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Was ist rimming
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Four: Song's Passion Chapter Seven: Dwarf-Queen's Hot Demands By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xerathalasia Ruins of Khan, Kingdom of Haz I smiled as I led my party into the ruins of the dwarven fortress of Khan. The wide entrance that pierced the thick, stone wall led to a courtyard. The ground had been covered by paving stones, yet despite that plants and trees had grown.

The tree roots buckled up the thick paving stones. Swaths of dirt, pushed in by centuries of weather, allowed grasses and shrubs to grow. Nature reclaimed what the dwarves had stolen. It gave me hope. Since I left the forests, it had saddened me to witness how the humans of the Magery of Thosi and the Kingdom of Haz cleared away the natural features and plants to build their homes of dead wood and unliving stone. But nature would one day take it back. My ears twitched as I paused in the center of the courtyard, my eyes drinking in the beauty.

My ears twitched as I slowly turned. Angela, Thrak, Sophia, and Chaun stared at me, their eyes curious. They must assume I was searching for traps or secrets, relying on my keen, elven senses.

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"Well?" Thrak rumbled. "How do we get down into the tunnels?" "I do not know," I answered him. "There should be a tunnel," Sophia said. She pulled a map drawn on aged-brown paper and unfolded it.

She had removed the map from the Library of Khalesithan. It was a detailed map of the known world. "See, there is a marking here at Khan. That's the point of this place, to lead down to the dwarf kingdom." "Let's start searching," Angela said. "Faoril, I think now is as good a time as any to put the horses to sleep." "Yes," the mage agreed before downing a vial of Thrak's cum.

She slipped off her mare Buttercup. Faoril gave the dun horse a gentle pat on the nose. Over a month ago, Faoril had hated both riding and Buttercup, but now the mage sat a horse as well as Angela, Sophia, and Chaun.

"You're going to have sweet dreams. Yes, you are." The four horses were brought together and their saddles and saddlebags stripped off. Though Faoril did not speak as she unleashed her magic, I could hear her voice whispering on the wind. The horses eyes blinked. They swayed and whinnied. Then their eyes closed and their head drooped. They slept standing up. "Now to put them in stasis and hide them," Faoril said, more for our benefit.

Maybe she thought we had forgotten the plan. The horses wavered. The air danced around them, distorting the four mounts, then they vanished. I sniffed the air. Even their scent was hidden. I nodded my head, impressed by the skill of her magic. Faoril herself gave a self-satisfied nod and turned around.

"Okay, let's find the entrance," Angela said. "I wager it's beneath the central keep." "That makes a logical sense," I agreed. "It should be pretty big, correct?" asked Thrak. "I remember from my history lessons that much trade passed through here. I would imagine it needed a wide entrance to allow a greater flow of traffic." "Yes, that makes sense," Faoril nodded.

"It should line up with the entrance we walked through. Xera, is there a path?" I peered at the ground. There was wear on the paving stones. It was slight and it was on the stones leading from the keep. I followed the path, everyone trailing behind me, and came upon a stone wall of the keep. "Well, that didn't work out like I thought it would." "No, no," I said.

"This was covered up. The stones here are newer.


The dwarves bricked up this wall." "That's great," muttered Thrak. "I could use my magic," Faoril said. "Though I might bring the entire keep down. I can't be sure without an examination." "Well, there still might be another way down," Angela insisted. "So they closed up the big hole. We still need to search the keep.

Meanwhile, Faoril can conduct her inspection." "I'll need Thrak's help." "Of course you will," Chaun smiled, his velvety voice a soft purr.

"He is knowledgeable about engineering," protested Faoril. "That's all." "Absolutely, madam mage." My pussy grew wet as Chaun bowed, his tight hose clinging to his gorgeous ass. I would have to enjoy Chaun tonight. It was my turn. The three ladies in the party who were interested took turns with him.

It was only fair. "I would enjoy your company." The changeling bard turned his smile to me. He was as close to a male elf as you could get, no breasts, but his slim body and pointed ears made up for that. And his cock. It was an impressive specimen. "We're supposed to be searching," Angela said. "Yes, searching," Sophia agreed. "I guess that leads me with my Mistress." Angela's cheeks warmed as Sophia pressed up to the knight's side. "Remember, just searching," Chaun winked at Angela.

The keep was dark inside, but my eyes were keen and Sophia used a prayer from her goddess to conjure a light. We split up and passed into different rooms. I had to duck.

Only Thrak was taller than me. Dwarves, apparently, were shorter than humans. Even Faoril, the shortest member of our group, would have to duck to navigate the halls.

