Porno in the bus

Porno in the bus
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This story is a bit of a change from my others, but ties into them. Read to the end, to see how. There will be more chapters to come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: Using substance gleaned from Subject 0, test animals seem to go into a mating frenzy.

The chances of offspring seem to increase, even when the females are not in heat, before applying the chemical. END STATUS REPORT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Damnit Mom! Don't you know how to knock?" Adam yelled as he closed the lid to his laptop. He had been jacking off to porn, when his mother had walked in, completely destroying the mood.

Oh well, if Adam knew himself like he did, he would be horny again in a couple hours and ready to try again. If only he had a lock on his door. Getting caught in and of itself wasn't so bad. One of the problems was that this was the fourth time this month he had been busted, cock in hand, wanking to some form of porn.

Adam pulled up his pants, and decided to talk to his mom. He caught up to her in the hallway to the front door. "Honestly, Adam. I don't understand why you can't just wait till everybody goes to bed, or just do it in the shower. I understand that you're a grown teenager, and you have your.

NEEDS. But do you have to do it in the middle of the day?" That was the other problem. He did do it at all those times, and every other chance he had.

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He couldn't help it. No matter what he did, he was always horny. Jacking off relieved it for a few hours, but the feeling was always there, lurking in the corner. He had had numerous embarrassing situations when he was still in school, having to stand up, and not being able to hide his erection. He had garnered the reputation as a pervert, and all because he couldn't control his libido.

That was when he had started jacking off between every other class, and it was the first thing he did when he got home. Usually the house was empty at this time of day.

How was he supposed to know that Mom had forgotten something, and would rush home from work to get it? Not for the first time, did Adam curse the fact that Mom worked so close to home. As the lead biochemist for her company, she set her own hours, and made more than enough to live as they pleased.

They weren't wealthy, but they were very comfortable. His mom opened the front door, and found April, Adam's sister, about to walk in. "You deal with this!" His mom told April. "I swear I have never known any man to beat off as much as your brother does. Did you know that in the last month, there hasn't been one sock of his that I've cleaned that didn't have cum in it? I don't have time to deal with him, so you take care of it!" And she slammed the door on her way out.

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Adam didn't know that she had been checking his socks. He was going to have to figure out somewhere else to shoot his load. The bathroom didn't work to well, because it was hard to explain why he was bringing his laptop in there. It wasn't necessarily that he needed porn, but it DID speed up the process. "So, Squirt. Busted again?" Adam looked at his older sister sullenly. She had left for college a year ago, but still came home on the weekends.

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The last person he wanted to talk about his libido with was her. Not that they didn't get along. Adam adored his older sister. She was smart, and intelligent, and always willing to help him out with homework, or any other problem he had.

She never looked down on him, and often treated him as an equal, other than calling him 'Squirt' (which at the moment, was even more humiliating). The problem was that she was gorgeous. Standing at 5'5", her blonde hair came down to her C or D cup breasts. Her breasts always looked big for her petite body. "Leave me alone," Adam told her, and walked back to his room. He threw himself on the bed, and buried his head under his pillow. Why couldn't he control it better?

What few friends he had, had all told him it wasn't normal, and he should see a shrink. Of course the last thing any teenager wanted to do was talk to some stranger about their masturbation problems.

A timid knock came at the door, but Adam just ignored it. "Adam, can I talk to you?" The only time she ever called him 'Adam' was when she was being serious, or wanted something from him. "I know I should be more careful! Can we just drop it, please?" He hoped she would go away.

He didn't want to deal with it right now; especially since he could already feel himself getting hard again. The last thing he needed was for his sister to see that, and REALLY think he was demented. Adam heard his door open and groaned as April walked in. "Listen, fellow tube-y--" This was another affectation she used with him. They never knew who their father was, and since their mother was a chemist, it was an inside joke that they were test-tube babies, "--I know what you are going through.

I deal with it too." At these words, Adam looked up at his sister, and was glad he was still lying on his stomach. She was bent over next to his bed, and he could make out some of her cleavage down her shirt. "I doubt it," he told her. He had never heard of HER getting caught. "Would it surprise you that I masturbate three to four times a day?" Adam almost laughed. That was it? Sometimes he lost count of how often he rubbed one out in a day.

