Hot couples fucks hard on the swinger party

Hot couples fucks hard on the swinger party
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Twin Girls Fun By Blueheatt "I had just moved into a house for rent. One side room was just for storage, as the girlfriend Brittney and I slept on the other side of the house. That night I was looking for something and I heard some girls laughing next door.

I peeked thru the blinds and saw a set of twins with the shade up.

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They were feeling each other up and giggling. I turned out the light and went and got my girlfriend Brittney. We eased the blinds open a little and sat and watched the show.

They looked hot, both with long blond hair, hot young figures and a nice sets of tits. They continued feeling each other and soon they started removing each others clothes. Their fingers reached down and they fingered each others pussy's.

They kissed passionately and started getting themselves real excited. They then laid down on a big bed. I guess they never even thought about their window.

There was a fence between the two houses on one side, and our blinds appeared closed. Our house was higher than theirs on a hill side, and we could see their bed perfect. They started rubbing their pussy's together and feeling their tits. One dropped to her knees and started licking the other ones pussy. We watched them get hotter and hotter. Then they got in bed and they went to a '69' position together. They licked and played until they started humping each others face.

&hellip.Brittney reached over and felt my boner and smiled. I put my hand down her shorts and she was wet. A live sex show, this was great. We left them and went to our bedroom and we got naked. Brittney was a tiny hot looking 21 yr old, with a killer body and great tits. Long reddish brown hair and could dress like she was way younger.

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She could look like she was 18. She got on top of me and said: "Donnie, I bet you would just love to fuck those two girls, wouldn't you." I smiled and said: "I would fuck one while eating the other ones pussy, then switch …sounds good to me&hellip.and I bet you would love to stack them together and eat both of their little pussy's at the same time." She wiggled her pussy on me and said: "Ooooo that sounds very hot, I wonder if they would like a four some?" I said: "Well&hellip.why don't we just find that out." The next day I saw my neighbor in his front yard doing something.

I went over and introduced myself. Soon the twins came out and stood by him, He introduced them, "These are my twin daughters, Megan and Millie, I can't hardly tell them apart my self." and he chuckled. The twins giggled and whispered. I said I was Donnie and I taught a creative writing class the local Tech School.

The twins started whispered and turned away from us. Their dad and I talked a little more and as I was walking away the twins came up to me and whispered&hellip.("We have a story we would like you to read, will you?") I said sure, bring it on over. They giggled and ran away. I told Brittney they were coming over with a story they wrote for me to look at. &hellip. Brittney got an evil smile and went in to change her appearance.

She came out and looked like she was the twins age. It wasn't 10 minutes later when they knocked on my door. I invited them in, and introduced them to Brittney. The one twin pulled out a folder from under her top and handed it to me. She explained: "We don't want our dad to see this&hellip.ok?" I said: "ok" and led them into my den where my computer was. I said: "Let me read this while Brittney fixes us some drinks, then I'll call you back in here." They said: "ok", and giggled.

The one twin whispered in my ear…("…it's a porn story.") and they left to go in the living room. Brittney, knowing what we'd seen out our window, started talking about sex with the twins. They were all ears to hear what she had to say. Brittney&hellip. (I told them about a three-some I once had.) "Me and girlfriend got together with a guy and we all wanted to have a hot three-some.

The guy came over to see me and my girlfriend. He started kissing me and feeling me up, and then he invited my girlfriend to join in too. She gladly did, and we all liked it. We all kissed and felt each other up.

We pulled the guy up to my bedroom and we all got in bed and continued." (the twins had put their hands in-between their legs as I talked. Soon they began to squirm a little as the story was making them hot. Their breathing increased and they started slightly rubbing their hands up and down between their legs.) I continued:&hellip.

We all undressed each other and now it was skin to skin. We got us all hot and he started fucking me first. He then pulled my girlfriends legs, and laid my head on one of her legs, her pussy now was right in our faces.

