Mia khalifa xxx in beach

Mia khalifa xxx in beach
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I was 20 and she was 19.my girlfriends twin sister and my bestfriends girlfriend.

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Her figure was 36-24-35.with a nice round ass.Alisha was her name. We were taking the same course at the university.

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We had to go for a field trip to study some marine organisms and creatures. On monday morining we had to leave for our one week research trip.i gave my girlfriend a sweet kiss as she couldnt join us coz she was an accounting student. Well there we were.finally on the trip to the seaside.the trip would a long one so i went o the back seat in the bus with alisha.

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We talked and laughed till we reached our destination around 1 pm.we got off the bus and had our lunch.soon after lunch our profeessor told us to go out and just have a look at the sea and the beaches and see what would we be lookin for from tommorrow and to be back before 5.30pm, thats was agreat news to all of us.we all headed in diiferent direction and some went in group and some went in pairs of two so did me and alisha. Soon we were out of site from others.as we went around some huge stones.there beautiful trees and other plants growing near the beach.I was waliking just on the edge of the water and noticed something shinny in the water.and bended over to pick it.as i reached for it.i got a good kick on my ass and flew into the water.i came out and grabbed alisha and pulled her into the water to.we rised to the surface again and i told her it would be nice if we had a little swim she agreed.i went out of the water pulled me t-shirt over my head and was returning to the water.when alisha asked me to get out of my pants also.she pulled her t-shirt over her head revealin the bra.i couldnt turn my eyes away from her.breast.and then she jumped out of her skirt.the pink bikinis.i was excited with her looks.and she told me what i was waiting for.get out of your pants.slowly i pulled my pants down.but my dick began to rise underneath my underwear.and soon we were in the water.playing and sharing jokes.as we talked i got an erection again.i went closer to her.she didnt notice me getting closer to her as she was laughin and telling me the jokes.i pulled her close to me.she stoped laughing and we were looking straight into each other;s eyes.we stared at each other for a while,then slowly i let her go.she didnt say a word and we began playing again.while playing.by mistake i pulled open the string pf her bra.as it fell off i caught my breath.she looked at me shy.not knowing wat to do.I said to her you looks nice without that piece of bra.at first she was shy and asked me if it was alrit.i said yes and i wont tell anyone.with that she cam closer to me, eye to eye we looked at each other.she asked me how was i feeling and jokingly.she touched my underwear and was shocked to know that i was full on.i couldnt hold myself as i pulled her closer to me and planted a kiss on her lip.at first she resisted.but than she responded.i lifted her and carried her ashore.still kissing.as i lay her down on the sand.slowly i began to move down her neck.licking her and sucking her.till i came on her left nipple.her breast was nice and round, her aeurole was erect.as i began sucking slowly.moving my tongue around her nipple.i could hear her moan.ooooooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.my right hand slid down in between her thighs and over her pink panty.i pulled my hand up again and slid in it her panty.i could feel her pubic hair.when i touched her clit.she gave out a loud moan.with that i took the other nipple in my mouth.

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i sucked her hard.until i could her her cries.then slowly followin my right hand .licked her stomach all the way to her inner thighs.i could barely hold my self as my cock was busting in my underwear.i kissed her inner thighs.and slowly pulled her panties down.i caught my breath when i saw her pubic mound shaved with i think line of hair.her cunt soooo small.

i got her out of the panty.and parted her legs.she looked down at me as i kissed her clitoris and moved my tongue up and down her cunt.i could hear her moans.her hips moving slowly.then i insert one finger.damn she was so tight and the tighest of all the girls i have slept with.my single finger was very difficult to enter her vagina.slowly and slowly i managed to put my finger in her cunt.i sucked her clit as i finger fucked her i could feel her hips moving, then i inserted my second finger in her.i could see it one her face that she was feelin the pain.i finger fucked her and suck unitl she reached her first orgasm.i stood up and got out of my underwear.she was shocked to see my cock.asked me if i was going to fuck her.and i said if only she wanted.she said she wanted me to fuck her but.was afraid of the size.of my dick.my dick was 7.5inches long but it was very thick.i asked her to put her mouth on my dick, she hesitated at first, i told her theres nothing worng with it.with that she put her mouth in the head of my dick.i was about to bust in her mouth.i told her to take it in her mouth as deep as she could.she was doing fine and i was not able to hold my self.anylonger as i erupted in her mouth.alisha tried to pull away but i held her head with my cock still in her mouth.i released her after i was completely dry.she swallowed most of it.i bend over and kissed her.as we kissed.i was beginiing to get hard again.not long.i was back to my full size.i told her to lie down and i would go as slowly as possible and will stop wenever she wants.i spread her legs wide oped and began sucking her clit and thrusting my tongue.in her little virgin opening.soon she was moan.ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhyeeeeessssssss.her hips meet with eevry thrust of my tongue.when she cried out."pliz fuck me''.i carried on for a while.until i couldnt take her cries any longer.i got up between her legs and placed the head of my thick cock on her opening teasing her.Pliz fuck me.she cried out again.with that i pushed in slowly barely able to enter her.i pushed a lil harder.as the head of my cock entered her virgin.pussy.she cried out.ooooooooh pliz.it hurts.i stopped for i will and played with her clit.untill the pain was nolonger there than i tried to enter more.i could feel a barrieer.stoping me.i pulled out i lil bit.played with her clit.untill her hips.was rocking again.i got hold of her shoulders and enterd her.tearing her hymen.she cried out loudly.tears runnin on her cheeks.she begged me to take my cock out.i lay on her with my whole dick buried in her no longer virgin pussy.i waited untill the pain had gone and slowly began to move back and forth.i could see her startin to enjoy.as i began to move faster.she reached and orgasm and i could feel the tenson building in my abdomen.i began to thrust faster.she meet each of my thrust.i fucked her until u couldnt hold myself.i gave one last thrust and ejaculated deep inside her.spurt after surt.i lay on top til my shrink.i got up.and saw blood on my dick.i helped her up.we went was ourselves.got dressed and headed back to the camp.it was around 5.we reachd the camp.and sat down next to each other.she asked me not to tell anyone.about wat happened and i promised i wont tell anyone.

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we made our tents.got our sleeping bags and other stuffs from the bus.our professor gave out the plans for what was to be done the next day. we had our dinner.and went off to out tents.to have rest.i was sharing my tent with alisha for which i was happy.but it didnt just stoped there.wen i enterd my tent.i saw alisha in my sleeping bag.i asked her where is her bag.she said she forgot it.wel i saiid.can we manage in that.she saidyes.okay than here we go.i stripped down to my underwear and got inthe bag with her.she was only wearin a t-shirt.no underwear.and also i could feel she wasnt wearing her bra.

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as i lay beside he i moved my legs over her legs.i looked at her and asked her isnt she feeling cold.she told me thats y.i m sleeping with you so that you can make me warm.with that we began to kiss.we kissed.my legs moved between her legs and we were finding less space to turn and move.so we got out of the sleeping bag.i pulled her t-shirt revealing her breast.as i was right she wasnt wearing anything.

We kissed and sucked each other.soon.i was between her legs with her kneeling infront of me, i enetered her.from behind.she was still tight.but not that tight like she was when i first fucked her.i fucked her from behind.until we orggasmed and i cam inside her.we fucked each other whole night until my dick was able to stand[erect].in different possition.we did 69 and sucked and fucked. When we woke the next morning the weather was not favourable and we were told there was a storm cuming aand we are going back and will complete the research aftre the storm has passed.we packed our things got on the bus.and headed backk TELL YOU WAT HAEPPEN AFTER THE STORM NEXT POST!!!!!!!!!!!

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