Crazy Foursome With Thick Strap Ons

Crazy Foursome With Thick Strap Ons
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Chapter 1 Coming of Age. My first marriage was as an 18-year-old girl. I was a Virgin, ready to become a woman. I was thankful to my husband, Joe, for allowing me to remain pure. I knew he had sex with other girls but he did not pressure me. I probably allowed him his freedom so I could remain pure. My older sister had to get married; Mother constantly stayed on me to be a good girl. On the first night of our honeymoon I was so excited, the only time I had been brought to a climax was riding my Dad's Hand Sander.

Once I discovered the sander, I was about 14 years old. I used it every time I was home alone. We hurriedly got a room after the wedding and got into bed, me with a sexy negligee, Joe wearing nothing. He climbed on top of me and in a matter of seconds my Virginity was gone, and Joe had gone to sleep.

I realized he was exhausted by the stress of a wedding but I felt cheated. Over the next few months I trained Joe on how to satisfy me. I would only allow him to fuck me if he ate me until I climaxed. He got good, very good at eating me but refused to lick my asshole.

I let that slide because he didn't like to get his Dick sucked. I thought it was a fair trade; his Dick was so big it was hard to get the head in my mouth. When I got the head in my mouth about all I could do was jerk his shaft with my hand while I rolled my head around on the head. Our sex life was good for about a year, and then I began to want to experiment, maybe remaining a Virgin until marriage wasn't such a good idea.

I had caught a young guy who worked with me, John, staring at my ass. Even when I wasn't interested in fucking him I was still flattered. Was nice to be married and some young hunk looking at me with lust in his eyes.

He was nervous when he talked to me but one day he told me he had no plans for the weekend and nothing to do. I told him I understood because Joe was working night shift this weekend and I dreaded being alone.


After I talked to John I came to my senses and knew I couldn't do anything with him. I was a married woman and it would be a sin. If I were caught it would ruin me in the eyes of my very conservative friends. If my friends found out Mother would find out, this couldn't happen. Luckily I was able to avoid John for the rest of our workweek. I got home from work Friday and realized it was going to be a normal Friday afternoon; we call it Friday afternoon delight.

Joe was in the bedroom naked. Standing beside the bed, he put his arms around me and began kissing me. He worked the kisses all over my neck; I bruise easily so they had to be tender kisses or I would have hickies. My neck was so sensitive I barely noticed my clothes being removed.

Once naked he gently placed me in the center of the bed. Joe spread my arms to the edges of the bed and told me not to move them. He worked his kisses down to my breast and gently suckled them like I imagined a baby would when feeding. My breast are not large and I have always complained about them. Joe always told me they were perfect. Big enough that I could provide for our children, but not so big they would lower as I aged. He would descend from my breast to my stomach.

Joe knew every sensitive spot there; instead of going to far in certain areas he knew when to slow down. Then Joe flipped me over on the bed, again placing my hands at the edge of the bed telling me to keep them there. I am a small girl but he is a muscular man. Once on my tummy I somehow always had my ass stuck up as high as I could get it.

Then he would start to lick and kiss my ass. I may be small, and have small breast but I have a nice Ass. Joe licked all over my ass but did not put his tongue into my crack. I could feel when his tongue was close and I bumped back at his face with my butt.

He seemed to know the bump was coming and knew to move back. He finished with my ass by taking long licks where my ass and long legs join. I was screaming and begging him to eat my pussy but he refused, he knew I was at his mercy. From my ass he licked down the back of my legs to the back of my knees. Wonderful feelings making me beg Joe to Fuck me.

Joe flipped me over onto my back and began to work his way up the inside of both legs. At the top of my legs he licked the area around my pubic hair being careful not to touch my pussy.

I was begging him to please eat me. My pussy felt like it was on fire. He started kissing and licking the inside of my legs next to my Pussy. I taught Joe about foreplay, I taught Joe to always treat my body with respect, but at this point I lost all control of myself. I worked our bodies around so Joe was on his back with my Pussy in his face.

