Str8 Der Haarige Papa Cumming In Seinem Mädchen Höschen

Str8 Der Haarige Papa Cumming In Seinem Mädchen Höschen
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Fbailey story number 700 AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is longer than most of my stories, twelve pages in Word. First Nude Beach Dad said, "We are going to spend Friday night in a motel and spend all day at the beach on Saturday.

Then we go back to the motel for the night and then back to the beach on Sunday before coming home late." Mom asked, "What's up?" Dad smiled and said, "You girls should buy very sexy bikinis before Friday." My sister said, "Oh goody, I can get a new bikini." I said, "A sexy one too.

Get a thong so you can show off that great ass of your." Mom said, "Watch your mouth, young man." Dad said, "He's right though. You girls have wonderful butts." There was a pause and then he added, "And great tits." I watched my sister Renay blush. At fourteen she is almost a match for Mom in every way. They exchange clothes, makeup, and even shoes. I'm pretty sure they share bras too. Mom is thirty-four years old and wears a 34-C bra. I can't help but wonder what Renay's tits will look like when she stops growing.

If it matters, I'm a year older than my sister is at sixteen. Anyway Dad made that announcement on Monday. By Wednesday Mom and Renay had their new bikinis. Son of a bitch if they didn't get thong bikinis for each of them, along with another very skimpy one for each of them. Renay said that they were going to start out conservative and see what happens. I said, "I want to see you in them," and Dad agreed. After all in a way he had paid for them.

The two girls went into Mom's bedroom while Dad and I sat in the living room waiting for them to return. It was a fairly long wait but it was certainly worth it when they finally returned. They looked like twins, maybe even sisters, but in no way did they look like mother and daughter in those bikinis. Pure white with big gold rings at the sides of their bottoms and between their rather large tits on their tops. The bottom had pretty small coverage, which explained the long wait.

Obviously they had shaved their pussies. When they turned the bottom was much bigger in the back but still rather sexy. Their tops had strings holding everything together.

When they turned to face us again they both had hard nipples from their excitement. I had a hard-on from my excitement. I didn't check Dad out because frankly I didn't care. Dad said, "Wow! You girls look wonderful. Go put on the next one." Off they ran giggling. Our wait was much shorter that time. Again they had on the same white bikinis but the tops and the bottoms were teardrop shaped and struggled to cover their areolas and pussy slits.

When they turned all there was were strings, very tiny strings. Dad said, "You girls are really going to turn heads this Saturday." I said, "You've already turned our heads. Mom you always look great. Renay what can I say, you look fabulous. You and Mom could be sisters.

Really!" Renay asked, "So I take it you like my great ass in this thong bikini?" I replied, "I certainly do." She smirked and asked, "What about my tits?" She didn't even have to ask that question. I said, "They look wonderful.

I had no idea that you had such a great set.just like Mom." Mom laughed and said, "Well thanks for including me in that left-handed complement." Dad said, "Hey, give the boy a break. It is the first time that Renay has flaunted them in front of us, you know." Renay blushed and said, "I'm not flaunting them. If I were I'd do this." Then she started to shake them from side to side and up and down. When she started spinning them in circles the left one fell out of her top.

Dad hooted and said, "Now that's flaunting. Honey, flip one of yours out for the boy to see." Mom actually thought about it while looking at Renay's tit still hanging out. Then she said, "Okay!

Why not! I'm not going to let my own daughter upstage me." Then Mom pulled one teardrop piece of cloth to the side setting her right breast free. With Renay standing on Mom's right side we got to see their bare breasts right next to one another. Mom had some sag to her breast but much darker areolas and fatter nipples. Renay's breast was much firmer, much rounder, and she had very light colored areolas and tiny nipples, which were hard.

I was surprised that they left them out in the open for so long for Dad and I too look at. Then Mom turned and asked Renay to untie her top. Mom pulled it off and tossed it to Dad.

I was even more surprised when Renay turned her back toward Mom. Mom knew instinctively what to do. Then Renay tossed her top to me. Now that was worth a picture. Dad was thinking the very same thing when he said, "Go get your camera." I hurried but I didn't really have too, Mom and Renay were still standing side by side when I returned.

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Dad said, "Smile you two! I want a good one for the family photo album. That caused then to laugh and then they smiled for me. Dad had them do a quarter turn with their backs together, another quarter turn and face away from us. He wanted a few more of them like that. After all they definitely had great asses. They turned to face one another.

