Spy cam twinks gay emo He satisfies him a bit longer before they both

Spy cam twinks gay emo He satisfies him a bit longer before they both
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The Ritual Tonight was to be my initiation in a girl's student club. I was a little nervous it was a rather exclusive club, all members were extremely gorgeous and I was the only new girl they had decided to take on. That made me feel pretty special. I rang the doorbell for the house they told me to come to.

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The door was almost immediately opened by Claire, one of the newer members. "Hi! Come in!" "Hi, thanks," I said as I stepped inside. "They're all awaiting you.", she said, excitement obvious in her eyes, but I also saw a touch of pity in there. "Oh dear", I laughed, "Is it going to be that bad?" "It's going to be fine", she said, smiling reassuringly, making me even more nervous than if she'd told me it would be hell.

She ushered me into a room where around ten members had gathered. They all bid me welcome and then Poppy, a dark, handsome sort of girl, stepped forward. She held a small glass in her hand, which she handed to me. "First, drink this", she said, and giggled. I looked down into the glass. It looked disgusting. Deciding I would be strong, I lifted the cup to my lips and drank it all down. It was just some sort of banana juice with a bitter aftertaste. They'd tried to scare me off with the look of it.

I laughed. "That wasn't so bad." "Good! Now, lie down on the couch over there", Poppy told me. An alarm bell went off in my head. "Why?

What's going to happen?" The girls seemed to buzz with excitement. So did my head. I felt rather dizzy all of a sudden.

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"The stuff you just drank had a … a sort of tranquilizer in it", a beautiful Asian girl said. "Nothing too extreme, it'll just… you know." Poppy guided me to the couch.

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I needed her guidance. That scared the hell out of me. "No, I don't know… Tell me… tell me what it does." I tried to sound firm but my mind was going a little fuzzy and the words were hard to form.

"Okay", Poppy said. "Well, you will lose control over your muscles. Don't worry, they can still be used, but not actively by you. And your mind will be a little clouded." This was scary as fuck. What on earth were they doing this for? "Don't worry, we won't hurt you", the Asian girl said. I wasn't so sure.

"Why?", I mumbled. "We're going to do an… endurance test on you, so to speak. We'll undress you and take turns… touching you. We have half an hour to try and make you come. If we succeed, we get another half hour.

If we don't, we'll stop." My head was swimming. Was I hearing this right? They drugged me so they could force me to have an orgasm?

I was still wrestling to comprehend this when I noticed two girls had started to undo my pants. "N-no…", I protested weakly, but I found I indeed couldn't move my body. The girls shoved my pants down and one started to rub something on my clitoris.

"This is just a little cream to make you a little more receptive", one of them said. After a few second of rubbing, I got extremely sensitive down there. "She's beautiful, isn't she?", one girl murmured. "Yeah", another one murmured back. I couldn't even begin to decide how I felt. Violated, that's for sure. Extremely violated. Scared.

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Horny. I wanted them to stop but I couldn't even tell them to, let alone fight them off. The drug was taking a serious toll on my mental capabilities. The girl who had been rubbing the cream on me kept making little circles around my clit.

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I was mortified when I felt my body respond to her touch. She saw, and smiled. "There's a good girl", she said sweetly. "Thirty minutes start now". She kept making slow, small circles, touching me softly, gently, almost tenderly. I couldn't remember ever feeling this strange sleepy and scared at the same time.

I tried to buck her off but the only thing my lower body did was contract. "You don't have to be scared sweety", she cooed. "Just let go. Relax. It'll be easier for everyone."' She touched me for what felt like an eternity. I tried to distract myself so I wouldn't come, but the drug had addled me badly and I couldn't focus.

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My body responded shamelessly to her touches and the only reason I didn't come, was because I was scared. "Use your toy, Jenna", said a tall girl in the back. "We only have fifteen more minutes".


Jenna, the girl with the cream, giggled and got something out of her purse. I tried to lift my head to see it better but couldn't. "They never last long once I use this on them", she said. She pressed it to my clitoris and switched it on. It vibrated quietly against me. I felt a long moan escape my lips. "Good girl…"Jenna whispered. "Good girl…" My lower body started convulsing.

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Jenna circled the thing around me, again and again. It was torture. I think. I tried desperately to stop the convulsing but it only got worse. I could feel the orgasm start to build up and take me over.

I fought it harder, and harder but it got stronger with every circle. Jenna suddenly put the vibrator away. Grateful, I felt the orgasm recede, but then I felt her put her tongue against me. I involuntarily gave a low moan and the girls in the room, who had started to undress themselves, gave a whooping sort of cheer.

By that time, I couldn't try to fight any longer. Jenna was gently sucking my clit and my body responded only to her, and not to my furious, drug-addled commands.

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I had to give in. The orgasm washed over me, taking me further down with every convulsion. I felt it racing through my body, cutting away my last resolutions of fighting, tensing and relaxing every inch of me. When the orgasm finally receded, I felt tears running from my eyes from the humiliation.


"We won't be done for a few hours, gorgeous", said the Asian girl, as she climbed on top of me.