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Gay family porn Latin Teen Twink Sucks Cock for Cash
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Well, first story. Might as well tell you a introduction. It was winter break.

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December 23 was the day, but there was a build-up. I was a young man. Maybe one of the more attractive young men in my grade, but then again I was the only black kid. Tall, lanky, and 13-years-old. Light skinned, about the shade of caramel. 6 feet tall, 150 lbs. or so. With a normal short haircut.


Very athletic too. I played basketball, football, and track. And it was evident with my build. She was 17 and white.

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Tall too, about 5' 9", about my weight, but I didn't care. She was friendly and a junior in high school. Smoked cigars, weed, and drank. I avoided those things. I cared more about sports than all that nastiness. But, it all worked out. In both of our favors. DAY 1. "Oh man!

Am I looking fresh or what with these shorts?" I said to my friend as we walked out of a sports store. "Ya ya sure, what bout my AF1's?" he said as he walked with swagger in his new Nikes. (We were very materialistic and always cared how we looked, in a heterosexual way.) As we walked down the different sections of the mall, we heard a voice call from a kiosk. "Hey, you!

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Hey." an unfamiliar voice called. I turned around wondering if it was me. (I had known very many people then; I was often being reacquainted with friends.) "Ya?" I responded. I turned and saw an above average looking woman sitting down.

"Are you from around town? I swear I've seen you before. Walking to school. How old are you?" This made my heart jump. She obviously paid attention to me to notice the fact I walked to and from school. "13.

And yeah, I'm from around town." "Oh." She brushed and played with her hair, and I could feel her eyes lightly checking me out. I had zoned out and forgot I was with my friend. "Hey I'm gonna go meet up with some friends, see you." he said. We shook hands and he jetted.

All I could focus on though was this girl. Who was she? How old was she?

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I knew she was interested in me to at least a small extent, I wanted to know more. "How old are you?" "I'm 17.

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I'ma junior at the high school." I don't know why, but then and there my eyes decided to wander. She had a pure white fleece jacket on that masked her breasts, they were big. Bigger than any girl my age's.

DD? Or something like it. She had jeans on that were slightly tight, snug, if you will. Her hair was tied back, but still was very beautiful.

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Dirty blonde, with streaks of brown coloring. Her face was smooth and her complexion was good for a white girl. Her eyes were green, and I know I'm going to be cliche, but they were green like emeralds.

She looked like a woman that I could appreciate, respect, and get to know. Not to mention I was more attracted to older girls due to the fact I looked 15 or 16. "Oh. I see. Well what are you doing here at this stand?" I inquired. "I don't even know. My friend works here and he's on break so I'm hanging out." she said.

"Oh. So where in town do you live?" It was a bold question. But then again I was a bold man. Young man. ******************************************************************************************************************************* We later kept talking and I found out she lived across the highway from me.

About a block away. I told her to keep in touch and she agreed. We talked and talked and eventually I convinced her to drive over and visit. "So." I checked my watch. 8:35. The mall closed at 9. "You should do me a favor and put my number in your phone?" I said with a cocky smile. "You really are 13, aren't you?" she said with a smile that got me good. I almost couldn't handle the flirtiness. "I guess so." and I hit her with a smile she'd never forget.

Later that night as we were texting. Me: Hey ;) Her: Hey there.


Me: Watcha up to baby? Her: Nothing. What bout you? Me: Laying down, hey uh. Mind if I tell you something? After a while. Her: Ya? :) Me: You're cute.

;) hehe Her: Oh yeah? Me: Yeah. Her: Hehe ;) well. I fell asleep, but was later awakened by the sound of my phone vibrating. "Ugh. Hello?" I answered with a slightly annoyed tone. "Don't go to bed hun, no, not yet." "Why?" I yawned. I kinda didn't care.

"Because. I don't know. Just don't. Besides, I haven't had a man in a while." "Mmph." I was too tired to comprehend.

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I hung up. I knew she would understand. And besides I was thrown off by that last line.

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I thought about it more than I should've. "Besides, I haven't had a man in a while" I closed my eyes and eventually slept. Part of me wanted to call her back. The other part, well. It was asleep. ******************************************************************************************************************************* I know it's a slow start, but all good things take time.

And besides, this is my first story. I have to get used to the style of it. More to come when I have time, be patient.

It's only Day 1. You can already tell though that she's a little interested. Haha.