Dust kicked up around Chaun's and my feet as we moved deeper. My nose wrinkled. No one had trod these steps in years. The stones were in better condition the deeper we went. Nature had little effect on them. "Stairs." I pointed to a dark opening.

Chaun's silver-white hair almost glowed in the near darkness, especially contrasting against his dark skin. He peered where I pointed and sighed.

"I'll take your word, noble elf. I don't think I'll be much use in the search." "Just put your hands on my hips and follow," I answered.

"Is that the only place you want me to put my hands?" My pussy burned. "There'll be plenty of time for that tonight." I shivered as his hands grasped my hips. His thumbs stroked my naked flesh. I pressed my thighs together, taking a moment to relieve the throbbing itch afflicting my clit before I pressed forward.

I brushed aside a cobweb and then descended the stairs. Cool, damp, musty air wafted up at us. I sniffed. "There's water in the air. The current is cool. It smells different than the rest of keep." "Promising," Chaun said then bumped into me. His codpiece rubbed on my naked ass. Beneath it was his cock. I took a deep breath and kept descending. It grew to near darkness. Even my eyes were having trouble seeing more than a few feet before me.

The stones grew damp beneath my feet before I reached the bottom. My ears twitched as I turned my head, searching for the source of the current.

It came from the right of the stairs. I took two steps and paused. Chaun bumped into me again. "What?" he asked. "Trip wire. Very fine." I bent down and stared at the taut piece of string across the ground.

My eyes blinked. "It's made of crystal as fine as my hair." "Impressive. What's it connected to?" "Don't move." I followed the trip wire, crawling on my knees, my large breasts hanging before me. It led to a mechanism in the wall. I had little experience with such things. I gazed up at the ceiling, then down at the floor. The stones around the trip wire were different. There was a delineated gap in the mortar between certain stones. It formed a circle that Chaun stood at the near center of.

I swallowed. I was at the edge of the circle. "I think the floor falls away. We need to warn the others that there are traps." "Indeed." Chaun's voice was strangled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "Stairs must be important," Sophia said, holding the glowing ball of pink light before her. She peered down the narrow staircase leading down into shadows. "Yeah, it has to be in the basement," I agreed. Sophia went first.

She clutched her enchanted dagger in the other hand. It didn't glow at all. The blade was enchanted to reveal danger, so the ruins were safe.

Her steps echoed as she marched into the darkness. My armor clinked, the sounds echoing through the ruins. "Oh, this is an improvement. There's a high celling." Sophia reached the bottom and held the ball up. "I think it's a store room. There's a bunch of rotted casks." Her nose wrinkled. "And it smells wet and damp down here." I joined her, my gaze sweeping around. There were several tunnels leading off of this room, but Sophia's light didn't fall too far down them.

The air did feel damp down here, and the musty reek made my nose wrinkle. "Which one should we try?" I asked. Sophia shrugged. "How about that one?" Her white robes swirled about her legs as she marched across the room. I strode right behind her. A crystal crunched beneath her feet. Sophia froze and peered down at her feet as the sound of crystals tinkling against stone echoed through the room. "I think I stepped on a string of cr—" Sophia's words ended in a yelp as she was suddenly yanked up side down by her right ankle and hauled towards the ceiling.

Her robe fell down exposing her legs, ass, and pussy, bunching up at her belt. She slowly spun. "Sophia." Panic filled her voice. I responded with laughter.

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"It's not funny," she said as she slowly turned. She struggled and that only made her spin faster. "Get me down." "Now, now," I said as her naked ass spun past me. "That's no way to talk to your mistress." "We're not playing right now, Angela," Sophia said. Her brown hair dragged across the ground as she spun and her pale face had gone red. She spun around and her shaved pussy was right before my lips. "But I can just lean forward and lick you. And I bet you can nuzzle at my pussy, too." "Angela," complained Sophia.

"This really isn't funny. All the blood's rushed to my head. And my foot hurts." I peered up. A thin wire was wrapped about her leg. It was also made of crystal. It glinted in the light of Sophia's pink ball.

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I knew Dwarves were the masters working in stone and metal, but I had no idea they could create such a marvel. How could crystal be flexible? I furrowed my eyes. Was it made of little segments?

I stood on my tiptoes. "Wow," I breathed. It was made of little segments as wide as my pinky finger. They were somehow attached together and could bend at the joints. "Clever." "Please, Sophia." "Okay." I drew my sword. "Brace yourself." I swung my sword above her foot. The crystal's shattered. With a yelp, Sophia fell to the stone floor. Then she grunted and rolled onto her back.

She stared up at me, her face contorted in pain. "That hurt." "How else was I supposed to get you down?" I asked her. I knelt down. "Do you want me to kiss it better." "Yes," she nodded.

