Interracial gay dudes sucking cock outdoors

Interracial gay dudes sucking cock outdoors
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TUESDAY: Three months after Jessica's wedding Jess came to see me. We chatted in the office for an hour or so, at the end of which Jess invited me over for supper the following Tuesday night. The rest of the day was the usual. I went to a ball game in the evening sitting in a box seat.

Some of Gino's people were on hand. Gino showed late and we had a few. I enjoyed a good night. Tuesday evening I show at Jessica's new house for dinner. I parked in the garage as per Jess's instructions. I brought some wine that I know Jess likes. I was surprised to learn that little Gino was out of town until Friday.

I sensed there was more than dinner being served this night and was a little uptight about it. Jess served up a fine chicken dinner. The wine went down easy. After dinner Jess told me to sit in the living room while she put the dishes into the dish washer. This took her only a few minutes. In typical Jess fashion she came running into the living room and flung herself onto her Uncle Bob. Jessica has been doing this since she was a child. She is a woman now but her enthusiasm has not diminished.

When Jess landed on me I found my right on her breast. Jessica kissed me without hesitation; not a niece to Uncle kiss either. I kissed her back, our history being as it is. Jess hungrily kisses me. I am taken aback, but, only slightly. I kiss her hard in response. Her breast is hard right from the outset. Jessica presses herself against me. I feel the warmth of Jess' young body, her thighs and box are moving over my thigh.

Jess rubs herself against my newly swollen cock; she is crawling all over me. I'm enjoying the feeling of a young woman's body. She's horny as hell.

I take Jess by the ribs and move her so my mouth is at her breast. Taking her breast into my mouth I bite and bite hard through her shirt and bra.

Jess YELPS and presses her breast hard into my mouth. I bite again, not as hard this time.

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Jess forces her breasts into my face and mouth. I gnaw on her breasts, hands on her back, holding her tight to my face. "Unhh! ., Arrrgh! " .," God that feels so good Uncle." Moving from breast too breast, apply-ing the same vicious biting. Jessica' head rolls back with a YELP. ., " Uncle, I love it rough. ., hurt me." A wicked smile crosses her beautiful face.

The kissing is feverish, I grab Jess's ass and squeeze her ass hard. ., God I love her ass, so firm, not flat and not a bubble butt; just an athletically fantastic ass. I can feel her nipples through her clothes and her nipples are hard as nose cones. Pulling Jess by the hair I pull her away from me so I can see her tits.

"Ohhhh ., those nipples." I pull her over backwards by the hair. Her head is off the sofa, her legs twisted under her but still on top of me. Continuing with the hair pulling, Jess's legs slip away from me and come to rest diagonally up over the back of the sofa. Her head is down over the edge of the sofa, I have moved and pinned her with my body.

My knees have gone to the floor while my body is atop Jess's on the sofa. Letting go of her hair, grabbing first one then the other, I hold her arms. Her hair falls loose and hangs onto the floor.

I look at her tits, my lust is full, and I bite her nipple thru her shirt. " AAAAH ! . I bite her tit hard. Jess yelps again. I bite her again and again and again. Jess writhes under me, twisting and pushing with her body, her arms held firmly over her head.

Jumping up I pull Jessica off the sofa and pull her to her feet. Grabbing a handful of her gorgeous dark brown hair I start hauling her upstairs to her bedroom. She resists, kicking at me and punching me, her face contorted. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD BOB!" A few punches and kicks later I throw Jessica on her bed. I turn, Jessica jumps off the bed and faces me. Her face flushed, her breasts firm, and her nipples hard.

She stands tall, eyes filled with lust and an unmistakable evil look. Jessica always liked to tussle. Jess' is panting so hard she can hardly speak, but she says.

" Do the dirtiest thing to me."., I walk slowly toward Jess. She slides to her left, I move with her. Jess looks at the door, feigns left, and then runs for the door. Jessica is swift and nearly gets by me. I grab her by her hair, hauling her down onto the floor with a thud. I fall diagonally with Jess, landing atop of her. She fights with me, grabbing my hair and pulling it hard. Fuck it hurts. "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" We wrestle, I take a punch to the face.

Fuck she is strong. I spin her about and pull her shirt up over her head, moving her shirt up and looping it to tie her forearms and wrists. I loop it through twice adding to the bondage of her wrists. Pulling her to the bed by her hair, I pin Jess. Pulling the top cover and top sheet off her bed, I loop the sheet through her bound arms. Forcing her and pinning her to the mattress, I knot the sheet to a spindle which is part of the head board on her bed. Dragging Jess across her bed.

