clit was swollen so hard that it popped up to give him and easy target for the rough tongue that fondled her or for his sharp teeth to pinch and cut it. "NOT THERE!" Her shriek was loud as his hands pushed her legs back farther until she rolled into a ball. The tongue traced a path along her slit and over her perineum, but it didn't stop there.

It found the groove of her crack and moved down until it stopped on her anus, sending the muscles into uncontrollable spasms. She could feel his cold nose pressed against her anus as if he were trying to enter her with his snout, then the tongue began to press harder against her anus. She clenched her cheeks tight, but his fingernails dug into her ass cheeks until it punctured her skin, Pamela forced to relax them or suffer the painful punctures in her flesh from the sharp nails.

The tongue became more insistent until she felt her anal ring began to expand around it. She couldn't help when it entered her, crying out loudly when she felt the humiliation of having a tongue forced into her ass.

It felt so long, sure that it could go a couple of inches before it stopped, but it pushed into her rectum and then began to slither back and forth like a snake and rub against her muscles that tried to force it out.

His hand reached for her pussy as he ate her ass hole, tasting her tartness, but he loved her frenzied squirming and her cries of anguish as his tongue reamed out her ass hole like his cock would soon do. He found her clit and began to rub it harshly, her hips moved and not in pain but pleasure. One fingernail rubbed her clit while one long nail entered her pussy and rubbed the soft walls with his sharp nails.

He heard her panting with lust, his tongue lashing inside her until she came for him. She cried out softly for him to stop, but it was her mind, not her body, that wanted him to stop. She felt the shameful touch inside her, his nails and tongue doing things to her that shamed her, but also sent her body into a spiral of escalating pleasure that she couldn't control. She reached down and grabbed his hairy head and pushed him hard into her ass as she came.

It exploded in her body, the shame and humiliation of a snarling animal that licked and rubbed until or orgasm raced through her.


She felt the flow of her arousal drip down between her legs, sure that his tongue was lapping it up as it shoved back and forth in her ass. He loved her cumming for him, it would make it easier to fuck her once she came, her body more relaxed as she was forced to contend with his monstrous cock.

Her body went limp. She looked up as he stood up. He pulled her up by her arms and pushed her to the cold, hard ground. She didn't have to be told, she saw the way his cock was jerking excitedly. Her knees hurt as she got down on them, her hands under her as she got into position, doggy style, the name as degrading as the position. She saw him get behind her, his big body towered over her, she felt his large, hairy hands hold her hips, and then, she felt him part her legs until they were spread lewdly.

It was only a second before she felt his cock, but it wasn't like any man's cock. The furry cock slid over her skin until she felt the smooth head push in the wet lips of her pussy. "Be gentle, you're so big!" She knew it was futile, for he wanted to hear her scream. "AAAAWWWOOOWW!" Her scream could be heard miles away if anyone was around. His nails dug into her hips until they bled, but it was the cock that was the worst.

He shoved with his hips, and three inches of cold, wet cock slid into her until her muscles could stop it. She felt her insides rubbed raw by the wiry hairs, but it was the thickness that killed her. Her insides were forced to stretch and massage his cock as though she enjoyed it.

She felt her insides pulled out as he withdrew, her pussy opened up and gripped the head tight, but just before it slipped out, his fingernails dug into her skin once again, and the powerful thrust of his hips sent six inches of pounding cock into her pussy, ripping her up until the rock-hard head battered her cervix that shook her body.

He felt the pleasures as her hot, tight pussy gripped his cock as though she enjoyed it, but he knew it was the pain that caused it. He pulled out quickly and thrust back in, another gasp of pain as she took six inches of his cock when he hammered her cervix. He began to pick up speed, battering her body, her tits dancing beneath her as she rocked on his cock. Even his balls slammed into her, slapping hard between her legs with each thrust.

He moved his hips from side to side as if he could shove his cock through the soft, elastic walls that clung to his cock with each thrust. He leaned on her back; his hands moved from her hips to her hanging breasts and began to abuse them, his fingernails ripping along the soft sides and the tip of his nails puncturing the very tip of her nipples as she cried out in pain.

She felt his hot breath on her neck, his hairy chest abrading her back as he laid on her, but it was her breasts that were taking the punishment of his sharp nails and rough skin of his hands.

He snarled as she felt his teeth sink into the soft flesh of her neck, but his hips and cock continued to pound into her as if he were trying to drive his cock through her cervix and pierce her womb with his cock. Will he ever stop? She didn't know what was worse, the pounding rape of her pussy or to have him spill his cum inside her, shaming her with his animal cum.

It took five more minutes before he came, her body hung limp in his arms as he hammered her with his cock. Her body was shoved forward when he came, his cock shoved in deep, and then, she felt a river of cum shoot out and bathe her insides with his heated cum. He fucked her as he came, jet after jet shoved into the deepest recesses of her pussy, the sound of his cum sloshing as he fucked her making her shame deeper.

She slumped to the floor when he finished, no longer connected to him by his cock, but she felt the cum flow out of her. Her body was exhausted and in pain. He grabbed her by the hair, a scream made his cock quiver, until she was kneeling before him. He stroked his wet cock in her face until her eyes opened and he saw the surprised look on her face. His hairy cock was inches from her mouth. The hair was coated with white, thick cum, the smooth head glistened.


She couldn't take that in her mouth, not with all the hair and his cum soaked into it. He yanked harder on her hair until she screamed. As she closed her mouth, she felt a wet cock sit on her lower lip.

She couldn't do anything as he thrust with his hips and two inches of his cock forced her lips open so wide that they felt like they would tear. The wet cock slipped over her tongue, leaving a trail of foul-tasting cum, but as he thrust deeper, she felt the thick hairs on the shaft of his cock slip through her soft lips and rub them harshly.

She gagged as the hairs entered her mouth. Another gag and the head of his cock slammed to the back of her mouth and plugged her throat until she could only suck in precious air though her nostrils.

"Lick it!" He threatened to force his cock down her throat unless she did as he ordered. Her nostrils flared as she tried to breathe, gagging as the head of his cock pushed like a cork into her throat.

It took all of her willpower, but her tongue finally began to move.

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It made her choke as her tongue ran over the wet hair on his cock that filled her mouth, tasting the foul cum that coated her tongue as she worked over his cock until she had it cleaned. When he pulled it out, it glistened from the flickering light of the fire with her spit. She slumped back to the ground and that was the last thing she remembered. She finished the story, and Dr. Mannix stopped writing in his tablet.

She saw the look on his face, and she knew that she shouldn't have told the truth.