"And that I want to do it all day long? I learned how to control it, not let it control me." He looked at his sister, trying to see if she were playing with him, or if she were being serious. If she had learned how to control it that much. "How?" April's face split into a huge smile, as she plopped herself down in his bed.

"I'm glad you asked, Squirt. It's all in how you think." Adam scoffed, but she kept going. "All you have to do is think about what turns you off, and concentrate on it." "I've tried that," he complained, "it didn't work." "I doubt you've tried it my way.

Here, sit up." She grabbed his shoulders and forced her younger brother to sit up. Adam was embarrassed when she looked at the bulge in his pants, but thankfully she didn't say anything.

"The trick is to take a turn-on, and make it a turn-off." "Uh-huh," Adam didn't believe her for a moment. How did you take something that made you horny, and make it turn you off? "Bear with me, Tube-y. I know what I'm talking about. Here, I'll prove it. I'll tell you one of my turn-ons, and then tell you how I make it a turn-off." She crossed her legs on his bed, and closed her eyes. Almost immediately he noted a change in her. It wasn't something he could put his finger on, but she somehow became more attractive, more alluring.

"I like the way a guy's penis looks. Don't laugh at me! I do! I like how the head gets large as the man gets turned on," as she spoke, April's hands began to lightly travel over her body. Adam could feel his cock pressing against the zipper of his jeans, as he watched her.

April shivered, and opened her eyes, and smiled at the look of rapture on her brother's face. "Now that I am sufficiently turned on, I reverse it. I start to think of that penis becoming a tree, and then being cut down, and then shaved down into tiny little toothpicks.

I focus on that, until I am under control again." Adam was disappointed to see her hands stop moving across her body, and settle in her lap. Then the realization that it had been his sister that was so seducing him, made him cringe inside. Am I so perverted that I would lust after my own sister? That's just plain wrong! "Now you try it." April's voice pulled Adam from his dark thoughts, and his face burned red, understanding what she wanted from him.

"I'll try it later," he told her. "No, I can tell you're already turned on. Just close your eyes, and do like I did." Adam's face turned even darker red at his older sister's words. Adam closed his eyes, just to humor her, but the image of her hands roaming her body jumped into his head.

His mind's eye watched as she drug her fingers up her leg, across her belly, under her breasts, and back again. Then she began to pull up her shirt-- Adam's eyes flew open to stop that image from going further. "You can stop touching yourself," she told him, and to his horror, he realized his hand was against his crotch, rubbing up and down. "Okay, so what did you think of?" "B-breasts," Adam stammered, thinking fast. No way was he going to admit to what he'd thought.

"Good. Now take it and turn it around. Maybe imagine those breasts becoming melons, and then smashing those melons with a hammer, or something else. Just change the image into one that is NOT a turn on." Adam shook his head, but did as he was told. Closing his eyes, the image of April reformed, touching herself, and he tried to change it to one of his advanced chemistry teacher, Mr.

Jenkins. Her image fuzzed, then came back again as April. He tried harder, but this time when she returned, she was naked, with only her hands covering her private parts. Again, his eyes opened in a rush, and he pulled his hand away from his crotch. "Hmm, still no good, huh?" April asked, and Adam noticed a slight flush to her skin.

"How do I know this really works for you?" Adam accused. He was frustrated and upset, but above all else, he was horny as hell, and couldn't relieve himself. "How do I know you are not just playing some trick on me?" He could see that he had hurt his sister, but damnit, he could apologize later. If he could get her out of his room long enough to rub one out, he would find some way to make it up to her.

"Do you think I am enjoying this? Talking about masturbating with my little brother?" April shot back at him in anger. "What kind of a pervert do you take me for?" "No!

Its not-- I," Adam tried to protest that he didn't think she was a pervert, but his tongue was tied and he couldn't think properly.

"Fine! You want proof?" Before Adam knew what she was doing, April stood up and pulled her pants down, revealing her well trimmed pussy. Adam just gaped, as he looked at her. He had never seen one up close, though he had seen many in his porn videos. He could just make out her inner lips, barely peeking out from her outer ones. A thin light strip of blonde hair topped it off, and Adam could smell her arousal only a few feet away.