I grabbed Joe by the hair on the top of his head and ground my pussy in his face. I started to erupt into a series of orgasms. Joe did every thing he could to keep his tongue in my pussy while his nose helped work my swollen clit. I rode his face like I used to ride the hand sander. I fell over on the bed, spent. After several minutes my body stopped having convulsions, and my pussy stopped being so sensitive it couldn't be touched. Then it was Joe's turn, and he knew it.

He got on me and held my legs up in he air with his arms. His Dick is big, especially the head, and he slowly worked it into my dripping wet little pussy. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming in pain as he pushed it into me. I knew I had to reward him for what he had done for me. The reward was allowing him to throw my legs up and use that big Dick to fuck me like it was a jackhammer. I screamed and begged for mercy as his dick bottomed out in me and forced my juices out of my body around the base of his Dick.

He told me I was his whore and that I would always be his whore. That was when it started, the short strokes trying to get deeper and deeper into my pussy. He started growling like a wild Bear who was aroused and demanding to be satisfied.

Joe busted his nuts in me and I felt like a satisfied woman who had taken care of her man. We were both exhausted but knew if either of us wanted more we would get more.

Joe went to sleep with me beside him. I had so much stuff leaking from my pussy I got up. A few hours later I woke him up to go to work. I was dressed and stayed away from him knowing if anything got started now he would miss work that night. He got dressed and off to work he went. I prepared for a good nights sleep. Chapter 2 I was wronged Joe had left for work, I was tired and decided to take a shower cleaning myself from our Friday afternoon delight.

As I took my clothes off I heard a knock at the door, I put on my housecoat and went to the door, It was late and scared me, what if Joe had a wreck on the way to work? I looked out the peephole of the door and was relieved that it was just John from work. I was so relieved that nothing was wrong I opened the door and invited him in.

He came in and we sat down in the living room. He started talking about how he just happened to be out and decided to stop by and make sure I was OK since Joe was OK. I always try to be polite but I was confused.

I told John how much I appreciated him coming by to check on me but I needed to go to bed. I saw him looking up my housecoat at my naked pussy. I decided to let him get his eyes full. He told me it was indeed late but asked if he could see the rest of my house. Before I could answer John was up and walking into the kitchen. I didn't sense anything wrong and walked with him while he made small talk. I thought he was walking toward the door to leave but instead walked into Joe and mine's bedroom.

He looked at our bed, the sheets and covers spread all over the room. He sniffed the air that was heavy with my sent. John told me he had wanted me since the first time he saw me. I told him I was married, that I couldn't. He grabbed me and began to kiss me. I knew it was wrong and began to pull away. He held me firmly and began to kiss me harder. I knew I was about to be fucked one way or another.

I knew that if I resisted and he overpowered me I was free of wrong; the sin was all on him. He pushed me down onto the bed and started forcing my legs apart. John got on top of me, forcing my knees up and spread my legs further apart.

My Pussy was exposed to a man I was not married to.

I was being forced to take this fucking. He leaned over and started licking my pussy, he said he knew I wanted him because I was soaking wet. I knew the wet was from Joe and me but didn't bother telling John. In no time John was unzipping his pants, I felt the head of his Dick pushing into my Pussy, forcing me open. I squirmed to get away but felt his Dick go deep into me. I was being force fucked by a man I was not married to.

It was wrong and made it feel so good. I was bucking and screaming as John kept pushing his Dick in and pulling it out of my soar pussy. John let out a squeal when he came in me. In a little while his Dick fell out of my pussy and the cum started dripping onto the mattress. I put John on the road, and then took a long shower.

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In my mind I had been raped, I was still a married Lady without Sin. The next week, when I talked to John at work I told him just what kind of man he was, a rapist who took advantage of married women. John never spoke to me or looked at my ass again. He could have done well with some training.

I had a difficult time dealing with what happened and how it happened. I waited a couple weeks and decided to tell Joe a little bit about being raped. I told him basically what happened but that I had no idea who the guy was that raped me. I could see in Joe's eyes how hurt he was, he told me I had to report it so the guy could be caught. I refused and he persisted, Joe thought it was for my good that it be reported. I broke down and told him the truth, I had let a guy from work look at my pussy and Fuck me.

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He became angry. Joe tore my clothed off, telling me what kind of slut whore I am. For the first time I was afraid of him. Joe threw my naked body across the back of the couch. The couch wasn't against a wall so my ass was sticking up in the air giving him access to my pussy. Joe said take this and suddenly forced his Dick all the way into my Pussy.

