Jizz dripping from her pretty face

Jizz dripping from her pretty face
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I felt the mountain breeze on my skin. "By my beard.winter has me." it was winter in this region. I was on the border of kel and ready to rest. It had been a two weeks of riding. I had "acquired" a fair amount of gold from some less than trust worthy characters. But I was getting killed by this snow. I couldn't help but think of my home. My family. My team. All of it. I didn't know how to get back home. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw a mountain gate. I got closer and it opened.by its self.

"Cmon girl. Don't be scared. Were gonna hopefully eat, sleep, relax, and maybe get laid?" "She neighed and I rubbed her mane. When I got to the halfway point I was greeted by a monk. "Name and business?" "Oh dral stop that! He is a weary traveler. My name is tanya. This is my temple. Follow me please. I dismounted and was taken into a massive temple.

"Welcome to the house of aura. Please come this way." she led me into a room with a hotspring. "You may rest here. Dinner will be ready momentarily." I stripped folded my clothes and stepped in.

"By the void that feels good." I leaned back and shut my eyes. I began to hum a tune when I heard some one else humming to. I opened one eye to see a very tan woman with white tattoos sitting across from me. "The tune of fortune. You know it well." "It was sung to me as a child. My mother always told me my life was going to be a grand one." A woman passed by with alcohol and she tapped the womans leg.

"Two please. And the bottle as well. She swam over to me. "Dreyah." "Torl." I smiled and shook her hand. Her grip was incredible. "Torl. Where are you from?" "I had no home. I was raised on the rods of the east and came north to kel." "We do not teach alchemy here.

We are a school of magic. Silly child." I grinned and flicked a blue bolt to the wall and it fizzled out. "My my. Handsome and adept in the art." "Im just a wandering soul milady. Thought about joinin the white hand." "Well our meeting is fate." Her smile and attitude made for a great combo.

So positive. She was truly an optimist. "I need a tutor for my magic and swordsman skills. Just to learn the basics." "I will tutor you in magic and sword play. In return you tutor me in archery." I was pretty bad with a bow by now. "Ok. But what does that have t-" she stood up and turned her back to me. My jaw dropped. Such a body. "Eyes on the tattoos buddy." "Youre a white hand field marshall?" "Well of course.

I am dreyah the decimator." "Never heard of you. Your title means nothing. It's a persons actions and morals that define them." she beside me and poured us both a glass of drink.

"To new alliances." we both started drinking. "So youre telling me you slaughtered 20 legionnaires in one go?" "Me and my pal. I used my power and charged this bow I stole. So when I let it rip it just frickin rained!" we both started laughing. "Theres something you hide. You tell a halftruth when you speak of your family." I went pale as her tattoos. "I need to be excused." I tried to escapee but she grabbed my thigh. Almost touching my cock. "Tell me torl. Ive heard worse." I leaned back and sighed.

I felt her arm wrap around me. So I told her. Of my real home of my escape. All of it. "Ok so I was wrong. You are an anomaly. But its ok. No one individual is to be the same as another." I sighed. "These blue tattoos. They look like." "Lightning. They are. I was given them by the magic I bear." "Amazing." "Dinner is ready. Get dressed and come sit." "Yes mistress." she leaned in and kissed me.

"See you at dinner tonight. Friends." I watched her walk away and I was left rock hard. I got out and changed into something comfy.

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I walked into the dinning room and sat beside dreyah. "And here he is ladies." "You didn't tell us he was this cute." I blushed. "So youre going on a grand adventure hm?" "I wouldn't say that.

Im just wandering these lands." I rummaged through my bag and pulled out my pipe. "I will say this.

If I ever catch any legion officers in my way." I lit my pipe. "Youre anti legion?" "Of course. They are nuts. Plus I don't like the way they operate." I heard the door open and a legion squad walked in. "We are looking for a runaway. He was last seen around this area." "And what right do you have breaking into this temple mister?" "Were the legion, honey.

We do as we please." I saw some of the men harassing the girls. "Ok yeah case in point. Be right back im going to say hello." I got up, grabbed my sword and tapped the leader on the shoulder.

"What do yo-" I put my sword to his neck. "Hi just saw you rudely stopped me from eating, and I just wanted to introduce you to a good pal of mine. Ya know maybe he can convince you to leave." I pushed him to the ground and stepped on his head. "Meet mr.floor. If you don't get out I will introduce you all! And trust me. Your relationship will be very.intimate." I plunged my blade into his stomach. "Any takers?" "Ill take that bet." I looked behind me. "Oh.you. Commander zelia.

What a pleasure. Still sore from that first meeting?" we crossed blades and she ginned. "Dead or alive I will have you.gerald." I pushed away and grinned. I shot lighting from my left hand and I was met with fire from her.

