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Sexy veronica sucks and fucks pawndudes cock in his office hardcore and blowjob
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!1 The author's foreword. I think we can all agree that writing is something one does because one has to. Writing fiction is my only form of release for the kinds of sexual urges I describe. The only form of release legally to be had, in fact.

Sharing what one writes, however, is done for other reasons. Partly because one knows that others have similar sexual fantasies and will be thrilled to read; partly because positive response feels good; and partly because constructive criticism is very helpful for future literary endeavours. So please, if you like this story, tell me so, and if you think you can help me improve, feel free to give me some suggestions. If deions of a middle-aged man having sex with girls in their early puberty (12-16 years old) are revolting to you, please read no further.

If you hate science and science fiction, please keep reading - I hope to change your mind about those. No ones or zeros were hurt when producing this text. This is a work of fiction, and the author does not necessarily share the views of the protagonist, even though they share the same name. Be kind to others - don't use and abuse. Always make a difference between what you allow yourself to fantasise about and what you allow yourself to do.

(Ok, is that enough?) Oh, and one more thing. English is not my first language, but I'm trying my best. I've written numerous erotic stories in Swedish, but this is my first attempt at writing something longer in English. /Karl !2 Interface Foreword Dear reader, As I am writing this, a girl of about fifteen years of age is giving me fellatio.

She is very patient about it, taking me in all the way to the hilt in deep strokes, not rushing but taking things slowly, not intent on bringing me to a climax but just happily slurping away because her brain is telling her that this is what she likes best - of all the things she could be doing right now, the act of sitting beneath my desk with my cock down her throat is the one that appeals the most to her. Each time I feel a wave of pleasure, she feels the same - only ten or twenty times stronger, and each time my level of pleasure rises too high, threatening to make me lose focus, she gets the urge to back off a little.

What she's thinking about all of this - how she feels right now about being where she is, doing what she does - I have no idea. I just know that she's been. I guess "programmed" is a suitable word, although it doesn't quite capture all nuances. She has been "programmed" to do this of her own volition, and she won't stop until I let her.

So rest assured that this is a story of a sexual nature. I'm saying this because I'm about to jump into a rather lengthy technical deion, and I want to promise you that there is plenty of sex to come, so that you will patiently read on through the dry part. But where should a story such as this begin? Should I begin with my childhood, where my father was quite absent and when we met he was both authoritarian and loving, showing his love for me in gestures rather than words?

Where my mother was warm and loving, played games of imagination with me and taught me about nature and how to behave? Should I tell of my friends when I was a boy, who were all girls? How I felt betrayed when they got other friends, who happened to be girls and therefore more socially acceptable than I?

Or should I begin by speaking to you of being bullied and rejected by my peers all through school? Of not having any friends at all until I was in my late teens, because my peers all perceived me as different? Of not being kissed by a girl until I was twenty years old? Of focusing all my teenage anxiety and fear of rejection - my loneliness, my sexual frustration and my feelings of helplessness - into achieving perfect grades to compensate for my feelings of inadequacy?

Of replacing feelings of inadequacy with feelings of intellectual superiority? Will such glimpses of my psyche help you forgive me for what I am about to tell you, and help you see the redeeming motives behind my atrocious acts of narcissistic hedonism? Perhaps, but you should know that I am unapologetic. I will not ask forgiveness and refer to the hellish formative years of my youth as an excuse. I did what I will herein describe because I had to, because I am who I am, and I will no longer seek to conform to any norms except those I have carefully considered before making them my own.

So let's jump ahead, instead, to another beginning. !3 Chapter 1. About MilSpec hardware, Project NanoRep and a daring theft You will often hear or read that MilSpec computer hardware is roughly ten years ahead of what is publicly available.

This might have been true a few decades ago, but these days the competition is getting harder and harder, and MilSpec is really no more than five years ahead at most. But. We're also seeing a technological development that is pretty much an exponential curve, and these days five years will often equate to technology that is light-years ahead of what existed before.

Feel free to shrug this story off as pure science fiction - for it will probably seem very sci-fi to you - but bear in mind that maybe… it isn't. For me, this whole life-altering story began about three years ago, when I was doing some work in GAI (Generalised Artificial Intelligence) programming as a sub-contractor for. let's just call it "a government agency", shall we. My specialty is in designing intuitive user interfaces, and this certain agency needed an interface expert for their work on optic nerve- and motor neuron control of robotic drones.

You know, surveillance drones or attack drones that fly around over mostly Arabic countries, controlled from NATO bases in the vicinity or even from control rooms across the globe. That's the kind of thing they were already doing, only now they wanted to shift from using VR headsets similar to the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive and from joysticks and keyboards to electronic implants directly interfacing with the optic nerve and motor neurons - both as a means of decreasing latency and as a means of making the technology completely surreptitious.

They wanted agents on the ground, close to potential targets, to be able to remote-control little sneaky fly-sized drones spying on meetings from across the street, without any outward sign that they were controlling a robot.

Needless to say, my mind was blown by the sheer amount of talent and resources this government agency had access to. I guess you could say I was also a bit frightened by the terrible capabilities that the military has. No. Strike that. Not "a bit" terrified - I was shaken to the core!

With such powers comes great responsibility. Too bad I'm not a very responsible person, and too bad there were others a whole lot like me hiding in plain sight at the research facility. The chief science officer assigned to the development team I was placed in was a true security risk. A recipe for disaster.

His major mistake was to assign me a much too high security clearance. His other mistakes included not keeping strict logs of all computer activity and not installing enough security cameras. I worked nights quite often - as most developers do, drinking too much caffeine - and would often get several hours all to myself in the lab, unsupervised and unlogged. And since I am a thoroughly untrustworthy individual, I made full use of that opportunity to browse through the details of other research projects, past and present.

That's when I stumbled on Project NanoRep, and what I read came to change my life forever. Basically, the researchers in that project had developed self-replicating nano-robots thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand. Robots that could not only use materials from their environment to build copies of themselves, but could also form complex circuits and even build small machines out of themselves, that could communicate with each other and build miniature devices capable of receiving communication from the outside world.

And the most stunning feature of all: They could do this inside living organisms, such as humans. !4 Now I understood a bit better what they intended the project I myself was working on to actually be used for. One of their experiments had been to infect - that's what they called it, infect - various wild and aggressive animals and have the NanoReps interface with their limbic systems to take away all their aggressive tendencies. In another, they had infected rats and taken control of their motor neurons so that their movement could more or less be controlled by joystick.

So far, they hadn't experimented on humans, but the results in higher mammals and even apes were showing promise. Now add to that what we were working on in the internal control interface program, and things could become interesting. What if you were to strap explosives to rats and then have an operator manoeuvre them into buildings using a feed that allowed the operator to see what the rats were seeing? That could come in handy.

Or what about a remote-controlled gorilla soldier with the strength of five men. They had lots of ideas like that. But more sinister than that were the ideas they had about pacifying humans. Infecting a camp of enemy rebels with NanoReps and then switching off all their aggressive tendencies by manipulating their limbic systems… Or what about infecting just a third of them, and then using the infected ones to kill off all the others?

Would such a level of control be possible to achieve in humans? They didn't know. Needless to say, I was stunned, awed, shocked, disgusted and scared to my bones.

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That night I had some very disturbing dreams about all the people around me being remote-controlled automatons. But the next night, I guess you could say I was visited by the fairy-muses of nocturnal emissions. I dreamt I was in control of the people around me, and that I used them to slake my thirst for sexual depravity.

I woke up and realized this was a chance that would only come once in a lifetime. If I didn't at least try it, I would regret it forever. So I spent the next few weeks planning how I would go about stealing a few vials of NanoReps. Whenever I had the chance, I would also access the project's computers and download all the information I could get my hands on. I won't go into detail about how I managed to pull the theft off, but it was a rather neat thing where I used a to delete all digital tracks that were left behind when breaking into the storage chambers where they kept the NanoReps, and also manipulated their database so that the samples I took wouldn't be missed.

Once I had the NanoReps and all the research data and software associated with them, I put in another few months on the Interface software - which was much easier now that I had a hunch about what they actually wanted to accomplish, not just the bowdlerized info they gave all software developers - and when we were finished, I took a one-year unpaid leave from the company where I had worked and started to work for real on my own project.

!5 Chapter 2. In which unethical experiments are performed The human brain is a fascinating lump of lard. Before I really started to learn about it, I just knew that it was a very complex network of about a hundred billion neurons, all interconnected with axons, dendrites and synapses, and that there was quite a bit of chemistry going on, on top of all the electrical signals being passed around.

I vaguely knew about the different levels of the brain - the neocortex and the limbic system, the cerebellum etc. - and that they played different roles. The NanoRep project, though, and the Interface project to some extent, had required the scientists involved to wade through tons of scientific papers, extracting all available topological and functional data about thousands of different tiny areas of the human brain, and assigning them to different "affect channels" that could be tweaked by NanoReps in specific ways without the operator necessarily knowing all the details.

I spent several months after the initial theft fine-tuning my own custom interface and assigning new affect channels to target regions of the human brain. My first few batches of custom NanoReps were injected into cats in my neighbourhood.

I simply dusted some fresh prawns with the NanoReps, and left them out for any cat to find and eat. Six hours later, I got a beep on my monitor saying that a live video feed was available from an infected subject. The NanoReps had finished attaching themselves to the optic nerve and infiltrated the relevant areas of the cat's limbic system.

Converting signals from the optic nerve into actual sRGB video and sending them over WIFI was one of the areas where the NanoRep project had already developed their own API when I tapped into their research. I watched with fascination as the cat prowled around the neighbourhood, seeing what it was seeing in a near real-time feed on my computer monitor. Then I started up the 2D mammal control user interface I had built for viewing on a computer screen.

The controls were very crude, using only some of the primary affects; mood, arousal, salience, fear, disgust and aggression. My very first attempt at controlling the cat was when it got home to its owner - a middle-age woman two houses down the road from me. When the cat laid down in her lap and the woman started petting it, I simultaneously bottomed out the fear- and aggression controls. The reaction was what you might expect. The cat attacked the woman immediately, clawing and biting her, and then rushed out of the room.

After that proof-of-concept, I readied a small batch of NanoReps to infect myself with, in order to build myself an augmented reality neural interface. Since I had already built the software for such a project once, adapting it to my needs was quite a simple matter.

I drank the batch of NanoReps in a glass of milk one evening and let them work all night while I slept, replicating themselves using elements from my bloodstream, building their intricate network inside my optical nerve and around certain areas of my primary motor cortex, and also building a powerful wifi-antenna right on the inside surface of my cranium.

I had really strange dreams that night, but put that more down to my own imagination than to any effect that the NanoReps could have had on my brain. Next day, I interfaced with my new internal hardware and did a systems check. Maybe you'd think that this would be a strange and uncomfortable experience, but actually it wasn't that much different from using a VR display device and a keyboard to manoeuvre inside a video game; the only difference was that after just a few hours of practice, my control of the internal interface got to be very smooth, fast and finely tuned in a manner that I wouldn't have been able to replicate with a keyboard or game controller.

——————————— Hang on a minute. !6 ——————————— There… Phew. I needed to cum. Damn, that was a good one. Nothing quite like having a budding teenage girl give you head for hours on end before you allow yourself to cum in her throat and let her experience an orgasm that nearly makes her pass out from sheer pleasure as she feels your semen erupt in her oesophagus.

Her intermingled moans and gags as she gargled on my cock just now, while it was unloading a torrent of thick cum down her throat, made my own orgasm nearly unbearably strong, even without augmentation by my NanoRep circuitry. Anyway. Where was I?

Oh, yes. The day after I had infected myself with the NanoReps and they had built my internal circuitry and interface. !7 Chapter 3. In which I lay out my plan. I confess I have many faults, but stupidity isn't one of them.

While I freely admit to being something of a narcissistic nihilist with very little respect for the autonomy of other sentient beings, I'm not so naïve as to use my new-found powers in a manner that would draw too much attention.

Obviously, various government agencies will be aware that NanoRep technology has been invented, and they will have some form of plan in place for detecting its use against members of the higher echelons of society. He who invents a powerful new weapon had better make plans for when his enemies gets hold of it and uses it against him. I knew I had to keep a low profile, stay in the shadows, be inconspicuous. I must think long and hard about what I wanted, and come up with a good plan for how to get it while drawing as little attention to myself as possible.

So what do I actually want, when it comes right down to it? Have you ever asked yourself that? It's a question with many subtle nuances. I want to eat pizza or tacos every day, yet I want to feel fit and healthy. I want to be in a consistent hypo-manic state of positive flow and creativity, but at the same time I want to keep my wits about me and be able to focus.

What someone wants and what they need aren't necessarily the same. Everything needs to be balanced.


It's just that the balance we're biologically programmed to maintain - homeostasis - isn't necessarily the most pleasurable state. Darwinian life doesn't care about our well-being, only our ability to reproduce. What do I want, when it comes right down to it? I want to maximise pleasure. My own pleasure, first and foremost, but I'm actually not a cruel person; I also want others to experience pleasure.

I can get off on making someone suffer, but I often feel guilt-ridden after. As I'm writing this, the young girl who just spent hours fellating me and climaxed just as I came has fallen asleep, contentedly curled up under a blanket beside my desk. Her brain was nearly overloaded with the intensity of her whole-body orgasm, and in her quivering, blissful post-orgasmic state, she didn't have the energy to crawl over to the sofa at the other side of the room.

While I've robbed her of a part of her autonomy, her new life as my companion and sex-toy is certainly not without pleasure. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.

I suppose I ought to comment on the fact that my sexual appetites aren't entirely in line with mainstream morality. The girl who just spent hours giving me head is fourteen or fifteen years old.

I've always liked girls in their puberty. A fresh young face, a lean and petite body, a freshly shaved pussy, budding young breasts - these are my pleasures in life. Not children, mind you. I'm not a pedophile. The word to use is actually 'hebephile'; I like teens in puberty. So what I needed to do, now that I had proof of concept that my neural interface was going to work, was to establish that it would actually work in humans, not just on cats. Then when I knew it worked in humans, I could use it to become rich and start building a truly pleasurable life for myself.

I could infect people who had financial resources, make them transfer funds to me, and then persuade them to forget all about it. Or maybe just walk into a bank one day and… no, even better - I could make a banker go inside and fetch me the funds. Shut off the security cameras and alarms, and then… this was going to work out just fine. The possibilities were nearly endless. I just had to keep my wits about me and be subtle.

Stay under the radar. Maybe even go into stealth mode and fake my own death. Yes. That was it. But first, I needed to establish that the interface would give me control over humans. We are, after all, a good bit more complicated than cats. Maybe it wouldn't be possible to override the controls of human consciousness? !8 Chapter 4. In which the first human experiments are performed.

This is going to sound cheesy, but my neighbours' daughter… ok, you can stop laughing now… I felt it was convenient to perform the first experiments without needing to travel far. My neighbours' daughter was an appropriate target to start with. Sixteen years old, give or take, and with a decent body. Not a stunning beauty, but definitely rather attractive.

Mostly though, she was a convenient target because she lived nearby. Jessica was her name, in case you care to know such details. Is her name, actually. She's still alive. First, I needed to figure out a way of infecting her with the NanoReps. Maybe I ought to say something about the rate of infection? Just as with ordinary viruses, NanoReps follow an s-curve pattern when replicating, and the initial slope is determined by dose. A single NanoRep can start off an infection, but things will be very slow for the first days.

One becomes two, two become four, four become eight, etc - two to the power n, where n is the generation. Each generation takes time to build the next generation. Once a certain critical concentration of NanoReps circulate in the bloodstream, the growth rate becomes limited by the available resources and tapers off.

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Starting off with a large dose speeds things up tremendously, and I was impatient. So I bought a six-pack of plastic Coca-cola bottles. I carefully drilled small holes in them and injected them each with a few drops of NanoReps, before using a tiny dab of epoxy to glue them shut.

Then I lurked on my porch for a while, and as Jessica came home from school, I called her over to the fence between our gardens. I explained that the local store that makes home deliveries had failed to give me diet coke, and since I have diabetes… would she like to have these for free? It worked like a charm. I think she probably drank two or three bottles that day, because around midnight, my system lit up and signaled that the NanoReps had already finished infecting her and built the necessary connections inside skull.

Well. Maybe that ought to be further explained. What the NanoReps had done was to set up the initial conditions - the very basic structure I had devised for the cats. First they reproduced and gained mass, then they started assembling critical circuitry: a powerful wifi antenna from a large number of thin strips of NanoReps simply fusing together on the inside of the top of her skull, capable of transmitting on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands; a main power-harvesting circuit capable of converting chemical energy from her blood into electrical energy to power the other circuits; all the micro-processing circuitry to run the necessary calculations for relaying her signals over wifi; all the connections to her optical nerve and the various parts of her limbic system and some other brain regions and glands that I wanted to gain control of.

This was a very basic configuration that would give me low level control, but wouldn't let me do anything really fancy to her.

The whole circuitry would operate on just two Watts of power, and the heat it generated could be easily dissipated through her whole body. Two Watts power draw means 48 Wh per day, with equals 41 kcal, i.e. the energy content of a kiwi fruit or half a banana. She would never even notice the increased appetite. The only thing she would feel, except for maybe a bit of headache the first day, would be a craving for food rich in certain minerals and metals that the NanoReps had stolen from her system.

I myself had been eating beef, broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts with surprising appetite for days, gulping it down with orange juice, which I otherwise never drink. Using my internal interface, I connected directly to her system over the 2.4 GHz band and acquainted myself with the controls.

I spent hours tweaking the layout of my human control interface, deciding which functions of her brain to link to which controls. Wait. Maybe I ought to explain that bit too? An internal interface isn't constrained in the same sense that a keyboard and mouse setup are. To manipulate those - to use your mouse and keyboard to click buttons on a 2D interface on a monitor that doesn't fill your whole field of view, or to use your fingers to press buttons on your keyboard to input text - is slow and inefficient when compared to a direct-to-motor-cortex-interface.

You only have ten fingers, after all. In a digital construct, you need no fingers at all. It feels a bit like using limbs to input data at first, but that !9 feeling fades after a few hours, and then it feels more like thinking "I want this done", and then it happens.

The latency is extremely low, and the whole experience is very strange at first. It is as if this is what your brain was always meant to do, but it had to drag this bag of meat and bones around through the process, and now it's finally free to be as fast as it wants to be.

It is orders of magnitude faster than interacting with a computer through your hands. I've gone through many iterations of my internal interface, but the basics could perhaps be best explained through analogy.

When I possess someone, be they human or feline or any other sentient mammal, I bring up a semblance of their body as a see-through anatomical map, in which their nervous system and brain is mapped. I zoom in or out and move around in this 3-dimensional representation of their body, and when I want to affect one of their core emotions, I just have to think about it and it happens.

It's a bit like pushing a button, and depending on how hard you push it, it delivers a different amount of current to a specific circuit. It's just that the analogy isn't very good. I don't see a button. It's more like flowing colours and sparkles. Different kinds of energy. And it's not so much flowing through my fingers as it is like… flowing through my forehead toward this graphic avatar that represents the other mind.

I guess this sounds very strange, but it works, and it is lightning fast. The one situation where I feel there's a limitation to the interface is when I bring up the signals from their optic nerve.

I can't get a perfectly sharp image, so it's a bit like looking through a kaleidoscope at first, before I can decipher and re-route their signal to the appropriate parts of my own optic nerve.

The image grows sharper with time, as my system maps their signal better to my own configuration. You would think that human vision would need a higher bandwidth than the 54 Mbit/ second that the 802.11g-system can give on the 2.4 GHz band, but you would be surprised at the amount of image compression inherent in the wiring of our retinal rods and cones, and at the decompression our brains then perform to extract contours, colour and contrast from those signals.

Our chemical signals are sluggish in comparison to electronic circuitry, and how our brain processes the very limited input from our eyes and constructs the rich inner representation of our surroundings is a miracle of darwinistic evolution. But perhaps you want me to come back to how I first interfaced with my neighbours' daughter Jessica now? Fair enough.

Let's do that. Since it was past midnight and I was feeling sleepy, I first interfaced with my own low-level control system. I usually stay away from tampering too much with myself, but I was very eager to experiment with another human, and so I elevated the production of orexin in my lateral hypothalamus and increased secretion of dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine in certain systems that regulate wakefulness - the Reticular Activating System or extrathalamic control modulatory system.

The effect is much like that of having a whole night's sleep and a cup of coffee both happen to you at once. Ping, you're awake and feel refreshed. Eager to get to work. But you have to be careful, because if you do this for just a couple of nights in a row, you might do permanent damage to your brain or become temporarily psychotic.

Next, I interfaced with Jessica's system, that was giving me a very strong signal even though we must have been at least twenty meters apart and had several walls between us.

I read out her current hormone levels and the activity of her various limbic system circuits. For much of the night, I ran little checks on my controls and acquainted myself with how the interface would work. A little nudge on her adrenergic system and her heart-rate went up.

Nudge her dopamine right… there… and she went into REM-sleep. Pour too much into her orexin and norepinephrine into her RAS and she woke up confused and went to the toilet and then went to get a snack before going back to bed and falling asleep again. This was crude control, but for a first test, the result was definitely a success.

As the night wore on, I spent an hour programming a subset of her NanoReps to interface with nerves in her spinal cord. For the duration of the next day, they would focus on building a strong connection to nerves transmitting tactile sensations, and I would then be able to 'caress' her avatar !10 in my construct, and the signals would be instantly transmitted to her. As I saw her blood pressure start to rise and activity in her prefrontal neocortex ramp up, I executed my crude plan of first attack, that would hopefully keep her home for the day while her parents went to work.

!11 Chapter 5. Wherein a first test is conducted. I slowly started sending impulses through Jessica's vagal nerve fibres and her area postrema. I knew both were involved in nausea and vomiting, but didn't know if they were independent actors or would work synergistically.

Slowly, slowly, I massaged them and coaxed them, and just as I saw Jessica open her eyes, I gave them a harder hit of activity. It worked like a charm. She immediately ran to the toilet to puke her guts out. No going to school today, sweetie, I thought to myself, a strong sense of triumph surging through me.

Just this simple form of manipulation could give me powerful abilities to control other people. I routed her aural activity to mine so that I could listen in on her conversation with her parents. They had heard her rushing to the toilet to vomit, and her mother had come to check that she was ok. At this point, Jessica's nausea had subsided because I had ceased stimulating her vagus nerve and area postrema.

I was feeling a bit nauseous myself, though, because the visual input I was getting from her eyes was a mess of kaleidoscopic light. I lowered the opacity of that overlay, and instead tried to squeeze out better fidelity from the aural transmission. Her mother was fussing over her and checking her temperature with an in-ear thermometer, and it was an eerie sensation to hear the thermometer beep inside what felt like my own ear.

Since Jessica wasn't running a fever, but puked again when I slammed her vagus nerve, her parents said she ought to stay home that day, and that she should call them if she started feeling worse.

I giggled with excitement, I confess. Or maybe I laughed like a mad scientist. That's probably a more accurate deion, come to think of it. This was going to be fun. When her parents had left the house, Jessica was already starting to feel better. In my visual representation of her avatar, I could see activity rising in orexin-dependent brain areas that process appetite and salience.

She was getting hungry and was about to go to the kitchen for a snack, I predicted, and just a few minutes later, that's exactly what she did. I was already reading her mind. Or at least, I was reading her brain activity well enough to predict her behaviour minutes in advance. I couldn't tell if she was going to have oatmeal or cornflakes for breakfast, just that she was feeling peckish. I grabbed something to eat myself, and worked on getting the visual feed less kaleidoscopic while we both ate.

She was watching TV in her kitchen and staying relatively still, so that made the job easier. Toward the end of her breakfast, I had managed to squeeze the feed much more tightly into focus, and the experience of looking through her eyes was more like looking through a pair of really strong glasses with entirely the wrong preion.

Good enough for my purposes right then. While I did the dishes and Jessica went upstairs to her room to curl up in bed as any teenager would if they got to sleep in, I started to apply a signal to certain reward- and arousal centres in her limbic system. Slowly at first, but building up tension gradually, making her feel aroused and happy, but without particular cause. Then I started to slowly ramp up her testosterone production. This might cause you some confusion, but women actually have testosterone too, just as men have follicle-stimulating hormone.

They just have less testosterone than men. When you ramp it up short-term, it makes women as horny as teenage boys. I went to lie down on my couch and focused all my mind to the task of coaxing Jessica to become more and more sexually stimulated and aroused. In less than half an hour, I had her out of bed and into her bathtub. So sweet. I looked down through her eyes on her body as she undressed and slipped into the tub.

The focus was improving, but it was still blurry. I could feel myself getting hard, !12 almost as if in response to her arousal. This was the trippiest experience of my life, and I was only getting started. When Jessica slipped lower into the warm water and put the shower-head to her nether regions, her head disappeared below the rim of the bathtub, and my visual feed immediately started stuttering.

The signal couldn't penetrate the metal, apparently. I was still getting enough throughput for the low-bandwidth interface, but the visual and audio feeds were struggling, so I had to turn them off and rely on what I could see in her avatar.

She was starting to enjoy herself. Once I had triggered her sexual response and arousal, it was self-sustaining. During the next thirty minutes, she cycled through several orgasms, her brain lighting up like a christmas tree each time the shower-head brought her to climax. I could see her arousal wax and wane, building up tension and releasing, again and again.

I had to go take a shower myself, because I was feeling very hot. I was so excited I almost had trouble breathing. I've always envied women their capacity for multiple orgasms When she ran out of hot water, Jessica's frenetic masturbation subsided. Her brain was a warm glow of pleasure, her incentive salience starting to dip from the previous high, her corticobasal gangliathalamic loop still firing, but starting to subside, sub-compartments within her nucleus accumbens shell, ventral pallidum, and parabrachial nucleus of the pons, her insular cortex and orbitofrontal cortex all intermittently lighting up with the aftermath of the dopaminergic rush.

The display of firing pleasure neurons was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was almost as if i could sense how her afterglow felt. When she got up from the bathtub, the signal strength returned and I could turn on the visual and aural feeds.

She was softly murmuring or humming to herself and sensuously using a towel as she looked at herself in the fogged-up mirror. I regretted the fact that the visual feed wasn't sharp, but enjoyed the sight anyway. I wondered if… could I wire her sexual response to mine somehow? Could I make a feedback circuit from her pleasure centres to mine, or the other way around?

Only one way to find out… I spent the better part of an hour poring over that idea and tinkering with a feedback circuit from my reward centres to hers, and from my arousal and salience responses to sub-compartments in her nucleus accumbens shell.

When I turned on this feedback, feeding my responses to her, she would respond too. If I looked at something with desire, she would feel that same desire toward anything she was currently looking at.

That meant if I looked at her with desire as she was looking at me, she wouldn't be able to help herself. Or would she? What if seeing me triggered disgust in her? Would that temper her response and shut it down? Better configure override circuits. And maybe put in a multiplier? If I multiplied my own response by a factor of, lets say, two?

Yes. Crude, but it would probably work. Humming to myself, I instructed her NanoReps to start building her tension and arousal again, and to ramp up her testosterone once more. Slowly but steadily, she would get increasingly horny and aroused. Then I would go over and ring her bell to ask if she wanted another six-pack of coke. !13 Chapter six. In which feedback circuits are put to the test. It should be noted, perhaps, that I'm not God's gift to women. At least I wasn't two years ago, as this first experiment with Jessica took place.

Since then, I've put the NanoReps to work on my physique and endocrine system and managed to change my appearance and performance quite a bit. I've even let them elongate and widen my corpora cavernosa - the ultimate in penile enlargement. At the time, I had all of six inches and pretty average girth; now I'm nearly eight inches and my dick is as thick as my wrist. I've ramped up growth hormone and testosterone production permanently so that I can easily build muscle, and I let the NanoReps take care of damaging my muscle filaments just enough to elicit a growth response each night, so that I have the physique of a greek god without needing to take exercise.

I've even set them to work on my jawline, nose and forehead. But I digress. I wasn't all that attractive back then, which is why I set things up to skew the odds heavily in my favour. A slightly chubby man in his late thirties ranks rather low with sixteen-year-olds. While I waited for Jessica's brain to start simmering with pure sexual frustration, I put on my best aftershave and deodorant, pulled on my best sweater and brushed my teeth.

Then I grabbed a sixpack of coke and sauntered over. When I rang her doorbell, I instantly saw areas in her brain light up as she heard it; surprise, a small amount of fear, irritation, incentive salience, motor cortex activity - all different colours in her avatar, that I had set to low opacity and pushed toward the edge of my field of view. I double checked that the feedback circuit from my arousal and salience responses to sub-compartments in her nucleus accumbens shell was active and had the multiplier set to two, and that all her potential for experiencing disgust were turned off.

She opened the door, and I gave her my best smile as her eyes locked on mine. "Hi Jessica", I said, and felt a surge of excitement go through me at the thought of what I was about to do.

Just as she opened her mouth to say "Oh, hello Mr. Wikman", I saw her brain light up as a christmas tree again in response to the feedback circuit and the prolonged warm-up I had given her; salience shot through the roof, as did dopamine activity in sub-compartments within her nucleus accumbens shell, her ventral pallidum, and parabrachial nucleus of the pons, her insular cortex and orbitofrontal cortex - all the pleasure centres that I had seen glow in the aftermath of orgasm.

She blushed and drew breath as if I was the most handsome man she had ever seen. "I just came over to ask if you would like another six-pack of coke. They gave me the wrong kind again today, would you believe it? Even though I called them yesterday to complain." Blushing furiously, her corticobasal gangliathalamic loop pulsing with activity, she stammered a response and took the cans I offered her. I let my eyes take her in, knowing that whatever sexual interest her appearance sparked in me, she would feel twice over, directed at me.

My gaze lingered on her chest. After her bath, she had put on a tight tank-top and loose cargo pants, but apparently no bra, so her young perky breasts were well displayed, her nipples hard under the thin fabric of her top. I imagined squeezing them and heard her draw breath even harder, as if I had actually done it. Looking back to her face, I could see her looking confused and trying to mouth a question. "What…" she began, but I spoke over her: "So.

I actually thought nobody would be home. I just rang the bell out of courtesy. I figured I would just put those cokes on your porch. Don't you have school today?". I looked her up and down again, slowly, taking in her lean body and imagining how she would look naked.

I had a good idea from seeing her reflection in the fogged-over bathroom mirror before. "No… umm… I… I felt sick this morning, so I stayed home, but… I'm feeling better now." From the way her brain was firing, it was almost a miracle she could concentrate well enough to string together coherent sentences.

I felt myself sporting a raging hard-on, and knew she must be feeling more than twice as horny as I. I didn't want to make the first move, though. What was keeping her from jumping all over me? Oh. Obviously. Inhibition. Even strong urges couldn't outcompete her inhibitory systems, unless… "So… You're home alone the whole day then?" I said, just to have something to say while I !14 tweaked her brain a bit more.

I used my internal interface to zoom in on the inhibitory loops between her amygdala and prefrontal cortex to see where activity was highest. This wasn't something I had studied in detail - I just knew that damage in that area caused general disinhibition - and if I tweaked the circuit that was currently showing the highest activity, that would probably be the one responsible for inhibition of sexual behaviour.

"Yeah… I was just about to…" She didn't get any further than that before I applied the brakes to the inhibitory neurons I had identified. She lost whatever she was about to say, looked confused for a few seconds as if she was trying to remember something, and then locked eyes with me. It was as if someone else was suddenly looking out of her eyes.

They burned with intensity. "You'd like to fuck me, wouldn't you?" she asked. "That's why you came over here, isn't it?

I could see how you were looking at me just now." She took three steps back and held the door open for me. I smiled at her and came inside. She closed the door and put the latch on, still looking at me as if she was a predator and I her prey. "I can't deny you're very attractive…" I ventured, and she laughed with delight.

"You're a fucking pervert, Mr. Wikman, I've known that since I was twelve and got breasts, because I've seen you looking at me…" she said with a wry little smile. "…but I really don't mind. I like teasing men." This was working better than I had ever hoped.

By triggering her sexual appetite and causing sexual disinhibition, I had somehow unleashed her inner beast. "Yes, I admit I like girls your age, Jessica. You look particularly fine today, by the way. I've liked your tits since you were twelve, but they look even larger today than they usually do" I contributed.

She gave me a pleased smile and went on; "I don't know what's gotten into me today, but I'm horny as hell and for some reason I don't care that it's not polite to talk this way to someone I don't really know. Also, I'm not usually into guys like you, but today you also look particularly fine, as weird as that sounds.

You'd like to see me naked, wouldn't you?" I just nodded and smiled, while I briefly focused on her avatar and checked that her brain wasn't showing signs of anomalous reactions. Her sexual interest and appetite-directed systems were showing peak activity, but areas of her prefrontal cortex were almost completely dark.

She started removing her clothes without much ceremony, just letting her top, pants and panties drop to the floor right there by the door.

"So you liked my body when I was twelve, did you?" "I must confess I did. I still do." I admitted. "Fucking pedo. That turns me on, though. Why don't you take your clothes off so I can see you too?" "I don't really like that word," I said as I started pulling off my sweater and jeans, "the proper word to use is 'hebephile', since you had started developing breasts by then. But that turns you on, you say?" "It does. I'm usually weirded out by older men looking at me, but now I'm turned on at the thought of you pining for me.

I can't believe I'm talking like this, but I just don't give a fuck. I don't know why I'm swearing like this either, but it just fucking feels good to say it. I want you to fuck me, you fucking pervert." She took a step closer and grabbed me by the balls and squeezed as she wrapped her other hand behind my neck and kissed me hard.

I responded in kind, grabbed her breast and kissed her back. My surging desire knew no bounds. It worked. It fucking worked. IT FUCKING WORKED. Our romp in the hay that day was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I had had sex with women with strong sexual appetites before, but none that had come close to Jessica's insatiable desire. Having close to zero sexual inhibition, there was nothing she wasn't eager to try, and she had quite a dirty imagination herself once she was let loose.

My previous sexual experiences had been with women who lost their sense of sexual urgency after three or four orgasms and went into a refractory state, but more than that, I myself had been un-augmented.

After one or two releases, I would be spent and it would take a lot to get my appetite up again. With my own internal neuronal interface, however, I could simply tweak a few systems so that they refused to yield to post-orgasmic fatigue. !15 Again and again we went at it, Jessica and I. She gave me a blowjob to completion right by her front door, and swallowed every spurt of my cum as i filled her throat.

She called me an asshole for grabbing her head and making her choke on my cock, but I saw that she was flushed with pleasure and ready to burst from excitement, because my own reactions had been force-fed into her nucleus accumbens shell at twice the intensity I had experienced at the peak of orgasm.

When I had finished cumming in her throat, she more or less dragged me over to the sofa, where she proceeded to mount my face and nearly forced her pussy down on my mouth, all the while talking dirty about how she couldn't believe she was making her neighbour eat her out and how good it felt. Her pussy was gushing all over my face as I licked her clit with abandonment and stuck fingers inside her. When she came the first time, I pulled them out and let them slip inside her ass.

She gasped again, her anus squeezing down on my fingers, and exploding in another orgasm immediately following the previous one. "Oh, you fucking pervert… sticking your fingers in my teenage ass, you fucking… fuck! Oh, that's good." That's when I made the adjustment to my own sexual response, so that my refractory period was cut short and I could feel myself starting to become engorged again.

I kept eating her out and fingering her ass for a few more minutes before I felt I was fully erect again, and then it was my turn to manhandle her. I pushed her off me and arranged her on her knees with her upper body pressed against the seat of the sofa, and then proceeded to fuck her tight little cunt and her even tighter asshole for what seemed like hours.

I held her by the hair with one hand and used the other to spank her buttocks as she screamed with abandon. Each time I looked down on her petite sixteen-year-old body as she submitted to me, my desire was amplified twofold and sent through her brain, making her lose all inhibitions.

She begged and sobbed for me to fuck her harder, use her body, take her, give it to her, fill her. And that's exactly what I did. I filled her ass, feeling as if it was the strongest orgasm I had ever had - which it probably was.

Her own orgasm had her collapsing, shuddering for minutes after I had pulled out. When she came to her senses, I had already regained my strength and could feel my desire for her start to return. She shivered as my signals were fed back into her recovering brain.

"I… I don't know… I never, " she began. "You never fucked an older man before?" I asked. "I never fucked before.

Period. Never. I don't know what came over me." She crawled up in the sofa beside be and leaned back against me. She shuddered again as I felt my desire building when I felt her body against mine. I cupped her breasts from behind and kissed her neck and could sense that my penis was slowly becoming erect again. "What did you do to me?" she asked. "What are you doing to me?" she reiterated when I didn't reply.

"Doing to you?" I mumbled, my face still buried in her hair, lips caressing her neck. "Something's different. I don't know, but… I'm unrestrained. I never even let a boy touch me before. Not like this." "Maybe I hypnotized you?" I suggested, squeezing her breasts harder and then letting my hand slide down her stomach, down between her legs, feeling her wet labia, finding her sensitive clit and gently touching it.

"Yeah. Hypnotized me. That's what you did, you pervert. Can you feel how fucking wet I am? I can't believe we just did that. You fucked my ass." "Yes.

I guess I hypnotized you." I let my fingers slip inside her and wiggled them against her g-spot for a while, feeling it become harder against my fingertips. "You took it like a champ, right up the ass. Did you ever think that would happen on the day you lost your virginity?" She moaned and pressed herself against my hand, letting her own hands fumble behind her back for my engorged cock.

"I've fantasized about it, but never thought I would do it. I seriously feel like you've hypnotized me. I don't even know you." "Now you know me. At least in a biblical sense, you do." "What?" "I mean, now we're pretty well acquainted, wouldn't you say?" I asked and let my fingers rub around her clit again.

!16 "You fuck. You fucking pervert. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I just don't give a fuck. If my parents came home now, I would fucking let you fuck me in front of them. Hah! That would give them a stroke!" "I guess we'll let this be our little secret," I said, and let my fingers slip inside her again.

"You fucking pervert. You want to fuck me again, do you?" "I do. And I will. I'm going to fuck your ass again, little girl. After you've sucked my dick clean from before, that is. For some reason, I believe you'll do that for me, if I ask you to." "You fucking pervert. I can't believe we're doing this." "Shut up now, little darling, and suck my dick clean before I fuck you again." All the while, a single thought kept repeating itself in the back of my head, competing for attention.

IT FUCKING WORKS! IT FUCKING WORKS! It fucking WORKS! When I left her house that day, she had fallen asleep in her own bed. We'd spent the whole day fucking and talking, fucking and talking. We'd dug out her mother's Hitachi vibrator from her parents' bedroom closet and put it to good use on Jessica's clit while I fucked her little teenage ass as hard as I could.

We'd shared a cold shower before spending what felt like hours in a 69, taking turns bringing each other to climax. She had spent another hour riding me, all the while talking about how she couldn't believe she was doing this. Between each romp, we talked. Since I hadn't tampered with her brain in any other way than lifting her sexual inhibition and boosting her sexual responses by tying them to mine, she was still herself - still able to reflect on what she was experiencing.

A few hours into our orgy of abandon, I disengaged the brakes I had put on her inhibitory loop, and her only reaction was to blush a little more and smile. She was busy riding me at the time, and I guess that by then all her resistance was futile. Her sexual inhibitions were overcome, and wouldn't reassert themselves in a hurry.

When it was close to 5 PM, she said her parents would be home within an hour, and we helped clean the downstairs sofa and mop up the most evident traces of our encounter. By that time, she was so tired she could barely stand, but she had a blissful smile and seemed to glow from within.

I had lifted all feedback circuits, so now she was entirely herself. She walked around the house naked with me, as we were cleaning, all shyness overcome by the intimacy we had shared. I kissed her gently as I tucked her in and told her to come over to my place some day soon, if she wanted to repeat the experience.

She smiled and nodded and fell asleep in what seemed like two seconds. I left her house on trembling knees, feeling happier than I had ever felt.

Chapter 6. In which financial means are procured The sense of empowerment I felt after my prolonged romp with Jessica was perhaps the greatest feeling I'd ever had. Now I knew with certainty that my life would contain pleasures the likes of which I had only ever fantasized of. I had the means at my disposal to turn my life into a living paradise, full of any pleasure I could think of. Mostly, I could think of sexual pleasures, but I felt I had to restrain myself and not immediately seek out pleasure where I could most easily find it.

I would have to pace myself and plan ahead if I wanted to fully capitalize on my opportunities. Carefully, I started drawing up plans for how to get rich in a manner that would leave law enforcement agencies none the wiser.

I had no fine-grained control over other people, but unlimited capabilities to control their brains on a very basic level, if I could only infect them with NanoReps. Get someone on a money transport to hand over their cash?

Get an employee at a bank to walk into the vault and bring me a bag of money? A casino? Gain the confidence of a !17 billionaire and make him draw up a new last will and testament, then switch off his brain and tell the NanoReps to dissolve after?

Get hundreds of thousands of people to transfer funds to my account, but never a large enough amount from any one person to draw suspicions? I contemplated all of these, but finally arrived at a rather simple and elegant solution. It took a long time to set up and execute though. First, I got myself a white van and a lab coat and some papers and certificates that looked adequately realistic and impressive, saying I worked for a government funded science project about bovine immune response.

With these and a bit of help from my NanoReps, I gained the trust of a local dairy farmer and installed some technical equipment in his cooling tanks where he stored the milk between visits from the local dairy truck.

I infected his cows - hundreds of them - with NanoReps programmed to replicate themselves and then secrete themselves in the milk. Twice a week, right before the dairy truck came to collect, I myself collected a bucket or two of NanoReps that had been filtered from the raw milk. Within a few weeks, I had enough NanoReps to infect a large city.

Next, I did just that. Fortunately, I lived in Europe at the time (I won't say which country, for obvious reasons). People here usually drink tap water, not bottled water. I infected the workers at the local waterworks and put their brains on hold for an hour while I stirred in a bucket of NanoReps in the municipal water supply. I also went to a local dairy producer and infected the milks and cheeses, to other local suppliers of juices and other beverages, etc - each got a bucket of nano-scale robots.

All such NanoReps were programmed to infect the host organism they ended up in, set up the basic connections I had used on Jessica, then remain active for six weeks before dissolving and leaving the host through the urine. After two months, little evidence of my tampering would remain, if any. In order to be able to affect one person at a time, not having my commands affect everyone within my casting range, I had activated a set of instructions that would make each NanoRep system create a randomly assigned eight-letter hexadecimal identity.

The function was already built into the NanoRep API-libraries that I had stolen. Now I could just lean back and watch my interface as more and more systems came online and cast their identities to me though any nearby wifi they could access. Within a couple of days, hundreds of thousands of people had been infected and were ready to be taken over or manipulated as I saw fit.

By this time, I had played with Jessica many times, and had tried out many ways of manipulating her brain. I knew which levers to pull and which buttons to push, to speak metaphorically, and I had become very deft at doing it surreptitiously.

I contacted a skilled lawyer and had him help me set up a couple of offshore bank accounts and companies in tax havens, making sure none of them could be traced back to me, but leaving me with full access to the accounts. He also set up several fake identities for me, birth certificates, drivers licenses - all documents you could think of - including fake passports, all conveniently with the first name Karl, but with different surnames.

Then, I'm sorry to say, I had to program his brain to forget everything about me, which is more difficult than you would think. I basically overloaded his hippocampus, leaving him severely memory impaired for a time.

Like I said, I really don't like causing pain, but I don't always let that stand in my way. Next, I went to a local call centre and basically usurped the whole staff to work on my little project for a while.

I gave their managers instructions about my company names and accounts and had them order their staff to sell subions to my entirely made-up "internet services". I had them play a short series of notes for a few seconds at the beginning of each call, and set all NanoReps in the whole city to respond to that sequence and execute a set of commands in the recipient's brain, making him or her become quite dim-witted and incapable of much critical thinking, eager to try new things, eager to please, open to suggestions, etc.

Easy targets for phone salesmen, in other words. Every client they called signed up for a "subion" to certain vaguely worded internet anonymity services, with monthly recurring payments of anything from 50€ to 500€, depending on the client, to one of my offshore accounts.

Even if half of the subscribers would !18 become suspicious and cancel their subions within a few months, I would still become filthy rich. After the phone call, however, the NanoReps would hit the victim's hippocampus with a jolt of current that made them very unlikely to remember anything of that whole day.

I let the call centre work on my behalf for five hours of every day, racking up hundreds of thousands of subscribers within a few weeks. By the end of the six-week active period, the NanoReps had helped me become a Euro-millionaire fifty times over or more. Each of my new identities had access to offshore bank accounts and offshore companies behind several layers of proxies and obfuscating curtains. No traces to my own identity.

By the end of the eighth week, all my victims had excreted their NanoReps through the urine, and they would eventually break down from exposure to the acidic outdoor environment and UV light. But I run ahead of myself. Let's back up a few weeks, because what I did in the meantime is a rather pivotal part of this story. !19 Chapter 7. In which the decadence reaches new levels. While I had hundreds of thousands of potential sexual toys at my disposal for six weeks, I obviously wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

Whether you call it middle school, intermediate school, lower secondary school or junior high school depends on your nationality I guess, but from roughly 11-12 to 15 years of age or thereabouts, kids tend to attend schools that are separated from the smaller children and the older young adults.

For good reasons, I think. Early puberty isn't an easy thing to handle - neither for the kids themselves nor for the poor bastards that must be their teachers. For me, the lower secondary schools in my district, i.e. the ones where both the students and their teachers had been infected with my NanoReps, became my hunting grounds for the six-week duration of my getting-filthy-rich campaign.

I needed something to occupy my mind while the call centres did my bidding and the money started to accumulate. Buying a large recreational vehicle was my very first step. I bought a Class A bus-conversion motorhome and kitted it out with a full solar panel roof and a serious amount of computer power and long-range wifi antennas to help give me more broadcast range and to automate tasks. My next step was to drive around from school to school in the district and to park close to the main entrance or where many kids would pass by each day.

Every time I saw a girl that registered as highly attractive in my brain, I would hone in on her NanoRep receiver circuit and have my computers send a series of commands her way. First, her NanoReps were to reject the six-week flush command and instead remain active for five years.

Second, they were to build additional circuitry in her primary motor cortex and her peripheral nervous system, much as I had done with Jessica, but with a few twists. Third, they would slightly alter her response to sexual stimuli, making her more excitable and less inhibited.

Not a major change, just a slight tweak in that direction. I don't know why I added that last instruction. Maybe I just wanted to liberate them from the social norms that had kept female sexuality in check since the beginning of civilization, or maybe I wanted to unleash a horde of willing fuck-puppets on the community just to play a prank on conventional morality.

The two other instructions, though, were there for specific reasons. The additional commands would take a few days to execute before the NanoReps had finished building the required hardware structures inside the young girls, and so I spent three or four days driving around the district from school to school before going back to the first school to get started on the next step of my plan. In the meantime, I also let my own internal NanoReps multiply and start building a new feature set.

Detailed regulation of nitric oxide metabolism through nonadrenergic non-cholinergic parasympathetic nerves and the endothelium lining cavernosal sinusoids and blood vessels in response to cholinergic stimulation, increased uptake of L-arginine and some other tweaks of my erectile response would give me on-demand erectile capacity.

A subset of NanoReps would start working on my penile ligaments and corpora cavernosa to increase the length and girth of my penis over time. Another crew of helpers would regulate growth hormone and testosterone, stimulate muscle growth and fine-tune my appetite so that I wouldn't be inclined to eat the wrong kind of nutrients.

Over time, this would radically alter my physique with little or no effort on my part. More than that, though, it would give me the stamina to have ridiculous amounts of sex without faltering. On the fifth day, I collected my first batch of young ladies. Around mid-morning that day, which was a Friday, I drove up outside the first school I had scouted and parked near the main entrance.

I had sent instructions to the NanoReps in a little over thirty girls, and most of them showed up on my radar-like internal interface. With the souped-up antenna !20 mounted on the roof of my RV, my range was better than a kilometre, and the ones who didn't show up were probably at home playing truant or sick that day.

I selected the first one at random and established a connection to her NanoRep system. First, I routed her visual feed to a small area of my own interface. I had discovered it was far too difficult to iron out the kinks of matching her whole feed to my own vision, and that it was easier to just emulate a 2D monitor somewhere in my own field of view, much like I could do with a cat's vision and a normal computer monitor. Second, I started massaging the same nausea-inducing brain regions that I had used on Jessica during my first trial.

I set a timer that would gradually increase the stimulation over the next fifteen minutes, and then focused my attention on the next girl, did the same procedure, moved to the next girl, rinse and repeat. When about ten minutes had passed, I had programmed eight girls to follow the slope of increasing nausea, and the first one had already excused herself and gone to the toilet to puke.

When fifteen minutes had passed, the first girl had told her teacher that she felt so sick she needed to go home for the day, and another three were on their way to nearby toilets to be sick. I felt confident the plan would work. When the first girl came out the doors, looking rather pale and sickly, I pulled up her avatar on my interface and got to work.

I shut down activity in her prefrontal cortex almost completely, switched off the nausea-induction and then possessed her primary motor cortex. Commanding her body to move, steering her in the direction of my RV like the mindless zombie she currently was, I managed to make her come all the way up to my vehicle, but struggled to make her hand grasp the door handle.

I had to go over to the door myself and hold it open for her. My control of her body wasn't fine-grained, but I could make her climb up the two steps to get inside without having her trip all over herself. I walked her over to the back of the vehicle and left her sitting on the U-shaped sofa that took up the whole of the rear compartment.

I tied her off, but left her in automaton mode. By then, two other girls were coming out the door more or less simultaneously, and I slammed them both with the prefrontal cortex shutdown command and hijacked their bodies to steer them my way. Juggling two at the same time was hard enough to make me sweat with exertion. Half an hour later, when all eight girls sat slumped like zombies in the rear of my RV, I was so tired that I almost feared I would lose consciousness myself.

I curled up on the king-size bed in the mid compartment of my motorhome and probably did just that. When I woke up a while later, I didn't know if I had slept or been unconscious, but I checked my internal chronometer and saw that no more than forty minutes had passed since the last girl arrived.

My nap, or whatever that was - blackout? - had left me feeling refreshed, though. And now I had eight of the most beautiful young teens of this entire school at my disposal. They wouldn't be missed until five or six hours from now, most likely.

I went back to the rear compartment and checked on the girls. Eight of them was as many as there was room for in the sofa, so I was quite pleased that I hadn't tried to get hold of more. My GOD they were beautiful. I had selected at random from the thirty-something available blips on my radar overlay, and the selection skewed slightly toward blonde and skinny, but there was one brunette, one asian, one black and one freckled red-haired beauty.

Most looked thirteen or fourteen years old, but one of the four blondes looked a bit younger, and the black girl looked a maybe a little older.

Holy shit. I was really going to do this. In an hour or two, I would have stuffed my cock inside all these little cuties. At the thought, I started sporting a raging hard-on and felt almost sick with excitement. Not now though. Not now. Patience. I rifled through their bags and pockets, collected their mobile phones and turned them all off, checked their school-ID cards to find out their names, and made sure they were all sitting relatively comfortably and securely.

I planned on driving away to a nearby industrial area to find a secluded spot where we wouldn't be disturbed, and didn't want any of them sliding down and hitting her head if I took a hard turn on the way there.

A while later, when I was parked near the old cement factory on the outskirts of the city, I turned on the alarm system that would let me know if anyone came closer than 50 meters, cranked out the support struts that would keep my RV stable even if things got wild, and then grabbed a coke from !21 the fridge before settling in with the girls in the u-shaped sofa.

It was a tight squeeze. Now then. Time to get to work. I had thought this out carefully and tried out most of it on Jessica during the past few weeks, so I was pretty sure it was going to work.

I had identified some key orbitofrontal circuits in mainly the right hemisphere where the basotemporal and orbitofrontal cortex connected to the limbic system and where the right kind of tampering would cause precisely the kind of social and sexual disinhibition I wanted in these girls.

I had built a little group-control program that would let me perform the exact same command on any number of NanoRep-fitted persons by issuing the command only once to an avatar projection, not needing to do the same thing to them all in sequence, and this was going to be my first test-run of that code.

I ramped up their testosterone production and set a timer for that instruction to expire after five hours. They would wake up from their zombie-like state feeling sex-crazed like fifteenyear- old boys watching girls undress.

Next, a feedback circuit from my reward centres to theirs, and from my arousal and salience responses to sub-compartments in their nucleus accumbens shells. Override of disgust- and fear responses through interfering with the frontmost regions of the amygdala like… so.

and, oh, I nearly forgot the multiplier for the pleasure feedback circuit. That ought to be something like… one and a half? That would do for a start. Then link the somatic touch-sensing nerves to the relevant areas of the group-avatar like…so… and ramp up dopaminergic responses… there and… there… and… I was done.

Now I just had to wait for the hormonal up-regulation to take effect before I woke them from their slumber. Or wait… a panic switch in case something went really wrong.

Nothing too complicated. And next, set up the starting conditions. Making the girls stand up one by one with manual control of their motor cortex, I undressed them like mannequins and walked them over to the shower, where I spread their legs and gave them each a good wash of their nether regions so that there would be no unpleasant surprises later.

I took my time, enjoying how their young flesh felt under my fingers and appreciating their gorgeous bodies. Not an ounce of excess fat on any of them, perfect teenage faces, perky breasts, all of them completely shaved except for the petite blonde girl who looked youngest, Agnes if I remembered correctly, who had a tuft of hair on her mons pubis. Should I give her a shave and make her smooth like the others?

Nah, there was no hair on her labia, and a bit of a tuft would do fine. Holy smokes her face was cute though. Her school ID said she was 13, but to me she looked younger. I let my fingers slide between her labia majora and slid my other hand around to squeeze her tight buttocks and fought down the urge to just use her body right then, not bothering to wake her mind before sliding inside her.

No. Not yet. I had toyed with many different options for the next step. The way I had adjusted their brains, they would be completely sexually disinhibited when I woke them up, and all feeling hornier than they had ever felt before. Also, they would be incapable of feeling fear or disgust and be very open to suggestions.

My own pleasure- and salience responses were fed directly to theirs, so when I looked at them with sexual desire, they would feel the same thing for me or for each other, depending on who they were looking at, only stronger; and when I felt pleasure, they would too, only stronger. So I could just wake them up, and things would probably work out at least as well as it had with Jessica in my first attempt a couple of weeks earlier.

But I could also place them in sexual positions - sixty-nine, scissoring, eating one another out, one or two on top of me, etc, and then gradually wake them up. Most likely, since their disgust responses were inhibited, they would go at it with gusto. Or I could bring them back very slowly and tell them some kind of story that they would buy in to because their critical thinking capabilities were inhibited. But in the heat of the moment, what I decided on was something different.

I gave all their hippocampuses (hippocampi?) some jolts that would make them all experience memory loss and disorientation when I brought them back, and then I got on the bed and brought the black girl over to me. I lubed myself and her up carefully, positioned her astride me, and slowly let her sink herself down on my shaft. It was all I could do to keep from filling her with cum right then, but I ground my teeth and held back.

Then I brought up the group avatar on my internal interface and ever so slowly started waking them all up from their zombie state by allowing their prefrontal cortexes to become active again. A quick re-route of signals let me connect sensory !22 responses from the black girl to the other seven, so they would all feel as if they had a cock inside them when they were brought back. I don't know about you, dear reader, but visual impressions are very important to me, and intimately connected to my sexuality.

I don't know why it is so important to me that a girl must look a certain age, but it's just a fact of my life. Maybe because I didn't have sex until I was 20 and missed out on all real-life sexual experiences when I was a teen, or maybe there's something wired differently in my brain, but for me, girls are only truly physically attractive in their early teens. Women above 18 years of age quickly become sexually uninteresting to me.

They start putting on fat in the wrong places and lose that sense of 'freshness' that younger teens possess. Kids do nothing for me sexually before they enter puberty - only once they develop breasts and secondary sexual characteristics like slightly broader hips. This black girl looked around fifteen years old, which is exactly what her ID confirmed. Her body was lithe and hard, but had curves in all the right places, her breasts maybe 70C-cups with small, dark areolae, and her face was absolute perfection.

I'm not normally into black girls, because I often find their facial features too masculine, but this girl was different somehow. Like the others, she was definitely a 9/10 or 10/10 on my visual preference scale. Caressing her thighs, sliding my hands up over her taut tummy up to her spectacular young breasts, I let myself come close to the edge again, feeling her move slowly up and down on my shaft. Her pussy was tight and warm and silky smooth around my cock, and I could feel myself bottoming out, her cervix hard against my glans.

Playing with her breasts, using my thumb to rub her erect clit, slowly grinding my hips up against her, I could see her slowly coming back to full consciousness.

In my interface, I saw how pulses of physical pleasure went through her, lighting up her pleasure centres, and at the same time her prefrontal cortex was rebooting, starting to glow with greater intensity.

Her eyes suddenly widened with surprise and she locked eyes with me, as I kept rubbing her clit with my thumb and ground my hips up from beneath her. I could see the parts of her amygdala that signaled fear become active, but the NanoRep system blocked it off, clamped down on it and contained it.

Instead, her conscious mind was fed only with pleasurable input, both from her own senses and from the feed she was receiving from me, mirroring my intense arousal and focused sexual salience. I saw her open her mouth to ask a question, but all that escaped from her lips was a ragged sigh of pure pleasure.

I was ready to explode and fill her with my semen, which meant she was definitely close too. And the other girls, of course, who felt the same thing she did. By now, they had all gained consciousness, but the intense pleasure and the mirrored signals coming from the black girl, telling them their cunts were filled with cock and their clits being massaged, made them very confused. Waking up naked in the back of an RV together with a bunch of other girls, all moaning with pleasure and all disoriented and lacking any memory of how they came to be there, must be quite strange and dream-like indeed.

Some of them were making their way toward the middle compartment where I was fucking the black girl. Not quickly, but one unstable step at a time, pausing to shudder and moan. Soon, we had a rapt and fascinated audience. All the girls managed to make it forward to the bedroom, some of them climbing into bed with us to make room for the ones that were crowding in from behind. My attention was mostly focused on the black girl, but seeing all eight naked girls at the same time, writhing with pleasure, trying to speak but not managing to say anything very coherent, was definitely the most exciting thing I had ever seen.