"You had better never tell mom about this, Tube-y." Adam's eyes flew back up to his sister's face. Once again he was reminded that this was his sister, not some girl, he was sitting with. His cock ached in his pants, demanding release, and he had to dig his fingers into his arms to stop from touching himself.

April sat back down, and removed her shirt and bra, leaving her only in her pink socks. Her nipples stood proudly on her large chest, pink and hard. This was the first time he had ever seen breasts in person. He had seen many in his porn videos, but real-life was infinitely better. Adam's mouth began to water, and he had to swallow to keep from drooling. What was wrong with him?

"What do you know about a woman's arousal?" She asked him. Adam had to swallow twice before he could speak. "Only that she gets wet. Down there," he finished, pointing.

"Well, there is a little more to it than that. A woman's nipples will also get hard, and her lower lips--" Adam gasped as his sister reached down and spread her outer labia, giving him a great view of her pussy, "--will sometimes swell, and become more sensitive.

Her clit--Oh! -- will also become more sensitive." The "oh!" happened just as she pointed it out, touching it lightly.

As Adam watched, he saw a small amount of fluid start to leak out of her. He had no doubt that she was turned on. He had to hold himself in check, stopping his body's demands that he jump on this naked woman before him. She was his SISTER, damnit, not some woman. He WOULD treat her like a sibling. "As you have noticed, I am turned on." Adam looked back up at her, and saw that her left hand was cupping her breast, and lightly rubbing her nipple.

Her right hand still had her lips spread, but was starting to rub up and down. "Now I will concentrate on turning myself off." He watched as her hands slowed on her nude body.

Her right hand left her crotch, but it took a few more moments before her other hand pulled away from her tit. For a second, Adam thought her one hand was going to go back to her cunt, and he was sure he heard a groan as she forced it away. After about a minute, both her hands were locked at her sides. He could still see fluid leaking from her, but he had to admit that her nipples had gone down, and he could no longer see her inner labia.

"See. Now you try again, and this time concentrate." She drew out the last word, trying to make her point. Adam knew he was doomed before he began. Closing his eyes, the picture of April naked, sitting before him, her pinks sock pulled up to her calves, one breast in her hand, and her other hand busy with her crotch, blossomed in his mind. "Mr. Jenkins, Mr.

Jenkins," he heard himself murmur as he tried to concentrate on changing the image. He knew he was rubbing his crotch, and he didn't care. It felt too good to stop. The image of his sister started to slip one finger inside--" "Stop!" April shouted, and grabbed his arm, pulling it away from his crotch.

Her touch on his arm was like fire, burning his soul, but it was too late, as Adam's body jerked and he finally came in his pants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: Test animals have begun to show a resistance to the chemical. Higher doses are needed, but thankfully there seem to be no addicting properties to it.

The only noted side effect is that all the animals tested seem to be, if you will excuse the crude term, 'horny', even when the chemical is not present.

Warrants further study. The last thing we need is to overpopulate the earth. END STATUS REPORT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April noticed his reaction, and knew what had happened. She felt a bit let down that this hadn't worked for him.

She could see in him the same burning desire, the same lust that had shaped her younger years. She didn't want to see her fellow tube-y go through the humiliation she had had to endure. "It's okay. We will try again later. If you're like me, you'll be ready to go again in a couple hours, and we can try then." April stood, and started getting dressed. "Why bother? I'm a freak. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I can't change the image." April's heart melted for her younger brother.

Only a couple years separated them, but they had grown up as friends, always there for one another. Fully dressed, she sat down next to him, and folded him in her arms. She could actually smell the semen in his pants, and felt that familiar itch between her legs.

She had almost lost control as she was demonstrating, but had thankfully mastered herself before there could be any embarrassment. Adam's head nuzzled into her neck, and now another scent entered her nose. She couldn't identify it, but it was one she knew from time to time. She had to get out of here and quick. She gave Adam a quick peck on the top of his head, and tried to stand, but his arms snaked around her, holding her where she was.

"Don't go, please." The fragility she heard in his voice astounded her. She knew he didn't have many friends, and had had very few girlfriends, though she couldn't understand why.