That was when Dad said, "Get nipple to nipple for a few shots. I stood up on the back of the couch and shot practically straight down on them for the best picture yet. Dad asked, "Care to loose the bottoms?" Mom said, "Why not, your brother has been trying to catch us coming out the shower for years." Renay said, "Does this mean that we can keep the bathroom door open when we shower?

The mirror gets all fogged up and I can't see into it for a long time. I need to see into it to fix my hair and my makeup." Mom laughed and said, "I guess so. Why not! After all he is obviously going to take pictures of our slits anyway." Dad added, "Up close and personal too." I said, "Maybe we could shower together like Mom and Dad…to conserve water, that is." Renay said, "I'm not sure that I'm ready for that yet." Dad knelt before Mom and lowered her bottom while I took his picture.

Then I knelt before Renay and lowered her bottom while Dad took my picture. Then I got my camera back. At first they just stood there with their feet together. Dad encouraged Mom to open up her stance. That sort of forced Renay to do the same thing. When their feet were about shoulder width apart I held the camera between their legs with the lens pointed straight up.

Dad liked that and told me to lie on my back and then he told Mom to walk up to my waist and stop. Yes! That was perfect. I had a great view of Mom's partly open slit, her slightly rounded belly, her nice big breasts, and of course her pretty face. Dad made her stay there for several pictures and then he had her turn around for some excellent ass shots.

Renay just followed in Mom's footsteps. Her pussy was much more open than Mom's had been and she was much wetter too. Her tummy was flatter, her nipples harder, and her face was prettier. Until that very moment I had no idea that I was in love with my sister. Oh, I had always loved her but right then I was 'in' love with her. My hard-on proved it. When she turned around she looked straight down at my cock while I took more pictures of her ass. That was when I saw a drop of her fluid form at the bottom of her slit.

I held the camera closer and closer to that drop as it got bigger and finally fell onto my pants…right where my cock was. Renay saw it and immediately said, "This isn't fair. They got to see us naked…" Mom chimed in, "She's right. Get naked. Both of you." I just unfastened my jeans and slipped them down to my ankles. Renay said, "All the way off…get naked." Then she actually lifted one of my feet onto her knee and untied my shoe, pulled it off, and tossed it away.

The other shoe went flying and then my pants. Then she reached for the waist of my underwear and I lifted my ass up to help her.

She smiled when she saw my erection. I sat up, took my shirt off, and threw it too. I laid back with my sister standing over me at my knees. She was just staring at my cock so I looked at it. The damn thing was twitching in time to my heartbeat. My pulse was causing it to jump up and down as she watched. I saw another drop start to form low on her slit. She must have seen it too because she stepped forward just enough for that drop to land on the head of my cock.

A long string connected our sex organs together for a moment until the string broke. That was when my cock started shooting my cum all over my chest, my belly, and forming a puddle near my belly button. Renay said, "Oh, that was wonderful.

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Can you do it again?" I replied, "I don't know how I did it in the first place. I've never cum without jerking off first." Mom just giggle.

That drew our attention to them. Dad was on his back and Mom was sitting on his cock. Well not exactly sitting on it because it was up inside her. They were having sex right there on the living room floor just four feet away from us. The next thing I knew Renay was holding my cock up and trying to get it inside of her virgin pussy. She got the head in, and then she took a deep breath, and slammed herself down onto the rest of it. She cringed but other than that you couldn't tell that it was her first time.

Mine too! She was mimicking what Mom was doing to Dad. Suddenly she shoved one of her nipples into my mouth.

I instinctively sucked on it. We both liked that. She passed them back and forth to me, she fucked up and down on my cock, and she gave us both the most electrifying climaxes of our short lives. I pumped twice as much into her pussy as I had let fly on my body earlier. She collapsed on my chest and kissed me. I whispered in her ear, "I love you." She whispered back, "I love you too." I whispered again, "No, I mean that I really love you." She whispered, "I know! I gave you my virginity, didn't I." Mom was trying to stifle a scream as her orgasm raced through her body.

Dad was thrusting up at her so hard that I thought he would throw her off. Renay said, "Let it go Mom. Let it go." Mom opened her mouth, threw her head back and softly screamed. That was followed by, "Oh God you were fucking great." "I loved having our children watch us." "When you bit my nipple I almost died." "It felt so good." "We need to do this more often." Renay said, "I think I'll let him take showers with me now." We all laughed.

