Classy model jizzed on pussy by her lover

Classy model jizzed on pussy by her lover
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It had been a couple of weeks since the sexual affair with my stepdaughter Jenna. I was concerned that our relationship would be hampered by what had occurred even though we both consented.

I did not not see much of her lately and I was worried that maybe she was avoiding me. As time went by I had a craving to taste that forbidden fruit and to have more time with her than the last one. The opportunity came when Jenna's mom indicated she will be going away to visit her mother who had become ill.

It was Friday night, Jenna and I were alone at home. I had convinced myself this will be the last time I had sex with Jenna as I was fearful of this getting out of control. My fantasy of what I wanted do to that luscious nubile body made me think about how long I can keep an erection. I set my plan in motion an waited anxiously. Later that night I entered her room without knocking, she was wrapped in a towel in front of the dresser mirror.

She saw my reflection and turn around to look at her dad who was naked with a big hard cock pointing at her.


The blue tablets had kicked in. No words were spoken between us as Jenna calmly walked over to me, stooped and took hold of my throbbing cock in her tiny hand and began stroking gently up and down. She cupped her other hand around the ball sack and gingerly massaged them as she jacked my cock. All the while she was kissing and licking the cock shaft and sucking on the balls. Jenna poised her soft thin lips atop the mushroom cock head and gave a gentle kiss, then parted them slightly taking the tip of the cock into her moist warm mouth.

She swirled her tongue around the tip, then opened wider to take in more of my pole. She got the head all the way in her small mouth, flicking it with her tongue some more and driving me wild. She slowly proceeded to swallow this cock, stroking it while she sucked. She worked my cock over for several minutes and then stood up and unwrapped the towel from her body.

I shuddered as I took in the sight of her naked body, my manhood throbbed at every luscious curve: her magnificent conical breasts and the soft curls on her pubic mound.

I walked towards her as she suddenly spun around so that her back was to me. She pressed her rounded ass against my hard cock and guided my hands to her shapely tits. My fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her full tits and pressed against her swollen nipples. I began to grind on her ass cheeks that clenched my hard cock as it wedged between them. My teeth gently bit into her neck.

A soft purr escaped from her throat. Jenna move away from my embrace and laid down on her bed and spread her shapely legs apart revealing her curly brown bush. "C'mon dad help me get this little pussy ready for you big cock" she said, breaking the silence and my deer in a headlight stare.

I pushed my face into her wide-open crotch. Jenna gasped in delight, as ran my mouth over her soft, moist pussy-flesh. My tongue darted and probed, sliding repeatedly over her clit as her ass jerked back and forth. She whimpered with ecstasy as she whipped her ass about, rubbing and twisting from side to side, her pussy starting to get wet.

She looked down between her bobbing tits at my face, seeing only my eyes above the soft, curly mass of pussy hair. I sucked and licked hungrily, driving my tongue hard and fast into her mound, twisting and twirled my tongue inside my daughter's pussy, sucking at her rigid clit, licking over every delicious inch of her swollen lips. Jenna began to jerk her pussy and bucked like a mare in heat, her tits jiggling as she came.


Moving on top of her sweaty body and taking hold of my cock rubbing it through her wet bush and then placed it at her entrance to her pussy. I felt the hot slick wetness of her opening ease apart to allow my cock head in. "You like it?" I asked in a voice hoarse "You like me fucking you?

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"Tell me you love it. Tell me to fuck you." "Beg for your dad's cock." "Yes fuck me. Oh fuck me Dad. Fuck my little girl's pussy. Fuck me hard and fast.Slam that big cock in my cunt.

Ohh fuck me!" In one stroke I slammed my entire cock into her pumped it into her harder and faster.and grunted like an animal. My cock was making squishing sounds as it thrust in and out of her young, juicy cunt. I fucked liked this for a couple of minutes hearing Jenna's sexy range of moans from low to high pitch as she came a second time as I rolled of her. "Dad, I can't believe you have not cum and your cock is still so hard!" My little blue pills was magic I thought, I could not have lasted this long without it.

Jenna smiled as indicating that she is glad. As I lay on my back with my rigid cock at attention I asked her to pleasure me on top. She squatted over me and took the head of my cock and rubbed a couple of times along her well lubricated slit. She slowly lowered her love channel her face grimaced with discomfort and pleasure, her eyes were upturned and her breathing was ragged as she sank all the way down on 8 inches of throbbing meat pole.

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I closed my eyes as she moved up and then down, I imagine her pussy giving my cock a blow job, She alternated this movement by swiveling her hips when my cock was all the way in her. I could almost feel he pelvis bones. I should have cum by now because this was my most vulnerable sexual position that my cock cannot handle.

I was so pleased I did not. I asked her to lay on her stomach after her legs felt were beginning to feel like jelly. "Oh Baby… you ass is perfect!" I started to massage her naked rump. I had always been an ass man, and the sight of my daughter well proportioned ass in my face made my cock even harder. I rubbed my fingers against her tight butt hole. Then leaned in and licked that tight puckered opening.

My tongue in her ass, sent a thrill through Jenna's body. Using my index finger coated with spit I pushed it into her tight ass hole, watching my finger wriggled its way into my daughter's ass. "What are you doing?" Jenna said as pushed my hand away.

"I have to fuck your ass baby, I can't take it anymore," I said in a pleading voice. I put my cock head against the opening of her anus and pressed it forward. My wet fingers and tongue had helped, the tip of my cock pushed past the muscled sphincter and into her ass hole.

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"OHHHHH!" Jenna gasped. "Father!" She whispered "Take it out! Take it out! " I kissed her shoulders and back and soothed her "Relax baby! It will be alright. Try and relax I will be back." I went and fetch the bottle of KY jelly and lubed up my cock and her asshole giving her reassurance this will help.

My cock sank an inch into her butt as she panted breathlessly. She was still as tight as I could want but the lube in her and the relaxation of her muscles was making it easier for penetration. Jenna clutched the bed sheet tightly in her fist, preparing for her daddy's cock to fuck her virgin asshole.

I felt the muscles relax and began to gently softly and expertly move my hips, my cock sliding back and forth in my daughter's ass. "Oh, I feel it! It is too big!


It won't go in me!" she said, "But it feels so good! "Go slower Dad," Jenna cried out as she felt the head of my huge cock moving in her chute.

I stopped and let her get used to the size and dense pressure stretching her narrow opening.

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I slowly picked up speed, my cock now moving out and back into her asshole with greater ease to fuck her. Sweat beads broke out on my forehead. On my fifth thrust I sank my prick fully into her ass. Jenna gasped out loud as I filled her back passage. "Oh my fucking gosh," I groaned," this hole's even better baby." I began thrusting harder and deeper, ramming my fat cock up as far as it would go. Jenna clamped her ass muscles around her daddy's dick, milking him and teasing him. "That's it work my cock in your ass," I panted, pumping her asshole faster.

I could not resist any more, I had to take what I had dreamed of for months. I gave into my carnal desires and started fucking my sexy step daughter as hard and deep as I could in her ass. My ears was being pierced by her loud groans and shrieks. I lost all control and the animal in me took over, all I wanted was to be as deep in her ass as I could get. I felt my cum swelling up from my balls as it entered my cock I quickened my pace.

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This jolted Jenna. "I want to cum in your ass?" "OK, cum in my ass Dad, you wanted to do this for a long time." She babbled. I could not hold back, with one last forceful thrust I buried my cock as deep as possible and busted loose.

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I felt my cock spew an endless stream of cum deep into Jenna bowels. I pushed my cock and she backed up her ass with all her might, until our sensations started to subside. "Mom said to take good care of you Dad, did I do a good job?"