In doing so Jess spins and kicks me in the ass. I move to grab her legs. Using her feet she pushes me off the bed onto the floor with a load thud. I get up quickly. She is up on her knees trying to get the sheet untied. I see her nose is bleeding. She looks like a warrior. Blood smeared on her face; some on the sheet and her shirt. Jessica looks towards me. ., looking at her bloodied face. ., her look is one of determination. My niece is a fighter, of that let there be 'NO DOUBT'.

I can see that she is in this for real. I lunge at her but she moves quickly twisting and kicking at me. With this manoeuvre I'm once again kicked off the bed; this time I land on my head with a thud.

I pick-up the comforter shaking it free throwing it over Jess' body making sure I cover her legs. She kicks at it but I have her now, pinning her beneath the comforter. I pin Jess' legs and pull the comforter off her upper body. She is on her back, arms tied over her head and secured to the headboard. I look at her breasts, they have come out of her bra.

They are red from biting. With her arms tied I can have my way with her. I take her bra off, and rolling her nipple between my finger and thumb. Pursing my lips I suck on her nipple, licking it. I do this until her nipple is hard again. Taking her nipple between my teeth I slowly bite it, biting her nipple harder and harder, watching her face to see her pained expression grow.

Jessica emits little gasps as the pain increases. '' Aaah aaah aaah Aghhhh.! '' Jess twists under me to get free but I have her. Her pained expression is turning me on. Her moans are turning into yelps. I release her nipple. Opening my mouth wide I take more of her breast into my mouth, biting her again with the same steady pressure until she writhes and yells out in pain.

I'm loving this, I know I shouldn't but I do. Jessica has got me going. Moving about I get rid of the comforter, pinning Jess' legs as I do so. Sitting on her legs I undo Jess' pants and pull them partway down. Exposing her hair. I love Jess' hair. Dark brown and curly. Jess is a hairy girl down there, a gorgeous triangle. Sitting on her lower legs I pull her pants further down, below her knees to mid-calf.

I lean forward and smell Jess' pussy. " I like that smell of your cunt honey." ., I sniff her more and more. Putting my hands between her closed legs. Since I am sitting on her legs I need to force my hands. I open her by forcing her meat enough for me to see her hole. Leaning forward I lick her clit and stick my tongue between her lips, nose buried in that lovely curly hair. I swirl saliva in my mouth and spit on Jess' cunt.

I push two fingers down between her lips and into her hole. I finger fuck her for a half a minute or so. Feeling my fingers moving inside her.

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I can smell Jess. .,her smell is strong. I pull my fingers out of her and rub her pussy juice over her face, staying clear of her teeth. I don't want to get bitten. I hold Jess' jaw and rub her juices onto her lips. Jess licks her lips; her eyes are once again filled with lust. My niece's eyes look evil. I move off of Jess and pull her pants and panties all the way off, throwing them to the floor.

I spread her legs and go muff diving.

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She feels hot, like a fire burring within her. Licking her pussy, sliding my tongue along her fold to her clit.


Jess' clit is rock hard. I purse my lips and suck on her clit. She moans, her hips move in small trusts up toward my face. I bury my face in Jess' muff, her hair is thick, yet soft. Jess is lying on the bed, her fighting has stopped. I don't know if she is tired or this is how she is when she is this turned on. I have never seen Jess like this before. I rise above Jess and move to enter her. Sliding into Jess in one smooth move. Jess arches her back as I penetrate her, taking her completely.

Sliding in as far as I can go. ., pulling slowly back. Jess feels so hot inside. She is very sensitive and reacts to every move that I make. Slow fucking my beautiful niece Jessica. Her hands tied over her head. Me wedged between her lovely legs; feeling her softness, her warmth, her wetness, insides that seem on fire. The tightness at her opening, a rigid ring, adding to the thrill of fucking her.

Her smell dominates her bedroom. I pull out of her and stop. Jess looks at me. Pausing. ., driving hard into her. Pulling back and driving my cock into Jess again as deep as I can go, circling inside her hole, stretching her opening, grinding Jess's bone with my own. Fucking her as hard as I can. Pulling her hair, kissing her mouth, swirling saliva in my mouth I spit in Jess' mouth, kissing her as I do. ., Jess swallows. Jess kisses me back, licking my mouth frantically.

Our kissing takes to mouth licking, one tongue duelling with the other. Slurping each other's juices. I pull Jess's hair, pulling her head back; hard enough to hurt her. Jess fucks hard. Her hips push up toward me, thrusting, her feet digging in to the bed, arching her back. " Uh Uh Uh Uhhh Uhng . " Jess' legs go around me, holding me tight as she fucks me, for fucking is what it is.