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She had to admit to herself that he was rather good looking--for a brother-- and he was tall and well muscled. She could even now feel the muscles in his arms, as he held her close. Strong, powerful muscles. April jerked away, and stood shakily on her feet.

"I have things I need to do, Squirt. Afterwards we can try again." Before he had a chance to say anything, she was out the door, and headed to her room. Despite having moved out for college on the other side of town, their mom had kept her room for her, for when she came home on the weekends.

Like her brother's room, she didn't have a lock on her door either, but she had learned to put her chair up under the doorknob. As quick as she could, she pulled her pants down, and lifted her shirt. Self control was one thing, but she had learned that there were times when the only way to get rid of that itch was to scratch it.

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Her panties were soaked as they hit the floor, and her nipples ached to be rubbed. She licked two fingers then began swirling them around her nipples.

Her other hand dashed for her box, and two fingers dove into her hole. She used her palm to rub against her clit as she fingered herself. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine Michael, her last boyfriend, was there with her, shoving his dick inside her.

The image worked, as she stifled her moans, and came on her fingers. As her orgasm continued, the image changed to that of her brother, blowing into his pants, and suddenly her own pleasure doubled.

As the last vestiges of her powerful orgasm left her body, she wondered at the image that had entered her mind. She had never considered Adam in a sexual way before, but then they had never done anything sexual like they had a few minutes before either. Shaking her head to dispel the inappropriate thoughts, she changed her panties, and used a wet wipe to clean up all of her juices. There really were a lot more than usual this time. She came to the conclusion that she was going to have to masturbate before their next session, so there wasn't quite the edge there had been last time.

A timid knock sounded at her door, startling her from her thoughts. "April? I'm really sorry I couldn't do it. Please don't be mad at me.


I promise to try harder next time." How sweet. He'd thought she'd left because she was angry with him. She made sure her clothes were in order, then went and removed the chair from the door. Adam walked in, looking sheepish and confused. Something occurred to April. "What if we try it again, now, while you are still recovering from your last one?" Adam readily agreed, and she could tell that he was happy that she wasn't angry with him. They sat on her bed this time, and Adam closed his eyes.

"Now picture something that turns you on," April told her brother. He gave a nod, and she continued after a few seconds, noting that there wasn't a bulge in his crotch, "Now turn that to something else.

Something that doesn't have an effect on you." Adam slowly opened his eyes after a moment, and smiled. "I did it! I was able to change the thought." Then he turned morose. "But what if I can't do it when I am actually in the mood? What if I can only do it now, because I just. You know." April thought on that, before answering.

"Then you need to keep practicing now. The more you practice, the better you will be when you really need to do it." For the next little while Adam continued to close his eyes, and practice, while April watched. "I think I'm ready," he told her, opening his eyes after numerous practices.

"Good. Let's test it though." April turned to her computer, and brought up a porn site. She played a video she thought he might like, and waited. Lemme know when you are getting turned on, and I will turn it off." Adam sat in the chair, and April sat on her desk, facing him.

She wanted to watch her brother, and make sure he was doing it right. The sounds of porn (You know, bad music, and poorly faked moans), filled the bedroom. She glanced down to his crotch, and noted that it still wasn't bulging. "Does this one not do it for you?

What are you into, Squirt, and I'll see if I can find something that will turn you on?" "Normally this would do it," he told her, head drooping. "Well it's obviously not working this time.

Anything else you can think of, or are you miraculously cured of your affliction?" She arched her eyebrow, not believing that her fellow Tube-y had been cured at all. The porn was having a slight effect on her, however, and she could already feel the itch returning. It was still a ways off from being annoying, but there nonetheless. "No. I just. I dunno. I. Well." April knew when he was too embarrassed to say something. "Remember what I taught you about trying to build the courage to say or do something?" She had told him a phrase a few years ago that had always worked for her.

'1.2.3. Fuck it!' and do whatever you wanted. Saved time on building the courage needed to do something, and got it done quickly. "Yeah, I remember." Adam closed his eyes, as she watched him mouth the mantra.

"Iwasreallyturnedonwhenyouplayedwithyourselfearlier," he spat out all in a rush, and then drew in a breath, "Iwaswondering." He must have run out of steam, but April knew what he was asking. She debated for a second. Well, 1 2 3 fuck it! She stood, and dropped her pants and panties. For added measure, she took off her top and bra too. Might as well make sure the squirt was as turned on as last time.