Ok. That was it. No more self control. I wrestled the black girl off of me and positioned her on her hands and knees before letting myself penetrate her to the hilt, burying my shaft inside her again and again, her tight petite little booty slamming against me. With the feedback from my pleasure centres mixing with her own pleasure from being fucked, she lost it completely, weeping and screaming in a drawn-out orgasm that was instantly mirrored in the other girls, who were all violently rubbing themselves, groaning and writhing in pleasure.

Before their synchronised orgasm !23 abated, I felt myself explode inside her in the strongest climax I had ever experienced, completely overwhelming them all with the sensation of being filled with cock and orgasming. I emptied myself inside the black girl, grinding my cock against her cervix as it was delivering its load deep inside her, her tight buttocks against my groin.

Then I collapsed among the other writhing bodies on the bed, where we all kept shaking for minutes. As I started to return to my senses after a while, I was glad I had set the pleasure multiplier as low as just 1.5x.

Some of the girls were drooling, mouths open, eyes staring insensibly, their brains clearly overloaded by the dopamine rush. Others were coming back to consciousness, looking up from where they had collapsed, appearing very confused and disoriented. When they started speaking to each other, asking about where they were and what was going on, some apparently recognizing each other by name, that was my key to act. I sat up and leaned my back on the wall and spoke to them for the first time.

-"Right, so that was vaginal penetration girls. How did you like it? … Marie? How did you like it, Marie?" I looked directly at the red haired girl. -"How… uh… how was that possible? I felt like…" she faltered. -"Like you were fucking me, when clearly you were only fucking Angela" one of the blonde girls filled in. -"Yeah, I felt like that too!" said another. The others murmured agreement and looked at each other with bewildered expressions. All but the youngest girl had regained their senses, but not all appeared able to focus clearly.

-"Oh, that. Well, I thought I said that earlier, but I guess I can repeat myself if the experience was overwhelming to you…" I said in my best imitation of a high-school teacher; -"That device up there in the ceiling, the one that looks like a wifi router, is a Sensory Repeater Device - an SRD - and as I explained before, it simply scans one of your brains for gamma- and theta waves and beams them to the others.

It's a neat teaching tool, because I simply couldn't perform with all of you like this in a single day, and this way, you can all share the experience. But back to my question, Marie: How did it feel?" She stared at me for a few seconds, but then appeared to give up on trying to comprehend what was going on. -"It felt… uh… it felt amazing. Like you filled me up. Or her. Me. Whatever. It felt better than…" -"Better than what?" -"Better than Eric, my boyfriend".

-"Oh, so you've had sex before?" I smiled at her, encouraging her to go on. -"Yes, but… not like that." I could see in her avatar that regions of her basotemporal and orbitofrontal cortex were lighting up, trying to connect to her limbic system to send signals of fear that would cause social and sexual inhibition, but failing to do so on account of the NanoReps that were blocking those circuits.

-"Not like what, Marie?" I encouraged. -"Well, for starters, his cock isn't as big as yours, and I haven't been as turned on while I've slept with him". I let myself take in her body. Freckles on her face and chest, small but shapely breasts with pale areolae and small nipples, a perfect, athletic and petite fourteen year old body.

Stunning face and curls of gorgeous red hair. I felt my sexual interest start to grow back after the climax, my refractory period cut short by my own NanoReps and my penis growing fully erect again within ten heartbeats. Locking gazes with her refulgent eyes, I could see a smile starting to grow on her face, mirroring my own. I was going to fuck her brains out, and because I felt that way, I knew she must be thinking exactly the same thing about me, because my incentive salience was fed into hers.

-"Right. Thanks for sharing, Marie. So how many of you have had intercourse before?" I looked at the others in turn, seeing them return my gaze and making sure to take in their bodies, feeling my sexual excitement building to the point where I could barely contain myself, knowing that their feelings mirrored mine at that exact same moment, and that they all were just as eager as I to fuck again.

Only two others raised their hands - the black girl and one of the blondes. I tried to !24 remember their names, but they hadn't registered in my brain, so I quickly scrolled back in the internal video capture that my NanoReps had made from my optic nerve when I looked at their school ID:s before, and pulled the info from there.

-"So… Jasmine and Elsa, you've had intercourse before. I'm glad you're still taking this introductory course anyway, and I hope I'll be able to teach you a few new things this afternoon. I'm assuming more of you have had oral sex though?" Two other girls nodded their heads, and I pulled their names from the video feed.

-"Vilma and Elin… right. Perhaps I'll let you show the others a thing or two about that later on. But did you only do fellatio before, or have you also had cunnilingus?" They looked at me in total incomprehension. -"He means did you suck cock, or did someone lick your pussies" Marie helped them. I looked at her and smiled.

Her sexual disinhibition apparently worked flawlessly, and she knew a thing or two. She flashed me a knowing smile. -"I only sucked cock. Two, though" said Vilma, smiling brightly. -"Me too. Not two, I mean, but I've only sucked a cock, never had my pussy licked" said Elin. I kind of would like to try that, though" she rushed to say. Looking at these two blonde teens, both perfect beauties, one thirteen and the other fifteen, I could feel my upper lip start to curl with sheer sexual excitement, and as our eyes locked gazes, I knew they felt the same.

-"Right," I said, "here's what we'll do next. I know it's a small bed, but try to squeeze in here around me, and Marie, you come sit on top of me. I'm sure you know what a 'sixtynine' is, right?" She met my gaze and nodded brightly. -"Just wait a second, Marie.

While I perform cunnilingus on her, that is, while I lick her pussy, she will suck my cock. The rest of you, watch carefully when I lick her to see what I'm doing. If you want to try sucking cock, feel free to help her out, and I also like having my balls licked, so you can give that a try also. And when you think you've got a hang of how to lick pussy, feel free to pair up with the other girls in this manner, both licking each other, and if you would like to trade places with Marie, that's also ok with me.

I have set the Sensory Repeater Device to copy Marie's sensory perception to the rest of you now, so in a sense, whoever is licking her will also be licking all the others, ok? Got that? Great, Marie, come sit on my face and suck my cock please." I called up her avatar and made the necessary adjustment, switching the feedback from Jasmine to Marie.

When she straddled my face and her fantastic teenage ass filled my view, I almost climaxed from sheer visual stimuli alone, and I could hear all the girls react the same way, only their reaction was amplified by 1.5x and it sounded like one or two of them actually did climax spontaneously.

Her cheeks spread as she bent over to take my cock in her mouth, and as I felt her lips around my shaft, I licked from her mons to her clit and all the way to her perfect pink asshole in one long stroke that had her and the other girls gasping with pleasure. Sucking softly on her clit, licking it slowly, letting my tongue circle it before licking it hard, sucking it again, licking it softly, letting my fingers slip inside her, another finger and then two fingers finding their way inside her ass, I took my time to thoroughly explore her nether regions.

She had definitely sucked cock before, and was doing a good job taking my cock deep in her mouth, letting her tongue work around the rim of my glans, playing with my foreskin, jerking me in her mouth, licking my groin, sucking on my balls while wanking me.

Because she was doing such a good job, I could feel my climax building, and knew that all the girls felt the same, only stronger and mixed with Marie's own pleasure. I let my tongue slip inside her anus for a few seconds before replacing it with two fingers again and licking her clit hard and fast. She spasmed, her pussy and asshole clenching hard on my fingers. I licked her even harder, working my fingers hard in and out of her ass, pulling out and letting three fingers slip inside her ass, rubbing hard against her g-spot through the vaginal wall.

She exploded, gushing juices over my face. The concerto of moans that reached me told me the other girls were climaxing at the same time. Pulling my fingers out of her ass, I grabbed hold of Marie's hair and forced my swollen penis into her mouth, feeling her struggle for a second before giving up and letting my glans slip down her throat.

In her throes of orgasm, she gagged violently on my cock, but I kept hold of her head and pushed my cock even deeper, feeling her throat muscles massage me, and then I also exploded, filling her throat and mouth with my semen, screaming. !25 Because the multiplier was still active, I felt her go rigid on top of me and once again she squirted her juices all over my face as she and all the other girls peaked simultaneously. I held on to her head, kept her pinned on my cock, filling her throat until I felt her panic and start clawing at me.

That's when I let her go. She puked and coughed up my cum, but since my own orgasm hadn't fully abated, she was also still cumming, and I went right back to licking her clit and slid my three fingers inside her ass again, and just as naturally as I would use my fingers to manipulate her, I also deftly pushed a flow of energy through her avatar in my internal interface, tipping her over the edge again.

This third climax in a row wasn't as strong, but it still had her shivering for a long time, her ass clenching on my fingers. When I finally pulled them out, she groaned and slid off from my face, curling up among the other girls that lay around us on the bed. All of them were only semiconscious, shivering and panting with pleasure.

Since I had only climaxed twice, I recovered faster and sat up. I ran an internal check to see that my nitric oxide response in the non-adrenergic non-cholinergic parasympathetic nerves was still within tolerances, and that I hadn't overtaxed them earlier when I slammed on the activity to get an immediate erection. Everything was working just fine. I looked around the small compartment at the mass of young teens lying naked around me.

This was only the beginning. Holy shit, this was only the beginning. This collection of gorgeous young females was just the first little batch - a first test and proof of concept - and things would only get better.

I almost couldn't believe it. I just sat there for a few minutes, taking in their sheer beauty as they regained their strength, allowing myself to reach out and touch their bodies, caressing them, playing with their breasts, sliding my hands between their thighs to touch their soaking pussies, squeezing their asses playfully. This was heaven. Alas, as my sexual interest started to grow again, so did theirs, and this seemed to make them all come back to their senses faster.

Some of them started to kiss each other, and some of the others started to caress me back, reaching out their hands to play with my nipples, touching my cock and balls, a couple of them sitting up to kiss me. After a few minutes of this, my erection was back spontaneously, without needing a command through my NanoReps. My excitement was feeding theirs through their NanoRep systems, and their excitement was feeding directly back to mine through pure visual and sensory stimuli.

Because I had already cum twice, my sense of desperate need was not as strong this time, and I just leaned back and let things happen. The girls took their cues from me, straddling me with contented smiles, letting themselves sink down on my cock and slowly ride me, taking turns sitting on my face or cock, or lying down between my legs to lick my balls while another girl was riding me.

I smoothly cut off the sensory feedback from Marie to the other girls and just kept the feed going from my own pleasure centres to theirs, but lowering the multiplier to a more reasonable 0.8x. What followed was the most hypnotic and surreal experience of my life. Prior to this, I had only ever dreamt of having sex with a teenage girl from Junior High, but here I was having sex with eight of them, all at once.

All around me, the girls paired up with each other in sixtynines or just went down on each other in turns, using their lips and tongues, fingers and whole hands to bring each other off again and again. Because their sexual inhibitions were completely shut down, they had no reservations, held nothing back.

Because I had slid my fingers inside of Marie's ass before, and they had all felt that happening to themselves, they were now eagerly experimenting with anal penetration, licking and fingering each other. Time and time again, I would hear a girl or two climaxing.

One by one, they took turns using my cock, riding me slowly because I directed them to, and some of the girls letting it slide into their asses because they wanted to feel how something big would feel there. One by one they would sit on my cock and bring themselves to climax with their fingers on top of me, my cock buried in their cunt or ass.

Nothing I had experienced in my life came even close to this orgy, pleasure ebbing and flowing. Early on, I clamped down on my orgasmic response, letting my NanoReps inhibit the signals from my pudendal nerve from my penis and scrotum to my brain whenever I came too close to cumming, but after a while, I discovered that I could keep myself in check with ease all by myself.

I had somehow taught myself that skill just by showing my brain how it was done. !26 Because I allowed myself to get so close to peaking, and those pleasure signals were fed to the girls, they all came time and time again.

The female orgasmic response is beautiful in this regard. Once it gets going, it seems many women are able to achieve orgasm ten, fifteen or twenty times within a few hours, with little or no refractory period.

But when our orgy had literally gone on for hours, I sensed some of the girls were starting to suffer from fatigue. That's when I improvised again, and did something I hadn't planned on doing. While maintaining the feedback from my incentive salience and pleasure circuits to theirs, I started to remove the choke from their key orbitofrontal circuits of the right hemisphere where the basotemporal and orbitofrontal cortex connected to their limbic systems.

Basically, I gave them back their capacity to experience sexual and social inhibition. I was curious to see what would happen when they lost their complete disinhibition. But to my surprise, almost nothing changed. I had expected that at least one or two of them would cover up and appear shocked at what she was doing, but few of them even appeared to react.

That's when the realisation hit me that maybe their brains had unlearned inhibition or learned disinhibition - like I had learned how to control my own orgasm just by having the NanoReps show my brain how to do it? Jasmine, the black girl, was riding me, my cock buried deep in her ass, as her eyes widened in what looked like surprise for a few seconds and she lost her rhythm, but then her eyelids relaxed and a smile of contentment and pleasure spread on her face and she resumed her rhythm and rubbed her clit even harder, as if trying to drown out her inhibitions with pure pleasure.

Elsa, one of the blonde girls, looked up from where she was lying between Marie's legs, blushed furiously and looked about to cry for a second, but then buried her face in the hairless pussy in front of her as if to escape everyone's eyes, and kept eating out her newfound friend with abandon.

When Jasmine shuddered with another orgasm, managing to stay upright only because she was pinned with my cock in her ass and by my hands holding her up by her breasts, I felt the scene was nearing its end. It was getting harder and harder for me to hold back my orgasm, and I knew that once I came, it would be over for me.

By now, some parents would be starting to worry, maybe calling the school when they discovered their little girl wasn't answering her phone. I wanted the scene to end with a bang, though, pun intended, and I got an idea just as that thought struck me.

I let Jasmine slide off from me and stood up on shaking legs, making my way over to the small kitchen adjacent to the bedroom. The ventilation fans of the RV were equipped with CO2-sensors that made them rev up whenever the CO2 got above a certain threshold, and by now, they were definitely struggling to keep up with the oxygen consumption of our prolonged orgy.

I opened two windows to create some additional air flow, and then I pulled out two six-packs of Coca Cola from the fridge and went back to the girls. Because they hadn't received much incentive salience from my feedback circuits for a minute, the intensity of the orgy had abated at least slightly for some of them. I started sharing the cokes among the girls that were coming to their senses and we cheered the others on as one by one they climaxed, collapsed and then started to stir back to life.

After about a quarter of an hour, all remaining girls had climaxed, and by then the other girls had started clapping their hands and applauding their efforts. The last two to finish were Bianca and Moa, who had both been virgins before today, but who were now thoroughly acquainted with both female and male sexual responses and anatomy.

Agnes, the youngest girl, brought Moa to climax by fisting her pussy and licking her clit until she screamed with pleasure and collapsed. Bianca was finished by Marie and Vilma working in concert. The mood was upbeat, and even though I had completely switched off the choke on their inhibitory systems, nobody looked very uncomfortable.

Elsa was still blushing, but she wasn't hiding herself. She giggled and sipped her coke. -"Right girls, that more or less concludes our lesson, and I hope you are as pleased as I am.

I'm very happy you signed up for this course, and I hope we can all agree that what happened here today stays a secret between us. Sexuality, after all, is a little socially sensitive, and we would all feel at least a little awkward if what we did today became public knowledge." They all blushed furiously at that and eagerly nodded in agreement.

!27 -"I haven't introduced myself to you, and that is for a reason; they only way I can continue to give courses like this is if it can happen in complete secrecy. If you wish to discuss what happened today, feel free to call me "Charles" or "Charlie" - and if you ever wish to contact me, well then you have my number on your phones. Call me and leave a message on my machine, and I'll get back to you." The girls exchanged smiles at that, which spurred me on: -"Now, the female orgasmic response is peculiar in that it releases copious amounts of some neurotransmitters called prolactin, oxytocin, some endorphins and dopamine.

This facilitates social bonding, so by sharing these experiences today, you will have established bonds and in effect become a sorority. That means "sisterhood", if you didn't know that already. Other words that have been used for this are "clan" or "coven", though those have connotations that are often more religious than sexual in nature. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, however, as the Poet himself has quoth. Excuse me for rambling on like this - I'll try to be brief: What I'm trying to say is that by sharing this experience today, you have become sisters in a sense, and I hope you will affirm that this means you will all share a sense of loyalty to each other, and that you will help each other out, stay true to your promise to keep this day a secret, and - who knows - maybe even keep meeting like this to keep experimenting.

Remember that sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, but that you need to be aware that not all of society thinks of it like you will undoubtedly do from now on. Do you get what I'm saying?" Nods and smiles.

-"Great, let's drink to that, girls. Bottoms up" We drank together and exchanged solemn glances, though a couple of the girls couldn't help but giggle a bit from the sheer absurdity of the situation. Ok, I thought to myself. Now for one last experiment. I called up their group avatar on my internal interface and set the disgust- and fear overrides to dissipate slowly over the next ten minutes. If that meant it all went to hell, I could always slam the panic switch and return them to zombie mode before re-installing and re-booting.

-"Now, let's have no more of these polysyllabic sesquipedalianisms my darling bacchanalian beauties…" (Marie guffawed at that, but the others looked blank) -"…before we end our lesson today, I would like you to experience something even more beyond the ordinary than what you have hitherto experienced." (Marie laughed again at that) -"So if you would all do me the favour and get on your knees, please, and rest your chest on the mattress lifting your ass as high as you can." The sight alone when the girls acquiesced to my request was enough to set my pulse racing and for my erection to return as fast as if I had called on my NanoReps to regulate my nitric oxide response.

Even with all I had experienced today, this visual stimulus topped it all, and my sharply peaking sexual incentive salience fed immediately into their systems and made them all experience the same surging rush of dopamine that had my heart pounding so hard I had trouble breathing. Concentrating hard, I flicked the pleasure response multiplier to 2.5x what I would experience and set another sensory feedback in place from Agnes, the youngest and most petite girl of them all, to all the rest of them.

Barely thinking about the consequence of doing so, with a dreamy smile on my lips, I also fed her sensory feedback to my own. When I fucked her, I would feel like I was also getting fucked. By myself. Trippy.

-"Ok, young ladies. I have set the Sensory Repeater Device to let all of you experience what Agnes is experiencing. Feel free to rub yourselves if you want to, but keep your asses high so I can see them all, and pretend that I am fucking you.

I'm not going to go easy on you, so brace yourselves." With that, I planted my feet wide on the floor and directed the tip of my cock toward Agnes' sweet little pussy. We had fucked before, so I knew I would fit, but that she was definitely the smallest and tightest of them all. I spat on her to lube the entry, and then I pushed inside, feeling as if I was about to explode just from the visual stimulus in front of me.

Her tight little ass was so very petite. I sank inside her almost to the hilt in a single thrust. !28 The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt. Because her hypogastric, pelvic, pudendal and vagal nerve bundles weren't completely a match for mine due to our different anatomies, I can't describe the feeling.

It wasn't as if someone had penetrated my ass at the same time, but almost like that. I felt it in my whole groin, in my scrotum, almost as if squeezing or hitting my testicles. There was some pain, but also an aching pressure and intense pleasure. This fed back to her and the other girls, making them all groan and push back toward me as if I was fucking each and every one of them simultaneously.

I pulled out and pushed back in, deeper and harder. The feeling almost overwhelmed me, and a few of the girls grunted and sobbed with pleasure. Getting used to the strange but intensely arousing feeling, I slowly moved inside the petite girl, impaling her on my cock. I lost my sense of time and don't know if I pumped faster and faster inside her, or if I let it go on for long, fucking her slowly all the time.

I just know that it was the best physical sensation I had ever had, the sensation of fucking her tight little pussy mixing with the outlandish sensation of being fucked myself. Some of the girls had already climaxed, but the feedback from my pleasure would not let up. And if it felt this good for me, what must they have felt?

Looking down on their perfect teenage asses, I experienced a surge of sexual urgency the likes of which I had never felt before. I. Was. Fucking. All. Of. Them… and… I pulled out before it was too late and felt myself right on the edge. The girls were all well beyond the point of no return, some of them simply screaming, some grunting, panting and shivering with an orgasm that never let up.

So I put my cock against Agnes' little rosebud and slowly sank inside her ass. The pain was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I felt as if someone was working a baseball bat inside my own ass. Because I felt the same sensation, I had to control myself and work myself in slowly. Pull out, push in, let up the pressure, then sink in again, slowly working my cock in inch by inch. When I felt her small buttcheeks press against my groin, having buried my cock all the way inside her, I pulled out almost all the way and then sank down and in again, all in one hard thrust.

My eyes unfocused, barely conscious of what was going on, I started fucking them. Myself. Us. I exploded inside her ass, releasing my pent-up semen deep inside her, pushing myself in to the root, feeling myself in my own ass, pushing against my own prostate as it was pulsing.

This was… Impossibly good. Still barely conscious of what I was doing, I cranked the nitrous oxide regulation to stay erect, forcing my brain not to release the prolactin and oxytocin that would send it into a refractory phase. My cock still erect, I kept fucking them up the ass, hard, deep, hard, deep, feeling myself riding the climax through peak after peak, fucking myself, fucking them. Then, blackout. Whiteout. Pure pleasure completely overwhelming me, my cock and prostate the centre of my universe, the sensation of falling, exploding, releasing everything inside that tiny little ass, her cheeks pressed against me, their screams deafening.

The thud as I crashed down on the floor barely felt, only heard. !29 Chapter 8. In which I come to my senses.

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So, dear reader. What would you do if you woke up naked in an RV with eight naked girls who are definitely underage and who are alive and breathing but all seem to be comatose? Panic? That's what I did. Fuck, fuck, fuck, what have I done? That's about all I could think for a few minutes that seemed like many hours. I slapped their cheeks and tried to revive them, jolted their brains with surges of NanoRep electricity, saw them twitch and jerk, but not regain consciousness. Fuck. This was bad.

Very soon, someone was going to call the cops, and they would start searching. Someone would remember seeing a large RV parked outside school around the time that the missing girls disappeared.

The hunt would begin, and more cops would be brought in from other parts of the country - parts where people were not infected by my NanoReps. This would escalate fast. Fuck. Drive my RV to the school and park it outside?

Leave the doors open so that someone would find the girls? Not good. If they didn't wake up, someone was going to give them CAT-scans, and their brains would be shredded to bits because the NanoReps were magnetic and would fly all over the place in such a strong magnetic field.

That was a complication I had thought about before, but had never worried about because the whole thing seemed so far-fetched. Ok, so I could not let anyone find them like this. Oh fuck, what had I done? Drive away to some remote location, kill them and dump their bodies where they would never be found? No, damn it, that would simply be wrong. I couldn't live with myself if I did such a thing. Ok. No returning them in this state, because that would mean at least one of them would wind up in a CAT-scan and get her brain shredded.

No psycho killer stuff. That meant I was going to have to bring them to a hospital and confess to the whole thing, making sure they weren't subjected to CAT-scans. Would they believe my story? Maybe not, but… I could use my NanoRep persuasion on the hospital staff maybe? That would be difficult to improvise, but - possible? Yes. That was my best bet. Fuck. I put on clothes and made my way to the front compartment.

Tried to drive off without raising the support struts that kept the RV stable. They made a terrible noise, and a couple of them broke off before I came partially to my senses and went outside to raise them.

That took me a few minutes, because some of them were bent so badly that I had to hammer on them for a while before they were straight enough to raise without pinching. When I got back inside the RV, I got the best surprise of my life. Marie and Elsa had stirred to life when the cold, fresh air hit them. -"What… What happened?" asked Marie. -"The others are asleep back there, and we can't wake them up!" Elsa looked worried, and was clearly trying to cover up, holding one hand in front of her groin and covering her breasts with the other arm.

Nearly fainting with relief, I called up the group avatar and slammed the disinhibition choke in place and cut off their fear responses. -"Oh, you can't believe how happy I am that you're awake!" I said, letting them see my undisguised relief. Then I caught myself and took a couple of deep breaths to regain some of my composure before going on, improvising as I went; "It malfunctioned.

The… uh… Sensory Repeater Device. It overloaded your sensory systems, and you all fainted. Me too." Close enough to the truth.

"Are you ok? How do you feel?" -"I'm ok. My head aches and I feel a bit sick, but I'm ok." said Marie, looking curiously at me and then at Elsa. -"Yeah, same. Ok. But what about the others?" -"Let's check on them, ok?" I said.

Elsa turned and walked back toward the bedroom, but Marie stared intently at me for a couple of really long seconds before raising a quizzical eyebrow. !30 -"What?" I asked, feeling cold shivers go through me and preparing to slam the panic button and send her into zombie mode. -"Nothing. Let's try and wake the others." She turned around and stepped inside the RV.

I didn't know what to make of the look she gave me, but shrugged it off for the moment and joined them in the effort of trying to coax the other girls back to consciousness. For the next thirty minutes or so, one by one, the other girls started stirring and waking up.

I wasn't able to tell from their avatars exactly what was wrong in their brains, but I could tell that activity was low in many regions of their limbic systems, and that their neocortex had trouble lighting up.

I suspected that the prolonged activity in their pleasure centres had somehow depleted one or other neurotransmitter, or maybe released too much of it so that some kind of inhibitory feedback had been activated, but since I had no accurate way of seeing their neurotransmitter levels other than by inference from the levels of electrical signalling in different systems of their brains, I could not be sure.

Now that they were waking up, though, they were probably out of the woods and things would settle back to normal on their own. Despite being very anxious to return the girls to their parents as soon as possible, I focused on taking care of them when they woke up, giving them something to drink and eat out of my wellstocked supplies, asking them to shower and freshen up once they had regained their strength, and then to put on their clothes.

I gave them Paracetamol for the headache. The nausea settled on its own once they drank a sugared beverage and got their glucose levels back up. The mood was subdued until they were all back on their feet and starting to feel better.

They spoke softly to each other, as if loud speech hurt their ears. Probably, their sensory systems were a bit raw and sensitive, I figured. Gradually, their mood seemed to improve, and I started to see more smiles as they discussed what had happened and explained to each other about the "malfunctioning Sensory Repeater Device" that had overloaded their senses and knocked them unconscious. Apparently, they accepted that story as the truth.

I could tell from their avatars that the block I had re-established to keep them from experiencing fear was a good thing. The experience would have caused them some degree of mental trauma, judging from the way their prefrontal cortex was trying to communicate to their amygdala that it should trigger release of cortisol and other stress hormones.

They probably knew on an intellectual level that they ought to be frightened by what had happened, but with the block in place, they simply didn't feel very concerned. As I scanned them, I felt eyes on me and looked up from my introspective use of the internal interface to see Marie looking at me with a neutral expression.

We locked gazes for a long time, and I was starting to feel panic rising before I saw that a smile was creeping up on her face. A strong sense of relief rushed through me, and I could see that she saw it too, and that it made her smile ever more. I wondered what she was thinking, and how much she understood. Did she even believe my story?

I'd have to deal with that later, but for now, she apparently didn't constitute a threat to the stability of the situation. When the last girl got out of the shower and started to get dressed, I had come to a decision. -"Ok, girls, if I could have your attention for a minute…" Their discussions ceased immediately. -"What happened to us was really unfortunate. I'm relieved to see that you are doing ok, but I have no excuses for what happened.

The SRD malfunctioning like that is inexcusable, because it put you all to risk. All I can do is to sincerely apologise, and hope that you will forgive me for what happened…" I trailed off and met their eyes. They were silent for a few seconds, and then Jasmine spoke: -"Hey, Charlie, I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was totally worth it.

I wouldn't want to experience it again right now, but if you'd let us come back for another lesson like this next week, I'd be game for that." She gave me a beaming smile and looked at the others, who nodded their approval and replied with variations on the same theme.

They all thought it was the best experience of their lives, but a bit too intense. They would definitely all do it again, though. Elin, who seemed to have recovered completely by now, even went so far as to ask if I'd be willing to schedule another lesson with them next week. Some of them looked hesitant, but the consensus !31 seemed to be that another lesson would be a great idea, but maybe the next week over, and if I'd try to fix the SRD so that it didn't overload them… The sense of relief was like a cool breeze on a hot and humid day.

I breathed a deep sigh and smiled genuinely at the girls. -"Ok, how about Thursday two weeks from now? I'll pick you up right by your school in the morning." -"But what about our ordinary lessons?" asked Bianca.

-"That's ok. I'll speak to your teachers and explain that you are attending my class. None of them know exactly what my class is about, but I'm well respected and they generally let students get a day off to attend my lessons." I lied, but knew that calling the teachers to arrange a day off for these girls would be easy, because I could use their NanoRep systems to put them in the right state of mind, as I had done with my telesales campaign. The girls all seemed to accept what I had said completely, their suspicions allayed by their inability to fully connect with their limbic systems and possibly because their neocortex still wasn't working very well.

The only one showing signs of disbelief was Marie, who smiled and raised that quizzical eyebrow again when I met her gaze. I gave her a wry smile in return. -"Ok, so we've agreed that what happened today will remain our little secret, because while we know there was nothing wrong with what we did, we all know it would be more than a little socially awkward if it got out, and that it's in everyone's interest to stay silent. Thursday two weeks from now, I pick you up outside of school, and we'll have another lesson much like this one.

I'll get your teachers to give you permission, and you don't need to speak to them about it. In fact, I'd like you to promise not to. I'll take care of that. Are we agreed?" Nods and mumbled approval, shy smiles shared. -"Great. Now, if you would like to meet up on your own to conduct further experiments like this, that's entirely up to you. I would absolutely encourage it, though.

It's good to find out about what your bodies are capable of, and I hope that today has showed you that sexuality can be a lot of fun once you let go of some inhibitions and social norms." Again, nods of approval and even broader smiles. Glances of shared understanding exchanged. This looked good. -"So, where shall I drop you off? Will the parking lot behind the pizza place on Linnaeus Street be ok? That's close to school, but pretty private?" The girls all seemed fine with that, so I told them to grab what they wanted from my food supplies while I drove them back into town.

They settled in the U-shaped sofa in the back of the RV and I went up front. When I drove off, I wasn't surprised to notice that Marie had followed me, and that she sat down next to me, on the passenger seat. She was silent for a few minutes, but we exchanged glances whenever I could take my eyes off the road.

-"I have a feeling you want to ask me something, Marie?" -"It's not true about the device malfunctioning, is it?" She asked, but without animosity. -"I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you after, "I joked and smiled at her to let her know I wasn't being serious.

-"That device is just a wifi router. We have ones very like it at school, same chassis, same brand. Those ninnies back there are rather dim, and for some reason they've not picked up on the fact than none of them even recollect how we got here today. They just seem to accept that we've all attended your 'special sex-ed lesson'. Like their critical thinking is shut down or something." Her tone was still neutral. I checked her avatar just to be sure, but there were no signs of aggression.

-"So what you're saying is that you don't fall for it?" -"You've got it, mister." We exchanged glances again. She smiled faintly. -"Ok, here's what we'll do," I sighed "I'm going to remove all interferences I'm currently running with your brain, set everything to neutral.

If you go for my throat, I'll switch you off, and you will wake up somewhere safe but with no memory of what has happened today or for the last few days even. You have nothing to fear from me. I would never hurt you, kid, because I like your style, but I would rather be safe than sorry, so don't do anything unexpected, ok?" She looked at me for a long time while we waited at a red light, but before we could drive off, she simply nodded and gave me another quick smile.

!32 I concentrated on her avatar for a second in my interface and removed every control I had in place, except for the emergency switch. She blinked and opened her mouth as if in surprise for a second, but quickly composed herself. I saw only faint activity in the regions of her amygdala that controlled her fear response. I waited. She stayed silent for a long time while we got closer to the part of town where I would drop them off. We could hear giggles and laughter from the other girls.

-"So, what are you planning on doing with them?" She finally ventured. -"About me?" I hesitated for a minute before deciding that honestly was probably the best route. There was always the panic switch if it didn't work. -"I think I'll leave the fear-block in place and have it dissipate slowly over the next few days.

That way, they can remain blissfully at peace with all that happened today. I won't tamper with their memory, but I'll put an alarm system in place so that I can tell if something goes wrong with them - like if they tell their parents something and all hell breaks loose.

I'll detect high levels of agitation and listen in." -"So you're saying you can monitor us - everyone - from a distance? Looking into our heads?" Still, she showed no signs of serious agitation, but her amygdala was starting to light up a bit more. -"Yeah, that's right kiddo. Does that make you uncomfortable?" She was silent for less than two seconds before answering. -"If you really can, you don't even need to ask, do you? You know the answer to that question?" She was quick on the uptake, for sure.

-"True. You find that thought more than just a little uncomfortable, but you're not afraid of me for some reason. You feel you can trust that my intentions are good, and you believe me when I say you have nothing to fear from me, but you wonder what I will do with you now that I have told you this," I ventured, trying my best to make sense of what I was seeing in her limbic system and from what regions in her forebrain I could see being active.

I could see the spark of intense curiosity as what I had said took hold. -"And you're really curious to know how this works." That made her smile broadly. -"Oh, you're good uncle Charlie," she laughed, "not perfect, but pretty darn close. If you take a right here, the route behind the library is closer." I blinked right and followed her directions. -"Uncle Charlie? Mister?

Do I detect sarcasm, little girl?" I smiled warmly at her. -"I don't know a single thing about you, mister, but not so long ago we had sex and you had your tongue up my arse while you fucked my face. I'm not in the habit of having sex with middle-aged men I don't know, and in a sense what you did was rape, because while I definitely consented at the time and enjoyed the whole thing, that consent was something you wrested from my brain.

So you will forgive me for thinking you're a bit of a psychopath, mister?" -"And yet you're not afraid of me?" I was surprised to see that her avatar was not lighting up with fear as she analysed the situation.

Instead, I could see a faint smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye, and her avatar showed subtle signs of sexual response and incentive salience. "In fact, not only are you not afraid of me, you want me to use you like that again, don't you?" She laughed softly at that.

-"I don't need to answer that. You've already seen it. Would you care to tell me how you are doing this now?" I didn't answer immediately, because I was pulling up at the back of the parking lot behind the pizza parlour. -"Let's just drop the others off, and we can keep speaking for a while. They need to get home soon, or their parents will start to worry about them." We all took our brief farewells, inside the RV so as not to be seen, and then the girls walked off, chatting and giggling, clearly having bonded and formed a sorority, much as I had described to !33 them.

-"See you Thursday, Charlie!" Jasmine shouted as they walked away. Marie laughed by my side. -"Why aren't they even curious?" she asked. "Don't they realise something is a little off?" I gave that some thought, while she waited. -"I honestly don't know," I confessed. "But I think it has something to do with something called cognitive dissonance. Do you know what that is?" -"Not precisely… but it must mean something like when you have two thoughts that both seem true, but they can't both be true at the same time, so you have to reject one of them?" -"You're fourteen years old, Marie?" -"Aye, captain!" she smiled.

-"You're very intelligent for a fourteen year old, do you know that?" -"Well, duh!" -"Fine. I don't know if I was as intelligent as you when I was your age, young lady.

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But anyhow. I think cognitive dissonance is at play, and it's precisely what you guessed it is. When I, for want of a better word, kidnapped you today, I shut off the regions of your brains that inhibit sexual response.

The parts of the brain that know that certain sexual behaviours are naughty and must be kept secret and only acted upon when you are certain no-one knows, and which make sure your sexual impulses don't run amok." -"Yeah, that was pretty obvious. But where does cognitive dissonance come into play?" -"Toward the end of our orgy, I released the disinhibition while everyone was going at it.

One part of their brains was telling them that what they were doing was completely unacceptable, but other regions were telling them everything was wonderful. I think the latter overrode the former, and that any thought about how you came to be in this situation in the first place was somehow voted down as a defense mechanism when your brains had to decide what version of reality was the correct one." -"Theirs.

Not mine. Why?" -"You try answering that yourself, Marie. I think I have a clue, but since you're a bright young lady, give it a try." She frowned and thought for a minute.

-"Because there was very little cognitive dissonance in my case?" -"Got it in one, kiddo." -"That's the second time you've called me kiddo, mister. Have you considered what that word implies about you, as a middle aged man?" -"Some words come to mind, that's for sure.

But I don't mind. I honestly see nothing wrong with a middle aged man having sexual impulses toward sexually mature young women. Hebephilia makes evolutionary sense in gynephilic males." -"You're using fancy polysyllabic words again… mister… are you trying to impress me?" -"Judging from your current limbic system response, I'm not just trying, I'm succeeding." -"Fuck you, mister." -"I already did." She laughed at that, and laid the banter aside.

-"So because I didn't have many sexual inhibitions in the first place, when you released our brains to respond as they naturally would, all the other girls experienced stronger cognitive dissonance than I, and therefore their brains shut off certain faculties for critical thinking along with shutting down their social inhibitions, whereas my brain just shrugged my remaining inhibitions aside without causing any greater shut-downs?

Something like that?" -"Something like that. I can't be sure, but it's the best theory I can come up with." -"I don't believe that's the whole story, but maybe that explains part of it." -"What would you like to add?" -"I don't know. That I'm bright and they are all empty-headed ninnies, perhaps?" -"You know, Marie, I really like that explanation.

Like I said, I like your style, kiddo." We laughed again. -"I'm hungry. Wanna buy me some pizza, uncle Charlie?" She finally said. -"Your parents won't be worried that you come home late?" !34 -"I live with my mom only, and she's out of town until Sunday.

My boyfriend was to come over later tonight, but I think he can probably survive a night in the company of just his porn and his hairy palms." -"Ok, kiddo, I'll buy you pizza, but only if you send him a message saying that you're ill and will speak to him tomorrow, so that he doesn't have to worry about you." -"You know, Charlie, you're a very considerate guy… for a serial rapist." She smiled and took out her phone and started it.

I wasn't sure how to respond to that, so I remained silent while we walked around to the front of the pizza parlour. !35 Chapter 9. In which I recruit the first member of my harem. An hour later, I had explained to Marie how I was able to control other people's brains by simple wifi-signals to receivers I had installed inside their heads, where I had wired a control system into the complex structures that handled the basic functions of their minds.

I drew sketches and diagrams and explained about hormones and neurotransmitters, the connectome of the human brain, the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex and how they work in concert and how our emotions regulate thinking - and the other way around - by forming inhibitory or excitatory feedback circuits.

How humans brains aren't all that complicated in comparison to cats, but that frogs and fish have only basic systems in comparison to the neocortex of mammals. I told her about the nano-scale robots I had spread to hundreds of thousands of people, and how I could shut off the brains of almost everyone within a twenty mile radius, as long as they were infected and within reach of wifi. Because she had experienced first hand the level of control I had over her and the other young girls, she didn't doubt me, but asked many questions about the particulars of how everything worked.

I answered all her questions, except for the ones that had to do with who I was and how I had come to have access to technology this advanced. -"So, if I wanted to escape from your influence," she said, as we both sipped from our post-pizza coffee cups, "I could make myself a tinfoil hat to wear as a faraday cage to block out the wifisignal?" She smiled at me, and used a toothpick to dislodge a stubborn flake of oregano from between her teeth.

-"That would probably work, yeah," I agreed, "but knitting a mesh out of thin copper wire and making yourself a faraday hat would probably work even better. You've read about faraday cages in physics then?" -"Nah, saw that in a documentary. I don't think Faraday will be in our curriculum until senior high.

Still, I don't think I'll make a hat." She put down the toothpick and locked eyes with me to let the significance of that simple statement sink in. I felt goosebumps all over as the pilomotor reflex set in at the realisation.

She saw my reaction and smiled. My mouth was suddenly dry, so I had to start twice. -"You mean. You mean you would like to… uh. give yourself to me?" -"Essentially," she confirmed, "While I still do find what you did to us today to be morally reprehensible, or objectionable at the very least, I won't deny it was the best experience of my life. I've had sex many times before, with my current boyfriend and others before him, but it's never been even remotely close to this good.

I have a feeling you are planning on doing things like that again, with other girls here in the city and maybe elsewhere, am I right?" I simply nodded. -"If I had access to this technology you possess, here's what I'd do: I'd get rich quick by thinking up some scheme to rob a bank or two, or maybe rig a lottery, and then I would drop off the face of the earth and build myself a good home somewhere and stay low, while making sure to suck the marrow out of life." -"Dead Poet's Society reference?" -"Yeah, saw it last week.

Thoreau, wasn't it? Anyhow. Am I close?" -"More or less spot on. But why would I want to stay low and drop off the face of the earth?" -"Simple.

Because stealing military property is dangerous." My jaw dropped at that, and she saw it. -"So I'm right about that?" -"Somewhat. Not exactly - it's complicated - but there was a theft involved, yes, and it's military technology. You realise this makes it rational for me to fry your memory and leave you on the front porch of your boyfriend, right?" -"Of course. But I don't think you will." -"Why not?" !36 -"Because you can see inside my head and know that I'm speaking the truth when I say what I'm about to say…" she said slowly.

-"Go on." -"Take me with you. You like how I look, and you sure liked fucking me, and I would simply love to have what happened to me today happen again and again. I don't think I could ever experience pleasure like that any other way than through becoming your pet.

And I really wouldn't mind giving up my autonomy, as long as I get thrills and pleasures of that magnitude in exchange. With autonomy comes responsibility, and my life pretty much sucks anyway. School sucks, at any rate. I'm bored to death every day. Take me away, show me the world, give me pleasure to make my brain melt every day, and I will be your loyal slave or pet or whatever." She smiled warmly when she said it, then blushed and looked down for the first time since I had met her.

-"You're a remarkable young lady, do you know that… kiddo?" -"Yes uncle" she said with a mischievous smile. -"Come," I said, and stood up. I put a couple of large denomination bills on the table to cover the food, and nodded at the serving staff as we left.

I brought her back to the RV. When we got inside, I put my hands on her shoulders and looked searchingly into her eyes for a time. I had already made my decision, but wanted to see it in her eyes as well. She looked imploringly at me, like a sad puppy. -"Ok, pet. You can come with me." Her eyes brimmed with tears and she hugged me fiercely, then began kissing me and thanking me profusely.

-"Hey, hey, slow down young lady. Slow down. We need to think this through carefully." -"But I have thought it through already! And you said I could!" she objected. -"That's not what I meant. You can come. You'll be my pet, and I will give you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams and all that, just like you described, but we need to figure out the details." -"Oh, that," she smiled happily, "that's easy." -"Yeah? How do we spirit you away from your mom and boyfriend and everyone you know at school?" -"No problem." she said quickly, then paused to think for a while as if to catch up with her thoughts.

"I'll talk to mom and Eric and tell them that I've received a scholarship for gifted students because I won a maths competition. I did win such a competition last month - best result in my age group, you know. We fake scholarship papers from some prestigious university on the other side of the world, give my mother some paperwork to sign, contracts, the lot - and you dull her senses while I discuss these things with her, so that she accepts them without question.

You can do that, can't you?" -"I can say with absolute confidence that I can, yes. I've done it before. And we do the same with your school, I guess. Yeah, that will work." She threw her arms around me again.

And that, dear reader, was yet another of those moments that I would have to describe as the hitherto best moment of my life. I almost couldn't believe my luck. I had found this wonderful young girl on my very first expedition. Bright as a button and a stunning beauty. A keeper. I could tell she became a little disappointed when I told her I wouldn't let her stay at my place that night or even let her know where I lived, and that I didn't want to spend the night at her place either, despite her mom being out of town.

She wanted to have sex again, and because she was only fourteen year old, her brain had already recovered significantly from the overload earlier that day. My brain and body, however, had not. I could push myself, but that wouldn't be safe. Instead, I drove her home in my RV and dropped her off, wishing her good night. At least, that's what I intended to do. -"Wait," she said as I had kissed her goodbye and was about to shut the passenger door, "can't you, like, rig my brain for some extra pleasure at least?

Please?" -"Tell you what, my pet. Since you ask so nicely, I'll do that. Wait." I concentrated for a few seconds, calling up her avatar and zooming in on her brain. I had contemplated and researched this before, so I had a hunch about how it could be done. !37 -"There are four nerve bundles responsible for sending signals from your genital region to your brain. They are called the hypogastric, pelvic, pudendal and vagal nerve bundles" I said, and as I spoke their names, I triggered each in turn.

She gasped in surprise. -"So what I'll do for you is this. You let me know what feels really good, ok? Here's the hypogastric bundle again." I triggered the branches of that bundle that connected to her uterus and cervix, and that closely matched how my own prostate was connected to my brain.

-"That feels like… Oh, holy shit. Like you're fucking me and coming really deep inside me, stretching… oh. Oh my God." I stored the stimulation pattern away as a file in my interface.

-"Yeah. I saw how those signals look when you girls rode my cock. I'm trying to emulate them. Now let's try adding the pelvic nerve.

Where to you feel this?" -"That's… uhhh. fuck… harder please. Yeah, that's my ass." I stored that away as a file and shifted to some of the other branches of that bundle.

-"Ow, that hurts. That's my cervix. oh… FUCK! YES! That's the spot. That's my g-spot." Stored. -"Get in here, pet. You can't stand here on the street and make noises like that." She came inside and sat on the passenger seat again. When she had closed the door, I massaged her pelvic nerve branches again. Harder, but more selectively this time. I could see her pleasure centres light up like a christmas tree, almost reaching orgasmic levels.

Her upper lip curled up with pleasure and her nostrils widened. -"How does that feel, pet?" -"Like you're… fucking my… ass and pussy… at the same time… don't… stop, please!" Stored.

I stopped stimulating her and enjoyed the look of resentment and frustration she shot me. -"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, pet. Here's your pudendal bundle. That's the penis and scrotum for a man, but the clitoris and labia for a woman, ok?

Is this too hard?" I slowly stroked some of the branches, paying close attention to how her pleasure centres reacted. Then I gradually ramped up the intensity until she was again about to come. Stored the pattern. -"You fucker." Was all she said, breathing hard. -"Hush now, pet. Next, here are the parts of your vagus nerve that signal from your uterus, cervix and vagina. Let me know when it feels like being fisted.

I saw you tried that today." I gradually ramped up the intensity of my stimulation, focusing on the branches from her vagina, but involving her cervix and uterus too.

Very soon, I had her squirming and moaning. I ramped it up even further, seeing her pleasure centres almost peak and she very vocally let me know it felt like being fisted really hard. I stored the pattern away. I was enjoying her reactions.

I was getting highly aroused, sporting a massive erection and beginning to feel that maybe I would like to come inside with her and fuck her hard. -"Good job, pet. Now you know what I can do to your body. Now, here's what I'd like you to do.

Pinch your nipples so hard it hurts." She looked quizzically at me, but obeyed. I registered the pattern of signals that reached her brain from her breasts and stored it away as a file, just as I had done with my own manipulations of her nerve bundles. -"Good job, pet. Now how would you like to turn things off?" -"What do you mean?" -"What you did with your breasts right now, that was the 'ON'-button.

The trigger. Now we need a command that will let you turn the stimulation off again. Got any suggestions?" -"Are you pulling my leg?" -"That was almost funny, sweetheart. Pun intended?" -"Sort of. How about if I pull my earlobes to turn things off?" -"Not strong enough.

There's a signal to noise ratio that we need to get well and truly above. Here, how about you press your thumbnail into the cuticle of your other thumbnail?

I'll show you - like this." I took her left hand and pressed my thumbnail into the cuticle of her thumbnail. She screamed with pain. I saved the signal. -"You fuck!" she said, pulling her hand away from me and glaring.

-"Well. You see, it has to be a strong signal, because otherwise it might not get through to the NanoReps inside your head. It's a transient pain, and you can handle it, right?" -"I suppose so. So what do you intend to do?" !38 -"First, pet, I'm going to follow you inside. We'll take a shower together, and then we'll fuck, just like you wanted. For some reason, I feel I'm getting in the mood, and I'm not feeling so tired any longer," she beamed at me, "and then we'll see what happens.

I was thinking about setting up a stimulation cycle with those four nerve bundles we tried just now, and giving you the ability to trigger that stimulation by squeezing your nipples and to shut it off by pressing your cuticle." -"That would be amazing!" -"I'm glad you like the idea.

Tell you what, let's go inside now." We spent a really long time together in her shower, soaping each other up, cuddling, kissing and caressing. This was the second time that day I soaped her nether regions, but I must say that doing it while she was conscious was a lot more fun. Feeling her soft flesh beneath my hands, her perfect skin and her hard, lithe, petite little body, staring into her eyes, set in that perfect face… it was sublime!

In my interface, I could see that even without augmentation, she was responding similarly, not only enjoying my touch, but getting off on applying soap to me and feeling my hard cock between her hands. No need to amplify her incentive salience response by connecting it to mine - she actually didn't mind that I was more than twice her age!

That really came as a surprise to me, and made me really grateful I had opted to turn off all NanoRep augmentation of her responses for the moment. While kissing her deeply and massaging her breast as she was slowly stroking my cock and rubbing my balls, I concentrated for a second on my internal interface and set up a few new variable controls for the four stimulation channels we had explored together, assigning them weights, adding sinusoid oscillating cycles, adjusting frequency and amplitude, adding a random sequencer.

In my interface, this was as easy as linking up pre-defined shader nodes in a graphics engine, only I could do it with the speed of thought while only diverting a fraction of my attention away from how her hands felt on my cock or how her lips and tongue felt against mine.

Smiling to myself, I transferred the instruction set to her NanoRep system and linked the ON/OFF trigger commands to her nipples and her left cuticle as we had prepared. Then, since I was already fondling her breasts, I pinched her nipples between my fingers and slowly began squeezing them harder.

-"Oww, that's too ha— UHHH— Oh fuck!" -"What was that, sweetie? Too much?" I looked at the stimulation cycle that had started running and saw that it was using all four channels, applying steady stimulation to the pudendal bundle while varying the stimulation amplitude of her pelvic channel at a slow 0.5 Hz sinusoid curve. -"It's like… you're fucking my… ass and pussy really… slow and deep and… licking me… and fisting me and… oh fuck… oh fuck" She held on to my neck and put her head against my chest, and I put my arms around her to steady her as the cycle went on, at random intervals changing some of the stimulation parameters.

It took her less than two minutes to climax, and when she did, she screamed so loud I had to put my hand over her mouth to silence her or risk my hearing. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, since the stimulation cycle kept running. Her screaming subsided for a while, and I leaned down to greedily kiss her, but very soon the stimulation brought her to another peak, and her knees bucked so that I had to hold her up. She grunted something inarticulate and let herself collapse in my arms as she shook and writhed.

-"Do you remember about the off-button, pet?" This orgasm also seemed to go on for a long time, and when it started to wane, she tried to regain her feet and then squeezed her cuticle. I saw the stimulation cycle halt, and how her pleasure centres pulsed with the afterglow. She supported herself on me for a while, breathing heavily, and when she had composed herself, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me violently. -"That…" she said, when she came up for air, "was amazing." -"I'm glad to hear," I said, "but it seems very intense.

Shouldn't it be a bit less, so that it can build up for longer?" !39 -"No way! It's fucking amazing. It's not like the real thing, it feels way different than actually being fucked or licked or fisted, but it's every bit as good… Almost better in a way, but it makes me want the real thing.

Will you fuck me, please?" I just smiled in response, and kissed her beautiful face again. Then we finished the shower and she nearly dragged me into her bedroom. Having missed out on the opportunity of making out with a stunning fourteen-year-old girl in her own bedroom when I was her age, I was thoroughly enjoying myself as we lay together and kissed as I let my hands explore her body.

She was really eager to have my cock inside her, but I was enjoying the experience so much I almost wanted it to go on forever. The smell of her room itself, not to speak of the scent of her slept-in bed, was intensely arousing. Strong fruity perfume, lotions and make-up, fresh teenage sweat and hormones - it was an intoxicating blend. I smiled to myself as we kissed.

-"What?" she said, "Why are you smiling? Why don't you want to fuck me?" -"Oh, I want to fuck you, pet - that's for sure - I'm just not in a rush. Would you believe that I never fucked a girl until I was twenty?" -"Really?" -"Yeah, perhaps that's why I'm so attracted to teens your age.

I missed out on that whole teenage sex thing. Never had sex with a woman younger than twenty until just a couple of weeks ago." She looked curiously at me while slowly stroking my balls. -"So you haven't had this… um. NanoRep-technology for very long?" -"No, I only invented it these last months." -"You know, there really are girls who like older men like you." -"When you're my age, you don't consider yourself an 'older man' per se…" -"Yeah, I know, I meant older than themselves, you know.

How old are you?" -"A bit under forty. Are you one of those girls who like older guys?" -"Sure. Not exclusively or anything. Eric is only seventeen. Previous boyfriend was twenty… When I was twelve." She smiled when she said that last bit, as if she were imparting something secret. -"So did you or he initiate that relationship, pet?" She smiled more broadly, as if I had picked up on just the right detail.

-"I did. Told him I was sixteen. I don't think he really believed me, because I know I almost look younger than my age, but at least I gave him an excuse that might hold up in court, you know." I laughed at that. -"I wish I had met someone like you when I was your age, pet." -"Well, you're making up for whatever you missed out on now…" -"I guess you were right before though, Marie, when you called me a rapist?" -"I've given that some thought.

You want to hear what I think?" I hesitated. -"I'm not sure I—" -"I've reconsidered the word. You said you blocked some kind of inhibition in us, right? Then that means we really did consent to what happened. Part of us didn't, but that part was silenced, so that means we felt like we were giving consent freely." -"But you weren't. You weren't giving consent freely - I was manipulating that part of you that would be capable of objecting to—" -"Yeah, but I don't believe we ever have a free will.

It's all just an illusion when we feel we do. Our will is always constrained by chemical reactions and connections in our brains, and those obey the laws of physics, right?" -"You're very bright for a fourteen-year-old, Marie, is what I think." -"Yes, you said before, and I know that.

But what I'm getting at is that our autonomy is just an illusion anyway. It's trivially true that if we wanted to act differently in any situation, we could have acted differently, but we couldn't have wanted to act differently unless we were physically different at that time. That's determined." -"And that makes what I did less rape somehow?" -"In a sense.

The important part of rape is that it happens in violation of consent, or if you gain consent by intimidation or coercion." -"So using nano-robots to manipulate someone's brain doesn't constitute coercion?" !40 -"Not if you are only blocking an inhibition and letting parts of the brain that actually want a thing act freely.

The capacity for consenting to the action was there in the first place. It's not like you made any part of our brains want something it didn't have the capacity to want before." -"I'm not convinced by your line of reasoning, pet. I want to agree with you, because that would ease my conscience about what I did, and what I am about to do, but I really feel that taking control of other people's brains amounts to rape, or even something more sinister than that, I just can't think of a better word.

It's like… the ultimate violation of integrity." -"And yet you do it." She said, smiling at me, putting her hand on my chest. -"And yet I do it. And the excuse I will use for myself is that I'm very hesitant to hurt people badly. I really do want people to experience pleasure." -"I don't think you need excuses." she murmured softly, "There really is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so." -"Hamlet?" -"Duh!" -"I guess I have a hard time transcending morality.

Emotionally, I mean. When I seek pleasure, I can sometimes act nihilistically, but then remorse sets in after, and I feel bad about it. Wouldn't you?" -"Probably.

That's how we evolved, to feel guilt and remorse, shame, all of that. Doesn't make it so, though. Like redness." She played with her fingers in my chest-hair.

-"Redness?" -"Yeah, the subjective experience of seeing the colour red. It's just wavelenghts of electromagnetic radiation really, exciting… uh… rods or cones in our retina - I don't remember which - and then becoming a pattern in our brains. That pattern is what we call red and experience as redness." -"So you say objective morality doesn't exist, it's just our brains making subjective morality up as an interpretation of a reality that is just as devoid of morality as it is devoid of real colours?" -"Yup." -"So if I raped you right now, I wouldn't be doing something wrong?" I looked into her refulgent eyes and saw no hesitation in them as she replied.

-"Not objectively, no. I'd not like it, and you would feel remorse, so there would be consequences neither of us would like, and you know that, and therefore you won't do it. Simple as that. There is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so." -"Yeah, I agree with you. I think the quote is 'nothing either good or bad', by the way." -"Thanks. But from a subjective viewpoint, pleasure is better than pain. And you get off on causing other people to feel pleasure, so I guess I ought to feel very lucky that you're not a sadist." -"I'm a sadist too - I would love to fuck your ass so hard you screamed with pain - but only if you got off on it too." -"You could do it and make me forget about it after?" -"Are you out of your mind?

Why do you say that, when you know I could? Aren't you afraid I'll do it?" -"You know I am. You can see it, can't you?" -"I'm not monitoring your avatar the whole time, pet. But yeah, I can see it in your eyes, if nothing else." -"I'm trying to convince myself that I really do trust you not to rape me and then make me forget about it.

I don't completely trust you not to, but then again… I do trust that you would feel guilty about it, and that therefore you either wouldn't do it, or you would do it and then make sure I forgot about it, and either way, I would still be ok, so I don't have anything to fear… Voila!" She smiled quizzically at me again. -"You're a weird one, pet." -"I like it when you call me pet, mister." -"I know, that's why I do it." Now I smiled too.

"You know, pet, this might be a bit too soon, but. I think I love you." She laughed delightedly at that and kissed me warmly. -"Brain chemistry, huh?" she said, "you feel it too?" -"I do. I know it's to do with oxytocin release from touch and orgasm, dopaminergic and norepinephrinergic signaling in certain systems, mediated by phenylethylamine and maybe coupled to the major histocompatibility complex, but—" !41 -"Now you're trying to impress me again." she interrupted and kissed me affectionately.

-"Maybe I am, pet. Maybe because I feel intimidated because you're so clever?" -"Intimidated, when you can make me a zombie at the flick of a switch?" I smiled at that and kissed her again. She responded immediately and kissed me eagerly in return. -"I love you too, mister." she whispered, after a while. -"You may call me Karl, pet." I said and smiled, and that was the last thing either one of us said for a long time.

!42 Chapter 10. In which plans are made and the debauchery continues. I spent the night with Marie, and we explored some of the many sexual possibilities that the new automatic stimulation cycle and nerve bundle controls afforded us. She triggered her system by squeezing her nipples, and I played with fucking her ass and synchronising the nerve-bundle stimulation with each thrust, making her feel as if she was fisted vaginally and got her clit licked at the same time.

Toying a bit with her pleasure centres, I could keep her at the edge of orgasm, right at the peak of no return, until she was screaming at me to let her cum.

My own NanoRep system let me explode inside her over and over without losing my erection or becoming too tired or sexually disinterested to continue. It was by far the best sex I had ever had, even taking into consideration what had happened earlier that day. Since next day was a Saturday, and her mother wouldn't come home until Sunday, we slept in until noon.