"Impressive. Raw. But impressive." "What am I too you people anyway? Im just a kid!" I pushed full power and knocked her down. "JUST LEAVE!" I saw her eyes. Full of fear. "E-everyone pull out. Were going back to command." When thay had all cleared out I stepped in front of the girls.

"I am sorry. That wasn't my place but I will not stand by while tyranny lies like a wolf in the woodpile, waiting for the sheep to sleep so it may eat. Im truly sorry." I walked to where my clothes were and got my winter gear on. "You arent leaving tonight. You will sleep here." "Fine. But I request privacy. I need my.time to mull a few things over." "Of course." I walked into an empty room and closed the door.

I was going to cry. I was homesick and I hated it. I should have just stayed in the house. In my room. I gathered my gear and got it ready. *knock knock knock* "Yes?" I heard the door open. "Youre acting like a child." "And you don't listen." "Get in bed.

You need rest." "I need to get going." I grabbed my gear and tried to get up. I was thrown onto the bed. "I said sleep damnit." I scowled at her and hid in the covers. I felt her crawl into bed with me. "Youre too rash. Too angry. I know you miss your pa-" "What would you know of loss? Commander?" "I was taken from my mother at birth. I soon found out she had been sent to the gallows. My father killed him self soon after. I was a child, alone, and frightened. I don't want to have sex. I don't want love.

Not yet. I just want someone who can die for me and I will die for them. Like your older sister. The one you wish you had." I started crying. "Let it out. That's it." I couldn't stop crying. I wasn't gonna last long here. I was weak. "I will show you strength, power, knowledge, and control." "Promise me?" I uttered out through sobs." "Promise me youll make me stronger. To help me?" "I promise G. on my life." When we awoke the next day we headed out. I was taken to a place called the stream of lee.

An old battleground where warriors went to train. And there we trained for a full lunar cycle. I learned how to fight, use magic and in turn I taught her how to use a bow. It was a great experience in all honesty.

But on the new moon dreyah was called back to her post. "Take this ring.


Its blue calcion. It gives the wearer greater speed and agility. It was my mentors and now it is yours. If you wish to join the fight, come to me." She gave me a journal and the area where central command was at. "Just tell them I sent you. Farewell torl." "Farewell! Good luck!" I saw her ride off. I then proceeded back up to kel. I took the far east road and started writing.

I recorded everything from day one to today. I soon found myself getting close to the main city of kel, naravite. It was still snowing, hard. I wish spring would hurry. I finally saw it.

The city. It was a huge walled city, it had a pentagon with a serpent and lion in the middle. I rode in and got through the gate. When I entered I saw shops full of alchemy supplies. I dismounted and made my way to the great building in the middle. When I walked in I went to the counter for tutoring and help. "Id like to take alchemy classes please?" "Well young lad let me ask you this. Are you born with the ability to learn? Not needing to go through the process of elemental ideas and constructs?" "I believe so.

I have a book on them here." "Well these are alchemic gloves. The are defensive offensive and constructing based.

You may only pick one." I thought for a moment. "Ill take constructive. And one set of books on the alchemical science of this, please." "Gloves. Construction for beginners moderates and masters…1032 gold please." I handed her the money and was on my way. It had been a while since I last talked to anyone. I figured id group up and go find some tresure or collect bounties. I noticed in the distant mountains, a grove of trees. "God I would love to live in a place like that.

"Why don't you dear?" I spun around to see sophia. "SOPHIA!" I wrapped her up and kissed her cheek. "How are you?" "Glorious! I have been looking all over for you. Tell me. Would you be interested in making a new adventure?" "Well sure. Where are we going?" "Were going to the far north…home to draconia…the roads are dangerous and we needed a skill warrior so I though!

Ill find the most dashing renegade I know of!" I blushed and she rubbed my cheek. "Youre a true, good man gerald. I owe you so much." "Awe its nothing soph." "Is that him!? Oh my void hes just precious!" I was swarmed by three other women. "These are my friends. Striton, vex, and lydia.

All are half breeds like me." I gulped. I knew their sex drive was tremendous. I wanted to back out in a way. "I have one thing I need help with." "Name it big boy." "I need a home.

I want to live by a waterfall and I needed help chopping lumber. Plus I want it to be sorta secluded." "Well what say we go and take you to this location we know, then we take you back here?" "But that would take forever!" She grinned and started transforming. "I am part dragon silly. Now hold onto me tightly. Were going to fly." I held her as tight as I could and we took off into the air. "How far is it? Im getting cold." "Its not too far. Just about… there!" we landed and I looked around.

"Were south of lunitate. Really far south." "Yup this is the grove of elders. Its impressive." "Well lets get to cutting." we chopped wood for hours until we had cleared a large area a piece away from the grove. I saw sophias friend lydia carry the wood with a magic skill in the manipulation class.