"But not down here.

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It's creepy down here." "Angela, Sophia," Xera's voice called from above. "We're down here." "Don't move!" The elf's voice echoed. "The place is dotted with traps." "We know," groaned Sophia. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun "So that's it?" I asked, peering into the dark tunnel. "Yes," Xera nodded. "Smell it?" "No," Sophia answered. I shook my head. After the discovery of the traps, Xera had explored the basement alone until she found the path that led down into the tunnels.

Now we had all gathered. Two globes of floating, golden light orbited us, summoned by Faoril's magic. "I smell water and minerals," she answered.

"The stones are different than what the fortress was built from and the walls have been chiseled and not constructed out of blocks." Xera pointed in that direction. "This tunnel also runs to where the dwarves covered the main entrance." "So that's the beginning of the Kingdom of Modan," Sophia said. She shivered.

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"I really hope we don't run across what destroyed them." "Agreed," Angela said. Thrak uncoiled a hemp rope. "There are no more traps in this room, Xera?" "None." Thrak tied the rope to a stone pillar, uncoiled it to the hole, and threw it down.

He went first, sliding down the hemp and landed in the tunnel below. Xera followed, hugging the rope with her naked body. It was an impressive sight. I smiled, my cock hard. The elf was an exciting woman. It was so strange how my powers did not work on her. There was no man whose form I could assume that she cared for in any way.

Even the lesbian couldn't say that. Sophia had, as a young girl, a crush on a stable boy. I grasped the rope and made sure the case holding my lyre was properly secured, then slid down into the darkness. Excitement built in me. I would compose an epic song. A knight and her questing party venturing into the Fallen Kingdom of Modan to face unknown terror cloaked by darkness.

Every bard craved such a tale to sing. The dangers and risks of my assignment were worth it. Angela, Sophia, and Faoril came down last. Sophia unfurled her map before we headed into the darkness.

The tunnels were wide and even Thrak could walk straight-back, though his head did come close to brushing the ceiling. The tunnel walls were smooth. I could see none of the tool marks Xera did. I ran my hands along them, admiring the skill it must have took to chisel out this tunnel. The tunnel slopped down but ran straight for a while. Smaller tunnels branched off of it, but we didn't take the detours. My legs grew sore and my feet ached. I was used to traveling by horseback. Sophia and Faoril also showed signs of fatigue.

So I pulled out my lyre and sang a song. It was a marching song, designed to lighten steps and reduce the weary rigor of travel. My fingers strummed across the strings as I sang. My music echoed through the tunnels. "Is that really wise?" Thrak rumbled from the front. I froze before I finished the first verse.

"What?" "You will attract notice," the orc rumbled. "Oh, er, yes," I flushed. "My apologies. I just wanted to ease our burdens.

Some of our party are not used to walking." "Sure," Sophia said flatly. Her arms were folded across her chest. I gave the lesbian my most winsome smile. It did little to wipe away her hostility.

She did not like me. I suspected jealousy. Angela was her lover, but Angela enjoyed cock almost as much as she enjoyed tying Sophia up and playing with her pussy. "But Thrak, you are most right, I was not thinking." I sighed as I put my lyre away. My feet really ached. "We have another hour before nightfall," Xera called. "Let us keep walking." "How can you tell?" I asked.

"I can feel the rhythm of the world even down here." I grit my teeth as I took another step. The pain was worth it. I would complete Lady Delilah's mission, compose an epic song, and have my title of master bard restored to me. I would find a privileged place at court and have an endless parade of highborn ladies to seduce wearing their husband's faces. I might even reconnect with my sweet Adelaide. I pictured my princess's strawberry-blonde hair and piercing-blue eyes.

And those lush breasts. So big and round. Like Xera's. I marched in the darkness, eager for camp and the elf's body. I could close my eyes and imagined I was with Adelaide for a few moments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The Tunnels, Fallen Kingdom of Modan The tunnels remained unchanged on our fourth day of travel through them.

There were many branches, some as wide as the one we traveled through. We kept having to consult the map Faoril bought in Esh-Esh to navigate and stay on the right path. The tunnel spiraled us us deeper and deeper underground. I could feel the stone lurking above my head, threatening to crush down on us. My shoulders squirmed, but I ignored it. We had a mission to accomplish and my fears would do little to help. But I missed the openness. I had grown up on the northern tundras, on endless plains of sere grass and rolling hills.

I could see vast distances, and not just the dozens of feet Faoril's balls of light allowed me to see. As we neared our midday break, Xera strode up to me. "There are noises ahead. Movement. Footsteps, the bang of hammers. It sounds like a village." "Smells?" "I pick up something.