We stumbled up to the kitchen and took breakfast in silence, sharing affectionate smiles. Then we showered, had sex again like new lovers will, never growing tired of how amazing we could make each other feel, and finally sat together in her living room sofa eating some ice cream to make plans for the future. We agreed that we ought to go slowly and prepare carefully. She would research suitable universities to fake scholarship papers from, and I would research where we could establish a permanent base of operations for the future.

I insisted that whatever region of the world we chose, our palace needed to be close to some good schools. When she asked about the word 'palace', I told her I wanted to live in comfort, but that I mainly meant that it needed to be a dwelling where there was room for my harem to live. When she asked about that, I simply explained that I intended to collect a whole bunch of beautiful young girls like her, and that what I wanted from life was simply to spend all my days in the presence of beauty and sex, enjoying good food, a bit of recreation, but mostly just having sex every day, all day.

-"But you feel you need many girls? Not just me?" she asked. -"I love you, pet. I really do. But no, not just you. My brain is triggered by novelty, and I want to fuck new young girls every day. Or maybe every other day - I don't know - but my point is that when I die, I want to have had sex with thousands or tens of thousands of girls. I'm not saying this to hurt you, but because I want to be completely honest with you about this.

I have one goal in life, and that is to fuck fresh young girls every day, spending every waking moment looking at their gorgeous young bodies. Like yesterday and like today." -"So that means… as your collection grows, you will have sex with each girl less often?

Mathematical fact." -"I guess that's the inevitable consequence, yes." -"And since you're a pedo, you'll toss us out once we become. what. eighteen?" -"Not pedo, sweetheart, hebephile is the name when you're attracted to girls in puberty, at least if you're using scientific terms and not the common vernacular." she gave me a pointed look.

-"But the question still remains - will you kick me out when I'm eighteen?" she asked, sharply. -"Yes, if not before that. Or if we still love each other, maybe we'll stay together all our lives. I don't have a plan, and I don't detest women my own age or anything.

I'm just not physically attracted to women above a certain age." -"But age has nothing to do with it? It's all about physical appearance?" -"Sure, but—" -"Then can't your NanoReps fix that?" -"How do you mean?" -"Can't they… sort of, manipulate the body? Hormones, aging." -"You mean cause the body not to age? Negligible senescence?" -"If that's what it's called." -"You know, pet… that's a really interesting thought.

I can't give you a good answer. The NanoReps are something like fifty nanometers in any direction, which is small enough to get inside a cell and work on individual organelles, smaller than most viruses, so maybe they could, but I don't know enough about physical aging to assess what they would need to do." !43 -"Then that's what I'm going to study.

If there's a non-zero chance that these little robots can interact with our bodies on that level of detail and potentially cure ageing, then that's a worthy goal to pursue - not a bad mission in life, is it?" I just stared at her, stunned by what she was saying.

-"So," she continued, "that means you have an additional parameter when looking for an area to settle in. It has to have a university where they have a really good med-school and departments for hormone-research and the like." She spoke fast, and her usually pallid complexion had turned sanguine with excitement.

-"Endocrinology," I supplied, still too stunned to contribute much. -"Is that all you have to say?" -"I… uh… I really hadn't given much thought to…" -"Oh, so you were just planning on collecting young girls and not giving them anything to do during the days but slouch around in your swimming pool and have sex all the time?" -"Pretty much, yeah." -"Look, that's not fair.

Girls my age have ambitions, and I realise you only care about your own pleasure first and foremost, but if you were planning on kicking us out when we turned eighteen, then don't you realise each girl would lose several years of her life learning no new skills and coming back to society having slipped far behind her peers in everything but sexual experience?" -"When you look at it that way…" -"So here's what I suggest," she went on, gaining even more momentum, "Either we settle somewhere really close to a good junior- and senior high school AND a good university, or just close to a good university and you kidnap and enslave a couple of really good high school teachers, and then we put all that human potential you collect to good use.

Finding some way to use the NanoReps to pause ageing will be my project, but if you were to simply add one criterion to you list of selection criteria when you pick girls, I'm sure we could work on other projects." -"Are you sure you're just fourteen, pet? What other criterion?" -"Just, you know, general intelligence or something like that. Having a skill-set." -"I certainly got lucky with you, that's for sure.

Would you believe I picked you because of your face and hair?" -"Yeah, of course. And the other seven were duds, I'm afraid. I mean, I like them all a lot, now that we've become a sorority and all, but they're a bunch on ninnies." She wiggled her eyebrows comically and set me off laughing. -"Ok," she went on, when I had collected myself, "so apart from forging papers from a school somewhere and saying my tear-filled goodbyes to my mother and former boyfriend—" -"No regrets?" -"Eric?

No, no regrets. Nice boy, but I never loved him, but anyway… apart from all that, I will first find out how to temporarily halt my puberty and skeletal growth and—" -"Seriously? Why? Why would you do that for me?" -"Not for you, mister. Don't get any grandiose ideas. My motives are entirely selfish, but they happen to coincide with yours in this case because I need you to realise my own motives." She smiled brightly and leaned over to kiss me.

-"Explain." -"You're a. hebephile? You like my looks because I look thirteen or fourteen years old, right?" -"As I have already confessed on numerous occasions, yes." -"So if I were to keep looking exactly like this for as long as possible, that would maximise the time I get to spend with you, right?" She scooped up a large dollop of melting ice-cream and made a face as she ate it because she got brain-freeze.

-"I suppose." -"And because I really do want to find a remedy… for ageing," she paused while swallowing to let her mouth recover some heat, "or… a way to put it on hold for as long as possible, and because I need your NanoRep technology to accomplish that, it follows that I need to stay attractive for you." -"Will you marry me?" -"You're just saying that to get inside my pants, mister." !44 -"No, I'm sort of serious.

When you're eighteen, I want to marry you. I love you, and I love how your mind works." -"Will you promise to have sex with me like we had last night for the rest of my life?" she said, beaming with joy. -"No, but for as long as you keep looking like you are less than seventeen years old, I will" I teased. -"Once a day?" -"At least once a week. There will be other girls, you know." -"Fuck you. Twice a week." -"Once a week, at the least, but I can mirror the experience of all girls I have sex with to your brain, like I did when I fucked… uh… Agnes?" she nodded.

"Yes, when I fucked Agnes up the ass yesterday and you all felt it. I can do that for you every time I have sex with another girl if you like." -"Jealousy isn't gonna work, is it?" she said, smiling forlornly. -"Nope. But what do you say?" -"That sounds absolutely perfect. Only, I would have to be able to turn that off, if I'm doing something important. I mean, it would be rather dangerous if something like that happened while I was swimming or climbing a ladder." I got up and went to the freezer to get some more ice cream for us.

I hadn't finished mine, but it had melted because I had forgotten about it while we talked. When I got back from the kitchen and gave her one of the bowls, she had apparently finished thinking about something, because she started speaking as soon as I sat down next to her. -"So, about the other girls…" -"Yes?" -"Any chance I could get to control some of them?

Like you do with me, I mean?" She smiled hesitantly. "Or maybe you could catch me some boys to play with, if I get bored while you're off fucking other girls?" I looked at her in silence for a long time, thinking it through.

-"I can't make any promises, but I'll try to work out a way. I could maybe assign different generations of NanoReps some kind of hard-wired access code with a hierarchy of who gets to control whom, so that I'm generation zero, you're generation one, etcetera. I don't want to make it software based, because that could potentially be very insecure, and I don't want to let you have access to the NanoReps themselves, so that you could infect anyone you like, and I won't even pretend that there's another reason for that than the simple fact that I'm a bit of a control freak, but maybe that could change with time.

Does that sound ok to you?" -"Yessir!" -"Would you prefer boys or girls?" -"You mean, am I straight or bisexual?" -"Something like that." -"Had you asked me two days ago, I would have said I like men only. Men, not boys, really, although maybe I wouldn't have admitted that. But after yesterday… I really liked having sex with the other girls, and apparently the only thing that kept me from admitting that to myself was a bit of sexual inhibition.

If your theory about cognitive dissonance is correct, then that inhibition wasn't very strong though, so I probably would have realised it on my own pretty soon anyway. But I kind of like cock, you know. Not fifty-fifty, more like eighty-twenty in favour of men?" -"You're really cute, pet." -"I know," she said, batting her eyelashes at me and making a duckface.

-"I was sort of picturing myself as the only cockerel in the henhouse, you know, but if I wind up collecting a hundred girls, maybe there needs to be a few young men for you to play with… Only, I don't know how I feel about that.

I thought maybe girls who got sexually frustrated could always have sex with each other, and that all girls were sexually flexible enough to be bisexual like the eight of you were yesterday." -"I think the majority of girls are, sure," she said, without needing to think, "but I don't think I'm alone in genuinely having a strong preference for men.

If you're serious about having a hundred girls or more, then maybe a few more roosters aren't such a bad idea for the henhouse?" -"Maybe I'm the jealous kind?" !45 -"But still…" -"I'll think about it. I don't like it though. Call me old-fashioned, but a man shouldn't share his harem." -"You can always shut down their brains and make them zombies.

Good enough for fucking, but with the IQ and verbal skills of German Shepherds, you know, like most of the boys in my school." She wiggled her eyebrows again. -"And you'd like to be in control of them?" -"Yeah, that would be much more convenient than having to use my wits like I'm doing with you." I barked a laugh at that. -"There's more than a grain of truth in that, pet." -"I know. But you don't mind though. You think I'm delightful." -"I do.

And since I have already proposed to you and said I love you, what more would you ask of me?" -"Fuck me again?" -"We had sex less than an hour ago.

I'm an old man. Have mercy." -"Then explain to me what you have planned for the near future? I've sort of deduced that you are planning to stick around here for two or three weeks before we need to pull our disappearing trick. What are you planning to do that takes so much time?" -"I'm waiting for my money-making scheme to finish.

It will run for about five more weeks, actually." -"Why five weeks and not three?" -"In a hurry to get started with the next phase of your life, young lady?" -"Of course. What's the hold-up?" -"I have a tele sales firm working on my behalf as we speak.

Each day, they call thousands of people in this city and make them sign up to a service I own and—" -"Make them? How?" -"I have the whole city infected with NanoReps. Or well over 99 percent at any rate. Whenever they answer their phones and the tele sales company plays a certain sequence of tones, their NanoRep systems kick in, making them open to suggestions, they agree to sign up, and then a new series of tones are played, frying their memory of the event." -"That's brilliant.

Distributing the financial load over a whole city means no single person bears such a heavy burden that the incident is reported?" -"Yes, but if it does get reported, the paper trail doesn't lead to me, but to one of many proxies I have set up.

Also, the financial burden is adapted to what each individual can bear. The tele sales representatives ask the person who answers about their household economy - how much they can save each month, and how much they spend on luxuries and the like - and if they are struggling financially, they are signed up for a service that costs a really small amount, or even not signed up at all if things are really bad, whereas those who can afford it are signed up for a much larger amount each month, but still not enough to really hurt them enough to make them scrutinise their account balance too carefully.

At least that's the theory." -"That's even more brilliant. Leeching from everyone, but not by the same amount, but how much extra blood they can afford to spare." -"A fitting analogy." -"You really don't want to cause too much harm, do you?" she asked, smiling warmly.

-"I really don't, no. And now that you've suggested that I… recruit… only gifted young ladies to my harem and put them to work, I've had another idea." -"Recruit. I like it. Let's hear?" -"I want to start my own school and research institute, but under an assumed name - I have several identities. Then I want to recruit - and I mean recruit in the conventional sense, not coerce through tampering with their brains - a bunch of gifted scientists to come work for me on a project that will develop commercial NanoRep technology for use in medicine.

I have blueprints, and with a few modifications, their origin won't be traced to my own real identity. If they can be used for medical purposes, which I am absolutely certain they can be, but maybe not to cure ageing, then they are a much too powerful technology to keep all to myself." -"But the military application…?" she said.

!46 -"Yeah, that. But the military - or rather the government agency where I used to work, and that is connected to the military - haven't perfected the technology like I have. I've built this interface myself, tweaked it in ways they hopefully haven't though of yet." -"You're that much smarter than everyone else they have employed?" -"Absolutely not, but they hired me because I'm the best at what I do - interface development - and while I developed technology to control crickets and cockroaches for them, rats and apes too, for that matter, but on a very crude level - only the motor cortex - I designed the interface to control the limbic system of mammals entirely by myself and for myself.

They don't have it yet, unless someone took over the project after me and has managed to build that interface since." -"But they will arrive there soon, won't they? Surely they have this idea too, although thinking in more military terms? It would would work pretty well for espionage and interrogation, wouldn't it?" -"Of course.

And that's a pretty scary thought. In a sense, it represents the power to create a total dystopia, where one or a few people can control everyone else. Absolute control." -"And here you are. And you use it to fuck teenagers." She smiled, but had grown pale with the realization that what I was saying was actually possible. -"Yes. And here I am, fucking teenagers. I'm counting on two things. First, that they wouldn't want to deploy such a system, because they too can see the potential for abuse.

Second, that I have covered my tracks well enough to go undetected." -"Yet you want to develop a commercial version of the system and thereby surrender control of the technology, creating the very situation where some madman could take over the world?" -"Not exactly. I'm thinking we could build all sorts of fail-safes into the technology, and that having people be aware that it exists will let other clever people think of ways of defending against abuse.

Like you did with the faraday's cage-hat. I mean, I could just as well have built the antenna on your femur as inside your skull, so a hat made of copper mesh wouldn't protect, but standing inside a full-body cage would absolutely offer good protection, as would building your whole house as a faraday's cage. Or, come to think of it, making a fine mesh of NanoReps right beneath your skin." -"That would work?" -"I don't know, maybe.

I don't have a degree in physics, but that's exactly my point really. Truly clever people need to think up ways to protect against such abuse of NanoRep technology. More clever people than I. That's why I need to put it in the public domain." -"But not until you've thoroughly abused the power yourself." -"Rather benignly abused it, yes.

But to compensate for my complete egotism, and partly to protect myself from having the technology used against myself one day, I want to make something wonderful of it and give it to the world." -"Sounded to me like you also wanted to make a bit of money from selling it." -"I glossed over that detail, but of course it could also be rather profitable.

Do you know what disease costs society the most, in the developed world? The leading cause of disability and the heaviest burden of disease?" -"Cancer?" she ventured. -"Try again." -"Heart disease?" -"Not a bad guess. Ischaemic Heart disease and stroke are the two major killers, chronic pulmonary disease due to smoking and air pollution are not far behind, and then comes cancer. But those are the killers. What's the leading cause of disability?" -"I give up.

Tell me. Addiction?" -"Depression. In the developed world, it's depression." -"No way?" -"Depression is a crippling disease, and we don't even fully understand what causes it.

Suicides and loss of overall capacity to contribute to society, not being able to give your children a good childhood, inability to form lasting relations, tendency to become addicted to various substances that in turn cause cancer and heart disease.

It's a crushing, debilitating disease." I saw tears welling up in her eyes and caught myself. -"You've been depressed? Someone you know?" I asked. She was silent for a while before answering. !47 -"My father suffered from it. Killed himself when I was five years old," she said, her voice toneless, but tears running down her cheeks.

-"I'm so sorry. Do you want me to stop?" I brushed her cheek and patted her shoulder. -"No, please go on," she said, taking a deep breath and steeling herself, "A debilitating disease that is a very heavy burden for society, you were saying." -"And do you know how easy it would be to cure depression, or at least remove all the symptoms of depression, using NanoReps?" She stared at me. -"I could cure each and every person in this city who suffers from depression.

There are probably several thousand, no - strike that - several tens of thousands of people who suffer from depression in this city alone right now. The incidence is something like six or seven percent each year.

I could make little NanoRep pace-makers that gently stimulate the right regions of their reward systems once every minute or so, and that block out or restrict certain pain-related circuits - those responsible for negative emotions.

Within hours or days, their depressions would lift, and they would get back their lives. The ability to experience positive emotions, enjoy music and the taste of food again, the energy to take exercise, eat healthy and socialize. At the flick of a switch." -"So why don't you?" she said simply. -"Should I?" -"Not in the objective moral sense of should, no, because like we discussed before I don't believe in objective morality, but in the subjective sense that I think it would be pretty awesome if you did, then yes you should." -"I agree.

But there's a complication. Let's say I cured everyone in this city of their depressions, without telling anyone about it. First, the NanoReps I have installed in the people in this city are set to expire six weeks after first infection and—" -"Hence the five weeks that are left on your money-making scheme?" -"Yes, didn't I get to that before?

Well, so there are five weeks left of the infection and—" -"Does that mean my NanoReps will expire five weeks from now?" she asked, with a worried frown. -"No, I've made it permanent - or very nearly permanent at any rate, five years - in you and the other girls, and about twenty other girls at your school and some further hundred girls in other schools, but please don't interrupt." -"I'm sorry," she said, smiling faintly, "they are set to expire, but you could change that at will, so I still don't get why you couldn't do it." -"I didn't say I couldn't do it.

I said there's a complication, which I will get to momentarily." She smiled again and gestured that her lips were sealed. -"Ok, so if I made the infection permanent in the thousands upon thousands of people who currently suffer from depression - and I could probably diagnose that pretty easily from afar, by just allowing the NanoReps to gather longitudinal data over a week or so - and then say I set up those amygdala pacemakers I described, and people were miraculously cured, would that attract attention, do you think?" -"Am I allowed to answer?" -"Don't be cheeky, or I'll spank you, little girl.

Go ahead and answer." -"Yes, it would probably attract attention. Within a few weeks, people would start talking, doctors and psychiatrists would see their patients miraculously cured, journalists would write of the city where everyone is happy… I see where that could lead, but where's the complication?" -"Magnetism.

Doctors would ask patients to come in for CAT-scans of their brains, and then the magnetic fields would make the NanoReps fly around in their skulls, ripping their brains to shreds and maybe even ripping their skulls apart.

People would die." She frowned. I waited. !48 -"But. For how long did you say you've had NanoReps installed in people here in the city?" she finally asked. -"For a little more than a week…" I trailed off.

I was silent for a while, feeling myself go pale with the realization. Then she raised a sarcastic eyebrow. -"Do you think that the CAT-scan machines of this city have been turned off for all of last week?" she asked.

The sinking feeling that had been growing inside me subsided. "And do you think you wouldn't have heard about people's heads being ripped apart or people's brains being turned to mush inside those machines? If it had happened, then wouldn't you know already?" -"I think I'd like to get on the internet about right now, pet. Fetch your computer." -"You're being silly, but ok. I'm pretty sure we would have heard already if something like that had happened," she said.

Still, she got up and fetched her laptop from her room. By the time she got back, I was starting to feel like I could breathe again, but my hands still trembled when I started typing in searches and checking the local papers. It took me a while to convince myself she was right. -"See?" she said, "I think there's something completely wrong with your hypothesis about magnetism. Would you care to revise it?" -"Like I said, I don't have a physics degree, but… maybe the NanoReps are too thinly spread?" -"Or they might be made of non-magnetic steel?" she suggested.

-"I confess I didn't know non-magnetic steel existed. Are you sure it does?" -"No, but since we can't find any news about brains scattered all over CAT-scan machines last week, I think you need to check those blueprints once more and try to figure out why it hasn't happened." -"I most definitely will." -"And then, as a favour to me, because you love me and because you want to marry me and as a way of saying sorry for all the immoral things you've done to me—" -"You said you didn't mind that—" -"I'm joking, Karl, you're the one with a guilty conscience about that, but like I said, before we leave the city, and before the NanoReps expire or evaporate or whatever, as a favour to me, I would like you to cure all people who are depressed.

Will you do that for me?" I hesitated, but looking into her soulful and imploring eyes, I couldn't resist. -"Ok, I'll do it. But first of all, that will significantly increase the risk that someone detects the NanoRep infection, because people will get their heads examined, and second, there will still be other people that get depression.

Five percent or six percent is the prevalence at any given time, or at least something on that order of magnitude, maybe it's three or four percent, I don't know exactly, but the prevalence is not the same as the incidence. Other people will get sick eventually." She frowned, contemplating that. I could sort of see where she would end up, but wanted her to finish the thought herself, so I waited.

-"Maybe…" she hesitated. -"Yes? Maybe what?" -"Maybe you could cure only those who suffer the most? That would decrease their risk of suicide and since fewer are miraculously cured, maybe it won't attract attention, which would lower the risk of detection and…" she trailed off.

-"And that would mean we wouldn't risk a man-hunt, so we could start that research institute…" I nudged. -"Which would mean we could release the cure to a much larger number of people in a few years' time, without attracting that attention, not risking the whole endeavour." she finished.

!49 -"Very true, pet. But maybe it would be for the best not to cure even those who suffer the most? Not right now, because that risks the whole thing. Better that they suffer now, because that gives us a greater chance at curing the disease forever, for everyone?" -"By that line of reasoning, you shouldn't have risked the whole thing to capture us yesterday either." -"If I hadn't captured you, I wouldn't have met you, pet, and you're the reason we're even having this conversation.

If all eight girls had been ninnies, not seven ninnies and a prodigy, then I would have been happily fucking some other batch of girls by now in the back of my RV, not having any other plans than getting myself a large house and collecting a harem." -"Still, I think it's worth the risk." -"Even risking a permanent cure for all of mankind, forever?" -"If we don't develop it, someone else will - just a matter of time." -"Ok, I yield.

That's a good point. If they catch us, I could even arrange things so that the NanoRep secret is leaked to the public domain." -"A dead man's switch?" she suggested. -"Is that what you call it?

Yes, that sounds about right." With that, she hugged me and kissed me profusely, her eyes brimming with tears again. !50 Chapter 11. In which things progress more or less according to plan. 'Austenitic stainless steel' is what it is called, apparently. Because, as I said, I am not a metal alloy specialist or have a degree in physics, I had glossed over many parts of the NanoRep blueprints. The government agency that had developed the self-replicating nano-robots apparently knew their metals, though.

Of course they would think about detection by CAT-scans or X-ray. Of course they would consider corrosion and magnetism and radio-signatures and all manner of aspects I was too uneducated or simply too unimaginative to think of. I felt like a dunce when I read the footnotes and appendices. Of course they would think of that.

Of course. Aside from making me feel like a complete idiot, having been so brash as to infect probably more than half a million people with the nano-replicants without considering what could happen to them other than from a pecuniary perspective, this gave me some comfort, however. Because they were designed by military experts who were most likely just as good in their respective fields as I was at designing intuitive computer interfaces, the NanoReps would probably exceed my expectations in many other respects that I was not even aware of.

They would be very nearly impossible to detect, even under a microscope, that much I understood from the technical deions once I sat down with a dictionary and deciphered them. Because they were so small, and because the structures they built were generally meshes of long filaments, the human eye would not be able to see them even using an optical microscope.

Bacteria were visible like that, but not viruses, and the NanoReps were virus-sized. Only if I forced them to form thin sheets would they become visible to the human eye, otherwise they would need to place tissue samples in electron microscopes to see them.

No surgeon or undertaker would accidentally see them. Because I had made them construct circuits that worked on common wifi-frequencies, they would be easily detectable for anyone with a wifi antenna, but I had designed my first batch of bots to communicate using an unusual protocol, and definitely to not respond to any normal network handshake commands. People would have to know what to look for. I was probably out of the woods there. Time would have to tell, but I could probably breathe a sigh of relief.

I spent the next week working on many projects, dividing my attention between them. One was to look for suitable properties to buy near prestigious universities. The climate needed to be right, neither too warm nor too cold. There needed to be good high-schools nearby. In a part of the world where I understood the language and where the population was large and diverse, so as to give me a large pool of potential girls to select cuties from.

Better to take my time than to make the wrong choice here. Then there was the problem of living up to my promise to Marie, to find and cure those who suffered from debilitating depression.

I had exaggerated the ease with which I would be able to use my NanoReps to detect the disease, not only because I needed to come up with a piece of software to run, that could collect data and interpret it correctly, but also because I needed to connect to half a million NanoReps to install that software.

It turned out to be so hard that I needed to consult experts in the field - reading about the neurological signature of depression didn't cut it. I had read an incredible amount of literature on the brain already, but I was more of an expert on topology than on diseases of the brain. A professor over at the largest hospital in the city turned out to be very cooperative, once I used his NanoRep system to convince him that I was an old colleague who needed help with a project.

Once I was done with him, I zapped his hippocampus and went about constructing the data collection and analysis software that could run on the NanoRep circuits.

I made a few test-runs, using a group of patients at the hospital that I knew were depressed - I had put the therapist in zombie mode while I looked through her files - and a bunch of presumably healthy people picked at random.

When I knew the program worked well, I went to a local radio broadcast station that had antennas capable of adequate output, persuaded the technician in charge to help me connect my computer and then ran the code update for the whole !51 city at once, before thanking him for his assistance and toasting his hippocampus for a while to make him forget.

The NanoRep systems that detected depression of a certain severity would execute a set of commands that made the infection permanent and then build the necessary hardware to apply the right kinds of anti-depressive pacemaker jolts to the reward centres and to block certain negative emotions to a degree, and to adapt the treatment to the patient so as to not make anyone deliriously happy and manic, but just cut away the worst hedonic lows in order to facilitate a return to baseline. In anyone that didn't suffer from severe depression, the NanoReps would dissolve into the urine as originally planned.

Then there was the question of forging scholarship papers and other documents. Marie did much of that herself, but I assisted. She also broke up with Eric and told him to go fuck himself, and I was delighted at the clever way she set that up. She took one of her female friends, Millie, over to his house, and left them alone together while she went out on a short errand to "buy some candy" and gave me the signal. I connected to Millie's and Eric's NanoRep systems, tweaked their sexual responses and lowered their inhibitions, and things went pretty smoothly from there.

Within ten minutes, they were happily fucking each other's brains out, and that's when Marie returned from her fake errand to catch them in the act. I immediately let their sexual and social inhibitions return and pressed other triggers instead to make them both feel intense remorse and shame while Marie made a scene, ripped his favourite poster from the wall, tossed their clothes in their faces, slammed doors, shouted and generally made sure everyone would know she and Eric had well and truly broken up, and that she would never speak to Mille again in her life.

She cried with laughter when she came inside my RV, parked outside Eric's house. When Millie left, she was also crying, and she looked intensely ashamed. To compensate for her suffering, Marie made me install some commands in Millie's NanoRep system that would make her nights very, very erotically stimulating for the next couple of weeks until her bots were flushed from her system.

The whole thing was a hoot. We laughed about it for days, and Marie's days in school were filled with teenage drama and angst, played to perfection. Everyone would know she had good reasons to leave the city and go live somewhere else for a while to recover from the horrible betrayal of trust.

The fact that Marie now had seven very loyal sorority sisters in school - sisters that were definitely among the most attractive and therefore the most popular and influential girls - made the whole thing even more persuasive. They hated Eric for what he had done to their friend, and even though he went to another school, they trash-talked him spontaneously so much that Marie felt sorry for him.

To compensate, she made me make Eric's NanoRep system permanent, and to install features that would forever cure him of his tendency to prematurely ejaculate. Instead, he would be able to get an erection quickly, ejaculate only when he wanted to, and recover quickly. His performance would improve drastically, she said, and I was delighted at her idea.

Millie was also slandered quite a bit by the sorority, but she was a hardy girl and seemed to really fare well as a consequence of her intensely erotic dreams, where she would orgasm many times each night in her sleep. She had been a rather dull girl before, Marie said, but as of late, she was definitely showing signs of making contact with boys. That she also had a rumor about her that she fucked other girls' boyfriends didn't seem to matter too much for her, now that she was getting so much attention.

A brilliantly set up and executed plan. It even gave Marie a convincing story to tell her mother in support of her plan to leave the city for a while to study. The third project was the money-making scheme. It was all working perfectly, and needed very little supervision. All I had to do was check every other day that none of the callcentre employees were becoming too suspicious that they had a nearly 100% success rate or got too curious about the willingness of their victims to answer questions about their economy.

So far, so good. The money was really beginning to flow my way by now. The project was exceeding my expectations, and it seemed there were more affluent people in the city than I had anticipated. The fourth project, though, was by far the most entertaining. I perfected the extra-curricular sex-ed routine and had some truly over-the-top experiences over the five weeks that remained before the !52 NanoReps dissolved away. Eight girls at a time were far too many, so I cut it down to four girls per day, or sometimes eight girls divided into two batches of four, from different schools.

I even rented an out-of-the-way barn where I could drive inside and be completely sure that I wouldn't be caught. I was living the life, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Marie finished school early and could join me in the RV after lunch, excusing herself to the other girls for arriving late to class, taking a shower and joining the action.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself with other girls now, completely without augmenting her sexual response in any way. Many times we tried variations of pre-recorded stimulation cycles on her and the other girls, experimenting to see what worked and what didn't. One setting in particular goes back to what I mentioned in the foreword and second chapter, dear reader; the throatfuck augmentation mechanism.

Perhaps that deserves its own chapter. !53 Chapter 12. In which the throatfuck augmentation mechanism is invented. It was on our fourth Thursday spent together, during the fifth week of my get-rich-quick scheme and whole-population infection run, that Marie asked me about something she had apparently started to notice.

We were sitting together in the little kitchen of my RV, having lunch together before we were about to go pick up a batch of girls from a nearby school. -"So… no pizza today, uncle Charlie?" -"Nope. Don't feel like it any more, pet." -"Is that something you've done deliberately to yourself?" -"Yup." -"How? And Why?" -"Say, have you noticed I'm becoming a bit leaner and that I've put on some muscle?" -"Sure, but I put that down to your daily routine of fucking four or eight girls each day, myself not included.

The amount of exercise you're getting isn't negligible, you know. That's like, many hours of hard cardio every day." -"Yeah, I'd never be able to keep that up if I wasn't augmenting myself. Wanna know what I'm doing?" -"That's why I asked about the lack of pizza.

We had pizza many times during our first week together, but since then you've sort of developed a passion for healthy eating." -"Yeah, you know, what kind of food we prefer is a pretty complicated thing. Gut bacteria signal to our brains about what they would like for dinner - through all sorts of fucked-up mechanisms involving our immune systems, hormones, the vagus nerve - and those bastards like their carbs.

At least some of them." -"But you're not letting the NanoReps attack the bacteria directly, are you?" -"Of course not. That's way too advanced - NanoReps can't physically recognise cell types and chemical substances on that level of detail - at least not yet.

What I'm doing is having them regulate how my brain responds to the signals it receives. Certain foods taste good in your mouth, so you want to eat more. Certain carbs release dopamine. That kind of thing." -"So, dopaminergic reward systems again?" -"You're learning, pet. I'm glad to see you're studying this stuff." -"I'm the curious type, uncle." -"Please don't call me that in private." -"So you've fixed your brain so that it doesn't like pizza, but loves broccoli, leafy greens, nuts, dairy, fats and protein in general - the kinds of stuff you eat these days?" -"Got it in one, pet.

I abhor the taste of sugars, and my brain does not respond to we-crave-carbs signals from my gut bacteria. In the long run, my gut microbiome will adapt and those bacteria will die and be replaced by those who love broccoli." -"But you're doing more than that, right?" -"Sure.

I'm boosting my growth hormone and testosterone levels, zapping my muscles each night to make them release signals about cell growth - that kind of thing." -"Like anabolic steroids." -"Absolutely. But this is a hundred times safer, because I'm using my own cells to produce them." -"It's showing. You're becoming really fit. But I still think the daily orgies are the most important change." -"Only in concert with the hormonal regulation, pet.

I'd become sick and tired and ache all over unless I had that." -"Speaking of hormones, daddy—" -"Will you stop that!" -"What daddy?" -"Calling me daddy for fuck's sake." -"Hey, I can't call you uncle unless we're in public, and now I can't call you daddy in private.

What am I to call you?" -"Charlie. Or Karl." -"But that's not kinky, daddy." -"I'm just not turned on by incest, pet." !54 -"So mister is better, mister?" -"Better, but not very personal." -"Look, you're my owner. Don't you get that? You seem to want to pretend that we're on equal terms." -"I… don't know about what to say about that." -"Because it's true, and you feel ashamed about it. You still think, somehow, that violating other people's integrity the way you do, is morally wrong.

Despite not believing in objective moral reality. So either adjust your subjective morality to fit your actions, or fit your actions to your morality, and then you won't need to feel so ashamed. Maybe you can even enjoy it when I call you 'mister', mister." -"You're a sweet girl, pet." -"And you're a really kinky pervert, mister." -"I want to fuck you so bad." -"Soon you will.

Oh, by the way, there was something else I wanted to ask you about your body…" -"Yes?" -"Are you doing something to make your cock bigger? I mean, not just make it stay erect for as long as you like and when you like, but are you changing size also?" -"I am." -"How?" -"Pretty easy, really.

Each night, while I'm asleep, I have the NanoReps cutting away at some ligaments, stretching them, and cutting into the fibrous wall around my cavernous bodies - corpora cavernosa - then stretching it and making it gradually elongate and gain girth." -"I think you should probably stop doing that soon." -"Too much?" -"Look, uncle, some of the girls you're fucking are twelve years old.

Twelve, for fuck's sake. Not even teens yet, though they've entered puberty already. That girl we had the other day - the little blonde one - Nina?" -"Nina, yeah." -"She was like, four foot ten?" -"More like four foot eight. I see where this is going." -"Aren't I right?" -"Yes and no… I realize it's difficult for a girl that size to fit my cock up her ass, but I get off on that." -"Get off on causing her pain?" -"I'm fine with causing pain, just not hurting anyone permanently, you know.

I want them to feel like they're being plowed by a baseball bat." -"Her ass was ok, but her cervix got really bruised up. I suggest you don't gain more length, only girth." -"You're probably right…" I focused for a second, making the adjustment. "There. Fixed." -"That fast?" -"Yeah. I'll keep gaining girth, so let me know again when it's getting too much, ok?" -"It's already pretty big, Karl." -"As long as it fits between your teeth, pet.

Your pussy and ass can handle it. Nowhere close to the width of a hand yet." -"They can't just handle it, they love it! It's just that my throat almost can't." I gave that some thought. -"Your pussy and ass love it, and they could easily handle more girth…?" -"Not easily, but once I adapt it's awesome. But my throat really aches after deepthroating you." -"That's unfortunate. I like to fuck your face, pet." -"I know you do, which is why I haven't asked you not to." -"You don't like it?" -"When you stimulate me and make me cum, I can handle it, but it's really hard and it hurts after." -"Here, bend closer for a second and take my fingers down your throat," I said, calling up her avatar on my interface.

I held out two fingers for her, and she obediently leaned over and swallowed them, looking me in the eyes as she did so. I pushed them as far down her throat as !55 they would go and wiggled them so that she choked. Tears welled up in her eyes and she gagged. I kept pushing them in, working them and making her gag harder and harder, tears now streaming down her face.

When she finally retched, I quickly pulled them out. She spat out some puke in her napkin. I stored away the pattern I had recorded, labelling it. -"You fucking bastard." She said, wiping her nose and cheeks. -"No pain, no gain…" I said, diverting some of my attention to my interface to make some adjustments to her NanoReps using the recorded pattern, "You haven't realized yet why I did that?" -"When you get that far-away look, I always think you're using the interface." She blew her nose and put her hand to her throat, grimacing.

I connected her gag-reflex to her pleasure centres and put a choke on the branches of her vagus nerve that controlled retching, limiting the maximum contraction. When it was set in place, I triggered my erectile response, feeling a strange sensation as the nitric oxide was released and my cock immediately started filling. -"I am using the interface. Come here, pet. Let's go to the bedroom for a minute." She hesitantly stood up and followed me.

-"Am I going to like this?" she asked, hesitantly. -"Shut up and take your clothes off," I said, starting to remove my own, "this might be messy unless I got it right." -"Now you're making me nervous," she said, but obediently began to unbutton her pants and pull off her sweater.

-"Don't forget I can see exactly what you're feeling, pet. You like it when I order you around. You're turned on by dominance, and you like to submit. And fear turns you on too." -"Without tweaking?" she asked. -"You don't believe me?" My foot got caught up in my trousers and I sat down on the bed to liberate it.

-"No, not that - of course I believe you - I just hadn't really given it much thought, but…" she unbuttoned her bra and dropped it to the floor with her other clothes, "yeah, I like to let go and surrender control to you." -"Good. Now come sit on your knees and suck me." -"It really shows, you know," she said, doing as I asked. She grabbed my cock and wanked it a few times.

-"What?" -"That it's bigger, of course. It's a fucking monster." She opened her mouth wide and swallowed a large portion of my dick, working her tongue hard on the bottom of my shaft. -"That's just because you haven't seen so many cocks in real life, pet," I said, grabbing a hold of her gorgeous hair with both hands, "Now, just relax and don't fight me. I'm going to fuck your throat really deep and make you gag, but there's a twist. I've rewired you a bit.

Here goes." I stood up so that she had to sit on her ankles and lean back to accommodate me, which made it harder for her to resist my head control, and then I started to slowly fuck her face, holding her head hard by the hair and allowing myself to gradually go deeper and deeper.

With each thrust, she started to gag harder and harder, and I could see her eyes filling with tears, but at the same time, her pleasure centres lit up, and each time she gagged, they fired stronger and stronger. She was gasping for breath each time I pulled out far enough, and the asphyxia was clearly also having an effect, her brain beginning to suffer from hypoxia and creating a rush of dopamine and betaendorphins.

I went even deeper, forcing myself all the way down her throat so that her lips were plastered around the root of my shaft. She gagged and retched violently, snot shooting from her nose, but the retching limiter worked flawlessly. Her throat muscles massaged my glans and shaft as I held her in place.

When she began to panic, I pulled back, without letting my cock out of her mouth. I let her breathe for just a few seconds before pushing my cock all the way down her throat again. Again she gagged violently, and this time I cruelly fucked her throat, backing out just a few inches before thrusting again, and again, and again, making her gag and try to retch. Once more I let her breathe for a few seconds, then fucked her throat in long strokes again, each time making her gag. Very soon, the hypoxia and the feedback to her pleasure centres each time she gagged and dry-heaved !56 had her whole body shaking with a powerful orgasm.

As she came, I went all the way down again and held her there, mercilessly making her throat muscles milk me to a powerful climax, filling her throat with cum.

I held her there for a very long time, until my cock had almost stopped twitching, her face going red, her mascara running all over, her orgasm seeming to never stop. When I let her go, she slumped down on the floor, not breathing at all for several long seconds before her lungs finally realized they could pull in air again. She shook all over, arms and legs twitching with her climax, greedily panting for air. It was beautiful. As she was recovering, I focused all my attention on the pain signals from her larynx and pharynx.

Most of them had been successfully blocked off by my initial adjustments, but now I dealt with the remaining ones, dialling back the throughput of those nerves even more. It was hard to do while I was still recovering from my own orgasm, so it took me longer than it would have usually done.

When I finished, she had managed to sit up, and was coughing up thick spittle mixed with my semen, letting it drip on the floor. -"Told you it might get messy, pet" I said, smiling affectionately.

My God she was beautiful like this. Her face was just so flawless, with her cute upturned nose and full lips, sparkling eyes and freckles and that copper-red curly hair surrounding it. That her face was streaked with tears and running mascara, snot running from her nose, spit and semen dripping from her chin, took away nothing from her beauty.

-"You're fucked up, you know that?" she said, still coughing. -"I know. So how was that?" -"That was really fucked up." -"Yes, but was it good or was it horrible, pet?" -"Both." -"Would you let me do it again?" She gave me a wry smile and waited before replying. -"Would I let you? Like I had a choice?" -"Objection sustained. But would you ask me to do it again? Would you prefer I didn't?" -"You're fucked up," she said, shaking her head, "and I must be fucked up too, because I actually would like you to do it to me again some time.

What did you do?" -"You know who Linda Lovelace is?" -"I have no idea." -"She's an ex-pornstar. Played in this legendary movie called "Deepthroat", where her character had an unusual affliction - her clit was in her throat, so the only way she could get off was to get throatfucked." -"Each time you went deep, it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. Not like my clit was touched, but more like I got an injection of a drug or something.

Like heroin," she said, wiping her chin and smearing the cum on her legs. -"You never did heroin, did you?" -"Of course not, but you know what I mean." -"Yeah. I think I could probably fine-tune that so that the two sensations felt more connected - the pleasure and the gagging." -"That's it? You connected the gag reflex to my pleasure centres?" -"Sure. And some other tweaks." -"I don't feel any pain. It hurt while you were doing it, but not as bad as it used to, and now I'm not feeling anything at all." -"That's another thing, yes.

Can you guess the third?" -"The panic?" -"No, that's not it, but please explain?" -"When I thought you weren't going to let me breathe, I freaked out, and then when you let me breathe again, there was this rush like…" she wiped her cheeks with her panties, tossing them aside. -"Like a drug?" !57 -"Yeah!" she smiled, "that was scary as hell, but the rush was more than worth it." -"I'm glad you liked it, but that's not it, actually. That was all your own reaction, no tweaks." -"Seriously?" -"Totally your own brain.

Oxygen deprivation does that to you. You get all giddy and dizzy and you get this massive rush. Before you die, that is." -"You mean…" -"No worries, pet. I can see your brain activity on my avatar, and I wouldn't let you die on me.

Trust me." I smiled at that last addition. -"Not like I have a choice." -"Anyway, the last thing I did was to keep you from puking." -"But I did! I totally—" -"Not all the way. I wanted you to feel all the discomfort of retching, but without getting puke all over me, so I took away your capacity to actually fully vomit." -"You're so fucking sick.

I fucking hate you sometimes." she said, shaking her head but smiling. -"Like I've said, I get off on causing you discomfort and pain… I want you to suffer… But only if you also derive pleasure from it," I said, trying for honesty, "…but that's the beauty.

If I got off on pinching you until you screamed, I could make you orgasm from that." -"Don't you dare!" -"You know, I could make you get off on fucking a dog. Or your mother. I could make you love eating your mother's pussy." -"You're so fucking sick." -"No I'm not. I won't do any of that. The only thing I'll do is to disinhibit you, and whatever turns you on will work for you, even though it's something you would otherwise be too ashamed of. But since you don't feel sexually attracted to dogs or your mother, you're safe." -"You know, I would absolutely love to be fucked in the school cafeteria by a hundred boys, all using my body as a fucktoy.

While all the girls in my class got to watch but not participate." -"See! Now who's the sick one?" -"But you won't turn my inhibitions off and have all the boys do that to me, will you?" -"Of course not. Not only would that cause a huge amount of upset and draw a lot of attention, but also, I would be too jealous." I smiled. -"I think you forgot to turn off your erection, uncle, or were you planning on fucking me again?" she nodded pointedly at my cock.

-"Oops. I think I'd better wait. Lets get dressed and go pick up the next batch of girls, shall we?" I called up my interface and turned off the nitric oxide regulation. We showered together, the two of us barely fitting in the small space, but still enjoying the feeling of lathering each other up, running our hands all over the other.

Then we got dressed, finished off the last of our lunch and got ready to drive off toward our school of choice for the day.

-"So you didn't collect another batch of girls this morning? This will be the only batch today?" she asked as she was doing the dishes.

-"No, I slept in today and then I offloaded some optic nerve video to my home server," I said, scraping some left-over quiche into the bin and handing her the plate. -"Say what?" -"I was getting short on memory, so I had to dump a lot of footage to my server." -"Wait, you have… you record stuff somehow?" -"Sure.

Didn't I tell you about that already? I can stream signals from your optic nerve to mine and see out of your eyes if I want to." -"No way!" -"Oh yes.

The experience isn't perfect though, unless I sink a lot of work into matching individual nerve strands up one by one. The image is very fuzzy otherwise." -"And record it?" -"Yeah, the data throughput isn't all that remarkable. In a sense, the way our retinas are connected to the optical nerve is a kind of hardware compression algorithm in itself, and then our brains train themselves to unpack the stream, so it's not all that difficult to compress and store.

I do it more or less continuously by default." !58 -"You're recording everything you see? All the time?" -"No, I've got it set up so that it's triggered by something called 'incentive salience' - so that whenever I find something interesting enough, it's automatically recorded. There's a buffer thingy too, so that it also stores anything that went on before the interesting stimulus came, so that I get context." -"You've got all the sex recorded since you first installed the NanoRep system in your brain?" she said, rinsing the last of our dishes.

-"Unfortunately no. It's a feature I thought to include a bit too late, so all that I did with my neighbour Jessica is lost. Or, I mean, I just remember it like I remember everything else that ever happened to me, but I can't relive the whole experience like I can now." I gave her an affectionate slap on the butt.

"But I can see everything I ever did with you, pet." -"Can't you hear it too?" -"Of course. I can also feel it. Not with perfect fidelity, but something approximate. I'd say about sixty or seventy percent of the physical sensations are saved. Or maybe a bit less - I skip recording parts of my body that aren't really involved. Feet, my scalp, elbows, that kind of thing.

I record my mouth and cock with perfect fidelity though. So as you can probably guess, that consumes a great deal of data, and my internal storage isn't all that big, so I offload it now and then to my home server. Backed up in the cloud, obviously." -"That's just science fiction stuff, Karl." -"Yeah, but new technology always feels like magic.

I think in ten or fifteen years, everyone will be doing things like this, if we release the NanoRep to the public and let others develop applications.

Probably, in the future people will be selling snippets of their lives as files for others to download." -"Climbing Mount Everest, slipping and falling down?" she said, dreamily. -"It's probably mostly going to be porn.

It will be Strange Days for sure." I shrugged and smiled. That one went right over her head though. -"Could I try it? A recording, I mean?" -"One of mine?" -"Yes, could I?" -"That would be very tricky, because we would need to spend a lot of time matching my nerves to yours in order to make it any good, but I tell you what, pet… I can command your NanoRep system to start building the necessary hardware to do your own recordings and to play them whenever you like.

How's that?" She simply beamed at me in reply and kissed me. -"However…" I added, "that means I have to start building an interface for you to use. I've been thinking about that for a while, because you said you would maybe want to control other people, but this would be a first step to learning how to use an internal interface.

I'll get to work on it pretty soon - as soon as I have some time to spare, pet." -"But you can tell my system to start building recording hardware right now?" -"Gimme a minute…" I said, calling up her avatar and starting to give instructions to her NanoReps to build memory banks.

We did our usual routine. When we got to the junior high school that was next in the daily rotation, I called up my interface, used the powerful antenna of the RV to scan the area, and looked at the girls that were available.

Twenty five dots were available, but eight were already marked as girls I had tried out. I brought up images taken from my own optical nerve of the remaining seventeen and pondered my options for the day. All were definitely good choices, since I had let my own appetite control who would have additional NanoRep hardware built. I selected two brunettes, a very petite asian girl and a blonde that had a spectacular rack for her age.

My computer sent the usual signals to gradually ramp up nausea, so that they would excuse themselves to their teachers and friends and go home. When they came outside, one by one I put them in zombie mode and guided their steps to the RV and Marie helped them inside.

Pretty soon, all four of them were inside, sitting in the U-shaped sofa at the back of the RV, staring emptily ahead. We drove off and in less than twenty minutes, we had arrived back at the barn and secured the perimeter so that we were sure we'd be undisturbed. !59 -"Holy shit, check out the tits on the blonde girl," Marie laughed "I didn't think you were such a titman." -"I'm not, really," I confirmed, "but look at her face.

Isn't she adorable?" -"Prettier than me?" she said, feigning jealousy. -"No sweetie, you're one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen, honestly, but you have to admit this one is cute. What's her name?" Marie rifled through the blonde girl's jacket and found her ID. -"Gunilla. Jeeeesus, with a name like that, I'm glad she's so cute." -"Feels a bit old-fashioned, doesn't it?

Like Greta or Hilda." I said, barking a laugh. "Check the others too please and hand me their cellphones, pet." -"You won't believe this…" she said, handing me the Thai girl's phone, "This one's called Siriporn". She pronounced the word with the emphasis on the last syllable.

I smiled broadly. -"Annika," she reported, handing me the phone of the taller of the two brunettes. I turned it off. -"And finally, here's Julia, "she said, handing me the last phone. She started unbuttoning Julia's blouse and removing her clothes. I helped by directing her to stand up and raise her arms. -"Why is it that girls your age are shaving their pussies, Marie? It's not like all of these girls have even had sex before." -"Purely aesthetic reasons.

Peer pressure, mister. I started shaving as soon as I had my first period." -"Back when I was a teenager, hardly any girls did." I started removing my own clothes and felt myself starting to grow excited for what was about to happen. -"Why is it you prefer hairless pussies?" she asked, struggling a bit with Julia's tight pants. -"I have no idea. I grew up with porn in the nineties, maybe that's part of the reason.

Shaved was very much the norm back then. Oh, would you look at her ass. Jesus!" -"She probably does gymnastics or something. This one's only twelve years old, by the way. Gunilla too." -"Really? I would have guessed they were both your age." I felt myself growing even harder at the thought. -"Hey, can't we have them shower themselves today instead of doing it for them?" -"Sure, no problem." I got started on undressing Gunilla while Marie took care of the taller of the two brunettes, Annika.

"Don't you think it will be harder to get everyone started though?" -"Not if I take the lead. Maybe I can sort of be your assistant and show them how things are done, and then they get to try?" -"I like it.

I'll just squeeze the disinhibition switches even harder." I focused on my internal interface again, bringing up the group avatar for the four girls, leaving Marie to have her individual settings. I checked that their testosterone production was turned up high to make them horny and saw to it that all their somatic nerve bundles were all correctly connected through the group avatar.

I set their pleasure feedback from my own pleasure centres to a multiplier of 1.5, which was a value I had arrived at by experimentation by now. I set their social and sexual inhibition really low, without removing them completely, and did the same with their fear and disgust responses.

When I was done, Marie had removed the final items of clothing from Siriporn, the Thai girl. The last thing I did before waking them up was to give their hippocampuses a little jolt to induce a slight amnesia. -"Ok, I'm waking them up now. Take it away, kid." I have no idea how I would have reacted myself to something like these girls experienced, but I can imagine I would also have been pretty passive while trying to regain my orientation if I suddenly woke up naked together with a bunch of people of whom I only recognized two or three.

When they all exchanged glances and seemed about to become fully conscious, Marie spoke up. -"So… yeah… great. I'm afraid the shower here isn't very roomy, so you'll have to take turns. Here, Siriporn, why don't you go first - come with me and I'll show you the shower." She held out her hand and beckoned to the Thai girl to follow. "Do you go by Siriporn, by the way, or do you go by Siri?" The little Thai girl smiled at that, and she seemed to become fully awake.

-"No. yes, I mean, yeah, people call me Siri… um… what's…" She looked around at the other naked girls and seemed to recognize the other girls from her school, but her eyes widened when !60 she took me in. My cock was already fully erect, and that's where she stared for several seconds before looking at my face. Marie stretched out her hand and introduced herself. -"I'm Marie, and I'm your guide today.

This is my friend Charlie, and he's going to be my helper today… or maybe it's the other way around, so that he's our guide and I'm his helper, but never mind, that will all work out.

Say hi to the girls, Charlie." She said in her best imitation of a teacher and winked at me. I just grinned at her and winked back. -"Hi girls, I'm pleased to meet you," I said and stretched out my hand to shake theirs in turn. They each introduced themselves hesitantly, and I could see on their individual avatars that they were all very confused about the whole thing.

Their social and sexual inhibitions were trying to kick in, but were cut off from the rest of their brains. -"So, like I said, Siri, if you'd like to come with me to the shower please?" Marie said as if there was no doubt Siri would comply. Hesitantly, she obeyed. I could feel my cock twitching at the sight. Of the four new girls, Siri was the one I would have guessed was the youngest, but judging by their IDs, she was the oldest of them all, since she turned 15 just a few days ago.

Shortest in this batch, maybe 4 foot 8, she was also the skinniest. Would I be able to fit my cock inside her? Well, we'd just have to see. I was definitely going to try. While Marie instructed Siri to make sure her pussy and ass were both squeaky clean, I leaned back on the little counter beside the U-shaped sofa and just smiled at the three other girls.

I felt their eyes all over my body as they couldn't stop themselves staring. -"So… would you like something to drink while you wait?" I offered. "A coke? I have some apple juice too if you'd like?" -"What…" Gunilla began, "What is this… uh… class about?" -"Oh, just practical sex-ed, you know." I said, my smile even broader. Damn she was a fine girl. I definitely would have guessed fourteen rather than twelve years old, though. Those tits were spectacular.

-"Practical…?" asked Julia. The first thing she had said since I took her out of zombie mode. A real beauty, I thought to myself. Definitely doing sports of some kind with that lean and muscular body. -"Oh yes. Practical. We'll show you all sorts of sex today, and you'll get to try a lot of it yourselves. Now, did anyone want something to drink? No? Tell you what, I'll just go get some anyway." I said, and went to the kitchen.

When I brought the cans and Tetra-paks, Marie brought Siri back from the shower and took Annika next. The girls all gratefully supplied themselves from the drinks. -"So, Siri," I said, "I have to ask about your name. It's a Thai name, I guess? You look Thai to me, but maybe just half and half?" -"Yes, my mother is from Thailand, but my father is from here. It's pronunced si-ri-PAWN. Means 'glorious blessing' or something like that.

I'm not very good at the Thai language." -"Siri is easier to pronounce, for sure." Not having stimulated the girls sexually before waking them up, everything felt a bit awkward.

None of them tried to cover up, since all such social and sexual inhibitions were blocked, but at the same time, none were sexually excited enough to take any initiatives. Their testosterone was gradually rising with every minute, but in order for that to have any major effect, they needed to be nudged in the right direction, and I wanted to let Marie handle that.

She had played second fiddle so many times by now, that I felt it would be interesting to see what she would do if I gave her free reigns. I simply tried to relax, leaning back on the counter again and letting my cock stand proudly for them to look at while I sipped from my coke. One by one, Marie brought them to the shower to clean up, and then she asked us all to follow her to the bedroom. I waited until last to leave the sofa-room, letting the girls walk by me so that I could enjoy the sight.

!61 -"Great," said Marie, when we were all gathered by the large bed, "if you could all just come up here on the bed, and you can each pick a corner to sit in… great… so, do you all know each other, or should we perhaps introduce ourselves?" The girls exchanged glances, but didn't say much.

-"Ok, my name is Marie" she continued, "and like I said, I'll be guiding you with Charlie here. I'm your sex-coach, I suppose you could say, and I really like this job a lot. Maybe you could go next, Gunilla? Tell us a bit about yourself and your sexual experience, if you have any." -"Um… yeah," she said, blushing despite my chokehold on her social inhibition, "I'm Gunilla, and I'm in class 7C, and… uh…" -"Your sexual experience?" -"I don't know what counts as sexual… um… I've kissed, I guess." -"Have you touched a boy's penis?

Do you masturbate?" Marie helped. -"Not… not really, just felt it, you know. Through their pants and stuff." -"And masturbation?" -"Does the shower count?" -"Absolutely. You use the shower?" Marie smiled at that.

-"Every day." Gunilla smiled shyly in return. -"What about you, Julia?" -"So… um… I'm in 7A and I've also never touched a boy. I use my sister's vibrator a lot when she's not home." -"Really? Cool. How old is you sister?" -"Seventeen." -"That's great. And Annika?" -"I… uh… I'm in 8C and I masturbate three times a day lately. Didn't do it much before, but these last weeks have been different I guess." I exchanged glances with Marie. Apparently, my little tweaks were working.

-"And have you got any sexual experience?" -"I wouldn't call it sexual, really… I… was raped a year ago by my sister's boyfriend and his friends." she sighed.

A cold sensation running down my spine, I immediately slammed the emergency switch, sending all four girls into zombie mode. I shared a very long silence with Marie. -"Well, fuck." I said, finally. I felt sick. Marie looked disgusted and I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

-"Amen to that. So what do we do?" I was silent for a long time, feeling all my excitement fade and my erection shriveling. I thought about the problem, trying to come up with ideas and discarding many of them immediately. -"We could always make her forget about that experience?" I suggested. Marie just shook her head.

-"I think you know why we can't." -"Because that would leave her vulnerable?" -"Yeah. But I have another idea, I think," she said, "this is going to sound strange, but I think we should give her a really good time today and make sure she loves every second of it." -"You think she could enjoy it?" -"Of course. If you trigger her reward circuits like you always do, she'll definitely enjoy it.

Just…" -"Yes?" -"Maybe if we don't force her to consent to things? Let her initiate all contacts because she wants to, spontaneously?" she suggested. -"Not even mirroring physical sensations?" -"Not even that. Make absolutely sure she doesn't feel fear, isn't forced to do anything, just watches and enjoys herself and does whatever she wants to." -"And after, we find those guys and just… what?

Kill them?" I suggested. !62 -"Not a good idea. Not only would that put everything at risk, I'm also not a fan of the death penalty. But I think we can come up with some other ways of making sure they never rape another person again, right?" I nodded solemnly. -"Ok, pet. I agree. We'll improvise and make sure she has a good time. I'll monitor her very closely to see that she's ok. You want to keep talking?" She nodded in reply, and I flicked the emergency switch so that the girls all came back to consciousness.

They looked slightly disoriented for a second, but because I hadn't touched their hippocampuses, they had a sense of continuity and focused very quickly, as if nothing had happened. Marie was silent for a moment, letting Annika's words sink in.

The other three girls looked really sad, and Gunilla stretched out her hand and patted Annika on the arm, tears welling up in her eyes. -"I'm so sorry," she said, "was it very bad?" Marie and I exchanged glances and kept silent.

-"Yes, of course," said Annika, "of course it was bad." Her eyes also started brimming with tears. -"I don't know why I said anything, because I know I'm spoiling the mood for you, but… I never told anyone before, and—" -"And now you feel like you can say anything, right?" Marie helped.

Annika smiled bravely at her. -"Yes. I don't know why, but I feel you won't judge me for what happened." -"Of course not." -"Absolutely not!" -"Never!" the girls all said. -"It was very good that you told us, Annika," Marie continued, "because that means we know that you've had a bad experience, and that makes us super aware that we need to take good care of you today, right Charlie?" I nodded.

-"Of course. I'm very sorry to hear that you've been raped, and I think you were very right when you said that it wasn't a sexual experience, Annika. Sex is always supposed to be consensual," I said, blushing because I felt like a hypocrite.

Marie read my face and smiled wryly. -"Yes, sex should be consensual," she added, "do you know what that means, girls?" -"That people should say yes." Siri supplied. -"That's right. So today, when I show you things, you'll get to try them yourselves if you wan't to, and if you don't want to, then just say so, and everyone will respect that, ok?" Marie went on.

-"Would you like to say something else, or can we go on to Siri?" She asked. -"I'm ok. Go on" -"Right, Siri - your turn?" Siri composed herself, wiping tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.