When we set it down I put my gloves on and opened my book. "Uh huh.not too bad.alright. Stand back ladies!" I put my palms together and hit the wood. I focused on a house in my mind. Slowly it was molded and crafted. "Wow.thats amazing." "You should see what he can do besides this." When I finished I laid back and sighed. "Im spent.

That took all I had." "Well it's a big house!" I looked up to see two stories, rock covered roof, door and windows with shutters. "Wow…" "Was that your first go at alchemy gera- torl?" "Yeah it was. Im impressed actually. But I feel funny." I blacked out and hit the ground. I remember dreaming of home. Of my truck. Of my mother, sister.

My whole family. I wondered what they were wondering. "Hey! Hey! Are you up?" I was being shaken and slapped. "Wha.? Whats goin-" I vomitted and rubbed my head.

"Alchemy sickness." "Whats tha-" I puked again. "You went over board. Your body is reeling from the energy used. Im really shocked you arent dead." I leaned out of the window and kept puking. "We will have to stay here tonight until hes better." "We cant do that! Our dads are wondering where we are!" "Sophia calm yourself. We will be fine." I stood up and shook my self.

"I am allll good ladies. Just let me go wash off." I took my cloak and shirt off. I heard one of the girls gasp.

That's it. Feed my ego. Ha! "Behave. Ill be back soon." I walked behind a tree and stripped. It wasn't too cold here.

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Water was warm as well. I swam around and almost puked a few more times. I felt ripples in the water and I spun around. I saw sophia,lydia striton, and vex. "I SAID BEHA.of fuckit. Never mind. May I help you?" "Nope just wanted to join you here." I coughed a few times. "Well im appreciative of the gesture.

But im a tad…naked." "Nudity is nothing to fear. Plus we don't mind. I told them already." "YOU DIDN'T! THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME!" I heard giggling. "Your first? My my he is just a boy." "NO! not happening." I crossed my arms and glared. "Oh vex look hes getting pouty.

How cuuuutee!" I went under water.

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I was not having sex with four women. Soph almost killed me the last time. I was down there for a good minute until I felt hands all over me. "Come here big boy! Youre being social." I was brought up and vex was in my face smiling.

"Tell me. Have you ever heard the story about the lake women?" "uh…I uh-" I was cut off by a kiss. "Wow. She is aggressive." I pulled away, shocked. I felt sophia grab my hair and giggle. "Oh come here little guy." I felt some one grab my cock. "Hes fucking huge!" "I felt a hand on my balls and I groaned. "Please yall.im begging you. Im no-" "Beg? Oh trust me. You will.

I was grabbed out of the water into the house and I took turns making out with the girls. We were soaked, horny and in need of this. "Fuck me first. Please?" "No me first!" vex and striton cried. I pinned vex down. She was smaller than me. So tiny and innocent. "Please fuck me. I want you to fi-" I kissed her and slid inside her.

I saw the other girls fondling each other. "So…big…fuuuck!" I fucked her slow and deep. Until, that is she leaned up and giggled. "You fuck like a girl.

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And I would know." I grabbed her wais and throat and sped up. "YES! I LOVE YOUR THICK CO-" I kissed her and glared. "You talk too much." I bottomed out in her and she screamed. "Hows that you little slut?" "M-more please. I rolled her over and slid my cock back in her.

"Wow. I cant believe it fit." I was in her ear, fucking her and biting her earlobe. I heard only her soft moans. I felt her clamp down and she went limp panting. "D.done." She was finished. She came so hard I could feel it. I looked up and was taken to the floor. I saw sophias foot on my chest. "Our turn." I gulped and she pressed down. "He thinks hes tough. Fucking her till she passed out." lydia knealt down and grabbed my face. "Yeah.

Im gonna make you my little peice of ass." I felt her slide onto my cock and push m face into the floor. "Mmmmm I love the sight of you submitting. What about you sophia hes so cute when hes acting like a helpless girl." She knealt down and put her thumb in my mouth.

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"I love it." I groaned as I felt lydia tighten around me. Striton walked over and put her pussy on my face and rode me.

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"Fuck yes I love this cock!" I couldn't belive this shit was real right now. "Hes so good with his tongue!" I sucked her clit and grabbed her ass. Fuck I was gonna cum soo. "Shit im gonna cum! Its too much!" "Me too striton. Fuuuck." my face and cock were coated in juice and I laid there limp. Begging for release.

I felt sophia slide her mouth around my cock. Her eyes locked on mine. I could feel my load about to come up when she popped off and just rubbed the head. "FUCK!" I shot a stream of cum into her mouth and locked my body.


"OH Woah! That's so much!" I groaned and slowly got up, walked in side and laid on my bed. I could hear them gossip all night untill about midnight. When&hellip.