Portion of facial for a gal

Portion of facial for a gal
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The Perfect Hand Tim Jenkins seemed like just your average 11th grader. His grades were mediocre, he played basketball and baseball for his high school, and he was noticed by girls. His problem was that he'd never had a girlfriend before and was too nervous to ask a girl out. As we all know, this may cause some problems when you are 17. His lack of girls led him to become a porn addict. This is where the story starts.

It was mid-October, and Tim had the day off from school because of a teacher work day. Baseball practice was cancelled because of the pouring rain outside.

Both of his parents were at work, and his little sister was over at a neighbor's house. Tim rolled out of bed at 11:15 a.m., feeling very horny.

He crossed his room to his computer and booted it up.

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He went to his bathroom cabinet and got out his lube. The AOL screen popped up, saying "you've got mail!" 'Interesting, thought Tim, he had just checked it the night before.' He checked it and noticed it was from someone he had never emailed.

The beginning read like this: "Hey baby, I think we could really get along if you just gave me a chance. Until then, I'll always be yours, at least in my fantasies." 'Wow, thought Tim, I've never got anything like this before.' There was more: "Scroll down, and I'll show you what my breasts look like." He immediately scrolled down, starting to feel his boner pushing against his boxers.

There on the screen was a medium-sized picture of a big set of breasts. The email read further: "I'm a mother of 3, 5'5", dark brown hair, D-size breasts, and I've got a big ass.

If you like what you see, email me and we can talk." 'Sure thing', thought Tim. He immediately replied saying: "Hey, you sound great to me.

Write back and we'll chat." He was so horny, he couldn't think this was really happening. It was like a dream come true. After he sent it, he noticed it was from "[email protected]" 'Well, he thought, that sure is a "mother I'd like to fuck"!' Little did he know what would happen that night.

Tim looked down and saw his boner. He had to satisfy himself. He brought the picture back up, lubed up his boner, and started to beat his meat.

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When he was finished, he noticed that once again, he had new mail. 'Wow, he thought, I hope that's her!" Sure enough, another message from [email protected] The message read: "Hey baby, I hope you're as horny as I am right now.

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My pussy is really wet, and I can't stop rubbing it. My AIM is "milf69". Hit me up, now!" 'Sure thing, thought Tim.' He loaded up his buddy list and added her in.

Right away, it indicated she was online. "Hey, he typed" He felt so nervous, he didn't normally have successfull conversations with girls, let along women. Immediately, the reply "Hey baby, I knew you'd respond!" "So, he asked, Are you still wet?" "Yeah, my panties are soaked", she said.

"Hey, she asked, do you want to come over and meet me?" "Uh, Tim stammered, do you even live near me?" "Oh yes, she replied, you know me pretty well! In fact, I even live one street over from you." 'Tim tried to think of all the women he knew who lived close to him in his neighborhood.


A mother of 3? Gosh, it couldn't be Mrs.

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LeBleu, could it? She was the french woman who lived one street over. Oh hell, he thought, she matched the description. She had 3 daughters, and just the body she had described. Being a fan of beautiful mothers, Tim had even fantasized about her a few times.

He had done a few odd jobs for her family, raking leaves, mowing grass, etc. Well, only one way to find out, he thought.' "Oh wow, you're not Mrs. LeBleu are you?" "Oh, oui oui, she replied, that's me! So, did you still want to come over?" "What about your husband?, asked Tim." "Oh don't worry, he's still at work. He works 9-5 each weekday with occasional meetings in the evening.

In fact, he has a late meeting tonight! Isn't that good news?" "Er, sure, stammered Tim, what about your daughters?" "Oh, they're over at a friends house, just like your little sister." Tim could feel himself starting to get hard again. "So, how soon can you be over honey?, she asked." "Uh, just a few minutes." "Ok baby, I look forward to seeing you! We'll have lots of fun." "Ok, see you." Tim couldn't believe this was happening.


One of the women from his fantasies was now asking him to come over to her empty house and do things that he had only dreamed of. He took a fast shower, got dressed, and got on his motorcycle, heading for Mrs.

LeBleu's. Tim barely had time to park his motorcycle in the driveway before he heard a voice calling him from a side door: "Over here, mon cherie!" He saw her waving him inside and obeyed.