-"Yeah, I'm Siri and I'm in 9B. I've seen a lot of boys naked and I've had sex with about twenty boys, so I have some experience I guess you could say." -"Seriously?" Marie blurted. -"Yes, sure," Siri shrugged and smiled.

-"That's… a bit more than most girls our age," Marie said, smiling back. -"I started early, I guess," Siri said and smiled again. The other girls started giggling at that, and pretty soon the tension broke between us and we all laughed together.

Annika too. That came as a huge relief. I silently thanked Siri, making a Wai gesture to which she reciprocated. -"Right… so… I'm sorry," Marie tried to compose herself. "I suppose I won't have much to teach you today, Siri, but I'm glad you're here anyway. Perhaps you'll teach us a thing or two… Ok, Charlie, would you come lie down right here on the bed please?" She gestured to the middle of the large bed, where I would just about be able to squeeze in.

I complied. -"So… as you probably saw before, Charlie is a pretty big boy—" The girls all giggled -"And that makes things a bit difficult, as you'll probably notice, but now that he's not fully erect I can take the opportunity to show you a bit about penile anatomy…" she went on, smiling and winking at me, and giving my cock a friendly tug.

!63 -"Here's the scrotum - his ballsack, and when I squeeze it like this you can see his balls move inside…" She fondled me, and the girls all leaned forward to get a close look. Clearly, their disinhibition was working well. I focused my attention on their group avatar and ever so gently started stimulating their pleasure centres.

I plugged in the nerve bundle stimulation cycle, and applied a very weak stimulation to their genital regions - something they would barely even feel, but would definitely get their brains on the right track. In a sense, that wasn't what Marie and I had agreed on, but if I only set it to five or ten percent at first, I reasoned… That's when I noticed that i hadn't turned off the pleasure feedback from my pleasure centres to theirs.

I decided not to turn it off, but turned it down instead to a mere 0.5x multiplier. If I came, they might come as well, or they might not. It wouldn't be unbearable. -"As you can see, his penis is now becoming erect, and if you look closely, you can see that it fills up with each heartbeat, twitching a little each time…" The girls leaned even closer. -"That's a huge cock." Siri supplied, knowledgeably. -"Yes it is," Marie agreed, "You've never seen one this big?" Siri just shook her head and laughed.

-"Well, it's still perfectly workable. If you can't fit it in your pussies, there's always the ass to try." The girls giggled at that, as if they thought she was joking. -"No, I'm serious. The girth isn't really a problem for your pussies, but the length might be, and your asses will be potentially deeper.

Harder to fit in the beginning, but fully possible. I'll show you later, and you can give it a try if you like. First, though, I want to show you a bit about fellatio. That means cock-sucking. I guess you're the real expert here, Siri, but if I miss anything, you can just show me, ok?" She smiled and dove down between my thighs, burying her tongue between my asscheeks, trying to reach my asshole.

I was completely unprepared for that move, and gasped with pleasure. Marie tongued me hard between my asscheeks, licking up and sucking my balls in her mouth now and then, letting her hand slowly wank me, pulling my foreskin back and forth. After a minute or two, I was definitely ready to explode from her treatment, and she probably sensed that, because she let up and sat up for a while, wanking me very slowly.

-"Ok, so as you can see, it's now fully erect," she said, and winked at me, "and whenever it feels really good to Charlie, you can see that his penis contracts a bit and that a clear liquid comes out. That's called pre-cum. It's seminal fluid without the sperms, basically. As you can see, it's pretty sticky. It doesn't taste of anything though." She used her finger to show how my pre-cum could be pulled to a thread, and the girls giggled again.

-"Now, I could go right to the sucking, but I'm sure you've seen that many times in porn, right?" Marie said, matter-of-factly. The girls nodded. "But what you may not be aware of is that men have something called a prostate.

It's right inside the anus, toward the root of his penis, and look what happens when I finger it…" I gasped as she spat on her fingers and let two of them slip inside my ass at the same time. Since she had tongued me thoroughly, they slipped in easily, but it was an overwhelming sensation. Then she wiggled her fingers around and pressed them against my prostate.

My cock twitched violently, and a stream of pre-cum came out. The girls giggled once more. Marie started fucking me with her fingers, using her other hand to massage my balls and once in a while wank my cock.

Very soon, I felt I was about to explode if she didn't stop. She must have felt my prostate getting hard, because she let up the pressure and slowed down. -"Ok, now I can feel his prostate getting really hard. It's right here, just a couple of centimeters inside his anus. Charlie, I'd like to show the girls how it looks when a man cums. Would you be ok with that?" She asked, smiling and winking at me.

Holy fuck, I thought to myself. I found this girl on the first try. I nodded at her, and she pulled her fingers out, spat on them again and then wiggled three of them in front of me, before putting them against my anus with a wide grin. -"Ready for three fingers, Charlie?" she asked. I nodded. "Ready girls? Think I can make him cum without hardly touching his cock?" I was too aroused to see, but I think all of them were definitely touching themselves.

I tried to relax, but the sensation when Marie sank all three fingers inside me caused me to gasp with both pain and pleasure. She locked eyes with me and started fingerfucking me hard but slow, pressing her fingers against my prostate each time. With her other hand, !64 she gripped the root of my shaft and my balls and squeezed hard. Within a minute, I started tingling all over, feeling I was coming closer to the point of no return. I grunted with pleasure, fucking back at Marie's hand, feeling her give my cock a few hard tugs before pulling back hard on it, pulling my foreskin and frenulum taut.

I lost all control and my cock simply exploded, shooting what felt like the largest load of my life. The orgasm seemed to go on forever. When I came to my senses and opened my eyes, the girls were all smiling broadly, some of them wiping my cum from their faces and chests, all of them touching themselves and breathing hard.

They were all giggling or laughing with delight at Marie's prank. She had aimed at them deliberately. Marie licked some cum from my shaft and sucked my cock while it contracted and gave her a few more drops to swallow. Then she let me out of her mouth with a pop and smacked her lips, discreetly pulling her fingers out of my ass.

-"Right. So that's what a cock looks like when it shoots cum. I hope you don't mind my little joke. I'm going to go wash my hands now, and in the meantime, maybe you'd like some paper towels?" Marie smiled broadly and tossed us a box. -"Fuck, you've got a nice looking cock," said Siri, not using a paper towel but using her fingers instead to wipe my cum from her chest and face and then licking them.

I grinned at her and checked their avatars. Siri and Annika both appeared to have orgasmed, whereas Julia and Gunilla were still rubbing themselves, not quite there yet. -"You like my cock, Siri?" -"It's gorgeous. Fucking gorgeous. Can I suck it?" -"Go ahead." I tweaked my nitric oxide reuptake, making sure I would remain fully erect. Then I nudged the nerve bundle stimulation cycles of Julia and Gunilla, turning them up to forty percent, making them both instantly gasp with pleasure, looking very surprised.

Both started rubbing their clits frenetically. Annika leaned back, slowly rubbing herself, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm. Siri went as if to sit between my legs to suck me, but I stopped her. -"Please, Siri, sit on my face so I can lick you?" -"Fuck yes, lick me." She said, swinging her leg over my head and straddling me. I almost exploded again just from seeing her perfect little ass in front of my face.

Jesus, this girl was petite. She didn't wait for me to start licking, but immediately swallowed what felt like most of my shaft. I felt her throat massage my glans as it contracted when she gagged, and I saw her body tense up and her little brown asshole clench. I grabbed her little asscheeks with both hands and buried my tongue up her asshole. She gasped with pleasure and gargled on my cock, and I could hear the other girls groaning as the feedback from my pleasure centres triggered theirs.

Barely conscious of what I was doing, I nudged the multiplier up to 1.0 and buried my face in Siri's pussy, licking her clit hard. It was small, but hard as a frozen pea against my tongue. Soon we found a rhythm. She rocked back and forth, grinding her pussy on my mouth and sucking my cock in short strokes, using her tongue on my glans and sometimes sucking hard. Her petite little ass right in my face was fantastic, and feeling her erect little clit on my tongue was even more fantastic.

Vaguely, I heard Marie saying something and some of the other girls replying. I gave their avatars a glance in my interface, but in my current state of excitement, there was just too much information to take in. Fuck it, I thought to myself, and swiftly wired all five girls to the group avatar. I set the feedback to 1.0 for all of them, turned the stimulation cycle to 0.4, hearing Annika, Siri and Marie gasp at the sudden onset of stimulus.

Fuck it fuck it fuck it, I thought to myself and slammed the group avatar with the deepthroat augmentation commands, seeing it take effect and then grabbing a hold of Siri's head. !65 I gripped her hair with both hands and timed my upstroke to her downstroke and then let my cock sink all the way down her tight throat, feeling her go rigid with shock on top of me and seeing her ass clench as she gagged violently. Mercilessly, because I knew that with the augmentations it would give her intense pleasure, I started fucking her little face.

Over and over again, I let my cock slip all the way down her throat, feeling her nose bury itself in my scrotum. At first, she struggled and tried to get loose, but when the pleasure from her gagging set in, and with the feedback from the intense pleasure I felt each time I buried my cock in her mouth added on top of that, she let it happen. Not even bothering to lick her, because she was getting more than enough stimulation from the throatfuck, feedback and stimulation cycle combined, I fucked her face hard in long, merciless strokes, feeling her gag and heave, her throat caressing my glans and shaft.

She was the first to climax, her body going completely rigid on top of me. I pushed down her head all the way, raising my hips and fucking her face hard, heard myself grunting, my orgasm building in my loins, heard the other four girls all reaching their climaxes simultaneously, and then I ejaculated down Siri's throat, grinding my cock inside her throat.

My peak sent her over the edge once more, or maybe just prolonged her own climax. Her butt cheeks flexed and her pussy and ass winked with each contraction. As I had done with Marie before, I held her down for as long as my own pulsing contractions lasted, and when I finally let go of her head, she didn't pull back at first. I could feel her body about to go limp, but then she heaved convulsively and pushed away from me, coughing up my cum and blowing it out her nose, dry-heaving because she was unable to vomit.

Her whole body shook uncontrollably with her orgasm for a long time, before she finally collapsed on me, with her head right by my penis. When I slowly regained my senses, I heard we were all breathing heavily, some of the girls speaking incoherently.

I flicked off the stimulation cycle and got a couple of disappointed groans in reply, but also a couple of sighs of relief. The room smelled strongly of our sweat and our fluids, and looking around, I saw the girls all lying down in a jumble of arms and legs. Another flick of my interface turned off my erection, letting my cock slowly deflate.

It took us all several minutes to recover from the intense orgasms we had shared. When I finally came to, Siri was toying with my semi-erect cock, poking at it with her finger. -"I think it needs to rest now," she said.

Then she sighed and slid further down my legs and started to get up. "I need to pee, "she informed us. She was barely able to stand, but stumbled off toward the toilet. !66 Chapter 13. Therapy. Soon, I began noticing something odd about Annika's breathing.

She appeared to be quietly sobbing. Worried, I sat up and touched her back. She raised her head and looked at me. She was definitely crying. I got cold all over, but when I started to ask her, she interrupted. -"Hey, how are you—" -"That was beautiful," she whispered, wiping tears from her cheeks and sniffling, "that was so beautiful." -"What was?" I asked, feeling relief pulsing through my veins, shivering.

-"This whole… thing. Everything." -"You liked it?" She didn't answer, but started crying again and buried her face in my chest. Lamely, I put my arm around her and held her close. She kept crying, sobbing silently, and soon the other girls came closer and cuddled up to her, putting their arms around us. That's when she started sobbing for real.

It went on for a long time. Maybe five minutes, maybe ten. After a while, Siri came back and joined us on the bed and cuddled up. Annika wept her heart out, and soon a couple of the other girls were also crying silently. All social inhibitions blocked, no one felt uncomfortable sharing the moment. It was beautiful. When Annika's weeping subsided, we all were reluctant to let go of her. We fussed over her, wiping her tears, giving her a paper towel to blow her nose, getting her something to drink.

We talked in hushed tones, and it was Annika herself who finally broke the mood by giving us a sad little smile and saying she also needed to use the toilet. Then she gave us a heartwarming smile, blew her nose again and hurried off. The rest of us hugged each other, silently thanking each other for the pivotal experience we had shared. I think we all felt it; something broken had begun to heal. We got up and took turns showering, and Marie and I set the table.

The girls had all had lunch in school, but we could still do with some tea and biscuits before we went for another romp in the bed. Marie took a sip of flower-scented tea and smiled at the other girls over the rim of her cup. -"So?" she asked. No further qualification of the question needed. -"That was… interesting" Julia said, smiling. Then she thought of something and added "better than my sister's vibrator!" We all laughed at that, and Gunilla hurried to add that it was definitely better than her shower head too.

-"But…" injected Siri, "what happened? I mean… Like I said, I've had sex with more than twenty boys, but I've never felt anything like that." -"That's because this place is magical" said Marie, grinning mischievously. -"No, I'm serious Marie, what was that? It was like I just exploded with pleasure every time I went deep. That's usually just uncomfortable." -"You deepthroat a lot of cocks?" Marie said, still grinning.

-"Sure. Like, all of them, but I'd still like to know what happened, so stop avoiding the question." Siri grinned too, in contrast to her stern tone. -"Ok, if you don't believe in magic, would you believe it was technology?" -"Maybe." I raised an eyebrow and made a hushing gesture at Marie, but she winked at me and went on: !67 -"We have this device in the ceiling… here, let me show you." she walked over to the bedroom and pointed at the wifi router; "this is called a Sensory Repeater Device.

Sort of the cutting edge in technology, you know. It takes one persons sensations and casts them to other people in the vicinity. When you took Charlie's cock deep, he felt really good, and his sensation was repeated to us all." -"No way! You're not serious?" Siri objected. Marie looked at her for a few seconds and then glanced at me.

I nodded encouragingly, because I could almost see where this was going. -"Ok… I guess I'll have to prove it to you," she said, winking at me. I grinned and nodded in reply. -"Have you all finished eating? Ok, lets go back to the bedroom then, and I'll prove to you that I'm not bullshitting you." We put the dishes away and gathered in the bedroom.

I was getting really curious to see where Marie was going to take this. -"So. The first thing I'm going to do is to get Charlie here going again. When I suck him, the SRD - sorry, I mean the Sensory Repeater Device - will take what he is feeling and cast it to you. It does so by scanning his brain-waves and then feeding his gamma-patterns to you, or so I think - I'm not a technical genius.

Then when he's up for it - pun intended - he'll put his cock inside me, and the device will push both my sensations and his sensations to you, ok?" She glanced at me to silently check that this was possible, to which I nodded my assent. -"And at any time, Siri, you can just push that green power button to turn off the SRD, and we'll all feel it stop." Siri raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and nodded. -"Ok. I'll believe it when I see it." -"Great. Everyone just lean back and relax for a while and try to just focus on what you're sensing… wait, before I start - Annika, are you ok with this?

When he comes inside of me, you're going to feel like he's inside you, so if you don't want to…" Annika just shook her head and smiled, but then added "I really want to!" -"You go girl!" I said, smiling warmly at her. I could feel my heart begin to race in expectation of what was about to happen, and my penis was definitely starting to show signs of waking up on his own, without the nitric oxide booster system activated. I checked the settings of the girls' group avatar and my own.

I stood by the edge of the bed, and Marie got on her hands and knees and got ready to take my cock in her mouth, but reached up to kiss me first. I let it happen and enjoyed exploring her mouth with my tongue and feel hers poking and swirling against mine.

Let's see. Feedback from my pleasure centres to the girls at 1.0 - that was good for now. Now I needed to make a sensory feed from her hypogastric, pelvic, pudendal and vagal nerve bundles to the other girls'… like so… and set the intensity to what? Would 1.0 be too much? Marie was kissing her way down my chest, paying attention to my nipples. I shivered with pleasure and saw the girls open their mouths as the pleasure immediately coursed through their bodies.

The sight of their petite, beautiful teenage bodies gave me a strong rush of sexual arousal that made me grit my teeth and feel how my cock reacted and became fully erect within a few heartbeats. I saw the girls all reach toward their pussies with their hands - even Marie - and realized I had somehow activated the incentive salience feedback from my nucleus accumbens shell to theirs and set off the dopaminergic neurotransmission in their mesocorticolimbic projections and ventral pallidum.

In my interface, it looked like fireworks of signals, or like a christmas tree lighting up with different colours. I had an almost unbearable lust to fuck them all, to use all their young teenage fuckholes, and since I was feeling such a shocking onset of excitement, they felt the same. That's when Marie took me down her throat in a single movement, without hesitation. I felt myself slide down her throat, felt her lips slide all the way down the root of my thick shaft, the powerful sensation of raw sexual lust welling up me when I looked down and saw her head pressed into my loins nearly overpowering me.

Then she gagged hard, and I felt her throat muscles clench around my glans, a wave of physical pleasure coursing through me. The girls all simultaneously gasped, except for Marie, who gargled and coughed, but still forced herself down on me. After what seemed !68 an eternity of deepthroating, she finally came up for air, looking triumphantly at the other girls.

Like myself, they were all gasping for breath from the experience. -"Uh-huh?" Marie said. "You starting to believe me now then?" The girls nodded. Siri too. She had almost fallen over and was leaning heavily of the bed with one hand. -"So do you want to feel how Charlie feels when I massage his prostate again?" Marie teased, wiggling two fingers.

Gunilla, Julia and Annika all nodded, mouths open. -"You just suck him - let me stick my fingers up his ass," Siri panted. She spat on her fingers, but I stopped her and leaned over and got her a jar of vaseline from the shelf underneath the window. I spread a generous dollop on her fingers and leaned over to kiss her greedily. My God, she's beautiful, I thought to myself, and then I gasped with pleasure as Marie took me all the way to the hilt in her mouth again.

Siri took her cue and felt between my asscheeks for my anus. She didn't go slow, just pushed hard and went in as far as they would go. She gasped herself as she got the feedback from my pleasure centres, and grunted even harder when she found my prostate and began finger-fucking me, pushing against it. For Marie, who was getting her own pleasure from deepthroating me, her reward systems reacting violently each time she gagged, and for Julia, Annika and Gunilla who were all intensely rubbing their clits, this was too much and they all simultaneously climaxed, some of them gushing fluids as their pussies clenched and spasmed.

I grabbed Siri's wrist. -"Stop, or I'm going to cum too." She breathed heavily and I saw a gleam in her eyes as she wiggled her fingers against my hard prostate.

-"Maybe I want you to cum because I want to cum?" She panted. I forced her hand out, gritting my teeth not to explode in Marie's mouth. She was still sucking me softly, but not gagging herself. -"Ok, ok… I'll stop." I pulled out of Marie's mouth, and she made a little contented sound.

Her gagging had painted long streaks of tears and mascara on her face, and she was simply the most beautiful sight I had ever seen as she wiped her nose and mouth. Siri wiped her fingers on the sheets and smelled them, but apparently they smelled ok, because she didn't go wash them. Shortly, everyone had begun to breathe more slowly, and Marie turned to the other girls, turning around so that she was kneeling with her ass right in front of me as she did so.

-"So, you're all starting to believe me now, about the SRD?" -"I guess you can't argue with what I just felt." Siri said, still looking as if she wasn't fully believing her senses. -"So you want to do the experiment where you shut it off?" Marie asked. -"It's not necessary, but I guess we could try it anyway". -"Great, because now I want to be fucked… Charlie, can you go change the settings so that it feeds what I'm feeling to the others?" She looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her little ass playfully.

I felt another strong surge of excitement go through me at the sight, and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her hips and plowing her. I pretended to use the computer in the other room for a while, as the girls talked softly about the experience they had just shared. Since all the necessary adjustments were already done in the interface, I listened in on what they were saying.

Siri was surprised that she hadn't cum when the others did, but Marie explained that that was because she hadn't been touching herself as the others had. Remembering something I had tried with the first batch of girls, I wired myself up to receive sensory feedback from Marie's genital nerve bundles to my own.

That would make me cum fast, but what the hell. The girls would also climax whenever I did, so what did it matter if I became a four second guy for a while? When I got back to the bedroom, the girls were ready, and Marie still stood on all fours with her ass in the air, wiggling it invitingly. !69 -"Ok, Siri," I instructed, "whenever you feel like it, turn the power off.

When you're satisfied that the SRD is in fact working, go ahead and turn it on again, ok?" She nodded and stood up from where she had been sitting. I gave Marie the jar of vaseline, patting her fondly on one little butt cheek. -"My ass?" she asked. -"Yeah, I figured we'd let them feel both, and then they can think about whether they would like to try it themselves later." I said, smiling at the girls.

The three inexperienced ones looked hesitant, but Siri smiled back at me. -"Tried it before?" I asked, as Marie scooped out some vaseline and started to lube up her asshole. All of us simultaneously grunted and gasped for breath as Marie fingered her asshole, because we all felt it.

-"Oh my… God…" Siri panted, and stretched up to press the power button. That was sooner than I had expected, but I quickly cut the feedback from Marie's nerve bundles to the other girls. Not to myself, though, because I was enjoying the feeling of her fingers in my ass as she was fingering her own. Siri's jaw dropped open as she felt the virtual fingers disappear from her ass.

-"It… stopped… but, hey, I'm still feeling something." Fuck. I had forgotten about the feedback from my pleasure centres to theirs.

I severed that connection as well. Annika groaned with frustration. -"Ok, now we know it works like you said - will you turn that on, please?" She said. -"You heard the lady." I said, and directed Siri's finger to the power button of the wifi router again. "Let's turn the SRD back on, ok?" -"Yah." She said, pushing the button, grunting with pleasure together with the other girls as I simultaneously reconnected the pleasure feedback from myself and the sensory feedback from Marie to their brains.

-"Ok, let's fuck now. What you'll be feeling is what Marie is feeling, and you'll also feel some of my pleasure. Everyone ready?" I asked, grabbing a hold of Marie's hips and guiding my cock to her pussy. The girls all looked at me eagerly, and I made eye-contact with Annika when I started to penetrate Marie slowly.

"Are you ok, Annika? You want this?" She locked eyes with me and nodded, touching herself. I rammed home my cock, all the way inside Marie, and saw all the girls simultaneously grunt with both pain and intense pleasure. I had hit her cervix pretty hard. The feeling inside my own genital region was every bit as strangely wonderful as when I had tried it the first time. Not exactly like getting my ass fucked, but close. I started pumping her in long, hard strokes, each time feeling that powerful sensation of being filled.

My pleasure built fast to the point where I was pretty sure I was going to explode within ten thrusts. That's when Marie and then all the other girls started to buck and shudder, their brains apparently more primed than mine to explode, and I surrendered to the feeling, pushing my cock all the way inside her tight little teenage pussy and letting her orgasm milk me all the way while I locked eyes with Gunilla across the bed, her face contorted with her climax.

My God, those breasts, was the last thing I thought before temporarily blacking out. When I came to my senses, maybe a minute or two later, I was still standing with my cock buried to the hilt in Marie's pussy, and it was gradually starting to go limp as my prolactin levels peaked and the refractory phase started. Oh, right. I didn't have the nitric oxide boost system turned on.

Looking at the girls, I knew I had to continue. I felt like letting the refractory period overcome my defenses, but this was not the time to stop and go to sleep. I would be very disappointed if I didn't fuck them all today. I slammed the nitric oxide controls into place and clamped down on the areas of my brain that were releasing prolactin, squeezing up more activity in the incentive salience circuits that had begun to relax already.

The effect was near instantaneous, and felt like a surge of some kind of potent drug. I guess a mix of cocaine and amphetamine with a bit of mdma and caffeine thrown in for good measure. Within half a minute, I was fully erect again inside Marie, and now I turned down the !70 intensity of the feedback from Marie's pelvic floor nerve bundles to mine so that I wouldn't climax as fast. -"Ready to go again, girls?" I asked, again locking eyes with Annika.

-"Up the butt?" She asked, looking at once afraid and eager. I quickly checked her avatar, but the fear-centre regions of her amygdala were still clamped off pretty tightly.

-"Yes, up the butt. You want to feel it?" -"Ok" she said, nodding. -"The rest of you?" I asked. There were no objections. Julia seemed to be on cloud nine or in seventh heaven - unable to reply or even take in her surroundings. She had three fingers up her pussy, and the other hand was feverishly massaging her clit. Siri was lying on her side, one hand behind her, fingering her asshole, and the other hand between her legs from the front, apparently rubbing her pussy like Julia.

Gunilla, little twelve-year-old Gunilla with the fantastic breasts, was lying on her back, legs so far apart her feet were almost touching the mattress, giving me a display that made me very eager to fuck her next. -"Please fuck us…" she said. Entering Marie's little teenage asshole slowly, I felt myself entering my own ass. Like the other times I had tried this feedback, it felt like being entered by a baseball bat, thick end first. And I was only feeling about half of what she and the other girls were feeling.

I focused on my interface and brought up their incentive salience and pleasure feedback even more, to 1.4. They were grunting and speaking semi-coherent words on the theme of "oh, fuck.

go slowly please… not too fast… oh shit. oh, that's good… please fuck me". So I tried to adjust and focus on enjoying the sight, very slowly inching my cock inside Marie's tight asshole, seeing the size contrast between my body and theirs, the differential between my massive cock and her little tushy.

God, once I started fucking her, I wouldn't last many minutes, that's for sure. Ever so slowly, I started moving in and out, starting with small movements but gradually increasing the stroke length. I grabbed Marie by her hair and pulled her head up toward me. I put my lips right up against her ear and whispered softly. -"I'm going to fuck you now, pet." -"Oh, yes, please fuck me." -"I'm not going to show you any mercy, pet." -"Please just use me.

Use my body." -"I'll use you, pet." I started moving with longer and harder strokes, laying some serious pipe. -"Remember you can squeeze your nipples any time, pet. They'll feel whatever you're feeling when you do. Me too." -"Oh, fuck that's hot" she whispered, grunting with pleasure as I pushed my cock all the way inside her little teenage ass. -"Here, pet. Open your mouth." I grabbed her by the throat with one hand, adjusting my grip so that I cut off the flow through the carotid artery to her brain and squeezed her jugular vein.

Then I slipped two fingers in her mouth and started to tease the back of her throat. When she gagged, I felt her whole body tense up, her tight pelvic floor muscles massaging the shaft of my cock, sending sensory feedback through my own pelvic floor.

Her pleasure centres flared wildly, and were further fed by feedback from mine. The cut-off oxygen took effect within a few seconds, and I could see her brain starting to fire off random signals as the hypoxia set in. Then I released my grip on her carotid artery, put my fingers even further down her throat and began fucking her ass for real.

She was the first to climax, gargling on my fingers, gagging herself violently and squeezing down on my cock that was pumping her asshole mercilessly. As she came, I squeezed her throat again while I kept fucking her, then released, fucked, squeezed, fucked, released, making her cycle between near unconsciousness and her powerful orgasm. That's when all the other girls also came simultaneously from the intense feedback from her pelvic floor and my pleasure centres.

I let go of Marie's lolling head, pushed her forward and followed her movement so that I came to fuck her !71 prone bone up the ass, and then I really let it rip.


I held back nothing, feeling just half of what she felt when fucked up the ass, but still nearly being overpowered by the sensation. Because I had already climaxed so many times, I seemed to be able to go on forever. Then I looked down and saw how her little hard teenage ass looked underneath me and with my fat cock up her arse, and I just exploded, screaming as I came, my 1.4x multiplier pleasure feedback to the girls making them cum so hard they screamed also.

My orgasm seemed to go on minutes. Each time my cock twitched, I could feel my own cock twitching up my ass. I could almost feel each spurt of semen. It was unbearably intense, superhumanly good, beyond anything our brains evolved to handle, and yet the girls were feeling it even more than I.

Eventually, I collapsed on top of Marie, my cock still buried all the way to the hilt in her ass, and because I hadn't turned off the nitric oxide regulation, it remained fully erect, the sensation of fullness in my own ass refusing to fade while I was still inside her. We were all a panting heap of twitching, writhing human flesh. Marie finally tried to push me off her, and I let it happen. I grunted as I felt myself slipping out of her ass. I heard Siri gasp with pleasure at the sensation.

-"Hey, girls." I panted. "Are you all ok?" I got only moans and groans in reply. I lay still for a few more minutes and temporarily turned off the bloodflow to my penis, letting the erection start to fade. Because I still had my prolactin response in check and my dopaminergic signalling of incentive salience was powering me, I recovered more quickly than the girls. When I got up from the bed, none of them was back to full consciousness yet, but this time I didn't panic.

I knew they would wake up soon, so I went to the toilet to pee and grabbed a coke from the fridge, bringing some more cans back with me to the bedroom. I sat down on the bed with the girls and drank my coke slowly while I waited for them to start moving. In the meantime, I enjoyed looking at their petite teenage bodies.

I took the liberty of fondling them, grabbing handfuls of their young flesh, licking and caressing them all over. Annika was the first to begin propping herself up on her elbow.

-"That was…" she began, but trailed off. -"Pretty amazing?" She just nodded. -"So you're ok, Annika?" -"Better than I've ever been.

I never knew…" she trailed off again, as if she was on a drug of some kind. -"Never knew it could be this good?" -"Never." I scanned her avatar and saw that her incentive salience was already rising, her ventral pallidum glowing and her mesocorticolimbic projection re-booting her interest. -"Would you like to… continue? While we wait for the others to wake up?" I saw her brain light up even brighter than the smile she shot me. -"Oh, yes!" she said, emphatically.

"But, did I just become unconscious?" -"Yeah, the SRD was maybe set a bit too high, but it's not dangerous or anything." I told the lie routinely, because I had told the same story to so many other girls by now. -"You know…" she said, hesitating.

-"Yes?" -"I never thought I'd enjoy sex." Her brain was still pulsing with sexual interest, but I immediately felt myself becoming more serious. -"You mean, after what they did to you?" I asked.

-"Yes." -"Do you want to talk about it? The other's can't hear you now, I think. They'll probably be passed out for a while." !72 -"I don't know…" she said, hesitating again. "It almost doesn't matter now. Now that I know sex can be good and that I can enjoy it like this. I never thought I would." -"You mustn't say that what they did to you doesn't matter." I said slowly.

"They didn't care about you, and I guess it wasn't just mentally horrible but that it hurt physically as well?" She looked down, and I could see her brain partly lose the fizzle.

-"Yes, it was horrible, but now I know it doesn't have to be." -"Which is very good. And like I promised, I can show you even more about how your body works and what good sex is…" I saw her reward centres light up, and she smiled, "…but now I would like you to do something difficult. I want you to tell me their names." Her eyes widened, and she looked afraid. I gave her avatar a closer look, but her fear response was still clamped rather tightly.

If she got this scared even with the clamp in place, that meant she would have otherwise been completely terrified. -"I don't want my parents to find out." -"Why not?" -"Because… I don't know.

I just don't want them to find out." -"Because you feel you have yourself to blame for what happened?" Her eyes were suddenly full of tears and her face turned all white, nearly a green tint.

I reached over and gave her a coke to drink, and waited for a minute to let her compose herself. Julia and Siri were showing signs of coming back to consciousness, but I didn't want them to yet, so I softly touched their Reticular Activating Systems, sending them to sleep. I did the same for Gunilla and Marie, even though I probably didn't need to. -"So you feel it was partly your fault?

Why?" I asked. -"I really don't want to talk about this. Please. Not now. Can't we just… go on?" -"When are you ever going to talk about it with anyone then, Annika?" Her eyes brimmed with tears and one slid down her cheek.

-"Look at us, Annika. Here we are, naked together. We just shared something wonderful, and I can tell that you feel completely safe with me. I want you to tell me what happened, because I think I can help you. Do you think there will ever be a better time to tell anyone?" She sobbed and shook her head.

I let go of a deep sigh, relieved at that gesture. -"So let me guess. You were with your sister?" She nodded. -"Please, I want you to promise not to tell my parents." -"I promise I won't." -"And not the police, ok." -"Do you think what happened here just now was legal?" I smiled at her.

-"Umm… I didn't… For some reason, I didn't think about that. Not once." -"Look, Annika, I'm nearly forty years old. You're legally a minor. I would go to jail if the police found out about what just happened." -"I don't mind, though." she said, smiling through her tears. -"No, of course not. But it doesn't matter that you don't mind. What I did was illegal. That just shows that what is wrong or right has very little to do with whether it is legal or not." -"That's just absurd," she said, frowning.

"I mean… like you said before, what matters is whether someone consents or not. Whether they agree. And I agreed to everything we did. I loved it. That can't be wrong." -"Legally, you are too young to give consent." -"That's fucked up." she said, so emphatically that I felt myself smiling broadly.

-"I agree. That's fucked up. But those are the norms our society wishes to impose on us. Back now to what I was asking you about. I won't tell anyone, I promise. Can you please tell me what happened? I was right that you were with your sister when it happened?" -"Not when it happened, but when it began." -"Ok, I'll be quiet now, and you just tell me." She drew a deep breath. !73 She had been to a party with her friends, and she had gotten into a fight with her friend, and she had gone home.

But then her sister had called, and when she heard her little sister was sad she invited her to come over to where she was with her friends, so that she could comfort her. It was a good party and lots of really good looking guys that were friends with her sister's boyfriend were there, and they gave her something to drink and she danced and had lots of fun. Then her sister fell asleep on the couch, and some other girls had left to go to another party, and then she was dancing alone and these guys were looking at her, and they encouraged her to keep dancing and gave her more to drink and… she trailed off.

-"So they gave you alcohol to drink and maybe something else, and you felt good, and because you were dancing you feel that you were to blame?" I asked. -"Well, I acted really slutty, you know - I kissed a couple of them, and when they touched my breasts, I touched them back…" -"And then things got out of hand?" -"Yes.

They started to unbutton my pants and stuck their hands between my legs, and…" -"And you told them to stop." -"Yeah, I told them to stop, and they just laughed and kept undressing me. Touching me. And when I started to struggle, more of them grabbed me, and then they dragged me off to another room and…" -"And they raped you." Tears were streaming down her face, and she was racking with sobs again. -"And they raped me." I let her cry for a while, not touching her or saying anything.

-"So how are you responsible for any of this?" I finally asked. -"I didn't… I shouldn't have been so slutty. I shouldn't have… They made me say I liked it, and then they said if I told anyone they would…" She couldn't finish the sentence. -"They made you say you liked it while they were raping you?" -"They hit me until I did. Slapped me, I mean." -"And then they threatened you that something bad would happen if you told anyone." She sobbed loudly.

-"They said they'd do the same thing again, to me and my sister both. Only next time they would do it even harder." -"I understand you were afraid to tell anyone.

I still don't really understand how you can think any of this was your fault, however." -"But… I touched them back and I behaved—" -"Yes. You behaved they way you did because you were having fun and because you liked it when they touched you at first, and you were curious so you touched them back, and you felt really hot." -"There!

See? It was my fault. I was asking for it, just like they said." -"Yes, you were asking for THAT, Annika. You liked it when they touched your breasts, and there's noting wrong with that. There's also nothing wrong with copping a feel yourself, since they were already touching you. They more or less invited you to do that when they felt you up, right?" -"Right." -"But then you told them to stop. And that's when they should have stopped and realized that giving a thirteen year old girl alcohol and then grabbing her by the pussy isn't ok.

Especially when she says no, but even if she isn't saying no, their behaviour still isn't ok, because alcohol takes away people's ability to give informed consent. They might consent, but they're not thinking clearly. At least you can't be sure. Do you follow what I'm saying?" -"That I have myself to blame for what happened up until that point when I said no?" -"Not entirely. They slipped you alcohol, and that was bad. It was also bad for them to take advantage of you when you were in that state, but when they were just touching your tits and you were fondling them back, I wouldn't hold that too much against them.

To me, that's not so dirty that it needs to be anyone's fault, if you get what I'm saying. We take sex too seriously if we think like !74 that. But when you said no, when you told them to stop - everything that happened after that was completely and fully their fault, and none of yours, no matter how much they would like to say to themselves that you were asking for it." -"I guess you're right.

You're saying no means no." -"It's a cliché, but in this case that's exactly what I think. They should have backed off, no matter how horny they were. And what happened after that was entirely their fault, and not yours." -"Ok." She said simply, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. -"And now comes the most difficult part, Annika." -"What?" -"You're going to tell me their names? -"Why? So you can tell the police?" -"I already promised I won't do that.

I want you to tell me their names, and then forget you told me. I won't tell you what I'm going to do to them, because that would make you an accomplice to what happens. Now tell me their names." She did. And that was that. I kissed the tears from her cheeks and then just sat and held her for a while. After some minutes of just sitting with my arms around her, holding her close, I kissed her softly on the lips.

She answered immediately, hungrily - as if she needed it. Twisting around so that she could straddle my legs, she kissed me more intensely back, opening her mouth and licking under my lips with her tongue, biting them, pulling on my lips with hers, flicking her tongue against mine. She was a good kisser. Intense, but good. Looking inside her brain, I could see her pleasure centres responding violently as her own pleasure was added to the feedback that came from me, and as her own incentive salience and sexual appetite was added to my own.

Pretty soon, she was humping my legs with excitement and before I could stop her, she ducked down and took half of my cock in her mouth and started inexpertly sucking it. I grinned to myself, leaning back and letting it happen. I thought about offering to go wash it first, since it had very recently been buried seven inches or more inside Marie's ass, but apparently she was too excited to notice, or it simply didn't taste too bad.

I leaned back against the wall, adjusting a pillow behind my back, and let it happen. This was clearly the first time she voluntarily had a dick in her mouth, but whatever she lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm and visuals.

The sight of her perfect thirteen-year-old face with my thick cock in her mouth was absolutely among the sexiest things I had ever seen. By now, that top-list was getting a bit crowded with fantastic visuals from all my other batches of young girls, but this was definitely on par with all the other spectacular sights.

Her high cheekbones and her full lips, combined with her perfect nose, made her one of the very prettiest girls even in the select group I had tagged with my NanoReps.

She could barely fit my thick cock between her teeth, so she was causing me some pain, but my God this looked good. I had no problem getting a full erection even without the nitric oxide booster system, but once I was fully erect, I still triggered it to be safe. How many times had I climaxed today? I had lost count. This was approaching my records from my youth. No, strike that. When I was fifteen, I had counted fifteen cumshots in a day, wanking my dick so raw it was sore for days after.

This wasn't even close. Annika went deeper, trying to deepthroat me like she had seen Marie and Siri do. She gagged, and then her brain lit up with the pleasure feedback. That was enough to encourage her, and she started trying to go even deeper. -"Relax your throat, my pet," I said, feeling guilty when I caught myself using that name. Suddenly remembering about the other four girls in the bed with us, I focused on their avatars in turn, touching their Reticular Activating Systems and letting them wake up whenever they would of !75 their own accord.

All four started stirring. Because the feedback from my incentive salience systems and pleasure centres was still in place, it didn't take long before we had a very rapt and interested audience.

Marie immediately excused herself and hurried off, and soon we all laughed when we heard her farting out my cum from her ass. When she got back, after taking a quick detour to the shower, the other girls were taking turns trying to deepthroat my cock. Because they all felt intense pleasure whenever they gagged, they all caught on to the trick pretty soon, and the resulting video uptake from my optical nerve is still one I enjoy watching, years after.

It was simply one of the best visual experiences of my life. I particularly like to revisit the part where I scooted lower on the bed and spread my legs wider. Siri and Marie went low, licking my balls and ass, Annika and Julia took up positions on either side of me, taking turns deepthroating me and making themselves climax just from rubbing themselves and the intense feedback they were getting from their throats each time they gagged and from the feedback from my pleasure centres to theirs.

And then Gunilla, with her absolutely stunning young body and those spectacular tits, threw her leg over my face and straddled me, letting me eat her pussy and ass while I looked up at her tits and face from beneath. That's when I adjusted the feedback from my own NanoRep system to just 0.8x not to make them all pass out again, in case I climaxed.

But I needn't have worried. This time, despite how fantastic everything felt, it took me longer to cum. I ate Gunilla out from underneath for what seemed like an eternity, enjoying every single moment of it, feeling her juices flow down my cheeks and into my mouth, covering my face as I cupped her ass cheeks and pushed her hips forward so that I could tongue her ass.

When she climaxed, another girl pushed her aside and took her place, but facing the other way so that I got to stare at her tight little teenage tushy as she pushed her pussy down on my mouth and bent forward to gag herself on my cock. It was probably Julia, because her ass was spectacular. The combined efforts of my tongue in her ass or on her clit and the pleasure she derived from gagging herself - topped up with the 0.8x feedback from my cock, I suppose - had her cumming all over my face in no time.

Then another took her place, as I felt some other girl straddle my cock and take me inside her warm little pussy. From that point on, it is mostly just a blur to my memory, unless I go back and watch the optic nerve video feed.

In my memory, it's just one long extended orgy of breasts and pussies, faces and asses, lean perfect bodies, perfect youthful beauty. I lost count of how many times I climaxed, and I didn't care. I refused to let prolactin build up, and I refused to succumb to nitric oxide depletion, letting one girl after another ride me until she climaxed, her ass or pussy cramping and clenching on my cock, or until I climaxed, which usually meant a couple of the girls also did.

It's just one long orgiastic exposé of pleasure, like in a kaleidoscope. I don't know who was the first to start finger-fucking my ass while the other girls rode my thick cock, but that was the beginning of the end for all of us.

Pretty soon, someone was fisting my ass. The little devil, whoever it was, had taken the jar of vaseline, gradually worked in finger after finger inside my ass, and eventually had her whole hand inside.

I tried telling her to slow down, but my protests were muffled by whoever had her whole ass smothering my face at the time, and then I just let it happen. She fisted me hard, milking my prostate while a wonderful, tight teenage asshole clenched around my shaft, and I exploded in the strongest orgasm I had that day. When I came to, which was probably quite a long time later, the girls were all still out of it.

Marie had managed to squeeze her own nipples hard enough to set off her nerve bundle stimulation cycle, and since I hadn't turned off the feedback from her to the other girls, they were feeling it all just as strong. They were all writhing, twitching, moaning, grunting, murmuring incoherently, jerking in spasms, losing and regaining consciousness, riding the never-ceasing orgasmic, psychedelic trip of pleasure centre overload.

!76 I was too tired to even focus on my interface, so I leaned over and pressed Marie's left cuticle hard enough to make the cycle stop, not even getting a reaction out of her from the intense pain, and then I curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

When I woke up a bit later, my penis ached really bad, and I was afraid I had slept for too long, so that I now would suffer the consequences of untreated priapism for the rest of my life.

Panicking, I pulled up my interface and deactivated my nitric oxide override. I was relieved to see it deflate. Having blood clot and damage to the veins of the penis is not a good thing. I checked that all the girls were breathing ok, and then I stumbled to the shower and turned on just the cold tap, rinsing and trying to clear the fog from my mind. How long had the girls been on the stimulation cycle after I had blacked out?

Minutes or hours? I checked the clock of my internal interface, but since I didn't know when I had climaxed from the fisting, I couldn't tell. I sat down and focused even harder, bringing up the video feed and reliving the experience, checking the timecode. I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe twenty or thirty minutes. How does it feel to have a continuous orgasm for that long? After being stimulated for hours before that, reaching numerous climaxes?

Sweet jesus. The dopamine come-down they would feel after this would be brutal. Not to mention the serotonin dump. They would feel like recovering drug addicts after a binge that went too far. Sluggishly, I opened the windows to let in some fresh air, and then fumbled around in the kitchen a while before I found what I was looking for - my box of supplements.

I identified three containers and brought them to the bedroom. Still no sign of anyone stirring to life. Fuck. I ought to have built in some kind of emergency switch that would go off automatically is Marie lost consciousness. What had she said? A 'dead man's grip'? Something like that. I would definitely do that once the girls were out of the woods. I wet a couple of towels and brought them back to the bedroom, and started patting their foreheads and wiping their faces.

Eventually they started to recover and wake up. On a whim, I removed all the interferences I had been running with their brains, so that they would be fully themselves when they woke up. Marie was the first to recover well enough to sit up. She looked at me and shook her head, trying to smile at me. -"Another… uh… malfunction?" she asked. -"Yeah, but this time for a different reason. How do you feel?" -"Headache, bit sick." -"Nauseous?" -"Yeah. And I feel cold - can you shut the windows?" -"It's actually pretty warm in here, pet." -"Still…" I did as she asked.

-"Do you think you could drink something?" -"Some juice, perhaps?" I fetched a whole load of Tetra-paks of orange juice and apple juice. Vitamins and sugars were essential for their brains right now. I offered Marie one, and then drank three in a row myself, finishing the last with a loud burp. Some of the others were showing signs of waking up enough to try to sit.

I quietly offered them too some juice and asked how they were doing. -"I don't feel very well," said Gunilla, "I think I'm going to be sick…" I quickly fetched a big bowl from the kitchen, offering it to her.

She sat cradling it her lap for several minutes, drooling and spitting a bit, but not vomiting. I checked that I had fully halted the vomit-inhibition. !77 After five or ten more minutes, all the girls had managed to sit up, and they had all had something to drink. -"So… I guess we have to apologize for this," said Marie; "I think the SRD malfunctioned somehow, and that it overloaded our brains." -"Yeah. Sure felt like it…" said Siri; "but hey… we're alive, and that was… I don't even know what to say." She shook her head as if in disbelief.

Then she looked at me, her eyes slightly unfocused, but lingering for a long time on my face. -"What are you thinking, Siri?" I asked. -"I… I really don't know what to say." -"Then let's not speak about anything important just yet," I said, standing up and stretching for the three jars of supplements on the bedside table.

-"I think Marie is right that the SRD malfunctioned somehow, and that's why we're all feeling a bit sick right now. I think I was out for twenty or thirty minutes, and you were all out for longer than that." I let that sink in for a minute, while I opened the thee jars. -"I think what we're feeling are the effects of depletion of some neurotransmitters.

That's a fancy word for brain chemicals. Our cells need to regenerate them. Here are three pills to help with that, and I'm not slipping you anything dangerous - I'm going to take an even higher dose than you girls to show you they are ok to take, ok? Here's some 5-hydroxy-tryptophan. Take two each - I'll take three myself…" I gulped them down with some more juice.

"And here's some vitamin B6 - take two of those too… ok, and here's some L-Tyrosine, just a common amino acid we eat every day. Take as many as you like - it's no more dangerous than eating eggs or cheese." I took a handful myself. "Great, Marie, can you fetch the Paracetamol? For the headache?" We all took two of those, and then the hushed silence returned.

-"So…" Marie began, right before I was about to speak, "anyone wanna talk about what we've experienced today? What you learned?" Annika's face had been gradually getting redder and redder, the blushing reaching all the way down to her chest. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, and her eyes started to fill with tears.

She touched her hand to her throat. -"I'm…" she began, but faltered. Julia silently stretched out her hand and touched Annika's hair.

-"I'm… just… so… ha-ha-appy&hellip." Annika managed, between racking sobs. Julia leaned over and hugged her hard. -"That's the best thing I heard all day," I said; "I'm so incredibly happy you told us about what happened to you, and the way you've all taken care of each other makes me feel all warm inside." The girls smiled warmly at me and at each other at that.

-"So there are no regrets?" Asked Marie, after a while, prodding as if at a sore tooth. All the girls shook their heads. We shared a silence for a while. This time, it felt less uncomfortable. -"Should we discuss the fact that I'm a man in my thirties and that you are all below the age of consent?" I asked. Some of the girls blushed at that, but no-one said anything. -"I really think we ought to say something about that, don't you?" I prodded.

Siri looked up at me and smiled. -"I don't mind." She said, simply. There were mumbles of agreement on that theme. -"But you all realize that if what we did today were to get out, there would be trouble? Not just for me, but for all of us?" -"Of course!" said Siri, who apparently was the least embarrassed about what she had experienced.

"I'm not going to say anything. Not just because of self-preservation and because I care about you - all of you - but because I'd like to do it again soon. Right, friends?" The others looked up at her, Gunilla and Annika blushing wildly, but nodding assent, Julia vocalizing hers with an emphatic "Yeah!" Marie and I shared glances and smiled. Success once again. The exact same exchange had happened with each and every group of girls we had played with over the last few weeks.

All girls, !78 without exception, wanted more. And this was an entirely authentic exchange - I wasn't manipulating their reactions at all any longer. -"Ok," said Marie, gathering as if for a final effort, "before we go back to school and drop you off, there are three things I would like to talk to you about.

First, let's reschedule an appointment for two weeks from now." She went back and got the girls' phones from where they were stashed. We exchanged numbers and checked our calendars and agreed on a time and a place. The girls were perking up by now, and starting to open up and speak with each other for the first time without augmentation.

When everyone had put in the information, Marie asked them to turn their phones off again, which they did. Then she continued. -"The next thing I'd like to do is to take another round so that each of us can say something about today. Maybe something you liked in particular, or that maybe felt different than you thought it would. I'll go first, and then Charlie, and so on, ok?" The girls nodded.

-"Right… let me think for a moment…" Marie said, "…I think what I really liked in particular was when we cuddled, when we comforted Annica and then we just held each other. I've had a lot of sex like this, since I'm often Charlie's assistant, but I've rarely had such a great cuddle, and that's even better than sex.

And… what next… oh, yes, what felt different. I guess I'd have to say that getting so much pleasure from having a cock that far down my throat was something I would have never guessed at before. That was weird, but it was great." She smiled at the others and then looked at me. -"Yeah, I would have to agree about the cuddling." I had to stop and clear my throat before continuing.

"That was the best moment of my day. I hope we'll have another long good cuddle like that before we go home today. And I'd like to say that I'm so happy that Annika had such a good experience today," I turned to her directly, "and that I got to speak to you while the others slept - I'm glad we had that talk, and I hope you feel you can always speak to me again." Her tears welled up again, and she nodded.

"Also, I'm so happy you comforted her like you did. Thanks everyone for that." I smiled, and got warm smiles in return. "Oh, and then there was that bit about what surprised me… That's a hard one… Who was it that stuck her whole hand up my ass?" Some of the girls looked at Siri, and she gave me a naughty smile to confirm. "Yeah, I guess that took me by surprise. You have small hands, and I'm happy about that." I grinned at her.

"What surprised me wasn't how good it felt, because that's pretty obvious. I was surprised you'd do it in the first place." The girls giggled at that. -"My turn?" asked Siri.

We nodded. "I agree that the cuddle was great, and I'm really happy you shared, Annika, and that you had a good time. That part was best for sure. With the sex, I just have to say the whole thing was amazing. I mean, I've had sex many times before, but this was just above and beyond, you know?" Everyone smiled and nodded, murmuring agreement. "I was also really surprised by how good it felt to deepthroat, but what surprised me the most was probably that I got your whole dick inside my ass.

I've had guys fuck my ass before, but never one so big as yours, and I just never thought I would be able to." The other girls nodded their agreement to that too. We went a full turn, each one sharing their thoughts.

Annika felt grateful that the others had comforted her and been there for her, and that I had talked with her, and for that hug.

And sexually, she was also surprised at the stuff the others had said, but she added that she really, really liked the part right at the end where it just felt the orgasm would go on forever, and when she just gave up and lost herself in it. That was the most powerful feeling she had ever felt, she said. Julia also thanked Annika for sharing and said the hug was the best part of the day, and then she said the best part of the sex was definitely the part at the end where she had such a long and strong climax that she passed out.

She said that she recognized Annika's deion about just giving up all resistance at the end, and just letting it happen. Then she added that one thing that !79 had really surprised her was how much better a tongue and a cock felt, compared to her sister's vibrator.

She smiled brightly at that, and got us all laughing. Gunilla, finally, also thanked Annika, and then she said the most surprising thing about the sex was how good the had felt when riding my face, feeling herself gush all over me, and how good my tongue felt up her ass.

She had really enjoyed grinding down on my face, smothering me with her pussy and ass. It made her feel powerful and gave her a rush of some kind, she said. I smiled warmly at her. Quite the budding dominatrix, I supposed. Then she added that the most surprising thing about the whole day was probably this, right now. When we didn't understand, she explained that she was always tongue-tied and reticent to talk about sex, but now she just didn't give a fuck about that.

What had happened to her, she asked, and set us all off laughing again. -"Great! That was amazing, thanks for sharing everyone," said Marie; "Now I have some homework for you until we meet for our next class." Everyone looked at her curiously. "I want you to think about your sexual fantasies, and if there's one or maybe two that you would like to try with us, next time we meet.

Ok?" The girls all nodded eagerly. -"Perfect. Now there's just the final thing I need to talk to you about before we leave.

I know we all agreed already that we won't speak to anyone else about what happened here today, but can we just swear to that once more? I mean, really promise each other that we won't say anything to any outsiders?" The girls all nodded eagerly and swore they would only talk to each other about this. And not on the phone or in a chat, but only eye to eye. This would be our well-kept secret. In return, I promised them we could keep meeting like this for a long time, and that next time would be just as awesome as this.

But maybe without the blackout at the end. I smiled at that, and we all laughed. Then we had another great cuddle, before I drove them back to school. !80 Chapter 14. Revising the plan and a relentless punishment. Two days later, I lay reclined in Marie's large living-room sofa, her head in my lap. I was playing with her hair. Her mom was out of town for the whole weekend, and we had decided to spend all of that time together, just taking care of each other and talking.

-"Daddy?" she said. -"Yes, pet?" -"What did you and Annika talk about while we all slept?" -"I think you've guessed already." -"Therapy talk?" -"I guess. She was blaming herself for behaving like a slut and having asked for it. Felt she had it coming, the way she acted that night.

You know, the usual cliché stuff that is a fucking cliché because it simply happens so often." -"That's depressing. Did you talk her out of it?

She doesn't blame herself any longer?" -"For a while, at least. Those thoughts will probably return. Shame, you know. Shame and sexuality." She was silent for a while, toying with the fingers of my left hand. -"So what are you going to do about them?" she asked, taking me by surprise.

-"Them? The rapists?" -"Come on. I think I know you well enough. You made her tell you their names, right?" -"I can't keep secrets like that from you, can I, pet?" -"No daddy, you're transparent like that. And you're so conflicted about morality. You don't even know what to do about them, do you?" -"I don't." -"You want to kill them. You also want to cut off their balls and have them suffer their whole lives.

And then you feel bad about thinking like that, don't you?" -"I do. Go on, what else am I thinking?" She was silent for a minute. -"You're thinking you also feel sorry for them, right?" -"In a sense, I guess." -"And deep down, you feel ashamed, because who are you to blame them?

What you're doing is just as bad, you think. Worse, even.

Kevin Eats Icecream Off Of Genevives Shaved Pussy_

You're the one who deserves to have his balls cut off or something." -"The thought had occurred to me, yes. What else?" -"You're thinking about ways of fixing their brains so that they will be proportionately punished and also be incapacitated in some way, so that they can never do what they did again, to another girl or to Annika. You want everyone to be safe from them." -"Are you sure you haven't installed some mind-reading technology of your own inside my brain, pet?" -"Don't overestimate yourself.

Your thoughts aren't all that original." -"You're amazing, pet. I really mean that. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found you. I love you, little one." -"I love you too, daddy." -"I wish you wouldn't call me that, pet. It's embarrassing." -"You know, I think I love you more that you love yourself." She said. -"Really?" I said, leaning so that I could look her in the eye. -"Yes, because while you think pretty highly of yourself, you also despise yourself.

I simply love you, and I don't despise you one bit." -"Come up here and kiss me, pet." -"Yes daddy." -"Hush." !81 When we broke off our kiss, I felt better than I had done since our romp with the four girls two days previous.

I had been somber and morose, but now I felt my spirits lifting. I nestled my fingers in hers and started playing with her hair again with my other hand.

-"You know…" I started; "I've been thinking…" -"Yes?" -"Maybe we don't have to be in such a rush?

To leave the city, I mean." -"Because of all our new friends?" She asked, smiling broadly, closing her eyes with pleasure while I played with her copper red curls. -"I would really miss many of them. Like… a lot." -"Me too." -"It's just… I know that's just brain chemistry.

I know almost everything there is to know about those neuropeptides and hormones, yet I can't… I can't just shrug that feeling off as just chemistry." -"Of course not. The fact that those feelings are all just chemistry doesn't make them any less real." -"Yeah…" I said, squeezing her hand; "For every batch of girls we've played with - the ones I've had by myself, and those I've had with you - I think I've fallen in love.

And now that we've met some of them twice, I feel even more strongly for them." -"You have a female brain, you know that?" She asked, surprising me again. -"Really? How?" -"I've read that that's a typical female thing, falling in love every time you have good sex with someone. That men can usually have sex without emotions like that." -"I don't know, really.

I'm boosting my testosterone levels, pet. My brain chemistry is ultra-male right now." -"I guess. You're more sensitive than I am, though." -"I don't think I believe in female sensitivity and empathy versus male insensitivity and cluelessness." -"You know females are more verbal that males, right? That this is a consistent find across cultures?" -"Your point, pet?" -"Would you describe yourself as verbally… proficient?" I laughed at that.

-"Ok, so maybe I have a female brain. I guess I'm a lesbian then." Her turn to laugh. -"A lesbian with an unusually large clit, in that case," she continued the joke.

-"But seriously, pet…" I insisted after a moment of silence; "I mean, the six-week infection period will soon come to an end, but I can still override that and keep everyone in the city infected indefinitely. For as long as we would like to stay. Or we could just… let everyone's NanoRep systems flush, except for the girls' I've tagged already.

And we can hang around here." -"I think you're being silly. Wherever we go, you'll soon be able to infect new little fuck-puppets to be your slaves and companions, and you will fall in love with them too, and eventually you will lose your sense of a bond with the ones in this city. Or it will fade at any rate. Staying here is taking a risk.

You really ought to abandon your old identity and fake your own death, you know. Eventually, someone will become suspicious of the things that are going on here - the money trail, the call centre." -"It just feels so bad, bailing out on them, now that we've promised all of them to keep meeting." -"So we establish a base somewhere far from here, and then we visit for a month of vacation at six month intervals or something.

That way we keep in touch, and you will get to fuck all of them many more times, but we stay under the radar." -"You're so… sober." I accused. -"I have to be, because you're too sensitive.

You need my sobriety to guide you, daddy." -"I love you, pet." -"So we agree then?" She asked, after a while. I was toying with her nipple, making it stand proud beneath her thin white tank top.

!82 -"That we'll set up base somewhere and just visit here occasionally? I guess that's the best thing to do. We'll stay for just a few more weeks than I had planned, so that I can talk to all the girls and explain that we need to leave." -"What if some of them want to come with you?" -"I'd deny them." -"What if they threaten to tell on you unless you allow them to come?" -"I could fry their hippocampus? Make them lose their memory?" -"Would you? Really? I think you're too soft.