He and I started licking her pussy while we fucked. We all climaxed at about the same time and it was a special hot cum for all of us." The twins sat out of breath and moving their hands between their legs, and loved the story. They looked at me and rubbed my leg… They told me their story was a porn story and they wanted Donnie's opinion on it and any suggestions. I got up and sat between the twins. I held both their hands and placed them between my legs. I asked them if their story was from any real life experiences.

They giggled and both said yes. I said that those were the best stories. I started slowly rubbing their hands on my pussy and leaned my head back and closed my eyes. The twins started right in feeling my pussy.


I started slightly moaning and put my hands in between their legs and started feeling their pussy's&hellip. Donnie&hellip. I yelled out that they could come in the den, that I had read their story. The twins took a last good feel of Brittney's pussy and they got up and came in the den.

They were out of breath and I got chairs for them on each side of me. Brittney came in out of breath to. I knew something got hot in that living room, and I smiled at them. They smiled back and giggled. I had scanned their story into my computer. It was only two pages and of course crude. I started reading it out loud: "We are girl twins, we like lots of sex. We play with each other all the time.

We met two boy twins and we wanted to have sex with them. They said ok. We went to our bedroom and had sex. They liked it and so did we. We got caught having sex with the two twin boys.

We had to go to see their dad. He told the boys to not do it anymore and sent them away. He closed the door and said he would like to have sex with us too. We said if you don't let us get in trouble, we will have sex with you too.

He locked the door and ask us to play with his dick and make him cum. We did, and now we didn't get in trouble. We like him and we go to his office every week. He won't put his dick in us yet, but soon we think he will.

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We know now how to make him have a have a hardon and he likes that. We want more sex from him and we took some pictures of him when he wasn't looking. If he doesn't have sex with us we might&hellip." That was the as far as the story went.


Brittney leaned over my shoulder and told the twins that a good sex story rating, was if the guys reading it get hardon's. They both looked and my boner showing in my pants.

They grinned and giggled. I said also that if the women readers got wet pussy's. They both looked at Brittney. She put her hand down her shorts and check to see of her pussy was wet. She smiled at them and said: "See for your self." She started undoing her shorts and pulled them down and then her panties.

She has a full bush of pubic hair. She put her hands on her hips and waited for them to feel for themselves.

They both looked at each other and grinned. They got on their knees in front of Brittney and both put their fingers in her slit. Both their faces lit up with smiles as they felt her wet pussy. She whispered to feel the inside too. They pushed their little fingers in Brittney's pussy. Smiles again. They had never felt another girls pussy except each others before. They liked it and one twin closed her eyes and moved her fingers in and out.

The other one felt Brittney's clit and played with it. I said: "Well it looks like you have the start of a hot porn story going here." They stood up and thanked me, and asked if they could come over and use my computer to add to it.


I knew that their dad worked a 2nd shift and didn't come home till about 1 am. I said: "Sure, after your dad goes to work, come on over." They looked very excited and took their story and left. The twins back home&hellip.

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"OMG…that was so hot! We got to feel Brittney's bush and wet pussy!!…and did you see the big boner on Donnie?&hellip.I got so wet and tingles in my pussy. I bet we get more action tonight…I can't wait! I would love us to lick her pussy and get to play with Donnie's big boner.…and maybe watch him cum for us, or&hellip.maybe.fuck us!&…that would so be so hot. Do you think they'll play with us? I bet they will, that Brittney has the hots for us, I can just tell…I'm so wet, come on, let's go to our room&hellip." Donnie&hellip.

Brittney pulled me in our spare room and said: …"Watch". The twins went in their room and got naked and started fingering each other, laying on their bed. Brittney and I watched them through our blinds. I stood behind Brittney and rubbed her pussy as she reached back and rubbed my dick as we watched. I whispered (".what all did you do to those girls in the other room?") She wiggled her butt and said: ("…I just got them warmed up for maybe a hot four-some tonight dear.") Brittney watched thru the blinds as the twins got naked and put robes on and left their room.