Not human or orc. A different smell." "Foul? Could it be goblins?" "I have never smelled goblins before," she answered. "I do not know what is ahead." "Then we should move with caution." Xera passed the word. We crept forward. Every time we passed a side-tunnel, I heard the tink of hammers.

Sometimes, I would catch a ruddy glow. The tunnels were not empty of life as we expected. We did not stop for our midday break. Angela agreed to hurry us through in case we were walking through a threat. Everyone moved as quiet as possible. Faoril snuffed out one of her lights and dimmed the other. She kept it in the middle of the group, lighting our steps and little else. Xera took the lead with her keen eyes.

When she froze, I drew my ax. A harsh voice boomed out of the darkness in a language I had never heard. Booted footsteps approached. Faoril flared her light while I grit my teeth and prepared to face the threat.

The steps grew closer, coming from one of the side tunnels. Figures stepped out. They were dwarves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faoril Shevan, The Fallen Kingdom of Modan The dwarven kingdom was not as fallen as we had believed. Short, stocky, bearded men wearing plate armor made with such skill it did not rattle as they moved. They held wicked halberds with sharp ax-blades on the end of stone hafts. Luckily, one of them spoke human with a guttered accent, demanding to know why we had ventured onto their territory.

When Angela told them our purpose to retrieve adamantium, the dwarves had grown quite agitated and insisted we go before the Kings of Barzidi. From what I knew of dwarven custom, Barzidi would be their queen and ruler, though her seven husbands would handle most of the administrative decisions. Seven husbands. I glanced at the dwarves. They were shorter than me, and almost as wide as my Thrak. And though they had those long beards, they had to be powerfully muscled to stomp around in all that armor.

I pictured myself surrounded by seven dwarves with hard cocks aching to fuck me. How wicked would it be to have more than one lover? Dwarven women had the right idea.

It was, of course, a natural result of their skewed birthrates. For every seven males born there would be a single female. When we entered their city, Shevan, there was not a single female dwarf to be seen. Plenty of men wearing leather vests and pants, leaving barrel-chests bare.

They were all strong and had the look of laborers. My pussy itched beneath my robes. Even their beards seemed sexy as I gazed at those sculpted pecs and abs, and those thick arms. How big were their cocks? I wanted to find out. The dwarves watched us pass through their city in silence. They paused in their labors, whether working at forges that seemed heated by liquid magma itself, or shaping stone with tools, or even tending to strange, cow-like creatures that munched on fields of blue-glowing lichen.

Every male dwarf worked. No one was idle. Not even their children. Young male dwarves assisted. Their city was constructed in a natural cavern, filling up all the space with buildings that reached to the ceiling high over head.

Light glowed blue from strange lamps. It wasn't magic. They had found a natural way to produce phosphorescence. It was clear they needed no help from the surface to survive in the depths. The soldiers escorted us to a building that appeared a little larger than the rest. It was just as grand and ornate. The dwarves covered their buildings in carved reliefs depicting past triumphs. Everywhere you looked was a new work of art adorning something as mundane as a smithy. The dwarves took pride in everything they did.

We marched up the steps to the new building and through a pair of tale columns shaped like dwarven warriors with hammers raised high to hold the ceiling aloft. Inside the building, the floors were covered in an intricate pattern of colored tiles that led to a throne at the far end. A woman sat on the throne. Seven male dwarves, their arms folded across their chest, stood around the base of the throne, screening us from Queen Barzidi.

She sat naked save for countless golden necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and belly chains. Though she had the same stature as the dwarves, she was not stout. She was slim and beautiful, her breasts as large as Angela's. The mounds rose and fell as she breathed, her necklaces slipping around to reveal a pair of pink nipples. Her hair was fiery-red and adorned with a gold net twinkling with emeralds. The warriors proclaimed something in dwarven, then they retreated, leaving us before the Queen of the Dwarves.

The Queen's eyes flashed across us. They seemed to linger on Thrak. She straightened in her throne and said something in dwarven. One of her seven husbands stepped forward. He had a black beard and hair. He kept his arms folded before him. Chainmail armor adorned him, no doubt more comfortable to wear than the full plate of the guards.

At his side hung a sharp ax from his belt. All her husbands were similarly armed. Each looked prepared to fight to protect their wife. "Why have you tread our tunnels?" he asked. "We need adamantium," Angela asked. "I am Angela of the Knights Deute on a Quest. I need adamantium to accomplish it." "Then you have wasted your time," the dwarf barked.

"There is no adamantium to be had. The mines are closed." "We understand the risks and are prepared to brave them." The dwarf snorted. "What risks can you possibly understand? Do you know what lurks beneath our feet? No. How could you?