I screamed out in pain and told him how sorry I was. Joe continued to throw his Dick in me and demanded to know if I had fucked other people.

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I said No, but he demanded I answer No Sir. Before I could reply he pulled his Dick out of my pussy and leaned down over my exposed ass. I heard and felt him spite on my asshole. I felt Joe using his hands to force open the crack of my ass and my virgin asshole. Next there was pain. I tightened up my asshole but felt the huge head of his Dick trying to force it's way into me. I began to beg and plead with him to stop. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Joe's face.

Joe was going to either come in my ass or on my asshole, I hoped for the on asshole. I heard him spite again and felt some of it hit my ass. The head of his Dick was back pushing against my asshole; I relaxed for a second and felt that big Dick go in. I didn't like the way it felt, the pain was enough that tears were running from my eyes.

After Joe's Dick got past my asshole it was over, he could go as deep as he wanted. It felt like a parking meter was being ramming in and out of my ass. The only way I knew he came was the growling he does, I hoped he was thru because my ass was hurting.

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What I didn't expect, cum leaking out of my sore little asshole for the next week. Chapter 3 A new Life? Joe and I got a divorce soon after the incident. Maybe not enough Friday afternoon delight, or maybe I should never have told him truth about John. At any rate I married Steve who had been another visitor after Joe went to work.

I needed Steve to produce kids; I had reached that point in my life. We produced 2 kids but he was just the sperm donor. Steve refused to eat my pussy, and always came within minutes of sticking his dick in me. I eventually became the Mother of 2 grown kids and very frustrated with my lack of a sex life. I had heard about Joe over the years.

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Seems that I had trained him so well he was a popular man about town with the ladies. I called and invited to Lunch, Friday. I meet Joe in a very out of the way place out of Town.

I was married; Joe did not want to cause me any problems with Steve. I apologized to Joe for causing our divorce; he said it was in the past and no need to go back there.

We ate our lunch and had some laughs about the good times. Before we knew it we had talked for over 3 hours and were the only people left in the restaurant. Joe walked me to my car and I told him he always crossed my mind on Friday. He looked confused. I asked if he had forgotten our Friday Afternoon Delight. He turned red, chuckled, and said no he haven't forgot. I looked into his eyes and told him it's Friday. Joe was a little taken back, he said he would have to think about it.

I told him I missed him and I needed him. The next Tuesday Joe called and asked if I was serious. I told him yes but we would have to go out of town since I'm married. A plan was made to get together in a neighboring town Friday afternoon.

I knew my aching pussy was about to be ate and fucked properly by someone I had taught well. That Friday I drove to a shopping Mall in the neighboring town and walked in the front entrance. After doing some quick shopping to make sure I wasn't followed I exited the rear of the Mall and got into Joe's waiting vehicle.

We had lunch and then went to a motel where he had gotten a room. My pussy was aching with anticipation. I went into the bathroom to freshen up from the trip. I rubbed a little lotion on my pussy to make sure his big Dick wouldn't hurt me.

I almost came. Chapter 4 Busted Before I came out I heard voices, I figured Joe had turned on the TV. Then the voices got loud and I heard a scuffle in the room, I was scared and stayed behind the locked bathroom door.

There was a knock on he door and Joe said I needed to come out. I walked out and saw two older men standing in the room. The introduced themselves as Private Detectives and told me they had been hired to follow me.

They said they would carry me back to the Mall where I had left my car, and a report would be filed with the person who hired them. My world was falling apart, that asshole Steve had me followed. Joe convinced them to listen to our story. I sat on the bed and cried while Joe begged them not to do anything. One of the men told Joe he was still pissed at him for taking a swing at him when they entered the room. Joe asked them how much they were being paid to do this.

The bigger one told Joe it was none of his business. Joe told them he wanted to hire them not to follow me and wanted to know how much that would cost. The two detectives whispered to each other and seemed to reach an agreement.

