Filmando bajo la falda a mi amiga de la universidad

Filmando bajo la falda a mi amiga de la universidad
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[i][b]My wife and I have been together 26 years, and have been swingers for 23 of those years. This is all true, and happened in 1996, when we were both in our thirties.

This is the first of several parts I`ll write about that all stemmed from that one chance stop that night ****************************************[/b][/i] Right after my wife, my kids and I moved to Nashville, I found a really good job, and discovered that right around the corner from my workplace, there was a bar called The Dandy Bar and Grill. I got off work at midnight, so one night, after a rather hard day, I stopped in, just to check it out.

There was a cover charge, and after paying the $5.00, I walked in, and let my eyes get accustomed to the dim light. There was a pretty good band playing, singing an old Hank Williams Junior song, and after sitting down at the bar and ordering a Crown and Coke, I started to relax a little.

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The barmaid behind the counter, a young-looking Asian chick, was dressed to kill. She had on an almost-not-there, cut-clear-to-here shirt, that was white, and under the light over the bar, it left nothing to the imagination. It was showing off a rather small set of titties, but I could see the nipples, nice and hard, straining against the thin material, and I liked what I saw! When she bent over in a cooler on the back wall, I saw purple, see-thru panties under a short-short denim skirt, and man, was her ass exquisit!!!

I couldn`t help but stare, and I actually choked on a drink of my Crown and Coke. She was hot, and I was immediately turned on by her, even though I knew I should probably get home soon. After sitting through the rest of my drink, and watching her run around performing her duties, and after watching her bend over several times, catching sight of her purple panties almost every time, I knew it was time to leave.

I smiled at her, thanked her, and walked quickly out to my truck, got in, and had my dick in hand before I'd even left the parking lot. It was only about a ten minute drive home, and I beat my dick senseless all the way!

When I walked in, about 1:25am, my wife was already in bed. I walked into our bedroom quietly, and she was lying on her back, no covers on her, and and the only clothing she had on was a black thong. I stared down at her, lying on her back, legs slightly apart, and quickly undressed. By the light of the moon shining through our bedroom window, I made my way onto the bed, and quietly crept between her legs.

I slowly licked from one knee to the other, up to her sweet, tight pussy, and after a few minutes, I eased the thong aside and looked at her soft, pink pussy. She keeps herself shaved, and tonight was no exception.

She moaned softly as my toungue darted out, and made contact with her pussy, licking slowly from the bottom of her slit, up to her sweet, hard clit. As I licked up and down, her moane became louder, and she started slowly pushing her pussy into my face. I ate her slowly, teasingly, and then, all of a sudden, I plunged my toungue deep into her sweet, wet pussy.

I was eating her out full-force now, but my mind was still back at the bar, on that little Asian chick in the purple panties!

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My wife, by now, was holding my head, pressing it into her tasty pussy, moaning loudly, and telling me to eat her fucking pussy, and to make her cum. That didn`t take long. After about 7 or 8 minutes, I rammed a thumb deep inside her cunt, and as I bit lightly down on her clit, she coated my mouth and toungue with her juices, shaking and sputtering in orgasm. Usually, that`s where I carress her gently, waiting for her cum to subside, but tonight was different!

I bot up on my knees, reached under her, and yanked her up to me.

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I slammed my dick into her in one very quick, hard thrust, and commenced to pounding her hot, wet pussy for all I was worth. Still not completely over her orgasm, she gasped, grabbed my ass, and forced me to fucked her faster.harder.deeper. I had no problem with that whatsoever, but I knew that with her hot, willing, tight pussy consumming every inch of my rock-hard cock, an with visions of the Asian barmaid dancing in my head, I wouldn`t be able to last long.

And I was right. I suddenly tensed up, strokes deep inside my wife one last time, and let loose with a truck-load of cum, and my orgasm seemed to go on forever!!! I filled her pussy up, feeling her juice mingle with my excessive load, and I felt it overflowing around my cock, leaking out into a pool beneath her ass.

When I was done, I collasped on top of her, exhausted, and she asked me what had gotten into me. I smiled, and I said, "Baby, I got a bar I want to take you to this weekend". She said, "Huh"?, but I was already on my way to a peaceful night's sleep. Three days later, it was Friday, and we had an "optional day" at work, so I took it off. That evening, around 6:00, I asked my wife if she wanted to go out.