Their love means too much to you." -"I probably would think of some way that they could come…" I agreed, letting out a sigh. -"Just promise you'll talk it over with me first, ok? So that we can come up with a plan together. Don't improvise things like that." -"You're so sober, pet. I promise I will come to you first, if one of them wants to come with us." She squeezed my hand at that. I went back to toying with her nipples, feeling her breasts, enjoying how she looked.

Breathing in her scent. -"Daddy?" -"Yes pet?" -"I think the most merciful thing would be to kill them." -"You're joking." -"Yes I am. Like I said the first time we talked about this, I don't believe in the death penalty. But I can't think of a good way of punishing and incapacitating them. I don't know enough about the brain." -"I could make them eunuchs. Or completely and irreversibly impotent for the rest of their lives." -"That would be adequate and proportional punishment, sure - or more than that - but would it keep them from hurting others?" -"No, there are other ways of using others." I said, making a wry face.

-"Oh will you just stop that, daddy? Stop wallowing in self-loathing. You're giving people pleasure, curing people from depression, you're going to start a research centre and release medicinal NanoReps to the public. From a utilitarian perspective, you're doing pretty ok. And remember there are no moral truths. Just fucking accept yourself already." -"Thanks, pet, but I just feel so hypocritical." -"Name one girl you've hurt?" -"I can't." -"So…?" -"But I can name a hundred girls that I have used." -"Yes, but you… fuck it, I'm not having this discussion with you for the twentieth time.

Just get over it." -"I probably never will." -"Ok, I'll just have to forgive you for your human weaknesses and inconsistencies, since you can't. Will that do?" -"Forgive me, pet, for I have sinned." She barked a laugh. -"I absolve you, daddy. Now go say your Hail Marys." -"I'd rather eat you out, if that's ok." I let my hands slip lower, pulled her panties down to her knees, gently spread her legs and went down on her.

She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes again. For the sake of brevity, let's just say sex happened, and it was heavenly. An hour or two later, we were having some broccoli-bacon quiche in the kitchen. She put ketchup on hers, which made me wrinkle my nose in disgust, but I said nothing. Teens will be teens, after all.

-"Oh, by the way," she said, filling her mouth with a huge piece of broccoli so that I had to wait for her to continue; "I've looked into that whole business about delaying the onset of ageing to keep looking like a teenager for a really long time." !83 -"Really?

When did you have time to do that?" -"I'm not focusing much on school any longer, since I know I'll be leaving shortly, so I have all the time I need during class." -"Oh. Ok. Go on? Have you got any ideas?" -"It's really complex and complicated. There are so many side-effects that you would get from directly manipulating the pituitary gland or the ovaries to decrease the production of oestrogen, so that idea is out the window." She took another bite, this time drenching it in ketchup.

-"That was why I didn't think it would work, yes." -"But, I've thought about something else. You're having the NanoReps build structures right inside the cranium, right?" -"Yes." -"And they build around certain glands and regions of the brain?" -"Also yes. You know this already." -"You have them damage your muscles every night, and cut and stretch ligaments in your penis, working on your corpora cavernosa." -"Yes, though I'm only working on girth now, not length, remember?" -"Sure.

But here's what I would like to know - how the hell do they find their way to those particular places and tissues? Muscle tissue, for instance - what keeps them from hurting your heart muscle or the muscles in your gut?" -"Good question.

All I can say is, they came with libraries for that." -"As in, computer libraries? Seriously, if we want to get anywhere with this stuff, we have to dive into the nitty gritty details, which includes having a look at what is inside those libraries." -"I've been meaning to do that, but I've been—" -"You've been busy fucking young girls, Karl." -"Now you called me by my name. Are you angry with me, pet?" -"Not really… more like frustrated, you know. I have a different agenda here.

You're all about hedonism, and while I enjoy that a lot, I'm thinking of the long-term goals too. My goals, not yours." -"Which includes keeping yourself in some form of perpetual teenage stasis." -"Yes, physically. Because you would lose interest in me otherwise and I want to be your pet forever, daddy." -"I love you pet." -"I love you too, daddy. But I was about to tell you about my idea. I want to have the NanoReps work on my adipose tissue, and my follicles, and on certain skin cells." -"Your follicles?

In your ovaries?" -"No, my hair follicles. Like, you know, never having to shave ever again - perpetually hairless everywhere except for my head." -"That would be neat. I don't know if there is such a function in the libraries though." -"Which is why we need to do our due diligence!" she gesticulated with her fork so that she spilled quiche and ketchup all over. She sighed and went to get some paper towels. I thought of something and started laughing.

-"Hey, don't laugh at me - I'm serious!" -"I wasn't laughing at you, pet, I thought of something hilarious that I'm going to do if I find those functions in the libraries." -"What?" -"This will suddenly become the city where no women have any body hair." She shook her head at me.

-"You're really that averse to body hair?" -"Only genital hair, sweetie, but just think about everyone's reactions!" -"You're a very strange man, daddy." -"True. And the adipocytes? The skin cells?" -"The adipocytes are a simple matter. Oestrogens released in puberty cause body fat accumulation. It goes from about eight percent pre-puberty to over twenty percent post-puberty. And for you, there's some kind of sweet-spot?" -"You think it's that simple?

But then it could be handled with appetite control, you know." !84 -"Not really. Not eating enough causes mood disorders, fatigue and hormone imbalances, and it goes against nature in a way that's not healthy.

If you simply kill off adipocytes, you could have the effect without the side-effects, I think." -"What about bone growth?" -"You'd like me to be 4' 11'' for the rest of my life?" -"Sure. Perfect size." -"I'll have to look into that. But I think that could also be done best by immediately working on the bones, not by messing with growth factors and hormones. At least with the current level of understanding we have of the complexity of the systems involved." -"You already sound like a med-student, pet." -"That's because I am one, daddy.

Not formally, but that's the skill-set I'm working on right now." -"You're sweet when go all prodigy on me, pet." -"Don't try to tell me you weren't a prodigy at my age too, Karl." -"I suppose I was, but I was more into computers and programming." -"Which is fortuitous, because otherwise we wouldn't be here right now." -"Indeed." When we were doing the dishes after dinner, Marie turned to me with a very serious expression.

-"You know what I think we should do now, daddy?" -"I could peek inside you and make an educated guess, but I'm going to say you feel like… going back to my place to do some more research in the computer libraries?" -"No, I think we should go take care of those rapists now." -"Why?" -"Because the longer we wait, the more time they have to potentially cause some other girl harm. Also, I've had trouble sleeping now for two days is a row, thinking about Annika." -"Me too, but I think there must have been other girls among those we've met that were also raped at one time or another.

Surely the prevalence is higher than one in a hundred even before the age of 15, right?" -"Probably. I've heard one in ten or one in twenty I think. There have probably been others. But for some reason, they never spoke up about it. Now we know about Annika, though, and here we can do something about it." I rinsed the last plate and put it in the rack. -"Ok, let's go." I said.

-"You already know where they live?" -"Yes, but better yet, I have their phone numbers. I told you about the series of notes, right?" She looked at me for a few seconds before I saw the dawning of understanding in her eyes. -"So we call them and have them go someplace?" -"We could do that." -"How many were they, by the way?

When they raped her, I mean." -"Four of them. They're all 18 and 19 years old now." She was silent for a while again. -"Then what? Once we've made them go to the same place, I mean?" -"I don't know. Have a bunch of hardcore gay leather men from the fetish club come rape their asses?" -"That would be justice, sure, but I don't know how fair it would be to the leather men.

I didn't know about that club - where is it?" -"In a basement right outside a Jehova's Witnesses church, believe it or not." -"But let's not do that, ok?" We got dressed and went out to my RV, Marie leaving the house a couple of minutes after me, so as not to draw too much attention to us.

-"Make up your mind now, pet. What do you suggest?" I said as I turned the engine key and put the stick shift in reverse. She was silent for a while as I drove off. -"Can you… pacify them somehow?" !85 -"I can. There are three brain regions I know that are active in acts of aggression. I could wire and program them so that aggression and sexual excitement could never happen simultaneously, for instance. One would inhibit the other and vice versa.

They could retain the ability to get sexually excited, but then they would also become docile and submissive while it lasted. And if they ever got above a certain level of aggression, I could make that switch off all sexual impulses." -"That's too lenient." She said, not bothering to explain why. -"Ok. I wire them so that each time they feel aggression above a certain level they also feel intense pain in their testicles?" -"Yeah, and each time they are sexually excited, they become impotent." -"Don't you want them to become more well-adjusted, pet?" -"I suppose so.

That would have the most utility, but do we want them to get off so cheap?" -"No, I suppose not." -"I know. Each time they get an erection, they struggle to keep it up, no matter how excited or how much Viagra they take." -"That's a tall order. I tweak erections mainly by affecting nitric oxide, the same as viagra, but more effective" -"Each time they get erection, their balls ache terribly?

So that they start avoiding sex altogether?" -"Now that I like. I can do that. That would be a punishment that keeps on giving all their lives." We drove in silence for a while. Then she spoke up. -"Where are we going?" -"I want to scout a place. I've got a devious plan in mind." -"Tell me about it?" -"Nope, this will be a surprise." I drove out to their football club. Their soccer club, for overseas readers. Searching for their names, I had found out they all played for the same team.

The clubhouse was dark, the driveway closed off by a locked gate. -"Is this their club?" Marie asked. -"Yes. Ok, let's do this. I have and idea that I think will work. Take this phone and call them, pet. When they answer, just press the buttons 4-5-6, a second or two for each button works fine.

Then you just make up a story to make them come here, no matter what they are doing tonight. Persuade them. They'll be very open to suggestion, very gullible, so it will be easy." She took my phone and my list and made short work of them. She introduced herself by just saying "Hi baby, it's me," and then confirming whatever name they guessed. She told each of them that they should come to the clubhouse, and that she had a surprise for them that they wouldn't want to miss.

If they weren't convinced, she told them she wasn't wearing any panties, and that the surprise was pretty wet already. That she really, really wanted them to come over. A little less than forty minutes later, we had them all gathered by the clubhouse. All of them had arrived in their own cars, and as each of them got out, I simply put him in zombie mode and walked him over to the clubhouse.

-"So these are them, huh?" Marie said, tonelessly as she looked at their vacant faces. -"Yeah. Go ahead and check their driver's licenses to make sure, if you like. We wouldn't want to do what I'm about to do to the wrong guys. And hand me their phones while you're at it, pet." She checked their identities and handed me their phones. -"The look so… ordinary," she said; "just normal guys." -"Did you expect something else?" -"I suppose I thought they would be bigger.

Whenever I think of rape, I think of big guys, six-footfive and broad-shouldered. These are just normal guys." -"Come, let's go inside." -"Don't you think there will be an alarm?" -"Sure. In fact, I'm counting on it, but it's saturday night and the police will probably be pretty busy downtown. They'll send a car, but they won't be quick. Or maybe Securitas will come instead. That's part of my plan." !86 We smashed a window, opened the door and walked our zombie rapists up the stairs to the large clubhouse lounge, where we found a corner with a billiard table and lots of trophies, flags and scarves on the walls.

Perfect. I turned on the lights and flooded the room in sharp fluorescent light. I instructed Marie to help me quickly undress them. While we worked on their clothes, I used my interface to put the rather advanced mechanisms we had discussed in place, making them permanent. Within a few minutes, it was done, and the guys stood naked by the billiard table.

Together, we used their fingerprints to unlock their phones, and then I had Marie balance them on a nearby trophy case and start them recording video of what was about to happen. I quickly set the scene up. I gave them all a nitric oxide override to make their cocks erect, and then I had them climb up on the table where they would be in full view to the recording mobile phones.

I positioned two of them in a sixty-nine, each other's cocks in their mouths. I had a third guy kneeling behind the kneeling guy of the first pair, and stick his tongue up the other dude's ass crack. Still in zombie mode, I had the fourth young man put his cock inside the third guy's ass. To the hilt, without lube.

No reaction, despite the violent pain impulse that showed up on his avatar. Now I started waking them up, simultaneously hitting their pleasure centres and their incentive salience circuits really hard. I completely blocked off their sexual inhibitions.

I set all these instructions to fade gradually over the next thirty minutes, and then I jolted their hippocampuses to make them forget about what had happened this day. The homoerotic statue I had rigged gradually became conscious, and I could see their individual minds come online, their brains lighting up from the incentive salience and pleasure centre massage that their NanoRep systems were supplying.

Their sexual inhibitions tried violently to object to what was happening, as they realized what was going on, but those signals were cut off from the rest of their brains. They began moving of their own accord, fucking each other, sucking, licking hairy and not-so-clean man-ass. They seemed barely conscious of the fact that they had company, but some of them looked up and saw us before focusing again on each other. We stayed for a few more minutes, each taking two phones and moving around the group, making sure we captured their faces clearly on video, showing what their bodies were doing, recording their grunts of pleasure.

Then we left, walked to my RV and drove off. We didn't meet any police cars as we took the swiftest route toward the centre of the city. Marie was silent for a long time before she spoke to me. We hadn't spoken a word after undressing the young men and turning on their phone cameras. -"The video?" She asked.

I pulled over and stopped by the pavement. I took two of the phones myself and gestured for her to take the other two. -"Now we post it everywhere, from all their phones, to all their social media accounts. Hashtag #brosex, #brofuck, #brosuck - whatever you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever they have on there." -"You're so… evil!" she said, admiringly. -"You don't even know the half of it, pet. Over the next twenty minutes or so, or maybe ten, they'll gradually lose their incentive salience and their reward centres won't fire as strongly.

They'll regain their sexual inhibitions. Become increasingly aware of what they are doing. Then they'll lose their erections. They'll be themselves again. Maybe by then the police will arrive, or otherwise they will have to talk to each other while they interrupt what they are doing, get dressed and leave. But they'll remember we were there, and that we taped them and walked off with their phones." She was grinning madly at me, half in disbelief at my cruelty, half in awe at the sheer evil genius of my plan.

Then she frowned. -"What if they like it?" !87 -"No, not a chance. I could clearly see strong disgust and sexual inhibitions kicking in, but I blocked it off. None of them are even bisexual, I think." -"This will be awkward for them…" she grinned, and took up one of the phones and got to work.

When the videos were leaked everywhere, we turned off their phones, wiped them carefully and put them on the bench of a nearby bus stop. Then we went home and celebrated. I was at once proud and deeply ashamed of what I had done, but tried to block it off for now and just have a good time with Marie in her bed.

By next day, the news were all over social media. Four young men had been arrested, people wrote, sharing names and screen captures of the event. Moms and dads raged that their sons were accused of such acts, but then got quiet when other people sent them video footage. The posts were quickly taken down because of sexual content rules, but it was reposted, retweeted, and sent around over and over. By Monday, there was a short article about it in the local paper, which covered both the break-in at the football club and the scandalous social media video-leak aspects.

When it turned out the videos had been sent from the young men's mobile phones and posted to their own social media channels, and that they had been bragging about fucking on the pool table of their football club, the story grew even more.

It was the talk of the town for many days. That's when a young girl came forth and claimed those same four guys had raped her, and that she was going to the police. It wasn't Annika, but another friend of Annika's sister, I found out pretty quickly. Then another girl came out and told her story about one of the young men, who had abused her when she was just fifteen years old.

Next day, I read about Annika's story, but worded so vaguely her identity remained anonymous to all but those who could put two and two together. Apparently, she could tell her story now that she knew she wasn't alone. I called it a job well done. Those young men would never rape again. Also, they would never be seen in this city ever again. When they got out of prison, whenever that would be, their shame would still make sure of that.

Annika had seen the last of them. A job well done. !88 Chapter 15. Dealing with guilt. I confess I struggle a lot with morality and feelings of guilt and remorse. I really wish I could adopt Marie's cold and calculated total nihilism. I do agree with her position, philosophically, but then my brain goes and fogs up that window into objective reality and clouds my perspective with subjective sentiments.

On the one hand, I want to just let myself go and indulge in absolute depraved nihilism, and on the other hand, I want to feel good about myself. I had decided to live a life where I got to fulfil all my sexual fantasies, but now I was beginning to realize that I probably couldn't do that without suffering some serious bouts of depression, guilt and self-loathing. After our brutal act of retributive justice, I had qualms about having taken it too far. Marie tried her best to get me thinking straight, but it was hard.

When we met with the four girls from Annika's batch of beauties, however, I took great comfort in their reactions. Now that Annika had spoken to the police and her family about what had happened to her, she talked about it with us too, and seeing her open up and let her pain out was heartening.

The girls were all really empathetic, and they had absolutely no forgiveness for the four young men, and felt they deserved every bit of what they were now getting. Some even thought they were getting off too easy just going to prison. But what was becoming more and more clear to me, in the hours that I spent alone with my thoughts, was that I'd have to work out some plan that would let me collect my harem of young teens in a manner that caused them and their relatives and friends the minimum amount of suffering.

I had originally had the idea that I would just make them disappear, to resurface again years later when they had ceased being sexually attractive to me. But that just wouldn't work. Now that Marie was in the picture - and I was really developing strong feelings for her - we had other goals to pursue than mere sexual hedonism.

More than that, though, it wouldn't work because I would feel too much guilt about doing that to the girls and their families. This meant I now had a problem. Were the goals of having a harem of beautiful fuck-puppets and to have them be intelligent enough to contribute to the development of NanoRep medical applications and to have them split with their families for years without causing too much harm simply incompatible?

Was that like saying I want to eat pizza and drink beer every day and I also want to be fit and I also don't want to take exercise? While I wallowed in decadent hedonism during the days, trying out the last batches of girls that I had prepared for taking each morning and revisiting groups of girls I had been with before during the afternoons, I spent many evenings and lonely nights trying to think my way out of the problem.

By the end of the six infection-weeks, when the NanoRep systems in the city were starting to dissolve except for in the people I had made them permanent in, I was at my wit's end. Marie, who was spending the evening at my place to work on understanding how the NanoReps recognized different cells, sensed that my mind simply wasn't in it any more. She put the laptop aside and looked at me seriously. -"Hey, Karl. I can tell something's bothering you.

Wanna talk about it?" -"That obvious?" -"You've been moping for days now. Weeks, even. Do you still feel you overdid it with those guys?" -"Yes and no, but I think I'll forgive myself for that. It's just that I don't see how this is going to work." -"The cell recognition?

I think I've got it figured out, actually." -"That's great, but that's not what I meant. I mean all of it. The research institute, the harem, combining it all. Making the project work." I explained my doubts about the feasibility of combining all parameters I wanted to achieve. -"Ok, let's back up," She said; "let's back up and consider each problem one by one." I sighed. -"Oh, come on! Lighten up!

How many millions do you have now?" !89 -"Something like fifty-five or sixty million Euros. It will keep going up for a long time though, since people have signed up for subions. Also, I invested part of it in BitCoin a few weeks ago, and that portion has already quadrupled in value." I did perk up when I heard myself saying that. -"So money is definitely not a problem. If you want to build a school and a palace from scratch, you can do that." -"Absolutely." I shook my head and smiled to myself.

Because I still lived in my old house, I really didn't feel like a multi-millionaire yet. -"So starting a research institute also wouldn't be a problem. The problem is rather that it would be very difficult to do it with a bunch of young girls?" -"Yes, and for a very simple reason, and since you're a maths-wiz you can probably express that better than I can." -"Because you're thinking about finding and recruiting girls like me, and I'm something of an anomaly.

A statistical outlier not just on one parameter, but on two, to put it simply. You find me exceptionally attractive and I'm smart enough to qualify. Let's calculate the odds then?" -"Ok, sure. I've found around thirty girls in each of the five large schools that I sat outside.

Around a thousand pupils in each school—" -"Less than that. Eight hundred at the most. That gives us thirty girls out of four hundred. That's 7.5% that qualify by looks, unless you intended to be even more restrictive with looks for your collection." -"Let's say ten percent - all were probably not there those days. If you say you've got the NanoRep cell-recognition figured out, I could always tweak the looks of some girls a little to my liking, as long as they are pretty to begin with." -"You're so… special, Karl." -"Yes.

But the question is, how special are you, pet?" -"Around one in a thousand by brains. 99.9th percentile." -"Really? I would have guessed another nine would be needed." -"Perhaps, and thanks for the compliment, daddy, but I think you're probably right now that we're doing the maths. My idea was overly ambitious. But then, let's back up and rethink the premise that all the girls would need to be bright enough to contribute to the NanoRep project.

Where did we get that premise?" -"Wasn't that your suggestion, pet?" -"I think what I said was that you'd be egotistical if you just gathered a hundred girls or more and just used them as mind-altered fuck-puppets for a few years and then tossed them out. That they'd have fallen behind their peers in all but sexual experience, wasn't that what I said?" -"You… you may be right.

Go on." -"And then I suggested you recruit some really good teachers or make sure there was a good school nearby." -"Was it I who suggested that the girls should get to contribute to the NanoRep project?" I asked.

-"I don't remember, but that's just not realistic, now that we've done the math. We need to separate the research institute from the harem. Build the institute, recruit real scientists - by real recruitment or with some NanoRep persuasion - and simply have that as an ethical alibi, if you will.

Because what that project is really about is for you to handle your guilt and remorse by feeling you give something back to humanity." -"You make it sound so… unflattering." -"I guess.

But you're not going to deny the truth of what I said, are you?" -"Nope." I sighed. -"I like the idea though. It really would be something major from mankind, and I would think less of you if you didn't do it.

If I believed in objective morality, I would say it's your moral fucking duty to do it, and that it would be immoral not to try it. But I don't believe that.

I would think less of you, and you would think less of yourself, so you just have to do it." -"I agree. I have to." -"So there you have it. Separate the research from the harem. Make sure harem girls get a really good education either in a school or with private tutors. They don't have to be geniuses, just girls you are physically attracted to." -"That leaves one problem." !90 -"How to make them leave their families for years, without destroying the lives of their family members?" -"Spot on, pet." -"Let's make dinner and think about that, ok?

I'm hungry." -"Sure. Broccoli-bacon quiche? With ketchup for you?" -"Not again!" We wound up making a bacon omelette with truffle-oil and chili, served with kale and a cheese sauce. Marie was moderately impressed with the recipe, but with my altered brain responses I tucked in with gusto. I fetched a bottle of red wine and offered her a glass.

-"No qualms about serving alcohol to a minor, daddy?" she asked, smiling. -"Not in comparison to some of my other sins, sweetie." -"I think I'll pass though. I don't like the taste." -"I think I have an idea about how to separate girls from their families without causing too many issues," I said, after a while; "but first I'd like to hear your opinion on something else." -"Yes?" -"Do you think it would be best to just ask all girls?

Just straight out ask them if they would like to come live with us somewhere far away?" -"That would certainly reduce some difficulties that would otherwise come with time. Also, there's the question of how much you value authenticity." -"Oh?" -"Yeah… I mean. Theoretically, you could gather a hundred girls or more and have a computer control them like sex-robots. Switch one or two or five at a time into sex-mode while the others are… I dunno, kept in some sort of vegetative state where they don't question anything, don't take initiatives, never have conflicts - just have lessons with tutors and play in the pool, you know.

Not fully real people, but… have you seen The Stepford Wives?" -"You've seen that? That's an old movie!" -"They did a remake, old man." -"Oh… But I see your point, I think. I guess what you describe is what I had in mind at first, or at least something like that. Now that you say it, I really do value authenticity quite a bit." -"Yeah. You usually start every group off by having them jacked up and blocked off, but then you tend to remove the major personality-changing augmentations after a while.

Why do you do that?" -"Because I want to have sex with real girls, not robots. You're right. I simply have to ask them if they would like to come." -"Yes, but that also means you would be telling a secret that you really, really wouldn't want to come out. Those who don't want to come would be a major security risk. If it got out, then it wouldn't just be a story about a pervert having crazy orgies with minors in his RV - you'd survive that. But if the harem-collection got out, that would risk the whole thing." -"Which means…" I said with a heavy sigh, because my heart was sinking at the prospect; "I would have to make them forget about me.

Give them major amnesia. That's not easy. I'd risk frying their memory completely." -"You'd just have to give them amnesia that would encompass your discussion - the last hour or so." -"That's much easier.

Memories are consolidated during sleep, so having someone forget everything that happened since morning is much easier than having them forget what happened the previous day." -"That's settled then.

But if you were thinking about collecting hundreds of girls, then you can't have them all from this city. No more than one or two girls per school, or things would be suspicious." -"No, pet, I think I have an idea that could help us stretch that number a bit.

And maybe a hundred isn't feasible. Maybe I'll settle for fifty and take a vacation now and then to do some exploring, bring back a trophy or two, build it slowly, you know." -"So how do we do it without affecting their families?" !91 -"We do something akin to what we did with your mother.

Show them pictures of a beautiful but made-up boarding school, scholarship papers… I make them gullible and talk them into it. Persuade them it's a good idea and tell their NanoRep systems to give them a happiness-boost for a few months or even for years, so that they don't think of their little sweetie and miss her too much. And everyone writes letters home now and then." -"Why not make it a real boarding school?" Marie suggested.

I fell silent, stunned by her idea. -"Begin filling it at a slow rate…" she added; "then you can advertise about the school and have girls send in applications. From all over the world, even. Give scholarships. Advertise that it offers free tuition, free boarding, scholarships." I was stunned by the brilliance of her idea, but my brain started churning, revving up as I saw the potential.

-"And when someone sends an application, the school conducts interviews over the internet. Video interviews." I added. "We only accept girls that are 12 or 13 years old, and we offer them scholarships for a three or four year residency." Marie nodded happily, thrilled to see that I perked up when I heard her idea. -"Yes, and we could even have the girls come visit the school for a week before they decide if they want to stay.

Their parents can come with them. You pay for their trip even. Then you feed them NanoReps, and—" -"And then we put the parents in zombie mode, shag the girls, give them the time of their lives, and have them decide if they liked it so much that they would like to stay—" I added, and she interrupted again.

-"And if they're up to it, they get accepted and you persuade their parents, but if they don't like it enough, you wipe their memories, give them flu symptoms or something, and send them home, making them feel as if they were treated generously but that the school just wasn't right for them." -"That's absolutely brilliant, pet.

Obviously this is how we'll do it! Why didn't I think of this before?" -"Because, daddy, you were not thinking with your brain, but with certain other parts of your anatomy." She said, grinning widely, her cheeks flushed with excitement. !92 Chapter 16. Building the enterprise. Marie and I spent the better part of a year building the project. First, I killed off my own identity, cleaning the house carefully to remove all traces of my NanoRep theft, moving all my computers to the RV, etc.

Then I infected a medical doctor and a mortician, making them do all the paperwork, writing death certificates, cremating an empty coffin and burying "my" ashes, put together a lovely little funeral and the like. I even left a considerable amount of money - my house and car, specifically - to my neighbours' daughter Jessica, for reasons she would understand, but that would leave her parents and some of my relatives very perplexed. The money kept pouring in to my bank accounts for many months, showing few signs of dropping off at any alarming rate.

Rather, I felt I had maybe overdone it a little. I hadn't planned on leeching a billion Euros, but if it didn't drop off soon, I would eventually start to approach those numbers. That would probably cause economic problems for the whole city, I thought. But then again, since I had cured thousands upon thousands of people of their major depressions, maybe they would contribute to the economic growth of the community?

They probably would. Perhaps even enough to compensate for my leeching in the long run. Anyway, most of my money would be spent on building a research institute to develop NanoRep technology that would hopefully soon begin to compensate for any damage I had caused. I actually didn't feel very guilty about that.

Marie and I scouted several locations for our boarding school and eventually found a perfect location by the Mediterranean where we would have both privacy and a fantastic climate.

It was a gigantic Neo-Renaissance manor (or perhaps châteaux would be a better word) with extensive grounds, including a parterre garden with statuary, pavilions and aviaries. Some baron had lived there until the middle of the 1950's, when a wealthy businessman had bought it because the baron lost his family fortune, and now I bought it from the grandchildren of that businessman, who wanted to live their lives in penthouse apartments in larger cities.

The businessman and his progeny had made some changes to the manor that would have made any lover of classic architecture weep, but would be very good for my purposes. There were indoor swimming pools and spa facilities in the basement.

The aviaries had been converted to covered outdoor swimming pools. The grounds were not only walled off, (about a kilometer away from the house in any direction) but the high wall had also been fitted with barbed wire and broken glass climbing obstacles, video surveillance and electronic alarms - the lot. Surrounding the grounds were beechwood forests and idyllic pastures, and the nearby town was neither too small nor too large.

The place was simply perfect. All we had to do was to hire some contractors to convert one of the smaller buildings next to the main manor house into a real school building, and one of the other buildings to a boarding house. We hired a PR firm to put together marketing materials that would reach our target audience and their parents, had a graphical profile designed for the school, even asked them to come up with a good name. 'Non scholæ sed vitæ discimus' - 'We do not learn for school, but for life' was to be our slogan, they suggested - stolen from Seneca's letters - and for a school name, simply 'Sylvatica' or 'Châteaux Sylvatica Boarding School for Girls', because it was situated in the woods.

We went with the latter, and had a bunch of copper signs made with the school logo. It was a lot of work kitting the place out to become an authentic school.

NanoReps made it real easy to get all the proper licenses from the regional board of education though. One of the more interesting tasks involved in building the school was recruiting teachers and tutors.

We thought long and hard about the problem before finally putting out advertisements all over Europe. By then we had a beautiful web-page to refer to, where interested teachers could read about our ideas about building a school for gifted girls from all over the world, who would get scholarships to come study and achieve excellence.

The story we concocted was that the school !93 was funded by an inheritance from a wealthy man who didn't have any children of his own, but wanted to leave something truly good for posterity. We got hundreds of applications. Narrowing the field of contestants down to about twenty, by certain selection criteria, we actually invited them to the châteaux for interviews, paying for their flights and their time.

They all arrived on the same day, and I showed them around the premises, introducing Marie as my niece and assistant for the summer, took dinner with them and spiced their food with NanoReps, obviously. The applicants were all female. All had excellent teaching qualifications, interesting CVs, and more importantly, they all looked rather attractive. By this time, Marie had cracked the problem of how to use the NanoReps to sculpt one's body, so whatever these women lacked in youth at the moment, they could still be quite miraculously rejuvenated and rebuilt once we decided on who we wanted.

The next day, we started conducting interviews after lunch. By then their NanoReps had finished building their internal hardware. For lunch, I served food that was high in iron and vitamin c, and many of the applicants expressed that they had never felt this hungry in their lives, and that the food tasted miraculously good despite not being the kind of food they would normally have liked.

Marie and I exchanged glances. One of our first interviews, conducted outside in the shade of a big tree because of the mid-day heat and malfunctioning air-conditioning inside, was particularly memorable. Her name was Sophie, and she was a 38-year-old mother of two. She had taught science and maths at a British secondary school, but had also worked for a few years in middle school.

She was passionate about photography, and since she was divorced and her children were already out of the house, she was something of a camera collector. When she got started talking about Nikon cameras, Olympus cameras, the advantages of digital photography and the state of modern optics, she revealed herself to be quite the nerd. Her hair was red, more carrot than copper or auburn, and her skin was pale and freckled. When she got excited talking about her cameras, she flushed red and her freckles were very visible.

I enjoyed talking with her. She was about my own age, so she wasn't really my type sexually, but I liked her straight away because she was so intense and verbal, and still enthusiastic about life although she had, in a sense, already lived a whole lifetime as a working mom.

She cared for computers, writing, photography, art… While we talked, I had finished setting up her NanoRep system, and it was gently squeezing her social inhibitions away, blocking the connection between inhibitory systems and the rest of her brain. Now I squeezed them harder, seeing her smile even more broadly as she relaxed.

-"So, Sophie, you like writing?" -"Oh yes, love it. Hobby of mine, really." -"What do you write?" I saw her social inhibitions screaming at her, trying to reach the rest of her brain with an important message, but to no avail. Her eyes twinkled with excitement, and I saw activity in her pleasure centers that gave me the answer before she could speak it. -"Erotica, mostly. You know - short stories, fantasies, things out of my real life also.

I make pictures too." -"Make pictures? Not take pictures?" -"No, make pictures. I render them on my computers, and then write stories about them. Or the other way around - I write a story and then I render images for it." -"And these are… sexual stories?

Erotic?" She was blushing with excitement. She had a bemused and somewhat perplexed expression, so she was clearly aware that what she was telling me was something she wouldn't ordinarily tell a potential employer, but since her social inhibitions were blocked, she couldn't help herself. -"Oh yes, very sexual. Taboo, you know?" I smiled warmly at her. My kind of girl, definitely. !94 -"Go on, Sophie - describe them please… Not that this has anything to do with your job interview, but I'm just… curious to know." -"Masochistic stories, you know… medical examinations, humiliation, torture, non-consensual." -"That sort of stuff turns you on?" -"Oh yes.

And then I write pedo stories too - girls, eleven-twelve-thirteen years old - discovering themselves, being used by grown men and women." -"My gosh, Sophie. And you… render… images of that kind too?" -"Sure. But I never share them, you know, because that's illegal. I guess possession is also illegal, but… I can't help myself.

It's just my little secret." -"Not any longer, Sophie." Her brain was screaming at her to stop talking, but she couldn't hear it. -"I think I spotted a fellow pedo in you though," she said, smiling; "I saw you looking at Marie here, and you were definitely not giving her a disinterested look. In fact, the way she's been looking at you, I think you're a couple." -"You're perceptive, Sophie" I said, smiling back at her and exchanging glances with Marie; " So, tell me more about these stories you've written - they're about 11-year-olds, are they?" -"Oh, sure.

And older than that, but I'm definitely most interested in girls in their early puberty. Innocent, awkward - delicious." -"You've taught middle school, right?" -"Yes, I love girls that age. Never did anything, of course - strictly look, don't touch." -"Sure, I understand.

Fantasies never hurt anyone. So, you think me and Marie are more than just niece and uncle? That we are a couple? How does that make you feel, Sophie?" -"I think that's hot. You're such a beautiful girl, Marie. I can imagine you having sex with Karl. I bet he loves your petite body." -"Thank you, Sophie" said Marie, a twinkle in her eye.

-"How about you then, Sophie?" I asked; "Could you imagine yourself watching Marie undress in front of you? Would that turn you on?" -"Oh yes - absolutely!" she said, emphatically. Her social inhibitions still screamed at her, but to no avail. -"So, just one more question, Sophie, before we finish this part of the interview - tell me about these masochistic stories of yours - these fantasies. Do they involve yourself?" -"Oh, yeah - I'm so turned on by that." -"Tell us more.

What exactly turns you on?" -"Being humiliated. Treated like a piece of meat, objectified. Being strapped down and used, having people inspect my body, commenting how I look, touching me." She was flushed, her face and chest burning red and her brain lighting up with incentive salience.

Clearly, speaking about this turned her on. -"You mentioned torture?" -"Oh. Sure. People hurting me because they get off on it." -"Whipping you? Raping you?" -"More like… hurting me really bad. Burning my clit, using sandpaper on it, stretching my pussy until it bleeds." -"Ouch." -"Pretty extreme, huh?" -"Would you want to do that to someone?

Hurt them like that?" -"No - I want it to happen to myself. I want to submit, or be made to submit against my will." With one swift brush of the interface, I removed the blockade of her social inhibitions.

I sat still, looking her right in the eye as the realization of what she had said started to dawn on her. In the corner of my eye, I saw new regions of her brain fire - fear, disgust, aggression. If her face had been red before, now it turned pale.

I calmly looked at her, my virtual hand on her emergency switch as it were. Then I allowed myself to smile. Not warmly, but with amusement. !95 -"So, is that why you applied for this job, Sophie? Because you read that there would be 12-yearold girls here. Warm climate. I bet you saw the images of the swimming pool and thought to yourself that you would have a swim with them, shower with them.

Maybe get them to model their swimwear for you as you took photos. Then you would zoom in on their tender mounds and see how the thin, wet fabric clung to their labia?

Maybe enjoy how they looked at your body too? Is that why you applied for the job?" Her mouth was open, as if to speak, and her eyes darted back and forth between me and Marie and searching for an exit. -"I… I was just… I think I'm going to… I'd better leave now, I think.

Yes. I'd better leave. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I was just joking, but I… I realize you must think I'm crazy for joking about something like that, and… I'm very sorry. I've embarrassed myself." She stood up and went as if to leave. -"Sit down." -"No, I'd better…" -"Sit. Down." Her knees buckled, and she almost fell back into the chair. -"I'm so sorry." -"You're hired, Sophie." She stared at me as if she couldn't take in what I had just said.

I calmly returned her gaze, a quiet exchange beginning as she explored my face for signs that would help her understand. -"You're hired, Sophie. You're just the person we were looking for." -"You're… if this is a joke, I don't—" -"Not a joke.

You're hired. We can discuss your salary later." -"That means… What does that mean, exactly?" -"That means you'll fit right in here. Very shortly, the students will start arriving, and having a teacher like you on the staff will be a great asset for our school. I'm sure you'll get plenty of opportunity to spend some time with the girls in our pools and in our gardens. There are spa facilities in the main building as well - perhaps you'll take a sauna with them once in a while and teach them a thing or two about life.

A well adjusted mother of two with experience both with teaching kids their age and being a parent to teenagers - you're exactly what we're looking for." -"But…" -"Oh, that. No, I have no problems with your sexual orientation. Can't say I'm very interested in torture and all that myself, but I celebrate diversity. As for liking young girls, like you guessed before, you are in good company.

Who knows, maybe one day you and I can enjoy a bit of quality time with some of our young students." I stood up and casually stretched out my hand.

A bewildered expression on her face, Sophie tumbled up from her chair and took shook it. -"I'd appreciate if you didn't reveal to the other applicants that you got the job, or what questions I asked.

Just tell them I wanted to interview everyone before making a decision, and that the interview wasn't very formal. Feel free to retreat to your room, or maybe have a look around the premises. Tomorrow, we'll discuss formalities - contracts, where you'll reside. Oh - my gosh, I'm so sorry - I forgot to ask if you accepted the job.

You still want the job, right?" -"Sure." was all she replied, trying to gather herself before shaking hands with Marie and walking off toward the building where the applicants were staying.

When she was out of earshot, Marie smiled at me. -"Well, well, well… That lady is even more fucked up than me." -"Sandpaper to the clit indeed. I guess that's one of those fantasies that is best when not put into practice." I said, returning her smile warmly.

-"You think there will be others like her? Genuine pedophile women, I mean." -"I hope so." -"But if there aren't, do you think you'll be able to make them change their preferences?" -"Well… All the girls we've had sex with - that I've had sex with, I mean - have been able to adapt to having sex with other girls, and with an old man like me. That makes me think most women will be able to adapt to having sex with girls.

Maybe not with 12-year-olds without shuddering inside, !96 but I can probably just jack up their sex-drive and disinhibit them to the point where they'd have sex with a German Shepherd and a chimpanzee if I told them to." -"But we're probing them to see if there are any more genuine pedophiles, and then we pick those first and hire one of the others only if it's necessary?" -"Rather hebephiles than pedophiles, pet." -"Yes daddy." It turned out we could fill three of the five positions with women that were genuinely attracted to girls.

One was a 24-year-old from Ukraine called Tatyana, and the other was a German 30-year-old called Isabel. Tatiana preferred to go by Tanya, and she had been having sex with her younger sister since she was eight or nine, she told us, her social inhibitions barely even trying to resist the revelation. She was pretty cool with it, she explained when I tried removing the block.

As a teenager, she had always preferred girls. Tried a couple of times with boys, but they just didn't do for her what other girls did. When she moved to Odessa to attend university, she had worked as an escort during the evenings and weekends, so she knew a lot about how to please men, but she really preferred girls.

I was astonished that she was so completely relaxed about sex, but she just shrugged that off as old-fashioned moralism speaking. Marie laughed at that and smacked me playfully on the head. Tanya would be perfect. Also, she was remarkably good looking, with nearly translucent blue irises, pale skin and jet-black hair in a bob-cut.

In her teens, she must have looked almost like Natalie Portman in Leon I guessed. Isabel had probably looked more like Elle Fanning in her youth, but had since become a little chubbier.

She'd discovered how much she loved sex when she was in her early teens, and since then, her sexual appetites had only broadened. She never grew out of loving sex with teens, she said. Girls and boys, women and men, each had their their unique appeal to her. Both were hired on the spot, of course, but then we had to discuss the others more carefully.

We decided to go more by their general attitude toward sexuality than by what subjects they could teach. All applicants had good CVs and references, so all would probably be excellent teachers. More important, then, that they'd be easy to mould sexually without having to rely on NanoRep disinhibition and augmentation for too long. We sent the other applicants off and let the hired teachers stay for a few more days while we got acquainted and discussed the school curriculum, the student application and interview process (heavily censored, of course), what rules we should have in the school (also very heavily censored), and other things of a more practical nature.

One thing that Marie and I had discussed in depth was that all girls in school would spend some hours of each day doing chores like cleaning, cooking and gardening.

We would have catering for lunch and dinner, and we would hire people to do other jobs around the school, but we would keep staff to a minimum and rely on the girls as a means of fostering a sense of responsibility.

The teachers all agreed that this was a really good idea, and pretty soon I felt that I could leave them to draw up further plans and present their ideas to me. Within a few weeks, when the new recruits had all gone home for a time to their own countries to take care of any unfinished business they might still have had there and had come back to settle in the châteaux, we were ready to start interviewing potential students.

Ever since the PR agency had finished their work on our website and application form, the applications had been flowing in, and when we put out advertisements in papers and on social media all over Europe, what had started as a trickle soon became a torrent.

When we expanded the campaign to the whole world, we got quite a few applications from Asia, but fewer from North and South America and from Africa. Aussies and New Zealand girls had begun applying from the start - even before our ad campaign. !97 By the time the whole school was prepared to accept students, the project had taken us almost twelve months of hard work. We'd had a short vacation in our home city, meeting again with the girls who had said they wanted to come with us, but other than that, we hadn't had much time for orgiastic hedonism except for the sex we'd had with each other, Marie and I.

We were very much looking forward to having our dear friends from back home come live with us, and we were also very keen on starting the interviews. !98 Chapter 17. Hypnopedia - Brave New World-style.

I mentioned before that Marie had managed to figure out how the NanoReps were able to find their way around the human body in such detail and how they knew which cells to attach to. That had to do with what surface molecules were expressed on each cell-type's cell membrane. NanoReps had built-in DNA-codes, synthetic ribosomes and an RNA-system whereby they could express their own surface molecules that enabled them to attach to such cellular surfaces and then sink claws into the cell membrane and latch on permanently.

It was so beyond the cutting edge of molecular cell biology research that I barely believed that the secret government-funded labs were only ahead by about five years in relation to the textbooks medical students would read at university.

When she knew how the mechanism worked, and had managed to make sense of the library of instructions within that part of the NanoRep code-base, she could teach me and then we started working on developing the instruction-set that would enable us to sculpt and custom-modify human bodies. One night when she was sleeping, I used my internal interface to send her NanoRep system a set of commands that would make it produce a few hundred million additional little soldiers inside her, that would attach to hair follicles and kill them off.

I made sure to specify very precisely which parts of her body would be affected, of course. Her hair, after all, was one of her most striking features, and I really didn't want to make her lose her eyebrows or lashes.

When she woke up the next day, all her body hair follicles were dead, but because she always shaved her legs, pussy and armpits, she didn't notice the difference. It was more than a week before she knew anything had happened, when she felt her pussy was completely smooth and stubble free.

She came out of the bathroom that morning, while I was putting on my clothes for the day, and simply made a meaningful gesture toward her crotch. -"You did this, didn't you?" -"Oh, you finally noticed, pet? Convenient, isn't it?" I said, smiling triumphantly. -"What else did you do?" -"Nothing! You're perfect just the way you are." -"Not looking too old for you yet?" -"You're just fifteen, sweetie, and if I were to guess just from your looks, I'd say you were even younger." -"But this is perfect, right?

Perfect for you?" She gestured to her body, making an elegant pose. -"Absolutely. Perfection in every detail. I wouldn't change a freckle." She smiled at me. -"Well, then this is how I would like to look for you for a very long time. You'd like that, right?" -"Of course. Perhaps we ought to take some reference photos?" She thought about that for a second, but then she looked suspicious and saw the twinkle in my eyes. -"I nearly fell for that one, daddy.

You have hundreds of hours of footage. From your optical nerve." -"Yes pet. So now we could get to work on making your NanoReps maintain your current form indefinitely. Or if not, we could just let aging happen for a year or two, see where that takes you, and then reset anything you or I don't like back to this point in time. I wouldn't mind if your breasts grew a bit larger, for instance, as long as your areolae don't get darker or bigger or your nipples grow." -"How about if I got taller and grew wider hips or became a bit chubbier?" -"I'd like none of those, to be honest." -"Then we'd better get to work finding some way of maintaining those static.

Any ideas?" -"NanoRep measuring tape?" -"What do you mean?" -"Take your hips, for instance. We have the NanoReps make filaments that attach to strategic points on your hips. Or rather, that attach to the bone all the way from…here…" I touched her hip"…to here. And from here to here… Whenever they detect tension, they send commands to some other robots that work in the growth-zones of those bones to go on a little killing and drilling spree to reset what happened." !99 -"Surely you didn't come up with that right now?" -"No, I've been thinking about it.

We could do the same with all the other bones in your body - the ones we'd like to be unaffected as you grow older." -"Ok, let's do it." And that was that. We didn't exactly stop her aging, but we did halt her growth without affecting her hormone system, and without any serious side-effects.

She ached a bit now and then, but that made her feel happy to know the system was working, she said. As soon as I had hired the five teachers, I had private meetings with all of them where I put them in zombie mode, undressed them and gave them a very close scrutiny, making custom commands to place in their NanoRep systems that would gradually re-sculpt them over the next year or so.

Affecting their height would be too much of a hassle, but I set them to asymptotically fall toward a body-fat percentage that would be to my liking, gain muscle mass in some cases, or lose it in strategic places in some of the others. Obviously, they would all lose their body hair, but not so fast as to make them notice radical changes from one day to the other. In all of them, I instructed their areolae to shrink along with their nipples. I also tweaked their brains, of course.

By now, I had a standard set of brain-functions that I installed in everyone by default, but with the two non-hebephile teachers - Francesca and Desirée - I made a set of functions that would put them into a hypnotic state in the middle of each night. Without becoming fully awake and conscious, their hypothalamus and amygdala and areas of their visual cortex would be brought online, as it were, and their sexual inhibitions weakened.

It would be like lucid dreaming. Their gamma- and theta waves would be damped out, and their alpha and beta waves amplified. Recordings of my voice would be played directly as waveforms to their aural nerves. In their induced erotic dreams, they would have agency and creativity, yet they would remember and be affected by my commands without ever being fully conscious of them. At least that was my theory.

I had spent a lot of time reading up on hypnosis and suggestion, lucid dreaming and the neurological underpinnings of such states of consciousness. If this worked, it would be like in Huxley's A Brave New World, only more efficient.

I tried out something very simple at first. Francesca and Desirée were both quite reserved, always formal and correct, professional to the point where you wondered who they really were. For a couple of nights, during the period when we were preparing the school curriculum and planning how a school day would look for the students, I let their 'Hypnopedia' (I borrowed Huxley's word) repeat phrases like: "I ought to lighten up and be more friendly with my colleagues" - "A hug now and then will make everyone feel good" - "I ought to get acquainted with Karl" - and, most devious of all, "I ought to start masturbating every morning to start the day with a smile".

It worked like a charm. We had agreed to meet each morning for breakfast at 7.30, so I set my alarm a bit early the first day to check. At around 6.30, their NanoRep systems were showing that they were both awake and definitely working with my hypnopedic suggestion that they masturbate.

I got strong signals from them despite the fact that they were in another gallery of the manor, since the wifi I had installed relayed the signals to me. When they came down for breakfast at 7.30, they both had a rosy afterglow, looked relaxed and happy, and much to everyone's surprise (but mine) they hugged everyone and said good morning, chatted more personably with everyone while we ate, and seemed to take more of an interest in me.

This minor tweak changed the whole dynamic of the little group of teachers. Now that everyone had lightened up a bit, a sense of common purpose started to emerge, and that could be felt in every meeting we had after that. It was a minor tweak, but with major results.

I decided to install the same hypnopedic capabilities by default in everyone that was infected from now on, and I extended it to the three other teachers and to Marie too. !100 Francesca and Desirée got new commands. "I wonder what it feels like to have sex with another woman" "I wonder who my colleagues really are" "I ought to be less judgmental of others" "I wonder what the others look like naked".

The three hebephile teachers didn't need such commands, so I gave them more daring instructions. "I wonder what Marie would be like in bed" (they probably had thought about that one already, but I added it just in case) "I wish Karl would make a move on me" "I'd like Karl to discipline me and fuck me hard" "I ought to get Francesca and Desirée to lighten up about sex, they're such prudes" I could see the changes had taken effect the next day at breakfast.

All five of them arrived with rosy glows on their cheeks, and were very friendly and personable with each other and with me. I looked out of the corner of my eye as I got up to get more coffee, and saw that some of them looked at me with considerable interest. Not that they hadn't before - my NanoReps had had a year to work on my physique, and I was well built - but their eyes really lingered on me now. When Marie arrived, late as usual (she was, after all, a teenager), I could tell Sophie, Tanya and Isabel looked at her with considerable sexual interest, and I could also tell that they seemed to notice this in each other.

I met their eyes as they looked at me. -"So, I have a suggestion…" I said, as everyone sat at the table and were finishing off their croissants and coffee; "…how about we put in a good day's work today, but tomorrow we take the whole day off to do some team-building? Bonding, getting to know each other better?" Everyone definitely agreed to that. -"I've showed you all the spa facilities.

How about we start tomorrow morning with a jog in the woods - there's a two-mile track that more or less goes all the way around the châteaux grounds inside the wall - and then we have breakfast and relax in the spa?

Maybe try the outside pools as well? Then maybe we could drive to town and have dinner at one of the fancier restaurants tomorrow night? There's an amateur theatre as well, but I don't know if my french is good enough… so?" They thought it was a great idea, and I could see some of them glowing with anticipation.

None felt going to the theatre sounded very attractive, and Marie even suggested that we order catering from the restaurant instead of driving down there. That way, everyone could enjoy a glass or two of wine, she said. She raised an ironic eyebrow at me and smiled, as if she had seen right through me. After breakfast, as she was about to return to her studies, she asked me about it, and I confessed that I was working on getting to know the teachers a little better. She barked a laugh at what she immediately identified as a deliberate understatement.

-"Just so you know, I do not, I repeat: NOT want to see someone's clit being abraded with sandpaper." -"Neither do I, pet, rest assured.

But maybe I'll whip her like a dog some time, or hang her by the arms from the ceiling while I rape her ass." -"You like it that hardcore?" -"Oh, sure! But not unless she likes it too, you know.

I'm in the business of giving pleasure, and if I have to give someone a lot of pain in order to achieve that, then that turns me on too. Not blood, though. Never blood." -"You're making me hot, daddy." -"Don't call me that in the corridor, for fuck's sake - I've told you!" -"You'd better spank me then, daddy." She said with a naughty smile.

-"Oh, trust me, little girl. And if you don't watch your mouth, maybe I'll hang you by the arms and rape you." -"It's not rape if I ask for it, daddy." -"Now you are asking for it." -"Yes daddy. See you tonight, daddy." When she turned around and walked away, she wiggled her ass and gave it a hard slap.

!101 "Oh daddy!" she moaned loudly, not looking back. I laughed and shook my head. For the thousandth time, I said to myself that finding Marie on that very first night of debauchery had been the single best thing that had happened to me. Except for getting access to the NanoReps, of course, I corrected myself.

Now, back to work. I adjusted my trousers so that the bulge wouldn't be too visible if I met someone. !102 Chapter 18. The gift. It was really hard to pace myself that day, and not immediately take advantage of the sexual tension that was clearly there between the teachers.

I sat in on their first meeting before retreating to take care of other business, and while they planned their work for the day, I peeked in on their avatars in my interface and saw how their brains were firing, starting to simmer with sexual urges. One more night of hypnopedic suggestion, and I probably wouldn't even have to use their NanoRep systems next day to set the ball rolling. I excused myself from the meeting after about an hour, when I was sure they were going to get somewhere with the actual business of developing our school.

They already had some brilliant ideas about using reading and creative writing to develop language skills, having whole days dedicated to second language studies and modern language studies, focusing on developing language skills in the fields of science and social studies, etc.

They knew what they were doing, and their collective years of teaching experience would be an excellent foundation to build on. What they didn't know, of course, I mused as I walked down the hallway toward my offices, was that I intended to use hypnopedia on all girls who came here, not just to adjust their sexual attitudes, but also to help them focus on their studies and chores, be good friends, help each other, carefully take care of their bodies - all manner of behaviours I would be able to help direct.

I was certain our school would show results the likes of which no-one had ever seen.

Horny brunette MILF wakes up dude to fuck her

Sitting down by my desk and starting to look for specialty contractors to install a bdsm dungeon in a couple of the rooms of my suite in the east gallery, I mused at what other hypnopedic instructions I ought to give my teachers this night.

"It's so hot to show myself naked" - yeah, that would be a good one. I sent it to their NanoRep systems immediately, sub-vocalizing to record the audio out of habit.

"I feel good about giving others compliments about their bodies, and I like getting compliments in return" "It's been so long - I feel desperate for sex. I wish just anyone would fuck me" I laughed to myself as I sent the commands.

Hopefully, things wouldn't get out of hand before breakfast. I lifted my phone and dialed a fancy restaurant to order catering for tomorrow evening, and then called the bakery and our usual caterer and the grocery shop that delivered to us, to just confirm once again that they knew that we would double our need in a few weeks when our first students arrived.

That was at the very limit of what I could accomplish with my French, and I made a mental note to sit in on some language lessons with Desirée. I eventually found a couple of firms that could potentially help with building bdsm-dungeons and supplying furniture and toys, and after phoning them and hearing their attitude, I went with a Dutch firm.

I sent them a spec-sheet of what I wanted and gave them the approximate dimensions of the rooms I wanted fixed, then paid them half the agreed amount in advance.

They would send a couple of guys within days, loading a lorry with gear and driving all the way down through France. I spent another hour or two on the research institute project, then went down to the dining room to have a late lunch with the ladies. The caterers had already delivered, and the ladies had started eating without me. It looked as if I had interrupted a very interesting conversation, because they fell silent, and I could see some of them blushing and looking nearly bashful.

Francesca and Desirée stood up and hugged me as I joined them by the table, though, and then looked almost perplexed at their own behaviour. I smiled to myself; it totally worked. During the hypnopedic sleep, their brains had been so open to suggestion that the commands I had given them were as second nature to them, and their prefrontal cortex was now struggling to make sense of how other parts of their brains were acting.

I almost couldn't believe how effective the hypnotic suggestions had been, but then again, if there was one thing I had learned from experimenting with other people's brains over the last thirteen or fourteen months, it was that the various functions of the brain are relatively !103 independent, and that behaviour is a product of whatever signal is the strongest or comes first of the many competing drafts that the brain continually produces. Amplify one slightly or put a damper on another, and that will radically change the outcome.

-"Karl, we know so little of you and so much about each other by now," said Isabel; "can't you tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to start this school?" That was the hypnopedia working for sure. -"Oh, I don't know how much there is to tell you about me, really.

I'm just someone who was lucky enough to be doing some programming back during the second IT tech boom. I had some ideas that people bought into, sold a couple of companies for ridiculous amounts of money and invested that money in other IT companies, and here I am." I gestured to emphasise that it was all just luck.

-"What about the school? What gave you this idea?" asked Franchesca. -"Well, I just want to give something back. I guess I would save more lives by buying mosquito nets or helping give people access to clean drinking water - in fact I do give a bit to such charities - but I always felt that women ought to have better access to good education." -"But, why a boarding school for just girls?" asked Sophie, who was definitely able to guess at the actual answer.

I guess she wanted to see what I would answer. -"It's not just because I find girls more pleasing to look at than boys, or that they smell better…" I began, and that made some of them chuckle; "I also think parents would be more reluctant about sending their children to a mixed school for as long as three or four years - particularly at this stage in their lives, when an accidental pregnancy could happen so easily, you know.

Better all 'round if we could avoid such worries. How about you, Sophie? Why do you want to work at a school like this?" -"I…" she hesitated, looking from me to her colleagues and to Marie, who smiled brightly at her; "I like working with girls. Especially during these formative years. They're such innocent little creatures." she finished. Marie hid a smile behind her hand, but we all looked at her and saw the merry twinkle in her eye.

-"Yes, Marie?" -"Oh, I don't know about 'innocent little creatures' is all. I'm sorry, Sophie, it's just that when I was twelve, I was pretty… active, I guess you could call it." That made a few of the teachers laugh in recognition, and Tanya pitched in: -"I would have to agree with Marie there. I guess there are a few clueless innocents, but when I was twelve I had had sex with five or six of the boys in my class and quite a few of the girls as well." Desirée blushed furiously, but a quick look at her avatar told me that she was more sexually excited than appalled at hearing this.

Franchesca leaned forward. -"Really? At twelve?" She asked. Tanya simply shrugged. -"A friend of mine back in the city where I and Karl come from - Siri, I guess it won't hurt her if I tell you her name - had sex with twenty boys before she turned fifteen" Marie said, lifting her eyebrows twice as if to say 'believe it or not'.

-"I probably matched that," Tanya injected; "you're not shocked, are you?" She directed her the question at Franchesca and Desirée. That's the hypnopedia suggestion working, I told myself triumphantly. My instructions to the three hebephile teachers to take the other two out of their prudishness and lighten up about sex was working. Now how would they react? I had commanded them to be less judgmental of others and to be curious about how it felt to have sex with another woman.

To be curious about who their colleagues were too, I reminded myself. -"What's… what's it like to have sex with another woman?" asked Desirée, still blushing; "If you don't mind my asking. I'm sorry if i'm being too forward." -"Not much different from having sex with a man, you know." said Marie quickly, before any of the others had a chance to answer.

She got surprised looks back, and I saw something predatory light up in the eyes of Sophie, Isabel and Tanya. -"You like girls?" Asked Tanya quickly. -"Sure. I prefer men, but since last year I've learned that girls are a lot of fun too. I'm like 80-20 or 70-30 or something." Marie said, looking Tanya in the eye.