It is cursed down there." "Still," Angela insisted. "I have a skilled and capable party. I have a mage and a priestess." "We have priests," sneered the dwarf. "Krab's mighty blessings and crafts were no match against the horror." "Does the horror even still exist down there?" Sophia asked.

"It's been centuries. Do you ever venture into the mines?" "They are forbidden to all. Only those with the Queen's blessing may enter. And she will not give it." "Why doesn't the queen tell us that?" Thrak asked.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The dwarf glared at me. His black beard bristled. "I am Azken, her first husband.

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I speak in her name." My eyes glanced at the queen on her throne. She had a sultry smile as she stared at me. Her legs parted. She threw them over the arms of her chair. Her pussy lips glistened with golden piercings. She rubbed at her pussy and let out a cooing moan.

Azken glanced over his shoulder at his masturbating wife and shook his head. He glared at me. "You are not welcomed, outsiders. You have wasted your time.

You shall not be permitted entrance." The dwarf queen moaned again. She licked her lips. Her breasts jiggled beneath her jewelry as her body undulated. Both her hands caressed her pussy. Her dainty toes, adorned with jeweled rings, curled as she let out a shuddering moan. My dick grew hard.

Sophia let out a purring moan. Queen Barzidi may be half my size, but she was sultry and curvy. Her fingers made a wet noise as they plunged into her dripping pussy.

Her juices glinted in the white lamps that illuminated her. Azken said something in Dwarvish to the queen. "No, I will not stop," she answered in human, her voice musical. It lacked the rough gravel of a male dwarf. "Not when such a handsome man stands before me. Mmm, look at him, Azken. So big." Her dwarven husbands shifted.

I swallowed. Would the masturbating queen cause her husbands to lash out with jealous violence? I did not know the sexual mores of the dwarves other than their women had infamous appetites. How else could they keep seven men satiated? Her fingers pumped faster. Her moans echoed through the throne room. My dick ached. Sophia squirmed her hips as she watched the sexy dwarf-queen masturbate. Barzidi brought her left hand to her breasts and pinched her nipple, pulling on the nub. "Do you think you'd crush her," Faoril said, her voice low.

"She's so tiny." "Maybe," I answered. Faoril patted my cock tenting the front of my kilt. "Krab's skilled cock," gasped Barzidi. "He's so big. Show me your cock, mighty warrior. Let me see it." I glanced at her husband. His face was hard. "Oh, please, show it to me," gasped the Queen. "I need to see it. Are you huge? Please, let it be huge. I need something big to fill my cunt." "If I show it to you, will you let my companions and I venture into the mines." "No," she moaned.

"But I'll consider it." "Barzidi," Azken shouted then rumbled in dwarven. She moaned back, then turned to me. "Yes, yes, show me your cock.

Mmm, you are an orc, yes? With that swarthy skin. Ooh, no dwarf has ever fucked an orc." Faoril hauled up my kilt. "It is huge, your Majesty," she smiled. She grasped my hard cock, stroking it with her hands. "I can vouch for it." "Yes, yes, yes," gasped Barzidi. She undulated on her throne. Her fingers dug deep into her wet pussy. "Such a huge cock." "It will feel so good sliding through your pussy," moaned Faoril.

Pleasure shuddered through me as Faoril's hand reached the tip of my cock. She rubbed the crown. I shuddered as the sensations rippled down my cock and spread through my body. "You're his wife?" gasped the Queen. "Will you share his cock with me? Will you let me feel it in me? I need it." "Will you let us into the mines?" "If he satiates me," gaped the dwarf queen. Her eyes squeezed shut. Juices squirted from her pussy as her orgasm crashed through her. "Yes, yes, yes.

I will let you through. Oh, yes. I need that cock in me." She heaved a final time as her orgasm reached its peak. Then she sighed and smiled. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them clean one by one, her jewels flashing in the light. Then she descended from the throne, her hips curving. She pressed through her husbands and stood before me. Her small hand grasped my cock.

She only came up to my waist. She leaned in and sucked the tip, her tongue playing with my piercing. "I can't even fit it in my mouth," she cooed in delight. "Come, mighty orc, my bed awaits." "Have fun," Faoril winked. "Wow," Sophia whispered. "No wonder we didn't see any of their women.

They would have swarmed Thrak. I bet they're all in their houses masturbating. I've never seen a woman so horny before." "And only I get to fuck you," sighed the Queen. "Ooh, every woman in the kingdom will know their Queen fucked an orc. They will all love me and envy me." Her hand tightened on my cock as she led me to a door behind the throne. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "Wow," Sophia groaned again. "Can you smell her juices? That was so hot." "When we camp tonight, I'll make you feel good," I promised her even as I watched her shift her thighs.

