Twinks gay porn free movies big dick Jared Lysander is a handsome

Twinks gay porn free movies big dick Jared Lysander is a handsome
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For a few days after I last encounter I could not help but think about Nicole. I masturbated thinking about her while my wife slept alone. My marriage seemed to be sinking but all I cared about was the next opportunity to be with Nicole, she was intoxicating and I was hopelessly addicted.

On Wednesday morning I could not help myself and called her. When she answered I was elated to hear her voice yet terrified for I had no reason to be calling.

"Uh hi Nicole. It's Bill." I said my mind racing for some reason for the call. "Hey Bill. What's up?" she replied. Just the sound of her voice had stirred movement in my pants but that was nothing I dared mention over the phone.

"Just." think damn it! Think! ".calling to see if you and George have plans for this weekend?" What the hell was I doing? I always let the women make the plans. Surely the others would see through my error in judgement. "Sorry Bill. We are out this weekend." she replied. My heart sank a little knowing it might be a while before I saw her again.

"Oh George wanted me to ask you if you wanted to join his bowling team? They bowl on Tuesday nights and need a forth." What the hell did I want to go bowling with George for? Mostly I hung out with them to be around Nicole. "Uh I don't know. I am not much of a bowler." I replied looking for a nice way to shoot her down.

"Great to hear!" she replied. What the hell? I said no right? "Be at our house at seven on Tuesday. See you then." She hung up on me before I could clarify that I had said no.

Tuesday came slowly yet I did not care. I would only see Nicole for a few seconds at best, hardly seemed worth the time but I decided to take it. I put on my old bowling shirt and dug my bowling ball out of storage, I had not bowled since Tabitha had decided to join a league. We had only played a few games before she decided she hated it. Our bowling stuff had been in storage ever since. I had even considered having a garage sale and getting rid of it. I drove over to Georges place and headed to the door ball in hand.

Nicole answered the door to my delight. "George ready?" I asked. "George is bowling, probably head out for a few drinks after so he won't be home for four hours or more." said Nicole. "Please come in." I walked in, dropping my ball off to the side. I guess I would not be needing that after all. Nicole had an odd look in her eye. It was a look I had not seen before leaving me a tad wary. She led me to the sofa where we sat down.

I looked at her, my eyes devouring her from a distance. I slid over closer and pulled her to me. Our lips met in a slow passionate kiss. I held her head firmly not allowing her to break the kiss for a full minute. I had wanted her all week and if I got nothing else I made sure I at least got a good long kiss out of it. She withdrew wiping away a little spittle from the corner of her pink lips then gave me a big smile.

I had been worried that I had been a little too forceful prolonging the kiss. For the next fifteen minutes we embraced in repeated long wet kisses, our tongues invading each others mouths only to recoil then attack again. They twisted entwined caressing each other then retreated teasing and beckoning for another go.

By the time we were done I was ready to cream in my pants. I wanted her so badly. Nicole led me from the couch up to her bedroom. I looked at her concerned that if we did it there we would certainly be caught by George. The evidence would be impossible to ignore. "Not here." I said. "George would find out." "Shhh.

I am going to change the sheets anyways. I am supposed to be doing laundry tonight." she replied. Our clothing came off in record time. I made ready to give her some quick oral so I could get to burying my boner in her delightful snatch but she pushed me away.

"Slow down. I want this to last a little longer this time. We have hours not just a few scant moments." She produced a towel from her night table and tucked it under her shapely ass.

I climbed on top of her carefully adjusting my weight so as not to crush her. We resumed kissing. After a few minutes I broke the kissing to wander about her body. I kissed from her neck to ear, back down her neck, over to her shoulder, peppering her with soft sensual kisses. Then I moved to her firm breasts and sucked in a nipple. I flicked it with my tongue causing her to let out a little moan. She sucked in a lungful of air as I began to twirl my tongue around her hardening nipple.

Soon it was standing erect under my oral assault. Nicole seemed to be enjoying it. I moved to her other magnificent breast and went right back to work leaving both her nipples standing.

I intended to move down her lean fit body but she pulled me to her, her mouth pressed urgently against mine. We resumed our passionate kissing. Then I realized what she was up to as I felt her hand grasp my manhood and direct it to the entrance to her love tunnel.

My mind went back to our previous encounter when I lost control. I figured that I really should use a rubber. My short lived resolve ended as she wrapped her legs around me, tilted her hips and pulled me into her silken depths. Apparently I was not the only one turned on by all of the kissing. She did this without even breaking the kiss. I kissed her back more strongly trying to focus on the kiss and not the overwhelming pleasure of my member moving in and out of her.

We went slowly for a few minutes. She rarely allowed me a second to even breath. I tried twice to speak, to warn her I should get a rubber but each time she grabbed my head and smashed her lips into mine. A few minutes later I was getting worried. I could feel that I would not last much longer. She seemed to note my tension releasing me from her grasping arms and legs. I pulled out immediately. "Sorry. I really don't think I should be doing this without a rubber." I said apologetically.