One of them asked Joe how much he had, Joe said he could go get $10,000 at the Bank. Joe was told OK, $10,000 from each of us and he would forget this ever happened. Joe was told to go get the money, I could go my $10k after he got back. Joe told me not to worry and said he would be back as quick as he could. Suddenly it was me and these rough looking Detectives. I had no choice, I told them I had no way of getting that kind of money.

I could tell it pissed them off but they said I would just have to work it off. I had no idea what work it off meant but I agreed, I had no other options.

The shorter of the two walked out f the room and returned with a camcorder and tripod. After setting it up they asked me questions. I had to say who I was, what I got caught doing, and how I agreed to work my way out of the trouble and would never run around on my husband again. Steve, I'll kill that son of a bitch. Then the big guy told me to take off my clothes, I was shocked and felt stupid for not knowing what was going to happen to me. I told him I would report him for Rape.

He said go ahead, I have you on tape saying you will work off getting caught fucking around on your husband. I started taking my clothes off.

They opened a brief case that appeared from nowhere. They pulled out restraints used to restrain a mental patient. Before I could say anything my wrist and ankles were in restraints and I was tied spread eagle on the bed.

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As much as I hated it my pussy started oozing. Both of the detectives got some on their fingers. The short one told me the restraints would not bruise me. Both of them got naked, I was scared, I had never been to bed with two men.

One of them got a small bottle of body lotion from the bathroom and started lubing up his Dick. I didn't think it would ever stop getting bigger. I will not say it was a foot long but it was the biggest Dick I had ever seen. He moved down between my spread legs and started rubbing my Pussy with his Monster Dick.

He rubbed my little pussy until I thought I was going to come. Then he started pushing into my pussy, I thought he was going to split me in half.

I began to beg and plead with him to stop. The other one covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my pleas. He began to push in and pull out working almost half into my trembling pussy.

Then I started getting my cookies, I started to cum like crazy. While I was getting off the guy Fucking me got his whole dick into my pussy and was pounding me.

The other guy had stuck his Dick in my mouth and was face fucking me. There I was tied spread eagle on a bed in a motel room getting fucked by two men I didn't even know. I loved it, I felt more aroused sexually than I ever had. After a long double fucking I could tell both of them was about to shoot their loads, I wondered if they would come in me. I got the answer, the guy with his monster Dick in my pussy let out some barks.

I could feel his dick spasm and deposit it's load deep in my pussy. The other guy let out a squeal and I could taste his cum in my mouth. Both of them fell over onto the bed with me to catch their breath.

Me, I was satisfied, maybe more than ever. I may have to thank Steve. Chapter 5 The money shot Both guys got up and saw cum all over my naked still spread eagle tied body. One of them reached into the brief case and got a ball gag they forced it into my mouth. The short one told me they were going to turn the camera back on for a money shot. I looked puzzled, he said this is to make sure I didn't change my mind and decide to tell the cops they raped me.

I still didn't understand. I wanted to be Fucked again by that monster Dick, but film it? The short guy left the room. Mr. Monster Dick began to set up some cushions on the floor and move the camera. I was still in the restraints tied to the bed but could see most of what he was doing.

Then he untied me from the bed and put me face down on the cushions. He was able to tie my wrist and ankles together with my pussy stuck up in the air. I thought what the hell? Then I heard the room door open and footsteps.

The footsteps sounded odd, I hopes Joe was not back to see this, he wasn't. I saw a big German Sheppard glaring at me. I began to shake, I now knew what the money shot was. All I could do was moan in a begging tone to the two detectives.

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I could tell they enjoyed seeing me spread out on the floor with my ass in the air about to be mounted and fucked by a dog. The detectives gave the dog some kind of a command and it began to sniff me. It started to lick the cum from my face, then moved to my ass. Once at my ass it began to lick all around my pussy without touching it.

I think it was still cleaning cum off my body. Then it happened, he took that long rough tongue of his and licked from my clit up past my asshole. I started to cum before the first lick was done.


I looked up and saw that both detectives had their Dicks out stroking them. I came and came but the dog changed his method. He used his tongue and nose to enter my sensitive pussy and eat my pussy out. I felt nasty but it was so good. Then the dog backed off, I thought this must be over so I can go home and put this ordeal behind me. I felt a blanket being placed on my back, one of the detectives said that would keep him from scratching you with his paws.