Jess is pulling at her bindings. ., I reach over her head and untie her arms, helping her slip out of her shirt in doing so. She moves her hands to my face, cupping me; kissing me, looking into my eyes with lust and love combined. Jessica wraps her arms around me, tightens her hold on me and goes into overdrive.

Her pace is extreme, I hold on, pressing to stay deep. She takes complete control. We are so wet from our sex I am sliding about as we make a slapping noise. Jessica grins her clit against my pubic bone. Her jaw clinched, her expression one of pain and determination " Uuuuh Uh Uh Uh uh uhng huhnnnnnn!" Jessica goes silent, her head back, mouth open, and body vibrating. Jessica climaxes . she squirts, soaking an already wet bed. . [ pause ] . I am so tired I am relieved she is finished.

When her orgasm is over I stop moving. We lay together not speaking. I reach behind me grabbing the comforter and cover us. [ We sleep .

] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I waken in the dark, Jessica is in my arms sleeping. I pull her tight to me, Jess moans and moves herself in tighter. [ We sleep .] I feel Jess move, opening my eyes I see her face. It is morning and Jess is looking at me.

" Good morning honey." ., I say " Good morning lover." ., Jess answers with a smile. We look at one another. Jess gives me a kiss. I smile. Jess is completely naked, I still have my pants and socks on down near my ankles.

I push Jess away so I can look at her breasts. Jess' breasts are not marked at all. " You have no marks on your boob's honey." .I say to Jess. " That's good . " . Jess lifts the comforter and sees my pants are on, down by my ankles. " You still have your pants on Uncle, I have some clothes here you can wear when you leave." .

" Thanks' . " I reply.


"If smell is any indication we had a very good time last night Jess." . I say to her . "YES I DID ! ." .Jessica answers. .,with a big hug. " Want some more honey.?" .I ask " YES !" Jess answers.

. " But let me pee first." she adds. Jess jumps out of bed and heads for the 'head'. ., bathroom. I look at her body as she leaves. . Jessica' body is a TEN.

I take this opportunity to remove my socks and pants. "JEEEZ". ., the bed is still damp. Jessica returns and I look at her from the front.

A TEN from the front also. " GOD ! . you are one beautiful women Jess." . " Thank you Uncle .

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you're not too bad yourself, for an old guy." . she answers, and gives a wink. She gets into bed and we hug. Kissing resumes, soon with passion. Her mouth is so soft, those lips. . I roll her onto her back, taking the pillow case off one of the pillows, I fold it and place it over her chest.

I bring my face to her chest and bite her breast thru the pillow case. Sinking my teeth into a cloth covered breast, one of a pair of my beautiful niece's boobs. God damn she has gorgeous tits. Jess yelps, her back arches and she pulls my face tight to her chest. Biting Jess' breast hard thru the pillow case, being mindful of the pillow cases location.

Jess moans at my assault, her breathing changes rapidly. Moving my hand between her legs I take two fingers and penetrate her vagina. I push my two fingers in roughly, while still gnawing on her beast.

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Hooking my fingers, pressing about her pubic bone .digging in, hoping to find her 'G' spot . at the same time I press the thumb of my hand hard against her clitoris. ., Jess is moaning. ., my two fingers are pulling her cunt upward . stretching her. " Uh, Uh . Uh . Uhng ., Uh .Huhnn.

. !" . ., Jess cums. I keep digging into her as she cums, and I continue when she is finished. I am getting into this now. As soon as Jess is finished I get up, grab her ankles and in one motion flip Jess onto her tummy. Spreading her legs I enter her cunt in one push.

Jess grunts. Jess looks behind her, reaches back with her hand and touches my face. Jess turns her head around, grabs the sheet for control. I reach for the pillow with no case . getting off her. "Pick up your hips honey?". She does and I slip the pillow under her, elevating her hips, helping to prevent hurting her back as well as giving me a better angle. Moving back down on to Jess, I slide my pinus into the crack of her ass.

I slide back and forth in her ass crack, wet from sex. ., it feels so good to slide against that beautiful ass of Jess's. I see her look back at me; Jess straightens her arms while her hands hold the sheet, and puts her head down onto the mattress. I push up with my arms, taking any weight off her back and improving my angle.

Sliding up and down that lovely ass of hers, slowly I move in her crack. Such lovely skin she has, what a great ass to fuck.

Pressing hard, the tip of my cock feels her anus. I'm rapt with sensation.