"Here they come" she said. Soon they were at the door as Brittney let them in, she was only wearing a robe also. She brought them in my computer room and we let them sit and add to their story. Brittney sat between them and typed as they decided what to write. Soon she had her hands in their laps and they put theirs in between her legs. I sat back and watched, in my robe also. Brittney said quietly: " Tell us what you wished would have happened in the boy twins dad's office maybe?" They giggled and started tell her what to write.

Brittney typed as they both talked, &hellip. they wished he laid them both on his rug and had sex with them both. Brittney asked: "Did he play with your pussy's first?" They said "No"…"…well he left out the best part." she said.

"Like this"&hellip.she put her fingers in the opening of their robes and let her fingers move down to both their little warm pussy's. They both leaned back in their chairs and opened their legs wide. Their hands both reached over and did the same to Brittney, as they all rubbed and felt themselves. I walked up and whispered: ("…I think we'd all be more comfortable in the bedroom.") They all got up still feeling each other and came in our big bed. I took off my robe with my boner sticking out big as the twins eyes got big looking it.

Brittney laid in the middle as I opened her legs wide. I whispered: ("…let all make Brittney feel good, girls.") They watched me get on my knees and scooted up to Brittney and rubbed my dick on her wet pussy. The twins watched wide eyed and grinned at each other. I moved back some and said: ("& me out some, girls.") I took each of their hands and put them on Brittney's damp pussy.

They started right in feeling it, as their other hand rubbed their own pussy's.

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I started jacking myself slowly. I was just inches away from their hands feeling Brittney's pussy. Both their eyes were on my boner watching it. I scooted it closer. I started rubbing it on their hands as they fingered Brittney.

They both switched slowly to feeling my dick. Brittney slowly started pulling one twin's pussy's towards her, lifted one leg and started licking her pussy. Her twin started feeling Brittney's pussy. She seemed to love Brittney's full bush, as they didn't have any pubic hair.

I laid back and pulled my twins pussy to me. She was fascinated with my dick. We all slowly rolled toward each other and my twin started licking my dick slowly all over. Brittney's twin started parted her pubic hair and started licking her pussy.

We now had a double 69, 4 some. We all moaned a little as the licking became hotter.

Brittney's twin went right for her clit, as her fingers went in Brittney's pussy. Brittney did the same to her. My twin sucked and jacked my dick in her mouth as I licked her little clit and put two fingers in her tight pussy. We all moaned as I heard the licking sounds. Then they stopped. I heard them giggle and they switched with us. Now we had the other twin on me and Brittney. We all giggled at that little move. Soon Brittney came up and rolled me on my back and started jacking me. The twins joined in watching and touching me as they knew I was going to cum soon.

Brittney and the twins all joined in licking my dick and six hands all jacked me and three tongues licking the head of my dick. I couldn't take it………&hellip. and shot a big stream of cum up in the air as three tongues licked my head as more kept coming and coming. Brittney and the twins all rubbed their clit fast and orgasmed together moaning and gasping for air. All their tongues raced to lick up my cum, which went all over me.

I got so dizzy I had to take a deep breath to keep from passing out. …As I drifted out, I felt a wet twin pussy on each of my legs as they played with my still hard boner. Brittney had a twin's pussy in each hand from behind, massaging their wet pussy's. -------- &hellip.The next day Brittney told me she overheard them whisper that your boner was bigger than dads&hellip.oooo. I wondered if they just happened to see his dick, or there was more to it.

Brittney smiled and said: "They are so sexually active, I'm sure their dad has sex with them&hellip. all the time&hellip." &hellip.We continued our night visits with the twins. They would come over at night in their robes with nothing on underneath.

We would go straight to our beg bed in our bedroom. Brittney kept probing a little at a time about their dad, but they never talk about him. They loved to go 69 with Brittney, licking her pussy and playing with her clit until she would climax along with the one licking her. They would suck and play with my dick until I shot cum in their mouth.