I was in complete fear of what was about to happen to me. I could turn my head back and see some of what was happening. One of the detectives brought the dog over, and pointed toward my back. I could feel the dog mount me, I could see some of its Dick coming out exposing itself. I've never owned a dog so I had no idea what was about to happen.

I felt the dog humping me and his Dick started into my Asshole. I began to moan as loud as I could and struggle with the ropes. The detective reached under me and pulled the dog's dick out of my ass, he said they couldn't let him do that. Then I could see the detective working the Dick toward my Pussy, only the Dick was growing longer and longer. Then the Shepard's Dick found its mark, I could see it going into my pussy going deeper and deeper as he humped me. I couldn't watch my Pussy get destroyed but I felt the Dick in the depths of my pussy and something even bigger trying to get in my pussy.

I could feel the "knot" fill me as the dog forced it into my pussy. Then the knot got even bigger stretching my already stretched sore Pussy. When I thought I was going to pass out the Sheppard went into strokes and started whimpering.

Then it happened to me, I started Cumming, my whole body shook in orgasm. I hated myself for enjoying being Fucked by a Dog. Before this I had no idea what a "knot" was or what was causing all the warmth in my body. The dog climbed off me but we were locked together. There I was asshole to asshole with a dog while his Dick is stuck in my Pussy. The two detectives were both finishing jerking themselves off, they took the gag out of my mouth. They took turns sticking their Dicks down my throat when they came.

Stick a fork in my Ass I was done. Then it happened Joe walked in with the money. Chapter 6 The Big Payoff Joe was shocked at the scene. I had cum all over me and I was asshole to asshole with a German Sheppard because his Dick was stuck in my Pussy.

The dogs Dick suddenly came out with a sucking noise and his cum started pouring out of me. Joe demanded to know what happened, they told him I didn't have the money and wanted to work it off. They took the money from Joe while he was still in shock. The Detectives walked out the door with the Dog, the money, and the camera. As soon as the door closed Joe asked me if I was OK, I said I thought so but needed him to untie me, dog cum was still pouring out of my pussy.

I heard him walking toward me but he stopped. I looked back and could barely see him taking off his clothes.


I asked him what the hell he was doing. Joe got behind me and said he would check me out to make sure I was OK. It seemed odd but I tried to understand. Then I felt something at the lips of my pussy going up and down my slit.

I told him no, my pussy had been fucked all day and it hurt. I could feel my clit start swelling but I knew I couldn't take another Fucking, I had reached my limit. I looked back and saw that bigheaded dick of Joe's all swollen up. He asked what if he stuck a little in and made sure my Pussy's OK.

I said please don't, it would just hurt more. Joe said it didn't seem fair, he paid for the room, the lunch, the $10K to keep the detectives mouth shut and he was the only one not getting any Pussy.

He said I got to ask, If Steve's wants some tonight will you give him some? Or will you tell him your pussy is too sore because a couple guys and a dog have fucked you all day? I told him that Steve is my husband; I would have to get on my back, raise my legs, and let him do as he pleased. I could here the anger in his voice. I could feel his Dick driven to the bottom of my Pussy with a single thrust. I cried out in pain and climaxed at the same time, it was wonderful.

Joe started fucking my Pussy with all he had, dog cum squirted out of my pussy every time he hit the bottom. Then Joe stopped, he told me he had trained the dog, & he trained two of his friends to act like detectives. I was still tied face down spread eagle on some cushions with Joe's Dick in my Pussy. Joe told me he was going to do some training on me and send me home to Steve.

He pulled that wonderful Dick out of my Pussy and I felt, for the 2nd time, a Dick forcing it's way into my tiny asshole. I cried and begged him to stop. He was only more determined. His Dick was covered in the dog cum so it was much easier to force his way past my asshole. Again, Joe had his way with my ass and there was nothing I could do but take it.

I could feel his Dick deep in my Ass. Joe finished with me and untied me. Yes I was pissed but what the hell could I do. I walked into the bathroom and took a warm bath. I tried to get all the cum out of me knowing Joe's would be leaking out my ass for several days. When I got out some money was on the bed with a number to get a cab.

I took the cab, got my car and went home. Steve was waiting for some Friday afternoon delight.