"Only this one time, and only to help you out," she told him sternly. "Don't think this is going to be a regular occurrence! Or that I enjoy this." But she could already feel the itch growing stronger.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: Have found a way to dilute the chemical without it loosing its properties.

It was easy really; just add salt water in a mixture much like that found in sweat. Hopefully this will allay fears when human testing eventually starts. END STATUS REPORT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam couldn't believe his eyes.

His sister had been willing to do it, and had even taken off her top again. Despite her words, he saw that her nipples were growing hard. The thought struck him that there were very few women in his porn videos that had a body that could match hers. I wonder what she would be like-- He cut that thought off as quickly as he caught it. Despite everything she was doing, and despite how damned sexy she was, she was still his sister, and he'd be damned if he was the one to ruin the good relationship that they had.

Adam watched as his older sister sat back on the edge of her desk. She kept her knees together, and covered her breasts with her arms. "Are you just going to sit there staring, or are you going to try working on your problem?" He jumped, and realized he HAD been staring.

He suddenly felt really uncomfortable. Sure he had wanted this, and he was getting turned on, but it was by his sister. He also had to 'up-shift'. "Still not doing it for you?" She asked, nodding at his crotch. "N-no, it is.

I-I just need to." Adam stammered and stuttered, trying unsuccessfully to indicate his problem. "It's at the wrong angle," he finally said. "Hmm. Well it seems really unfair that I am the only one naked. Besides, if I can see you too, then I can fully judge whether it is working or not and maybe stop you in time. Strip, Squirt." The last was more of an order, than a statement. Adam mouthed their mantra, and then stood and dropped his pants, and decided to take his shirt off for good measure.

Might as well be fully equal, he thought, leaving only his socks on. He sat back in the chair, facing his sister, unsure what to do next. He noticed that her eyes were locked on his semi-hard penis, and tightened his muscles down there to make it jump. He was rewarded with her smile as she finally looked back up to him.

"Well, I see my little brother isn't so little after all!" Adam watched as April's hand leisurely travelled down her body, and began to rub her pussy. Sitting this close to her, he could smell her arousal, and it had a profound effect on him. In record time he was hard, cock in hand, stroking himself to his sister's pace. "Good," she told him, "now that you are obviously in the mood, close your eyes, and change the image." Reluctantly he did so, not wanting to close his eyes to the vision of beauty before him.

The image of her on the desk, hand on her pussy, looking hungrily at his crotch appeared, and he tried to change it to Mr. Jenkins. As before, the image wavered, longer this time, but reformed as his sister, this time lying on the bed, legs spread, beckoning him to her. "Whoa!" April's shout pulled him out of his thoughts and snapped his eyes open. "Are you trying to start a fire by rubbing it so fast?" She asked.

Adam pulled his hand away, and felt like a fool. He had thought he could do it this time, but the urge was just too strong. He looked up to April, to see that her hand was still on her pussy, rubbing away.

"What about you?" He asked, nodding to her own enjoyment. "Me? I can stop any time.

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I am under control, Squirt. It is you we are working on." "Really? Let me see you stop then." Adam challenged. He didn't know where it came from, but the words were out before he could stop them. "Fine, I'll stop," she said, but made no move to do so. "I can stop any time I want to. I just close my eyes." As she closed her eyes, her hand sped up. Adam could see that she was nearing her own orgasm, and stood up, grabbing at her hand to stop her.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL MEMO: Started petitioning for permission to start human testing. If we can bottle this in a perfume, our company will make millions, not to mention the hefty bonuses us poor laborers will receive. END MEMO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April's hand was jerked away from her body, and her eyes opened wide, only to be greeted by the sight of her brother right in front of her.

He had a grip on her arm, stopping her hand from bringing her over the edge. Without thought, without any form of conscious control, her other hand shot out, grabbed him by the back of the head, and pulled him in for a kiss. This had the secondary effect of making his considerable cock bump her slick pussy lips. Despite the fact that he wasn't returning the kiss, April started to cum.