She said yes, and I commenced to telling her about the bar I`d happened on earlier in the week. She said it sounded fine, so I went and took a shower, and dressed in tight jeans, anwestern-style button-up shirt, tucked in, and my alligator skinn cowboy boots. Then it was her turn to get ready. When she came out of the shower, she had on a miniscule purple skirt that showed just about everything when she sat, a white, thin shirt thingy that was cut up to just below her tits, no bra, and a purple button-up shawl-type thing that perfectly matched her skirt!

She looked H-O-T!! To top her outfit off, she`d chosen a pair of knee-high black leather boots, that were the laced up kind, with skulls on the tops of each boot! Yes, this was going to be an interesting night! While driving to the bar, only a few-minutes trip, I couldn`t help but slide my hand between my wife's legs, and gently rub her moistoned slit. She sat back in her seat, spread her legs, and put her hands on mine, guiding my finger into her.

She layed her head back, closed her eyes, and moaned softly as I finger-fucked her slit, trying to concentrate on her cunt, AND keeping the car in my lane. She was slowly grinding her hips, fucking against my hand, and getting closer and closer to orgasm, as we whizzed by cars, stores, redlights, and made our way to the bar!

Once there, I pulled in, and removed my hand, while she straightened her skirt. Then she leaned over and kissed me deeply, told me she loved me, and got out of the car.

We made our way to the door, walked in, and paid our cover charge, then went to the back, and found a table in a dark corner, so we could be alone.

A quick glance around told me my Asian dream wasn`t here tonight, and even though it was dissappointing, I vowed to have a great time anyway. As we sat, a waitress came over, introduced herself as Allison, and waited patiently while we decided. I ordered a Budweiser, and a Crown and Coke, and my wife ordered a Mountain Dew, as she doesn`t drink alcohol.

The band was really cooking tonight, and the dance floor was rocking with about 3 dozen people, all having a great time. The lights were very low, and in our corner, it was extremely dark, but with the darkness, the loudness of the band and the crowd, and alcohol on the way, things were just the way I liked them.

When Allison brought our drinks, I asked her details about my Asian Queen.

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Allison informed me that her name was Sasha, she was 22 years old, and only worked through the week, going to another town from Friday morning to Sunday night to care for an aging grandmother. After she walked away, my wife and I danced to a few songs, and was having a grand ole time. After a particularly slow song, one which we totally got carried away in our dancing to, a youg guy, I guessed to be around 22 or 23, walked up to our table.

He introduced himself as David, and I asked him to sit down. I said, "David, I`m Hank, and this is my wife, Diane:. He shook my hand, and took Diane`s hand in his, softly kissing the backside of her hand, and pressing his finger into her palm before releasing it. I caught the subtle way he was looking at her, and I just smiled at him.


He bought a round of drinks, and after some small-talk, asked if Diane would like to dance with him. She looked at me, and I nodded, son off they went, out to the dance floor.

David twirled her around, then pulled her close, as they danced to a very slow country song. I could see from where I sat how their bodies were pressed together, and his hand slowly made its way down her back, to rest just above her ass.

It didn`t take long til she was snuggled against him, and as she lifted her face close to his, I saw him sneak a kiss, and you could see the shock in his eyes when she kissed him back, and pressed her body harder into his. The kiss lasted until the song ended, then they both came back to the table. Diane`s eyes were glassy, and he was having trouble hiding his raging hardon, as they took their seats.

After they were seated, we listened to the band, and since Diane was between David and I, she`d lean one way or the other to say something to us once in awhile.

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I got up to go get us a drink, and when I got back, Diane`s head was back slightly, and her eyes were partly closed. When I sat down, David made a quite awkward movement, and his hands appeared from below the table to take his beer.

I sat down, and got to thinking. As the band cranked out an old Elvis Presley tune, I let my hand slide under the table, and down between Diane`s legs. She spread her legs so I could make contact with her pussy, and man, it felt like a dam had burst!!!

She was soaking wet, and I actually heard her moan loudly over the din in the bar as I sank 2 fingers easily into her dripping pussy. Suddenly, I gad an idea. I got David`s attention, and motioned for him to follow us. We left our drinks, got up, and made for the door. Behind the bar, I`d noticed a cement wall, with an opening big enough to hide behind.

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We walked out there, slid in behind the wall and out of sight, and I turned Diane around to where her backside was pressed up against me. I started licking and kissing her neck her earlobe, and my hands reached around her to squeeze her sweet hard nipples, causing her to squeal with delight. As I was playing around, I let one hand fall, and as I watched David, standing there watching us, I reached down and pulled Diane`s skirt up. From David`s point of view, he could see her bald, wet pusst, her juices leaking down her legs, and in no time flat, he was on his knees, licking and slurping at her cunt!