They loved to switch with each other and continue with us. I would be licking ones pussy and switch-o, now I was licking the other. This night they want me to fuck them. They both had said they had tied tubes, and couldn't have kids. They laid me on my back as one got on top of me and eased my dick in her.

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She moaned as the other rubbed her clit. Brittney was all excited while watching the other one fucking me. Then it was switch again, and the other one got on me. Soon the one sitting straight up and bouncing on me, started to moan and was going to climax. The other twin came right over and stuck her pussy in my face. She then faced her sister's pussy and started licking her sisters clit that was fucking me.

I shot the most intense load in her I could ever remember. My cum shot in the twin like a blast. Brittney lay beside me and fingered her pussy. It even made her orgasm just watching. My cum filled the twin's pussy fucking me and kept on till it gushed out onto the other twins tongue as she climaxed while on my face. The whole room moaned for a long time. The twin on my face licked all the cum that flowed out of her sisters pussy, over and over.

He sister finally pulled me out of her and he sister started licking her cum filled pussy. Brittney and I were fully spent, and moaned for a long time. The twins went 69 and kept licking each other for a long time.

Then they licked my dick until every drop was swallowed by them. They both smiled and said: "See ya tomorrow!" and giggled, put their robes back on and went back home. Brittney and I looked at each other, we were both so spent, we just started laughing and shook our heads in amazement. -------- Their dads story&hellip. "What to do with nypho twin girls.

It started when they were 13. They were getting interested in sex then and I was the male in their lives. Their mom died at their birth.

One morning they decided to come get in bed with me. They didn't say anything but just started massaging me, but it went further than I ever expected. I was on my stomach as they felt me all over.

Then their little hands started feeling me between my legs. I could hear them giggle quietly as they continued. I let them do whatever they wanted, as stopping them would only send them to other boys and get them in trouble.

They ran their hands under my boxers, up my legs, and started feeling my balls. They rolled me over and both their hands went down the front, now feeling my dick. They pulled my boxers down and four little hands began to feel me and jack me. I pretended to be asleep and never said a word. It was the only way for them to satisfy their condition.

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They jacked me and both started licking my dick. It felt wonderful having 4 hands feeling me and 2 tongues licking me. Soon they took turns sucking my dick. They started fingering themselves and then each other.

They began to breathe hard as this was their first time feeling and sucking a male and it really excited them. I had seen them lick and suck each other and have orgasms. They would leave their bedroom door wide open, hoping I would see them and get turned on. I did, as I soon stood and watched them go at it, day or night. Now they had the real thing in their hands and got hyper to feel, lick and suck every thing they could. Their sexual desires were peaking as they both jacked and sucked me as they fingered themselves.

I couldn't hold back and they made me cum, and cum big. They couldn't get my cum in their mouths fast enough. They both orgasmed and moaned as their first taste of cum went in their mouths. Their little fingers rubbing their little clits as fast as they could. They licked up every drop of cum off of me. I had shot it everywhere I was so excited. They got it all and double checked and licked me again.

No words were spoken, just our moans, over and over. From then on they would come back every few mornings for more. &hellip. Now I watched them as I stood in their doorway. They would play with each others pussy's, finger themselves, and lick themselves to orgasm. Then they got up and pull me into their bed and place me on my back. We never spoke as they now took turns putting their pussy's in my face and have me lick them to orgasm. They moaned and then took turns sucking me till I shot cum again.

They then lick me clean, moaning all thru it. A few days later they led me in and they laid on their backs and had me lay on top of them as they lay one on top of the other on their backs. I took turns fucking them both, alternating between their pussy's. I shot a big one. I would cum in one and then the other as they moaned loud and held each other. They shook and fingered their clits till they just got to weak to do it anymore.

They just moaned and both rubbed my body for a long time as they played with my cum. --------- I know my new neighbor and his girlfriend have their hands full.

I hear how the girls talk about there nightly adventures and giggle. There is no satisfying Megan and Millie,… but it sure is fun trying……