Pure bliss wracked her body. An orgasm like none she had known before ripped through her. Nothing in her life had ever prepared her for the overwhelming ecstasy that was now taking up residence in her body. As with all good things, however, she had to come down eventually. She realized that she was still kissing Adam, and he was now returning the kiss, their tongues in an illicit dance that promised, and begged for more.

His cock was poised at the entrance to her tunnel, and what an easy movement it would be to pull him to her. Pull him INTO her. Her fellow Tube-y. She shoved him back violently, and he fell into her desk chair with an umpf. He was her brother! Not one of the many guys she had slept with over the years.

It was wrong on so many levels. It was taboo. It was incest. And despite what her head said, her body demanded more. She could still feel her juices leaving trails down her legs. She looked down at Adam, down at his crotch, and saw that he had deflated a little. "I thought you said you could stop," his tone was relaxed, and seemed all the more demeaning for it. "I can. I just wanted to show you that it wasn't full-proof. Even I fail sometimes.

Now try again." She was on her guard now. Another episode like what had just happened wasn't going to repeat itself. She had had her orgasm, and she was in control again. At least, this is what she told herself as she watched her brother grab his gargantuan cock, and begin to stroke it while looking at her.

She noticed that he stared mostly at her breasts, and so (to test him further, she told herself) she began to lightly rub her nipples, making them ache at the teasing touch. She completely ignored the itch that was even now beginning to grow inside her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL MEMO: The petition for human testing was rejected.

Do they not see the potential for this chemical? With it we could repopulate devastated cities, remove animals from the endangered species list, and a whole lot of other things I haven't even thought about yet.

All they can see is the potential harm and abuse that could result from this. I think their fools! END MEMO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam wasn't sure what had happened a moment ago. He had stood to stop his sister, as she had done for him earlier, and then she had kissed him!

At first he had been shocked, but as he felt her shake against him, lost in the throes of her own making, he couldn't resist kissing her back. It was his first real kiss, and even if it was from his sister, it still felt great.

His cock had bumped up against her wet pussy, and it had taken every ounce of his self control not to go further. Pulling away was simply not possible. And so he had stood, kissing his beautiful sister, the head of his penis bumping her clit as she shook on her desk; only to be shoved back violently a second later, as though everything were his fault.

Hurt and feeling rejected, he tried to keep his voice calm as he challenged her. Her response was to act haughty, and tell him to get back to practicing on his self control.

Well, if that's what she wanted, then that's what she'd get. Adam started to stroke his cock, and closed his eyes. The image of her kissing him, the feel of their tongues as they moved together filled his thoughts. He could tell that he was fully erect again. His cock ached in his hands, and felt bigger than it had ever felt before.

He tried a different tact this time. Instead of trying to force her image into the grey haired, balding, and fat Mr. Jenkins, he thought of a wall. A plain white, very blank wall. His sister faded, and in her place the wall formed. It worked! But the wall moved. He heard it, and somehow, it took the shape of his sister, if not the features and colors.

Before he knew what his mind was dreaming up, he felt the sister/wall wrap her lips around his cock. He was cumming before he had a chance to stop. His eyes opened, only to discover his sister's head in his lap, lips locked around his cock as he shot his load down her throat.

Never in all the many years he'd been masturbating had he ever felt a sensation like this. Warm, wet, and so full of bliss, he just kept pumping his seed into her willing mouth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PERSONAL MEMO: I'll take things into my own hands.

I know how to be safe. I'll present it to the board as though I had received the proper permissions. They trust me. They will never know I lied. END MEMO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The taste of her fellow Tube-y's seed shooting down the back of her throat sent her into another orgasm. Giving head had always been something she enjoyed, but it had never gotten her off like this before.

While it didn't compare to the absolute delight of her last orgasm, it did whet her appetite for more. She swallowed everything she could, but there was much more than her small mouth could handle, and much of it seeped out of her mouth, and trailed down his balls.

Her itch was demanding to be scratched now. No longer was she a woman. No longer was she a sister. She was a female in heat, and the seed running down her gullet drove her onward. She continued to suck, and lick the cock before her.

Never had she tasted one this large, or this wonderful. All other men before were as nothing compared to this masterpiece of manhood. Under her expert ministrations, his phallus remained hard.