When they were inside, she asked if she could get him anything. "No, that's alright, thanks for asking Mrs. LeBleu, Tim stammered." Tim couldn't help notice how she was dressed. She was wearing a short, black skirt that showed off her beautiful thighs and ass, and her large breasts pushed against her white blouse. "By the way, call me Celeste, my first name. Alright, I think we know why you're here." She walked up to him and gave him a quick, short kiss, then pulled away.

Tim could feel a boner rising in his pants. Another kiss, this one much longer and fiercer. This time she whispered in his ear "I want you baby!" She quickly reached down and grabbed his hardening cock. 'Ah, thought Tim, that feels so good!' "Do you like that baby?, she asked." "Oh yeah, replied Tim, yeah!" They dropped onto a plush sofa and started to make out again. Tim started rubbing her breasts through her blouse. "Oh, moaned Celeste, that makes me want to fuck! Fuck me, fuck me!" 'Shit, Tim thought, I don't have a condom!' "Uh, Mrs.

LeBleu, I don't have a condom." "Oh, don't worry baby, I'm on the pill, she replied. My husband and I try to have sex, but he can't keep an erection up long enough. Although, we should go in the bedroom. By the way, don't call me "Mrs. LeBleu." I told you to call me Celeste, remember?" They walked up the stairs of the large house, her leading him to her large bedroom.

What happened next was the result of two extremely horny people. Celeste threw Tim onto the bed and immdiately jumped on top of him. While they made out, Celeste slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her black bra covered breasts. Her short skirt was slowly riding up. Tim could feel his boner pushing ever harder at his pants. Celeste stood up, and slowly, teasingly, took off her skirt. Her matching black thong with a garter belt and stockings made Tim feel like ripping them off right then and there.

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"You like that baby?, asked Celeste" "Oh yeah, yeah, yeaaahh!, replied Tim" "Then do me a favor and eat me" Celeste lay down on the bed, legs spread. Tim, on his knees, slowly began to remove her thong, as she removed her bra. After her breasts were exposed, Tim exposed her pussy. He couldn't believe the sight. Just above her dripping pussy was a little patch of brown hair, well maintained.

Tim slowly leaned forward and began to tease her. He kissed the insides of her thighs, rubbing her patch. He gave her pussy a quick kiss. Again, a quick lick on her clit. "Ahhhhh, oooh, yes!, she screamed in passion." Tim couldn't hold back any longer. He went at her madly, licking up all her juice, forcing his tongue as far in her as he could. After 5 minutes of this, he could slowly begin to feel Celeste starting to shake.

"More, more, yes, right there, AHHHHHHHHHHH EEIII AHHH!!!!!, she moaned." Tim witnessed his first female orgasm as Celeste shuddered and shook into the best she'd had in years. When she had finished and relaxed, she immediately instructed Tim to roll over and undo his pants. His shirt and pants were off in seconds, leaving him just in his boxers. Knowing Celeste was more experienced, he left the rest to her.

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She slowly removed his boxers and stared at his growing monster. "Oooh, it's so big, and hard!, she exclaimed." She gently took his 8" rod in her hands and began to massage it. As she engulfed it in her mouth, Tim felt as if he would explode right then.

She continued this for a few minutes, sending sensations through Tim he had never felt. As she shoved it deep in her throat, she got an idea.

She instructed Tim to mount her, and he did. Celeste was quickly on her knees, hands on the headboard, bucking. As Tim entered her for the first time, he couldn't believe it. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced. He slowly moved his cock in and out, getting Celeste even more wet. This continued for 5 minutes, him spanking her now and then, and her calling out in pleasure. They soon switched to the missionary and made out all the while.

Celeste could feel herself coming to yet another mindblowing orgasm. As it happened, her pussy tightened, and Tim felt even new sensations. Tim began to feel her large, soft breasts.


As he licked her hard nipples, he began to work in and out of her pussy even quicker. He quickly removed his cock and brought it up to her face. She took it in her mouth again, with him shoving it deep in her throat. As he slowly worked it in and out, he began to really feel as if he would bust. As the orgasm hit him, he quickly pulled out and sprayed his thick cum all over her face and breasts.

He kept pumping until he was dry and Celeste was covered. He put his cock back in her mouth and she licked him clean. This continued for a few hours and for a couple more years. It wasn't until Tim went off the college that the visits became more infrequent, mostly on holidays. Three years later, they felt it was time to part. After a night of their hardest lovemaking ever, they said their goodbyes.

"May we meet again, mon cheri. Au revoir!, swooned Celeste"