!104 That's my girl, I thought to myself, feeling a sense of love and pride rush through me, making me all warm inside. Marie probably sensed it, because she looked over at me and smiled fondly. -"This turned out to be an interesting conversation over lunch, didn't it?" I injected; "Would anyone like some more of the Brussels sprouts, or I'm going to finish these?" None objected, so I took the last ones, pouring the salty butter at the bottom of the bowl over them. There was a tense silence for a while, and I scanned through everyone's brains in my interface to gauge their responses.

The three hebephile teachers were clearly turned on and ready to go. Before, they had been pretty focused on me as a result of their hypnopedic instructions, but now their incentive salience was definitely directed more at Marie. Franchesca and Desirée were both sexually excited, but their incentive salience wasn't peaking the same way as in the others.

I decided to break the mood. -"So… this makes me even more convinced that having a mixed gender boarding school would be a recipe for disaster. Perhaps they manage to pull it off somewhere, but probably at the expense of of a few scandals being hushed up now and then." They laughed softly at that and nodded their agreement. -"I guess we'll have to be very strict about not letting the girls go into town.

When hormones start peaking, I think even the 2-hour trek won't be enough to stop them. And I think we'd better educate them well about protection, in case they decide to run away in spite of our efforts to keep them here. Have you taught sex-ed before?" I directed the question at them all. The two science teachers nodded yes, but the others shook their heads. -"I think we'll have to give that some thought.

Probably, that ought to me a subject we try to work in in every subject, not just biology. It's more sociology anyway, don't you think?" They voiced their approval. -"Very good. I hope you don't mind if I bring my coffee up to the office, ladies.

I have a lot to do right now, as I'm sure you understand. Please don't feel like you have to rush off and continue your planning - enjoy your coffee, and maybe take an hour to tan and do a few laps in the pool while the sun is high. We don't have to pay too close attention to the hours before the girls arrive, after all. Enjoy yourselves. Oh, and Marie - could you come 'round my office in an hour or so? I'd like some help with a thing." I sent a caress through her sensory bundles and triggered her pleasure centres as I said it, seeing her grit her teeth not to gasp out loud in the company of the teachers.

"I'll see the rest of you tomorrow at… is eight o'clock ok for a morning jog ladies?" I shook my head and laughed to myself as I walked back to my offices. Tomorrow would be interesting. When Marie joined me an hour later, she was also smiling. She sat down in one of the plush armchairs in front of my gigantic desk and crossed her legs, looking at me with a bemused expression.

She had changed her outfit and was wearing a short tennis skirt, a thin white blouse that she had tied off beneath her chest so that she bared her stomach, and a pair of knee-high socks and tennis shoes. -"I like your outfit, sweetie." -"Ordered it special, daddy." -"Is your allowance enough?" She smiled even more broadly.

-"Now that I'm spending it on lolita clothes you want to raise it? Not when I'm spending it on books? You're so transparent, daddy." -"I wouldn't pretend otherwise, pet." -"You know they are just about ready to tear my clothes off and rape me, right?" -"Not all of them, surely?" -"No but our three pervs.

Did you notice the looks they are giving me?" -"Pet, nearly all the boys and men you've met in the last three or four years have looked at you like that." -"Two years, not three or four." -"My point still stands." !105 -"What are you planning for tomorrow?" -"Not so fast, pet. How do you feel about the three of them?" -"Tanya, Sophie and Isabel?" -"The pervy ladies, yes." -"I mean… I'm not that into them, but Tanya's pretty interesting I suppose.

Sort of like a Siri on steroids." -"I miss Siri." -"Then persuade her to come, daddy." -"You think I should?" -"Absolutely. She would love it here.

It's just that she's very fond of her family too. You'd have to let her go home once in a while is all." -"I'll do it. Next time we go back and visit, I'll try to persuade her." -"There's no trying involved.

You can make sure you succeed." -"I don't want to do that to her. Respect her too much - like her too much." -"You're sweet daddy." -"And you're unsentimental, pet. But I love you anyway. So you like Tanya?" -"I like them all, daddy - we did a good job when we recruited." -"But right now, without any augmentation of your responses, you wouldn't care to have sex with any of them?" -"I don't know… Tanya… ok, that would be pretty interesting.

The others though…" -"You're more into grown men and young girls?" -"Pretty much." -"I'm going to make you have sex with all three of them, pet." -"Will you make me like it, daddy?" -"Of course I will!" -"Then I won't mind. You know I've said, time and time again I've said it, that I don't really care about autonomy. I care about pleasure. Hedonism." -"It's just that… I just… I just don't believe you, pet.

Or rather, I believe you when you say it, but then I immediately begin to doubt it." -"You're a good person, daddy." -"I love you very much, pet." I stood up and took a set of sketches from a pile on my desk. -"You want to see what I'm planning for my suite?" -"Sure, but you have to promise me something." -"What?" -"That you'll fuck me later, of course. You don't think I put on this outfit just to tease the three ladies, did you?" -"I'm so sorry, pet - I forgot to say you look stunning." -"I'm not wearing any panties, daddy.

Look." She lifted her skirt and showed me a glimpse of her hairless pussy before letting the hem fall down. -"I feel like Humbert when you're around, pet." -"You're always a Humbert, daddy.

Not just when I'm around." I took her to my suite of rooms on the other side of the main second floor hallway of the east gallery. This was where the Baron had lived, and the wealthy businessman and his son in succession after that.

The opulence of the suite was staggering, with thick rugs and plush leather furniture, red drapes and high windows, marble and exotic woods everywhere, gilded details, oil paintings, and in the bedroom a gigantic bed with four thick wooden pillars.

What I wanted to show Marie wasn't this though, because she usually spent her nights there with me. I led her through the library and opened the door to where the last owner had had his billiards- and smoking room.

-"Here, look at these drawings and tell me what you think." I gave her the sketches and pointed to details and explained.

-"We'll cover the windows from inside, make it look like brick wall. Candelabras like this… and some furniture that I've just vaguely sketched in here… and this is where we make another large !106 bathroom… jacuzzi and showers… some crosses here… stocks right there… wall fixtures everywhere… a sex-swing there… small darkroom in there…" -"So, a dungeon, basically." -"But not in the basement.

Correct. I'm going to try to make it look like a basement in every way I can, but there simply wasn't room in the real basement because of the pools and the spa." -"What's a darkroom?" -"Exactly what it sounds like. Just a very dark room, and a huge rubber mattress on the floor, so you can oil up and play." -"Sweet!" she burst out. -"You like it?" -"That was one of the first sex-dreams I ever had! Just hands and mouths and bodies everywhere, touching me, but I couldn't see who it was." -"A snake-pit." -"Exactly.

I had that dream a hundred times at least. Still have it at times, only now it's rarely dark any longer." -"Awesome. But what do you think of my other plans?" She was silent for a moment, before appearing do decide on something. -"Will you make me like it?" -"You mean bondage?" -"I already like bondage, daddy.

I mean, pain, whips and stuff." -"If you'd like me to make you like it…" I offered. She gave me a long and appreciating look and seemed to think carefully about what to say.

-"Karl, I'd appreciate if you just… used me. I get that you respect me and love me and all, but sometimes, I just want to be used. Not like a person, but used like a… I was about to say 'pet', but that implies too much fondness. I want you to use me like a …thing. Like you don't care about what I think about what you make me do. Or what you do to me. Make me do it. Force me. Use me. Own me. Take me…" She trailed off, and I breathed heavily as I took in her beautiful features and the pleading look in her eyes.

Before I could answer, she continued: -"And don't even bother about stimulating me to give me pleasure. Let me feel it or not. I would get off just on knowing that you were getting pleasure out of what you were doing to me, daddy. That you wanted to use me like that. If I can't take it, I'll let you know, ok?" -"Come here, pet," I said, taking her into my arms affectionately before kissing her; "You're so brave, my precious.

I can't believe you trust me so. Not after what you've seen me do." -"You don't understand much, Karl," she said, breading heavily from our kiss; "It's because of what I've seen you do that I trust you so much.

You don't believe it, but you really are a good man. You could just take whatever you like, but you refuse to do so. You have more power over other people than any man has ever had, but you use it for good, and you use it to give other people pleasure and to liberate them sexually." -"To use them sexually, pet." -"Yes, but not as ruthlessly as you could." -"Yet, you want me to be more ruthless with you?" -"Yes.

And I want you to want it… I want you to want to treat me like a piece of meat. Like a thing." -"I do want to - sometimes." -"I know you want to, but could you perhaps try to restrain yourself a little less with me?" -"Under one condition." -"Yes?" She looked me deep in the eyes.

-"That you promise to tell me to stop if it gets too much." -"I promise." -"Red." She looked at me, apparently not understanding my meaning, though I thought it would be obvious. -"Red. That's the word I want you to use if something I do exceeds your boundaries." -"Why not just 'stop'? !107 -"Because I want you to be able to say things like 'stop, it hurts' or 'please, no more, I can't take it, stop it please, you're hurting me'." I smiled at her as understanding dawned.

-"Like, role-playing?" -"It's called a safe-word, pet. You know, sometimes I forget that you're just fifteen years old, and that you don't have so much life experience. Safe-words are basic safety in bdsm. You always have to have clear rules about when to stop, how to withdraw consent and have it be respected.

If I'm to trust myself with treating you like a piece of meat, I want to be able to trust you to tell me when you withdraw your consent." -"I promise, Karl." -"Red. And yellow if you need to adjust but don't want to stop." -"Red to stop and yellow to take a break? And you promise you won't stop if I yell at you that something hurts and you need to stop?" She smiled, clearly understanding the point now.

-"I'll show you no mercy, pet." She giggled with excitement and hopped up into my arms and kissed me. We went back to the suite, where we had a bath in the jacuzzi, kissing and touching each other almost as if we were discovering each other for the first time.

When we had dried off, we went into the bedroom, where I had her lie on her belly while I ate her out from behind for what felt like an hour. Now that her pussy was completely stubble free, as were my cheeks, chin and upper lips, I could eat her for hours without rubbing myself or her raw, and it was heaven. Having her lie on her belly like that, her legs splayed apart, her butt arching high and grinding against my face, could very well be my very definition of heaven.

I could do it forever and be happy. Using her sensory nerve bundle system to make her feel as if she was being double-teamed while I licked her, and hearing her groans and grunts and then screams of raw pleasure made it even more heavenly. When I was finally satisfied, we traded places, but I lay on my back instead. She fingered my prostate and deep-throated me for what also felt like hours, making me fill her throat and mouth with cum again and again, each time exploding with orgasm herself when her gag-reflex augmentation and the feedback I let her have from my pleasure centres brought her over the edge simultaneously.

We nearly missed dinner. I think the five teachers were getting very curious about what kind of relationship I shared with Marie, but they were still not comfortable asking such a question outright. If they couldn't guess from our rosy complexions and wet hair when we came down to the dining room, they were actually pretty dense. We even smelled of the same shampoo. No-one said anything though, but I could feel their glances on my back when I served myself from the platters that the caterers had brought.

-"So, ladies," I said as I sat down at the table in my usual seat," did you take some time off to swim and tan as I offered?" -"Yes, we did. I must say this place is simply amazing," said Sophie, "how long has it been in your possession?" -"I bought it less than a year ago, actually." -"But you thought about starting a school before that, surely?" she asked.

-"The idea is maybe a bit over a year old. Got it from Marie, actually. We were discussing our future, and she said… I don't remember exactly, but we both wanted her to have a really good education, and then she suggested I start a boarding school, and here we are." I smiled brightly at Marie.

-"I guess we have you to thank for our jobs then, Marie." Sophie said, smiling at her. -"I'm sure I can think of a way for you to thank me… Sophie." Marie returned, also smiling and raising her eyebrow to make the innuendo rather obvious.

To my surprise, Sophie blushed at that, but I could see her brain light up with lust. Her visual cortex lit up as she focused her attention on her food for a second, and I would have given a penny to know exactly what images passed through her mind at that time.

!108 -"Are your living quarters to your liking, by the way?" I inserted to cover for the sudden sexual tension around the table. The teachers all agreed that their suites were simply fantastic. Each had a bedroom and a small office or reading room where they could receive guests. They had a small en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower and a small kitchen that could be used for cooking in a pinch, but was more suitable for making tea and sandwiches.

-"And how about our catering? Are you happy with the food?" They assured me that French cuisine for lunch and dinner every day was beyond their wildest expectations, and that not having to pay for either food or lodging meant this was by far the best gig they had ever had. Not to mention the pools and training facilities. -"Oh, so you found the gym then?

There are two actually. A big one in the basement of the girls' boarding house, and the small one here in the main châteaux." They showered more praise on our opulent facilities - the tennis court, volleyball court, the main kitchens. -"About that, by the way…" I inserted as I had an idea, "do you think the girls will be able to handle the routine of making breakfast and supper and doing the dishes, or will an adult need to supervise them?" The answers came rather hesitantly and were vague, so I added: -"I'm asking because I have little experience with working with girls that are in their early teens, whereas you have considerable expertise…" -"Well… I guess that depends on who they are and how much they've helped around the house before…" Desirée tried.

-"You see, I was thinking that maybe we ought to hire some staff to be responsible for that, you know…" I interrupted myself when I saw their relieved expressions. -"Oh, surely you didn't think I was going to ask you to be responsible for that?" They exchanged looks as if I had caught them out. -"No, I was thinking about hiring someone to be responsible for the kitchen, for all four meals each day.

Then the girls help out, of course, on a schedule. And the same with cleaning. We'll need one or two housemaidens to have the main responsibility, and the girls can help with daily chores." They agreed this was an excellent way of running the operation, and that this would not only help with valuable skills in life… -"That everyone ought to have, not just girls!" I interjected …that everyone ought to have, yes, but it would also help strengthen the bonds between the girls and foster a sense of pride in their school.

A united purpose. That would spill over into their other subjects. -"Then we are agreed. The day after tomorrow, I start looking for staff. Two housemaidens and—" I got no further because Sophie barked a laugh. -"Sorry?" -"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh.

It's housemaids, not housemaidens. Sometimes I forget English is not your first language." -"Housemaidens. Maybe it was a Freudian slit." I said, smiling. That sent Sophie and Marie laughing, and the others joined once they explained the pun to them. -"Anyway…" I said, wiping my tears, "I'll hire housemaids, not housemaidens, and someone to be responsible for the kitchens." -"You don't hesitate at the expense?" Franchesca asked.

-"No, of course not. Compared to the other expenses I've had, it's a piss in the Nile." -"A what?" -"A piss in the Nile… Oh, isn't that an English idiom?

I thought it was. It means a negligible amount of something in contrast to something much larger. Like a fart in space, or a drop in the ocean." -"That last one is an actual idiom;" Sophie helped, "a drop in the ocean or a drop in the bucket." -"Thanks.

I'll learn English eventually." I said. -"I'm sure you will." she said, generously. We shared a very pleasant meal, but beneath the surface I could feel the sexual tension waiting for release, building inexorably. I wasn't doing anything to their minds - this was all thanks to the !109 thoughts I had planted in their brains with the hypnopedia. I silently thanked Huxley for presenting the idea so vividly to the world.

I wondered how he would have reacted if someone told him that one day his Soma and Hypnopedia would both become possible. I still wasn't sure whether Brave New World was to be read more as a dystopia or a utopia. Marie would have had a thing or two to say to him about the value of hedonic tone as compared to autonomy.

She was clearly in the utopia camp in that discussion. Realizing that was an interesting topic of discussion, I brought it up at the table while we had deserts.

The ladies were all enjoying their crème brûlées, but I tasted mine and found it too sweet, so I passed it to Marie and went and got myself a few more pieces of asparagus and sauce. -"So, have you all read Huxley's Brave New World?" I asked. Everyone but Tanya had. We helped her with a brief synopsis before I could ask the question about the value of autonomy versus pleasure.

I framed it as a hypothetical question, asking how they would weigh the two if technology or medicine were to one day make Huxley's visions possible. Marie, who clearly saw through my motives for bringing the topic up, made a series of strong arguments for why she came down clearly on the side of hedonism before autonomy.

None of the teachers were easy to topple in a discussion, though, and clearly some of them were well versed in philosophy and could put up a strong defense for freedom and autonomy. We sat for hours talking about literature and provocative ideas and how they could be used in education to foster critical thinking, and I genuinely had a really good time, enjoying the feeling of having other adults around me, who could give me other perspectives to vie with than just Marie's hardcore nihilism and hedonism.

What's more, I think Marie also had a good time, enjoying the back-and-forth banter and the educated discussion, having to defend herself against positions that weren't so close to hers as mine always were.

It was a very cerebral evening, and when I finally stood up and excused myself, it was with a feeling that we had all gone from being employer and employees to becoming good friends.

-"Eight o'clock sharp, ladies," I said as I left, "Wear good shoes." Next day, we'll see how far beyond good friends we can come, I said to myself as I walked back to my quarters. Marie joined me an hour later. She had stayed behind because she was caught up in the discussion, and when she brushed her teeth beside me in my bathroom, she told me she had really enjoyed the evening.

-"Daddy?" -"Yes pet?" -"I'm looking forward to tomorrow." -"More so now than before?" -"Definitely. They're all nice people. I had my reservations before, but now I don't." -"I'm very happy to hear that, sweetie, but while you were gone, I've had an idea that I think you'll like. A little present, if you will." -"Really?" She smiled at me and spat before rinsing, putting her toothbrush away.

-"Come." I said, going into the bedroom and holding up the covers for her. She obediently crawled in, her anticipation very evident. I got into bed beside her and kissed her warmly. -"Ok, pet, I want you to close your eyes and relax, ok?" -"Ok." I pulled up her avatar on my interface and looked over the code-base I was about to insert once more.

I was pretty sure I had done everything right, and I had double- and triple checked all the instructions, but I was still hesitant. Taking a deep breath, I touched her RAS to put her to sleep, and then injected the code into her NanoRep system. I carefully rewired some of the functions I had used on her so many times, and allowed her control of them, making sure I could still override !110 her controls at will.

I took my time setting it up, careful to get it perfect. Then I touched her RAS, bringing her brain back to consciousness. I playfully fondled her breasts as she was waking up, gave her a little peck on the lips as she started to move her eyes.

They shot open, and then I heard her gasp in surprise. -"What… is this the… did you give me—" -"Yes, pet.

This is the interface." She sat bolt upright, staring off as into space, and then her eyes started darting around. -"Relax, sweetie," I said, caressing her back, "I'll help ease you into it. Lie back again and just close your eyes. That's much easier in the beginning." -"This is just…" -"It's very overwhelming, yes. But lie back now and close your eyes." I put my hands on her shoulders and eased her back into the pillows, then put my hand over her eyes and shut them.

-"Take your time, sweetheart, and focus on your breathing for a minute. I'll teach you to use it in a minute. In. Hold your breath. Out&hellip. good." She seemed to relax after a while. -"What you have is a basic construct, pet. Try and see if you can think about reaching out for something in the distance.

No, don't move your arms, just… strain for an object in the distance." I focused on the part of my own interface where hers was mirrored. Her interface jumped around wildly for a while before growing more stable. -"Good. Now you're getting the hang of it. Zoom out again. Now in. Strain. Let go. In. Out." -"You're seeing what I see?" -"In a sense, pet.

I'm here with you. I see a miniature of what you see. Good - just like that. Now try straining harder, as if you're giving it a hard shove." She jerked her arms and tensed her muscles, and her interface zoomed all the way out. -"Good, sweetie. Now zoom back in, and next time when you push away try to do it while letting your body relax. Perfectly relax your body and push with just your mind, ok?" After a minute or two, she got the hang of it.

-"Ok, pet… there's so much I want to show you, but before we get started, I want you to zoom all the way out and see if you can find the little box down below.

There, can you… pick it up? Or how should I put it… can you sort of make the box important to you. Think 'yes I want the box'?… There you go! Perfect! How did that feel?" -"I tried to get inside the box. Zoomed in on it and just… went inside." -"That will work. How you do it isn't important, it'll become second nature to you very quickly. This box is what I call the training centre. This is where you can practise so that using the interface becomes intuitive to you.

Soon, it will be as easy as using your hands. Now, do you see the tennis racquet?" I showed her many of the little games I had made, where she got to move around or play with objects. It was getting late, and I was getting sleepy, but Marie was completely absorbed, not noticing how long we were at it. I gave myself a little neuro-endocrine mental boost that would keep me up a few more hours, then started to show her some other features.

-"Over there to your right is an avatar of your own body. Zoom in on it. Zoom in on the brain. Now make it less opaque." -"There are… so many colours. So vivid. So… beautiful." -"It's pretty awesome, isn't it? I designed it myself, so I'm rather proud. Now, can you reach out and touch that purple strand that comes up from the spine?" -"That… oh shit, that tickles.

I feel it!" -"Where does it tickle?" -"My clit!" -"Then give it a bit of a… touch it harder. Put more into it. Like this." I used my own interface to send a shockwave of pleasure through her pudendal nerve bundle. Her body jerked as she felt it hit her clit and labia. !111 -"Oh, fuck…" she panted, "my brain just lit up like fireworks!" -"Now try it on your own. Make it light up." We experimented with her nerve bundles, and soon she could control them with even more precision than I could, because she had access to the real sensory feedback, not just the graphical representation that I had.

-"Ok, pet. Now let's zoom out again so that we see your whole brain. I'm not going to give you full access to every function there is, because there are risks.

Maybe I'll let you access those later. Another important difference between your interface and mine is that I have access to the codebase and I can read your code-base.

You can't write to yours, not make permanent modifications, not make loops. You have a sandbox, I have the full workshop." -"I'm allowed to play with the bucket and spade but not the powertools and knives in your toolshed, is that what you're saying, daddy?" she said in a little girl voice that made me laugh.

-"You got it, pet. But it's getting late now and we need to get some sleep, and before we do that, I want to show you the reason I gave you this tonight and not some other day.

Zoom all the way out again… No, not just on your own avatar, zoom out to the starting interface. Good, it's getting easier, isn't it?" -"It's really smooth, yes. Very fast." -"You're just starting to get up to speed, pet.

Just wait until you've practised some more. Now, can you see that region over to your far left? That's the one. Zoom in to that. Open and go inside." She gasped at what she saw. -"There they are." -"It's them!" -"Yes, all of them. Captured in perfect detail by yours truly." -"Can I…" -"Don't touch anyone, pet. Not yet. Just move around and see if you can spot how they are sorted." -"They're in groups.

They're in the groups you met them in, and sorted… chronologically?" -"You got it. Now, can you see that some of them are a warm orange and some a cool purplish colour?" -"Of course.

And there are numbers below them." -"Zoom in on those numbers or simply make them bigger." -"Last seen… more than six months ago… last seen six weeks ago… currently online?" -"And the colours?" -"Does hot mean online and cool mean offline?" -"You got it, and the numbers beneath the hot ones are ping-times." -"How far away they are?" -"In essence.

How far away they are in milliseconds. Try and see if you can find the teachers." She found them almost instantly. -"There. You see they are all glowing hot because they are all near the house and connected to our wifi. The ping-times are low because we don't have to go through the internet to reach them.

Now lower their opacity and look inside them." -"So beautiful." -"You see their nerve bundles?" -"And some other streams, yes." -"Ok, so… with those nerve bundles, you can touch them just like you can touch your own.

Use it responsibly, please. No having them scream with orgasm from being double penetrated while having a science lesson, ok?" -"No daddy, I'll be good." She smiled at the thought. -"See that red region below those almond-shapes? Zoom in on it." -"It's very dull in Franchesca's…" -"That's because she's asleep right now.

Check on the others." She found Isabel awake. -"Ok, let me just check something… " I zoomed in on Isabel in my own interface, brought up her visual feed as a 2D monitor surface. She was seated in an armchair, looking at Sophie and Desirée. Perfect. !112 -"Ok, now just sever the connection between her red region and the rest of her brain, pet." -"How?" -"Just reach out and… flick it off, like a lightbulb." I saw Isabel's 2d video feed become absolutely steady.

She was staring straight ahead, her mind turned off - eyes open, but in zombie mode. -"There you are, pet." -"She's… asleep?

It's like her whole brain just dimmed, and the front of it is just blacked out." -"That's her prefrontal cortex, sweetie. That's where everything that makes her herself is situated. She's not asleep, she's in zombie mode. Unconscious but breathing." I saw that Sophie and Desirée were reacting to Isabel's blank stare.

-"Now release her, pet. Just undo what you did. Flick that switch again, if that's how you visualized it." I saw Isabel's brain light up and her visual feed started to move again. It would seem strange to the others - maybe like a small seizure - but she was back now, and would reassure them she was feeling fine. The last thing I taught Marie was to turn down the opacity of her interface all the way, so that she didn't see it at all. It was like seeing a veil lift from her eyes, and then she could focus on me for the first time in a few hours.

-"You like my little present, pet?" She threw her arms around my neck and nearly squeezed me to death. She was almost weeping with joy. -"Ok, ok… ok sweetie. We can practise some more tomorrow, but do you realize why I gave this to you tonight and not some other night?" -"The off-switch?" -"Yes. I don't fully know who the teachers are. I haven't fully vetted them, just scratched the surface. I don't want them to be able to corner you and take advantage of you, my precious.

This way, if they were to do anything like that, you can just switch them off. Or just send them to their knees by shoving what feels like a fist up their ass." She laughed at that and nearly couldn't stop laughing. She was also tired, apparently. -"Will you suck me good night now, pet?" -"Yes daddy." She said, affectionately, kissing me good night and then kissing her way down my stomach and taking me in her mouth. I set my internal alarm clock to wake me at a quarter to eight and then just drifted off into the pleasure she gave me.

!113 Chapter 19. Team-Building. We had to hurry to get dressed next morning, Marie running away to her quarters while I brushed my teeth and threw on a jogging suit and a pair of sneakers. The teachers all looked rosy-cheeked and fresh, having had a night of hypnopedic suggestions and waking up to an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Franchesca and Desirèe both hugged me when I came out, and then looked just as surprised at their actions as they had the previous day.

I just smiled warmly at them. -"Good morning, ladies," I said, "ready to go for a jog?" -"I'm just warning you, I might be a little out of shape, so don't run us too hard, ok?" Tanya said. -"You don't look out of shape, Tanya. In fact, I'd say you're very fit. All of you are, by the way," I said, making a point of looking all of them up and down quite suggestively and smiling; "I must say I've hired five remarkably pretty teachers, don't you agree?" They all laughed at that, but I could see how pleased they were at the compliment.

After all, that was one of the hypnopedic commands I had given them - to feel good about getting compliments about their looks, and to like showing their bodies and give others positive reinforcement by giving them compliments about how they looked.

They spent a few minutes giving each other compliments about their looks and speaking about how they kept fit. It got a bit ridiculous to a bystander, but I tried to hide my smile while their hypnopedic instructions triggered them. Finally, Isabel turned to me and asked why we were waiting. -"Oh, just waiting for Marie - I'm sure she wants to come too, but that she's overslept as usual… Here she comes now.

Hey there, pet - did you sleep well? Ready to go?" She gave us all a bright smile and looked surprised as Franchesca and Desirèe both hugged her warmly. -"Ok ladies. I'll lead, you follow. We'll start out slowly." I jogged off down the path toward the long driveway, taking pleasure in how my new body worked like a well-oiled machine.

I must say that is one of the main contributors to my well-being, and I was surprised at how much of a difference it made for me. Having been quite out of shape for most of my life, used to sitting still by my computer for many hours each day, rarely taking exercise, not caring what I ate, the last year had made a remarkable difference to my body.

Jacked-up testosterone and growth hormone had given me another posture, Marie described. I held my head higher, stood taller - like a dominant male, without being aggressive. Just radiating competence, confidence and social dominance. I felt that way too, to be honest. I felt relaxed and sure of myself, and my body just felt great to live in.

Not like a bag of meat that my brain had to drag around by force, but like a part of me. I was more one with my body. Having my NanoRep system work on my muscles each night, damaging them just enough to simulate going to the gym and working out hard, stimulating growth, had given me an impressive physique. Having set my brain to prefer nutritious food and reject junk food had also had an effect.

I was ripped, but without taking it too far. I could see it in the eyes of people I met that they noticed and reacted.

Jogging down the driveway, I had to force myself to go slow. I felt like I could easily run a triathlon before breakfast. When we came to the jogging path down by the main gate, I jogged in place and showed with my hand: -"Ladies first." Marie clearly was fittest.

She took over the lead, and pretty soon some of the others were panting pretty loudly as they tried to keep pace. She noticed and fell back too. I enjoyed the sight of the women jogging in front of me.

Jogging suits revealed a lot, after all. Tight buttocks, wobbly buttocks, a little chub around the waistline or not, hard thighs or soft - I had my preferences, of !114 course, but all the teachers clearly took care of their bodies, and now that their NanoRep systems were working on their subcutaneous fatty deposits they would soon find that they miraculously lost weight and regained their bodies of old.

Since the track was just two miles long, I suggested we take another lap when we came back to the gate instead of turning back toward the mansion. I got some almost resentful looks, but no-one wanted to object, so we kept going.

I enjoyed the sight of shapely ladies jogging in front of me, but after a while I said I wanted to get my pulse up and ran past them.

-"See you back at the house, ladies." Then I hurtled down the path, and found to my surprise that Marie easily ran along with me, keeping pace. -"Bye bye!" One of the teachers shouted as we left them behind. We waved at them.

Back at the mansion, we stretched and regained our breath while waiting for the others to catch up. -"That was good, wasn't it, pet?" -"Yup." -"Sleep well?" -"I had the weirdest dreams." -"The interface?" -"Yeah, like I was in it.

I visited my friends, did all sorts of things with them." -"Afraid you did it for real?" -"A bit, now that you ask." -"Don't worry, pet. That's a built in safety feature. When the NanoReps detect you are asleep, they don't let you access the interface." -"So the interface I saw in my dreams was just…" -"All in your dreams, pet." -"Thanks again, daddy. I'm looking forward to today.

Hey, shall we fetch breakfast and eat outside? It's already pretty warm, and that way we don't stink up the room with our sweat." -"Excellent idea. Let's go fetch everything." -"So… what do you think they will think about the showers and sauna, Karl?" She said as we were carrying stuff outside. -"It's funny they haven't noticed yet, isn't it? The've all been down there when we took the tour, after all." I set down coffee and milk on the table.

-"It was the very first thing I noticed when I came down after the renovation." -"But then again, you're special, pet." -"Or it might be because I know you, daddy." -"Could be. I think they'll react… I think they'll be able to handle it." -"Franchesca too? She seems the most prudish." -"I've been… stacking the odds in our favour, pet." -"Is that why they are hugging all the time now?" -"So you noticed that too, huh?" -"It's rather glaringly obvious when someone keeps you at arm's length for days, and then all of a sudden starts giving you hugs and behaving as if you're the best of buddies, you know." -"It's working really well, isn't it?" -"I had a really good time last night, yes.

Interesting. These aren't exactly a bunch of ninnies." I laughed at her understatement. No, these ladies were definitely not a bunch of ninnies. They all reeked of intelligence and competence.

Some came off as a little nerdy or geeky, like Sophie and Tanya, and others just radiated confidence and professionalism until you got them to open up. -"Here they come now." We enjoyed breakfast in the sun, drinking copious amounts of orange juice and tucking in with gusto. -"Shall we make it a routine, ladies?" I asked.

-"A morning jog?" Asked Desirée. !115 -"It feels pretty good, doesn't it? I'd like our school to focus a lot on health. Physical well-being. It feels good to be fit." -"Now that you say it, Karl, you seem very fit." Said Sophie. -"Why thank you, Sophie. I take care of myself, yes. Looking at you, I wouldn't think you were a day over thirty, and I wouldn't guess that you've given birth to two children." She smiled back at me, her brain lighting up with pleasure at the compliment.

-"But, every day?" Asked Desirée, sounding somewhat worried. -"I thought maybe we'd make it a routine to run two laps - or maybe three - at least a couple of times a week. Maybe split the days between us so that every teacher does it at least once a week, twice or more if you want to.

I'll do it as well, of course. And then we tell the girls that they should do it at least twice a week - or more for extra credits?" -"I think that's a brilliant idea." Franchesca said; "I'd like to get in shape, and that way I'd have a reason to push myself." -"It'll be good for the children as well." said Desirée.

-"Ok, that's settled then. Speak up now, or forever hold your silence ladies." None objected. -"Ok, just one more thing, Desirée." I turned to her.

"Don't call them children, ok? Look at Marie here. Is she a child?" Marie smiled at her and raised an eyebrow. -"Yes, Desirée, am I a child?" -"Well…" she hesitated, "Legally—" -"I mean physically and mentally." Marie objected quickly.

I laughed softly. -"Well… then I guess…" Desirée admitted; "then I guess no. You're a young woman, not a child." -"There you go, kiddo!" I teased. She threw the butt of her baguette at me. -"Shall we retreat to the spa, ladies?" I stood up. "We can just put this on the table inside so that the birds don't get to it.

Then go up and get your towels and toiletries or whatever it is you ladies call your grooming gear, and then we'll meet up down there in… five or ten?" -"Ten" they all said in unison. I shrugged and started taking things inside, clearing the table. -"Ok, the sauna's warming up. Meet you there." A glance at their avatars told me that their sexual tension wasn't just simmering - it was reaching boiling point. When the five teachers all came down to the spa, they stopped dead inside the doors.

Marie and I were standing in the showers, both fully naked. I waved at them and pointed at the shelves where our clothes lay. They hesitated, but seemed to get over it when Isabel took the lead. I smiled to myself.

Yes, that's right. Isabel came from Germany, and that's the land of the FKK - Freikörperkultur. Nudism is like second nature to Germans. At least around water, for some reason. Isabel was the first to disrobe and put her toiletries on one of the shelves. She joined us in the showers, and I gave her a friendly smile and put some shampoo in my hair. I could feel her eyes all over my body, and out of the corner of my eye I saw that she was taking in both my body and Marie's.

That's right. Hebephile. I adjusted the nitric oxide boost that would open the arteries and close off the veins of my penis and let it swell, but was careful not to give it a full erection.

The effect was like that of a stallion letting it swing down and fill. I heard a faint giggle from over by the shelves. Now that my NanoRep treatment had run its course, I was definitely packing meat, and they had no doubt noticed. Soon, we were joined by the others. The shower room was large, with no less than ten shower heads, five in a row, right across from each other and without barriers in between.

The shower room was fully open on the dressing room. Nowhere to hide. That was the little surprise - the detail that had somehow escaped them. There was no ladies' or men's changing room, just a large unisex one. !116 The ladies were definitely feeling it now, I saw from their avatars. All night, the Hypnopedic commands had been on repeat in their minds. "I wonder what Marie would be like in bed" "I wish Karl would make a move on me" "I'd like Karl to discipline me and fuck me hard" "I ought to get Francesca and Desirée to lighten up about sex, they're such prudes" "It's so hot to show myself naked" "I feel good about giving others compliments about their bodies, and I like getting compliments in return" "It's been so long - I feel desperate for sex.

I wish just anyone would fuck me" "I wonder what it feels like to have sex with another woman" "I wonder who my colleagues really are" "I ought to be less judgmental of others" They had each had their share of a custom set of those instructions, and no matter what their prefrontal cortexes had to say about them, their social and sexual inhibitions would be over-ridden.

Just for the hell of it, I tied their five avatars together into a group avatar and quickly put a slight damper on their inhibitions, stimulated their incentive salience and tied a feedback from my pleasure centres and incentive salience to theirs.

-"You're… " Franchesca began, standing next to me. -"Yes?" -"You're… even more athletic than I would have guessed." She blurted. I gave her an appreciating look, not bothering to hide it. It did, after all, make her feel very hot to show herself naked. If not before, then definitely after the Hypnopedia treatment. -"Why thank you, Franchesca. I like your breasts. Very… yes, very attractive." She blushed all over, and with the strong incentive salience I was feeling and projecting into her brain, it was almost strange that she wasn't reaching out to touch me.

I felt ridiculous giving her an outright comment about her breasts like that, like some hillbilly teenage boy who hadn't been taught how to talk to girls, but I relied on the Hypnopedia. The comment had set of a strong surge inside her.

-"I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me. I'm not usually so forward. I feel like a buffoon." I apologized. I heard a soft laughter from Marie beside me.

-"Normally I would have slapped you, but…" she shrugged. -"But now you're too busy ogling me. I don't mind though." I turned off my shower and walked toward the sauna, grabbing a small towel to sit on. Exchanging glances with Marie, I saw that she was purposely arching her back and stretching languidly in the shower, showing her lean perfection to the three hebephile women and enjoying the looks they gave her.

I sat down on one of the lower benches in the sauna, focusing my attention on my interface. I saw that Marie was using hers to monitor the reactions of the other women, zooming in on how their brains were firing when they looked at her. Through the door, I heard some of them exchanging compliments, their compulsion to give and enjoy receiving comments setting them off on yet another long exchange.

It was like the Stepford Wives, I realized, remembering Marie's comments about the movie. I shook my head and chuckled. "I wish Karl would make a move on me" "I'd like Karl to discipline me and fuck me hard" "It's been so long - I feel desperate for sex. I wish just anyone would fuck me" I wondered if I would even need to make a move, or if one of them would do it. Judging by their brain responses right now, it was a miracle they hadn't already.

Now that I had started to shut down their inhibitions and increased their incentive salience, it was just a matter of time. They joined me in the sauna. I wasn't bashful about getting an eyeful, smiling at them in turn as I looked at them. I could feel my heart racing in anticipation. They felt it too. I waited for a minute while they settled in, not taking my eyes off them.

Some met my eyes, but others had their eyes !117 locked on Marie's body, unable to hide their excitement. It was going to happen now. We were beyond boiling point, and because I felt it, they definitely felt it too.

-"So…" I said, to break the silence; "I'm very glad we're finally getting to spend some time here in the spa together. I've been looking forward to having you down here since I hired you." I met Desirées eyes, and she couldn't hide her reaction. -"I've… um… likewise." She managed.

She didn't bother closing her legs, but let them fall apart. Marie chuckled. -"I think you'd better tell them, Karl." she said. -"Tell them what, my pet?" -"Why you hired them?" I chuckled too. -"You mean about liking young girls like you?" I heard Sophie, Tanya and Isabel gasp, as they realized I was about to tell on them. In their avatars, I saw a sense of panic climbing. -"Yeah, that one." Marie urged. Then she turned to the women and smiled. -"I don't mind, you know. I've seen how you look at me, Tanya.

And you Isabel, and you Sophie. You just can't stop looking, can you?" She took down the leg that she had rested on her other knee and spread her legs apart, leaning back lasciviously. Franchesca and Desirée gasped at Marie's blatantly provocative sexual gesture. -"Oh, don't worry," I told them, "Marie is a big girl. She can handle her own… Can't you, pet?" -"Sure I can, daddy." -"You're her father?" Sophie tore her eyes from Marie for a second, licking her lips nervously.

-"No, of course not. Marie is my little protégé. Aren't you, pet?" -"You're still my daddy." -"Yes, of course I am, just like you are my pet." -"Are you…" Franchesca began, but couldn't make herself say it.

-"We're lovers, yes." Marie said, before I could answer. -"But…" -"The age of consent here in France is fifteen." Marie shut her down. Sophie chuckled.

-"How does that make you feel, Sophie?" I asked. "That I'm not her father but her daddy. Sexually." She swallowed. -"Oh, come on now. Let me just say it for you if it's so difficult to confess.

You like girls too. So does Isabel and so does Tanya." They had a long and very meaningful silent exchange. -"Nothing to be ashamed of, you know," Marie helped, "would you like to… go down on me, Tanya? Or maybe you, Sophie? Isabel?" She spread her legs even wider, raising her hand and making a come-hither gesture with her finger.

Franchesca and Desirée seemed to hold their breath. One second. Two seconds. Three. With a grunt, Tanya gave in, not taking her eyes off Marie. In a heartbeat, she had her head between Marie's legs, burying her tongue in her soft flesh.

Marie opened her mouth and breathed heavily as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. I released the choke-hold I had been holding on my erection and let it happen. Ignoring what Tanya was doing to Marie, I stroked my cock slowly, letting my foreskin roll back and forth over my glans while I looked at the other women.

Sophie and Isabel couldn't help themselves any longer, and they had opened their legs and started to masturbate. Franchesca and Desirée both stared with open mouths at the lewd and perverted sexual act that took place before their very eyes. Then they both glanced at me, and their eyes were suddenly riveted in place.

I smiled at them and opened my legs wider, looking at them while I let them see how I was stroking my fully erect penis. -"Hot in here, isn't it" I said, smiling because I had been holding that one in for so long. They were both panting, not able to restrain themselves from starting to masturbate. Groans of intense pleasure from Marie reached us, but I focused on our as-of-yet non-hebephilic women.

They too !118 spread their legs wider for me to see, and kept looking from me, back to what Tanya was doing to Marie, and then back to me again. I kept stroking my cock slowly, just using my thumb and forefinger to roll my foreskin back and forth.

Marie's moans were getting faster as she approached her climax quickly. Tanya clearly knew what she was doing. -"Not shocked are you?" I asked. -"Uh… I don't know what to answer to that." Desirée said.

-"You don't look very shocked." -"I… guess not." -"Do you want me to eat you out, Desirée?" Her eyes widened at the suggestion, but she answered by just spreading her legs even wider and scooting her hips forward on the bench. I smiled at her and went down on her.

At the same time, I tied her nerve bundles to those of Franchesca to mirror her experience. I didn't go directly for Desirée's clit, but buried my tongue between her firm asscheeks instead, letting it slide inside her ass. She gasped for breath and went as if to use her hand to push my head away, but then stopped herself and let it happen. Franchesca groaned deep in her throat beside us. Wetting my fingers with saliva, I slid my first and second finger up her cunt and the other two up her ass while I sucked and tickled her clit.

Their clits, I guess I ought to say. Their cunts and asses. Everything I did to Desirée, Franchesca felt too. Because their tension had been building for so long, it didn't take me long to finish them both off with my mouth and fingers, their climax building and exploding, pulling Marie along with them when she heard the sounds they were making. Tanya leaned back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, almost purring like a kitten.

Sophie made as if to trade places with her so that she too could go down on Marie, but Marie sat up and shook her head. -"Not yet, Sophie. I need to take a shower and cool off." That's when I felt it too. I was far too hot, and I needed to get out. I pulled my fingers out of Desirée's pussy and ass, feeling how she still had faint contractions.

She groaned, but got up and followed me out immediately. By now, all dams were breached. In the shower, Franchesca fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, and soon I felt Desirée hugging me from behind, letting her hands greedily touch me all over. I reached behind me and let my fingers explore her fleshy cuntlips again, finding her erect clit. She spoke dirty words in my ear, that I could barely hear over the sound of the water, but whose meaning was nonetheless clear.

Her roaming hands couldn't get enough of touching me. Soon, we were all in the oriental lounge, lying amid pillows and divans and in the plush carpets, the room temperature balmy, making our bodies slick with sweat. There were arms and legs everywhere, just as in Marie's erotic dream. Tongues swirling, hips thumping and grinding, smacking against each other, someone's pussy in my face, then a pair of tits.

Someone riding me, climaxing and gushing all over me. My tongue in someone's ass, then someone massaging my prostate while I was fucking Marie from behind. Sophie was beneath her, lapping at her pussy, and Marie had her head buried between her legs.

Off to the side, Tanya was making Franchesca climax, and Desirée was busy between Isabel's legs. Was that Sophie's fingers up my ass then? Fuck, that felt good. No use holding back - I climaxed deep inside Marie, and apparently I had wired my pleasure response to hers again, as I did so often, because she went rigid and convulsed with spasms, grinding her pussy on Sophie's tongue.

Not letting myself be overcome by prolactin and the oxytocin peak I felt, I rearranged them so that I could fuck Sophie instead. Before entering her, I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed hard, pulling her up toward my face.

-"You like to be used, fuck-slut?" She tried to resist and put her hands around my wrists. -"You breathe when I let you, fuck puppet. Now answer me. You like to be used?" -"yssss" she managed, her face turning red. !119 -"I don't care what you like." I slapped her ass so hard that she screamed, the sound coming out muffled.

-"You may breathe now. I think I'll try your ass. Do you need some lube?" She panted, gasping for breath, trying to oxygenate her brain again. -"I guess not. I've got Marie's juices all over my cock. You think they will make my cock slide in easily, fuck puppet?" She just looked at me over her shoulder. I smacked her asscheeks hard again, and this time there was nothing to muffle her scream. I saw the others interrupt themselves to look our way.

Marie buried her face in Sophie's pussy from below. Putting my glans against her rosebud, I pushed. She resisted me. I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head up toward me again, grabbed her throat again. Squeezed hard to cut off her air and her carotid artery. -"Open your asshole for me, fucktoy. When my cock is inside you, I will let you breathe again. Do it. Work it in." I could see her eyes roll back as she bit her own lip so hard she drew blood, and then her asshole slid down my shaft.

-"All the way, not half way. Then I'll let you breathe." Giving in fully, she pushed hard against me and I pushed my hips forward to meet her.

When I was all the way inside, I relaxed my grip. The response was instant. When fresh blood rushed back into her brain and she could pull air into her lungs, her hypoxia and the pain from her asscheeks and rectum pushed her over the edge. I let her have it for real, slamming her as hard as I could for minutes while Marie sucked and licked her clit.

Her orgasm never seemed to end. Eventually, it was I who had to give up, pulling out of her ass, standing up and grabbing her by the hair, offering my cock for her to suck. When she turned her head away, I forced her head back by the hair and grabbed her by the chin, forced her face up so that I could look into her unfocused eyes. I smacked her hard on the cheek with my open hand. -"Open your mouth, fuckmeat. Your mouth is mine, and if I want to fuck it, I will." She surrendered.

I let myself sink all the way down her throat in one go, trusting the gag-reflex augmentations to help her cope. Then I just used her. Holding her by the hair and neck, I fed my cock into her mouth, all the way down her throat, again and again, not holding back for a second. If she could manage to gulp down some air, let her. If not, well, then she would pass out and maybe then I would stop.

Maybe. The thought made my erection even harder, and I let her have it. I could feel my climax building. Marie was groaning, feeling what I felt, her face buried in Sophie's cunt from below. Each time I buried my cock down her throat, Sophie shuddered with the gag-reflex pleasure feedback.

Pulling her head toward me, I buried myself all the way down. Went back and forth, feeling her throat contract again and again around me, hearing her muffled screams, seeing her tears stream down her cheeks. I was beyond the point of no return, but balancing on the edge. She tried to push me away, but was too weak to struggle. That was it. I screamed as I came, mercilessly forcing my cock down her throat against her weak struggles.

She retched on my cum and shot it out her nose, went rigid as she climaxed and then went completely limp. Swaying from the force of my climax, I pulled out, held her up by the hair and smacked her face again. Then her brain came back online and she just collapsed in a shuddering heap atop Marie, twitching uncontrollably in her hypoxia-induced orgasm that went on for a long time.

I took a couple of steps back and enjoyed the show. Then I became aware of the other women, who were all looking at me. They had stopped whatever they were doing. I smiled at them. -"Oh… I'm sorry. Did I scare you? I didn't mean to. Sophie is… special." I gestured to where she and Marie were still twitching on the carpet. -"No shit." Said Tanya, her eyes wide. -"That was… you scared the shit out of me," said Isabel, "I thought you were going to kill her." -"Then why didn't you stop me, Isabel?" -"No, I mean… it was a bit intense is all." -"She likes that shit.

Batshit crazy. If I wanted to burn her clit with a lighter or stick needles in it, she'd let me." !120 They all winced and crossed their legs involuntarily. We heard soft weeping from Sophie, and looked over. Marie was trying to dislodge herself, trapped beneath her as she was. -"Will you help me take care of her?

She might be a little overwhelmed." We all helped Sophie gather herself, gave her something to drink and held her close as she came down from subspace. In a while, she raised her head and looked around at us as if suddenly seeing again. -"Good to have you back, fuckmeat." I said, and kissed her affectionately on the forehead. She flinched, but I patted her hair and made comforting noises. -"Don't worry, Sophie. I'm back. You're back. Scene is over." -"You.

um…" she tried, "You wanted to see if it was true?" I chuckled. -"I guess so. But I believed you the first time. I knew you were telling the truth." -"No secrets, huh?" She wiped tears from her face and blew her nose. -"No secrets.

Not here." I looked up at the others. -"That's right, ladies? No secrets among us after this?" They just smiled and shook their heads in confirmation.

-"Good," I said, and stood up, "would you look at us? How about we take another shower, huh? I feel a bit sticky. Grab something to drink, and then relax in the jacuzzi for a while?" Half an hour later, when the jacuzzi was running a cleaning cycle and we were sitting on the edge with just our feet in the water, I put my arm around Sophie and pulled her close. -"How are you doing? Are you ok now?" -"Yeah, I'm ok. I'm just… reeling a bit, I guess. I was hoping you would do something like that with me, but I wasn't really prepared for it." -"I could have said something, but I didn't want to spoil it for you." -"Have you always been like this, Sophie?" Franchesca asked.

-"I guess so… but…" -"But what?" -"I never revealed to anyone I didn't really know - I mean one hundred percent - that I like young girls." She smiled at Franchesca and then looked over at Marie, who smiled warmly back. -"I think it's fair to say we know each other now, right ladies?" I said.

Everyone smiled and shook their heads as if half in disbelief and half in awe at what we had done. -"So, before we let this become awkward," I continued," I want to say that what happens at the châteaux…?" -"Stays at the châteaux!" They supplied in chorus, some of them chortling. -"Good, I'm glad we agree. And then I have one more revelation for you.

My intention is to make this a nudist school. An FKK school for you, Isabel." Everyone except Marie looked at me in surprise, but the three hebephile teachers even more with pleasure. -"How… is that going to work?" asked Isabel. -"Oh, I find most girls are quite malleable and adaptable." -"But their parents?" The purification cycle finished and the pool started up again. We slid down, sighing with pleasure as the warmth engulfed us.

-"What happens at the châteaux stays at the châteaux, Isabel." -"You think such a thing won't come out?" -"I can be rather… persuasive." -"But—" I interrupted her by pushing a set of commands at their group avatar, affecting all five of them.

I triggered their pleasure centres hard, ramping up their sensory nerve bundle stimulation cycle from zero to a hundred percent over just ten of fifteen seconds, seeing them gasp with surprise and then be overwhelmed by the sudden sensations of being double teamed and having their clits licked by some invisible entity. !121 Marie giggled at me and I could see her eyes go a bit unfocused as she pulled them up in her own interface to have a look at what I was doing.

-"What… uhhhh… oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck." Isabel said. -"What's happening? How are you… owww… ohmygod… yesssss." Tanya managed. Slowly, because I was stimulating their pleasure centres so hard, their eyes just rolled back and they all began to shake and thrash about, barely conscious enough to stay upright in the water.

The rush came on harder that a heroin injection, pure pleasure just exploding inside them as they felt themselves get fucked hard up the ass and pussy at the same time.

I let the stimulation go on until Sofie actually did lose consciousness, sliding down beneath the water for a second before we caught her and propped her up. Then I let up and sat back to watch them try to recover. Marie and I held Sophie upright between us and caressed her head while we waited for her brain to come back online. -"What… just happened?" Franchesca asked, the first to be able to speak again. -"Just, let the others collect themselves first. I don't want to explain this more than once.

Do you need something to drink?" I gestured to our tray of refreshments. -"I think so." She got up on trembling knees and stumbled over to the tray. -"Bring some for everyone if you can, Franchesca," I asked. She had to go back and forth a couple of times because her hands trembled so that she couldn't hold more than two glasses at a time. By the time she finished fetching drinks, the others were stirring back to life - Sophie too. -"So… I'm surprised you hadn't figured it out by now, but I have… I guess you might call them special powers." Five pairs of uncomprehending eyes looked back at me.

-"Are you saying… you're a vampire lord or something?" Tanya said, smiling wryly. -"No, not quite. I'm just a human. But I have some - telekinetic powers. Telepathic. Hypnotic." -"Is that how you made me tell you…" Sophie began. -"Yes, during the interviews, I used my powers on all of you, making you tell me the truth about who you are." -"I… I can't believe this." Isabel said.

"This just… I'm a rational person. I don't believe in fairytales." I looked at her and smiled… thought about it for a second, then I snapped my fingers, simultaneously making Franchesca and Tanya to either side of her slump down unconscious. She saved Tanya while Desirée caught Franchesca and struggled to hold her up.

-"How? How are you doing this?" She nearly screamed at me, a look of panic in her eyes. "Bring them back for fuck's sake. I can't hold her!" I snapped my fingers again, bringing them both back to consciousness with a jerk. Marie looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

-"Don't forget to tell them, daddy." -"About you? That's right. Marie has my powers too, but not fully as strong as mine." Their eyes turned to her, and she held up her hand as if to snap her fingers.

-"You want me to show you?" She asked, smiling at them. They were quick to blurt out that they didn't need another demonstration. I rose and served them all something to drink. -"That's the most intense thing I ever felt," Desirée said after a moment of silence. The others nodded, except for Marie and Sophie. -"Did you like it?" I asked simply. -"It… just overwhelmed me.

Of course I liked it, but you scared me too. I was afraid I was going to drown." -"No need to worry. I'm a nice guy, so I wouldn't let that happen. Tell them, Marie." -"Tell them what? That you're a nice guy? Like you need me to vouch for you? Look… " she directed herself to the teachers; "Now you know he can knock you out or make you climax with a snap of his fingers, right?" They nodded. !122 -"So if he wanted to have his way with you, or if he wanted to hurt you, he could.

But he hasn't. Well, except for you Sophie, but you wanted him to, after all. The same is true for me. He could have his way with me too, but he doesn't. And I could have my way with you, but I won't. Comprende?" Again they nodded. -"There, daddy.

I think they've got it." -"Thanks pet." Isabel still wasn't happy. -"But how? How are you doing this? I'm a rational person. I need to know how." -"Need to? Maybe I won't tell you?" -"Then I'll have to kill you and dissect your brain." She said, cracking a smile. -"You still wouldn't find anything. Unless you had an electron microscope." -"Daddy, are you sure you should—" -"Yes, I think it's probably best to tell them." -"Tell us what?" Isabel insisted.

-"That my telekinetic powers are of a purely technological nature. Nothing supernatural about them." -"Well, of course - that's what I've been saying all along - but how exactly are you doing it?" -"I'm not going to tell you exactly how. But I will give you a little demonstration - more gently - and because you're a biologist, you probably know enough about the human brain to keep up with it.

Here's your pudendal nerve bundle…" I began, proceeding to give them all the same same tour I had given Marie through the bundles that connected her genitals to her brain. They were all panting when I stopped stimulating them. -"And that's just four little bundles of nerves, Isabel.

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I can target all other areas of your brains with the same precision. Tell me if you understand what that means." -"That you can…" she started, but had to gather herself before continuing.

She took a sip from her glass. -"…That you can control us like robots, if you want to." -"Correct. Go on." -"That you can make us see or hear anything?" -"Hear, yes, but making you see something is too hard." -"So… a bandwidth limitation of some kind?" -"Oh, this one's smart, daddy!" Marie exclaimed.

-"Hush now, pet. Of course they're all smart." -"Yes daddy" she replied meekly in her little girl voice, giving us all some much needed comic relief.

-"Ok, Isabel - go on. What else does it mean?" -"Basically that you can control everything we think or feel." She said, making the words sound final. -"Not quite. I can't make any of you believe that the earth is flat. I can't really affect thoughts that much…" I trailed off, realizing that with Hypnopedia, I actually could. Almost, at any rate. -"But feelings? Our limbic systems?" Sophie asked.

-"Yes, basic feelings. I could make you angry enough to go for my throat right now, or make you feel so sad you want to kill yourself. That's easy." -"Because those brain systems are well defined areas of the limbic system, whereas more complex thoughts mainly happen in the neocortex?" Isabel injected. -"Correct. I can work on your neocortex as well, but regionally, not in any detail to speak of." -"Is that what you have been doing to us since we came here?" Franchesca asked.

-"Yes it is. And now I'm going to leave you ladies here and go prepare our lunch. Marie, will you join me?" -"Yes daddy." -"I'll see you in an hour, M'ladies." I gestured toward the imaginary brim of my imaginary fedora, tipping it in their direction. Marie and Tanya chuckled, but the others just nodded that they had understood. !123 Chapter 20. Marie and I both showered in silence and got dressed.

Both of us were using our interfaces to listen in on what the teachers were saying, jacking in to their aural nerves. Then we went up to the kitchens and looked at what our caterers had delivered while we had been enjoying ourselves in the Spa.

As usual, they had left two large steel canteens - one refrigerated, one heated. Cabbage rolls and a thick, peppery dark sauce, brown rice for the carb eaters, and a feta cheese and red onion salad with rocket and spinach leaves. And because I had ordered them special today, four bottles of rosé wine on ice. I wondered how the wine would work with the raw onion, but this was France, after all - the caterers probably knew what they were doing.

When we had set the table, Marie and I each took a glass of wine while we sat down on the patio overlooking the parterre garden to get some sun while we kept listening to the conversation the teachers were having.

They all agreed that the sex had been fantastic, and the two former prudes who had never before had sex with a woman were waxing lyrical about how they had never thought it would be so good. Tanya remarked that it wasn't usually this good, but that I had probably done something to their brains to make it that good.

Isabel theorized that I had probably been stimulating some reward centre in their brain, and that the changes they had noticed in Franchesca and Desirée of late were probably also due to manipulation of some kind. She had to explain that, and commented on their friendly and open attitude, their hugs, etc. Sophie noted that all the compliments they had been paying were probably also something that I had put them up to.

That's when Tanya said that all those changes or manipulations were for the better. -"I figured it would be her or Sophie that would bring that up. Cheers, pet!" She raised her glass at me and smiled. Tanya defended my manipulations by saying they had clearly made their job more enjoyable, and that she had felt very good about the last few days - that she had made friends.

Also, the sex they had had just now had been… above and beyond. Isabel objected that what I had done was clearly immoral. -"Immoral?" Tanya objected. "You fuck young girls, Isabel. Girls below the age of consent. You ogle them, lust for them. That's against the law. Isn't that immoral?" -"Hell no!

Gerade nicht! That was all consensual, and the law is fucked up. But what Karl did was something we didn't consent to." -"Sure," Sophie injected, "but it was rather pleasant, wasn't it? I sort of agree with Tanya here. These changes were for the better. I've enjoyed myself today, haven't you?" Desirée started questioning Sophie about what I had done to her there at the end.