I knew she was masturbating herself. She could cum without using her fingers to play with her pussy. Lucky her. My cunt was on fire beneath my armor. Thrak vanished into the doorway. Chaun, looking crestfallen he wasn't chosen to be the queen's lover, sat gracefully on the floor and rubbed at his feet through his boots.

Sophia shuddered beside me, her eyes squeezed shut, her smile growing. So lucky. "So," Faoril said, sidling up to Azken. "While my man is entertaining your wife, I could help you out." "With what?" Azken asked, his eyes narrowing. "Why didn't the display of your wife make you hard?" Faoril leaned over, staring into the dwarf's face. "I know it made me wet." A look of disgust crossed the dwarf's face. "Are you looking to mate, human?" "Well, if not mate, can I at least collect your cum.

I'm a mage. I would love to find out the properties of dwarven cum." "Not interested." "Surely you could use some relief. Your wife is being fucked by my orc. Doesn't that stir anything in you." Faoril opened her robe, spilling out her tits. "Or how about these? They're not as big as your wife's, but aren't they delicious?" Azken stared at them.

"Put those away. You are like our wife. She is always nagging us for sex." "Such a troublesome duty," grumbled a second husband. "I am glad it is my turn. I suspect your warrior will keep her satisfied for at least a day." "Maybe longer," a third said with some hope.

"You don't like having sex?" "It's so messy," Azken said. "And such a waste of time," a fourth husband added as he stroked his red beard. "Much like this meeting. We could be at our crafts." I laughed at Faoril's crestfallen face. She closed her robes and straightened up.

Her cheeks reddened and she backed off to us. She shook her head. Faoril was a cum-slut. All female mages had to be. She gazed at the seven dwarves and their muscular, strong bodies with longing. "I hope Thrak can get it up tonight," muttered Faoril. "I'm so horny. Seven hunky dwarves and I can't even give one a handjob." "There's always Chaun," I said.

"I'm skipping my turn tonight." Faoril's smile brightened. "Good. He's almost as talented." "I can hear you speaking," Chaun said. "Then you should improve," Faoril laughed.

"No woman has ever had cause to complain over my performance." "Sure," muttered Sophia. Her face was flushed. I had missed her climax. She gave Chaun a look, then put her arm about my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder. "I hope this doesn't take long." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The tiny dwarf queen led me by the cock through the corridors. Her hand rubbed at the tip, her small fingers brushing my cock.

All her necklaces clinked together, forming a sweet music as she walked. Her naked ass swayed. The waistbands of gold she wore had thin chains ending in diamonds and rubies that slid across her curvy, pale cheeks. "Are all your kind so endowed?" she purred as she stopped at a door. "No. None are bigger than me." "I can believe that," sighed Barzidi. "The only good cocks we get in Shevan are gnomes.

Gnome traders enjoy their stay. I always love dealing with their delegates. Dwarf cocks are so.lacking." "How sad for your women. "I know," she sighed. "And our males' bodies are so sexy. Pity you have no beard. I love feeling a full beard scratching at my tits. Though your chest." She let out a hungry purr and threw the door open. "That will do." Inside, situated in the room's center, was a raised platform holding a slab of stone.

The room was warmer than the corridors though I saw no fires. She reached the stone slab and stretched out on it, her jewelry tinking.

She writhed on the slab. "Your bed?" "Yes. What else would I sleep on? The floor? Now come and pleasure me, Orc." "Yes, your majesty." My hands could wrap about her slim thighs. I pressed them apart and exposed her shaved pussy lips. Her musk filled my nose. It was tart and strong. I inhaled it, my cock aching beneath my kilt. Her hands stroked my muscles as I leaned down and licked at her tiny pussy. Could my cock even fit in her? "Oh, yes," she groaned.

"Your tongue is huge. Yes, yes, lick me, orc. Make me cum and then fuck me." Her slim, small body writhed. Her large tits, for her size, jiggled beneath her necklaces. The gold slipped off her mounds, exposing their full, curvy shapes. Her fat nipples thrust up like a pair of pink jewels. She seized them and pinched. "Yes," she moaned.

Her hip hump, smearing her hot pussy against my hungry lips. I licked and tongued her. I shoved my mouth into her pussy's depths. Her thighs constricted about my face. Her small body quivered, shaking those delicious tits. I reached out and groped one as my tongue fucked in and out of her tight cunt. Her juices coated my mouth. Her back arched and she squealed. She seized my hand and pulled my fingers to her lips.

