La mia ex mi manda un suo video

La mia ex mi manda un suo video
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Chapter 3 Five men standing on the UN building's lawn in Germany is not a strange thing if they are attending the gardens. Yet five guys staring at a strange box floating just above the lawn, doing so on official business is almost more out of place than even the big metal box in the sky. "What sort of metal do you think it's made of Justin?" Jack asked, his breath a puff of smoke in the freezing cold fresh German air.

"I am not sure Jack, I need to probe it." "Well we are not yet sure," Sam said concerned. "If the thing is going to explode, never mind what's going to happen if we mess with it!" "Don't be such a pussy." Mike advised. "Have any one else noticed that the spotlight is pulsing faster?" Sam asked his face more red than usual and his voice a half octave higher. "It does not really make sense that someone would place a bomb then give it a big count down and wait around, this is clearly something else." Theo said stroking his beard.

In the very security room were Jack had his encounter with Helga and discovered (forced maybe begin a better term) his way into the whole thing a bunch of women were observing the men, not so much the box.

"If one gets killed I do hope it's not the handsome one… what was his name again?" One of the women said.


"Jack." Said Helga her heavy German accent hiding a hint of concern there. "I know and I am pretty dam sure it is not a bomb must be some sort of communication or…" Before Jack could finish his sentence bright lines appeared on the surface of the box they were looking at.

Sam took a step back, everyone else squinted just in case it was a bomb. One of the lines that appeared horizontally around the top of the box grew thicker about to a centimetre. The lines of light went out. The line that appeared around the top of the box left a darker ring around it. Then came a hissing sound, all the guys closed their eyes and held their breaths.

The top part of the box opened like a lid. Revealing a glow from inside the box. Jack had to step forward to see what was inside. Now some of the women in the security room squinted. Wishing it was rather say Sam that approached the box instead of their blue eyed handsome hunk Jack. Jack peeked over the edge into the box.

Inside it floated a flat piece of metal, the size of a 10" tablet. Not very thick maybe a centimetre. What Jack found remarkable was the soft glow that came from the actual metal. Like it was covered with a thin layer of glowing plankton or something. "What's in it?" Sam shouted much louder than necessary. Jacked jumped with fright.

"Fuck Sam, jeez man you're going to give me a fucking heart attack!" He gave Sam an annoyed look, shook his head and stuck his hand into the box reaching for the metal plate.

Drops of sweet covering his brow, his heart racing and cursing under his breath. He had opted for his left hand in case shit happened he would still have his good old friend his right hand.

He took hold of the plate, it was cool and there was some resistance as it was suspended in some sort of magnetic field, Jack assumed. Nothing bad happened as he took the metal plate out and stood back. The group of men let out their breaths collectively. The women did the same in the security room.


Jack their hero was now even more handsome more desirable. He was awakening forgotten more likely suppressed primordial female urges in most of them.

"Fuck that was intense!" Jack said taking a few more deep breaths. The guys were elbowing for space to get a better look. Sam was being a bit more cautious. Jack turned the slab of metal over looking at its front, back and sides. He noticed there were a line on the left and right of the wider side of the plate, running vertically. "What does it feel like?" Justin asked.

"It looks a bit like a metal alloy we had about 20 to 30 years ago. They called it liquid metal." "Well this looks quite solid to me." Interrupted Mike. Justin continued. "The alloy was solid, why they called it liquid metal was because of its molecular structure.

Instead of having a uniformed crystal structure the alloy's molecular structure was random like liquid.

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Making it much less prone to stress fractures and it could be net casted like plastic." "Thanks for the very boring science lesson dude." Theo says. "This is clearly something from another world or from God." "Theo man don't start that religious shit again man!" Mike complained.

Jack took the metal slab in his hands like you would hold a tablet. He placed both his thumbs on the lines running vertically on both sides of the metal plate. The metal slab vibrated, Jack almost dropped it but held on. The centre part between the lines which was maybe the size of 7" square screen started to glow, that same eerie glow that was inside the box he took the slab from.

"Hey guys shut the fuck up, something's happening." Jack commanded. The guys came closer again elbowing to get a view. The part that glowed suddenly turned completely black, a flat black with no reflection what so ever even outside on a fairly sunny morning.

"Cool…" Someone said. A loader bar appeared and something below in a strange script, maybe indicating some sort of progress. It looked alien and the fact that a slab of metal turned into a screen was pretty special too. "Very fucking cool, it's like a tablet man, do you still think is some sort of liquid metal?" Sam asked, Justin. A scene faded in, it sure looked like the inside of a space ship.

The camera was showing a corridor same sort of metal walls that glowed, a soft white.