Wasn't that too hard? Desirée admitted she also had fantasies about rough sex, but… that was just… quite shocking. Sophie explained that she'd been taken to subspace, and that it was one of the best experiences of her life. If not The best. She had to explain about subspace for those who didn't know the lingo.

Franchesca noted that Sophie obviously liked having things done to her against her will, so maybe her perspective on the moral status of manipulating people's brains against their will was a bit biased. At about that point in the discussion, I squeezed down their sexual inhibitions by about fifty percent and subtly started stimulating their reward centres and their incentive salience.

Maybe that would get them to lighten up. It wasn't a manipulation they would immediately notice, but the effects would be felt.

Marie watched me do it in her own interface, and shot me a grin. -"You want them to have an orgy down there all by themselves, daddy?" -"Nah, just nudging them in the right direction." -"Sounds like Sophie and Tanya forgive you, but the others have their doubts." !124 -"About what I expected. If they don't come around, I'll just give them some new instructions tonight.

Make them accept their fate voluntarily." -"So to speak. Voluntary-so-to-speak." -"Yes pet, but remember you don't believe in free will anyway." She raised her glass to acknowledge my point.

The teachers had launched into a discussion about their sexual experiences this day, and that led them accidentally to launch into another exchange about each other's bodies, giving compliments and soaking them up. Isabel was the one to catch herself first and start laughing. When she explained to the others, they realized what they had been doing and started laughing too.

-"The bastard." Franchesca said, no anger in her voice. -"It's been really nice getting all these compliments from you, and I bet yours have been as sincere as mine—" Sophie began, but was interrupted by the others who assured that they definitely had been sincere too, and that her body was really attractive and that&hellip.

Then they started laughing hard. -"We have to tell him to make it stop, is what I was going to say." Sophie finally managed. -"The implication being, you intend to stay here, even after what he's done to you? To us?" Isabel asked. -"Of course. Look, I've already confessed I'm into young girls. Even younger than the girls who will be starting here, if fact, and I know that shocks some of you, but there you have it.

Pretty soon, this school will be full of young teenage girls, and he's basically told us without saying it that he intends to manipulate them too, the same way he is manipulating us.

A nudist school, he said right before he left. That means I'm going to get to live in a fucking palace, free food, all expenses paid, a very considerable paycheck, teaching - something I enjoy doing - and getting to be around naked young girls all day every day.

Probably get to fuck them, if I understand what he's been hinting at correctly." -"Oh, hell…" Isabel said. -"My point exactly." Sophie continued; "I think he intends to make this school into some kind of lair of decadence. He'll be the vampire lord and incubus - I'm speaking metaphorically, Isabel, so hold that objection - and we'll be his succubi." -"You think the school is just a cover?" Franchesca asked. -"Not… entirely. I think he means business, don't you?

Why else would he have gone out of his way to hire us?" -"Good job, Sophie!" I exclaimed, and raised my glass in triumph at Marie, who smiled and raised hers, taking another sip and refilling her glass. I was getting very hungry, but I felt the discussion the teachers were having was an important one, and I really wanted it to end in consensus about giving the châteaux a chance.

I squeezed their sexual inhibitions even harder, tamping them down, and then I connected their sexual incentive salience to my own and asked Marie to kindly stand up and do a slow strip for me.

She saw what I did, and realized my intention. -"Thanks daddy." She said, putting her glass away and standing up. -"For what, pet?" -"For the implied compliment." -"Oh, that. Well, nothing in the world triggers my appetites like your body, sweetie." -"I know." She started slowly and sensuously undressing, undulating as though listening to music that I couldn't hear.

"I like your body too, Karl. Why don't you undress too?" I removed my shirt and bared my chest. It was a very satisfactory feeling to have a body that others reacted to sexually.

Looking down at my ripped chest and my well-defined sixpack, I marvelled at the fact that this body had cost me no effort. What other guys spent hours and hours on every week, all year 'round, I had developed while sleeping. -"I'm up here, daddy." -"Oh, sorry pet." I riveted my eyes on her body as she sensuously stripped for me, feeling my heart beating faster, making my erection strain against my trousers.

If anything, Marie's body was even more perfect now than when I had met her. Her breasts had become maybe a little bit larger, and our healthy eating habits and daily erotic aerobic activity had made her already fit body even !125 harder and leaner. Her ribs were just about visible when she turned her side to me, but she definitely didn't look anorexic.

Now that her body was completely hairless, her skin almost seemed to shine, even when it was dry. Now that we had been sitting in the sun, a few pearls of sweat were running down her chest and back, and beads of perspiration made her glisten. And while her body was absolute perfection, with those toned muscles and hard teenage asscheeks, her face and hair were still her most attractive features.

I could never get enough of her face - her refulgent blue eyes surrounded by those red curls. With the dreamy smile she wore while she was dancing naked before me, her undulations syncopating the rhythm of my heartbeats, she was so beautiful she took my breath away. -"Mmmmhm… I think the mission is accomplished." she murmured.

-"What was that?" -"Look at them." -"Not now, sweetie, I'm busy looking at you." -"They're at it again." -"Oh, good." Now that she told me, I was definitely hearing sounds of a very sexual nature through the feeds from their aural nerves to my interface. I turned down the volume a bit and made a quick adjustment to give them a feedback of 1.4 times the activity in my pleasure centres and ramped up the activity of their sensory nerve bundle stimulation cycle to a more noticeable 0.5.

Marie saw what I did and smiled wickedly. -"I hope they're not in the pool, daddy. If they are, they're going to drown." -"Really?" -"With what I'm about to do to you, yes." -"You want some feedback too, sweetie?" -"Yes daddy, but not quite as much." She said, smiling. I set hers to a more reasonable 0.9x. She yanked my trousers off, then buried her face between my legs, rimming me while she slowly stroked my cock. After a while, she started sucking on my balls and then licked up my shaft and teased my frenulum before deliberately swallowing me all the way, gagging herself and struggling to keep me down her throat for as long as possible.

Seeing her face when she gagged was simply beautiful. Absolutely no other visual impression beats having a really beautiful young teenager taking your thick cock all the way down their throat, seeing them wrinkle their forehead with the effort, gagging and coughing, drooling, their eyes filling with tears. And while there's something to say for novelty - having it be a new girl - Marie's face was simply so radiantly beautiful that it trumped everything.

My excitement welled up nearly uncontrollably, and as she felt it hit her own brain, she went all the way down again, choking herself and gagging until her brain lit up in an explosion of hypoxia and pleasure, reaching her climax from deepthroating me just seconds before I too grunted and filled her throat with my thick cum.

Her noises mixed with the aural feedback I got from the five women in the basement, who were feeling it even more strongly than we did. Marie stood up before her own orgasm had even abated, and then she straddled my legs and took me inside her pussy. She was wet and warm and tight, and I fixed my eyes on her face as she closed her eyes and ground her hips against me, after a while managing to take all of my cock inside her so that her clit rubbed against the root. Then she slid back a few inches so that my cock bent down between my legs and rested even more tightly between her swollen labia majora, and started fucking me slowly, her clit rubbing against my cock.

It was beautiful. On impulse, I wired the five women downstairs in the spa to Marie's sexual responses as well, having their sensations copy hers perfectly.

While Marie still got her feedback from me, this meant her brain was simply flooding with dopamine and oxytocin, and while the visual impression of her riding me made me wish that it would last forever, it wasn't long before the mere sight of her, and her tight pussy gripping my cock and grinding back and forth, brought me to another climax, which she immediately mirrored and sent on to the five women.

!126 I pulled Marie down on my chest and pushed deep inside her, feeling my cock deposit my huge load right at her cervix while I kissed her greedily, tasting my cum on her lips. We sat like that for a long time, rocking back and forth, grinding slowly, kissing and whispering words of affection.

Then I reluctantly shut off the nitric oxide boost system and let my erection slowly fade, letting the prolactin released by my many orgasms claim me. I hardly noticed when she slipped off my flaccid penis and curled up in my lap. When I came back to consciousness, Marie was nuzzling at my neck and chest, breathing in my scent, and I could hear grunts of effort coming through my aural feed from the spa.

Marie felt me stir and chuckled softly. -"Oops." she said. -"Are they ok?" -"Oh, sure. I started hearing them a couple of minutes ago. They seem to be recovering." -"You're amazing, sweetheart." -"Oh, I know. Should we go down and help them?" She asked. -"Nah, I think they can handle it. They'll have a headache though, so we'd better put some water on the table and perhaps prepare some coffee." -"Want to go shower? We're a bit sticky." -"No, I want your scent on me, pet." -"Ok." She smiled at me and grunted with effort as she got up and started to dress again.

My own head was spinning when I tried to get up. One glass of wine wouldn't do that to me, so my brain must also have been feeling the effects of sensory overload. Though it took considerable effort to concentrate, I pulled up the five teachers on my interface, disconnected them from all feedback and removed all my interference from their minds.

Then I turned up the volume so I could hear them talk. They were clearly in a good mood, laughing at their inability to walk straight and at the weakness they felt. Desirée joked that maybe starting the day with a four-mile jog was a bit too much for them all, and that they were getting on in years, and got laughs from both the other teachers and from me and Marie as were were setting jugs of water on the table and preparing the final details of our lunch.

For some reason, none of the five women brought up the discussion about staying to become succubi under a vampire lord in his castle again. From the sounds they were making, they were hugging and holding each other while they showered, and when they got dressed they kept saying little words of affection, but not really managing much of a coherent discussion. Marie finally looked at me and winked, not able to resist any longer, but picking up a cabbage roll from the large pot and biting into it.

-"I think it worked," she said. -"It's the oxytocin, prolactin and endorphins sweetie." -"I know. It's just chemistry, but it's still real." Sophie, Tanya, Isabel, Franchesca and Desirée all gave us warm hugs as they joined us.

They smelled fantastic and seemed to have made at least some effort to put on some make-up and titivate, but their complexions had that ruddy, sanguine afterglow you get after exercise, sauna and sex. I could tell from their expressions that they were both tired and full of endorphins. -"M'ladies," I said; "Let's eat." We all ate with ravenous appetite, cleaning out the pots completely and Desirée even going to the kitchens to fetch some bread with which to soak up the last of the thick brown sauce.

We drank copious amounts of water, and the wine really did work with the food despite the raw red onions, I noted. I brought coffee, and we retreated from the table to go sit in the sofas and armchairs in the red drawing room overlooking the patio. The warm glow of the room felt like the lining of a uterus, hugging us with comfort.

Our conversation during lunch had been somewhat hindered by the fact that everyone had been so hungry, but now that we were having coffee, I could sense someone was going to have to say something.

It turned out to be Franchesca. !127 -"Karl?" -"Yes?" -"What did you do to us?" -"What makes you think I did anything?" -"Don't be silly. That was you, wasn't it?" -"Well… ok. When I noticed you were going at it again, I helped out a little." I lied smoothly. -"You helped out. You didn't…" -"Make you do it in the first place? No, that was entirely of your own volition." I smiled at her, looking to see if she would believe the lie.

-"But… I've never…" -"You never had sex with a woman before, Franchesca. No need to be bashful about saying such words in this company. You have, after all, shared a bit too much of yourselves today to be ashamed of such a small thing." -"I guess not. No, I never had sex with another woman. But now—" -"Now you've had it many times. I guess when the dam breaks…?" -"But you made us do it in the first place?" The others were looking back and forth, and I could tell from their expressions that Franchesca was the very last bastion of resistance." -"Yes, I sort of nudged you a bit go get the ball rolling.

Made you open up to the idea, facilitated your social bonding I guess you might say." -"And then we took it from there?" -"Sure. I never forced you to do anything - just helped you along a bit." I guessed that was true, actually, depending on one's definition of free will and compulsion. I smiled warmly at Franchesca. -"You don't want to leave us, do you? Franchesca?" She looked at me for a long time, and I held her gaze. Then the other women leaned over to touch her and begged her not to leave.

To please stay and be their friend. -"Not friend, be our lover." Said Desirée huskily, and got warm smiles in reply from the others. I looked back to Franchesca and raised my eyebrow as a silent question. Then a smile started creeping up on her face, and the corners of her mouth twitched. I could see the answer in her eyes before she spoke it. Desirée threw herself around Franchesca's neck and hugged her fiercely, squealing like a young girl who gets a puppy.

After that we all hugged, more warmly than ever before, and I felt how endorphins and oxytocin were flooding me, filling me with heartfelt love for everyone there.

My eyes were brimming, and many of the women were openly crying. We sat for hours, talking softly, still reeling from the intensity of that day's erotic escapades, discussing the future. Franchesca and Desirée, the two most prudish and distanced of the teachers when they arrived, were actually holding hands like young lovers.

Marie sat beside me, cuddled up and making up for the lost opportunities for intimacy when we'd had to act as mentor and protègé over the last few weeks.

I laid out my plans and explained what I had meant when I said we were to become a nudist school. First, I wanted us all to go into town the next day to do some shopping.

Their jaws dropped when I explained I wanted to go to the local car dealership to get everyone their own car. Plans for a large garage were already drawn up and sent to a contractor, and it would be built just out of sight of the châteaux, a few hundred meters into the woods. The cars would be a present that they could keep if they ever decided to leave. They were about to throw themselves around my neck to thank me, but I held up my hand.

They would be free to use the cars to drive into town, or even further if they ever wanted a vacation or needed to go someplace, but there was one very important rule. No one was to ever bring anyone back here, who hadn't visited the school before.

They all agreed to that. !128 Now, I wanted all teachers and all other staff at school to wear strict uniforms. We'd look for something in dark tweed, and maybe with a white blouse. That was to be their job. 'Archetypical strict boarding school teachers' I instructed, and they immediately understood what I meant and what my purpose was.

Tailor made, obviously, I added, and again saw their jaws drop. Also, they were to order school uniforms for the girls. Maybe two hundred in mixed sizes, or a bit more so that everyone could have a few to change between. Make it four hundred, come to think of it. We were going to start small with just sixty girls divided into three classes this year, but the intention was to grow that number gradually until we felt the school was full and we couldn't handle more.

Maybe 120 or 150 girls would be possible, and maybe we could hire more teachers and staff in years to come, but we would start small. The uniforms were for daytime use indoors, in the school house proper, but when the weather allowed, we would expect everyone to be naked outdoors, and in the boarding house we'd have a strict no-clothes policy.

We'd make sure the indoor temperatures allowed it. The hebephile teachers all smiled dreamily as I explained my ideas, but Desirée put her finger on what she perceived as a weak point in my plans. -"What if they don't want to be naked? You know, young girls that age - very self-conscious, very shy. Sensitive age." -"Yes, but you have noticed your compulsive compliments, right?" I could see the dawning of understanding in her face.

-"There will be no problems what-so-ever, trust me." I said, smiling. "The day after their parents leave, every girl will be possibly delighted at showing her naked body. The will love how wind and sunlight feels on their bare skin, and enjoy the comfort of not having to wear tight-fitting clothes. -"Will the same be true for us?" Asked Sophie. -"If it isn't already, then yes." -"Can you… undo the compulsion to give compliments?

It's pretty ridiculous now that we've become aware of it." -"Oh, certainly. Consider it done. Tomorrow." -"So… when we sleep…?" She inferred.

-"Correct." -"Is that why you'll have all parents stay here with their daughter for a day or two? So you can… tweak them?" -"Correct again.

Objections?" -"None, of course." Sophie said, smiling dreamily. -"No, that's right. Maybe you have a few suggestions of your own?" She thought about that. Then she looked over at Franchesca and Desirée, who were still holding hands, but were paying close attention to what was being said. -"Go on, Sophie," Franchesca said, encouragingly; "We know who you are, and while I don't fully understand you, I think what happened today has sort of changed my mind about that sort of thing.

Isn't it the same for you, Desirée?" She got a smile and nod in return, and their eyes turned on Sophie, who licked her lips hesitantly. -"Can I… have someone to play with?" She finally managed. I laughed heartily and slapped my knee. She looked almost offended. -"Dear Sophie… Surely you can think of something more than that?

How about a new girl to play with every night? Someone to warm your bed. To cuddle with and whisper sweet nothings to. A young, petite, beautiful girl who is shy and demure, but who warms up to your caresses and affections. You can kiss her and touch her, slowly work your way down her body and—" -"I think we've got your point." Franchesca interrupted, blushing but still smiling. -"That… would certainly be relevant to my interests," Sophie managed, and added; "Maybe I can have two each night?" I chuckled.

-"The sky is the limit, Sophie. Just… one thing. And I say this to all of you, because I think Franchesca and Desirée will also be begging for young girls to play with at night pretty soon." I looked at each of them in turn to make sure I had their full attention.

!129 -"Just like you have, the girls will all have their free will to a great extent. I expect you all to follow one simple rule, and I think you all understand what that is." -"To respect their boundaries?

To respect a no?" Isabel suggested. -"That's the one. I'm obviously going to stack the odds heavily in our favour, just like I did with you ladies today, but always respect their right to say no." They all agreed to that, because they were decent people after all.

I could see our three hebephiles all look off dreamily into the distance, as if they were imagining the châteaux gardens and pools already full of fair young maidens. We were silent for a while, and were rudely interrupted when we heard the caterers deliver the special dinner I had ordered for that night.

Isabel went to take care of the delivery, because she said she felt restless from drinking too much coffee. As if that remark had suddenly reminded everyone of their bladders, we dispersed for a few minutes and then gathered again in the kitchens to help Isabel.

Since we weren't yet hungry again, I suggested we go back down to the spa again. The look of near panic in Sophie's eyes at that made me hasten to add: -"No hanky-panky, just relaxing." Now that most of the sexual tension between us had been released, we used the spa for what it was originally intended for, and sat for a long time in the sauna and jacuzzi, swimming laps in the pool, showering and napping on the divans. Franchesca and Desirée couldn't take their eyes off each other, and it was apparent to all of us that something significant had happened between them.

I asked Tanya about it, and she just winked and smiled at me. I left it at that. We had a superb dinner, drank more wine and got rather tipsy, and then retreated for the night. -"Sweet dreams, ladies." I said as I was leaving, holding hands with Marie. -"Don't forget what you promised!" Sophie said as we walked away. While we brushed our teeth, I pulled up my interface and sub-vocalized a few hypnopedic commands. "Paying each other compliments is nice, but there's a time and a place for that" I vocalized, smiling to myself.

"I love it here at the châteaux. I want to stay forever. I want to have sex every day" "I'm going to start taking really good care of my body, taking exercise and eating nutritiously" Then I removed some of the other commands that were no longer necessary. Marie could apparently tell from my eyes that I was using the interface, and I could hear her giggle as she brought up her own.

I could see how she applied a soft stimulation to the five women's incentive salience, set their sensory nerve bundle stimulation cycle to a barely noticeable 10% and nudged their pleasure centres. -"Good, pet. They'll like that. Either they will go back to their rooms and masturbate furiously soon, or they will be all over each other. Or perhaps come knocking on our door. But watch now while I make some modifications." I attached Franchesca's incentive salience response to Desirée's and vice versa, and did the same for their pleasure centres, applying a multiplier of 0.5x to the feedback and limiting the maximum so that it wouldn't run amok.

-"What did you do?" She asked. "I saw you connect them, but I can't see your settings." I set timers on all the augmentations we were running, so that they would fade out slowly after a couple of hours, and then I turned to Marie and explained what I had done and why it was necessary.

-"So that we don't end up nearly frying their brains like we did to those girls?" -"Or that I nearly did to you on that first day we met." -"I'll never forget it, daddy." -"Neither will I, my love." -"Can suck you good night?" She asked, kissing me and nuzzling my neck.

!130 -"If you want to, pet. I'm pretty tired." -"I want to, daddy." With that, she started kissing her way down my chest and disappeared beneath the covers. -"Daddy?" she said, her breath hot against my testicles. -"Yes pet?" -"Today was good team building, wasn't it?" Then pleasure engulfed me, and my world swam out of focus.

!131 Chapter 21. Hiring Help Needless to say, from that day on, we all worked with a renewed sense of purpose. Desirée and Franchesca were late for breakfast, and made excuses which the rest of us just waved away, smiling as we returned their customary hugs. Now those hugs felt very natural, and I didn't remember whether I had removed those instructions or not. When they had fetched their breakfast and sat down with us, I couldn't resist the temptation.

-"Sleep well, lover birds?" They blushed furiously, but the rest of us laughed and congratulated them. -"So, when's the marriage?" I pushed on. -"Oh, stop it now, Daddy" Marie said, digging her elbow into my arm. -"Ok, ok. I'm just happy to see you're making friends." I winked at them. After breakfast, we drove down to the town and did some shopping. The car dealer could hardly believe me when I said I didn't want just one, but seven of the cars we'd tested. I had to repeat myself carefully, and eventually had to let Desirée help me explain it to him.

Yes, we wanted seven of those cars. Yes, we knew they weren't cheap cars. Yes, we wanted them all white and with custom decals that he would get from our PR agency. Yes, we could pay in advance as long as we got the paperwork. Yes, right now. Yes, and could he please be so kind as to deliver them to us? Yes, he would need to bring in some men to do that, but maybe when we bought this many… Yes, to that châteux.

No, this was the new owner. A school, yes. Similar scenes had played out in the tailor shop where the women ordered their bespoke dresses and four hundred school uniforms, I was told. Yes, they wanted three bespoke dresses each. Yes, made from that fabric. Yes, expensive, but nevertheless… Four hundred uniforms, correct. Oh, not possible? But maybe order from Thailand or some other country in south-east Asia?

Oh, they had such contacts already? Did they have catalogues of school uniforms, maybe? Oh, good. Yes, four hundred of that exact model. Mixed sizes. Payment in advance? No problem, we'll just go get Mr. Andersson. Yes, that Mr. Andersson - the one who had bought the châteaux. Oh, you knew their caterer? Well, then you know we're starting a school, so… Yes, only girls. No, a boarding school. Boys would be lurking in the bushes?

Well, we'd just have to shoot them on sight or set the Rottweilers on them then. Well, nearly serious. No trespassers, no. Yes, guard them like precious jewels, since the parents trusted us to take good care of them. Yes, but if we could get that paperwork in order and pay… We laughed about our similar experiences all the way home. The town would be abuzz with rumours about the new school, if it wasn't already.

Many local craftsmen and businesses were making good money these days for sure. Then I left the teachers alone for a few days, and only met them during meals. They knew that the first girls would come for their interviews next week, and they conscientiously wanted to have everything in perfect order for when they came. Curriculums presented in printed documents, their ideas about teaching not for school, but for life - the school's motto - presented clearly and intelligibly, their schedules drawn up, etc, etc.

While some of them were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the students for reasons of their own, they were all very full of anticipation. Marie was busy with her research on research into molecular medicine, preparing for when we would launch the NanoRep science initiative, trying to find the names of the very best scientists in the relevant fields, but more than that actually trying to figure out which fields were actually relevant.

I wouldn't have wanted to hand off that work to anyone else, but Marie was at least as intelligent as I, I felt, and she certainly had the drive to get it done. She was consumed by the idea of preserving her youth, not ageing unless she wanted to. She also wanted to succeed with the problem for altruistic reasons, as we had discussed at length, but her total dedication to her studies !132 came from that desire to remain forever young.

I joked about this being her Magnum Opus, and had to tell her about the alchemists and their search for the Philosopher's Stone. -"We've already found the Philosopher's Stone," she replied; "Now we just need to figure out how it works." I left her to it.

The construction of the new garage started, and I oversaw it for a few hours, having the contractor explain to me how they were going to remove the trees without damaging nearby trees, and how they would flatten the area, and when I was satisfied that they would do a good job, I left them to it.

Then I started looking for girls to hire as housemaids and kitchen staff. First I thought about hiring them locally, but then I realized that was a really bad idea. Local girls would know too much and risk telling someone about what was going on at the châteaux. Better to cast my net wider. Then I thought even harder. Supervising girls when they did the dishes and cleaned the house - how hard was that? I looked for upper secondary schools and colleges that had hotel- and restaurant programmes and found a couple of big schools in a city not too far away, but most importantly, not too close either.

I put on tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt, sneakers and sunglasses, and then I took my car and drove to the school. It took me a few hours, but it'd be worth it, I hoped. When I found it, I simply went in and asked my way around until I found the principal, introduced myself as his colleague from another school, gave him my business card and said sorry for just coming over like this, but could I buy him lunch and… Over lunch, I showed him our materials and website and told him about my idea.

Would they be interested in sending students to us for practice? Yes, it was pretty far, but we were a boarding school, so they would get their own rooms… Yes, anything from a week or two to a few months would work for us. We just needed girls that were able to take responsibility and had some training… Yes, interviews. No, since we were a strictly girls-only boarding school, all the teachers were women, so only girls… Yes, I was the only man there, but I was the owner, so… Yes, I owned the place, the châteaux too, not just the school enterprise.

No, not renting, I owned it. Apparently, that was immensely impressive, and while wearing jeans and t-shirt wasn't the French way, that meant I really came off as a genuinely eccentric Scandinavian millionaire. He believed every word I said. Within an hour, he was showing me around his school, introducing me to their teachers, letting me look inside some of their classrooms while lessons were going on. We agreed that I would come next week, together with one of my teachers or an assistant, and conduct the interviews.

Second or third year students could apply, and he would let me present myself and our school to them tomorrow, so that they had a full week to think about it, and to take home some material to their parents and discuss it with them if they felt interested.

I shook his hand vigorously when I left, giving him the million dollar grin. The subtle hint I dropped over lunch that I would be happy to give his school a little donation and let them use our name in their marketing was probably what had persuaded him the most. I could almost see how he was mentally counting his money. So I drove back to the châteaux, prepared boxes of chocolate and other sweets - ones we had ordered with our logo on the boxes - with NanoReps that would infect and last only a couple of weeks before letting go and allowing themselves to be flushed out.

I then recruited Marie to help me make some paperwork that would look suitably serious, describing how this would be an opportunity to get some real-life experience that would look good on a CV, and to make some connections that could be useful in later life.

We added material about our school, and added that there would be real work involved, but that there would be economic compensation in the amount of… -"Is five hundred Euro a week too much?" I asked. -"No, that's ok. Point out that food and lodging is included as well." !133 The next day, I wore an even tighter t-shirt and a black blazer. Now that I had the body, I'd make use of it. I drove back to the city and introduced myself to two hotel and tourism classes and two restaurant and kitchen classes, one in each grade.

I made a point of taking off my blazer and shooting the young ladies charismatic smiles while I gave my presentations in a mix of bad French and decent English. Then I gave them all little bags with our printed materials and pointed out that there was also a bit of chocolate and sweets in there. Now, had they all understood or were there any questions before I went to speak with the next class?

Yes, five hundred per week, food and lodging included. Yes, anywhere from one week to a few months. Or if things went really well, we could talk about extending that. No, they could do schoolwork from the châteaux, so that was no problem.

Yes, they would be teaching girls. No, the girls would actually be doing most of the work, but they needed supervision, so in a sense they would be getting teaching experience. Yes, a real castle, pools and tennis courts and a spa and all. Yes, I would be back next week to conduct the interviews. I stayed and had lunch in their canteen, and chatted with quite a few of the girls.

They seemed quite fascinated with me, asking about who I was and if I was really the owner of the châteaux, and if that was my car outside. Yes, swimming pools and a spa. And a gym. Yes, five hundred. I had to repeat that in many conversations. To my delight, I could see many of them snacking on their chocolates and sweets while we spoke. Best of all was when the principal asked to take home a few boxes for his wife and kids, because he liked them so. We made arrangements for next week and shook hands.

A job well done. The next day, and for a few days after that, I saw NanoRep systems coming online as they connected to nearby wifi and sent their encrypted handshakes to my server. More systems than the girls I had spoken to, but that didn't matter. I sent them back some hypnopedic phrases that would be imprinted on their neocortex over the next few nights. "That boarding school in the châteaux looks like a very good place to go for practice and to earn some money." That was neutral enough.

"It's good for girls to spend some time away from home and learn to handle their own" "Five hundred a week plus food and lodging is a sweet deal - you'd be a fool not to apply" Those would work even if someone else than my target audience listened to them and embraced them.

The next day, the truck from the Netherlands came with my bdsm-gear and tools to decorate the dungeon in my suite. The two men, who were both my own age, were in awe at the size and opulence of the mansion. I gave them rooms to stay in, and gave them lunch spiced with NanoReps just to be safe, then spent the majority of that day with them up in the suite, talking over the project.

Next evening, because I liked them well enough and they worked with bdsm-gear and wouldn't be shocked easily, I asked them to join me and the teachers in the spa, to which they agreed. All of us had dinner together before we retreated to the basement. My friends had the best of times teasing the men, who had obviously been around and really didn't shock easily. They took the unisex changing room in stride, and showered without ogling the women too much, chatted with us in the sauna without making untoward advances - real gentlemen.

Then Marie joined us, and seeing her shower, lustfully and slowly soaping herself up, was too much for one of them. He started hiding his raging erection, and stayed in the sauna for so long that I thought we'd have to carry him out.

The women saw his predicament and mercifully went to the jacuzzi to let him escape their eyes for a minute while he snuck out. -"Are they presents for us?" Tanya asked me in the jacuzzi. -"Nope. But you're a grown woman and I won't stop you from taking initiatives." I smirked at her. -"I might just have some fun with them." !134 -"Go ahead, I won't stop you.

Just… no sperm in the jacuzzi, ok?" The women laughed at that. -"Or in the pool or in the sauna…" I added. They laughed even harder. Marie stretched like a cat and got something predatory in her eyes. -"I think I'll go take another shower. That Henry guy looked like he wanted to see more of me." She said, much to Tanya's chagrin, who also stood up and went to the showers.

-"Do I sense competition?" Sophie asked behind her back, but loud enough that she would hear it. Tanya shot her a glance, but smiled. -"Hey, Sophie," I said; "Come to think of it, Henry and Geert are pretty into bdsm themselves, you know.

I didn't ask them about their preferences, but… Maybe they like the really hardcore stuff?" I saw a gleam in her eye, and then she too stood up to go to the showers. -"Thanks Karl." She said. -"On your own risk." -"At my own risk. Not on." She walked off, striding deliberately, noticeably swaying her hips. -"Hell's bells," I said to myself; "what have I done?" -"Like you said, we're adults Karl" Desirée said.

-"I wasn't thinking of you, ladies. I was thinking of them." We wound up all retreating to my suite to look at what they had built during the day, and Geert and Henry put on a pretty spectacular show with Sophie and Tanya while the rest of us looked on in amazement.

We flinched and looked away now and then, as something got particularly intense, but they were clearly all enjoying themselves. Unbeknownst to Geert and Henry, I had boosted their erectile responses and shortened their refractory periods, so that night they performed like true woodsmen.

While we watched them all go at it, Marie sat in my lap and stroked me gently while I played with her, and when we had retreated to my chamber, leaving the others to do an encore, she asked me in her little girl voice: -"Do you want to do things like that to me?" -"Turned you on, didn't it?" I answered seriously. -"Yes, very much. Not the blood and caning, but when they were tied down to that contraption." -"That was hot, I agree." -"So?" -"Yes pet, I will." She kissed me and went down to suck me good night without asking.

I relaxed and let it happen. The next day at breakfast, everyone looked pretty tired, but we were in a good mood. Henry and Geert joined us, and we talked pretty seriously about the bdsm community in Amsterdam and their experience with the scene. I was pretty fascinated and asked a lot of questions. They were clearly quite well versed with the various safety protocols involved.

While we ate, I could see them both looking speculatively at Marie, but they were both too polite to ask. When we were back up in what was going to be the dungeon, I said the magic words: -"Yes, she's above the age of consent." -"Oh," Henry said, looking embarrassed, "Yes, we had our doubts about that, but…" -"No worries. I would have been curious myself. Cute, isn't she, my little pet?" -"Not cute, stunning." Said Geert. -"Well… I guess you're right.

And would you believe she wants us to use that wicked contraption there, once you are finished with the place?" I nodded to the z-shaped bondage bed where Tanya had been strapped down and double-teamed the night before.

!135 They shook their heads at that, and mumbled something in Dutch that I took to mean that if you want to bend a tree, you should bend it while it is still a sapling. We have the same idiom in my language, and I nodded in agreement.

To make a very long story short, I spent the rest of that week contacting prospective students and making arrangements with their parents, buying them plane tickets and arranging transfers, giving them lists of items that the girls needed to bring, etc.

All the students that I had decided to invite for interviews had sent pictures, which honestly was my primary criterion when selecting. Secondary to that was their school results and their letters of introduction. I would accept no girls that weren't jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The same with my selection criteria for the housemaids and kitchen staff. I went by looks first, attitude second (that could be adjusted, after all) and their skills only as a third criterion.

To be perfectly honest, looks were probably the only criterion I used. During the interviews, I probed them very intimately about their sex lives and preferences, how they felt about other girls and things of that nature, using their NanoRep systems to disinhibit them and then make them forget the details of the interview.

Whenever I met a girl that I would consider an 8/10 or better on my highly subjective scale, I instructed their systems to become permanent features inside their heads.

I also permanently lowered their sexual inhibitions - a slight adjustment, just enough to tip the scales at times - and made them ever so slightly more excitable. The same thing I had done back home with all the girls I had been with. I offered positions to six of them, where I had only planned to give the offer to four. I just couldn't decide between them. I made arrangements with their school about the homework they needed to do to keep up with their studies, stayed the night in a hotel in the city so that I could meet their parents the next day, and then I gave them bus tickets and made arrangements to pick them up in the town to drive them up to the châteaux.

Some of their parents hadn't tasted the candy or the chocolate, so I made a point of giving them some coffee or tea to drink, spiking it with NanoReps that would become permanent, just in case they wouldn't agree to extend the contract to more than a few weeks, and I wanted to keep their girls on permanently. Marie, who had tagged along as my "assistant", accused me of recruiting with my penis, not my brain, and I fully agreed with that sentiment.

I couldn't deny it. Six of them would be useful, though. None of them would have to work so hard, and… -"Yeah, yeah… I'm sure you can rationalize with your brain what your penis is deciding for you." She said. -"Stop pestering me or I will spank you, pet." -"Ooh, I'm so scared, daddy." -"Come here and bend over." The next day, we picked them up in our little town at around noon, took them out to lunch and then went shopping for uniforms.

It was important that they wear something else than the schoolgirls, so as to give them some measure of authority in their positions as servants and supervisors. The tailor, who had made a small fortune doing business with us, greeted us heartily and gave us excellent service. He took measurements of all six girls, and as a joke I made them all very disinhibited so that they hung around the shop in their underwear after he had taken their measurements.

Some of them wore string panties that left a lot of teenage buttocks bare, and by the time he had gotten to the sixth girl, he was sweating profusely. When he was done, he had to remind them to get dressed again. We left him practically stammering that the uniforms would be adapted to the girls within a couple of days, because all of them had pretty standard sizes, and that he would deliver them personally.

!136 -"Oh, he will deliver them personally, will he?" Marie laughed as we walked toward our two minivans, where Sophie and Isabel waited to bring the girls and their considerable luggage back home to the cháteaux.

"That was pretty funny, daddy." -"Karl, please. We're in public." We spent the rest of the day showing our housemaids and kitchen staff around the cháteaux, installing them in their very own servants' quarters within the main building. Needless to say, they made big eyes at the sheer opulence of the place, and they couldn't stop talking about the gym and spa downstairs, or about the large swimming pools both indoors and in the gardens.

When they understood that the students also had their own gym, some of them remarked that this school obviously catered to a very different clientele that their own school back in the city. When Desirée, who was helping me give them the tour, explained that the school was actually something of a charity project and that no students would pay to attend - that they would even get free boarding and plane tickets to come here - she had to explain herself many times.

One of them - a tall blonde girl called Mireille - looked at me almost in awe and asked if I was really the one paying for all of this, and how rich I was. I just gave her the million dollar grin and a shrug. When we had finished the tour, we had a long meeting with the rest of the staff where we went through the plans for the two weeks that lay ahead of us, when the cháteaux would work almost like a hotel while I interviewed all the prospective students and their parents.

I had organised things so that they would arrive in batches of eight or ten families, all from the same country each day, by the same flight. They would be picked up at the airport by a chartered bus that would be working for us for the duration of the interview weeks, and when they arrived at our school, I wanted everything to run very smoothly.

A couple of girls to show them their rooms, a teacher or two to give them guided tours, full staff working in the kitchens to serve the tables, teachers to give presentations about our curriculum, etc. The day after their arrival, I would conduct the interviews with the first batch of applicants while the staff took care of the second batch, and so forth.

They had the rest of the day off to install themselves in their rooms and get acquainted with the buildings and facilities, and we only met for dinner and supper.

I carefully thought about what commands I wanted to give them. While they were all slightly too old to be perfect for me, they were definitely attractive young girls, and I did want to have sex with them all.

I also didn't want to have any problems with discipline - I wanted them to try their very best to do an excellent job. After supper, I was finished with my set of Hypnopedic commands, so I recorded them and sent them to their NanoRep systems: "This place is fantastic - I must do my very best to impress Karl with my abilities, so that he will let me stay. I'm going to be his best employee." "I wonder if Karl picked me because I'm pretty. Perhaps that will be my ticket to stay here for a long time." "Karl is gorgeous.

I wonder if he's got a big cock." "Maybe if I show myself naked, Karl will let me stay." "I could suck Karl's cock or have sex with him. I want to, after all, and maybe it could be my ticket to stay." "I don't want to become pregnant, so if I have sex with Karl, I'm going to make sure he cums in my ass or in my mouth, not my pussy." "I'll have a talk with Karl and tell him I like it here, and that I am prepared to do 'anything' to stay." Was I going too fast?

Would such blatantly sexual Hypnopedic commands work, or would they backfire? Would they notice they had been tampered with? Well, maybe if they talked too much about it with the others and noticed they had been thinking the same things.

I added a command to make sure they wouldn't. "I mustn't let anyone know that I am prepared to use sexual favours to earn Karl's good graces. They would think I'm a slut. I am a slut, but they don't have to find out." !137 After I had sent the Hypnopedic commands, I wired them all to a group avatar and set a few systems in place.

I adjusted the sexual inhibition clamp that worked on specific inhibitory pathways between their amygdala and prefrontal cortex and put a system in place that would disinhibit them whenever I was close enough, but that would not work if someone else was in the immediate vicinity.

That was an advanced function to implement, so I had to work on the details quite a bit before I felt confident it would work. I had to find a work-around for the fact that we were all operating on the same wifi, to put it simply. Then I set their testosterone production to ramp up each night at around 3AM and to taper off at 7AM. I set their RAS to wake them up at 7.15AM, but a few minutes before that, their sensory nerve bundles would start ramping up from zero to a barely noticeable 10% with a randomly selected cycle.

Their pleasure centres would be activated in the same manner - not ramping up high, but definitely making sure they woke up each morning with a tingle in their nether regions, a feeling of sexual frustration and need pulsing through them. At 7.30, the systems would ramp down again, but by then, I was pretty sure they would be finished masturbating. If they didn't, well… then they would be intensely sexually frustrated for the rest of the day. There would be no sleeping in or missing breakfast at my school - I stored away the setting, because I decided it would be something I installed by default in all students as well, not just the staff.

That night, as Marie crept into bed with me and started to kiss her way down my chest, she asked me about what systems I had set in place for the new staff.

-"You're not jealous, are you?" I asked. -"Nah, you think I'm prettier, right?" -"Of course I do. I was just making sure they wake up each day in time for breakfast, feeling a warm tingle that will make them masturbate and start each day in a good mood." -"What about Hypnopedia?

What will you command them?" -"Let's just say they will do 'anything' to get permanent positions on the staff, pet." -"Oh, that's so cheesy. Will they put their hair in pigtails and lick a lollipop also, daddy?" -"I think you are a bit jealous, aren't you?" -"I just don't want you to be too tired to fuck me." She said in her little girl voice.

-"Tomorrow I might be, if my commands work over just one night. I might adjust things a bit later, so that they can easily accept that you take part. How's that?" She just smiled at me, cupping my balls in her hand and fondling them. -"You'd better fuck me now then, if I'm to go all day without tomorrow." She said, and started sucking me while she shifted about to a sixty-nine so that my vision was suddenly full of pussy and ass.

Oh, that's right, I said to myself, and called up the NanoRep systems of our newly arrived staff while I buried my face in Marie's pussy and went to work on her swollen clit. I pulled up the gradual hair-removal system that I had used on the teachers and applied it to the new girls. That would take some time to gain full effect, so if some of them had genital hair tomorrow, I would just have to ask them to shave.

Then Marie squeezed my balls and went all the way down my shaft, and I forgot all about the other girls, burying my tongue in her ass to reciprocate. Life was good. !138 Chapter 22. A very busy couple of days At 8 o'clock the next day, everyone arrived right on time for breakfast, bright-eyed and bushytailed, with a decidedly rosy glow on their faces. To say that there was 'sex in the air' would not be hyperbole - I could literally smell the hormones amidst the scents of freshly-showered, perfumed female bodies.

As I was pouring my coffee, I wondered whether they could smell it too, or if that olfactory sensitivity to female sex hormones is an exclusively male thing. I could feel their eyes all over me, and wondered how the hypnopedic commands would play out.

What inner dialogues were they having with themselves? Was there an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, debating whether to go ahead and ask for a private meeting with me to discuss the matter of longterm employment and whether they should come right and say that they were willing to do 'anything' for such an opportunity?

Were they imagining one variation after another of how such a private talk with me could turn out? What they would actually do if I agreed to their suggestion? And what about Patrice? She was the shortest of the lot, very dark and decidedly petite, and with delicate features like Audrey Tautou - how would her catholic upbringing affect the outcome of that inner debate? I looked at her across the breakfast table and managed to catch her eye and hold it for a few seconds before she looked down at her plate again and blushed.

The top three buttons of her blouse were undone, and the cross she was wearing around her neck was clearly visible.

I could feel my pulse surging at the sight. Despite being a very irreligious man myself, for as long as I could remember I had always had a fetish for innocent catholic schoolgirls. I have this iconoclastic urge to corrupt and destroy that innocence - to reveal the inner whore inside the Madonna - liberate her lusts from the religious oppression.

I felt myself almost growing erect at the thought, right there at the large dining room table. Letting my eyes roam over the six new staff members, I could see that they had all tried rather hard this day to dress up and put on make-up to impress. No surprises there. I was actually more surprised that they had been able to accomplish so much titivation in the limited time they had had at their disposal between their morning masturbation and breakfast. I had checked their avatars at around 07.20, and they had all been very busy rubbing one out, so the overtly sexual commands of the Hypnopedic sleep cycles paired with the elevated testosterone and soft stimulation had definitely worked.

Six decidedly beautiful girls, I thought to myself. Some sixteen years old, a couple at seventeen and one at eighteen, they were all toward the older end of what I was usually attracted to, I mused, and then shook my head as if in disbelief at what I just heard myself think.

Two years ago, before I heard about the NanoRep technology, I could only dream of ever having sex with such beautiful young girls. Back then, I was just a geeky, slightly overweight and out-ofshape programming expert with a rather sad and lonely life, whose sexual experience was basically limited to the odd trip now and then to FKK brothels in Germany, where girls of this quality were rarely to be found.

The conversations around the table were mostly about the work that lay ahead in the days before the prospective students would start to arrive, and I stayed mostly out of them, only adding a few words now and then, trying to keep up with all conversations at the same time.

By the time I had finished my bacon and cheese omelette, I had decided how to go about my day. -"So, ladies…" I began in a voice that would get everyone's attention, then continued more softly; -"I still have quite a few preparations to make for our prospective students - calls to make, reservations, etc. I'll probably be spending most of the day in my office. I'd like to speak with all our new staff individually, though, to hear how things are working out so far." Marie hid her smile behind her hand, and I think the teachers all understood what I was planning, because I could see that they all got a twinkle in their eye.

-"Maybe it would be best if housemaids came to see me before lunch, so that our kitchen staff can work down here and prepare things, and then I'll speak to the rest of you after lunch? Would that be ok?" I got a few nods in reply, and some girls blushed and mumbled their agreement. !139 -"Ok, good. Patrice at 9, Agnes at 10, Mireille at 11, then lunch and then Annette at 1 PM, Dione at 2 and Felice at 3?" No objections could be heard, so I said 'à plus tard' (see you later) and left my dishes on the counter by the buffet table when I left.

When I passed the table on my way out, I winked at Tanya, who winked back and smiled. Patrice kept her appointment to the minute - at 09.00 sharp, she knocked on my door. -"Enter" I said, but had to get up and open for her because the door apparently muffled sounds so well that she didn't hear me. I tried my very best to suppress my smile when I opened the door. Her avatar showed me that her pulse was racing at 160 beats per minute. -"Thanks for being on time, Patrice, "I said as I sat down behind my desk and indicated that she should sit down in one of the plush chairs in front of me; "I value punctuality and can't bear tardiness." -"I'll… keep that in mind." She said, her pulse still showing no signs of slowing down.

She was doing a good job at keeping a straight face though. Hardly anything of her inner turmoil was showing. -"So, are things here at our school as they should be? Is there something I could do to accommodate you? That we could do, I mean?" -"It's fantastic.

I mean, honestly - everything's fantastic - I've never seen such a beautiful school, and our rooms - the food - it's… like… the best place ever." -"I'm glad to hear it, Patrice.

And what do you think about your duties as a housemaid and tutor or instructor? I really must decide on what to call your role in relation to the students before we start off.

Which do you prefer?" -"Instructor, I guess?" -"Yes, but instructor of what?" -"Um… housekeeping?" -"Brilliant. 'Housekeeping instructors' it is." I leaned back and smiled at her. Then I stayed silent. I could practically see her inner turmoil in her avatar, but she betrayed little sign of it except for her straight posture and slight blush. She was holding her hands in her lap - possibly to keep them from shaking. The activity in her nucleus accumbens shell indicated that her incentive salience was very high, and the clamp that I had placed on the inhibitory pathways between her amygdala and prefrontal cortex had started working since we were alone in my office.

It wasn't set to cause complete sexual disinhibition, though, and clearly her catholic upbringing was causing her to get tongue-tied. I was silent for a few more seconds before taking pity on her. -"Have you been in touch with your parents to let them know everything is ok?" -"Of course." -"And your school - you've received instructions about what homework you need to catch up on during your five weeks here?" -"Yes… but…" -"They haven't given you complete instructions?" -"Well… yes, but… about those five weeks…" Her pulse was nearly up to 180 bpm now.

-"Five weeks, yes - that was our preliminary agreement with your principal and parents." -"But, it's preliminary though, right?" -"How do you mean, Patrice? If something happens that makes you want to leave early, of course you may leave." -"No, I meant… is there a chance that I could… you know… get to stay here a bit longer?

Work here, I mean. Not just for five weeks, but… be employed?" She blushed furiously, and it was all I could do not to stare at the silver crucifix on her necklace and the contrast it made against her pale skin as she turned pink. -"I must say the thought never occurred to me, Patrice, that you would be willing to take a sabbatical from your school just to become a housemaid here.

Is that really a good idea? Did you really think this through?" !140 -"I promise I'll be your best employee." She blurted. -"Really? How do you mean?" I said, raising a quizzical eyebrow. Frenzied activity broke out as her hypnopedic commands fought against her sexual inhibitions.

She hesitated, but then stood up and started to unbutton her blouse, looking at my chest - apparently unable to maintain eye contact. She breathed heavily, and as she undid her buttons her crucifix swayed between her young breasts. I grew instantly hard. -"Maybe…" she said, "… maybe I can… you think I'm pretty, right?" -"Sure. I can sort of see where you're going with this, but please explain what you had in mind, Patrice." Now she looked up at me and locked gazes with me as she undid her bra and let it fall to the floor.

I broke eye contact and looked at her breasts, as if considering what was on offer but not revealing what I thought. They were absolutely fantastic. Small, but perfectly shaped, with small areolae and pert little nipples. The sight of the crucifix between her teenage mounds made me excited to the point where I was about to break character and just make a grab for her.

With an effort, I managed to restrain myself. -"Go on…" I started, but had to clear my throat before going on; "…What exactly is your point here?" She blushed a deeper shade of red, but still preferred to stay silent apparently. She undid a button and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Then, making eye contact with me again, she pulled down her white panties and stood up. When I saw her pubic hair was entirely shaved, I had to fight down another surge of excitement to maintain my composure.

I looked at her for what felt like a minute, but was probably just ten seconds. -"Put your arms behind your back, Patrice. Back straight, chin up, chest out." Her eyes widened, but she obeyed. -"You're very petite. How tall are you?" -"Four foot ten. 148 cm." -"And you are sixteen years old?" -"Yes." -"So I repeat myself. What exactly are you suggesting here, Patrice?

You mean showing yourself naked to me would somehow improve your chances of being employed?" Her face betrayed her inner conflict and panic. -"I… If you let me stay, I'll do… anything." She had to struggle to make herself say the words. Once again, I let the silence do its work while I let my eyes roam over her body. -"I could… " She began, but faltered. I was surprised that my hypnopedic commands and the disinhibition on top of them weren't able to fully take hold of her.

Ok, so I wasn't making it easy for the poor girl, but I was having so much fun playing with her. -"I hope you don't think simply showing yourself naked to me will persuade me to employ you. The salary, after all, is five hundred euros a week, and food and lodging is free." I let the words sink in.

She had knee-high socks on, and the sight was about to drive me mad, but I clenched my teeth and tried to control my breathing. -"I'll do anything." She finally managed. "I could… suck you." -"An interesting suggestion. And how often would you do that?" -"How… often?" Her mouth dropped open. -"Yes, how often would you suck my cock to stay here, Patrice?" -"Umm… Three times?" -"How about once a week? And not just fellatio, but I use all your holes - mouth, pussy and ass." -"That's… I don't—" She started, but I cut her off.

-"The moment you took your blouse off, you made it clear that you would use sex in exchange for favours. Do you agree?" She looked devastated and almost imperceptibly shook her head.

-"Well. You say explicitly that you will perform sexual acts in exchange for continued employment, yes or no?" !141 -"Yes." -"Good.

Now we have established what or who you are, Patrice. There are lots of derogatory words for that age-old profession, and I don't have to speak them. I have given you an offer. Once a week. Take it or leave it." A tear ran down her cheek, and she quickly wiped it away with the back of her hand. I started to slowly unbutton my own shirt before she could speak. At the same time, I brushed her avatar to disinhibit her even further and started her nerve bundle stimulation cycle to give her a soft tingle.

I refrained from coupling her incentive salience to mine, though, because that would just make her jump all over me. Her conflicting emotions turned me on - eagerness versus reluctance; sexual excitement competing against stubborn catholic prudishness.

Her pulse was racing. -"I've seen you looking at me, Patrice. You have a thing for older men?" -"No… just… " she interrupted herself to snivel and wipe away another tear, licking her lips before finishing the sentence; "just you." -"I'll let you unwrap the package then. Come here and unzip me." I pushed back from the desk, making room for her. She came to me and knelt between my legs, staring fixedly at the contours of my cock inside my pants.

-"Never touched a man before?" I asked. -"No. Well… I mean… Not a real man." I couldn't help but chuckle. -"A statue then? Or a doll? What do you mean?" She was running her fingers over my cock, feeling it through the fabric of my trousers. -"I've touched a boy. When I was younger. Never a real man." -"Oh, I see. Take it out. Nothing to be afraid of." -"It's so big!" She said it with such heartfelt astonishment that it actually didn't sound like the cliché that it was.

She unzipped me and opened the button, and I helped her by raising my buttocks so that she could pull down my pants, letting my cock spring out. She gasped. I love the reaction, because I never got it back when I was six inches. At nearly eight inches and the thickness of my own wrist, however, I got it often. She hesitantly took it in her hand and pulled my foreskin back and forth.

A drop of pre-cum came out and wet my glans. -"It's so beautiful." She said, mouth half open. Her pleasure centres were starting to light up from the sight and from the stimulation of her nerve bundles. -"So we have an agreement then, Patrice?" She looked up at me, licking her lips. -"Once a week, and I can stay?" I nodded. -"But… " She looked at my cock; "I don't think… my bum?" She trailed off.

-"With a lubricant and a bit of patience, it'll work." -"I don't…" -"Take it or leave it. What'll it be?" She hesitated for a few seconds, looking from my eyes to my cock and back again, then her only reply was to take it in her mouth.

Oh well, not much of a talker, I thought to myself. Then I leaned back and enjoyed her efforts. She wasn't an experienced fellatrix, but I had a remedy for that; I wired the responses from my pleasure centres to hers, amplifying them by 1.5x. That way, she quickly discovered what felt good to me, because it felt even better to her. Within ten minutes, she was wanking me and licking my balls, then taking my cock balls deep in her mouth, all the way down her throat so that she gagged on it and set off the cascade of pleasure from her deepthroat augmentation wiring.

I had yet to meet a girl who didn't learn how to perform proper fellatio within ten or fifteen minutes using this feedback mechanism. But while the physical pleasure from having my cock expertly sucked is always considerable, the visual impression is always what I enjoy the most. Patrice's doll-like face really did look a bit like a young Audrey Tautou's, and seeing her wrap her lips around my thick shaft and struggle to go as deep as it would go provided spectacular visuals.

!142 Having set the feedback as high as 1.5x, adding in the deepthroat augmentation and the nerve bundle stimulation cycle on top of that, she was soon shuddering with one orgasm after the other, gagging herself and coughing on my cock as she came. When I felt I was almost approaching the point of no return myself, I took her head and gently pushed her away.

Her face was a mess from all the spit and drool and her running mascara, but that just made her even more beautiful to me. I leaned down and kissed her, to which she responded instantly, kissing me back with passion. Because I was so close to cumming, she was still in the throes of orgasm and unable to focus her eyes, shuddering while we kissed. Nothing quite like tongue-kissing a teenage girl while she has an orgasm and moans into your mouth.

After a minute or two, she was coming back to her senses and started kissing me back with more precision and control. I glanced at the time in my interface and saw that almost twenty five minutes had passed. It felt like longer, but time perception is strange that way. No hurry then. I relaxed and let myself simply enjoy kissing her. After a while, she was the one to break our kiss. -"What… just happened?" She asked, still breathing heavily.

-"Sex, sweetheart. Sex happened. You seemed to enjoy it." -"But… I could…" -"Feel me?" -"Yes, feel you. What you felt." -"It's a secret. Maybe I'll tell you some day. Now I'm going to fuck you." I pulled her up and helped her up on the desk, had her lie down on her back and scoot her hips forward and placed her feet on my shoulders.

She didn't take her eyes off my face for a second, and looked so concentrated that she almost appeared to be hypnotised. -"I'm…" she started. -"A virgin? Yes, I figured as much." I spread my legs a bit to align my cock better with her pussy, and let my glans slide up and down between her meaty labia majora, rubbing her clit with her own juices and my own pre-cum. -"I'm going to claim you now, though. Try to relax." Still maintaining eye contact, I pushed the tip of my cock inside her, feeling how tight she was.

Holy Mary mother of God, I mumbled to myself, and reached down to grab her by the neck. She grunted when I pulled her up toward me.

-"Look," I told her; "Look at my cock when it goes in." She tore her eyes away from my face and bent her neck to look at where my cock was pushing up against her tight little hole. She gasped at the contrast between her petite frame and my thick shaft. Inexorably, I slowly but firmly pushed inside.

The ragged breath she let out when the pain and pleasure of my entry mingled was almost enough to make me cum. Ever so slowly, I worked myself deeper and deeper, feeling her gradually adapt to my length. Pulling her avatar up in my interface, I adjusted the intensity of her clitoral stimulation to let it drown out any pain she was feeling.

Then I clasped my hands behind her neck and held her head fixed while I let my thrusts become deeper and harder. Once I was doing full strokes, bottoming out each time and eliciting a gasp or a grunt, I picked up the pace and started fucking her for real, my hips slamming against her buttocks. I turned her clitoral stimulation even higher, and had her sobbing and weeping with pleasure within minutes, shuddering and shaking with each thrust I made.

The pleasure I felt myself was so intense that I had to reduce the amount of feedback I was giving her. Her orgasm was nearly continuous, gripping her over and over. I set it down to 0.7x to let her come down and breathe between each climax. Then I pulled out and used one of my hands to align my cock with her anus, using my override of her motor cortex to force her eyes open against her will, so that she would see how I claimed her last orifice.

Again it went in about an inch before I felt resistance. Of all the sights in the world, seeing my thick cock enter a petite girl's ass is one of my top three favourites, so it was all I could do to stop myself from ejaculating at the mere sight. Taking pity on her, I used her NanoRep system to help her relax her inner sphincter slightly. Then I slowly sank inside her ass, feeling the warm walls of her rectum grip my shaft. !143 -"Oh my God" she whispered, then she grunted as a new and even more powerful orgasm shook her.

Those words and the sight of the crucifix nestled between her breasts and my thick shaft sliding inside her ass made me lose it.

Holding nothing back, I fucked her mercilessly. Slamming into her ass, grunting with effort, I let her have it all. The sight of my thick hard cock pumping her little asshole like a jackhammer, making her crucifix sway back and forth between her pert teenage breasts, was what pushed me over the edge more than the pure physical sensation of slamming into her.

Innocence corrupted and debased, her anal virginity taken from her as her lord and saviour bounced between her perfect little tits on his cross. I practically screamed as I slammed into her one last time and filled her ass with my semen. We held our pose for minutes, shuddering but otherwise unmoving, my cock erect inside her for quite a while, contractions depositing yet a few drops of seminal fluid each time I felt her ass contract around me. Then I realised I hadn't turned off her clitoral stimulation, which was going nearly full tilt the whole time.

I shut it off abruptly and felt her sag in my arms. That's when I saw my override of her eyelids was still active, and that she hadn't been able to shut her eyes since I first penetrated her ass. I shut that off too, and saw her eyes flicker before she went cross-eyed and sagged even more.

I gently laid her back on the table and kissed her once more, but got little in the way of response from her. I eased her legs down and let them hang from the desk, pushing her further up to keep her from sliding down on the floor. When my cock slid out of her ass, my sperm trickling out on the desk, she shivered once more.

A glance at her avatar showed me that her pleasure centres were glowing with the aftermath of her near-continuously orgasmic half-hour, and that she was showing no signs of black-out.

Her prefrontal cortex was firing normally. Another flick of my interface released the inhibition clamp, letting it settle at the position it would always assume whenever we were alone in a room together. 09.43 AM, digits informed me. Tight, but doable. I chuckled at my unintentional double entendre. She opened her eyes at the sound and laboriously sat up.