+++++ Thursday after Dad got home from work he told us that the beach that he was taking us too was a nude beach. Renay said, "Cool." Mom just smiled and said to Dad, "You have created a monster. That girl hasn't been dressed inside the house since she came home from school. Those two have had sex three times already today and I'm jealous." Dad said, "Three times." Mom said, "Yes, once before they got dress for school, once when they got home, and again not fifteen minutes ago." Dad gave me a thumbs up and said, "Way to go." We were all set on Friday when Dad got home.

In fact all of our suitcases and stuff was sitting on the edge of the driveway waiting to get loaded when he pulled in. In less that fifteen minutes were on our way. It took us five hours to get to the motel and Dad said that the beach was another half-hour from there. But that could wait until morning. With our newly found nudity, all we needed was one room with two double beds in it. Renay was naked almost before the door got closed.

She laid back on the bed, lifted her knees, and spread her legs. Then with both of her hands she pulled her pussy lips open for me. I got my camera right in there as close as I could and clicked off a few. Mom asked, "What's going on here?" Dad said, "Who cares. Strip and open your pussy up for him. I want a picture of you like that myself." Renay said, "I promised him the most intimate picture of me that he could think of.

This is what I agreed too." Dad asked me, "What else did you request of her?" I looked at Renay. She was already blushing when I said, "My cock in her asshole and her tongue in Mom's pussy." Dad laughed and asked, "At the same time?

I might like to try that one myself." Mom said, "If you think that you are sticking that thing in my ass, you had better buy me a bottle of Champaign…and not a cheap one either." Dad picked up the telephone and dialed zero. A moment later he asked, "Do you carry Champaign…yes…yes…sure add the strawberries…and a can of whipped cream too." When he hung up, Mom just buried her face in the pillow.

Then Dad said, "Strip and spread. I haven't gotten my picture of your big hole yet." Mom blurted out, "Big hole my ass…" Before she could finish her sentence Dad said, "Exactly." Mom stood up and undressed as she called Dad a bastard, a son of o bitch, and a sex maniac." Dad said, "You forgot one. I'm also a mother fucker." Mom laughed at that one. Then she laid back opening up her pussy lips for me. Dad was right, Mom did have a big pussy. At least it was bigger that Renay's pussy inside.

Her outer lips were crushed between her fingers and extended pretty far. Her inner lips opened up like a flower, and her pink insides were fully exposed to me and to my camera. At the top I could see her pee hole and at the bottom was her big hole surrounded by a bunch of tiny soft-looking pink fingers swaying in the breeze, so to speak.

Just below that was her dark brown asshole. It had been stretched out tight but now it was all crinkled. I knew why Dad wanted to put his cock in there. I also knew that I would be taking a lot of pictures of it in there too. Just as I had finished taking her pictures there was a knock at the door. Mom and Renay both grabbed the covers and buried themselves. Dad took the tray and sat it on the desk as he gave the man a tip.

Dad said, "Here you go girls, drink up, we men want anal sex tonight." We? There were two bottles of Champaign on the tray along with what looked like a quart of strawberries, half of which were chocolate covered. Then there was the can of whipped cream.

I wasn't sure just what that was for. Mom looked at Renay. Renay nodded to Mom. Dad popped the first cork. They had only brought two Champaign glasses but obviously that was all that we needed. Dad filled their glasses and handed them to the girls. Mom held her glass up to Renay and Renay tapped her glass to it. Then they drank that first glass right down and held them out to Dad. Dad suggested that they slow down.

Mom said, "Why! The sooner we drink this stuff the sooner we get your cocks out of our asses. Right Renay?" Renay blushed and asked, "What if I like it?

Does he still have to take it out?" Dad laughed and said, "Honey, we aren't going to take it out until we fill you girls up." Renay drank that second glass and said, "Oh!

Now I understand." She watched as Dad filled her glass again and said, "You don't have to get me drunk to try it. I'm all for it right now." She looked over at Mom and Mom said, "I don't have to be drunk either. I just wanted your father to pay for that kind of sex. Champaign was all I could think of on such short notice. Normally it would cost him dinner at Red Lobster with a shrimp cocktail, a medium rare steak, two lobster tails, and a piece of cherry cheesecake to finish it off." Renay seemed just a little tipsy as she asked, "You make Daddy pay for sex?" Dad laughed and said, "Honey, your mother has gotten every penny that I have ever earned in one way or another." Mom said, "I just want him to know that fucking my ass is a very special reward and not to be taken for granted." Renay looked at me and then at Dad.

