Girls and guys sucking and fucking hardcore at the poolside

Girls and guys sucking and fucking hardcore at the poolside
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Rachel was a sixteen year old blond. She was single and had a perfectly round ass, and her boobs were a great size too.

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She was easily the hottest girl at her high school, though she was single. She never wanted a boyfriend, and denied every request that came to her from any boy to be his girlfriend. She lived on a small property that was isolated, and she lived alone. She didn't want to live with her parents because they wouldn't let her have her freedom, never allowed her to do anything, and over all, allow her to own a horse.

She always wanted a horse, for as long as she could remember, and now on this property she owned one of her own. A gorgeous bay stallion named 'Thunder'. He was very strong and always jumpy.

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One fine Saturday Rachel was doing chores around the stable. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties due to no one else living with her.

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She wore loose shorts and a very baggy top. As she was bending over to pick up a brush, she felt her pussy stick out between her legs, and this turned her on. She stood up and slipped her hand into her shorts, rubbing her fingers over her clit. She gently pushed onto her clit as she rubbed, causing her to moan. She was a virgin and loved masturbating, she had never done it in the stable though, but there she was, rubbing herself wet in the isle.

She had forgotten Thunder was in his stall and he could smell the faintness of Rachels pussy juices. He flared his nostrils and took the scent in hungrily.

She continued rubbing herself before sitting and spreading her legs for easier access. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as she slipped her fingers into her now wet clit, rubbing herself she thought was the best thing anyone could ever do.

She moaned louder as she became more horny.


The stallion was now watching his owner, and turned on by her moans, he was slowly lowering his cock. The scent was stronger now and he hadn't fucked in a while.

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He was definitely horny and he whinnied a loud, high pitched whinny, interrupting Rachel's pleasure scene. She snapped back to reality and removed her hand from her shorts, annoyed by Thunder.

She stood up and walked over to him. He instantly started licking the hand she was using to pleasure herself and she giggled, allowing him to taste her. "You were perving aye buddy?" She unlatched the stall door and walked in with him, oblivious to his hardening cock.

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She walked to the corner of the stall to check his water trough and then felt a tug at her shorts. She turned to see Thunder biting at the shorts and tugging them. "No Thunder!" Rachel bobbed his nose to stop him and as he pulled away, her shorts were ripped off her to reveal her ass and virgin pussy.

The stallion dropped the shorts and bit her shirt, tugging hard on it until it too ripped off to reveal a naked Rachel. Rachel was horrified and tried covering her pussy. The stallion dropped her shirt and shoved his muzzle to the girls pussy. Rachel had turned, her back facing the stallion. The stallion nosed her and then found her pussy, he poked out his rough tongue and liked up and down the girls pussy, Rachel couldn't believe it.

"T-Thunder stop." She pleaded with the stallion but he didn't, she was his now and he wasn't letting her go until he was done. Rachel screamed and threw her hands up in attempt to shoo the stallion away, but no, this seemed to make him more angry. He pawed the ground and flared his nostrils.

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The girl was terrified, she was cornered in the stallions stall. She was unaware his cock was dangling beneath him and that he was eager to use it. She didn't realize she was the only female there, and the only female there was what he wanted. The stallion lifted his head and nudge the girls shoulders down, she was now leaning against the stall walks in a right angle position, perfect for him to mount her.


Rachel realized what he was doing and ducked her head underneath her to see the stallions cock, dripping pre-cum. She squealed in fright. She then felt the stallions hot breath on her shoulders and he nibbled her hair, she then heard a shuffle and a tremendous amount of weight was on her back and she fell forwards and down, her head slamming into the side of the stall.

She felt the stallions legs close around her waist and her ass and pussy were being held by his legs up, in an easy to reach position for the hungry stallion. He then thrust forwards, his cock grazing her virgin pussy, she screamed at the feel and felt the stallion thrust again, the head of his gigantic cock was invading Rachel's pussy. He started thrusting forwards as Rachel's head was repeatedly hit against the stall wall.

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She felt his cock burying into her and he was massive, she was continuously screaming at the excruciating pain. "FUCKING HELL THUNDER!!" She screamed at him as he pushed forwards, her pussy was throbbing from how much she was taking in, it was ripping her apart, tearing her soft pussy walls as it was being invaded. She was being raped by a horse.