She sucked on my reddish-brown fingers like they were cocks, moaning the entire time. "Yes," she groaned between sucks. "Mmm, yes. Devour me, orc. Worship my pussy. It is a queen's pussy." "And should be treasured," I rumbled.

"Oh, you are wonderful," she panted. "Could you be persuaded to stay?" "I am afraid not." "No, no, your human wife wouldn't allow that." "That's right." To head off this conversation, I thrust fingers from my other hand into her tight, juicy depths.

Her eyes widened. She sucked on the fingers from one hand as her pussy clenched on the fingers of the other. Her hot, sleek tunnel clenched about them. She bucked and moaned. I leaned in and licked at her small clit, pierced by a gold ring. I seized the ring and pulled. Her clit stretched.


My finger popped out of her mouth. She threw her head back and arched her body. She let out an explosive moan. Her eyes fluttered in her head. Her toes curled and and relaxed as she spasmed her joy on the table. "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped. "You mighty orc. Oh, yes, that's it. Keep pulling and keep fingering me. Make me cum. I need it." I tugged harder, letting out a fearsome roar.

My cock ached as her tight pussy clenched on my finger. Her thighs spasmed and pressed against my cheeks. She sucked on my finger again, her cheeks hollowing as she spasmed and orgasmed. Juices squirted out of her pussy. I lowered my lips and enjoyed their tart flavor. I licked around my finger, gathering up her excitement while she kept thrashing. My dick ached. Between her mouth sucking on one finger and her pussy convulsing about the other, I needed satisfaction.

"I'm fucking you now," I growled, ripping my fingers from her. I seized my kilt and pulled it off, unveiling my full, naked body. "Yes, take me, orc warrior" she moaned. "Ram that cock in my pussy." She reached down and spread her pussy lips open, exposing her pink tunnel.

"Fuck me with that cock. Krab's skilled hands, yes. Fuck me. In seventy years, I've never seen the like." "Seventy? You look barely twenty." She smiled at me. "Mmm, I was real wild then. Now fuck me!" I towered over her as I knelt between her thighs. With my right hand, I scooped up her waist, lifting her pussy to my cock. My thick head pressed into the dwarf's small cunt.

Her labia pressed around the tip. I looked so big. How could I fit in her cunt? "Yes," she moaned as I kept pressing forward. "Oh, gods, yes. Keep going. Oh, so good. So good." Her eyes squeezed shut as my thick cock forced her labia to spread wider and wider apart.

She shuddered as my dick sank an inch into her tight, hot cunt. She was a furnace about me, and clenched down on my dick. I groaned. I had never felt anything so tight. "Come on and ravish me with that cock," she hissed. I pressed farther forward. My dick kept sinking into her hot, tight snatch. Her groin and stomach bulged with my cock. She was stuffed so full I could watch my cock's progress as I stabbed deeper and deeper into her cunt.

Her tiny body trembled and shuddered. Her pussy convulsed about my cock. She had cum before I even buried all the way into her.

Barzidi gasped, her face growing red as she struggled to breathe over the passion exploding out of her. "Krab's mighty cock!" she screamed. "Oh, yes, orc. Fuck me with that monster. I took it. I took an orc's cock into my cunt." "You did," I growled, my dick buried in heaven.

I drew back and slammed into her depths. It was so hard to fuck her. She was so tight. It almost hurt my cock. But the pleasure was intense. It rippled through me. Her dick spasmed and convulsed about my cock.

My balls boiled. Every stroke through her pussy kept her cumming. I had never been with a woman so easily brought to orgasm. Her moans echoed through her bedchamber as I fucked her small body faster and faster.

I stared in fascination at the bulge my cock made in her stomach as it slammed in and out of her cunt. Her tiny body spasmed and her boobs jiggled. Her necklace jingled as she spasmed. "What a cock! Fuck me!

Fuck my tiny cunt! Make me cum, orc!" "Yes," I growled. "You're a slut. A dwarven slut that will do anything for my cock." "Anything," she gasped. "Keep fucking me. Make me cum." "You'll let me and my companions venture into the mines." "Gladly," she screamed. "Just don't die. I need you to come back and fuck me again." "I won't!" "Good. Now slam that cock in me and cum!" "Yes, my queen!" I growled. Her fingernails scratched at my chest as I pounded her cunt.

Her pussy had loosened enough for me to ravish her. My heavy balls slammed into her body while she shuddered and shook. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her orgasm reached even higher peaks. My dick ached in her spasming, tight furnace. The pleasure shot to my balls, increasing the pressure.

I grunted with every stroke, savoring every inch my dick slid through her tunnel. My strokes grew more erratic as the need to cum filled me. "Gewin's cock," I grunted as my dick erupted. Her eyes shot open. "Yes, cum in me!" My cum erupted in powerful blasts.