There was a loud humming in her ears that she couldn't block out, so she simply ignored it. If Adam had wanted her to stop, she was fairly certain he had the strength to do so, but that was the least of her worries.

She felt hands on the back of her head, encouraging her, pushing her mouth down deeper on him. She moaned with the pleasure of him in her throat, and was rewarded with him twitching between her lips.

The itch was not to be denied, though, and she stood, and looked down at him, and saw him as though for the first time. His muscles were hard and taught across his hairless chest. His eyes were a deep shade of chocolate brown. His shaggy hair framed his wide jawed face to benefit. But none of that was important to the itch. It only cared about what was between his legs.

"April, if this is some sort of joke; stop it now, because I don't think I will be able to stop myself if you don't." Adam sounded worried, and excited, and confused all at once, and his voice sent a shiver down her spine.


She took his hand, and pulled him to her. "This is no joke, Squirt. I mean to have that beast between your legs in me, If you have a problem with that, then I am afraid you have a problem. I love you, though, and hope that you want it too." As she spoke the words she knew they were true. They had always gotten along as children, and even the awkward years as teenagers. No man had ever treated her as well as he had, or been built as well as he is.

"Oh, April! I love you, too! And YES I want this!" He followed her to the bed, and lay down. She crawled on top of him, and started to rub his cock between her engorged lips.

Looking into his eyes, biting her lip, she took the plunge, and sat down as hard as she could. A scream rent the air, and only by its echo did she recognize it as her own. She felt like she had been split in two. The walls of her cunt were stretched almost beyond endurance.

The feeling of fullness placated the itch, but only for a moment. Looking down, she saw that she only had half of him in her. "My Gawd, that that thing is HUGE!" She bellowed, not caring if anyone heard her.

"I can't believe I'm losing my virginity to my sister. Damn, this feels so good!" April leaned forward, and began kissing Adam with an ardor that was not to be denied. She was determined to take as much of him inside her as was possible. She began to rock her hips, as they kissed, slowly taking him in deeper and deeper. Finally she sat back up, and pushed down hard, taking the last of him, into her. They both moaned as the connection completed.

She grabbed his hands, and placed one on her tits, and the other at her clit. He got the idea pretty quick, and began rubbing, pinching, and tweaking as she started to move her hips in a frenzied fashion. Sweat began to form on both of them as they continued to exert themselves. "April. Sister.

Stunning beauty loves to get fucked hard

I'm about to." April heard the message, and picked up her pace. Both of their bodies were sweat soaked now, as she felt the first volley of his seed fire into her. Another scream, echoed by both this time, rebounded off the walls, as both siblings came simultaneously.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: The board has approved human testing. Portfolios are now being examined, but they already know who they are going to choose. The test has to be something that would otherwise never happen. It will be a taboo, but how else will they successfully test the substance against human willpower?

END STATUS REPORT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam blinked. An odd heaviness weighed down on him, and it took a second for his sister to come into focus. His naked sister. He had fucked his sister. Not only that, but she had taken his virginity. What the hell was wrong with them? She stirred, waking up, and looked at him in shock.

"What the.?" She rolled off him, and neither one of them could ignore the sucking pop that sounded as she pulled off of him, his cum leaking onto him, and then her bed. "What happened?" She demanded. "I was hoping you could tell me! I remember coming in here to practice, and then things got fuzzy.

Oh, Gawd did I. Did we.Did I really cum in you? Shit, what are we going to do if I got you pregnant?" "Don't worry about that. I'm on the pill. Look, mom will be home in a bit. Not one word to her about this. We will figure it out later. Right now I need a hot shower, and you need to get cleaned up too." She was out of the room quicker than Adam could respond, so he walked to his bathroom, and started to get cleaned up. The events of the last couple hours started to become clearer in his mind.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized he was okay with what had happened. Who knows? Maybe he would get lucky, and it could happen again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATUS REPORT: Successfully convinced friends of Subject Alpha to go to local strip club where Subject's sister is currently employed.

Substance was repeatedly piped through the ventilation system of the private rooms, with positive effects noted. MEMO: Must remember to thank Larry Cavettelli for the use of his facility. END STATUS REPORT. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------