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Making it look soft and sort of cosy. The camera panned to the right now looking into an open planned room with a desk maybe, the wall behind the desk swirled with soft colours. Then a figure came in from the right that appeared to be a tall slender women, with big tits. The guys were stunned silent watching in disbelieve, they all knew what they were very likely looking at, humans first encounter with intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

The women sat behind the floating desk, her face was in shadow. Her silhouette promised a well-proportioned being with long delicate limbs, she was either naked or wore a skin tight bodysuit. A light came on, she faded from black to brilliant colour. Her hair was golden glowing blond, what stole everyone's attention was her huge luminous blue eyes.

They stood out like violent fiery gems. She look back into Jack's own eyes, he knew she was seeing him too. Her face was heart shaped very human, she had a tiny nose, wide full lips. Absolutely beautiful. Her shoulders were wide her neck delicate and her bodysuit did not hide that fact that she had large perfect breasts.

She looked like a real life hentai babe. Jack waved at her with his right hand. "Hello… can you hear me?" He asked and he waited for a response, feeling spaced out. "Dude she is like from another world, she's not going to understand English man!" Theo advised. "I do understand English." The woman said. Shutting up Theo and everyone else. "Well that's good, it's going to help a lot." Jack said, laughing a silly nervous laugh feeling sillier and more surreal.

"Yes it will, what is your name, man human?" The woman asked. "My name is Jack and yours?" "You can call me Natalia I like the name. As you can guess we are from very far away and our language is very very different from yours.

Our names are spoken with words that causes ideas to form in others minds.

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Something your words do not have the ability to convey, and perhaps you do not have this mechanism in you physiology. However we might teach and learn from your people, if we could reach terms to visit your planet." Sam was taking notes like there was no tomorrow.

"Wow that is a lot to take in." Jack said. "Well Natalia we have been…" Jack thought, I need to sound smart.

"Tasked with the mission of uncovering the secrets of this gigantic metal box in the sky, by the powers that be." "Well then, nice to meet you Jack, well I will assist you in discovering all our secrets, we believe in diplomacy based on policies of maximum transparency." Back in the UN building the guys were getting everything ready for them and the girls to have a serious meeting.

None of them spoke, Jack could practically smell the fear on his friends. "Sam see what you can do to interface this with the screen over there is should have some type of Wi-Fi?" "Yea, it should being all alien and super advanced and all." Sam said taking the metal device from Jack.

"Hey Theo come give me a hand you are the language guy after all." Sam asked. In no time the two seemed to have cracked it, that same black screen with the loader bar and strange alien writing displayed on the big boardroom screen. Sam and Theo gave each other high fives. Justin and Mike were in a trance, while Jack went to call the women, the bosses of the world. "So what is all this fuss about?" The UN leader and also the German chancellor asked.

Not so plain a woman as Angela Merkel of the early 21st century.

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She was in fact quite fucking stunning, dark hair bright blue-green eyes, sexy body. However there was a coldness in her eyes, she radiated male hate, all the men could sense it.

Her first comment when she entered the room set the tone. She said to her colleagues loud enough for the guys to hear; "Can you smell it can you smell the problem of this world the hormone of men the thing that drives for disaster…" She went on for a bit more. Jack cleared his throat. "Today an age old question has been answered." The German boss cut him short. "What question?

I hope is not one of the many man nonsense you lot always seem to bring up." "No it is not about men or women it's about humans and our new place and perhaps destiny in the universe." "What do you mean, place in the universe? Sounds a bit grand now doesn't it ladies?" "Dear chancellor give me a moment and I will tell you." Some of the women frowned at this cocky man, taking a position like that.

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"Okay, hurry up then." She tapped the table with her fingers to indicate her impatience, which she did not have to do as everyone knew and feared men and women alike. Jack got up, took a deep breath, "Today we know we are no longer the only intelligent life in the universe." Jack wished he had the balls to say that men now knew this.

The metal tablet played some sort of chime. "Dear ladies if you could turn to the screen, I will introduce you to our visitors from outer space." All the women stared at Jack intently, it was very clearly written on their faces, and it read WTF!

"Ladies please the screen." Jack pointed to the screen, slowly the women turned one by one until all eight was watching the black screen with the loader bar. The metal tablet Sam had placed at the end of the table. Folded in half so that one half was lifted up from the table. Jack guessed it was Natalia's webcam.


The screen turned bright white then faded out to show the beautiful Natalia's face. The women in the room gasped, the space babe's beauty was a thing to behold. "Ladies this is Natalia, the leader of these people from outer space." Jack said. "Hello." Said Natalia. "I am sorry to intrude, we have little time and so no other choice but to tell you our story and hope you may be able to help us." The German chancellor regained composure.