She said, "Then Mom and Dad, you guys get to go first. We want to watch and I want to know what to expect my first time." So Dad undressed quickly and got the can of whipped cream. Mom was on her back with her legs up and Dad stuck the nozzle in her pussy and gave it a squirt. Mom told us that it was cold. Then Dad stuck the nozzle in her asshole and gave it a bigger squirt until it was coming back out. He got in position and shoved his hard cock into her hard. It went all the way in and then he stopped.

Mom wasn't breathing. It seemed like forever when she said, "You bastard." She looked over at me taking pictures and said, "Don't do that to your sister or she'll never let you do it again." Dad smiled and said, "Go slow and easy the first hundred times." I looked at Renay and she was smiling.

Then I got between Dad's legs and took some really good pictures of his cock in Mom's asshole. When it was our turn I squirted Renay and gently pressed the head of my cock into her anal ring.

As the pressure built up the head popped just inside. I held still and finally she smiled at me. I slipped the rest in slowly but steadily until it was all the way inside of her. Another short pause and we were going at it as if it had been a hundred times. It felt good to me, and Renay liked it too. After I came deep in her ass and pulled out Renay asked, "Can I have some more Champaign?" Mom looked at Dad and said, "She earned it." She certainly had. About halfway into it I took the camera from Dad and shot straight down at my cock in her ass while she held her pussy lips open.

That definitely proved that my cock was in her ass and not in her pussy. Dad took the camera and took the same picture from further away to show both of our faces in it. +++++ When we arrived at the beach the parking lot was almost full. All of the people were covered up or in their swimsuits. When we got to the beach itself almost everyone was naked.

Oh there were a few girls still wearing their bottoms, and even less that had their tops on too. Renay whispered, "I bet those girls with their bottoms on are having their periods." I just said, "Oh!" Then Renay said, "I'd poke my tampon string up inside or just rip it out if I was having my period." I asked, "How would you get the damn thing out?" Renay laughed and said, "That would be your job." Mom and Dad both laughed at that. Renay said, "I've gone fishing for that string more than once." Mom added, "Me too.

One time I had to use a crochet hook to get one out." So anyway we applied some sunscreen that hopefully would allow us to get a tan but would prevent us from getting too burned. Dad and I started checking out the other girls on the beach and making comments about them.

For instance there was one girl about Renay's age that looked pregnant. Well, Renay got up and walked over to her. They talked a couple of minutes and then they walked back toward us. Renay said, "This is Sarah. She is fifteen years old and she is pregnant. Her older sister is here with her and she is pregnant too." Sarah said, "She is sixteen but she doesn't know who the father is. At least I only let one boy have sex with me. Of course we did it almost every day for six months before I got pregnant.

Sheila liked to go to parties and let all of the boys fuck her. Now none of them what to fuck her." Sarah then looked at me and asked, "Will you take some pictures of my sister and I together." I asked, "Like this?" She giggled and said, "If you mean nude, yes like this.

See those guys way up there hiding behind those screens?

They are taking our picture right now. They might even be uploading them to the Internet as we speak." So I picked up my camera and Renay and I walked with her to her sister. After we were introduced I started taking pictures of them together. I shot down at them lying on the sand so as not to get any of the other girls in the pictures.

Then I got down low and took pictures of them standing. After that I got them in the water. Anyone behind them was too far out to see. Renay wanted to be in the pictures too. She wanted to be between them. Then she asked, "Can we go somewhere out of sight.


I'm so horny that I need my brother's cock in me." Sheila asked, "You let your own brother fuck you?" Renay said, "Yes! On Wednesday I gave him my virginity. Last night in the motel I let him butt fuck me…right after Dad butt fucked Mom." Sarah asked, "Did it hurt?" Renay smiled and said, "Not as much as I thought it would. He was very gentle. He is a great lover. Want to try him out. He can do all three of us in about an hour tops." Sheila looked at her cell phone to check the time.

Then she said, "All right we have an hour to spare. Let's check your brother out." Sarah took my hand and said, "You will only be my second.

I've never been with anyone other than Teddy." I said, "You will be my second too. I've only been with my sister." Sarah said, "Cool." We walked a long way but we did find a big sand dune with a recess on the top that we could hide in. No one could see us unless they were standing right on the rim next to us. Of course Sheila wanted to go first. It had been a while for her. She was eight months pregnant while Sarah was only six months along.