She moaned loudly, and ground her pussy hard into his face as he licked and sucked at her juice, and before long, he had her cumming hard on his toungue. When she settled down, She turned, reached out, and unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard cock, then she turned around, reached out, and pulled out his as well.

I have around 7 inches, and his was pretty close to that, and she bent down on her knees, pulled us closer, then took my dick in her mouth, straight down her throat. I stood and watched as she jacked David`s cock, and I could see his precum leaking out all over her hand. What a turn-on!!! When she`d serviced my cock for a few minutes, she turned her lips to him, taking him deep into her mouth, and bobbed up and down, moaning loudly as he fucked her face, while she jacked me off!!


After about 4 or 5 minutes, she stood up, and I pulled her ass around to me, bent her over, and slammed her skirt up on her back, exposing her hot little ass to me. I stepped up, took my cock in hand, and guided it straight into her sopping wet pussy!!! "Mmmmmmmmmmm", she moaned loudly as I penetrated her sweet, wet cunt. "That`s it baby, fuck me.yesss.yessss.fuck.fuck yessss"!!! I started plowing her long and hard, and she reached out to David once again. He grunted loudly as her lips engulfed his hard, hot cock!

"That`s it baby, suck my dick! Yeah.That feels so fucking good"!! David and I got us a rythm going, he in her mouth, and I in her soft, wet cunt. I reached under her and pulled on her nipples, causing her to moan loudly around david`s cock. She grunted lewdly everytime I rammed into her pussy, and before long, she pulled her mouth away from David`s dick and said, "Fuck yessss.I`m about to cum!

Fuck.Don`t stop! That`s right, fuck me hard! I`m gonna.I`m gonna.YESSSSS"!!! And she started shaking, moaning louding, and convulsing in an earth-shattering orgasm. It took close to 5 minutes for her to finally calm dowm, but it wasn`t long before david took her, backed her back against the wall, and as I watched, he lifted her leg, and plunged hard and deep up inside her still-shaken pussy.

He fucked and fucked, moaning and groaning loudly. I saw Diane throw her arms around David, and I heard her say, "Yeah, that`s right! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my goddamned pussy and make me cum again! Fuck yes.make me cum all over your cock"!!! And with that, his mouth clamped down on hers, stabbing his toungue deep inside her mouth, as his dick caused wave after wave of pleasure to wash over her!


She suddenly stiffened up, broke their kiss, and I heard her moan," Fuuuuuuuuck.Fuuuuuck.YESSSSS! Fuck, I`m coming, David, slam me hard! Fuck my fucking pussy!!! YESSS!!! YESSSS!!! Ohhhh.Uhhhhh"!!! And with that, she nearly collasped on the ground, and she probably would have, if she wasn`t still impaled on David`s still-hard cock!

When her orgasm was pretty close to being over, she slumped down to her knees, and motioned both of us to stand over her. We did, with our dicks in hand, not 7 or 8 inches away from her. She reached out and started playing with our nuts, running her fingers in between our legs, and telling us she wanted us to cum in her mouth.

She said she wanted to taste every drop. We stroked hard and fast, and it was as if we were racing to see who could dump their load down her throat first. sadly to say, David beat me to it. He grunted, and moved his cock closer to her face, and Diane could tell he was on the edge, so she put just the head between her lips, and carressed his nuts with her hands, rolling them around, and humming on the head of his cock.

He couldn`t hold back any longer, and let go with a loud "OH FUCCCCCK"!, then filled her with spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jizz! When he was calmed down enough to relax, it was my turn. Diane swallowed every drop of his load that she could, the went to work on my balls.

As she licked and fondled my cum-filled balls, I finally reached the top!!! I I grunted, pulled on my cock one last time, and spewed my load directly into her mouth! Her lips surrounded my cock, and I shot spurt after spurt deep into her throat.

She moaned as my shooting off ended, and took my cock straight down her cum-slicked throat, causing my dick to twitch and jump from extreme pleasure. When I was done, she smiled, and stood up to straighten out her clothes.

We walked back inside, and she went to the ladie`s room to clean up. When she came back out, we shook hands with David, left, went out to waffle House, and chalked the night up to just one of many great times we`ve had. But it wasn`t the last!!! To be continued