"Not after last time." "Relax Bill." she said, her voice sweet as honey. "I let you go. Now where were you before I grabbed you?" She hit me with a smile. I kissed her then made my way slowly down her body, across her taunt athletic stomach to her clit where I stopped.

She was soaked from the kissing and intercourse. Never had I been with anyone who got so wet. I loved it.

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I took her clit tenderly between my lips and began a slow flicking motion across it with my tongue. Nicole moaned softly. She ran her hands through my hair as I affectionately licked her love button. I changed from flicking to longer strokes with the rougher part of my tongue. With my hands I caressed her inner thighs running my hands from her crotch down to her knees then back again as I made soft oral love to her.

My face was damp from the nose down with her moisture, which continued to build up under my tender attention. For many minutes I stayed like that listening to her breathing intensify. Slowly she began to lose control.

Her body began to writhe, bucking her hips ever so slowly up against my face. I reached under her seizing both butt cheeks and holding her firmly against my mouth. I quickened my pace licking intently, I was locked on to her clit and there was nothing she could do about it now. Her body bucked harder now trying to break the contact and slow the assault of my tongue but I would not release her though she was not putting up much of a fight so much as losing control.

Harder and harder she squirmed, her moans growing louder, her breathing more labored. I knew that she was close. She grabbed my head, taking in handfuls of my hair. I released her left cheek and slid my hand along her crack.

As I brushed across her puckered anus she twitched. I mistook her reaction and moved my fingers back slowly caressing it with my middle finger. "Don't do that." she said. The tone of her voice told me she was dead serious. I slid my hand back under cupping her shapely firm ass and gave it a good hard squeeze. My error slowed her down considerably. It took a few minutes to build her back up.

When she got there she bounced on the bed like a woman possessed uttering inhuman groans. My death lock on her ass kept her snatch right where I could do my work and I was relentless. Finally unable to hold back she came screaming so loud I feared the neighbors would call the cops. She convulsed violently twisting about on the bed. Before she had pushed my face away but this time she either chose not to or was unable to with me locked onto her. So I got a face full of her delirious orgasmic deluge.

I was shocked as it hit me spraying me good. It only lasted a few moments then she sank back her body limp. "Oh my god. I have not cum like that in." she moaned. ".maybe forever.


Fuck Bill your tongue is amazing." I used the sheet to wipe my face and chest off. Then moved up to give her another deep wet passionate kiss.

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I wasn't sure if she would allow it or pull away but she eagerly accept my mouth on hers opening wide to allow my tongue access. Our tongues met in a familiar erotic dance.

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Instinctually I positioned myself on top of her and was inside her before I had even given it a second thought. My sensibility had left me as I pounded away on Nicole. I was a mad man unleashed upon her. The slow deliberate strokes from earlier were replaced by frantic slamming strokes.

I pulled out until the tip of my hand on was barely still inside her then rammed back into until I was ball deep only to draw back and do it all over again. The intensity of each powerful thrust jolted her causing her to make almost whimpering noises beneath me. Was she enjoying it?

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I wondered. I wasn't even sure if I cared I was consumed by the need to reach my own orgasm. I took her hard and fast for a few short minutes then I felt the sum begin to build up. As I began to tense up she wrapped her legs tight around me pulling me in harder with each thrust, she pushed up hard against me meeting my assault, increasing the impact.

I knew then that she was into it as much as I was but I was in trouble. Our previous fuck session ended like this. It was amazing and terrifying. I knew, since she had told me, that she wasn't on any form of birth control. If I got her pregnant it would be the end of things with her and likely the end of my friendship with George and the end of my marriage. I was so wrapped up in my worried flashback that I did not even hear Nicole as she whispered in my ear.

My mind was made up. Her legs were strong from her palates and running but I had to get them off of me before I could withdraw. I grabbed both firmly and wrenched them apart with all my might. She fought me, she fought hard, much harder than I would have guessed.

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Luckily I was stronger and managed to break her hold on me just in time to yank my penis out at the last possible second. Dripping with her love juices my erection sprang bobbing for a moment then unleashed a massive torrent of cum splattering from just above her quivering cunt up to her beautiful breasts.

"Fuck! Fuck, Fuck, fuck!" I exclaimed as wave after wave of cum erupted from my dick. I reached down and milked the last few drops out before examining my handy work. A thick line of my cum ran up her body pooling in her cute little belly button. As I came down from the orgasmic high my mind raced back to panicked the moments prior to my explosion. Then I remembered what she had whispered into my ear.

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I looked at her partially apologetic partially freaked out. "Did I hear you right?" I asked. "Did you hear me at all!" she replied clearly angry. "I couldn't, I shouldn't. What would George do if he found out?" I asked. "George knows. He has always known." she replied. A tear forming at the edge of her eye. "He chose you." I had a shower and got dressed. The remainder of the evening went by in awkward silence.

I did not know what to say.


Nicole felt that I had rejected her, maybe betrayed her in some way. I was annoyed that she wouldn't have tried to discuss it with me before hand. You cannot spring something like that on a guy without warning. Not when it goes against everything you are trying to accomplish.

I drove home with her words ringing in my mind, over and over and over. "Bill I want to have your baby."