Se masturba militar negro para mi mejor amiga

Se masturba militar negro para mi mejor amiga
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Amanda was a 19 year old fresh faced young women with long legs voluptuous ass nice body and long blond hair.

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A shy girl though that had very strict parents for an upbringing and had not yet experienced anything life had yet to show her. Up until last year that is when her parents were both tragically killed in a terrible car crash. As Amanda walked in nervously in to her first day of work in an accounts office as a junior she was made to sit next to a 29 year old woman called Sam who was very friendly but as she admits she has played the field many many times.

The two girls hit it off and became best friends and they started to go for evenings out. One day Sam invited Amanda over to her house and they downed several bottles of wine together.

Sam knew that getting Amanda tipsy made her come out of her shell.


Amanda would say that she constantly has dreams. Dreams that she wanted to be a slut, a worthless slut whore as they giggled together drinking more wine. Sam remembered the good night they had. Months passed by and they started to fall out by arguing with each other a lot in the office. Things could not go on they way they were. Sam now hated Amanda. Sam had some very dubious characters as friends from her dodgy past and remembering all the secrets that Amanda told her she formulated a plan to get rid of Amanda out of the company.

Sam contacted some old friends and after some arrangement were made she put her plan in to action, First she had to pretend to be friends with her again and win her trust, then after getting friendly again she said to Amanda "I am so sorry about all this, please let me make this up to you by going for a girls night out.

Wear something sexy". Amanda turned up at Sam's house as arranged in a lovely one piece short red dress extenuating her curves and once inside she introduced her friends who quickly gagged her and tied her up.

I don't like you Amanda!


Sam said with rage in her eyes. I want you out.

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Here look on your email, this is your resignation letter. SEND. And it was gone to their manager.

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You are not going back. Sitting there tied up Amanda could hear Sam talking to the powerfully built men. How much for this slut? And various other mumbling she could not hear.

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She then saw a lot of money exchange hands before Sam saunters over to her and says Well bitch your new life is beginning now. I hope your dreams come true she smirks. The men bundle Amanda in to the back of a van and drive off.

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The journey was long but finally they arrived and she was taken out if the van and put in to a dank and dingy room for the night. The next morning she is fed cheap looking food for breakfast and a man comes in with a syringe you are going to like this.

No she cried no! Two other men rush in and hold her down whist the other injects her with crystal meth. This happens several times before Amanda starts shooting up on her own until one day her owner says you owe me a hell of a lot of money in purchasing you and paying your drug habit.


You are going to have to earn some money bitch. I am going to make you work the streets. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. Forced to work the street like a common whore, a hooker touting for business. With her good looks, big breasts, ass and long legs it was not difficult for her to get her first customer as he pulls up and says how much for a blow job love?

Startled Amanda didn't know. She just blurted out erm £5? Done! Said the customer. As she gets in to his car and drive off to a secluded spot the man gives her £5 and he unzips his trousers and pulls out his small shrivelled up penis. Amanda is startled as she has not seen many penises before "come on then" said the man, "grab hold of it. It won't bite". Amanda grabs hold of the penis which starts to grow in her hand. She pulls the shaft back and licks the tip of his cock before sliding down on to his shaft with her seductive red lips.

It felt good as she sucked the middle aged man off but he quickly moaned, held his hands on Amanda's head so she couldn't move as he shot his sticky load in her mouth.

Amanda had nowhere for the cum to go other than to swallow it. As the man let her go she choked as she got up, re buttoned her top and got back out of the car.

She did a couple of blowjobs that evening and at the end of the night her pimp collected her to take her back to her digs. How much did you earn tonight?

I earned £50. £50?! The man said what the hell were you doing? I gave 10 men blow jobs. You stupid bitch! You stupid stupid dumb whore! You asked way too little.

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The customers must have thought it was Christmas at the rates you were charging! The next day the man took her to the other side of town to stay.

This is my old friend Marlene she is going to look after you. Cigarette hanging from her lips she looks at Amanda and says "Great, another druggie. At least she still has her looks. For the moment"" Julie! Take this girl to room 8 we can start her off from the bottom learning the ropes" The room she moves in to is her living quarters and where she will service men.

Over time she does everything to earn as much money as possible to feed her drug habit from blowjobs to full unprotected sex for more money to anal sex inserting 9 inches in to her big fat arse. Amanda's dream was now real and true with no way of escape.