Renay took pictures. Afterwards she thanked me. She had been desperate to get fucked. Renay told her that we were coming back the next day.

She said that they would be there. Sarah wanted Renay to go next. So we handed her the camera and showed her how to take a picture. Renay hammed it up a little for their benefit. Then it was Sarah's turn. She was really tight down there. Unlike her sister who was widening out for childbirth. Anyway it felt great. I highly doubted that she had had sex everyday for six months. She closed her eyes and she cooed so sweetly as I stroked into her wet pussy.

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At one point Renay had me sit up higher so that she could get some better shots of me fucking Sarah. When I did cum in her it wasn't nearly as much as I had left in her sister. Renay insisted that she get nipple to nipple with each girl, that they get nipple to nipple with each other, and that all three of them do it together. Of course I got lots of pictures but the best was the top view of three girls nipple to nipple to nipple. We went into the water. I only got in to my waist so that I didn't get the camera wet.

The girls sort of gave themselves a douche. Then it was little Sarah that asked if she could give Renay a douche using her fingers. Well, Renay was all for it but I couldn't see under the water.

Renay kind of gave Sheila and I a running list of what Sarah was doing to her. I got a great picture of my sister's face when Sarah gave her an orgasm.

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Her first one from another girl, and a pretty good one at that. We walked them back to their stuff, kissed them goodbye, and then we returned to our parents. Mom told us that they had already eaten but that they had brought food back for us.

We stayed together for the rest of the day. I wandered back to the men behind the screens.

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They all had cameras with long lenses. A few of them were stroking their cocks. They seemed upset that I had encroached on their territory. +++++ Sunday we got there earlier because we couldn't stay.

We had that five and a half hour drive home afterwards. Sarah and Sheila were there so we just joined them. They had a big umbrella to shield themselves from the guys behind the screens. I couldn't blame them. I got a picture of Sheila with her belly in a hole that she had dug. She looked just like Mom and Renay who were lying on ether side of her.

Sheila asked Mom if she would let Dad fuck her. Mom said, "Only if you do us both. We are a married couple after all." So the six of us headed back to our crater in the dunes. I got pictures of Mom and Dad in a threesome. Mom was lying against a bank, Sheila had her face in Mom's crotch licking her pussy, and Dad was pounding into Sheila from behind. Sheila's belly was rubbing a trench in the sand.

All in all it was an amazing sight. Then it was our turn. Dad took the camera and Sarah practically pushed Renay down and stared in gobbling up my sister's sweet nectar. I watched for a while. Renay smiled at me and held Sarah's hair out of her face for better pictures. When I had had enough I got behind Sarah and pushed my cock into her pussy. She stopped, took a tube out of her beach bag, and tossed it to me.

Then Sarah said, "Its K-Y. Lube me up and put some on your cock. I thought about what Renay had said about anal sex and I want to try it." Then she went right back to work on Renay's pussy. I squirted it right into her butt like Dad had with the whipped cream. Mom said, "Poke your finger around in there and make sure everything gets coated. Be gently and then add another finger.


When you get to three fingers she should be good to go. Be gently. After all she is six months pregnant.

You don't want to break her water." I did as I was told, then before I knew it my cock was in her ass and we were both enjoying it. I could not believe the week that I was having. In just five days I had fucked three different girls, two of which were pregnant, and I had fucked two of them in their virgin asses. What more could a boy ask for?

I got my answer a little while later. Sheila wanted me to butt fuck her. She had a hundred boys fuck her and knock her up but she had never let even one of them in her ass. Make that, three virgin asses. The ride home went quickly for Renay and I. We slept the whole way. +++++ Life at home was very different after that first week.

We were almost always naked, no one bothered closing doors anymore, and I got to take lots of pictures of the girls on the toilet, taking showers, and working in the kitchen naked. Sex was anytime that I wanted and anywhere that Renay wanted to do it. Mom and Dad watched us fuck and we watched them fuck. At night Renay and I slept together. A month later Dad asked me if I wanted to swap girls for the night. I wanted Mom just as much as Dad wanted Renay but I told him that I would have to ask and that I would get back to him.

Renay was all for it but that's another story. +++++ AUTHOR'S NOTE: Before you ask…no…I don't do part two's, as most of you already know. The End First Nude Beach 700