It spurt out of me and painted the insides of her pussy. Every blast of cum sent lightning bolts of rapture through me. I threw back my head and bellowed as her pussy milked my cock.

"Orc warrior," she cooed as I let go of her body. Her pussy slipped off my cock with a loud plop. My cum instantly flowed out. She shoved her hands between her thighs and gathered up my jizz. She brought handfuls of the creamy spunk to her mouth, devouring my cum. "Do we have your permission to enter the mines?" "Yes," she moaned between greedy licks. "Oh, yes, yes, yes. So good. That was the best cock I've ever had." She slumped back on her stone bed and smiled at the ceiling.

"Gods, I can sleep for a week." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Thrak had the hugest grin on his face when he returned without the queen.

It was clear he had satiated Barzidi. When Azken went to check on his wife, he was beaming when he returned, equally happy with Thrak's efforts. "You have fucked her to unconsciousness, great orc," Azken said. "As she promised, we shall open the way into the mines." The other six dwarves all nodded, equally happy with the results.

I shook my head. Who would have thought there was an entire race of men who had no interest in sex. Sophia clearly liked it.

I bet she had fantasies of keeping all the dwarf women of Shevan satiated. Well, Queen Barzidi was gorgeous even if she had the stature of a child, though no one could mistake that lush body for one.

The dwarf kings led us out of the palace and to a massive door made of metal built into the cavern wall at the back of the kingdom. A whole company of dwarves, at least a hundred strong, stood guard before the door, and when Azken gave the order to open it, a squad of crossbow-dwarves aimed their weapons at it.

The circular door creaked open onto a tunnel much like the one we descended on. A stale breeze washed over us and a low moan went through the dwarven warriors. Fear burned on their faces. I swallowed and stared into the darkness. What waited for us? "What is the horror?" Faoril asked Azken. "Anathema," he answered. "It feeds on life. It was all the mage Tovin's fault. He had enamored Queen Kazodi with promises of increasing the adamantium yields. Whatever happened in the mines unleashed it.

Queen Kazodi, the mage, and her seven husbands, along with hundreds of miners, were never seen. The anathema rampaged and destroyed the old capital." Sophia pressed against me. "The nearest mine shaft is off the first tunnel. Descend. You'll know you've reached it when you find the rest post. It should be a safe place for you to camp. It will even have baths." I nodded. "Thank you." "When you return. Knock three times. Pause.

Knock twice. Pause. Then knock three more times. We shall open the gate for you." Azken shook his head. "Though I do not expect you to return. My wife's foolishness has doomed you." "We'll be fine," I swallowed.

"If anyone wants to back out, I understand." Sophia took my hand. "I'm your acolyte. I have to go with you." I gave her a smile, leaned over, and kissed her on the lips. They were soft and delicious. "I trust Faoril's magic and my ax," rumbled Thrak. "And Xera will lead us true. Even the bard's music may come in handy." "Perhaps my song can soothe it," Chaun said.

He stood up beside me and gave me a cocky smile. "I have never tried to seduce a horror before. Sounds like a challenge." "We need the adamantium ore," Faoril said. "Xera?" "I have made my decision to walk with you." Tears burned in my eyes. I smiled at all of them. "Thank you." Xera smiled at me. I took a deep breath, hefted my shield, and marched into the darkness beyond the massive door.

Sophia walked at my side. Xera strode past me, trailed by Faoril's bobbing light. Thrak joined her at the lead. Chaun and Faoril took the rear. Behind us, the doors groaned as they swung closed. I took one last look at the stout, dwarven warriors too afraid to tread beyond the doors.

The light from the dwarven city narrowed to a sliver and then vanished as the door boomed shut. The massive mechanism that locked the door rattled. We were on our own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lady Delilah The Ruins of Khan, The Kingdom of Haz I stared at the garnet pendant, matching the one I gave Angela, and conjured a vision.

I watched as the knight strode into the dwarven mines. Chaun walked behind her. The changeling had not flinched yet. He was made of sterner stuff than I had imagined.

I had no doubts he would accomplish his mission. I saw the greed in his eyes to reclaim all he lost. I let go of the garnet pendant and cast my eyes upward. The erinyes Angela and her party drove from Lor-Khev circled. I doubt the erinyes would be brave enough to venture underground. She was a creature of air and fire. And she had patience. I sighed. Slata and her petty vengeance. I hated the Goddess of Motherhood. She had caused so much grief in my life. I leaned against the stone ruins and waited to see how the events in the mines would play out.

Would Angela triumph and find the adamantium ore, or would she perish in the dark depths lost to history? To be continued.