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Rảnh rỗi s aacute_ng sớm
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Prior: Foxy Knoxy Prior: Foxy Knoxy II Prior: Foxy Knoxy III Meredith's Ordeal Begins (Foxy Knoxy Foreign Students Amanda and Meredith fight at their flat in a small Italian city.

Amanda goes to the bar where she goes to the back room to entertain three men who are a little rough. Done with the men Amanda waits at the bar for her boyfriend. Meredith goes out to get laid and finds Rudy, an immigrant from Africa. Amanda heads home with Raffaelle while Rudy and friends entertain Meredith. ) Meredith lay in her bed, TV on, but she had dozed off.

"AGHHHHH" SHE SCREAMED. She awoke finding herself surrounded by several men. "Scream all you want bitch, no one will hear you." She recognized Rudy among the half dozen young black men surrounding her. "Rudy, what are you doing her, who are these men." "Bitch, you thought you could just send me off? You are too good to bring me back with you." "NOO, I was tired, I just needed to sleep.

I didn't." SMAAACK. Meredith recoiled from the slap across her face. "Lying piece of trash. "I am not good enough for you." "No Rudy that's not…" SMAAACK. "No more bullshit from you." Rudy pushed her off to the side and laid down on the bed. A knife pushed up against her neck. "Suck his cock, English slut." "Be good about it." "No Please, what are you going to do to me.

Leave me alone." AHHGGG Meredith screamed as she felt the knife pierce the skin on her neck and felt blood trickling down. "Stupid slut, you don't listen too well, you do understand English." "Suck it NOW" Meredith took Rudy's swelling dick in her mouth. "Trash Bitch, get your slut ass up in the air." Rudy looked at the stupid English cunt with satisfaction.

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Laying on her bed, his head propped up on her pillow he watched her suck his cock while his man held his knife to her throat.

Kneeling, her ass up in the air another thug was rubbing his cock against her slit. "Look up at me!" Rudy yelled. The man with the knife pulled her head up by the hair. Rudy smiled at the panic stricken English girl. He motioned to his man who ran his razor sharp knife along Meredith's cheek cutting a slight gash. "Please Rudy, please don't, I'll do what ever you tell me." Meredith felt the sharp blade against her neck.

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"Oh god No." "Do what you are told and maybe we will let you live." ============================================ Amanda and Raphaelle got to his apartment where Amanda immediately started drinking wine.

Raphaelle started playing the recording of Amanda's gangbang at the bar earlier. Raphaelle laughed. "Ok Foxy, get down on it." While Raphaelle laid back on the watching Amanda's fuck video Amanda zipped open Rudy's fly and pulled down his pants and then his shorts.

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Looking up at him she began licking his cock. "That's it Baby, oh that feels so good." Fucking slut American he thought to himself. "Let me hear you. Slurp." Amada's groans form the video missed with her slurping on his cock. This was going to be a good night. Long night. Meredith had moved from sucking Rudy's cock to sitting on it, hard in her cunt. Rudy's man kept his knife to her throat to make sure she did what she was told.

"Move that ass up and down. Fuck that Black Dick." The five black friends of Rudy's watched the White English ass bob up and down on his shaft. "SMAAACk" A big black hand whacked Merdith's ass with slap and thud.

"OHHH" Meredith yelled as the hand hit as much as smacked. She pulled ups slightly but felt the blade push against her throat. "Keep fucking that cock if you want to live." "Yes, Yes Yes. I will.

Please don't cut me" Cried Meredith. "Smaaack. Smaaack." Hands rained down on Merdith's from six men. Each man hit her harder almost knocking her off Rudy. Desperate she kept her balance and her ass moving up and down fucking his cock with her juicy cunt. Her boobs bounced up and down in rhythm with her ass. "Bitch, ready for ass fucking." Laughed one of the men. Meredith only whimpered. "What the fuck yelled Rudy. Answer" Brutally he grabbed her breasts squeezing as hard as he could.

Meredith yelled. A hand slapped the side of her face. "Maybe we should cut off one these tits." Yelled Rudy. "Oh God no. I'll do anything.


Please." begged Meredith. Rudy laughed, he loved to hear the white bitch beg. The knife press up against the side of her face, cutting her slightly.

Rudy pinched her Tit meat. A finger probed her ass opening. "Keep fucking that cock, yelled the man with the knife. Red in the face, panicked, crying, Meredith wanted to collapse.

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As the man fingered her hole he slapped her raw red ass back and forth. Meredith cried and whimpered as he pushed his cock up her ass even as she still was fucking Rudy. The two men shoved their cocks deep and hard into her pussy and ass while the other five yelled and screamed cursing the white Anglo.

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They rocked back and forth ripping the sandwich meat. Meredith felt like she was going to be ripped apart.

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Both men screamed as they came inside the bitch at the same time. Rudy pushed the bitch off him. He pulled her by the hair dragging her by the hair into the bathroom. He plopped down on the toilet seat dragging her down with him. "Bitch, clean up and suck this cock while I take a shit." Meredith had his cock in her mouth cleaning up the cum and her own juices when Rudy groaned.


Rudy farted and groaned as he forced out a nasty dump. Meredith pulled away gagging at the smell. Rudy pulled her head back down holding her head by the hair.


Fully erect he pulled her mouth down over his cock shoving his cock deep down her throat. Even as she gagged she felt one of she felt one of Rudy's thug friends inside her cunt, his cock thrusting inside her. His hands grabbed her ass. Meredith could barely breathe. Rudy's cock was deep inside her throat.

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The smell was terrible, a cock was pounding her pussy. Shouting, screaming, pounding. Desperately she tried to stay conscious. Darkness. Meredith could hear the screaming, feel the splashing on her face. She tried to open her eyes but could not keep them open. She felt the warm urine splashing over her face.

The taste of vomit filled her mouth. Meredith jerked up, choking, spitting, piss splashing down on her. "Fuck we thought we lost you. " "Look up at me bitch." Wiping the stinging piss from her eyes, Meredith looked up to see the seven men standing around her. She was sitting in a pool of piss with vomit clinging to her chin and down her chest.

"Look up at me." Screamed Rudy. Eyes barely open, choking and spitting, Meredith looked up to see Rudy's cum spurting down on her face. (To Be Continued)