-"Oh, so you're awake, sweetheart. I was afraid you had fainted on me." I said. My God, she looked a sweaty mess. Gorgeous. And that crucifix around her neck. She held out her arm, and I helped her to her feet, cradling her in my arms and then leaning down to kiss her again.

There was no hesitation in the way she returned my kiss. -"What did you do to me?" She asked, finally. -"I fucked you, Patrice." She looked intently into my eyes, willing me to reveal what I had done.

-"No. What did you do? It's like you can control me. You just…" -"That, sweetheart, is absolutely right." I kissed her again, feeling her body shiver against mine. -"You won't tell me?" -"No, but I'll make you a promise.

Every time we have sex - every time we fuck or make love - I will make you feel exactly like I did now." I let my hands caress her back, taking in her scent, bending further to kiss her neck. She was slick with sweat, but she smelled wonderful to me.

I didn't need a verbal reply from her; the way she hugged me fiercely and buried her own face against me was enough. -"Look, I'm very sorry to end this so abruptly, but in ten minutes Agnes will come knocking on my door, and I need to shower, get dressed and air out the room before then." She looked slightly hurt at that, but I pushed on; -"Could you please wipe off the desk and these stains on the carpet from when you sucked me, and then open a pair of windows before you leave?

And unless you want your friends to know about our little agreement, maybe you'd like to use that door over there to leave - that leads to the tower staircase, and you can use it to get to the basement.

There's a spa down there - showers, sauna, jacuzzi. Feel free to enjoy it for as long as you like." She looked at me as if in disbelief. -"I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you next week, Patrice. I promise I will cuddle with you next time." I kissed her briefly on the lips, then picked up my clothes and hurried off to my office bathroom to shower before Agnes would come.

!144 Perhaps I was cruel, but I'm not entirely above playing mind-games. In my post-orgasmic state, I actually felt a profound sense of love and connection because of the prolactin, oxytocin and endorphins released by our coupling, but I still got a perverted sense of pleasure out of knowing that I was making her feel like a whore.

A whore who had just experienced something extraordinary, of course, and maybe one who felt just as profound a sense of love and connection as I did, but still a whore. When I got out of the bathroom, my hair still slightly damp, Patrice was gone. The desk was clean and the windows open. Just a few seconds later, Agnes knocked.

-"Thanks for being on time, Agnes," I said as I let her in; "I value punctuality and can't bear tardiness." I smiled to myself as I walked over to my desk, pulling up her avatar in my interface and making some adjustments.

I would have to force things a little quicker this time, so as to not run short on time again, but maybe that would come naturally, since I wouldn't have the yoke of a catholic upbringing to compete with.

!145 Chapter 23 Even with my augmented nitric oxide-mediated erectile response and regulated post-orgasmic prolactin release, having sex with six girls one after the other within the span of seven hours, only taking a break for lunch, is stretching it a bit. By the time I ushered Dione out the back stairway and prepared for my 'interview' with Felice, my brain was almost desperate for respite.

Oh well, there are worse fates. I clamped down hard on my prolactin levels, forced my testosterone production into overdrive, boosted my sexual incentive salience by triggering dopamine release in my nucleus accumbens shell and regulated my wakefulness by elevating the production of orexin in my lateral hypothalamus and increasing secretion of dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine in my extrathalamic control modulatory system.

PING - I was awake, refreshed as if after a full night's sleep and a jug of morning coffee, feeling as horny and excitable as a teenage boy inside the girls' shower room - but at the same time acutely aware that my cock ached a bit from the repeated erections I had forced on it, and that my body was screaming for rest.

After dinner that night, I went straight to bed and fell asleep before Marie came to join me. I barely noticed that she snuck into bed with me.

Next morning, though, we had a jog scheduled at eight o'clock, and since it was my idea in the first place, there was no backing out of it.

So there we were, one headmaster, five teachers, one pet, and six very recently fucked and permanently hired housekeeping staff, jogging around the Cháteaux grounds like Jesus and his twelve disciples. I fell back and let Marie take the lead for a while so that I could look at them. Every single one a stunner in her own right. Not that the teachers did much for me sexually, but they were all very attractive women, and by now their NanoRep systems had had time to work a bit on their adipose tissue, and the nutritious food and frequent exercise had given results.

I saw that some of the new girls were looking over their shoulder now and then, and that they noticed I was ogling them, but I didn't care. Maybe next night I would give them some Hypnopedic commands to get off on other people looking at them. Maybe even make them exhibitionists. Well… eventually we would all live as nudists, and I would have to come up with a couple of good Hypnopedic commands to install by default to every student that came here, so I might as well try some with the new girls now and see how they worked.

I made a quick memo to myself in my interface, storing it not as letters but as an abstract image - the whole process completed within the time it took me to run three steps. When we had finished our two laps, done our stretches and had breakfast outdoors, I invited everyone to join me in the Spa to relax for an hour or two before going about our daily business.

By the time the six new girls had fetched their towels and toiletries, Marie and I, and most of the teachers, were already in the showers. We heard gasps of surprise and a few giggles, but pretended not to hear.

I wired them to a common avatar and put a clamp on their sexual and social inhibitions, and then connected their incentive salience to mine for good measure. Within a few minutes, all ten showers were occupied and three naked girls were standing in line to jump in. That was a sight for sore eyes. A flicker in my peripheral vision told me Marie was using her interface. I pulled it up to have a closer look, and saw that she had wired the teachers to a common avatar and was connecting their incentive salience to her own with a 1:1 ratio, giving them a pleasure feedback from herself at 0.9x, and triggering their nerve bundle stimulation cycles at 20% intensity.

Oh my, not wasting any time, are we - I thought to myself. I clamped down even harder on the new girls' sexual inhibition, and was so concentrated on that that I was startled when I suddenly felt Marie put her hands around my neck and pull herself up to kiss me. -"What the… oh… " Her lips were suddenly glued to mine, and I felt her tongue probing and prodding to be let inside. Well now. This was unlike her. Unless I've said it before, Marie is a good kisser, and she very soon had my full attention.

When I felt her hand around my shaft, I was already fully erect. In the background, I heard gasps from the new girls as they watched. Their !146 avatars were lighting up with intense sexual arousal, and I didn't have to look at them to know that they were touching themselves.

The testosterone peak they had had during the later stages of the night hadn't been blunted by their morning masturbation sessions, and no doubt they had all had pleasant dreams this night, after our intense sessions the day before.

Marie dropped to her knees, and what happened next was as inevitable as it was predictable. The teachers, all wired to her, felt the intense pleasure course through them when Marie took my cock all the way down her throat in one go, triggering her augmented deepthroat response when she gagged. I could feel her nails scratching my thighs as she forced herself down on my shaft.

I opened my eyes and tried to see through the water stream. All five teachers were in the throes of passion, embracing each other and digging their fingers inside each other's pussies as they kissed.

The sight of the six new girls around me as I felt Marie suck my balls into her mouth made my sexual incentive salience surge to the point where they lost all self control.

No sexual inhibitions left that could compete with this massive wave of lust, they all joined us. Very soon, Marie was behind me, burying her tongue in my crack from behind while two or three girls were taking turns sucking my cock and balls, gagging themselves to feel the intense pleasure that gripped them each time their augmented deepthroat response was triggered.

I wasn't surprised to see Tanya, Sophie and Isabel join their ranks, amazed expressions as they let their hands and mouths roam all over the new girls.

I doubt even the Romans ever managed an orgy like the one we had that morning. Being as tired as I was from the day before, I actually enjoyed it another way than I ordinarily would have. When we moved from the showers into the lounge, I simply lay down on a chaise longue and let the girls ride me however they liked, using my NanoRep system to make sure I didn't orgasm but could come very close without tipping the scale.

Then I toyed with their feedback and sensory systems, enjoying the visuals as I would watch a good porno movie as they rode me again and again. It was beautiful. I particularly enjoyed switching off their disinhibition circuitry as they were riding me, my cock deep inside them as they approached their orgasm.

Patrice's reaction was unexpected; as her inhibitions slammed home, my cock deep in her ass as she was about to climax, she looked disoriented for a second and then started muttering filthy words in French as she shuddered with pleasure and nearly doubled her pace, frenetically rubbing her clit as she brought herself to an earshattering orgasm.

No more a chaste catholic schoolgirl, that's for sure. In the aftermath of her climax, she kept riding me while kissing me passionately and nuzzling her nose into my neck, whispering how she loved me. When the raw sexual tension we had released started to wane after what seemed like hours, I simply released the hold I had kept on my own orgasm, coupled a feedback from my pleasure centres to everyone else's, setting the multiplier to 1.5x, and routed another feedback from Mireille's sensory nerve bundles to my own - she was the one riding me at the moment.

Pulling out of her pussy, I purposely directed my cock at her ass and told her to sit on me. As she did, slowly letting my cock slide into her tight asshole, I felt myself being penetrated in the same manner, waves of pleasure shooting through me, immediately being amplified and sent back to her, making her almost collapse from the sheer sensory overload.

I gripped her by the throat, gently squeezing her carotid arteries as I started fucking her - and thus myself - from beneath. By the time I reached my orgasm, her own had lasted for minutes, modulated by my chokehold, reaching peaks the human reward system simply wasn't made to handle. When I was spent and let go of her, she collapsed on top of me, barely conscious, twitching and drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

All around me, everyone was in more or less the same state. This time, I wasn't worried at all - it wasn't the first time I had sent a room full of young women off into orgasmic overload, and I felt confident that I hadn't overdone it. I enjoyed how Mirellie's body felt on top of me, and while I regained my breath and recovered my strength, I let my hands roam softly over her lithe teenage body as she kept twitching for a few more minutes before settling down.

She was showing signs of coming back to full consciousness when I nudged her aside and laid her comfortably to rest on the chaise longue before standing up to survey the damage. As usual, Marie was among the first to recover, and she was attempting to sit up, looking dazed but !147 not confused.

I gave her my hand and helped her to her feet. She gave me a wry smile as she looked around the room at all the bodies splayed everywhere. -"Wanna shower and then go have a snack?" I asked.

-"They'll be ok?" I flicked through their avatars in my interface and nodded. -"No problems. It didn't go on for very long this time. The overload, I mean." -"Oh. It felt like a long time." -"Orgasms screw up your time perception, pet. Now let's go shower." We were joined by Mireille, Annette and Dione after just a few minutes, all three of them walking somewhat unsteadily, but otherwise in good shape.

They smiled warmly at us and came over to hug briefly before going to their individual showers. Marie and I helped each other soap up, enjoying a very intimate moment of aftercare. By the time we had put on our clothes and were leaving the spa to go have a snack, the rest of my staff had recovered and were in the showers. We took tea and biscuits in the sofas and armchairs in the red drawing room overlooking the patio.

Dione was the first one to bring up the question that I knew was on everyone's lips: -"I don't quite know how to put this, but… how did that… or why did that happen?" She asked.

-"No regrets, have you?" I said. -"No, I'm good. Very good, in fact. It's just that I don't understand…" She trailed off, but Mireille helped her complete the sentence; -"…why we all just went along with it. I felt very different somehow." -"You wouldn't ordinarily have engaged in group sex with friends from school and a bunch of adults you hardly know?" I asked, grinning at her.

-"No, I can honestly say I never had a lesbian impulse in my life, and yesterday was also… " She caught herself and trailed off. -"Oh, you mean when you offered to have sex with me so that I would let you stay here?" I asked, grinning even wider at her when she blushed and exchanged guilty glances with Dione and Annette, who also looked rather mortified.

Marie giggled. -"You all had a good time with me yesterday too, didn't you?" I asked. They nodded and smiled guiltily at each other, their secret out in the open. -"Well… I had intended to let those agreements be our little secret, each of you unaware that the others had negotiated the same deal, but it appears Marie had other ideas.

I'm pretty curious myself, actually. Why did you do it, pet?" I turned to Marie, who smiled brightly back at me. -"To get back at you for being too tired to fuck me last night, Karl - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, didn't you know?" I bent over with laughter at that. Wiping my eyes, I tried to gather myself.

-"Ok, ok… I'm so sorry, pet. Come here and let me hold you." I held out my arm and she came over and nestled in beside me in the armchair.

I kissed her affectionately on the forehead, nestling my hand in her hair before turning to the three new girls. -"Look, I'll try to put it simply. This won't be an ordinary school. I intend to make it a… oh, here come the others now. Go fetch some mugs - we have tea and biscuits here.

I'll explain it to everyone so that I don't have to take it twice." While the others settled in, the teachers taking their seats around a separate table, I tried to think what would be the best way of explaining. -"Marie, would you like to give them a demonstration, perhaps? Show them what you can do?" She nodded brightly and sat up straighter, and I saw how she pulled up her interface. -"All right. Please set your mugs on the table…" She said, while setting up a common avatar for the six girls and pulling up her library of commands; "The human brain is where consciousness and experience happens.

It takes input from the peripheral nervous system - nerves everywhere in our bodies - but they are put together in the brain.

This…" She sent a command to their avatar; "is the pudendal nerve bundle." !148 The girls gasped simultaneously as they felt the sensation of touch on their most intimate anatomy. I used my own interface to trigger their pleasure centres as well, making sure they experienced the touch in a positive manner. Marie saw it and shot me a smile.

-"And this… " she continued; "is your hypogastric nerve bundle. Feels like I'm bumping against your cervix, doesn't it?" The girls whimpered with the strong sensation, clenching and unclenching their hands, eyes wide at the magic she was displaying. I looked over and saw that the teachers were all looking in our direction, knowing smiles of recognition on their faces. They had been there, felt that. -"Now I'm decreasing the stimulation of your hypogastric nerve… feel how I can make it pulse?

Here's your pelvic nerve bundle… and now I'm putting it on a cycle…" She set a sinusoid pattern of stimulation to both the pelvic and hypogastric nerve bundles. -"How does it feel? Dione?" Dione was staring wide-eyed, squirming the sensations of intimate violation coursing through her. She drew a ragged breath and tried to speak. I bumped their pleasure centres to make the sensation feel even better.

-"It… you're fucking… my ass… fucking… oh shit… how is…" -I'll come to that in a little while.

Now I'm adding some parts of your vagal nerve to the same cycle. How does that feel Patrice?" The petite catholic girl was biting her lip, almost cross-eyed from the strength of the stimulation Marie was applying. She wasn't gentle with them. -"My… fucking… my pussy too… my ass and my pussy… holy… fuck… oh merde!" She panted. -"Correct. That part of the vagus nerve connects to the vagina and the whole genital region.

Now I'm going to apply even stronger stimulation. Hold on to something." Marie ramped up the clitoral stimulation to a continuous full tilt, while connecting the three other nerve bundles to the same sinusoid cycle. I didn't need to apply more stimulation of their pleasure centres, because they were definitely firing by themselves now. One by one, the girls started shaking and twitching, some of them screaming as they climaxed.

Within two minutes, they had all peaked, and Marie mercifully lowered the intensity of the stimulation. She didn't turn it all the way off, though, but kept it buzzing along at twenty percent of the maximum her interface allowed her to apply. I looked over to where the teachers sat.

Tanya gave me thumbs up, her cheeks rosy with excitement. -"Thanks for the show!" -"You want some of that?" Marie asked them. -"I'm fine thanks." Franchesca blurted, holding up her hand as if to stop her. -"What? You can't take more than eight or ten before lunch?" I teased. She smiled warmly back and shook her head. Within a minute or two, the girls were able to focus on Marie again. -"Now, before you ask, I won't tell you exactly how I did that.

Suffice it to say that Karl and I have certain powers of persuasion. They're not magical in nature, of course, but technical." -"Is that how… is that what happened yesterday too?" Felice asked.

-"More or less, yes." I supplied. -"Now, I wasn't there yesterday," Marie said; "but I understand you all came to some sort of agreement with Karl?" Patrice, Agnes and Felice, who hadn't been present earlier when the secret came out, looked as if they were about to faint, but I helped out: -"All of them appeared to feel that staying here for only five weeks was not enough, and they offered certain services in exchange for permanent positions on the staff." I said, smiling at them.

-"Right. I gathered as much." Marie said, and turned to the girls. -"I've been Karl's pet now for a little more than a year, and all I can say that it's all worth it. This technology that he has, and that he has kindly shared with me, allows us to give people pleasure beyond their wildest dreams. Like today, when we all had our pleasure centres overloaded. That felt pretty good, didn't it?" -"I've… never felt anything remotely like it." Dione agreed. !149 -"I've had that happen to me more times than I can count," Marie said, grinning; "and it never gets old.

In fact, I've come to the conclusion that giving up a part of my autonomy in exchange for pleasure of that kind is a small price to pay - right?" She looked over at the teachers, who all nodded in agreement.

-"And that's why I'm Karl's pet and he's my daddy." She concluded. -"I wondered about that." Patrice said. -"I guess we're not very good at hiding it." I admitted; "But now that we've shared that little secret, and because you all know about the agreements we came to yesterday, perhaps I should tell you all a bit more about how this school is going to work?" They all nodded.

I wondered for a second why they were so taciturn, but then I remembered that Marie still had their stimulation cycle set at 20 percent and smiled to myself. Well, when you felt like you were being gently fingered both vaginally and anally and someone was softly teasing your clit at the same time, maybe it would be a bit hard to come up with things to say.

A glance at their avatars showed me that their pleasure centres were still humming along. For good measure, I applied a measure of sexual disinhibition so that they wouldn't react too strongly to what I was about to say.

-"First, I intend to hold each of you to our agreement. If you want to stay here, you'll perform sexual services once weekly, at a time of my choosing. At my discretion, of course - I might not use that privilege every week." Patrice looked as if she wanted to sink through the ground, but eventually looked up and met my eyes when I didn't continue. -"Second, this will be a nudist school. I was about to break that news to you later on, but after what we shared today, I don't see much reason to be coy about it.

In the kitchens, you will wear aprons, of course, and when the weather is cold we put on clothes, but otherwise everyone is naked." -"But… when it's that part of the month…" Felice objected. -"Oh, right - you've got your period right now - I noticed. Well, use a tampon or a cup. Students will also be naked most of the day, of course. Not in the school proper, but elsewhere." They looked wide-eyed at me.

-"But they're just…" Mireille began. -"Children. Well… I don't entirely agree with the child-adult dichotomy that the law imposes on us.

My feeling is that once a girl reaches sexual maturity - gets her period, grows breasts, starts to grow taller, etc - she's ready for sex. Am I right, ladies?" I turned to the teachers, and Tanya, Sophie and Isabel chimed in with their heartfelt agreement.

-"Definitely." Tanya gave the thumbs up again. -"I say ten or eleven, but Karl is more careful so he says twelve." Sophie supplied. -"Twelve is erring on the safe side." Isabel agreed. Franchesca and Desirée shrugged noncommittally. The girls were speechless, whether from the shock or from the constant nagging stimulation I didn't know.

-"And that brings me to the third point, I suppose. I intend to have sex with all our students. This is a school, but it's also my little harem. Well… not so little, but… school and harem." -"But that's…" Mireille began again.

-"Yes, it is definitely illegal, and some will undoubtedly say that it is also morally wrong. I disagree. We'll keep it a secret, of course. No parents will ever find out - I'll see to that." -"How?" She asked. -"With my considerable powers of persuasion. Also, our students will get to feel just as much pleasure as you. I don't think they'll object, do you?" Despite the sexual disinhibition I was applying to her, she managed to look a bit queasy.

I made a latin gesture as if revealing something in triumph. -"Voilà. There you have it, ladies. So what will it be? Are you in or out? A life of constant sexual pleasure and depravity, or go back to your old life and never experience something like today ever again? I'll let you ponder that for a while, and in the meantime, I'm taking my pet for a walk. Feel free to discuss it with the teachers.

They were given more or less the same offer not so long ago. Come, pet." -"Yes daddy." Marie said, smiling affectionately. !150 We did in fact take a walk around the grounds, walking slowly arm in arm while we listened in on what the new staff and our teachers were discussing.

The wifi extenders offered fully adequate bandwidth up to a couple kilometres in any direction from the mansion - at least for audio transfer. -"You were a bit naughty today, pet." I said softly. -"Are you mad at me?" -"No, of course not. I intended to wait a bit longer before doing what you did, and maybe give them a few more Hypnopedic commands to help things along, but this will no doubt be interesting." -"I had a good time today, daddy.

What about you?" -"I had a great time, pet." I hugged her closer; "I'm happy you surprised me like that." -"Thanks for letting me show them the system." -"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" -"It's weird having that kind of power over other people.

It's like being a god." She said, dreamily. -"It's exhilarating, yes." -"Will you take me to the dungeon tomorrow and use me? You promised." -"You're a strange one, do you know that? One second, you're high on having power over others, and the next second you want to surrender completely." -"I can sense how you hold back, daddy.

You hold back all the time, and then you let go for just a few minutes, and even then you maintain some sort of control over yourself." -"I have to, or I might hurt someone." -"Tomorrow, I want you to shut down your interface, daddy. The interface is what's making you so afraid of hurting someone, because of the power it gives you.

I want you to be unrestrained with me for just a little while." -"What if I hurt you?" -"I want you to, daddy. I want you to hurt me.

I want you to want to hurt me, even. Use me like a fuck-toy. A beautiful girl that you just fuck without restraining yourself for a second. If you feel like slapping me, slap me. If you feel like fucking my ass, do it." -"You're making me hard." -"Good. Tomorrow then?" -"If you promise to use your safe-word if I hurt you too much." -"I will." I stopped walking and took her in my arms, kissing her with all the warmth and love I felt.

-"But he's… a fucking pedo." Mireille said, her tone of voice so sharp that Marie and I broke our embrace and turned up the volume of the aural feed. -"I'm a pedo too, in that case." Sophie objected; "The proper term in his case is actually 'hebephile', though, since he is only attracted to girls once they are well into puberty." -"And you're…" -"Yes, I'm attracted to girls that are even younger than that." Sophie said, as if it was the most natural and common thing in the world.

-"I am too." Isabel chimed in. -"Me too." said Tanya. -"You're all lesbians?" Patrice asked. -"I'm more into girls than men, yes, but I enjoy men too - Karl in particular." Said Sophie. -"You seemed to enjoy what we did together, Mireille." Tanya said. -"I… well, yes." She admitted. -"I never cared very much whether I had sex with boys or girls," Tanya went on; "Pleasure is pleasurable. Sometimes a person will prefer a particular visual impression, not liking how it looks when a man is licking their pussy, but enjoying how a female face looks down there, or the other way around, but fingers and tongues are still the same." -"But I feel so… manipulated.

Like I have had zero control ever since I came here." Mireille objected again. I shared a smile with Marie and pulled up Mireille in my interface. I gently ramped up her stimulation cycle from 20 percent to 35, which would definitely be noticeable, and at the same time I stimulated her pleasure centres and clamped down harder on her sexual inhibitions.

Marie chuckled as we heard Mireille's surprised intake of air. !151 -"Well…" Said Sophie; "I felt like that too at first, but then I realised that giving up that sense of control in exchange for the pleasure Karl and Marie can give us is totally worth it… What's the matter sweetheart? Are you feeling unwell?" Mireille's breathing was getting heavy, but that was the only clue I had. -"I… I'm ok, thanks." -"Ok, good. How about the rest of you? You're very silent, aren't you?" -"It's just that…" Patrice began.

-"They left that nerve thingy running." Felice filled in; "It's nearly driving me mad." There was laughter as the teachers realised what we had done to the girls. -"Driving you mad how?" I heard Isabel almost purr, her voice husky. -"It just won't stop." Dione almost cried. -"I say, if you have an itch, scratch it." Sophie supplied, chuckling.

-"But…" Felice objected. I hit their common avatar quickly, clamped down hard on their sexual inhibitions, pulled all their stimulation cycles up to 35 percent to be on par with Mireille's, and then had another idea and wired their incentive salience to Tanya's.

-"Oh, sweet!" Marie said by my side as she saw what I was doing. -"Hush." -"If you girls are shy about doing something about your itches up here, would you care to go down to the spa again?" Asked Sophie. Marie giggled beside me. -"I don't… well… yes." I heard Mireille say. -"Come then. This time it's my turn to show you a thing or two, little girl." Sophie said.

-"Come Felice… Patrice? I never got to be with you earlier." I heard Tanya say. There were no replies, just the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing as they appeared to hurry down to the spa again. -"I think they'll stay, daddy." Marie said after a few minutes, as we heard the sound of the showers and intimate embraces.

-"I think so too. I'll give them five or ten minutes to get really busy, and then I'm going to remove the disinhibition." -"The cognitive dissonance between the pleasure they feel and their disgust with the lesbian acts will force them to pick sides?" -"Yeah, like with our girls back home." -"It works best if you disconnect close to their peak." She supplied. -"That can be arranged. Thanks pet." I concentrated on my interface for a while, setting a trigger that would disconnect the inhibition clamp just a few heartbeats before orgasm.

Realising it was a function I would like to implement with many other girls, I stored the trigger mechanism away as a preset. -"Brilliant, Marie. I don't know why the thought never occurred to me to automate it." -"Turn anyone bisexual in less than an hour." She intoned, as if in a commercial from the 1950's.

-"I don't know if it will work on everyone, but it might." I agreed. -"Why don't you do it to yourself, daddy?" -"No way, pet." -"But after it's done, you'll never regret it, you know. And you'll have twice as many potential sex partners." -"No.

Just no." -"You're a homophobe, daddy." -"Well… I exclusively prefer females, which makes me a gynephile, and I am quite happy to retain that preference, thank you.

No moral objections to gays, I just prefer staying a gynephile." -"I'm just teasing. Wanna go back and join them?" -"Nah, let them have their fun." -"Shouldn't we give the teachers a little pleasure boost too?

It seems unfair otherwise." -"Be my guest." Marie applied a stimulation cycle to the teachers as well, increasing the intensity of the groans and moans we were hearing through the aural feed. We listened for a while. !152 -"Daddy?" -"Yes pet?" -"Please?" I laughed and held her close for a minute or two while we listened as one of the new girls hit her peak.

I saw the trigger release and remove her disinhibition the moment her orgasm set it. -"One down, five to go." I said, and dropped to my knees, pulling Marie's jogging pants down as I did. Her folds were already slick with her juices as I let my tongue probe between her labia majora, and I felt her grab my hair to steady herself as I began to apply a gentle stimulation to her nerve bundles.

-"Oh yes daddy." She whispered. !153 Chapter 24 - I'm yours. When we came home from our long walk, I was so high on endorphins and oxytocin that I felt cumdrunk. Marie and I had literally stopped every hundred metres or so to embrace and make out. It felt like we were falling in love all over again. Lunch had been delivered while we were out, and just as we came back, our staff were also coming up from the basement.

Marie had apparently had the presence of mind to turn off their stimulation cycles, I saw when I checked their avatars in my interface. My stomach was screaming for food, and the smells coming from the lunch canteens were mouth-watering, but I needed to focus on the young women. They looked surprisingly alert, considering what they had been through this morning, and much to my delight everyone followed Franchesca's lead as we met, kissing me and Marie fondly on both cheeks in the traditional latin greeting.

There was no reservation in anyone's reaction - we were probably all as high on endorphins and oxytocin. Patrice was the very last one to hug and kiss me, and what happened next surprised me.

She was about to let go of me, but suddenly hugged me fiercely again, pulling herself up to my ear to whisper. -"Thank you. Thank you so much." She didn't let me go, but clung on for dear life before finally releasing me. There were tears in her eyes.

I smiled and touched her cheek. -"You're welcome, little one. It was inside you all along, and just needed to be released." I said, intuitively understanding what she felt so grateful about.

She snivelled and quickly wiped her tears, then gave me a smile that made me all warm inside. When I turned around, I noticed my vision was blurry and I had to wipe my own eyes. I saw that the others were all looking at me, and I almost felt caught out before I saw that they were all smiling just as warmly, and that I was not the only one who had teared up. -"Well… ladies. Who's hungry?" I said. Those words almost caused a stampede.

Only Isabel waited behind with me, cuddling up to me and putting her arm fondly around my waist. -"Thank you, Karl." She said.

-"You're welcome. You enjoyed yourself today then?" -"More than you could possibly imagine." -"Oh, I think I can imagine. I enjoyed it too. And in just a few days, our students will arrive." -"I can't wait.

But… honestly, Karl, thank you. I'm so grateful you let me be a part of this." -"I'm very glad I did, Isabel. You're a beautiful woman and I can tell already that you'll be a great teacher. Also, you seem to be a magician when it comes to pleasing women." -"Not men?" She teased; "…No, don't answer that, silly, I was just kidding." Just as we had done after our previous orgy in the basement, we ate with ravenous appetite, and it was only when everyone was full and couldn't have another bite that we were able to strike up a conversation that lasted beyond a few exchanges.

I wiped the corners of my mouth and laid down my napkin to indicate that I was done. -"My god that was good." I said, stretching and rubbing my stomach contentedly; "Who wants dessert?" I laughed at their horrified expressions. -"No? I thought so. And I suppose no-one feels like going down to the spa for another romp in the hay, do you?" -"I'm game for another round in an hour or so." Marie volunteered, a sparkle in her eye. -"I'm an old man, so I think we'll have to wait two hours." Dione was looking from me to Marie and back again as if she didn't believe what she was hearing.

-"I'm just teasing, sweetheart." I said, and she let out her breath as if she had been holding it. -"I honestly don't think I could." She said. !154 -"You'd be surprised at what the human brain is capable of, Dione. With the right encouragement, you could probably go on for twice as long as we did this morning, but I've found that you tend to get a severe headache and feel a little down after, so I don't see the point. But from one thing to the other… I asked you a question before, and I'll repeat it now that you've had some time to think about it.

Are you in or out?" Everyone around the table held their breath in the silence that followed. Patrice was the first to answer, just as I had thought she would be. -"I'm in. I'm yours." I smiled warmly at her because of that last addition.

-"I'm in." Said Mireille. Then, much to my surprise, she also added; "And I'm yours too." -"I'm in. I'm yours." The others echoed. And when the new girls all had declared their intention to stay, Isabel chimed in: -"For what it's worth, Karl, I'm yours too. If you'll have me." -"And I. I'm yours." Desirée affirmed, followed by the other teachers in succession.

I was moved to tears again, my vision suddenly a blur as I took them all in. -"I don't know what to say…" I managed, my voice catching. -"Just promise you'll take care of us, daddy." Marie said; "You know, in sickness and in health and until death do us part and all that." -"I don't know about the 'until death' part, sweetie, but I promise you'll all be well taken care of." I was not the only one that had to wipe away tears.

I'm not a sentimental man, but that was a beautiful moment, and my heart was so filled with love and gratitude that I felt like my chest would burst. ——————————————————— Going back to 'business as usual' after something as profound and life-altering as that would have felt very strange, so I gave everyone the rest of the day off, asking my six new girls to just make that all-important phone call to their parents to let them know they'd be staying for much longer than anticipated, and then I retreated to my office to do some thinking.

Against my habits, I didn't turn on the lights as I entered the large and opulent room. Instead, not knowing why I did it, I turned the blinds and pulled the thick maroon velvet curtains shut, poured myself a glass of whisky and sank down on my sofa.

My emotions were in an uproar. Hearing them all say that they were mine, practically saying I owned them, had thrown me off balance. On the one hand, this was exactly what I had wanted from the very beginning, but on the other hand I felt so much more of an emotional connection than I had thought I would be able to feel. I had taken these women and uprooted them from their friends and families, imposed my will on them and used them for my own pleasure - and I was feeling very guilty about it.

But then again, they now lived in a castle, experienced more pleasure than they ever had thought would be possible, and… My trail of thought was interrupted when Marie stepped in, not bothering to knock on the door. -"That bad, huh?" She asked. -"Hi pet, come sit with me." I said, feeling relieved that she had come. She cuddled up to me and sat silent for a while, comforting me just by being there.

-"Was it that evident?" I asked her finally. -"You looked a bit wild-eyed, yes. Are you having another crisis of conscience?" -"Yup." -"What is this, the twentieth time you've felt like this since you started your NanoRep experiments, Karl?" -"Possibly.

Since I haven't resolved the fundamental problem, I keep winding up in the same spot." -"Intellectually realising there are no moral truths, no objective right or wrong, yet accusing yourself of acting morally wrong." She said, letting out a sigh and shaking her head at me.

-"I just can't reconcile my intuitions with my intellectual beliefs." -"Those aren't intuitions, they're norms that have been imposed on you since birth." -"Are they bad norms, pet?" !155 -"They're norms that have had adaptive value all through human history.

You're not human any longer, though, and neither am I, daddy. We're post-humans. We've ascended to another state of being - transcended humanity." -"What have you been reading, pet?" -"Oh, just some science fiction and a few essays online. We're 'transhuman' now, daddy. And since we're the first of our kind, we have to come up with moral codes that fit our circumstances.

Or rather, we have to deal with the psychological issues that arise - guilt, shame, feelings of superiority, cognitive dissonance." -"Tell our moral intuitions or inherited norms to go fuck themselves and just deal with how we feel, you mean?" -"Exactly. Now you have this power over ordinary people, and you've decided to use them for your own pleasure.

You feel guilty about that. What can you do to forgive yourself? You can give our new employees a good start in life by giving them some experience and a substantial amount of money in their savings account. You can give all the girls who will attend school here an exceptionally good education and a very thorough sexual education, not to mention a sexually fulfilling sex-ed. And you will also keep working on releasing NanoRep technology to the public, as a tool that will revolutionise medicine and change the world forever.

The amount of good you are about to do outweighs whatever reason you have to feel guilty a thousand times over. A million times over, even." -"I love you, Marie." -"I prefer when you call me 'pet', daddy. And I love you too." ——————————————————— !156 Chapter 25 - Arrivals Almost to the minute seven days later, I stood on the driveway as the very first bus arrived from the airport.

No less than ten families - all from the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - arrived at the same time, by way of Paris, where some of them had needed a one-night overlay. Most were from their respective capitals, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, but a couple of families were from more remote rural locations.

Behind me, my whole staff stood to attention in their new tailor-made uniforms. We bade them welcome and helped them load their luggage onto carts, installed them in their rooms, and then brought them all to the canteen, where we had a sizeable lunch spiked heavily with NanoReps.

I played the role of perfect gentleman and dignified headmaster in English tweed, and my teachers all played their parts as… well, teachers. I guess they weren't really faking it. The reception simply couldn't have been more professional.

After lunch, the families were taken on tours around the cháteaux, seeing the classrooms and lab equipment, our extensive sports and wellness facilities, the outdoors and indoors pools, etc. Sophie gave a sample biology lesson, Desirée gave them a French 101 beginner's class, and Isabel gave a short physics lecture - simply as a way of demonstrating the excellent education the students would receive. Dinner was also spiked with NanoReps just to make infection very speedy, and by midnight, the first systems started coming online, showing up in my Interface.

By 2 AM all of them were online, and I started sending them Hypnopedic commands. "This school is simply fantastic. Attending it will be the opportunity of a lifetime." "The headmaster and the teachers seem very competent and trustworthy." "Getting to go to a school like this for free is an opportunity not to be missed" Would three sleep cycles of Hypnopedic suggestion suffice?

I wasn't really worried, because I was fairly confident that we had managed to make a superb first impression, and that the suggestions would only affirm what they already thought.

Rising early, I made sure to have a friendly chat with each family that arrived for breakfast, asked if they had slept well, if they knew when their interview appointment that day was and how to find my office, etc. The girls - the prospective students, I should say - were simply stunning.

I had tried to restrain myself from looking at them too closely, because they were all so beautiful that I was afraid I wouldn't entirely be able to hide my visceral reaction from them and their parents. Now that I was doubly sure they would think well of me, however, I let myself have a closer look.

Is there such a thing as a 'Baltic' ethnicity, I thought to myself. Could I tell them apart from Scandinavian girls? Not really. One family was of Baltic Russian origin, I knew, because they had introduced themselves as such, and emphasised that they had roots in Siberia. I couldn't really see a difference.

Then again, I had picked them largely by looks from a considerable selection of applicants, so if they looked alike, that might as well be due to my own bias as to any inherent ethnic trait.

One of the Estonian girls looked archetypically Finnish, come to think of it, with brightly blonde hair and redolent iceblue eyes. -"Quite a collection we have there," Tanya whispered to me; "You'd almost think they weren't selected for their excellent results in school, but by some other criterion." -"Was that a complaint?" I whispered back, sharing a knowing smile with her.

By 08.45 AM, I was back in my office and welcomed the first family to their interview. Ilja, Natalia and Masha Petrovic - the Baltic-Russian-Siberian family. Ilja was a tall and handsome man probably a little older than myself, whereas his wife Natalia looked so young that I would almost question whether Masha was her daughter.

How could her daughter be thirteen, when she herself didn't look a day over twenty-five? I opened with that cheesy remark, thinking that a little flattery probably wouldn't be amiss.

Natalia appeared used to that remark, because she had her answer about 'pure luck in the genetic lottery' well prepared, and delivered it in more fluent English than I !157 had heard her speak before. Of all the girls among this batch of ten, Masha was the one I wanted most to have in my harem, and it was really hard not to show how eager I was. At the same time, this could also be my hardest sell, because the family was affluent and Masha had looked pouty and morose ever since coming here.

-"Tell me," I said; "how did you hear about our school?" -"We were searching long time for school that suit Masha. One with good teachers and no boys." Ilja answered, giving me a wry smile. Masha looked just as sullen as she had since she arrived, looking out the window and avoiding eye contact. -"And now that you have had a chance to visit us and speak to our teachers, are you satisfied we are the right place for young Masha?" I asked. -"Mister Andersson, as you know I didn't let you pay tickets," Ilja began, "because - and I am honest with you - I thought this school… too good to be true." I nodded but said nothing.

He obviously struggled to express himself in English and spoke with a thick accent that sounded more Russian than Estonian. -"I thought… this school could be front for something else. I'm a lawyer, as you know, and I have contacts with criminal… elements. Mafia. I thought maybe you were front for prostitution.

Trafficking. But now I see there is no - how you say - funny business. This is a very good school, I am sure." -"I'm glad to hear it, Mr. Petrovic. How about you, Mrs. Petrovic?" I asked. -"I am confident your school will provide an excellent education for our daughter, and that it meets all the criteria my husband wanted it to meet." She said, shooting her husband a wry smile.

-"Primarily that it should have 'good teachers and no boys'?" I asked, turning to him. -"Yes." -"I understand about wanting good teachers, but why was it important that we are a single-sex school?" -"Because…" He hesitated; "because Masha has been showing too much interest in boys, and there was almost scandal in her old school, so it will be good for her to be away for a year or two." -"Oh, I see." I dropped the subject and looked at Masha, who still avoided looking at her parents, but shot me a quick glance before looking out the window again, her upper eyelids drooping and with a hint of a sullen pout; "So… if you have no further questions, perhaps I could have a quick chat with Masha alone?

Will that be ok with you, Masha?" She shrugged and looked at me with all the subtle disdain only a thirteen-year-old can muster. -"Sure, Mr Andersson - but shall we sign any legal documents…?" Mr.

Petrovic asked. -"Once I'm confident this school will be a good place for Masha, I'll let my assistant Marie help you with the paperwork. We have a collective health insurance for all girls that will attend here, and a firm handles all the extended Visa papers for students from outside of the European Union and the Schengen Treaty, but since Estonia is a member state… There's really very little paperwork necessary." -"Ok… Mr.

Andersson, thank you for allowing our daughter to attend here." Her father stood up and shook my hand with a vice-like grip, just as I had expected he would do; "Masha - answer Mr.

Andersson's questions truthfully, and stop sulking." Then he added some words in what was probably Russian, that made the young girl look even more hostile and sullen.

I showed them out the door and directed them to where Marie would help them with the paperwork. I sat down behind my desk and looked at Masha Petrovic in silence for a while.

She had assumed a poker face that very carefully masked any emotion. Holy Mary mother of God, I said silently to myself.

She was quite possibly the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in real life, or at least fully on par with Marie. It was hard to say exactly why she appealed so much to me though. Her high cheek-bones? The folds in her upper and lower eyelids? The shape of her brows and nose? The naturally sharp contours of her full mouth? Her rather ordinary brown hair, worn straight and parted in the middle? No single thing about her stood out enough to say that that was her most attractive feature - it was the whole that was so strikingly beautiful.

Even pouting, she was a radiant beauty. I zoomed in on her avatar and clamped down really hard on her social inhibitions and slightly choked her sexual inhibitions. The change came over her face gradually over the next ten or !158 twenty seconds - something in her posture relaxed, and the corners of her mouth twitched with what almost looked like a sardonic smile.

When I returned the smile, still without saying anything, I saw her smile reach her eyes, and the subtle change made me almost lose my breath. Sweet Jesus she was gorgeous! Resplendent. Dazzling. -"Aren't you going to ask me about the scandal, Mr Andersson?" She asked, her English betraying even less of an accent than that of her mother, much less her father.

-"No, not unless you want to tell me about it. I'm not very curious about your past." -"So what are you curious about, Mr Andersson?" She asked, raising her eyebrow as if to give the question a touch of innuendo, but so subtle that I couldn't be sure. -"I'm curious about whether you think you will like it here or not, Masha. What are your fears and hopes?" -"I fear it will be dull. It's a nice place, but an all-girls school…" She didn't finish the sentence.

-"You will miss the boys from your old school?" I guessed. -"Not my school, but from my home town." -"What will you miss, Masha?" I probed.

By now, the disinhibition ought to be fully in effect. -"I will miss sex, of course." She smiled, raising that eyebrow even further. She seemed curious to see my reaction. -"I see. So that's your only fear then? How about your hopes?" I smiled back at her, trying not to let her see how I was breaking out into a sweat.

-"I hope you or some other man here in school can step in and fill the… void." She looked puzzled after she spoke, frowning at what she heard herself say. -"I'm happy you will become our very first student to be admitted, Masha. I'm convinced you will like it here, and I will do my best to make sure your fears will be allayed and your hopes fulfilled." -"Allayed and fulfilled? You mean… you will…" -"You mustn't worry about that, Masha. You will like it here, and you needn't be afraid.

I will personally make sure of that." I smiled and held her gaze. A faint blush came to her cheeks, and the half-open smile she shot me back left no doubt as to whether she had understood or not.

I rose and followed her to the door, where I shook her hand and wished her welcome to school and told her to join her parents downstairs and let them know she'd been accepted. As she walked away, I removed the inhibition clamps and saw how she turned around sharply and looked at me as if shocked.

I winked at her and nodded before I closed the door. That would give her something to fret about for sure. A scandal back home, huh? I'd have to probe that a bit deeper once I had given her a more thorough Hypnopedic instruction set and had the time to control her. I listened in on her conversation with her parents and Marie as they took care of business. They would leave early next morning to catch the flight that would return them to Tallinn by way of Paris.

I danced a little jig to celebrate and could barely contain my excitement. Masha was mine now. Tomorrow, or at the very latest the day after tomorrow, I would get to see that flawless face beneath me as she sucked my cock, looking up at me with those soulful eyes of hers. She would be the first student I fucked, that's for sure. The first student here at my own school, I corrected. Oh, come to think of it… I brought up my interface and wired all ten applicants to the same avatar and sent their NanoRep systems some of my prefabricated instruction sets.

The first set of instructions set their testosterone production to ramp up each night at around 3AM and to taper off at 7AM. I set their RAS to wake them up at 7.15AM, but a few minutes before that, their sensory nerve bundles would start ramping up from zero to a barely noticeable 10% with a randomly selected cycle.

Their pleasure centres would be activated in the same manner - not ramping up high, but definitely making sure they woke up each morning with a tingle in their nether regions, a feeling of sexual frustration and need pulsing through them. At 7.30, the systems would ramp down again, and by then most of them would have relieved their itch by scratching it. Probably not in the company of their parents, though.

Should I set a bypass for this instruction set !159 for tonight? Nah. Either they would be able to control themselves, or they would need to masturbate and handle it in some manner that evaded their parents' notice.

The next instruction set told their NanoRep systems to grow a set of free-roaming machines that would find hair follicles and zap them, making the girls completely hairless from the neck down. Everything had gone surprisingly well with my teachers and housekeeping staff in that regard, and so I decided the new girls would probably be fine if I set the system to be very aggressive.

With younger females, this zapping procedure made their labia majora completely glabrous, as my intimate studies has shown. The third instruction set was the one that caused sexual disinhibition whenever I was alone with them. The code-base had been rather tricky to set up, so I was happy that I had it stored away as a preset. The fourth instruction set was the one that grew a set of thin NanoRep filaments right beneath their skin around the thighs, hips, waist, chest and arms, and that would give me statistics on their growth, and to which I could hook up regulatory systems that would fine-tune their adipose tissue to my liking.

Fifth, I carefully assembled a set of Hypnopedic suggestions what would be the baseline set of rules that all girls received. "I really like it here at the Cháteaux. I must do my very best to get along with the other students, teachers and staff." "I will dedicate myself to academic excellence, concentrate in class, try my very best in every subject, and be persistent whenever I struggle to understand something.

Learning new things is awesome." "I really like eating healthy food and taking daily exercise. It feels great to be fit." "There's nothing wrong with adults having sex with girls my age. I can handle it. I want it." "There's nothing wrong with having sex with other girls, or women for that matter. I prefer a man like Karl, though." "I want so badly to feel Karl inside of me. Whenever I look at him, a part of me thinks about feeling him inside me - his cock in my mouth - his cock in my pussy - his cock in my ass even." "I really like to show myself naked.

I like it when people look at me naked. It turns me on when I know others see me naked." "Clothes are really uncomfortable. In class, they are ok, and when it's cold or when I go for a run, but otherwise I prefer being naked." "I mustn't let my family or any outsiders know about anything sexual or deviant that goes on in school.

I like it here, and they might make me leave if they found out." "For some reason, I don't like smartphones and social media.

I have very little urge to keep in touch with people outside of school. I prefer to be in the moment, here and now, staying focused on what goes on here in school.

If I want a distraction, I will read a good book or strike up a conversation with another student, or go see if someone wants to have sex with me, or go to the gym or go for a swim - anything but using the internet or my smartphone." Sending the Hypnopedic instruction set to the girls, I smiled to myself.

Tomorrow, they wouldn't be able to look at me without thinking about having sex with me. Whenever I was around, a part of their minds would imagine how my cock would feel inside them. Much like I thought about the girls whenever I looked at them, come to think of it. The remaining nine interviews that day went even more smoothly than the first one - all parents and girls heaping praise on our school, and by lunch the next batch of prospective students - this one from the Scandinavian countries and containing no less than fourteen girls and their parents - arrived by bus, only to be greeted by my staff just as the others had been the day before.

The food we served was spiked with NanoReps, of course, and the way the first batch of parents kept talking about how wonderful our school was must have made an overwhelmingly positive impression on the second batch. !160 We did the same routine as last day, with guided tours, sample lessons and lectures, dinner and recreation, etc. That night, as the NanoRep systems came online one by one, I had programmed a computer to install the first set of Hypnopedic suggestions without disturbing me.

Next morning, the first batch of girls arrived for breakfast with rosy glows on their cheeks from their nights of intense erotic dreams and possibly their morning masturbation sessions, and many of them blushed furiously when they saw me. Immediately after breakfast, a bus arrived to pick up the first batch of parents and drive them to the airport, and I was there to shake their hands and wish bon-voyage.

There were many tears, of course, but the parents were all convinced they were leaving their daughters in safe hands, and my young students definitely all looked forward to starting school. When the bus drove off, Marie and I stood alone with the ten first girls on the driveway, seeing it disappear. She wrapped an arm around my waist and hugged me hard. -"Are you happy, Daddy?" She whispered. -"More than you can possibly imagine, pet." I put my arm around her and squeezed back.

-"Oh, I think I can imagine. But there won't be much time to enjoy these girls for the next ten days or so, right?" -"I'm sure we can squeeze some in. Starting tomorrow, I don't think I will conduct the interviews one by one - instead I'll just have one longer talk with all of them after their first night of Hypnopedia, and rely on my suggestions to make them sign up.

Meeting the parents from the previous day seems to really help things along, doesn't it?" -"Yes. So tomorrow we'll have a couple of hours between your interviews with the girls and when the next bus arrives?" She looked eagerly at me. -"Yes. Perhaps we could conduct a few interviews together you and I? And maybe a couple each night after dinner?" -"Perhaps we could conduct them in your suite, daddy? In the jacuzzi?" -"What an excellent idea, pet." -"Right…" I said, raising my voice so that my ten Baltic students would hear.

They finished wiping their tears and directed their attention at me, the murmurs of their conversation going silent. -"My dear students - words can't adequately express how happy I am to have you here. I assure you I will do everything to make your first year here a memorable experience.

As your headmaster, I want you to know that you can always come to me if your needs aren't being fully met, and I will make every effort to fix things so that they work for you - whether it be school related or anything else." Knowing well that they were all thinking about having sex with me - how I would feel inside them - I wasn't surprised to see many of them blush at my words.

-"I will try to speak simple English in the beginning, because I know some of you will find it hard to understand otherwise. I expect you all to work extra hard during the first months here, trying to learn good English. My teachers are the experts in that regard… sorry, they are the experts when it comes to how you learn a language, but from what I understand, reading literature is a really good way.

If you connect your mobile devices to our school wifi network, you can download audio books from there to listen to. I suggest you do that for at least a couple of hours of every day. The library is very large, so I am sure you will find something interesting." -"For now, you have a few hours off until lunch.

I suggest you spend them getting acquainted with each other, and perhaps the new girls that arrived yesterday from Sweden and Norway, if they are free. Feel free to use the pool, sauna and spa in the basement of this main building - we call it the 'mansion', in case we didn't tell you.

If you would like to go for a walk or a jog, there is a two-mile track - sorry, a four kilometre track, or a little less - all around the Cháteaux." Milla, one of the older girls at fourteen, raised her hand. -"Yes, Milla?" -"When do the real lessons start?" !161 -"I was about to get to that, but I'm happy you ask - I expect you all to aim for academic excellence.

Lessons start after lunch, and the new families that arrive today will get to visit them to see how lessons here work.

Before lunch, please visit the three housemaids - Patrice, Agnes and Mireille - and ask them to help you find school uniforms. You get three complete uniforms each, and they are to be worn during lessons." -"Do we have to wear them otherwise?" Inita asked, not bothering to raise her hand. Thirteen year old, Latvian, I rehearsed. -"You don't feel comfortable wearing a school uniform, Inita?" I smiled in anticipation. -"I…" she started, blushing.

I waited for her to continue. -"I don't… whenever it is hot, I think clothes… are uncomfortable." She finished. -"In the early 20th century, it was common for schools in Germany to practise 'Frei Körper Kultur' or 'Naturismus' - does anyone know German well enough to translate that?" I said, speaking the words slowly. -"Free Body Culture and Naturism?" Masha suggested, raising a quizzical eyebrow.

-"Yes, and what do you think that means, Masha?" -"Nudism?" She suggested, smiling that wry smile I had seen before. -"Yes, approximately. It means letting the weather and circumstances decide your clothes. The situation decides. The rule will be that we wear uniforms during class and whenever someone from outside of school visits - like the parents right now - and that we are otherwise naked if that is more comfortable.

Always bring a small towel to sit on, by the way. I hope this doesn't sound too strange, does it?" From their reactions, I could tell that they were all pleased that they would get to be naked. The Hypnopedia had definitely worked.

-"Any other questions? No? Ok, then I'll see you at lunch. You have a few hours off." The girls all walked off toward their boarding house, but I stopped them right away when I heard them speaking.

-"Wait! One more thing. From now on, the only language we use when speaking to each other outside of a classroom will be English, unless you get specific dispensation for a school assignment or something like that.

No Russian, Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian from now on, even when you are alone. Practise your English at all times. Also, that way everyone can take part. Got that? Great - have a nice day and see you for lunch." As they were walking away, Masha turned and looked back over her shoulder at me, and I saw her hesitate before she slowed down and let the other girls walk past her and into the house.

I held her gaze as she walked back toward where I stood with Marie, but when she stopped at a distance of two paces, she turned her gaze on Marie instead of me.

-"You're in on this too, aren't you?" She asked. Marie chuckled before she answered. -"This one's perceptive, daddy. Yes, Masha, I'm in on it too, as are all the teachers and our housemaids to some extent." -"And what exactly is 'this' then?" Masha asked, her face strangely calm.

She turned her eyes on me, and I could feel another jolt go through me - part adrenaline, part sexual desire and the sheer effect of her luminous beauty.

-"You… really are a perceptive young lady, Masha…" I said to buy myself some time to think about what to say next. -"But before I give you an answer, please let me know what you suspect or surmise?" -"You've given us some kind of… drug, right?

You're doing something to us all, and it's making us… compliant and credulous?" -"And?" I prodded. -"And it's making us more… sexually liberated? Uninhibited?" She said, frowning with concentration. -"Oh, very good, Masha! You're almost spot on." I looked around to see that no-one else was in sight or could overhear us. -"Now tell me how you caught on?" -"My parents. My father is very protective, and he was suspicious about coming here.

He had all sorts of questions prepared for you, but then during the interview, he was as meek as a lamb… !162 that, and… how all of us just accepted that this school would be a nudist resort whenever no parents are around…" She trailed off. -"And one more thing, right?

Yesterday?" I supplied. -"Yes - during our interview. You did something to me to make me answer without reservation." -"This one's wicked clever, daddy!" Marie exclaimed, smiling radiantly. Masha scowled at her and retorted: -"And you always speak of other people in the third person right in front of them?" -"I'm sorry, Masha," Marie said, making it sound plausibly earnest, "I didn't mean to hurt you.

I'm just very excited to meet someone who saw trough it the way I did." -"He's drugged you too?" -"Not drugged, Masha," I injected, "it's something much akin to a drug, I suppose, but not quite. This isn't the time or the place to explain, though." I shot Marie a warning glance when I saw her pull up Masha in her interface.

-"But I…" Masha began, but I continued. -"I promise I will tell you about what is going on this evening, Masha. You have my word. Come to my office after supper, and I will explain everything." -"Can I be there too, daddy?" Marie hurried to ask.

-"Of course you can, pet." I smiled at her. Masha looked from one to the other and back again, frowning. -"You two are lovers, aren't you?" She asked bluntly. -"Of course we are!" Marie said, "and tonight, I'm pretty sure daddy and I will do more than just explain things to you - won't we, daddy?" Masha blushed furiously at that, and Marie giggled with delight.

-"I'm sure we will, pet. Now, can you promise me that you won't discuss this with the other girls, Masha? I will tell them too, eventually, but I was planning on doing things more slowly. I'll put you ahead of schedule since you've worked out so many things by yourself, but only if you're a good girl and keep your mouth shut, ok?" She was apparently too taken aback by Marie's forthright admission of our sexual relationship to even speak, because she opened her mouth, but didn't manage a sound.

I smiled at her. -"Very good, Masha. Not a word to the other girls, and tonight Marie and I will let you in on our little secret.

Be on your way now, please, and join the other girls so that you don't get left out on anything. And make sure you get your uniforms before lunch - you get them from Patrice, Agnes and Mireille. Marie and I have matters to attend to. Coming, pet?" We left Masha standing on the driveway, looking after us with a puzzled expression. As I held the door open for Marie, I looked back at Masha and made eye-contact with her as I gently brushed her pleasure centres in my interface.

I saw her shiver and open her mouth to gasp before I turned my back again and walked inside. As we walked up the main stairway together, Marie brought Masha's avatar up in her interface and applied a gentle tweak of her own - a very soft sine-wave modulated stimulation cycle that went no higher than 10% of the maximum allowed; barely enough to be distinctly felt, but definitely enough to become enormously sexually frustrating after an hour or two. -"Do you think we have reason to worry about what she will tell the others?" I asked when we got inside my office.

Marie barked a merry laugh. -"Pretty soon, I doubt she'll be able to speak coherently," she replied. -"Perhaps. Still, I'm going to listen in on her all day just in case." I wired us both up to Masha's aural feed. Whatever she heard - including her own voice - we would hear as well.

-"What are you planning for tonight?" -"What makes you think I have a plan, sweetheart?" -"You always have a plan, daddy." -"Not in this case, since she caught me off guard. Why do you think she saw through it all so fast? Or at all, come to think of it?" -"I could venture a guess… have you noticed the way she speaks?" -"She seems to have a good grasp of English, yes.

Better than her parents, for sure - though her mother was pretty fluent, come to think of it." !163 -"Her father is some hotshot lawyer, isn't he? Good genes, agile mind." -"You're saying I've got another precocious little prodigy on my hands? Another smart-as-a-whip little girl with a scintillating mind like yours, pet?" I smiled warmly at her.

-"You're trying to impress with recondite words again, daddy." -"Badinage and repartee aside, I think you're right about her, love. I've noticed with you that whenever there's something that doesn't seem to fit, you won't stop worrying at the problem until you find a solution to the puzzle.

Like a hungry dog gnawing at a stubborn bone… Your brain demands absolute lucidity. It isn't content with the cognitive semi-slumber most people seem content with." -"Thank you, daddy - yes, I think that's why my brain wasn't fooled for as long as the other girls' back when you first abducted us in your RV." She smiled affectionately to take the sting out of her words. "And I think her brain is the same. She's had the Hypnopedia treatment, though - I hadn't." -"You still haven't had any Hypnopedic suggestions, pet." -"No?

How would I know, though?" -"I'm sure you'd notice anything that was out of the ordinary. But how do you feel about Masha, pet?" -"You mean, do I feel threatened by her?

Am I afraid you'll like her better?" -"Something like that. So you're not?" -"Not in the slightest. Is she more beautiful than I am?" -"No my love, you're both solid tens," I said quickly and without hesitation. -"Good answer, daddy. She's a new face though, and your brain gets off on novelty, so there's no need to be diplomatic. Anyway, I really don't feel threatened, and so long as you don't give her the interface and powers over me, I won't feel threatened if you are more attracted to her." -"I'm really that transparent?" -"I know you, and I know how your tastes run.

So back to the question about your plans for this evening? Will you…" She stopped speaking abruptly as we heard Masha enter a room where other girls were laughing and speaking. We both listened in on their conversation for a while.

They appeared to be on their way down to the gym and spa facilities downstairs, and they were speaking about me and how rich I must be to own a place like this. Masha herself was silent for the most part, only humming assent now and then.

When we felt sure she wasn't about to bring up any sensitive subjects, we turned down the audio feed a bit, so that we could speak again. -"So, as for plans…" I said, "How about we just start by relaxing for a while in the jacuzzi, and then take it from there? Improvise." -"You mean, either take it to your suite or into the dungeon?" -"Let's just play it by ear.

For now, though, I want to prepare for my interviews with the Scandinavian girls and their parents."