"Hello, Natalia I am the leader of this world, you may tell us your story and we will see what is within our power to help you. Be assured you have caused us little concern, we are all fascinated." Yea sure fascinated by their beauty secrets.

Jack thought. "Our story begin a very long time ago…" Natalia began. A sun's morning light breaks the long night's shapeless shadows starting to paint a world that needs colour to bless those of sight with her beauty. The very heavens are scattered with clouds that glister as if they are filled with dust of gold, diamonds and sapphires.

Songs of the first light's creatures awakes the soul's warmth, filling the heart with heavenly joy. Making life burst and blossom in the chest of that which can think and feel. Her blue sparkling eyes takes in the sight of the wonderful creature beside her in bed. He is still asleep the night's passion has used his marvellous muscular body's power. She knows when he opens those eyes, green as the very jewels hung from the chain around his neck.

Though even in the most brilliant of light those jewels don't have the light of his eyes. The light of a grand and great life force, vast and deep, no measure of its love and beyond it still its power. When those eyes open, there will be power in him again in his mind, his soul and very much so in his body. She wants him to wake up, yet not awake him. She loves to see it unfold as his expressionless face changes when he sees her.

How when he recognises her through his sleepy mind, his eyes suddenly turn a deeper green, a smile form in them, then his lips twitch and he smiles. Right in front of her he becomes happy. The fogs of sleep leaves his mind quickly as other deeper things in him becomes awake.

Those big blue eyes were watching him, he knows maybe for a long time, waiting for him to wake wanting him to awake. He feels the stirring in his loins, this woman conjurers the powers within him like no other. She does all this by only looking at him only waiting for him, not even a single song needs pass her lips. He reaches for her placing his hand behind her neck and pulling her in for a kiss. She will taste sweet, she will smell like flowers, soft.

When their lips touch a shudder runs through her, and a pulse to his manhood now growing. Her softness presses against his hard body. The first time she saw him naked she was afraid his hard muscles would hurt her, she knew it was a silly thought. The warmth that came from him, she wanted to be closer to bask in it as if it was a light form a sun. Now those hard hands of his, hands that were capable of strangling the life from a giant plains bear, they were now softly caressing her body.

Seeing her deeper than even his eyes could. They made her tingle, there was sparks where they touched. Tracing her contours, his left hand now moving from her side onto her breast and like the very first time and every single time it took her breath away making her heart flutter. His lips broke from hers.

"My dear, we have to be quick, this morning and all of today we are starting to prepare our strategies, these aliens are hostile we have heard." The man whispered to her softly, his breath musky tickling her delicate neck. "I know my love, even a single breath with you is a joy and a single breath without you a very sad thing indeed." He rolled onto his women her legs sliding wide open, his hard manhood laid between them pressed onto her stomach.

It was hard, warm and pulsing. Her mount quivered now she only wanted him to enter her to ride her, to feel bliss forget all and be lost in pleasure. He lifted his buttocks up his penis sliding over her as he moved his hips a little down. She traced his back feeling the muscles flex reminding her of the power they hold, urging even more lust from her, flooding her loins with warmth, love and moisture.

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The tip of his manhood pressed against her lips, she felt dizzy and slightly out of breath, knowing how wonderful a thing was about to happen, how beautiful. Her labia lips parted, she was so very wet yet held some resistance for him to enter her. His penis was very big the head like a fruit she had to stretch her mouth to place it inside. He pressed, a tingling under all of her her skin as he pushed harder now entering her. Her hands moved down onto his buttocks they were clenched so smooth and hard, she encouraged him to push even harder as she widened her legs and pulled hard digging her nails into him, a moan escaped him.

There was a sweet delicious pain in her. The pain stung making the world go away all hesitations only passion, lust, bliss and love remained. His penis started to go deeper into her then he pulled back, she arched her back and threw her head back into the pillows. Exposing her proud firm breast, making him dive for them taking her golden nipples in his mouth. They tasted of a sweet honeyed wine.

The sap from them coursed into his veins, his power grew and his mind became empty of all but this, this woman, their love and now their pleasure. He started to go into her deep and then coming out of her. Thrilling them both. Soon the rhythm was fast she moved her hips rocking with him, her moans and his groans silencing the songs of the morning beasts.

The intensity grew, until the man and women reached ecstasy at the same time soaring almost touching heaven as they meted to one for a moment their souls touching. "This was a very long time ago millennia in your time of this world." Natalia said. "I loved my husband very much, our time together was too short when the Great War came, and took away more than my world it took my heart too." The men and women sat and listened to this woman from another world.

Her story broke the bounds in that room, her passion for the love she had the love she made, it could be felt as she shared it with them. There were tears in their eyes now just like their arousal only moments ago. "Now I will tell you of the war and how we have lost more than everything."