Chase is up for some sex

Chase is up for some sex
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Me encanta comer coño (I love to eat pussy) Part 1 What the hell? Most of the places I frequent wouldn't have a clue what the print on the front of my t-shirt meant.

My friend at the screen print business didn't even know, but when she asked, I told her the truth, "Look, Katie, I'm gettin' too old to chase women, so we'll see if this shirt will get some results. I've been divorced for seventeen years, but I still need a woman's company once in a while.

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At 63 years old, it's just a little harder to get women to believe I'm serious about sex. Quite frankly, the English translation is, 'I love to eat pussy', and I do." Katie's mouth dropped open. I'd known her for five or six years and had many caps and t-shirts printed in her shop. Her husband was an advertising executive. His business was located on the far side of Kansas City and with his elevated status in the firm, he travelled frequently and far .

"DONNNNNNNNN! I can't believe you just said that!" "Why? Believe it, Katie. I do love to eat pussy and this shirt is going to get me some…I hope." "Damn," she said shaking her head, "I should have looked up the translation before I printed it.

You better not tell anybody where you got it." "Why not? I'm sure there will be others who'll be interested in having one, especially if it works." I paid my bill, picked up the plastic bag containing the shirt and started for the door, "Thank you, Katie.

I'll let you know how things work out." I blew her a little kiss, smiled and raised my eyebrows, then walked out.

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Two blocks down the street, my cell phone began vibrating. I pressed the call button on the steering wheel and answered, "Hello, this is Don." "Don, this is Katie. You forgot something back here at the shop." I had my purchase. I had my wallet. I had my keys… "What did I leave, Sugar?" "You left a horny, 55 year old woman wantin' some lovin', dammit! You just had to mention eating pussy, didn't you?" "I'll be right back." Katie's clothes were off within fifteen seconds after the 'closed' sign was turned around on the door.

"You're a sorry son-of-a-bitch to run off and leave a woman that quick, wondering just how good you are at eating pussy. I guess you must be good, though, if you're gonna be advertising it on your shirt." A bolt of material was already rolled out on the big 'layout' desk where she was reclining to do a real 'layout'. Not a pretty woman, by no means, but not bad for her age, either. At first, I thought her cunt was shaved, but she had been pale blonde during her earlier years, and the sparse, light hair only gave the appearance of being bald.

The scar where her son was born through c-section was faded, after thirty five years. All in all, this slim, wanting woman was attractive enough that I knew I was going to enjoy her, and I hoped the feeling was reciprocal. I hadn't been prepared for the surprise offer or I would have popped a Viagra before heading into town. All I could do, now, was hope there was enough excitement between the two of us to stimulate ol' Fat Boy.

I was going to suck this cunt, alright, but my real purpose for eating pussy was to sink my cock into it&hellip. and it was easy to see Katie was ready for anything. She lay back on the desk while I dropped my pants and shorts.

By the time she lifted her legs, my face was breathing on her labia. Instantly, she had her fingers in my hair, kneading my scalp and gently pressing my head closer to pussy.

When my tongue flicked at her hooded clit, she almost broke my neck. "Oh, God, YES!.

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Shit, Don… eat me all you want. God, I love it! Ohhhh, yes, yes, yes." I eased two fingers into her slit and curled them onto her g-spot. Between that and sucking her clit hard, she was cumming in less than a minute. I'm sure I've had a woman buck her ass upward, as hard as Katie did, but I couldn't recall who or when. She went plumb, fucking wild, jerking at my head, thrashing from side to side, and screaming with ecstasy as her orgasm peaked.

As it subsided, all she could was moan and say, "yes.yes.yes.yes.yes." When her hold on my head relaxed, I realized that ol' Fat Boy was standing at full attention. Never one to waste a second, nor an opportunity to complete a mission, I straightened up and entered her slick snatch, easily.


Katie's eyes popped open as she gasped, "Damn, you Don. You just made me have a heart attack, now you're tearing my pussy apart. Oh, my fucking God… why, why, why?" "Why, what?" I asked as my dick hit bottom and my balls began slapping against her ass. "Why in the fuck.uh.

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haven't we been.uh. doing this.uh. for the.uh.


last five years?.uh. My old man won't.uh. eat me.uh. and.uh. his dick.uh. ain't.uh. uh.uh.ohhhh…ohhhhh…I'm gonna…ohhhh… I'M GONNA C.C.CUMMMMM!!!" And.cum she did.

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Fat Boy didn't let me down, either. My nuts churned up sperm and spit it out like a fresh oil well blasts its way out of the ground and past the top of the rig. The bolt of material, covering the desk, had to be scrapped. After doing a quick mop-up of the mess which either hit, or dribbled on the floor, I asked Katie, as she was bent over, wiping her desk clean, "You ever had it in the ass?" She looked around at me, then down at ol' Fat Boy, who was now at parade rest, and said, "Not since I was in college, but judging from the looks of things, (she pulled on my limp noodle) it ain't happening anytime too soon." "I got plenty of help at home.

Viagra, Cialis, and an amazing cock pump that will let me perform every thirty minutes, or so. What time does your husband get home tonight?" "Fuck him, he's in Hong Kong. I'm staying with you, tonight.